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Delibird Evaluating the Bimonthly Updater Rewards

Throughout our efforts to try and evaluate the state of updating in FB, we have been looking over all facets of the system in place and looking to see where we can improve and make things both more balanced as well as more appealing to all members equally. One such thing that has fallen under scrutiny as something that has become a bit outdated and otherwise unappealing to members are the Bi-Monthly Updater Rewards.

These rewards were established at a time when there was a higher volume of updater activity and more active updaters, so we established a base requirement of 10 updates to qualify for rewards. While our revamps are not yet final, we have discussed lowering the minimum requirement to make them more accessible to all updaters in FB. Additionally, we would like to open up discussion with the community on the variety of rewards and how we could make them more appealing. These rewards are meant to give back to those who help keep this RPG running, so we’d like to take your desires into account.

What we would like to accomplish here is to poll the community on what kinds of rewards would act as an appealing incentive to updating. Please try to rank 5 or more types of rewards based on what particularly interests you; #1 being most important and scaling down lower in importance toward #5 and beyond. You do not need to be an updater to answer this, or even have any desire in updating at all. Polling the interests of the community serves a larger purpose of letting us know what to give away for future events as well. Here are a few examples of possible rewards:
  • Rare Candies
  • Pokedollars
  • TMs/TRs
  • Enigma/Type Eggs
  • Gummis
  • Custom FB Items
Things you suggest do NOT have to be limited to these options! We would greatly appreciate as much feedback as possible.
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Again, thanks for bringing this up for public discussion, I know I’ve been pressuring a bit on the reward side of things so it’s great that you’re open to reviewing this!

Speaking for myself, as someone who used to be able to hit this threshold rather easily in the past but whom a steamroller made of adult life has decided to run over, I’d welcome a Bimonthly revision to make it more attainable and motivating to try and reach.

Personally, more so than what’s on offer, I’d like to see the required number of updates reduced a bit. Right now I can find some free time to update but it can all fall apart in a matter of hours, and ironically I’m actually having difficulty finding new people to update and thus make it to the required amount… If we could lower this to ideally 5 or maybe 7 updates per two months (which glancing over the threads I feel not many people are reaching anyway as it stands) I would personally feel much more compelled to try and push out the last couple of updates needed. Not sure it would apply to everyone, of course.

As for the rewards themselves, sure I value some things above others (I’d feel much more enticed by an egg than any number of Gummis, for example) but I realize you can’t just throw stuff everywhere and devalue everything on a whim. Even so, by order of preference and if I’m being completely honest as to what would push me to do this instead of other things with my free time...

1. Type Eggs (especially since everyone and their mother wants to be a GL now :P)

2. Enigma Eggs (these are always fun, and even if we don’t like the hatch we can always try to trade it so it’s rarely dead weight)

3. TRs (Raids are the only consistent way of getting these outside of Birthdays, but the rest of the Watt rewards are so much more enticing I doubt I’d spend them in moves, so this would definitely be a welcome alternative to getting them!)

4. Candies (the rate at which we gain new Pokemon is still mostly above the speed at which we can level them up and with evolutions still gated behind the in-gmae levels these are pretty much a necessity)

5. Move Tutor Passes (prices at the Tutor are a bit steep for the current rhythm at which we make money, so these could alleviate the problem. I personally never spend money on moves because of how long it takes me to earn cash, and especially now that potions are viable and rather precious for Raids)

I could do without Gummis and custom items or moves myself.


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I'm not good at writing out big long posts, but Type Eggs are a big deal for me.
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Unpopular opinion, but I feel eggs should not be part of the Bimonthly rewards.

To me, giving the top three updators the option of an egg every two months only makes it so that those who have a steady source of update income per se can get said eggs, and for people like me who really only update one zone, getting a spot on that list is basically out of the question. In the year or so that bimonthlies have been a thing, I have never qualified for even the most basic reward.

And quite frankly? Eggs being an updator reward really rubs me the worst way. I actually feel it's a bit reminiscent of the Tess-era FB, where the ones who got the hoard of gold were the ones running the place, and everyone else was rooting for scraps. Yes, the old place also had the egg house which was far worse for species inflation, but personally I feel pokemon are something that one should work towards through roleplay, with the very, very occasional gift once or twice a year. Upwards of eight to ten eggs a year through rewards, without considering breeding into the mix, is far too much and weighted heavily in favour of those who have a steady supply of replies to update for these sorts of things.

In terms of value of remaining reward options, I'd vouch for Heart Scales to be a potential reward, and the highest value one to me personally. Following this would be Custom Items, be they hold or technique items (TIs?), which are few and far between and really should pop up in zones uncommonly, followed by Tutor Passes and TRs. Candies and Gummis come at the bottom, as while they are indeed great to have, with how raids and the game works as a whole levelling your pokemon to the magic 100 isn't a major necessity, only helping during raids for that 500 HP.
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So, currently we have this

• 10 Update Minimum Requirement: 5 Rare Candies
• Top 3 Updaters of the Period: Choose one of the following: Enigma Egg, TM of your Choice, 5 Rare Candies

First thing, and probably something that'll happen anyway, is make "TM of your choice" be "TM/TR of your choice". Yes TRs are more exclusive but this is for three people every two months, it's hardly slapping them on the general market.

The other thing I think this needs is some tier(s) below ten a month. Ten updates a month is a slog, as evidenced by the fact that in the last year and two months, we've had a grand total of four people who have achieved it and five who have even bothered to go for it, because ten every two months feels astronomical and in practice is a little higher than it should be: You're asking for a little more than an update a week. If we're keeping the threshold at 10, we need a lower tier as well.
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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
While our revamps are not yet final, we have discussed lowering the minimum requirement to make them more accessible to all updaters in FB. Additionally, we would like to open up discussion with the community on the variety of rewards and how we could make them more appealing.

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I'm actually going to agree with Raves here for a moment now that I'm not a mod. I'd rather not see more eggs be put into the rewards and honestly possibly even pared down some. There are plenty of other rewards to consider such as Heart Scales, TMs/TRs, the special macguffin held items, and custom FB items.

The reward ladder could potentially be made a little nice in some ways. Getting the Pokedollar reward per FC instead of per FC step is likely the most obvious way, along with maybe scrunching down the reward ladder and making it more compact.
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Honestly i wouldn't mind access to possible Mega Stones or Z Crystals.

Like have rotational options of picking one of three Mega Stones Or a Z cyrstal ( one of three listed ) options that rotates out with each Bi Monthly.

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So I'll be honest and feel that Eggs are perfectly fine being a reward for Bi-Monthly. As it stands most people already are able to get at most 4 Pokemon they want a year from breeding themselves, adventure or not. We don't have the new Pokemon every two weeks that TessB had, and the restrictions we have on eggs is a lot stricter than what TessB did. For people who don't really want to breed or have already used up all of their breeding slots, Eggs from Bi-monthlies rewards those who are willing to put in the effort to keep the game alive during the slow periods. We need people updating, and I rather give any incentive we can to make sure we make them then take things away when we're most likely already going to take away an adventure slot. As it stands we don't really have people progressing much in adventures, Pokemon included. I rather people have to ability to try and get 10 Pokemon a year than potentially getting none.

As for other rewards that would be good, Heart Scales are a big one. They're honestly a lot more rarer than they should be, and should be on the reward ladder. While Candies are always nice, Heart Scales often feel like they have more of an impact and are always something worth going after when they're available. Would honestly be a good enough fix by themselves in conjecture with lowering the update minimum.

Besides that adding TRs is another good shout as well. For FB they're just reskinned TMs anyways. Don't really have too much else I can think of on the top of my head. Type Egg/Heart Scale/TM or TR/Candies sounds honestly a perfect enough incentive as it is twice a month. I should say that we should probably add the Heart Scale and TM or TR to the minimum and the Egg and maybe custom items or something cool along the lines to top updaters, and probably expand it from 3 to 5. Give more people a shot at it as well. Rather this not become a competition, that kind of devalues updating.

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Reminder that as noble and as sensible as the idea of "Pokemon should be earned in zones" is, put your mind to how many adventures a player realistically concludes in a calendar year and how many actual zone captures happen in that time frame for anyone. In my case, since my return over 2 years ago, and off the top of my head, I count 4 captures in zones and two of them were single-reply Easter Events.
Eggs might not be ideal, but they are a damn good incentive from my perspective. :P
A case could be made instrad about nerfing the breeding terms and I wouldn't disagree, but that is 't the point of this thread.

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Lil' Bluey

So I'm not sure I have much stake in this discussion since I have no plans to return to Updating anytime soon (if ever), but as far as general interest in prizes go I definitely value Eggs and custom FB items most. At this point I no longer particularly care too much about monetary rewards like Candies (obviously), and my only real goal now is getting the rest of my "dream team". Since I've stalled my own Adventure out of laziness consideration to let newbies take priority, my sole source of new 'mons now are from Eggs, which I'm fine getting every once in a while. I personally enjoy the mystery and suspense that comes with wondering what's going to hatch from one, even if they remain as rare as they are now.

After that, again I prefer custom items over others for sheer collection and novelty purposes. (*cough* Still waiting for TM DARK VOID to become available again so I can teach it to my Sneasel *shot*) In that regard, TMs/TRs would be next on my list I suppose for filling out my 'mons' movepools, followed by Pokédollars, Candies, and Gummis last (simply bc I never bother to use them lol).
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