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Does Anyone Know this Fakemon?

Etermalden is an extremely powerful Pokemon of the Dragon/Poison-type. It is a black dragon with flames on its giant wings and a train-sized poison stinger with a ripping saw.

Etermalden is believed to awaken when strict parenting happens, and it likes to burn people's settlements down and eat the fried people--it doesn't discriminate between the sinners or the saints. It relentlessly burns down churches and tears people apart with brute force to eat them still partially alive.

Etermalden's signature move is called Sludge Grudge. In this brutal Poison attack, the user drills its stinger into the target and expulses 1,000,000,000,000 tons of superheated plutonium cyanide. It deals double damage if the target is Mega Evolved or has a Z Move.
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