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Windows 11...time to upgrade?

I hear tell that Windows 11 goes back to the pre-Windows 10 model. No forced updates and control over the OS environment again.

Google just stopped supporting Windows 7 and it's annoying to me. But I'm confused on the hardware requirements for Windows 11, it says that one needs Intel 8th Gen or later...but Windows 7 support only extends to Intel 6th Gen, after that it wouldn't work.

So what gives? Can my 10 year old Latitude upgrade to Windows 11?
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Windows 11 is okay, but one thing that annoys the F out of me is there is no option to give labels to the tabs you have open in your taskbar; they will always just be a bunch of icons. So when I've got a bunch of word documents open, for example, and want to jump between them, they stack on top of each other and I have no idea which Word icon is which.

Apparently you can download a third party mod to fix this, but I'm a weird purist and don't like installing non-official mods onto any program or game. So I'll just suffer until Microsoft receives enough complaints to patch it.

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Windows 8 support ended earlier this month an 10'll be over with in a couple years. If you're sticking with Windows ya may as well go with 11 an learn ta deal with whatevers up with it. I read MS is gonna stop seliing 10 keys soon so if ya wanna go with that instead better d/l the installer and however all that works before long o.o
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