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Delibird Growing Shadows - Raid Group 1: vs. Shadow Doduo

Dynamax Boss Shadow Doduo

Health Gauge: 100%
Shields Up: 0
Status: N/A
Trainer Status: N/A
KO Count: 0

Raid Challengers:
  • Meetan (Igglybuff): 400 HP
  • Raves (Vullaby): 400 HP
  • Heather (Igglybuff): 400 HP
  • CyberBlastoise (Croagunk): 400 HP
  • Slash (Kingler): 400 HP
  • myahoo (Alolan Sandshrew): 400 HP
  • Median Dia (Shadow Pikachu): 400 HP

Now freshly merged, the raiders head down the Flying route, they are met with a gargantuan Dynamax Shadow Doduo! It is time to do battle, in order to continue forward to face Shadow Arceus!

Dynamax Initiative: Slash (Kingler)
  • Trainers may only list 1 order per round. They are also permitted to use 1 item in lieu of an attack.
  • Dynamax Initiative will select a trainer at random. If a trainer has initiative, they may choose to Dynamax their Pokemon for a duration of 3 turns. Dynamaxed Pokemon may only select a Max Attack of a corresponding type from their registered moveset, or Max Guard in place of status moves.
  • If a hold item or ability’s effect is activated in the present round as a result of the previous round’s damage calculation or the present round’s orders, please state it clearly in your response.
  • If a trainer’s Pokemon is rendered unconscious, they may choose to cheer on their allies; opting to either remove one shield from the raid boss or healing one ally’s Pokemon by 50% of their max health.
  • Roleplaying your orders is optional, but $150 may be collected for responses of 150 words, with an additional $25 able to be collected for every additional 25 words up to 500, and Bond can accumulate for any of the trainer’s Pokemon interacted with.
  • You have until Saturday, June 12th to place your order.
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Team Mother?
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Use Coaching (0 BP)

Fizzy Bubbles

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Median Dia
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...I had heard the saying 'two heads are better than one" before, but this is ridiculous! I dunno which one to drop my Thunder (110 BP; Magnet-boosted) on!
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a quick fly cuppa
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lol dum birb

flatter (0 bp) to start this particular party off.
Stale Water.

Unruly Premonition.
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After the Pichu had fallen, to PJ's surprise, his rental Krabby had begun to glow. Cloaked in light, her form enlarged and morphed. When the light broke, she emerged an even mightier Kingler. That was a wonderful addition to the team's strength and utility.

One of his teammmates decided to send their own Krabby back to rentals and continue on with the Pichu. She seemed very happy about this as well, having snapped out of the rage she had fallen into. So happy she was, in fact, that she started glowing with her own evolution light. This evolution aura was a bit different, however. It was darker and seemed a bit ominous, but PJ was starting to see that didn't make it bad.

With the path unblocked, a few items was left on the ground. The Mystic Water pendant that was left behind seemed to be the best thing for him to pick up here. He picked up the pendant and fastened it around the base of Sandie's larger left claw. "KOO KEE KOO KEE," she responded happily.

Gilford and Landstar also seemed to agree with the decision to snag the Mystic Water. Scanning Sandie's moves with his Pokedex, he did see that she was lacking a bit in strong Water moves, but with the new energy signatures they were reading, that wasn't a current priority. She'd picked up a nice handful of moves, though, with great support options like Wide Guard and a new heavy-hitting Blizzard.

More surprises were to come, however. Two paths met, and his group got reunited with another of the starting groups. Strength in numbers would hopefully hold true here. They agreed to go together, and chose the path putting off Flying energy, since that seemed to be the best type for them to handle right now. The other paths, Steel and Grass, did not seem as advantageous for them, most especially the Steel threat, since two of their new team mates had rented Fairy Pokemon.

Now, going down this path of Flying, they emerged into a new cavern to see their next challenge's face. Another Dynamaxed Shadow Pokemon, of course, but this one was a Doduo. It was pretty cute, actually even with both its heads seeming crazed an fevered.

It was also pretty fortunate for the group, who overall had a lot of power they could throw at it. "Let's see your new Sheer Force boosted Blizzard, Sandie!" PJ called out.

OcO: Blizzard (110 BP, Sheer Force)
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Gonna go with Ice Punch (75 BP), I guess
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Using Ice Beam at BP 90.
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