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World Domination?? Maybe
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Entering to Slaughter Torterra with Everst
Giving him my Nevermelt Ice to hold
Spoiler: show

Everst ( Male )
Level: 40
Obtained: Captured by Naru, then Traded
Pokeball: Great Ball
Nature: Lonely
Ability: Slush Rush
Bond: 6
Contest Stats: 30 in all
Attacks: Bide, Blizzard, Counter, Defense Curl, Fury Cutter, Fury Swipes, Gyro Ball, Hail, Ice Ball, Ice Punch, Ice Shard, Icicle Crash, Icicle Spear, Iron Defense, Iron Head, Metal Burst, Metal Claw, Mist, Mirror Coat, Powder Snow, Rapid Spin, Rollout, Scratch, Slash, Swift, Swords Dance
TM/TR/HM: Hail, Rock Slide, Ice Punch, Frost Breath,Drill Run,
MT: Throat Chop, Steel Roller
EM: Hone Claws,
CM: Razor Snow


FB Profile | Memakyu - Emakiss | Affinity Avenu

Hey! You! Yeah, you! Do you like Pokémon RPGs? Want to go on an epic adventure with Pokémon of your own, catching new Pokémon as you go, trading Pokémon and items with helpful and friendly members of a wonderful community? If you said yes to any of that, or even just thought about saying yes to any of that, then join the Fizzy Bubbles RPG! The longest-running online Pokémon RPG known to man or Mankey!

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Species: Vanillite
Gender: Male
Adoption Center

Type: Ice
Ability: Ice Body
Nature: Curious
Evolution Line: Vanillite -(Level 35)-> Vanillish -(Level 47)-> Vanilluxe

Level: 1
Bond: 0
Contest Stats: Cute: 0, Beautiful: 0, Tough: 0, Smart: 0, Cool: 0

Pokeball: Love Ball
Held Item: none
Boutique Modifications:

Level-Up: Astonish (1), Harden (1), Icicle Spear (1)
Egg Moves:
TM/TR Moves:
Move Tutor:
Other Moves:


let's do this thang
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Lil' Bluey

Signing up with Iris the Lv. 36 Sewaddle for a change of pace.

Iris Lv. 36
Birthdate: March 8
Nature: Modest
Ability: Overcoat
Poké Ball: Poké Ball
Hold Item: Insect Plate
Bond: 30
Beauty Points: 100
Cool Points: 40
Cute Points: 100
Smart Points: 40
Tough Points: 40

Spoiler: show
Level Up Moves:
String Shot
Bug Bite
Razor Leaf
Struggle Bug
Sticky Web
Bug Buzz

Flail - Lv. 43

MT/Advanced Moves:
Giga Drain
Iron Defense
Magic Coat
Seed Bomb
Signal Beam
Sleep Talk

Worry Seed
Frenzy Plant
Grass Pledge

Egg Moves:
Air Slash
Baton Pass
Grassy Terrain
Me First

Mind Reader
Razor Wind
Silver Wind

TMs/TRs/HMs/Custom Moves:
Calm Mind

Hidden Power
Sunny Day

Light Screen
Solar Beam
Double Team


Energy Ball

Dream Eater
Grass Knot

Nature Power
Pollen Puff
Gummi Bomb
Guardian Terrain
Defensive Shield

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Signing up with Hailstone, my Alolan Sandshrew.

Spoiler: show

Species: Alolan Sandshrew
Nickname: Hailstone
Gender: Male
Level: 25
Held Item: Never-melt Ice
Contest Stats: 10/10/10/10/10
Pokéball: Heavy Ball
Bond: 30
Obtained: Starter
Ability: Snowcloak
Nature: Calm
Characteristic: Often lost in thought
Modifications: None
Spoiler: show

Defense Curl
Powder Snow
Ice Ball
Ice Shard
Rapid Spin
Fury Cutter
Metal Claw
Mirror Coat
Fury Swipes
Iron Defense
Ice Punch
Crush Claw (EM)
Hone Claws (EM)
Dig (TM)
Earthquake (TM)
Aqua Tail (MT)
Throat Chop (MT)
Triple Axel (MT)
Steel Beam (AM)
Freezy Frost (AM)
Defensive Shield
Guardian Terrain
Gummi Bomb (Fairy)

Sil's first Pokémon partner, Hailstone is an Alolan Sandshrew that she caught somewhere along Route 216 when a group of them were accidentally introduced there. Having been hardened by living in rough environments rife with powerful and/or aggressive Pokémon such as Absol, Graveler, and Sneasal he is rather serious; this personality developed as he had to take things rather seriously as a precaution. He tends to be rather subdued around strangers. Preferring to be rather curt in talk with other Pokémon as he tends to not be much for conversation, Hailstone may not utter more than a nod and a few squeaks. However, he can be less serious during certain times, especially when exploring new things, and is willing to be open to new members of the team.
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Silver LO
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Bringing my Escavalier, and giving her Leftovers to hold

Species: Escavalier
Name: Joan
Gender: Female
Ability: Overcoat
Level: Fifteen
Nature: Brave
Obtained: trade with jj
Contest Stats: 20/20/20/40/20
Bond: 4
Levelup: Leer, Peck, Fury Cutter, Endure, False Swipe, Double-Edge, Fell Stinger, Flail, Quick Guard, Scary Face, Take Down, Twineedle
EM: Megahorn, Pursuit, Drill Run
MT: Giga Drain
TM/TR/HM/etc: Cut, Return, Poison Jab, Razor Shell

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Median Dia
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I hear that folks have some fear of landslides these days, so here's an insurance policy for y'all!

Name: Bell
Species: Araquanid
Gender: Male
Special: Increased Size; Wears a Riding Harness
Level: 33
Ability: Water Bubble
Nature: Hardy (No Likes or Dislikes)
Obtained: The Alolan Egg Hunt
Held Item: None
Bond: 18
Moves Known:
--By Level:
Water Sport (Lv. -), Bubble (Lv. -), Soak (Lv. -), Wide Guard (lv. -), Infestation (Lv. 5), Spider Web (Lv. 8), Bug Bite (Lv. 13), Bubblebeam (Lv. 16), Headbutt (Lv. 20), Bite (Lv. 21), Crunch (Lv. 26), Leech Life (Lv. 33)
--By 'Birth': Aurora Beam, Sticky Web, Power Split
--By Tutor: String Shot, Electroweb, Gummi Bomb (Psychic), Flip Turn, Guardian Terrain, Bouncy Bubble
--By TM: Scald, Poison Jab, Reflect, Surf

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Slumbering Wilds Gym will be expanding to 12 slots this month.
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a quick fly cuppa
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Slapping into the second slot of the month here with big ice monke.

Spoiler: show
Species: Galarian Darmanitan
Gender: Female
Level: 1
Obtained: Grymwyrd Overlook (Hatchery)
Pokeball: Luxury Ball
Type: Ice (Ice/Fire on ability activation)
Ability: Zen Mode
Nature: Quiet
Contest Stats: 0 all
Hold Item: None
Bond: 10
Evolutionary Track: Darumaka > Darmanitan (Ice Stone)

Bio: ???.

Level: Icicle Crash, Powder Snow, Tackle, Taunt, Bite.
Egg: Incinerate.
Machine: None
Tutor: Gummi Bomb Psychic, Burning Jealousy.
Stale Water.

Unruly Premonition.
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League President
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I am once again bringing...

Species: Dragapult (Shadow)
Name: Stella
Calendar Date: February 7th
Gender: Female
Type: Ghost/Dragon
Level: 80
Ability: Infiltrator
Nature: Adamant

Pokeball: Shadow
Held Item: None
Moves: Astonish, Infestation, Quick Attack, Bite, Breaking Swipe, Dragon Pulse, Lock-On, Assurance, Hex, Agility, Double-Hit, U-Turn, Dragon Dance, Phantom Force, Dragon Rush, Take Down, Throat Chop, Dazzling Gleam, Fly, Defog, Flash, Cut, Smack Down, Seed Bomb, Hyper Voice, Double-Edge, Shadow Sky, Shadow Rush, Shadow End, Shadow Down, Shadow Storm, Shadow Fire, Shadow Chill, Shadow Bolt, Shadow Half, Shadow Hold
Egg Moves: Double-Team
Life, but a series of paths and flows
Down many one can go
May yours run smoothly and be soft to your feet

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