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I feel like Ability Patch removing an ability is fine.

But I think the other effects requiring specific caveats attached to them (like no Eevee line crap or Fizzy forms being a thing) should maybe disqualify them. At the moment, given the possibility of Fizzy Forms and potential evolutions to lines, I'm leaning towards a hard no still.
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Median Dia
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With Regional Variants, we can easily say that they're only valid if the form is a branch in the evolutionary line (i.e. Raichu can have Surge Surfer because it had a choice between the two forms when evolving, but Corsola cannot have Perish Body because outside of name, it's effectively a separate line altogether). Since all of the entrants in the Fizzy Fright Fest covered the entire evolutionary line for their submissions anyway, codifying that into an actual rule in future competitions would let this prevent any Ability Patch-related cheese from that side of things.
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I think the best thing with patches is just ability removal. Trying to get into semantics about explicit exceptions just causes the mechanic to be a lot more convoluted than necessary.

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