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Alexander Austin

Alright, it’s my turn now, but I’m going to keep things as civil as I can despite how much this has hurt me. I don’t think anyone could ever question the amount of blood, sweat and tears I’ve put into the game over the last few years. I did so for my own enjoyment and the enjoyment of others. I left recently, then game back because I honestly couldn’t see myself not being part of this community. That changed yesterday, due to the actions of a handful of people. Do I think Gary didn’t say anything? Nope, I’m sure he did. Is he any different than me? Nope, I’ve said plenty of things about people on here who have struck a nerve with me at some point or another. Have people on here said horrible things about people on here to me? Yep. The thing is, this is a social game and everyone is going to have conflicts and want to speak to someone about how they feel and usually they’ll turn to someone they trust and will understand them. As I’ve said, I’ve done it, Gary did it, I’m sure everyone in this community has, to varying degrees. Some people will say Gary could’ve just apologised and we could’ve moved on, but he was never going to be given that opportunity, because this was a witch hunt from the get go. If you take notice of the people who are choosing to leave the community after this, you should probably consider why they’ve decided to do so.

If it hasn’t been made clear enough that this was all a planned assault, let me make it clearer.

Naru was welcomed back with open arms by Gary and myself. When she left we were both shocked and upset, but we were happy to see her back. To my knowledge, both of us had nothing but positive interactions with her since she returned.

Alice had mentioned to me multiple times in the past that her and Gary didn’t have the best relationship. Alice is someone that I’ve confided in at times and at points considered her a friend, although I’ll admit that recently we haven’t talked a lot. The other people that got involved I’m half confident didn’t intend to cause harm through it. Pretty much most of what Emi said was true, although some comes down to her personal perception. I personally had no issue with her not updating but I felt like she was disconnected from the community and wasn’t fulfilling her duties at the time. I do appreciate everything she did post Fizzylution. Shadow I have no idea where all that came from.

I’m not sure whether Alice intended this blowing up like it did and doing this much damage, but I’m certain Naru had every intention of causing as much damage as possible. If you don’t think this was a calculated attack, just look at the timing. She waited until Fizzypendence day for optimum impact, even having the nerve to wait until Gary finished the event that he’d spent months working on. If she really had such an issue with him for so long, why wait as long as she did to do something about it? I’m not saying she didn’t have anything to be upset about, but it is clear that she didn’t want this resolved, she wanted to cause harm.

Now the next part I can’t decide whether it is collusion or simply being opportunistic. Lit was the only other mod online when the real stuff went down, PP had gone to bed. His excuse for not getting involved is horrendous. His first job as a mod is to make sure that everyone in the community is safe. He sat back and watched as multiple people were dragged through the mud by both sides. Once it was clear that things were getting out of hand, he could’ve easily muted all parties and moved things into a private chat, or for the parties to wait for PP to be on so he’d have support to solve the issue. Instead he sat back and let the community turn on each other. Add in the fact that I have it on good authority that he was aware of this bubbling behind the scenes and you’ll see my issue here. He was then exposed when Gary dumped his screens, showing Lit is just as accussable of the sort of things Gary was. Speaking of screens, shall we discuss possibly the worst piece of acting ever witnessed? Mid dispute, in rolls Sniz, valiantly defending Gary. Not many of you would know their relationship, but its far from positive, especially considering the drama that occurred behind the scenes in the days leading up to the end of the festival. So Sniz puts himself up on a pedestal, a man of honour, someone whose word we can trust. Receives the ‘evidence’, of Gary’s transgressions, quickly flips over with a “yeah this is bad, we need a Vote of No Confidence”. Surely no one is blind enough to believe this. I’m sure there is evidence, but I sure as hell don’t trust the word of one person who is closely linked to those involved and has everything to gain from a power struggle.

Where to from here for Fizzybubbles? I really hope you find a way, if only for all the innocent parties involved here. Can’t express enough how disappointed i am that things played out like this, you all deserved better. Moving forward though, there are a number of things you need to consider.

Lit as Moderator- Failed to conduct his duties as a mod, was aware of the issue prior to it happening, has been shown to be guilty of the same thing Gary was (albeit with an incredibly weak excuse). If you want to rebuild, Lit should stand down and be re-elected. If the community wants him to continue, they’ll elect him again.

Moderator Election- Lit can’t be the only one to receive the votes. I plead for the community to request at least 2 community elected officials to receive the votes. A reminder that there are 5-6 people in FB that live in the same ‘house’, one of which is currently in power, the other has clearly been vying for power. Has a massive potential to swing votes and community decisions moving forward. You need to consider who is capable of putting the communities interests ahead of their own self interests. There are already a few candidates that I’d consider fit this criteria and bring a different element to the mod team that the community needs. Connor has experience, he pulls his weight and knows how to make the hard decisions. Enigma is young, but has grown in FB over the years. LBC has the trust of the community, knows where FB has been so can help to get it where it needs to go.


The community- for the way this was came out and was handled. I’m aware a lot of the community has mental health trouble and this can’t have been an easy experience. If you’re not travelling well, please seek help and do something that gives you joy.

Blu3shift- man that was a whirlwind of a 2 weeks but it reminded me why I love RPing. I’m really sad I won’t be able to continue what I started, but thankfully I’ve left you in a position where it should be easy for someone else to pick you up once the dust settles.

People I’ve talked about behind closed doors- Plenty of you but please know that none of it was meant to cause harm, it was simply my way of unloading stress. From memory…..
Dragons- I had real issues with you when you started, didn’t like the way you approached things but over time I moved past that.
Danny- Pretty much the same as the above
Zorchic- Same as above
MM- I alway took issue with your ability to reply like lightning but dig your heels in when it came to updating even though it was clear you had the talent. Occasionally I needed to vent this out. There were other times where I didn’t like the way you went about things and needed to talk it out with someone.
Zelphy- There was a period of time where I thought you’d really matured and I got along alright with you. Recently you’ve driven me nuts.

Thankyou and well wishes
Thank you to this community for giving me a place to be creative and grow over the last few years. I’ve got this community to thank for a lot. I’m certainly more open-minded, I’ll be the first to admit that when I first joined UPN I was pretty bigeted and set in my ways. The people I’ve interacted with here have really opened my eyes and I can’t thank you enough for that. I won’t be deleting anyone, if anyone wants to reach out for more information or confront me about things I’ve said, I’m happy to do so in a clear and respectful manner. If at some point, the ‘evidence’ of Gary’s transgressions are shared to the public, I’d appreciate being shown them, just so I can have some sort of closure. I was always going to stick by my friends, warts and all. I’ll be heading off at some point within the next 24 hrs, once I’ve gotten all my loose ends tied up.

“This was not Fizzylution II, this was an un-Civil War” - TKF 2021

Age: 18
Bio: Alexander, who often prefers to go by Xander, has recently started on his own Pokemon journey. He and his father have lived in just about every region at some point, as his father often needed to move in pursuit of his most recent dream. They had been living in Fizzytopia for almost a year when Xander decided it was time to head off on his own adventure. Without his father's permission he made his way to the local Pokemon Lab and receive his first Pokemon, a Chimchar which quickly proved to be a handful. Much to his surprise, his father was proud of the initiative he'd shown and encouraged Xander to pursue a dream of his own. His father also allowed him to take ownership of his Empoleon, a Pokemon Xander had grown up with. Xander left his father's compound and began his journey around Fizzytopia.

Xander's dream is to become a Starter Pokemon Specialist and has quickly begun to amass a collection of the rare and coveted Pokemon. His grandfather, a retired Pokemon League Champion turned rancher, keeps a few other Pokemon in reserve for him and is often a source of advice and guidance for the young trainer.


Gender: Male
Level: 100
Bond: 50
Personality: Erratic, Unsettled, Intense
Ability: Iron Fist
Moves: Scratch, Leer, Assist, Ember, Flame Charge, Power-Up Punch, Grass Knot, Taunt, Helping Hand, Thunder Punch, Gunk Shot, Role Play, Dig, Drain Punch, Flame Wheel, Guardian Terrain, Fake Out, Counter, Encore, Fire Pledge, Nasty Plot, Torment, Camouflage, Stealth Rock, Double Team, Fire Spin, Slack Off, Acrobatics, Flamethrower, Mach Punch, Close Combat,Fists of Fury, Throat Chop, Calm Mind, Punishment, Facade, Blast Burn, Volt Tackle, Dynamic Punch, Dragon Claw, Detect
Bio: After being overlooked as a Starter Pokemon by two locals due to his erratic behaviour, Chimchar began to act out. It wasn't until Xander accepted the Fire type as his Starter that the Chimchar began to consider trusting people. That's not to say his behaviour changed, he was still wild and almost impossible to restrain, but he was beginning to listen to Xander, he seemed to know what he was talking about.

Gender: Male
Level: 52
Personality: Defensive, Righteous, Compassionate
Ability: Defiant
Moves: Pound, Growl, Bubble, Water Sport, Peck, Fury Cutter, Sky Attack, Scald, Aqua Ring, Hydro Pump, Icy Wind, Mud Sport, Supersonic, Metal Claw, Stealth Rock, Waterfall, Bubble Beam, Bide, Dig, Fury Attack, Brine, Swords Dance, Aqua Jet, Ice Beam, Power Trip, Earthquake, Whirlpool, Steel Wing, Flash Cannon, Psycho Cut, Surf, Steel Beam, Mist, Dive, Drill Peck, Iron Defense
Bio: Xander had stood witness when Empoleon hatched from an egg as a Piplup. The pair had grown side by side, as Xander did his best to help his father achieve his dreams. When Xander eventually decided to pursue a dream of his own, Empoleon insisted on going with him. Empoleon is a selfless Pokemon, always looking to help those in need, even if it means putting himself in danger.

Gender: Male
Level: 32
Bond: 17
Personality: Easygoing, Friendly, Generous
Ability: Shell Armour
Moves: Tackle, Withdraw, Absorb, Seed Bomb, Razor Leaf, Curse, Sunny Day, Earth Power, Growth, Superpower, Bite, Mega Drain, Leech Seed, Wood Hammer, Earthquake
Bio: Strangely enough, Xander met Grotle in the middle of a desert. The Grass type had been separated from its original trainer for some time and was struggling to survive. Many of the wild Pokemon had been using the shrubs on its back as a food source and a lack of water meant the Grotle was on the verge of collapse. Xander and his Pokemon helped the Grotle recover and track down its trainer, however its trainer had already moved on and found a replacement for it. With nowhere to go, Xander was happy for Grotle to join his team.

Gender: Male
Level: 16
Personality: Tenacious, Energetic, Valiant
Ability: Lightning Rod
Moves:Charm, Tail Whip, Thunder Shock, Present, Wish, Iron Tail, Volt Tackle, Surf, Electroweb, Play Rough, Play Nice, Uproar, Sweet Kiss, Thunder Wave, Nuzzle, Nasty Plot, Earth Power, Quick Attack, Double Team, Double Kick, Electro Ball, Feint, Zippy Zap (Zip Zap), Pika Papow (Pika Power)

Gender: Male
Level: 23
Item: Black Glasses
Personality: Mischievous, Naughty, Resilient
Ability: Adaptability
Moves: Covet, Growl, Helping Hand, Sand Attack, Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, Baby-Doll Eyes, Double Kick, Swift, Bite, Shadow Ball, Double Team, Skull Bash, Strength, Rock Smash, Yawn, Baddy Bad (Bring the Bad), Freezy Frost (Big Freeze), Veevee Volley (Volley), Iron Tail, Hyper Voice, Laser Focus, Refresh, Mimic, Crunch

Gender: Female
Level: 23
Personality: Playful, Bubbly, Cunning
Ability: Anticipation
Moves: Covet, Growl, Helping Hand, Sand Attack, Tackle, Tail Whip, Wish, Veevee Volley (Volley), Glitzy Glow (Glow Show), Sappy Seed (Seed shot), Iron Tail, Hyper Voice, Laser Focus, Quick Attack, Baby-Doll Eyes, Double Kick, Swift, Bite, Refresh, Mimic, Psychic Fangs

Charizard/Mega Charizard X
Gender: Male
Level: 100
Item:Charizardite X
Ball: Luxury Ball
Size: Height-2.55m (1.5x)/ Weight-135.75kg (1.5x)
Personality: Serious, Ambitious, Unrelenting
Ability: Solar Power/Tough Claws
Moves:Scratch, Growl, Outrage, Draco Meteor, Flare Blitz, Ember, Metal Claw, Smokescreen, Thunder Punch, Dragon Rage, Rage, Scary Face, Solar Beam, Crunch, Ancient Power, Slash, Fire Fang, Flame Burst, Heat Wave, Wing Attack, Air Slash, Dragon Claw, Shadow Claw, Flamethrower, Iron Tail, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rush, Dynamic Punch, Focus Blast, Crossfire, Fire Spin, Brick Break, Fury Cutter, Will-O-Wisp, Toxic, Earthquake, Dragon Dance, Dragon Breath, Beat Up, Hurricane, Inferno, Hydro Cannon, Scorching Sands, Scale Shot, Dual Wingbeat, Breaking Swipe
Bio: Charizard and Xander have much in common. Their both ambitious, they're both the grandchildren of League Champions. Charizard's Grandsire was Xander's Grandfather's Starter Pokemon, which he received as a child in the Kanto region. Despite their similarities, Charizard and Xander often disagree on the best course of action, however as they spend time together, the bumps in their relationship begin to iron out. Charizard wishes to rival the legacy of his Grandsire and believes the mastery of Mega Evolution is the way to do so.

Blastoise/Mega Blastoise
Gender: Male
Level: 53
Bond: 50
Personality: Confident, Stalwart, Tenacious
Ability: Torrent
Moves: Tackle, Water Gun, Tail Whip, Bubble, Withdraw, Bite, Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse, Water Spout, Confusion, Rapid Spin, Protect, Water Pulse, Yawn, Hydro Cannon, Aqua Tail, Skull Bash, Ice Beam, Counter, Rain Dance, Flash Cannon, Shell Smash, Signal Beam, Smack Down, Life Dew, Body Press, Hydro Pump, Sludge Bomb, Zap Cannon, Rock Blast, Focus Blast, Terrain Pulse, Surf
Bio: Xander met Wartortle while he was sitting on a riverbank, doing a bit of casual fishing. The Wartortle had grabbed hold of line and pulled him into the water before he could let go of the rod. When Xander made a fire to dry himself off, Wartortle doused the flames, it seemed intent on tormenting him. It then had the nerve to steal food from Xander, which was the last straw! Xander battled and captured Wartortle, it still remains quite independent and likes to push his other Pokemon around.

Gender: Female
Level: 38
Personality: Tenacious, Persistent, Dedicated
Ability: Chlorophyll
Moves: Tackle, Growl, Sludge Bomb, Petal Dance, Power Whip, Nature Power, Razor Wind, String Shot, Body Slam, Leech Seed, Vine Whip, Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, Take Down, Razor Leaf, Sweet Scent, Seed Bomb, Flash, Growth, Grassy Terrain, Sunny Day, Double Edge, Synthesis, Steel Beam, Earth Power, Worry Seed, Petal Blizzard, Amnesia, Weather Ball, Terrain Pulse

Gender: Male
Level: 100
Item: Sceptilite
Bond: 50
Personality: Boastful, Dedicated, Confident
Ability: Unburden/Lightning Rod
Moves: Pound, Leer, Absorb, Quick Attack, Mega Drain, Pursuit, Screech, Giga Drain, Worry Seed, Crunch, Crush Claw, Dragon Breath, Leaf Storm, Drain Punch, Iron Tail, Thunder Punch, Dig, Guardian Terrain, Aqua Tail, Camouflage, Agility, Slam, Detect, Energy Ball, Quick Guard, Endeavor, Grass Pledge, Fury Cutter, X-Scissor, Leaf Blade, False Swipe, Psycho Cut, Air Slash, Cross Poison, Night Slash, Dual Chop, Draco Meteor, Role Play, Frenzy Plant, Outrage, Grass Whistle, Grassy Terrain, Stone Edge

Gender: Male
Level: 36
Bond: 50
Personality: Confident, Resourceful, Cheerful
Ability: Flash Fire
Moves: Tackle, Leer, Smokescreen, Ember, Nature Power, Double Kick, Quick Attack, Heat Wave, Extrasensory, Flame Wheel, Defense Curl, Flare Blitz, Wild Charge, Earth Power, Blast Burn, Swift, Flame Charge, Lava Plume, Eruption, Double Edge, Gyro Ball
Bio: From what Xander had gathered, Cyndaquil was abandoned at a young age and left to roam the streets. He first met it when he stopped a gang of young hoodlums kicking it around in an alley. It took a while for the Cyndaquil to warm up to him, but eventually it started to trust him. It is slowly working through its issues and coming out of its shell, showing a great deal of potential once it becomes confident. After travelling with Xander for some time, Cyndaquil eventually grew in confidence, culminating in its evolution into a Quilava. Since evolving Quilava's personality has drastically changed, with the confident and cheerful Pokemon a testament to Xander's skills as a trainer.

Gender: Male
Level: 42
Item: Life Orb
Personality: Jolly, Prankster, Friendly
Ability: Sheer Force
Moves:Scratch, Leer, Water Gun, Rage, Bite, Scary Face, Ice Fang, Thrash, Flail, Crunch, Chip Away, Slash, Aqua Jet, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Metal Claw, Blizzard, Dig, Scald, Shadow Claw, Screech, Aqua Tail, Rock Slide, Brick Break
Bio: Not capturing Totodile was never really an option for Xander. The Pokemon took an instant liking to Chimchar, the pair sharing a very similar personality. Unfortunately, Totodile some times goes to far and has shown to lack self control. Totodile is a keen battler and seems determined to take on foes much bigger than itself.

Gender: Female
Level: 33
Personality: Loving, Protective, Caring
Ability: Leaf Guard
Moves: Tackle, Growl, Synthesis, Aromatherapy, Grass Whistle, Leaf Storm, Vine Whip, Nature Power, Grassy Terrain, Ancient Power, Razor Leaf, Reflect, Poison Powder, Heal Pulse, Safeguard, Magical Leaf, Natural Gift, Sweet Scent, Petal Dance, Petal Blizzard
Bio: Bayleef joined Xander after the trainer helped save it from a forest fire. With its home destroyed and so many Pokemon injured, Bayleef became determined to become an expert healer. Xander has been doing his best to support her in this endeavour and she gets plenty of opportunity to practice her talents, healing Xander's Pokemon whenever their bumps and bruises become to plentiful.

Gender: Male
Level: 4
Personality: Snobbish, Confident, Selfish
Ability: Contrary
Moves: Tackle, Magical Leaf, Grassy Terrain, Superpower, Draco Meteor, Stored Power, Close Combat, Glare, Overheat, Iron Tail, Aqua Tail, Gastro Acid, Synthesis, Giga Drain, Grassy Glide, Leaf Storm

Gender: Female
Level: 39
Ball: Luxury Ball
Bond: 50
Personality: Cunning, Defensive, Decisive
Ability: Magician
Moves: Scratch, Tail Whip, Ember, Howl, Flame Charge, Psychic Terrain, Psybeam, Fire Spin, Hypnosis, Heat Wave, Wish, Shock Wave, Ancient Power, Magic Coat, Psychic, Draco Meteor, Lucky Chant, Light Screen, Psyshock, Future Sight, Role Play, Mystical Fire, Switcheroo, Shadow Ball, Ally Switch, Dazzling Gleam
Bio: Xander caught Fennekin just off the Fool's Path in the Arcane Realm after it stole from a prissy Kalosian girl. The Fennekin put up a solid fight against Froakie and Chimchar before Xander finally settled on capturing it. Fennekin has shown itself to be quite mischievous and cunning. It is also very quick to defend itself if someone insults it.

Gender: Male
Level: 100
Item: Expert Belt
Bond: 50
Personality: Vigilant, Resourceful, Confident
Ability: Protean
Moves: Growl, Pound, Bubble, Water Sport, Cut, Power-Up Punch, Grass Knot, Aerial Ace, Quick Attack, Ice Beam, Lick, Dual Chop, Rock Tomb, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Dazzling Gleam, Snarl, Water Pulse, Smokescreen, Dig, Round, Camouflage, Water Pledge, Guardian Terrain, Fling, Smack Down, Substitute, Bounce, Double Team, Hydro Pump, Leaf Blade, Gunk Shot, Phantom Force, Psycho Cut, Drain Punch, Liquidation, Stone Edge, Smart Strike, Mud Shot, X-Scissor, Mystical Fire, Night Slash, Mat Block, Extrasensory, Role Play, Water Shuriken, Haze, Hydro Cannon, Steel Beam, Dynamic Punch, Surf, Waterfall, Dive, Whirlpool, Phantom Step, Teleport, Protean Blade, Mind Reader, Toxic Spikes, Pollen Puff, Power Whip,
Bio: Xander was ambushed by Froakie late one evening while he was on the road. The little ninja frog was looking to train and it battled with Xander's Grotle. Xander had been confident about the match up, until the Froakie revealed that it had the Hidden Ability, Protean. Grotle eventually overwhelmed the Water Starter, who fled into the trees. The next morning, Xander had been going through some training when Froakie showed itself again. It was impressed by what it had seen and wished to train under Xander as well, so the trainer added yet another Starter to his growing team.

Gender: Male
Level: 53
Ball: Luxury Ball
Size: Height-1.92m (1.2x)/ Weight-108kg (1.2x)
Bond: 37
Personality: Stoic, Unyielding, Reliable
Ability: Bulletproof
Moves: Tackle, Growl, Vine Whip, Curse, Drain Punch, Iron Head, Rollout, Bite, Leech Seed, Pin Missile, Dual Chop, Zen Headbutt, Stone Edge, Giga Drain, Take Down, Seed Bomb, Earthquake, Thunder Punch, Feint, Hammer Arm, Spiky Shield, Needle Arm, Belly Drum, Mud Shot, Bulk Up, Helping Hand, Dragon Claw, Body Slam, Pain Split, Stomping Tantrum, Focus Blast
Bio: Chesnaught was a chance encounter when Xander was volunteering at a National Park. The Chesnaught was acting as a leader for some of the local Grass Pokemon, some of which Xander helped when they became sick due to pollution. With capturing Pokemon banned within the National Park, Xander was forced to say goodbye to the Chesnaught. The Chesnaught had become attached to the trainer however and followed the trainer out of the National Park, intent on serving him.

Gender: Male
Level: 1
Personality: Quirky, Lazy, Curious
Ability: Long Reach
Moves: Growl, Leafage, Tackle, Giga Drain, Dual Wingbeat

Gender: Male
Level: 26
Bond: 46
Personality: Goofy, Driven, Confident
Ability: Grassy Surge
Moves: Scratch, Growl, Branch Poke, Taunt, Razor Leaf, Screech, Knock Off, Growth, Hammer Arm, Nature Power, Leech Seed, Solar Blade, Drain Punch, Acrobatics, Assurance, Sunny Day, Dragon Pulse, Stone Edge, Iron Tail, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Dig, Earth Power, Slam, Worry Seed, Play Rough, Frenzy Plant

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Toxtricity (Amped)
Gender: Male
Level: 39
Signature Song: Animals
Ball: Friend Ball
Bond: 42
Personality: Hyped, Rowdy, Brave
Ability: Punk Rock
Moves: Belch, Tearful Look, Nuzzle, Growl, Flail, Acid, Spark, Eerie Impulse, Acid Spray, Leer, Noble Roar, Charge, Shock Wave, Scary Face, Taunt, Venoshock, Screech, Swagger, Power-Up Punch, Wild Charge, Thunderbolt, Body Slam, Hyper Voice, Rage, Fire Punch, Drain Punch, Snarl, Electroweb, Hex, Rock Blast, Metal Sound, Endeavour, Bug Buzz, Sludge Wave, Zap Cannon, Foul Play, Energy Ball, Volt Tackle, Overdrive, Toxic, Discharge, Rising Voltage, Ice Punch, Focus Blast

Gender: Male
Level: 45
Item: Gigantaband
Bond: 22
Personality: Dedicated, Commanding, Decisive
Ability: Mirror Armour
Moves: Peck, Leer, Power Trip, Hone Claws, Fury Attack, Pluck, Work Up, Calm Mind, Bulk Up, Double Team, Roost, Air Slash, Flame Charge, Power-Up Punch, Charge Beam, U-turn, Rock Slide, Smart Strike, Revenge, Icy Wind, Silver Wind, Steel Beam, Heat Wave, Stored Power, Taunt, Scary Face, Sky Attack, Hurricane, Drill Peck, Iron Defence, Metal Sound, Steel Wing, Body Press, Swagger

Gender: Male
Level: 52
Bond: 50
Personality: Protective, Alert, Valiant
Ability: Clear Body
Moves: Dragon Tail, Astonish, Quick Attack, Infestation, Bite, Thunder Wave, Helping Hand, Swift, Sucker Punch, Confuse Ray, Double Team, Disable, Breaking Swipe, Snarl, Acrobatics, Shadow Ball, Curse, Baton Pass, Sky Attack, Hydro Cannon, Dragon Pulse, Lock-On, Assurance, Hex, Agility, U-turn, Dragon Dance, Phantom Force, Hydro Pump

Gender: Genderless (Male)
Level: 12
Item: Mystic Water
Bond: 20
Personality: Relentless, Aggressive, Bizarre
Ability: Strong Jaw
Moves: Tackle, Water Gun, Stone Edge, Scald, Dragon Pulse, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Leech Life, Fishious Rend, Meteor Beam, Psychic Fangs, Outrage, Body Slam, Earthquake, Bug Bite, Protect, Dive, Surf

Gender: Male
Level: 60
Item: Big Root
Bond: 0
Personality: Naughty, Sneaky, Mischievous
Ability: Prankster
Moves: Play Rough, Voodoo Boogaloo, Confide, Fake Out, Bite, Flatter, Fake Tears, Assurance, Swagger, Thunder Wave, Drain Punch, Leech Life, Draining Kiss, Sucker Punch, Torment, Burning Jealousy, Lash Out, Skitter Smack, Dazzling Gleam, Nasty Plot, Foul Play

Galarian Linoone
Gender: Male
Level: 36
Ball: Luxury Ball
Personality: Perceptive, Rowdy, Rambunctious
Ability: Quick Feet
Moves: Leer, Tackle, Sand Attack, Lick, Knock Off, Sucker Punch, Volt Tackle, Icy Wind, Mud Shot, Snarl, Headbutt, Baby-Doll Eyes, Pin Missile, Seed Bomb, Hyper Voice, Rest, Take Down, Scary Face, Counter, Taunt, Double-Edge, Night Slash, Hone Claws, Fury Swipes,

Gender: Male
Level: 36
Nature: Piggish
Ability: Thick Fat
Moves: Tackle, Mud Slap, Odor Sleuth, Icicle Crash, Earth Power, Rock Slide, Superpower, Mud Sport, Powder Snow, Flail, Endure, Ice Shard, Mud Bomb, Mist, Icy Wind, Take Down, Ancient Power, Fury Attack, Horn Attack, Ice Fang, Peck, Double Hit, Scary Face, Hail, Freeze Dry, Body Press

Gender: Male
Level: 7
Size: Height-13.8m (1.5x)/ Weight-600kg (1.5x)
Personality: Tough
Ability: Sheer Force
Moves: Mud Sport, Harden, Tackle, Bind, Screech, Rock Climb, Ancient Power, Earth Power, Dragon Pulse, Psych Up, Wide Guard, Nature Power, Curse, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Rock Throw, Smack Down, Crunch, Rock Polish, Iron Tail, Rock Blast, Psychic Fangs, Scorching Sands

Gender: Male
Level: 41
Personality: Relentless
Ability: Stance Change
Moves: Tackle, Swords Dance, Fury Cutter, Metal Sound, Pursuit, Autotomize, Shadow Sneak, Aerial Ace, Shock Wave, Iron Head, Retaliate, Slash, Iron Defense, Night Slash, Power Trick, Head Smash, King's Shield, Sacred Sword, Flash Cannon, Wide Guard, Laser Focus, Rock Slide

Gender: Male
Level: 51
Personality: Bitey
Ability: Rough Skin
Moves: Tackle, Dragon Pulse, Iron Tail, Dig, Earth Power, Blast Burn, Sand Attack, Dragon Rage, Sandstorm, Take Down, Sand Tomb, Dual Chop, Slash, Dragon Claw, Dig, Crunch, Fire Fang, Scorching Sands, Stone Edge

Gender: Male
Level: 37
Item: North Star Bangle
Personality: Brawny
Ability: No Guard
Moves: Low Kick, Leer, Karate Chop, Focus Energy, Fissure, Dynamic Punch, Drain Punch, Power-Up Punch, Smack Down, Bulldoze, Revenge, Foresight, Low Sweep, Seismic Toss, Knock Off, Scary Face, Brick Break, Vital Throw, Submission, Wake-Up Slap, Strength, Dual Chop, Counter, Wide Guard, Bide, Encore, Bulk Up

Gender: Female
Level: 10
Personality: Freaky
Ability: Fluffy
Moves: Tackle, Leer, Bulldoze, Low Sweep, Wide Guard, Focus Blast, Baby-Doll Eyes, Bide, Payback

Gender: Male
Level: 57
Pokeball: Luxury Ball
Bond: 50
Personality: Chilled
Ability: Marvel Scale
Moves: Wrap, Leer, Iron Tail, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rush, Extreme Speed, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Shadow Bolt, Ancient Power, Thunder Wave, Twister, Dragon Rage, Slam, Agility, Dragon Tail, Aqua Tail, Safeguard, Dragon Dance, Outrage, Hyper Beam, Superpower, Stone Edge, Hurricane, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Wing Attack, Roost, Earthquake, Roar

Gender: Genderless (Male)
Level: 53
Ball: Snag Ball
Personality: Stoic
Ability: Clear Body
Moves:Shadow Sky, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Fire, Shadow Panic, Take Down, Magnet Rise, Metal Claw, Confusion, Pursuit, Scary Face, Dynamic Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Rock Slide, Bullet Punch, Miracle Eye, Hammer Arm, Agility, Psychic, Meteor Mash, Iron Defense, Shadow Chill, Shadow End, Signal Beam, Explosion, Psych Up, Earthquake, Laser Focus, Sludge Bomb

Dusk Lycanroc
Gender: Male
Level: 38
Pokeball: Dusk Ball
Personality: Diligent
Ability: Tough Claws
Moves: Tackle, Leer, Sand Attack, Bite, Howl, Rock Throw, Odor Sleuth, Stomping Tantrum, Stone Edge, Snarl, Sucker Punch, Earth Power, Iron Tail, Zen Headbutt, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Foul Play, Super Fang, Rock Tomb, Counter, Thrash, Accelerock, Roar, Stealth Rock, Rock Slide, Outrage, Bulk Up, Crush Claw, Play Rough, Scary Face, Reversal, Quick Attack, Quick Guard, Endure, Taunt, Double Team

Gender: Male
Level: 1
Personality: Greedy
Ability: Frisk
Moves: Tackle, Confuse Ray, Astonish, Trick, Skitter Smack, Giga Drain, Poltergeist, Bulldoze

Gender: Male
Level: 4
Personality: Showy
Ability: Mold Breaker
Moves: Detect, Hone Claws, Tackle, Karate Chop, Wing Attack


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Gender: Male
Level: 43
Item: Stormbreaker
Personality: Motivated
Ability: Motor Drive
Moves: Quick Attack, Leer, Thunder Shock, Thunder Punch, Low Kick, Swift, Shock Wave, Thunder Wave, Electro Ball, Light Screen, Teleport, Electric Terrain, Ion Deluge, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Cross Chop, Iron Tail, Thunderbolt, Focus Blast, Discharge, Magnet Rise, Fling, Signal Beam, Psychic

Gender: Male
Level: 30
Nature: Hotheaded
Ability: Flame Body
Moves: Barrier, Smog, Leer, Ember, Heat Wave, Power-Up Punch, Cross Chop, Psychic, Scorching Sands, Blast Burn, Smokescreen, Feint Attack, Fire Spin, Clear Smog, Fire Punch, Flame Burst, Confuse Ray, Low Kick

Gender: Male
Level: 50
Personality: Durable
Ability: Rock Head
Moves: Mimic, Head Smash, Hone Claws, Tackle, Harden, Mud Slap, Headbutt, Metal Claw, Iron Defense, Rock Tomb, Protect, Roar, Dragon Rush, Superpower, Earth Power, Magnet Rise, Shock Wave, Water Pulse, Take Down, Iron Tail, Iron Head, Protect, Rock Slide, Metal Sound, Thunder Wave, Fire Blast, Autotomize, Smelling Salts, Thunder

Gender: Male
Level: 4
Item: Mystic Water
Nature: Quirky
Ability: Water Bubble
Moves: Water Sport, Bubble, Water Gun, Infestation, Frost Breath, Scald, Sticky Web, Power Split, Giga Drain, Liquidation, Bug Bite, Ice Beam

Gender: Male
Level: 8
Nature: Skittish
Ability: Compound Eyes
Moves: Absorb, Fury Cutter, Leech Life, Spider Web, String Shot, Electroweb, Thunder Wave, Screech, Bug Bite

Gender: -
Level: 46
Ball: Luxury Ball
Personality: Intuitive
Ability: Analytic
Moves:Tackle, Metal Sound, Supersonic, Teleport, Magnet Rise, Electroweb, Ice Beam, Substitute, Mimic, Thunder Shock, Sonic Boom, Thunder Wave, Magnet Bomb, Spark, Mirror Shot, Lock On, Electro Ball, Flamethrower, Helping Hand, Sunny Day, Signal Beam, Flash Cannon, Screech, Zap Cannon, Electric Terrain, Tri Attack, Discharge, Shadow Hold, Rollout, Sandstorm, Pay Day, Swift, Magic Coat, Rain Dance, Barrier, Magnetic Flux, Mirror Coat, Gyro Ball, Rising Voltage, Body Press

Gender: Female
Level: 66
Ball: Luxury Ball
Personality: Mischievous
Ability: Iron Barbs
Moves: Tackle, Harden, Leech Seed, Stealth Rock, Thunder Wave, Toxic, Rollout, Seed Bomb, Gyro Ball. Curse, Metal Claw, Pin Missile, Iron Defense, Mirror Shot, Ingrain, Self Destruct, Power Whip, Rock Climb, Dig, Iron Head, Acid Spray, Thunderbolt, Gravity, Body Press

Gender: Male
Level: 59
Pokeball: Luxury Ball
Bond: 50
Personality: Fearless
Ability: Sandstream
Moves: Bite, Leer, Ancient Power, Outrage, Iron Head, Earth Power, Superpower, Dark Pulse, Drain Punch, Frenzy Plant, Sandstorm, Screech, Chip Away, Rock Slide, Scary Face, Thrash, Payback, Crunch, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Dragon Pulse, Protect, Rock Throw, Iron Defense, Stopping Tantrum, Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, Aqua Tail, Assurance

Gender: Male
Level: 58
Ball: Luxury Ball
Personality: Dutiful
Ability: Technician
Moves: Vacuum Wave, Quick Attack, Leer, Bug Bite, Roost, Dual Chop, Return, Shadow Break, False Swipe, Agility, Wing Attack, Fury Cutter, Feint, Bullet Punch, Swords Dance, Metal Claw, Pursuit, Focus Energy, Cut, Baton Pass, Ominous Wind, Rain Dance, Razor Wind, Flash Cannon, Bug Buzz, Iron Defense, Double Team, Double Hit, Night Slash, Air Slash, Safeguard, Sand Tomb, Laser Focus

Gender: Female
Level: 4
Personality: Overbearing
Ability: Sheer Force
Moves: Captivate, Psych Up, Guard Swap, Astonish, Fairy Wind, Taunt, Growl, Iron Head, Play Rough, Poison Fang, Psychic Fangs

Gender: Male
Level: 1
Ability: Defiant
Moves: Leer, Scratch, Mean Look, Psycho Cut, Sucker Punch, Iron Head

Gender: Female
Level: 13
Personality: Reserved
Ability: Trace
Moves: Disarming Voice, Growl, Double Team, Expanding Force, Encore, Confusion, Helping Hand, Shadow Ball, Hypnosis, Teleport, Draining Kiss

Gender: Male
Level: 31
Personality: Lazy, Grouchy, Hungry
Ability: Thick Fat
Moves: Screech, Fling, Flail, Last Resort, Block, Snatch, Lick, Metronome, Odor Sleuth, Tackle, Defense Curl, Recycle, Covet, Bite, Stockpile, Swallow, Yawn, Bite, Rest, Sleep Talk, Snore, Crunch, Body Slam, High Horsepower, Ice Punch, Mega Punch, Seed Bomb, Volt Tackle, Zen Headbutt, Bulldoze, Flamethrower, Hydro Pump, Hyper Voice

Gender: Male
Level: 1
Personality: Aggressive, Excessive, Troubled
Ability: Sheer Force
Moves: Leer, Scratch

Gender: Female
Level: 4
Ability: Overcoat
Moves: Tackle, Protect, Stealth Rock, Drill Run, Giga Drain, Struggle Bug

Gender: Male
Level: 15
Size: Height-3.75m (1.5x)/ Weight-330kg (1.5x)
Personality: Timid
Ability: Water Absorb
Moves: Sing, Water Gun, Growl, Freeze Dry, Ancient Power, Future Sight, Thunderbolt, Hyper Beam, Mist, Smart Strike, Confuse Ray, Surf, Drill Run, Psychic, Sparkling Aria, Solar Beam, Water Pulse, Body Slam, Life Dew

Gender: Female
Level: 40
Ball: Luxury Ball
Size: Height-2.75m (1.1x)/ Weight-1012kg (1.1x)
Personality: Bold
Ability: Stamina
Moves: Mud-Slap, Mud Sport, Earth Power (MT), Rototiller, Bulldoze, Close Combat, Stone Edge, Fire Punch, Double Kick, Stomp, High Horsepower, Bide, Iron Defense, Heavy Slam, Shadow Break, Stealth Rock, Nature Power, Endeavour, Double Team, Lash Out, Body Press

Gender: Male
Level: 4
Ability: Guts
Moves:Pound, Leer, Wide Guard, Drain Punch, Focus Blast

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1x Charizardite X (Owned by Alexander, held by Charizard)
1x Sceptilite (Owned by Alexander, held by Sceptile)
1x Blastoisinite (Owned by Alexander, held by Blastoise)
x 1 Groundium Z (Owned by Alexander)
x 1 Icium Z (Owned by Alexander)
X 1 Grassium Z (Owned by Alexander)
x 1 Fairium Z (Owned by Alexander)
x1 Pokedex
x 3 Full Restores
x1 Fishing Rod
1x Mysterious Stone (Arboreal Cradle item?)
1x Dark Diancie Crystal (Souvenir)
x1 Berry Bag
3x Coba Berries
1x Cheri Berry
1x Chesto Berry
1x Pecha Berry
1x Rawst Berry
1x Aspear Berry
5x Chilan Berries
4x Colbur Berries
8x Wacan Berries
5x Babiri Berries
2x Rindo Berries
4x Kebia Berries
9x Haban Berries
2x Ganlon Berries
2x Petaya Berries
19x Passho Berries
1x Yache Berry
4x Charti Berries
1x Aspear Berry
13x Sitrus Berries
3x Occa Berries
1x Shuca Berry
x1 Seal Case
1x Smoke Seals
1x Party Popper Seals
1x Escape Rope
1x Assault Vest
1x Rocky Helmet @ Ferrothorn
1x Plague Doctor Mask
1x Big Root @Impidimp
1x Vampire Fangs
1x TM Safeguard
1x TM Endure
1x TR Wild Charge
1x Bulu Shell (TR Grassy Terrain)
1x Magical Black Rose
1x Box of Chocolates
2x Magical Party Popper
1x Rock Ball
1x Vampire Ball
1x Love Ball
9x Pokeball
1x Premier Ball
2x Pumpkin Ball
1x Bea5t Ball
1x Mummy Ball
1x Gingerbread Ball
1x Xmas Ball
2x Green Cyberball
1x Northern Star Bangle @Machop
1x Magmarizer
1x Heavy Duty Boots
1x Mystic Water @ Dracovish
1x Mystic Water @ Dewpider
1x Icy Rock
1x Ice Stone
1x Stainless Gear
1x Dragon Fang
1x Tiki Mask
2x Bubbling Cauldron
1x Black Glasses @ Eevee (Male)
1x Rock Incense
1x Magical Elf Ears
1x Dark Lance
1x Aegis of Frost
1x Stormbreaker @ Electivire
1x Never-Melt Ice
x1 Pokeblock Case
x1 Revive
6x Rare Candies
1x Heart Scale
17x Mysterious Gummis
2x Chocolate Gummis
1x Superhero Cape
1x Life Orb @ Croconaw
1x Leftovers
1x Expert Belt @ Greninja
1x White Flute
x1 Brand Name Bunny Suit
1x Ruby Pendant
x1 Dragon Fang
1x Komala pencil topper
1x Rayquaza Plushie
1x Slowking Plushie
1x Pink Waterbottle
1x Blitzle Keychain

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Gender: Female
Level: 23
Ability: Overcoat
Moves: Gust, Leer, Fury Attack, Pluck, Nasty Plot, Feint Attack, Dual Wingbeat, Foul Play

Gender: Genderless (Identifies as Male)
Level: 54
Bond: 50
Nature: Lonely
Ability: No Guard
Moves: Phantom Force, Focus Punch, Heavy Slam, High Horsepower, Pound, Astonish, Defense Curl, Mud-Slap, Rollout, Shadow Punch, Iron Defense, Stomping Tantrum, Mega Punch, Magnitude, Dynamic Punch, Night Shade, Curse, Earthquake, Drain Punch, Earth Power, Focus Blast, Ice Punch, Power-Up Punch, Psychic, Rock Polish, Stone Edge, Thunderbolt, Guardian Terrain, Magic Coat, Fly, Poltergeist, Darkest Lariat


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