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Trainer Name: Rylie
Starter Pokemon: Naula (Eevee, Female)
Ability: Anticipation
Egg Move: Wish

Having grown up a shy lad Rylie generally spent a lot of time alone, often taking walks through the nearby woods to hone his social skills with the local pokemon. As time went on one particular pokemon become the most dear to him, an Eevee he affectionately calls Naula who would sometimes follow him to school and act as his emotional support animal. Today Rylie is much more comfortable in his own skin and now calls upon Naula as his partner pokemon as he travels around the world seeking pokemon to support as Naula has supported him.

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Life, but a series of paths and flows
Down many one can go
May yours run smoothly and be soft to your feet

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Trainer Name: Bartholomew Bentkover

Starter Pokemon: Coco the Mimikyu (egg move: Destiny Bond)

Background: Bartholomew prefers to go by Bart, and has for some time. His mother is a good friend of Johto's former champion, Lance. As he would see Lance often, he grew up around dragon-types, and he has since become enamoured with them. He dreams of owning his own team of dragon-types, and this is what inspired him to begin his travels at 19.

He has yet to get himself a dragon-type of his own, but he did catch his first Pokemon some months into his journey. Well, catch isn't really correct. He was found by a Mimikyu, who he decided to give some attention and food he had. The Mimikyu fell head over heels in love with him at that moment, and has been with him ever since, being named Coco.

Though he finally had his own Pokemon, his eyes are still set on his own elusive prize. The team he had dreamed of since childhood would soon be his, whatever it took.

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fb registration

Trainer Name: Kieran Ranstar

Starter Pokemon: Dreepy egg move: sucker punch

(note, im not good at writing story's so sorry if its bad)

Background: Born in Hammerlocke to no one of real importance but his parents always enjoyed steel types .was always a fan of Raihan. Wanted to live in Wyndon and that wish came true when he was 11 becuase he was nominated for a little league Pokemon tournament that he won using his older brother Dran's Duralidon. when he was around 13 his parents dropped him off at an abandoned factory with only a poke ball in hopes he would catch a steel type but he saw a trail into a forest that he found more interesting. That was lucky also because he heard a Pokemon cry out in pain! after he heard it he went to investigate and found a dreepy being bullied by skarmory, in a moment of a primal will to help he ran at the skarmory and startled it away and luckily got away with only a small gash on his cheek. after that he and the Dreepy that he named Drace became great Friends. 2 years later and Kieran and drace are planing on starting a journey to get away from the same same of galar.


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Trainer Name: Curtis Renard

Starter Pokemon: Annahime the Vulpix, Female (Egg Move: Energy Ball)

Background: Curtis Renard, 14 years old, comes from a long family of trainers and professors who specialize in canine and vulpine Pokemon (though them having the occasional feline or draconic Pokemon around is not unheard of). After all, it takes coming from a special kind of family to get a road-worthy Pokemaniac fursuit styled after a Ninetails custom made for you as a birthday present- much less to have your parents actively encouraging you to dress up in it if it makes you happy.

Anyhow, as you may have guessed Curtis is something of a... fanatic when it comes to vulpine Pokemon. He loves their fluffiness and the mystery and mysticism that surrounds them. They also can be very silly, affectionate, amazingly clever, and even loyal at times(though just don't expect them to be obedient unless they've been trained very well).

He has two main goals currently: number one is to follow in his family's footsteps and to amass as many different canine and vulpine (or just plain fluffy) Pokemon as possible. (He's not completely averse to having Pokemon on his team that don't fit his family's specialties because, well, after all, you have to make do with what you've got sometimes.) His number two goal is to make a successful career out of Pokemon battling to make his family proud and to support himself (so he doesn't have to drop out of being a Pokemon trainer and get a boring job somewhere).


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Trainer Name: Adam Cartrite
Starter Pokemon: Kent (Minccino) - Ability: Skill Link - EM Aqua Tail

Adam is the son of a respected Archaeologist in the Unova region. Though he would set out to travel for long periods of time, Adam would cherish the moments when his father was home. He loved hearing all about the ancient tombs, crypts, and temples he would visit, and hearing him explain all about whatever artifact or treasure he would bring home. Until one day, he receives a mysterious letter, explaining that his father had gone missing. Knowing that the last place his father was to visit, the region of Fizzy Bubbles, Adam sets out on his own to discover the truth.
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Trainer Name: Ixlude
Starter Pokemon: An Inkay named Mr. Pusit (Egg Move: Acupressure, Ability: Contrary)
Background: Ixlude was once a trainer by the name of Sulcataixlude. After being sucked into a interdimensional portal and being lost in time he finally found his way back to the Pokemon world. However in the process he lost his previous partners. Although his experiences would of driven your average man insane he still finds joys in the beautiful chaos of life and is determined to make a name for himself once more.

Somehow along the way an Inkay named Mr. Pusit joined up with him. Some day that the Inkay is the one who is actually in control but who really knows what is real anymore, right?

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"The winds of fate blow."

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Trainer Name: Elijah Smith
Starter Pokémon: "Epoch" (Porygon, ability: Trace)
Elijah, an 18 year old hailing from Unova, was never really into Pokémon training—or really anything at all. Growing up in a suburban development directly to the northeast of Castelia City, he never had any concern for anything beyond growing up and flying the coop—that is, until he graduated from high school and discovered that he was very much not suited for just about every job and college that he applied for.

After accumulating a mass of rejection letters and "we'll get back to you"s in his inbox, Elijah decided that enough was enough and reluctantly set out to become a Pokémon Trainer after one of his online friends sent him a very...dubiously acquired Porygon that they had nicknamed "Epoch." (Not that he knew what that meant—when Elijah asked, he was met with a "just a little geek humor ;-)" instead of a proper response.)

With a new beginning ahead, Elijah set out to Fizzytopia on a quest to keep his head above the water and discover his place in the world—even if he has to work through his sheltered upbringing and general inexperience.

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-Trainer name: Ice Kori
-Starter Pokemon: Yuki (Alolian Vulpix), female

Ice Kori is an orphaned 13 year old boy from a small town in Alola, he is always willing to help out and excels a lot in the kitchen his favorite type of pokemon is ice.
the father and mother were pokemon rangers, during a mission in which they had also brought Kori they were in a forest to find some caterpies and weedles that had been lost, but while they were looking for them a thick fog descended and the forest was pervaded by a sleeping pill.

the next day Ice woke up at home and thinking it was a dream ran down the stairs calling his mother and father, but none of them answered he also checked their rooms but they weren't there, leaving the house he found an alolian vulpix who had rescued his mother and father a few weeks ago because he was lost and could no longer find his mother so Ice took him with him.

From that day kori began his journey together with Yuki with three main objectives to find out what happened to his mother and father on the fateful day, find out more about pokemon and continue to help pokemon and humans.

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Trainer name: Gladius Curtana
Starter Pokémon: honedge
Background: Manifesting psychic powers at the age of twelve, Gladius decides to try to become a superhero, donning a zebstrika pattern outfit, he calls himself, the Dizzying Duelist!

(I really like cheesy superheroes )

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Trainer Name: Ary Bellamy

Starter Pokemon: Scyther (Male, Level 5, Egg Move: Bug Buzz, Ability: Technician)

Background: Ary has dreamed of a Trainer's life for years, idolizing Red of Kanto, but fate wasn't so kind at first. Whereas most kids got to embark on their adventure at the age of ten, Ary had to remain at home - his parents, farmers by trade, could not spare his help. Furthermore, his younger sister Elly was a sickly child, and Ary often had to look after her while their parents worked the land. It wasn't until he turned 15 that Elly, then 12, became healthy enough to care for herself - and at long last, Ary was allowed to leave home and start writing his own story. His father, aware that no Pokemon Labs existed anywhere near their village, gifted Ary the only thing he could think of - a rogue Scyther that had been ravaging their crops for months, until it had finally been captured only days prior. Unbeknownst to either Ary or his father, however, the mantis would prove even more troublesome in the future...

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Trainer Name: Bobert Oliver Boberson
Starter Pokemon: Nōka the Nincada Lv: 5 (MT: Mimic, Ability: Compound eyes)
Background: Just your usual farm kid looking for adventure, learning about the world, and an escape from his 8 siblings. He found Nōka buried in a field his family just acquired and they have been attached at the hip since.

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Trainer Name: Will

Starter Pokemon: Azalea the Porygon, Analytic, Level 5 ( MT declared Double Edge )

Will aspires to be astrologist, partnering up with Azalea the porygon, as they reach out together to explore the great unknown beyond the stars.

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Trainer Name: Aster Kallis

Starter Pokemon: Starshine the Female Togepi (Level 5, Tutor Move: Mystical Fire, Ability: Serene Grace)

Background: Aster is a 12-year-old boy who comes from a long line of prestigious Pokémon Breeders, and is expected to follow the family tradition. There is only one tiny problem... Aster is deathly terrified of wild Pokémon. When his mother gives him an Egg to care for, how will he handle the responsibility, and will he ever overcome his fears?

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Trainer Name: Pearrdawn, a 23yr old Female Trainer/aspiring Sommelier

Starter Pokemon: Bubba the Bulbasaur ( Male ) Chlorophyll Ability
Grasswhistle EM declared

Background: During a freak accident of my youth, I was a casualty of a pokemon fight and lost my sight, but my partner rescued me, Bubba the Bulbasaur. After he found me, he helped me by giving me water from tea leaves which led to me wanting to pursue being a Sommelier to help pokemon and trainers alike. We decided to move to Fizzytopia to seek out a new home and made plans to build a tea shop in the sprawling cities.

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Trainer Name: Arne Haraldson

Starter Pokemon: Gustav, Male Squirtle, Level 5 (Ability: Torrent; Egg Move: Aqua Jet)

Background: Arne is the seventh and youngest child of a renowned Trainer from the North. All six siblings that came before him have already long departed on their journeys, spreading the Haraldson name far and wide. Arne is determined not to fall behind - quite the opposite! Despite his reserved demeanor, a dangerous hunger brews within, urging him to surpass his entire bloodline! The day he receives Gustav from his Town's Professor marks the beginning of a long and eventful story...

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Trainer Name: Zade Williams
Starter Pokemon: Blue, Male Riolu (Level 5, EM: Detect, Ability: Prankster)
Background: Hailing originally from Sinnoh, Zade always dreamed of one day traveling and meeting every kind of Pokémon there was to see. Being an only child always furthered his desire, as it also brought more friends in the form of the Pokémon he couldn't wait to meet! His hyperactive attitude tends to get him in trouble when he least expects it, but if it weren't for that and the bravery he showed that one faithful day, his new best friend, Blue the Riolu, would have never been saved in time from a small pack of Poochyena. At the age of 14, and with his new inseparable friend Blue, Zade's mother and father moved to Fizzytopia for a fresh start and new experiences, knowing that their son wanted more than Sinnoh could offer him. Blue and Zade share the same bold and energetic nature now on their journey, and it's only a matter of time before they find trouble time and time again!

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Trainer Name: Charlie Michigan
Starter Pokémon: Lily (Lillipup, F, Pickup, Howl)
Background: Charlie Michigan is a investigative journalist who comes from a farm all the way in. . . Well, that part is unclear. Still, at least according to himself, he has arrived around here to follow a story, though any information on what that story is unlikely to be said, and they don't exactly seem to have the slightest idea of basic facts about their surroundings. Why, to an outside observer, it may seem that he was just hopelessly lost! Still, he is trying to at least keep acting the part of a journalist, whether there is any actual credibility to that or not.

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Using Metronome! ... Again.

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Trainer Name: Sieg Weiss

Starter Pokemon: Sengo, Male Zangoose (Level 5, EM: Night Slash, Ability: Immunity)

Background: Sieg is a tall and imposing man in his forties, with a stern expression, tired light gray eyes and platinum blonde hair. In his younger days he was a very promising Trainer, but eventually gave up on his career to start a family. He has come from a distant region in a desperate search for his only son, Lars, who went missing two years prior.

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Trainer Name: Raz

Starter Pokemon: Jaeger the Male Nidoran (Level 5, Tutor Move: Drill Run, Ability: Hustle)

Background: Raz is a kid from Viridian City with a mind of his own. Proud to a fault, but reckless at the same time, his life's dream is to become a Trainer good enough to one day challenge the legendary Red. So when his parents told him he would have to wait another year before getting his first Pokemon from Pallet City Lab, Raz took matters into his own hands and rushed into Viridian Forest to find a partner by himself. After an encounter with a swarm of angry Beedrill, it was the unexpected aid of a wild Nidoran that allowed him to survive, and fast forward six months, the two remain inseparable, on a ship toward a new land to begin their journey...

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