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Pumpkaboo Registration Thread

Welcome to Fizzy Bubbles!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Fizzy Bubbles! We would be very pleased if you would join our humble RP. In order to join, the process is very simple! To join, simply sign out the form below.

Trainer Name: 
Starter Pokemon: 
After you have filled out the form, we will send you a brief registration test, making sure that you can RP well enough to keep your head above the water, so to speak. If you pass, you will be able to join Fizzy Bubbles, making a Member Post and picking up the following Starter Pack for all adventurers!

Fizzy Bubbles Starter Pack:
x1 Backpack
x1 Pokedex
x1 Mega Ring
x1 Z-Ring
x1 Dynamax Band
x1 Fishing Rod
x1 Berry Bag
x1 Pokeblock Case
x5 Pokeballs
x5 Rare Candies
x1 TM Return or Frustration
$3000 Pokedollars

Starter Pokemon Rules: While the starter rules in FB were more strict in the past, currently they will allow you to pick up any non-evolved Pokemon in the game. The only exception to this is Pikachu, because its the mascot of Pokemon and a fan favorite. Starters start at Level 5, but you can choose other things like abilities (including HAs) at will. You can also add one Egg move or MT move of your choice. There are only a few Pokemon which are considered so rare that they can't be starter Pokemon:

-Legendaries (including Ultra Beasts), Fossil Pokemon, Type: Null, Phione.

Starters cannot be Shiny.

Registration is OPEN!

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Trainer Name: Grant Everwood
Starter Pokemon: Jupiter the Rotom (MT Pain Split)
Spoiler: show
Grant grew up in Eterna City, and was the younger brother of the Gym Leader, Gardenia. However, Grant never had the interest in Grass-type Pokemon that one might expect out of someone from a line of Grass Gym Leaders. While he certainly didn't DISLIKE them (or, at least, most of them), he was much more interested in other types. Nonetheless, he loved his family dearly and had an excellent home life growing up.

On his tenth birthday, his father sent him out into Eterna Forest with his Torterra and a single Poke Ball in the hopes that he would find a Grass type of his own to be his first Pokemon. Grant ignored most of the typical forest-dwellers, however. Ever adventurous, he was interested in the Old Chateau, which he had heard rumors about being haunted in school. The thought of getting a Ghost-type Pokemon excited him. A hole in the fence and a broken window later, he was in the dilapidated chateau.

After a few hours of exploring the strange phenomena present in the Chateau, Grant eventually stumbled upon a strange TV. It was unplugged, and yet there was static crackling over the screen. Curious, Grant went to give the TV a thud, and suddenly, a Rotom popped out! Before Grant could even challenge it to a battle, it started curiously floating around him, chirping excitedly as it did so. The little guy then tapped Grant and sped away, indicating it wanted to be followed.

The pair ran around the chateau playing tag all day, and by the time sundown arrived and Grant needed to go home, the pair had bonded so much that Rotom actually stole Grant's Poke Ball and caught himself! Satisfied with his day's work, he went back to his father and showed him his new Rotom with pride. His father was taken aback, not only because Rotom was (disappointingly) not a Grass-type, but also because it was (excitingly) a rather rare Pokemon to find in the wild.

Not wanting to head off on his own yet, Grant stayed at home and attended school, playing with Jupiter in his free time. Eventually, they grew up and began to travel the region together once Grant was nearing adulthood. Not long after they starter their journey together, though, Grant decided to take a boat to Fizzytopia and avoid the pressure of being known as a Gym Leader's relative in his home region.


Click on Fawful for my ASB squad summary. Other links coming soon.

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Trainer name: Erven Evrith
Starter Pokemon: Greg the Squirtle, male (Egg Move Dragon Pulse)
Background: Hailing from Kalos, Erven has led a relatively plain and average life for a young man from the region. Having grown bored of the minutia of Kalos life, Erven craves any form of adventure. He aspires to obtain as many turtle-esque pokemon as possible, simply because he likes them.


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Trainer Name: Liawe Read

Starter Pokemon: Caeda the Skarmory (MT move: Icy Wind)

Background: Liawe was always a solitary girl, growing up in the dustbowl that was Lentimas Town. The town's sole feature (and the primary means of employment) was the single dusty airstrip that led from the town's western side, the skypath to places unknown. Usually Mistralton, but occasionally other places too. In the shadow of Reversal Mountain, Liawe often found herself weathering the extreme conditions to draw the native wildlife, of which she was surprisingly fond given their unique diversity. Eventually, the girl found a young Skarmory chick wandering around, the fledgeling clearly separated from its kind in the sandstorm. After helping to shelter the poor bird from the worst of the weather, the bird took a liking to her and followed her around, which eventually resulted in her obtaining a Poke Ball and catching the gleeful Skarmory. With her metallic friend by her side, Liawe set off by jet from the dusty airstrip of Lentimas for pastures anew in Fizzytopia, the lure of adventure proving too strong for the young artist and her feathered friend...


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Trainer Name: Jayson Austin
Starter Pokemon: Atalanta the Rowlett, female (Long Reach and EM Ominous Wind)
Background: After being born in the Kanto region, Jayson has made his way across all the regions. He never really stayed in one place long enough to call it a home, instead he prefered to roam and do odd jobs and battle to earn money. Having recently finished adventuring through the Alola region, Jayson set his eyes on Fizzytopia and the new adventures that awaited him.


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Name: Sypher Durant

Starter: Jill the Female Noibat (Ability: Infiltrator, EM: Water Pulse)


Spoiler: show
Well traveled even before he turned 12, Sypher was born to a family of trainers. His father, a Laverre-born Fairy type specialist and his mother, a Blackthorn-born Dragon specialist, made quite the interesting duo given their opposing styles. Together they moved from region to region, each taking part in the region tournaments. Neither would make it to the past the top 4 until they faced each other as the finalists in Hoenn's Ever Grande Conference.

Afterwards the family returned to Laverre City to visit and vacation with his father's family. Arriving via the nearby port, they could see the Pokeball factory off in the distance. Traveling eastward to the town along a forested path connecting the port and city, Sypher stumbled upon a lavender egg patterned with multiple purple rings each topped with a spike and harboring a smaller circle within. Taking the egg after determining it was abandoned, Sypher's parents knowing the species of the egg tasked him with nurturing for the egg.

As weeks passed and their stay was coming to a close, the egg showed little sign of hatching. Packing up their belonging and saying farewell to friends and family scattered through the town, the Durants made their way back along the path where they found the egg. The sky grew darker as they walked, the clouds casting ever larger shadows. Then came a loud screech and a gust of wind. Covering their eye, they looked back up to see a Noivern waiting to pounce and another two perched upon trees to either side of the path.

Sypher's mother knowing they were here for the egg, yelled out trying to explain how they had come upon the egg and had cared for it. The trio of Noivern were unswayed and began charging their attacks. Seeing no way out Sypher's parents called out their Pokémon in defense, ordering counter attacks. Several feet back all that Sypher could see was the mixing of different colors of light as both parties readied themselves for what was to come. Then the multicolored swirl of light was drowned out by a sudden blinding lavender light as the egg hatched. The newborn Noibat flying forward to try and prevent the clash.

Noticing this the trio of Wyverns relented, letting the built charges dissipate into the air around them. The new born hovered over to the center drake, apparently the mother, confirming the human's story. The Noivern motioned to the other two, who flew off only to return moments later offering several berries as repatriations. Having given their apology, the trio prepared to leave with the leader squalling for the young Noibat to follow. However, it instead flew over to Sypher crying out its intention to stay with the human. Conferring with the other Noivern, the mother turned, offered its blessing and flew away.

Recalling their Pokémon, Sypher's parents walked over. His mother positively gleaming with the notion that he might follow in her footsteps, offered him a Pokéball as his father questioned for about a name. Thinking to himself, Sypher found that Jill was the perfect name for the little wyvern Pokémon. He offered the ball to Jill who joyously pecked at it and entered. He calling her back out such that she could fly along with the family as they ventured onward to the boat to leave.

As the family began the check-in process, Sypher spoke out. "I'm not going with you."

His parents looked at him confused but then the laughed having realized that he intended to set off on his own journey. They like the Noivern before them gave their blessing offering to pay for passage to which ever region that he intended to challenge and enough money to get him some standard supplies with plenty leftover.


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Trainer Name: Ian Chesterfield

Starter Pokemon: Suzu the Vulpix, female (Egg Move: Hex)

Background: A sailor, formerly, Ian's wandered from continent to continent in search of something. Something that stokes a fire within his soul. As of late, he hasn't been able to do much about it but just keep moving on, unable to stay in a place for long as he finds himself drawn to yet another new land. At the request of his sister, Helena, he ended up taking in little Suzu under his care, which was certainly strange for a sailor's companion but the young fox was quite eager to warm up to him. Whether if it was literally or figuratively, Ian doesn't quite know yet, but his new life in Fizzytopia might hold the key to that question.


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seems theres a case aclaw
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The Blanket Ghost comes to FB, Probably

Trainer Name: Maria the Blanket Ghost
Starter Pokemon: Boop the Female Mimikyu (Egg Move Destiny Bond)
Background: Maria was raised among a group of wood dwelling Mimikyu, having been taken in after being left by the road to die, an unwanted, "should have been aborted" child. Because of her upbringing, she speaks Pokemon language fluently, but her English is very limited. She acts in very similar ways to a Mimikyu, to the point of wearing a big white cloth over her body. There's no horrific monster underneath that cloth though, just a small, confused girl. She travels with one of her Mimikyu friends, nicknamed "Boop". Together they journey around in search of the fabled "Arceus's Trousers", a mythical object which, when worn, grants the wearer the combined power of the eight gay warlocks who dictate fashion.


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Trainer Name: Athena
Starter Pokemon: Eclair the Mawile

Spoiler: show
Growing up in Laverre City, Athena was often surrounded by Fairy type Pokemon. In her teens, she started work Laverre Café, where she met a steady stream of traveling trainers. Going on a journey with Pokemon was never really on her mind, but she always found it thrilling to be introduced to new Pokemon at work. As she got older, she grew restless. Aside from the occasional trip to Lumiose with friends, she had not traveled much, and being surrounded by trees was starting to feel claustrophobic. She started saving, and spent her days daydreaming and researching other regions. She was dazzled by the skyscrapers of Castelia, and enthused to explore the caves of Mt. Coronet.

Athena always felt comfortable around Fairy type and other cute Pokemon. At the café, her manager owned a Slurpuff that she loved, and she also earned extra cash walking local Furfrou. Before taking off on her journey, she had her eye on a new litter of Espurr in Ambrette Town. Arriving on the west coast of Kalos, she was amazed to finally see the ocean. Sitting on the shore with her toes in the sand, she wondered if maybe she should try and get a Water Pokemon instead. As she got up to leave, she noticed her bag was missing. Someone must have taken it while she was lost in thought staring at the ocean. Flustered, she looked around the beach for any sign of her bag. Oddly, she saw crescent shaped footprints leading behind a large rock. Taking a deep breath, she peeked over the side of the rock, dreading what she might find. She was greeted with a large set of pointed teeth. Athena screamed and fell back, alerting the Pokemon that was rifling through her things. The Pokemon looked over its shoulder, wide-eyed at the shrieking girl. Athena looked through her fingers at the Pokemon, shaking. “Ma?” it inquired. She finally got a look at the Pokemon’s face, which she realized was actually its face and not the horrifying fangs. “You’re…cute!” She gasped. The Pokemon looked embarrassed. “Um. Can I have my stuff back?” She reached over and picked up her light pink bag, the Klefki keychain jingling. In the Pokemon’s hands, she noticed the Supreme Spring Pokepuff she had brought for the Espurr she planned to adopt. “Oh, are you hungry?” The Pokemon looked down sheepishly. “You can have it, it’s ok!” She giggled as it shoved almost the whole thing into it’s tiny mouth. She gingerly reached out her hand and placed it on the Pokemon’s head. It looked shocked, but pleased to get the attention. “You’re a Mawile right? How would you feel about adventuring with me?” “Ma???” Athena wasn’t even sure if the Pokemon understood her, but it looked like it was shocked that she even asked. When she arrived home, her parents were confused with her choice. Why hadn’t she gotten the cute, cuddly Espurr as planned? Athena picked up her Mawile and gave it a squeeze, “She’s just as cute!”


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Trainer Name: Azarias Hunt

Starter Pokemon: Diego the Deino

Ability: Hustle

Move Tutor: Draco Meteor

Trainer Background:Azarias lost his parents during his childhood to a massive storm that had taken the entire village by storm. As a young boy, Hunt was always troubled by the dream of a massive Pokemon destroying his village. It took a lot of effort from the kin leader to calm Hunt down. Ever since he started meditating, his nights got better and he slept more peacefully. He slowly started to develop affinity towards Pokemon. One day, when Hunt was four year old, a Fearow swooped him up and started to fly away, Hunt flayed a lot but could do nothing about it, until the bird decided to drop him away. He fell from a good height above and landed right into the water. While landing into the water helped him escape injuries, his thigh was hurt badly and he had nearly drowned, only before a few Lotad came to his rescue. Ever since that day, he was very thankful of the water Pokemon.
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Trainer Name: Madeline Everton
Starter Pokemon: Luna the Sableye
Ability: Prankster
Egg Move: Sucker Punch
Background: Despite being the daughter of two psychics, she has no psychic powers whatsoever. She lived in Fortree City with her parents, and often joined them when they traveled to work in a circus featuring ghost-type Pokemon. But one day, a terrible accident occurred during a performance and her mother died. Madeline had the feeling that it was more than just an accident, and eventually got a lead to Fizzytopia. She convinced her father to let her go investigate, and he let her take Luna, his old Sableye that he had traveled with during his trainer days. Now Madeline and Luna are on their way to Fizzytopia.


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Fizzy Bizniz~

Trainer Name: Seiko Kinoi
Starter Pokemon: Baian the Skrelp
Ability: Poison Touch
Move: Play Rough (Egg Move)
Spoiler: show
Seiko is a young woman of unimpressive build, somewhat sallow features, and a pallid complexion, with a personality to match (most of the time). She hails from a family of commune-dwelling, quasi-mystics specializing in alternative medicine who currently call Celestic Town home. Although her aunt and uncle fully expect her to take on the family business someday, Seiko is staunch in her unwillingness to follow their wishes. Despite her standoffish bearing, Seiko is a rather sensitive soul who is quick to open up to those she befriends. Those closest to her generally find her wanderlust and sense of curiosity among her most charming qualities. She is however quick to downplay these or any sort of compliment towards what she deems to be "girlish" qualities due to her distaste for all things feminine.

Accompanying Seiko on her adventures in Fizzytopia is an odd-egg Skrelp by the name of Baian, whose prior usefulness extended to helping her family develop quality holistic anti-venom, who simply figured he could use the change in scenery. (At least he reckoned as much when he happened upon Seiko sneaking out her bedroom window the night she ran away.)


Walking the Trainer's path since 1997/8
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Trainer Name: Carrie Estovan

Starter Pokemon: Fwoofy the Growlithe (Ability: Intimidate)

Move Tutor: Crunch

Background: Despite an incredibly neglectful father, Carrie was always a good kid, growing up in Nimbasa City largely without incident. She's had her best friend and closest companion, her loyal hound Fwoofy, since she was about six years old, and the two have gotten into many a humorous shenanigan together, since Carrie had a bad habit of exploring too far from her home and getting into mild amounts of trouble as a result. At about the age of sixteen she started to develop a rebellious streak, and at nineteen she decided she wanted to travel the world and get away from her parents, fetching the first ship she could find out of Unova and taking her beloved Fwoofy to see the world and make new friends. It was by chance she found herself in Fizzytopia, but she had nowhere in mind so it's as good a place as any.


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((Looking for a fresh new start, as far away as possible from the old days. Is it possible to deactivate the MarbleZone account?))

Trainer Name: Rorik Pine
Starter Pokemon: Munchlax, Male (Ability: Thick Fat; EM: Zen Headbutt)
Spoiler: show
"Is your decision final?"

The booming voice, imposing and filled with authority, came from the man that Rorik - as well as the rest of Heiml - admired the most. Gottfried Haraldson, the Champion of Heiml for over three decades, had personally come to his Lab to ascertain Rorik's motivations.

"Indeed, my decision is final," replied the Pokémon Professor of the world's northernmost region. He'd given this too much thought to back out now, even in the face of the Norse God. "It is the only way to validade my research. I promise I will make you all proud."

The gigantic elder with the daimonji-shaped beard scoffed, but in his eyes Rorik could see Gottfried's silent respect. Not a man of words, the Champion merely ended up nodding and holding out a calloused hand from the confines of his crimson robe.

"... Heimlan stubbornness. I understand."

Rorik smiled; he knew Gottfried wouldn't oppose him, even if leaving Edda City's Pokémon Lab meant Heiml would be left without its titular Professor. He'd gone back and forth on the idea countless times over the past months, but in the end, he couldn't ignore his heart's cry.

I am a Pokémon Professor who's dedicated his life to the study of bonds. How can I claim to be an expert in this matter if I never experience the power of these links myself? Books, articles, studies... they are the foundation of my research, but can never be its backbone by themselves. My theories cannot be validated by anyone other than myself; I will witness and record the effects of these bonds between Man and Pokémon, and in doing so, will put the the Heiml Region on the forefront of the scientific community!

Gottfried turned around and prepared to leave. He, too, had a purpose to fulfill - a new challenger had defeated the Heimlan Elite and awaited the Champion at the top of Caer Valheim. One named Levin, from the region of Fizzytopia - the same region Rorik now intended to explore in his field research.

"The people of Heiml are with you. North wind guide you, Professor Pine." With that, Gottfried left.

With the Champion's blessing, everything was finally in order. Rorik, twenty-eight-year-old man of science, was ready to take his work outside the walls of his Lab for the first time in his life.


"This is it..."

He'd taken longer to pack up than he'd anticipated. It was bad luck to start things off with such a childish miscalculation...
The eastern outskirts of Edda led to the famous King's Road, a stone path carved through the abundance of golden-leafed auranea, a species of tall bush with grew only in Heiml. King's Road, they said, was as beautiful as it was potentially dangerous - Pokémon, too, were drawn to the golden allure of the area, and many lingered beneath the gorgeous foliage, concealed from human eyes.

"Wait, it's dangerous to go alone!"

The familiar voice and equally familiar trope made Rorik roll his eyes in annoyance.


The Professor was soon joined by a blonde-haired young man, taller and more muscular than him, but with strikingly similar complexion. Erik Pine - Rorik's younger brother and Heimlan Gym Leader - had come to say his final goodbyes as well, it seemed.

In a way, Erik was everything that Rorik was not. Handsome, athletic, impulsive and naturally cheerful, the younger Pine brother had never been one to waste time with books. Rorik, in turn, was far from outspoken or spontaneous; if anything, he often overthought things before he acted, and much preferred the isolation of his Laboratory. Which was why, when he'd told Erik he was leaving on a journey of his own, his brother had reacted with equal parts disbelief and excitement.

"Well, seems you're actually gonna go ahead with this. Sure you won't die or anything?"

"Not in my immediate plans, brother," dryly replied Rorik. Talks of getting himself killed certainly didn't help his case at such a critical moment. "I'll stay in touch."

"Hey, before you go. There's something I was asked to give you," said Erik as he retrieved something from his pocket. "You'll never believe who entrusted this to me!"

Guessing games with no leads had always annoyed Rorik. He was a man of rational thought, not a gambler. His predictable silence caused Erik to laugh audibly, before opening his palm to reveal a small red-and-white sphere.

"A PokéBall?..."

"Someone came over yesterday. Not just anyone, mind you... it was our Champion! Freaking Gottfried was at our doorstep," beamed Erik. He'd always idolized the undefeated Norse God. "He knew you were leaving; that's why he handed me this Ball, but he told me only to give it to you when I was absolutely sure you intended to go ahead with this. Seems you are, so... here."

Rorik twirled the PokéBall in his fingers, lost in thought. A Pokémon from the Heimlan Champion... he wasn't worthy! And why hadn't Gottfried given him the Ball back when they'd met at the Lab? Did he still doubt his resolve then?

If so... I'll prove him just how serious I am about this. I'll show everyone! My theories, my life's work, I will validate them all. Just you wait!

"North wind guide you brother," concluded Erik, grinning as he spread his arms.

The two siblings exchanged one last silent hug, and at long last, everything was in place. The story of Professor Rorik Pine was about to begin!


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Trainer Name:
Ken Hokuto

Starter Pokemon:
Jotaro (Pancham) (M)
Ability: Scrappy
Level: 5
Adamant Nature
Move Tutor: Drain Punch

Spoiler: show
A member of the World Police Organization. He has been sent on a top secret mission which requires a trip around the world. He is a man of few words.


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Trainer Name: Ulla
Starter Pokemon: Mo the Slowpoke
Ability: Regenerator
MT: Ice Beam (Thanks Gen 2 MT!)
Background: Having loved adventure and survival stories as a young child Ulla decide to follow their example and ran away from home at the age of five to live in the mountains. By some miracle Ulla managed to get past his first winter snuggled up in a den with hundreds of Pachirisu. Springs came and went as Ulla continued to learn how to survive in the wilderness. It had always seemed more interesting in his bed time stories, but he wasn't going to give up. Many seasons later during Autumn Ulla was found by a person claiming to be a tree. This tree person gave the young mountain pioneer his first Pokeball and told him of the adventures that would now be open to him as a Pokemon trainer. Intrigued by the thought of a new adventure Ulla was ready to throw all his eggs in one basket. However having to only choose one of his mountain friend to take with him was a hard choice, but with a casting of lots Mo the Slowpoke was the one chosen. With his first Pokemon in hand and the world in front of him Ulla set off towards civilization for the first time in five years.
Current PASB record wins 24, losses 14, Draws 0
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Wild Future

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Trainer Name: Ben
Starter Pokemon: Slag (Slugma, Male)
Ability: Flame Body
Egg Move: Inferno
Background: Nothing is really known about the earlier years of Alex, his own memories of those times past being of blurred flashes of light, bizarre abominations and the screaming of two young boys before all fades to nothing.

Upon meeting this mysterious fellow one will immediately notice two things, one he is extremely large physique standing at just over 6 foot 9 inches in height and carrying a rather extreme amount of muscle to boot, the second being his extremely kind, goofy but none the less caring nature he has, the man often taking the time to boisterously greet and help anyone he can when the chance arises.

Beyond his large and muscular build his other distinguishing features include pale blue eyes and deep brow, short cut hair. He tends to walk around wearing jeans and...little else.
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Trainer Name: Samo Trotston
Starter Pokemon: Minccino (Ricky, Male)
Ability: Technician
Egg Move: Knock Off
Background: Samo is a quirky but scatterbrained twerp of a 12-year-old youth. A kind and careful fellow who is as innocent as can be. But is at the same time a severely sheltered Shut-In, and isn't good with meeting new people. He's typically friendly but timid, quick on wanting to avoid danger whenever possible. One day, the curiosity became overwhelming, and has eventually coaxed him into deciding on becoming a Trainer and exploring what the world has to offer. He's sort of a new kid on the block. He used to be ill often and always down in the dumps, this miraculously ended when Ricky found him. Samo has a bizarre quirk of being able to understand his Pokémon to the lip (i.e: He can understand them as if they were talking human.), which may or may not inspire odd encounters!

The spunky critter that is his partner saved Samo from a life of hopelessness and unhealthy recluse. Ricky is Samo's best and only friend, as well as his social opposite when it comes to attitudes...He's almost always full of energy and up for adventure. He's one to jump headfirst into action, often prompting Samo to worry to the point of panic! He's also a bit sneaky and isn't afraid to fight dirty, as reflected in his Egg Move. His partner keeps him close, in more ways than one, which the Minccino finds a bit annoying.


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Trainer Name: Brayden
Starter Pokemon: Squirtle (MT Icy Wind)
Background: Brayden grew up in a large city but always knew he wanted to explore the world. One day, his parents moved to a small town where everything he knew completely changed. This was when he became sure that his dreams of exploring the world were right for him. A year after moving to that town, the very day he became old enough to travel alone, he set out and began his adventure.


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Serverus Snope
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Trainer Name: Makoto Sato
Starter Pokemon: Meringue (Togepi, Male)
-Ability: Serene Grace
-Egg Move: Extrasensory
Background: Looking for someone to brag about how amazing of a cook they are? Makoto can't help you there. Not that he's a lousy cook; this psychic thinks his skill in baking sweets and pastries might kind of be adequate... possibly. But he's just too timid and lacking in self-esteem to really sell himself. Naturally, the idea of having friends sounds incredible to him. Maybe he'll find some in Fizzytopia? It's a land far away from the stares of his family, so that helps.

Makoto tends to shy away from legitimate heated conflict (though battling is okay,) though he attributes that to being a pacifist at heart. ...Okay, maybe his timidity plays a role in it too. Regardless, he will never use his powers to directly attack a human or Pokemon.

Makoto knows what being the forgettable middle child is like. Being between a twin sister shaping up to be the ideal heir to her father's dojo and a psychic prodigy of a little brother tends to lead to that. Things only got worse when his latent psychic powers emerged. Objects started randomly levitating and flinging themselves. One nearly smashed his skull. His uncontrollable powers, his father's disappointing stare, and his mother's well-meaning dismissiveness all eroded his self-esteem. Everyone settled on keeping his powers under lock and key with a pair of suppressor bracelets, but Makoto fears what could happen if he loses them or has to remove them. Learning to control his powers is the only viable long-term solution. And that's exactly what he plans on doing on his journey... hopefully. ...H-He'll try.


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Trainer Name: Storm
Starter Pokemon: Rolu (Riolu, male)
-Ability: Inner Focus
-Egg Move: Follow Me
Background: Storm grew up in a small isolated village surrounded by forests. He was a strange boy, or at least, that is what everyone said behind his back. He never really smiled or showed emotion at all. That is why he had no friends, he was alone.

One day, Storm took a walk through the forest, it was so peaceful there. He could stay there all alone for hours on end.
Storm decided to walk deeper into the forest until he found a river. The river had a few bends and ended in a waterfall.
Storm could feel the wind on his skin while walking along the river, it was fairly quiet. It made some room for some lovely thoughts for Storm.
"Pokemon...I was never allowed to see them, they would always shy away from me."
"Maybe they sense that I'm horrible?"
"I should just stop w---"
Just then, the silence was broken when a Riolu emerged from the forest on the other side of the river.
Storm just stared at the Riolu while the Riolu stared back. A minute passed before the Riolu started approaching.
Storm just continued to watch in silence as the Riolu started to traverse the river.
The current swept the Riolu of it's feet and dragged him away.
Storm jumped into the water to try and help the Riolu.
He managed to grab it and hold on to it before he hit his head on a rock and was knocked unconscious.

Storm woke up in an unfamiliar forest, close to a small spring. His head still hurt and he couldn't get up.
Storm has always been somewhat weak and sickly, which was detrimental to him now.
"Where's the poor Riolu" Storm asked himself. Then he got poked in the side.
Curious as Storm was, he slowly rolled over, only to find the very same Riolu sitting next to him.
The Riolu made a small fire and the two tried to rest until daytime.

The next day started and the fire was now just a pile of ash.
Storm recovered enough to be able to get up and walk, be it with a stick for support.
It seems that the two were now stuck in this part of the forest.

They are going on a long journey, but they don't know it yet.


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Trainer Name: Jason “Wheels” Pawley
Starter Pokemon: “Boss” the Pancham (EM: *Power Trip*)
Spoiler: show
Ever since he entered middle school, Jason was a troublemaker. The principal’s office was more of a homeroom to him than his actual homeroom, and most days ended with him having to be picked up by his parents after a period’s-worth of detention instead of him and his childhood companion Boss stewing up more chaos.

No one was truly sure about why Jason was this way, though. His parents were fairly affluent and principled people, after all. Some said that he was just a bad apple, or that he was too into violent and disruptive things like video games and punk music. In reality, Jason was just following in the footsteps of his best friend and biggest idol, Marcus Capton.

Marcus was a classmate of his ever since elementary. He was a wild child, with no sense of restraint or desire to fit in. He often took Jason on crazy adventures by skipping school and going to the skate park, and when Jason was bullied on the schoolyard, Marcus and his companion Murkrow were always there to back him up and assert his dominance as king of the playground.

Jason’s parents were apprehensive about his friendship with Marcus due to his father supposedly being the head of a violent gang that controlled part of Driftveil City, a town where smuggling was rampant and lucrative. Eventually, though, they had the freedom as teens to hang out more after school, and so Jason became drawn-into this gang by the time they entered high school together. He did this not only out of a sense of loyalty and friendship to Marcus, but also because it was a place where he could go off and be himself, wild with the passions that his parents and teachers never approved of.

The two were asked to run all sorts of things: drugs, illegal weapons, money, stolen goods. Jason often used his skateboard to get around, and knew all the shortcuts that would sneak them right past the cops, making him a good courier and deserving of the new new nickname, “Wheels”. Marcus was a skilled partner, but Jason noticed that he was starting to get more ruthless as a battler as his wild exterior started to transform into a reckless disregard for others. This behavoir unnerved Jason, but he convinced himself to stay. After all, the pay was good, he wasn't hurting anybody, and he felt that this was the one place in the world that wouldn't judge him for being who he is.

One night, however. The group was holed up in their usual place: an abandoned old theater, when they got a new run from Marcus’s boss. A strange package to be put outside one of the warehouses in another gang’s territory. Jason got a bad feeling in his gut when he heard this, and an even worse feeling when his request to know what was in it was declined by his friend. Reluctantly, he agreed and set out with Marcus to place the package.

They reached the site in the dark of night, after a near-encounter with the police. Jason was ready to place the package next to the dumpster, on the side of the warehouse, when he realized that with Marcus busy on lookout, he could peak at the contents of the box. When he opened it, his heart sank. A mess of wires and beeping lights, all connected a cluster of metal pipes. He froze for a few minutes, not doing anything until he heard Marcus shouting angrily at him for messing with the package.

In a panic, Jason leapt up and confronted his friend, demanding to know why they were blowing up a building. Marcus took his inquiries coldly, and simply said that if he had a problem with that and not smuggling, that he should just hand the package over to him and leave. Jason snapped. After subconsciously holding down the reality of this gang for so long, he finally acknowledged the deep shit he was in, and he and Marcus fought until Jason found an opening to throw the bomb into the harbor and run.

He kept running, and didn’t stop. He cut off all contact from Marcus. He asked his parents if he could pack his bags and go on a Pokemon adventure, or something. He needed to do anything to leave Driftveil City. Realizing what had happened, his parents agreed, and helped him leave the city quietly after going to the police about the incident.

Now Jason was on the road with a bag of his things, his skateboard, Boss, and only an inkling of where to go next. Though he renounced Marcus’ gang, in his heart he could never abandon being a punk. He’d simply have to be a better person than his former friend, despite his bad exterior. Before he left, Jason took one look back at the city he lived his whole life in, and vowed that when he came back, he'd be strong enough to teach Marcus and his crew a lesson.


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Trainer Name: Dracen
Starter Pokemon: Gible, male, Lv. 5, Rough Skin, moves: Tackle, Sand Attack, Iron Tail
Background: His parents didn't approve of his becoming a pokemon trainer, so he spent most of his time outside the house or tinkering with his homemade machines. One day he happened on a cave and decided to explore it. He heard a fight going on and found a solitary Gible being attacked by a swarm of Zubat, though holding its own well it had many injuries. Risking his own safety, Gnarl saved the Gible and caught it in a homemade Pokeball (if that's allowed), and together they explore. He wears a tooth of Gible's, which fell out, on a string around his neck. In it he's carved a space for Garchompite, for the future.

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Trainer name: Lance
Starter Pokemon: T-Bolt the Pikachu, male (Egg Move: Volt Tackle)

Background: Being the son of Lt.Surge, Lance is tired of always getting Lectured about how Raichu is more powerful than Pikachu. So Lance decides to go on an adventure with his Pikachu & catch. more. Pokémon to become friends with.

Test Sent


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Trainer Name: Danika
Starter Pokemon: Galarian Ponyta, Female (Egg Move: Hypnosis)
Background: Danika decided to become a trainer due to her love of all things cute. She wants cute Pokemon, cute clothes, cute accessories, so on. She tends to be a bit spastic and hyper, but does genuinely care for her Galarian Ponyta who she gives all the loves and cuddles possible when she can. Since her family doesn't really care for her "ridiculous obsession", she decided it was time to duck out and make her own way. She doesn't really know what she's doing with her life, but wants to have fun figuring it out.

~ Life without love is no life at all ~

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