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Isekai Koukousei Sailor Moon Shingakki


November 15, 2022
New Moon

Katsuyuki crumpled on the smooth cement, arching is back forward in a vain effort to limit the intense pain radiating from his abdomen.

Black blood oozed from a small hole below his ribs, the sign of a sharp kitchen knife that had torn through his abdominals, stabbed his aorta and punctured his lung.

Clumps of coagulated clots were coughed out of the wound, unable to stem the torrent of blood loss.

Katsuyuki knew he was a dead man. His shock at the pain, and his fear of death, gradually faded away as his mind inched closer to oblivion. But in this final few seconds, time had slowed down, and his mind was moving faster than it ever did in life.

He stared at his attacker, the man's face illuminated by the lights over the Azuma Bridge.

The soon-to-be murderer had a plain Japanese face, slightly overweight, with oily hair, a large nose, freckles, and heavy glasses.

He wore upon his face a look of pure madness. Behind those eyes was nothing but murderous hatred.

Katsuyuki couldn't fathom what he did to earn such wrath.


He eeked out a basic question.




"You...did that...to Kuma-chan..."

The man bit his lip in utter fury.

Katusyuki was baffled. He had no idea what was making this man so angry.

KUMA? Katsuyuki had no interaction with bears. This man would be insane to ambush and murder him over an animal.

Katsuyuki considered the possibility of a woman named Kuma. That seemed more likely. As a male idol, Katusyuki had attracted a great deal of female attention, and envy from males across Japan.

But in spite of portraying himself as a playboy, he'd never been in a relationship with a woman. Such a thing was beneath one as talented as him.

Katsuyuki again considered his attacker. His nose told him the man reeked of sweat and decomposing skin. Stains of food and fluid could be seen on the man's untucked shirt and pants.

A stalker.

Katsuyuki's thoughts, racing faster than a bullet train, stumbled upon an answer.

"You stabbed the wrong guy..." (Katsuyuki)

He must have.

Katsuyuki's band, Cyber Dauphin, was well known in the tabloids for debauchery and drug use.

Three of his semapis were known to hunger for schoolgirls. They probably feasted on this man's "Kuma-chan", and somehow blame had been shifted to Katsuyuki.

Katsuyuki's sempais would always take credit for their conquests. Katsuyuki could only imagine that this "Kuma-chan" had lied that she had caught Katsuyuki himself, when she gained access to Cyber Dauphin.

Katsuyuki looked up at his killer, and the man had fled.

Red lights had swarmed the area, attracted by the screams of bystanders. It is too little, too late to save this life.

Katsuyuki regretted much in these last moments.

He regrets dying, effectively abandoning his handicapped mother.

He regretted allowing events to unfold like this, turning an unstable man into a murderer.

He regretted...

He wanted ■■■■

And with a final, ragged breath, Katou Katsuyuki's life came to-
今 信じあえる
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