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An actual game I made!
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Weedle Missingno. Master's Miscellaneous Memories

Welcome to Missingno. Master's Miscellaneous Memories. What will follow is a series of stories detailing the everyday life of Keith Masters, his Pokémon, his friends and family, and even his friends' and family's Pokémon.


Many years ago, Keith walked into the Adoption Center to drop off an unruly Tentacool, only then to come across a Pokémon who would someday be a legend.

Meowth's Meeting
Meowth gathers his teammates to fill them all in on a recent event in Keith's life.

The Great Voyage, Part I
The first part of the story of what extremes Keith went to in order to try and save the woman he loves from a horrible fate.

The Great Voyage, Part II
In the second part of this epic tale, the Banette's Revenge comes under attack.

The Great Voyage, Part III
In the conclusion, Keith begins to carry out his plan as Myrtle confronts her past.

Salazar's Halloween
When Salazar, Keith's Venipede, was sucked into the Haunted Mirror on Halloween... What really went on in there?

How exactly is it that a ghost came to possess the piece of lumber Millicent, Keith's Timburr, always carries around? Read on to find out!

The Egg
When Celebi disappears deep in the forest, it is said to leave behind an egg it brought from the future.

Gone Fishing
When Dudley sets his sights on eating Pisces for lunch, how will the Blue-Striped Basculin react to being on the other end of the food chain for once?

When Hedwig's jealousy flares up over the addition of Batrach the Pidove to the team, can Keith get her to accept the Tiny Pigeon Pokémon as a teammate?

A training session to help Strychnine perfect her Sludge Wave attack is suddenly interrupted by a rampaging Tropius.

The Seviper Who Saved Christmas
After Marvolo hunts down, kills, and devours a seemingly wild Stantler, it quickly becomes evident just how big a mistake this was.

When Vernon gets defeated by Fang in a training match, Keith is forced to realize how much he'd been neglecting to train his Tauros.

A chance encounter with a Dragon trainer from Keith's past pits Norbert against a formidable adversary.

Norbert II
While Keith, Meowth, and Gold help train Norbert up for his upcoming rematch, the Axew suddenly shows signs of learning Draco Meteor, yet seems discouraged at his current lack of progress.

Norbert III
The time has finally come for Norbert's rematch against Flygon, but is the little Axew really ready?

Like No One Ever Was
The rampaging Tropius's Trainer returns, this time to ask Keith for pointers on becoming a better Pokémon Trainer.

Ariana Vs. Joy
Not long after acquiring his new Trubbish, Keith decides to see how well she can do in battle.

After a tough training battle, something seems to be happening with Dennis, and Keith is amazed when he finds out exactly what.

Security Gear
Ginny starts training Cadmium to assist her with keeping the Secret Base safe.

Keith catching a Froakie may have marked the end of his time in the Friend Safari, but by no means did it mark the end of the day's excitement.

Following a training battle, Crabbe starts to evolve, but inexplicably and involuntarily stops, prompting a visit to the Pokémon Center.

Taking A Bite Out Of Crime
After a long night of fighting crime as Captain Stomach, Crabbe arrives back at Keith's Secret Base, only to find that his occasional nightly absences have raised suspicions in one of his teammates.

Ginny & Stewie
Late one night, Keith's Banette, Haxorus, Klink, and Slugma meet in the dining room of his Secret Base to discuss a decidedly disturbing development.

The Surprise Party
After all sorts of preparations, the time finally comes for Keith's Pokémon to throw their Trainer a surprise party as his 24th birthday rolls around.

Meowth's Midnight Snack
While using his Dream Eater to help Hermione with her research on how the subject matter of dreams affect their flavor, Meowth happens upon a dream he will regret sampling for the rest of his nine lives.

Quit While You're A Head
After a training battle between Gemini and Norbert, the Weezing's second head decides he can keep quiet about his problems no longer.

Vernon II
After months of training and preparation, the time has finally arrived for Vernon and Fang to have their rematch.

Following a somewhat disastrous training battle, Keith decides it's about time he found out how well his Dunsparce could do in battle.

After being humiliated in battle, Six decides to run away.

After Keith wrongly blames him for something Stewie did, Meowth runs away.

When Keith introduces his new Budew to the rest of the team, her murderous spirit quickly endears her to her more predatory teammates.

En route back to his Secret Base after collecting an Egg, Keith encounters and battles a fellow Trainer, but the encounter takes a surprising and dark turn fairly quickly...

After two years on Keith's team and much encouragement from Bellatrix, Aragog finally decides to try and have some fun for once.

The Seviper Who Saved Christmas II
One year later, Marvolo's help is needed yet again up at the North Pole.

Gone Fishing II
When Keith and his Pokémon take advantage of a beautiful day to relax at the beach, Pisces's attempt to score a snack turns disastrous very quickly.

A Pain In The Grass
Upon arriving in a small town built around a desert oasis, Keith quickly becomes involved in a Grass-type tournament, and is shocked to discover just who his final opponent is.

Neville's Last Stand
An attempt to secretly intercept the infamous Stunfisk Neville mid-trade goes just as planned... until he escapes his captors, that is, which spurs Keith to take action to end things once and for all.

After some harsh words from Pisces, Aquarius begins to doubt whether she has any place on the team.

Evolutionary Woes
After a training battle, Hermione starts to evolve, much to her horror, spurring a frantic search for a way to prevent her evolution.

The Ultramoonguss
Following an interesting conversation revealing possible origins of Six's unusual markings, Keith decides further research is in order.

Melittin Vs. The Mega
Keith finds himself facing Ralph McPhione in battle yet again, though this time is sure to be anything but an ordinary experience.

Mega Madness
As their Trainer researches the secrets of Mega Evolution, the subject causes tension between Dennis and Melittin.

The First Battle
Ten years after starting his Pokémon training career, Keith thinks back to his very first Pokémon battle.

With Bart now officially a part of the team, the Scraggy starts getting to know his new teammates, and they start to get to know him.

After a decidedly unusual and eventful morning, Keith and Meowth argue about a subject the former never stopped thinking about, but hadn't been brought up much as of late.

Wind Or Lose
Upon arriving in a small town in a mountainous area of Fizzytopia, Keith enters Batrach in the local Pokéringer competition. But can they overcome the returning champion?

Out With The Old, In With The Neville
Keith brings home a new Poison-type discovered in the Kalos region, but his choice of nickname for the Skrelp is met with some decidedly unfavorable reactions.

A Skrelp's Story
As they wait for their lunch to be ready, Neville tells Hebenon the story of where he came from, and how he came to be in the Fizzytopia region.

As Keith returns to his Secret Base with his new Ditto, the rest of the team starts to learn about the Transform Pokémon's idea of fun.

It seems a Trainer can only mess with Team Rocket so many times before they start seeing that Trainer as a threat, and it's up to Rowena, who constantly shies away from conflict, to step up and save her friends.

Project Stone Edge
Team Rocket's latest plan comes to Keith's attention, and unfortunately for him, it leads to them discovering that he's still alive and trying to steal his Moon Stone.

After catching a Heatmor, Keith returns to his Secret Base, where Kyle faces his next challenge- earning the respect of his teammates.

Lake It Or Not
Keith arrives in Cobalt Town, where the local Trainers battle their Water Pokémon out on a lake, but soon finds himself up against much more fearsome foe.

Evolutionary Woes II
Keith strives to make sure all of his Pokémon are happy, but sometimes this isn't quite so easy.

Keith & Stewie
A Pokémon Center robbery at the hands of Team Rocket leaves Keith with only one Pokémon to help thwart the robbers- Stewie, his perpetually disobedient Shadow Ledian.

You Don't Know Jack
Jack the Ditto narrates his past, revealing some interesting facts about the history of his species... and the history he has with another Pokémon.

One Basculin, Two Basculin, Red Basculin, Blue Basculin
Keith arrives at the aptly named Lake Basculin, where Pisces becomes involved in the ongoing feud between the two Basculin varieties.

The Seviper Who Saved Christmas III
Christmas needs saving once again, but this time, both Keith and Marvolo are summoned to the North Pole.

Helena's Decision
After a failed effort at catching a Goomy reminds Keith of his lack of PC space, Helena begins to wonder whether keeping Joy on the team is an act of selfishness on her part.

Melittin Vs. The Mega II
With Melittin finally ready to deal with Mega Sceptile, Keith seeks a long-overdue rematch with Ralph McPhione.

Not long after meeting his teammates, Lenny goes out hunting with Marvolo and some of the team's other predators.

Evolutionary Woes III
While Vinny debates the pros and cons of evolution, a situation arises that helps to sway his opinion.

Bird's-Eye Unova
Some time after being released, Batrach's travels take her to the Unova region, where she meets an intriguing green-haired man with a low opinion of Pokémon Trainers.

N-ter The Dragon-Type
Keith finds an ordinary morning abruptly interrupted by the appearance of an odd Trainer riding on the legendary Reshiram.

The Missingno. Link
Ralph McPhione's lack of belief in the existence of the Missingno. species does not endear him to Myrtle, to put it mildly.

Helena's Revenge
A run-in with one of Team Rocket's Executives gives Helena a chance to confront her past.

One Man's Trash
Following a loss to Oliver's Lairon, Keith decides to enter Ariana in a battle tournament in Static Town. But before he gets a chance to bring her into battle, there's trouble.

Masters & McPhione
Another routine attempt to sabotage Team Rocket becomes anything but, as Keith is forced to team up with Ralph McPhione to escape Team Rocket's newest hideout.

In The Beautifly Of The Beholder
A Shiny Pokémon-only battle tournament gives Keith the perfect opportunity to get in some battling experience with Fatale, but the savage Beautifly doesn't seem too keen on taking orders from someone all the time...

The Full Battle
When Ralph McPhione pays his first ever friendly visit to Keith's Secret Base, the two longtime rivals soon agree to have their first full six-on-six Pokémon battle.

Willow's Worries
When Millicent's self-confidence reaches an all-time low, Keith decides to enter her in the upcoming P1 Grand Prix to help her.

From A To Z
An encounter with some Team Rocket grunts leads to Keith teaming up with an old acquaintance to stop them, and in the process, getting to witness an awesome new power.

Anarchy, Attacks, and Albus
In a perfect world, Albus's first foray into serious Pokémon battling territory wouldn't be due to constantly attacking Team Rocket grunts in the wake of the departure of the Fizzytopia Elite Four. Alas, the young Weedle does not live in a perfect world.

The formidable and amazing Captain Stomach is usually in favor of taking action against rulebreakers. But when the punishment is heinously disproportionate to the crime, he takes matters into his own stubby hands.

From A to Z II
After finally acquiring a Z-Ring and a Z-Crystal, Keith seeks help from a friend who knows a little something about Z-Moves.

Technical Difficulties
Technical Machine compatibility restrictions- Keith hates them. So when he gets confirmation that such restrictions are no more, one can only imagine how happy this makes him.

Shockwave Showdown
Another training battle with Colin quickly starts to go downhill as the distraught Yanma starts to run away. And as if that wasn't bad enough, this one throws Team Rocket into the mix.

The Shiny Hunter
Gavin seeks to catch his very first Shiny- a blue Slowbro- but very quickly finds it to already have an owner.

Boss Rocket
With all four of Team Rocket's Executives taken care of, Keith gets an unexpected and unwelcome visit from Boss Rocket himself, Giovanni, and a high-stakes Pokémon fight ensues.

Angry, Angry Artemis
The Pokémon and Trainer have to choose each other. Otherwise, neither of them will be happy.

The Mystery Of Miss Terri
Get it? "Mystery"? "Miss Terri"? Heh... Heh... Oh, forget it, just read it. Luna forewarns Keith that her time on his team grows short.

Christmas At Sludge Wave Coast
For Christmas 2018, Keith invited Gavin and Terri to spend the holiday at his place. But his generosity did not stop there.

Paras Problems
Amanitin- a murderous psychotic Paras kept in check only by Amanita, the much kinder personality of her tochukasu mushrooms. Or at least, that's how it seems on the surface- some odd behavior from Amanitin calls her supposed psychotic murderous persona into question.

Grime Time
The latest Pokémon to join Terri's team didn't last very long- but only because her intention in catching it was to give it to someone with whom it'd be happiest.

The Bug You Knew Will Be No More
Keith manages to fall into a trap set by members of Team Turnback, an organization determined to bring back the old, and widely-despised, Elite Four members. And eliminate anything what that stands in their way. Like, y'know, Keith. He does that.

The Turnback Turncoat
On a dark and stormy night, a surprising visitor turns up on Keith's doorstep.

Where There's A Willa, There's A Way
Ginny's suspicions of her Trainer's new houseguest are in no way soothed by the arrival of her former colleagues.

Opening Up
After two weeks of living in Keith Masters's guest bedroom, Willa starts to worry about overstaying her welcome.

Meowth's Meeting II
Meowth gathers his teammates to fill them all in on a recent event in Keith's life. Again.

You Don't Know Jack II
The transcript of the dialogue from the 132nd episode of the famed Pokémon talk show, Blast Off, in which the hosts interview Jack.

The Full Battle II
Keith finds himself subjected to a surprise visit from his girlfriend's mother- Diantha, the former Kalos League Champion. And she wants to see her daughter's boyfriend's battling skills for herself.

The Cryptopokologist
An aspiring cryptopokologist arrives at Sludge Wave Coast to ask Keith some questions about his experiences with Missingno., an encounter that changes more about life at Sludge Wave Coast than any of them could have guessed.

Just before leaving home to travel as a Pokémon Trainer, Willa Carnet was given a parting gift by her mother. A gift... and a test.

After another training session with Ginny, Jangmo-o's capability to protect his Trainer from harm is put to the test in a very real situation.

The Mime Who Would Be Loud
A frustrated Mime Jr., sick of being forced into silence by his sound-hating parents, meets a Toxel who changes his life forever.

Kiloude And Clear
A chance encounter with a former classmate rattles Willa's self-esteem and leaves Doduo wanting payback.

Day Of The Doduo
After intense training and even learning a new move, Willa and Doduo are ready for a rematch with Roger and his Serperior.

Keith & Willa
Upon returning home after triumphing over Primal Dialga, Keith and Willa have some good news to share with their friends.

Can't Turnback Now
An old acquaintance of Jack's shows up at Sludge Wave Coast to fill in Keith and Willa on some crucial details about Team Turnback, but before he can get to the good stuff, a squad of Turnback Grunts arrive to abduct the informant.

Can't Turnback Now II
With the ultimate raid upon Team Turnback's headquarters thrust upon them, Keith and Willa, accompanied by Mr. Fuji, confront the boss of Team Turnback, a man with whom Jack and Mr. Fuji both have unpleasant history.

Can't Turnback Now III
Following the demise of the Team Turnback leader, Mewtwo's berserk rage continues on, and Keith comes up with a crazy and seriously risky last resort idea that might just be their only hope.

The Family
The day of Keith and Willa's wedding was nothing short of beautiful, but the day after was nothing short of bizarre.

All's Fair In Love And Sludge
Under the full moon, in the midst of a garbage dump, something wonderful begins to bloom between a certain pair of Muk.

The Seviper Who Saved Christmas IV
Marvolo is once again called upon to save Christmas, but this time, even with the entire Masters family in tow, Marvolo is gonna need some help on this one.

Training difficulties have got Maribel's Hippopotas feeling down, but everything changes when a battle with Terri's Golurk results in Bear's seal getting knocked away.

The Reporters
When Diana Macks and Marv Liss lose their jobs, they head right over to confront the only people in whom they've confided the very secret that killed their careers. But is all really as it seems?

Meowth In Love
Not knowing how Willa's new Espurr feels about him is one thing, but considering how his last relationship went, Meowth decides to try and make sure his feelings are the real deal before even deciding to pursue this one.

While thinking about recent developments while the Masters family is out on a hike, Meowth finds himself in sudden danger, only for Espurr to unexpectedly come to his rescue.

Shadow Force
During a seemingly routine morning of Pokémon training, Keith attempts to help Chromium practice with her new move, and discovers exactly what makes Shadow Force so special.

Mega Madness II
After Willa goes for a walk during which her Mawile finds a Mawilite, she finds she's just in time for her and Mawile to get to try out their newfound power.

After The Funeral
Following the funeral of Alex Blackhall, the residents of Sludge Wave Coast return home, some of them with new friends in tow to be introduced to their new teammates.

Pirates Of The Fizzibbean: The Tale Of Captain Meowth
The vicious crew of Galarian Meowth that comprise the pirate crew of the feared pirate ship the Iron Charm have terrorized the Sea of Fizzytopia for many years... and Meowth was their captain.

Pirates Of The Fizzibbean: All Hands On Deck
The people of Sludge Wave Coast have decided it's time to do something about the Pokémon pirates that crew the Iron Charm, and to help with that, Keith's longtime rival Ralph McPhione enlists the help of his seafaring cousin.

Pirates Of The Fizzibbean: The Battle For Sludge Wave Coast
About a week after Tom McPhione's arrival, the Iron Charm shows up in an attempt to sack Sludge Wave Coast, prompting the residents to try and defend their home.

Even though one horrible Ninetales is responsible for Visha's truly awful situation, two of the good Ninetales seek to help mitigate the worst of it.

After hastily cutting short a training session, Willa reveals to Keith her misgivings about his newest Pokémon.

Rotom's Christmas
After Rotom insults a newly evolved Sunfire with a Pokédex entry on Christmas Eve, Maribel and her parents recount the story of the day she got her Rotom Phone.

Lucky Guys
After Sweet enlists the help of Bright and numerous other Volbeat to make a beautiful display of light in the night sky for Chromium to paint, Bright and Cotton get to talking about their respective girlfriends.

Her Name Was Myrtle
A peek back at New Year's Eve 2015, when a pair of Keith's Pokémon closed out the year by realizing they were old friends.

Sheer Willa Power
Diantha, ever encouraging of her daughter's aspirations to become Fizzytopia's first-ever Pokémon League Champion, shows her support by challenging her daughter and son-in-law to a double battle, to test how well they work together.

Fine Tuning
After her husband impresses upon her the importance of not overdoing it with Pokémon training, Willa decides on just one more training battle for the day, but the battle ends up pitting her Kricketot against a surprisingly skilled adversary.

The ZZAZZ Survivor
Following his investigation into reports of a potential 'M sighting in Viridian Forest, Eddie returns to Sludge Wave Coast, accompanied by an unexpected guest.

A day of training gets sidetracked when Mienfoo refuses to work with Impidimp.

Preparing For Trouble And Making It Triple
When Terri makes clear her intentions to prepare as best she can to try and get a dreadful curse lifted from her, three of her Pokémon respond in an especially big way.

Rock Beats Scizor
ZZLZZ offers Chopper a Metal Coat, but as she and Crusher both have reservations about her becoming a Scizor, the Starmies seek to find another way.

A Poisonous Breakthrough
As Maribel shows off her new Dewpider to her mother, Keith calls them both up to the Battle Room to reveal he and his Weezing have discovered a brand-new move.

The Mother
In a day full of goodbyes, Sludge Wave Coast and its residents say hello to none other than Tom's mother, Lily McPhione, an older woman with more determination and drive than most people half her age, and more than a little skill in Pokémon battles, as Maribel finds out the hard way.

Unbreakable Spirit
After losing a training battle against Tom's Dragonite, it's agreed that Maribel's Morgrem should learn a Fairy-type move. However, attempts to teach him Spirit Break don't go as well as they were hoping.

This Is Not A Drill
At the request of Roger DeLampent III, Keith and Gavin try their hand at helping to complete the tunnel cutting through Mt. Scuffle, but they find the task to be especially daunting.

The Battle Girl
After delivering medical supplies to the Seven Island Pokémon Center, Tom ends up confronting a trio of thieves trying to steal the Banette's Revenge, but ends up with a little help in driving them off.

A Lot To Tink About
Keith begins to observe more of the influence Rose is starting to have on Sludge Wave Coast, observing a training battle between her and Pisces and Terri's Tinkatink, with interesting results.

A Lot To Tink About II
While Terri is helping Keith train for his upcoming full battle against Ralph McPhione, Maribel notices that her dad seems a bit stressed out about it all.

The Full Battle III
The day has finally arrived- the long-awaited rematch, a full six-on-six Pokémon fight between Keith Masters and his longtime rival Ralph McPhione. With both Lavaridge-native Trainers giving it everything they've got, who will emerge victorious?

After vanquishing her curse once and for all and proposing to her girlfriend, Terri now faces a subsequent challenge; filling in her Pokémon on what happened, including the Runerigus who used to rely on the curse for sustenance.

ZZLZZ And Rose
After seeing how fearful Rose is of the friendliest of Ghost-types, ZZLZZ dreads seeing how she'll react to the perpetually glitchy ZZAZZ survivor.

In the process of Rose and Eddie helping each other out with their training, Remy begins to evolve, but stops himself, prompting considerable concern and confusion from his Trainer. Rose, however, believes she knows what the problem might be.

A Positive Spin
After losing horribly to Lily's Dragalge in a Colosseum challenge, Incognito is feeling rather down, so Rose offers to help Eddie with some training.

Glitch Explorers: Into The Glitch
Eddie brings Rose home to meet his parents, and she ends up volunteering to join the Starmies on an expedition to Glitch City.

Glitch Explorers: Welcome To Glitch City
The Starmies, plus Rose, arrive in Glitch City, and the expedition begins, with many strange and unusual Pokémon to be seen.

Glitch Explorers: Mission 'M-possible
The search for ZZLZZ ends well, but the expedition team isn't out of trouble just yet.

More Than You Can Chew
Tom challenges Keith to a battle with his newest Pokémon, but with Keith using one of his most reliable partners, which way will the battle unfold?

Rainy Day Training
Diantha once again visits the Masters household, and ends up helping her daughter with some Pokémon training, prompting Willa to ask her Goodra-owning mother for help training her Hisuian Sliggoo.

From Patient To Patient
When Smiley becomes inexplicably listless and unmotivated, and a trip to the Pokémon Center proves fruitless, Keith decides to turn to Grandma Masters, AKA the Crazy Wobbuffet Lady of Lavaridge Town, for advice.

Father's Day
A glimpse into how each resident of Sludge Wave Coast spends their Father's Day.

The Rebirth
With Helena having caught herself an Audino, Keith and Terri decide it's time to reveal to her an idea they've had to help her restart her career as a Trainer.

Dilemma Of A Kakuna
During a picnic in Shadow Clearing Park, Albus and Maribel's Salamence get to talking, and the subject of evolution inevitably comes up, leaving Albus with a lot to think about after hearing Salamence's perspective on the matter.

We're Missing No Opportunities
Eddie discovers that Missingno. that have been caught are still able to clone items, albeit with great difficulty. After his one and only attempt at this for the sake of science, he decides to share the resultant bounty with the whole town, with interesting results.

After enjoying a delicious dinner together, Eddie and Rose end up on the subject of the latter's fear of Ghost-types, as well as Helena's heroic actions earlier that day, all of which gives Rose a lot to think about.

Let It Snow
A friendly training battle to help Maribel's Amaura get the hang of a new move takes an alarming turn when Rose's Tyrogue evolves and takes grievous offense to Maribel's Rotom Phone's snide commentary.

Keith and Willa each have their fair share of recurring nightmares, but one night, these nightmares have the married couple waking up at 2 in the morning simultaneously, prompting them to talk about it.

Maribel And The Mega Stone
After winning an Altarianite that she has no intention to keep, and then finding out her already extremely skilled rival has just caught a large and powerful Altaria, Maribel finds herself very conflicted.

Sizzle & Crackle
A training battle leads to Crackle and Chewtle evolving simultaneously, as well as a conversation with Sizzle that takes a few surprising turns.

Engine, Blob, & Beast
With Keith up in space attempting to befriend the legendary Eternatus, some of his Pokémon back home begin to wonder how things are going up there, leading to a nighttime conversation between Backfire, Crossbones, and Hexane on the roof of the Poisonous Palace.

Mmm... Donuts
A glimpse into the mind of Homer the Alakazam as he goes through another morning at the Starmie Cryptopokology Research Laboratory.

Maximum Eon
After a battle in Sludge Wave Colosseum ends in defeat for Eon, Keith and Willa are approached by an old friend with some helpful advice.

Wottever It Takes
Having had a less than pleasant experience with a previous Trainer, Maelstrom the Oshawott attempts to acclimate to life on Lily's team.

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It was a lonely September evening, way back in 2005. Back when Gemini was but an unnamed Koffing, back when the Fizzytopia Adoption Center required no Rare Candy fees, provided Poké Balls, and didn't de-level and devolve anything placed into their care. Over a full year into his journey, and Keith had very few Pokémon to show for it. As the sun set over the Adoption Center, the bell over the door tinkled as the young trainer stepped in with one of these Pokémon, a writhing Tentacool, bound firmly within his arms.

"Welcome to the Fizzytopia Adoption Center," grunted the man behind the counter. In reply, Keith withdrew the Tentacool to its Poké Ball, and placed aforementioned sphere on the counter.

"I'd like to give my Tentacool up for adoption," Keith stated. Though the look on his face showed that he was rather happy to be rid of the unpredictable, borderline insane creature, a small part of him knew he was going to miss it, if only a little.

"Gender?" inquired the man in a bored voice which clearly said that he had made these inquiries many times before.




"Any special moves?"


"Alrighty, then," grunted the man as he picked up Tentacool's Poké Ball and took it into a back room. After a few minutes, he re-emerged. "Tentacool is now up for adoption," he stated. "Anything else?"

"No, that'll do for today," said Keith.

"Have a good one, then."

Keith turned around, and was almost at the door, when something caught his eye; many of the Pokémon in the adoption center were kept in cages in the front room, sort of like advertising. Obviously, the more aquatic Pokémon were kept in aquariums. From within one such aquarium, a small, spherical creature gazed out at the young trainer. Its top half was blue, and its bottom half the palest shade of green, and both halves were covered in sharp spikes. From its backside it sported a small, flat tail. Having never seen a Pokémon like this back in Hoenn, Keith was quite as intrigued by it as it seemed by him. He took out his Pokédex and pointed it at the tank.

"Qwilfish, the Balloon Pokémon," droned the device. "Qwilfish drinks gallons of water to inflate itself and fire off its poisonous spikes. It is both a Water-type and a Poison-type."

"A Poison-type..." Keith murmured, now fixated upon the Qwilfish. The look on the little guy's face seemed somewhat hopeful, as if wanting to be chosen by the 15-year-old trainer now looking back at it. After a moment's thought, Keith made his decision. He stood back up and called to the man behind the counter. "Excuse me, I'd like to adopt this Qwilfish."

"You're kidding, right?" the man replied, obviously not having expected this decision. "You come in here to ditch your Tentacool and now you want a Qwilfish? You do realize you're essentially trading down, right?"

"I think that's for me to decide," stated Keith. "The Qwilfish, if you please."

The man shrugged. "Your funeral," he stated as he produced a Poké Ball from a drawer and handed it to Keith. Upon accepting it, Keith turned back to the Qwilfish.

"Good news, Qwilfish, you're coming with me," smiled Keith.

"Fish! Qwilfish!" exclaimed the Qwilfish gleefully as it swam a quick lap, then leapt out of the water, landing on the counter, its small mouth now showing a definite smile. Returning this smile, Keith held out the Poké Ball and withdrew his new Qwilfish.

Later that night, Keith sat at the foot of a bed in one of Fizzytopia's cheaper hotel rooms, his Pokémon all out of their Poké Balls and wandering the room. Koffing was lazily floating around, emitting the occasional puff of smoke. Oddish had just polished off a fourth platter of cheeseburgers brought up by room service and was now trying to start on the plate itself. Venonat was jumping all over the room with dizzying rapidity. And Qwilfish was morosely swimming laps in the bathtub, vividly recalling the events of the evening. Happy though he was at finally getting a trainer who accepted him, what all those others had said at the restaurant...

Keith, too, was reflecting on the incident. Right after adopting Qwilfish, he had made his way to a local eatery tailor-made for trainers and their Pokémon. Proud as he was of his most recent acquisition, Keith wasted no time in showing off his brand new Qwilfish. The other trainers, however, were less than congratulatory. They all stated in no uncertain terms that they thought Keith idiotic for getting rid of his Tentacool and then picking up a Qwilfish. "Tentacruel is better," they all said. "What will a Qwilfish ever amount to compared to a Tentacruel?"

These words echoed in Keith's mind again, and again, and again... Finally, when he could stand it no longer, he sprang to his feet and walked into the bathroom, where Qwilfish was clearly thinking the same thoughts, his eyes trying and failing to hold back tears.

"Qwilfish," Keith said, his voice full of determination, "I promise you, here and now, that I will personally help you become the most powerful Qwilfish in the world- no, the most powerful Pokémon in the world! We'll show them. We'll show them all how wrong they are about you. Would you like that?"

Qwilfish turned to face Keith, his eyes still watery (and not just because he was in water at the time). Then, his face took on a similar look of determination to what his trainer had right now. "Qwil!" he exclaimed.

"That's what I wanted to hear," Keith smiled. "We'll show them, Qwilfish..." And with that, he carefully hugged his Water/Poison-type, taking great care to position his arms away from any spikes.

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Spoiler: show
Welcome to Missingno. Master's Mysterious Missing Media, Part 1. A series of unlisted posts that serve as treasure troves of lore about my various characters that might not be so easily findable elsewhere. But before you can access the vault, you must first prove your worth by answering these questions three.

Question 1: Which of MM's Trainer characters is the oldest?

A: Lily McPhione
Spoiler: show

Question 2: Which of the following Pokémon that MM has owned in the past did he not name Jack?

A: a Normal Form Darumaka
Spoiler: show

Question 3: What is under Tom McPhione's eyepatch?

A: a perfectly functional right eye
Spoiler: show
Wow. Astonishing. You didn't get a single question right! Try again!

B: his Key Stone
Spoiler: show
Ehh, you picked it up near the end, but overall you still only got one right. Try again!

C: a laser
Spoiler: show
Wow. Astonishing. You didn't get a single question right! Try again!

B: a Snover
Spoiler: show

Question 3: What is under Tom McPhione's eyepatch?

A: a perfectly functional right eye
Spoiler: show
Wow. Astonishing. You didn't get a single question right! Try again!

B: his Key Stone
Spoiler: show
Ehh, you picked it up near the end, but overall you still only got one right. Try again!

C: a laser
Spoiler: show
Wow. Astonishing. You didn't get a single question right! Try again!

C: a Slakoth
Spoiler: show

Question 3: What is under Tom McPhione's eyepatch?

A: a perfectly functional right eye
Spoiler: show
Nope! You got one right, but that don't cut the mustard. Try again!

B: his Key Stone
Spoiler: show
So close, and yet so not close. You got two out of three correct, but almost chicken don't make soup. Try again!

C: a laser
Spoiler: show
Nope! You got one right, but that don't cut the mustard. Try again!

B: Terri Alph
Spoiler: show

Question 2: Which of the following Pokémon that MM has owned in the past did he not name Jack?

A: a Normal Form Darumaka
Spoiler: show

Question 3: What is under Tom McPhione's eyepatch?

A: a perfectly functional right eye
Spoiler: show
Aaagh, after such a good start, you fell off so hard! Try again!

B: his Key Stone
Spoiler: show
Two out of three ain't bad, but almost chicken don't make soup. Try again!

C: a laser
Spoiler: show
Aaagh, after such a good start, you fell off so hard! Try again!

B: a Snover
Spoiler: show

Question 3: What is under Tom McPhione's eyepatch?

A: a perfectly functional right eye
Spoiler: show
Aaagh, after such a good start, you fell off so hard! Try again!

B: his Key Stone
Spoiler: show
Two out of three ain't bad, but almost chicken don't make soup. Try again!

C: a laser
Spoiler: show
Aaagh, after such a good start, you fell off so hard! Try again!

C: a Slakoth
Spoiler: show

Question 3: What is under Tom McPhione's eyepatch?

A: a perfectly functional right eye
Spoiler: show
Aaagh, you were so close! Try again!

B: his Key Stone
Spoiler: show
Access granted. Welcome to the vault.

Spoiler: show
Missingno. Master's Mysterious Missing Media, Part 1
  • Keith Masters is a self-insert character in many regards. He shares my love for Poison-type Pokémon, my particular favoritism towards Weezing, several of my other non-Poison Pokémon preferences (Dudunsparce, Heatmor, Stunfisk, and Cryogonal are good examples of what I mean), my favorite colors (red and purple), and my taste in headgear. That being said, there are things about him that do not apply to me. I, for instance, am not immune to poisoning, nor am I as fit or clean-shaven as he is. I am also neither a husband nor a father, or not yet at least. Keith's grandmother, Eltrym Masters, is in fact the NPC in Lavaridge Town who gives you the Wynaut Egg, and his great-aunt, Fateen Masters, is the fortune teller in Pyrite Town in Colosseum and XD.
  • Gavin Golurkson was born from the idea of seeing how well a Shiny hunter could translate to an RP setting. His being from Orre stems from a bit of an Orre kick I was on at the time, and his hometown being the rough-and-tough Pyrite Town contributed to his foul language. On the rare occasion I show his family, it becomes clear that this isn't just Gavin talking like that. Even his mother will casually say how if anyone claims to cook better than her, she'll fuck their shit up. Also, to further connect him to the region, I've established that Gavin's father is Zook, the thug from XD from whom you snag the Shadow Zangoose, and his brother is Hordel, an ex-Cipher member who got out when he realized how wrong it all was- he's the one in XD who gives you the Shadow Togepi.
  • Terri Alph was an Unown, one of the direct offspring of the first thousand Unown to exist, an exclusive group known as the thousand arms of Arceus, for those first thousand Unown helped Arceus to shape all of creation. This makes Terri technically Unown royalty, but she neither wants nor needs any sort of special treatment on this basis. It's not even something she usually brings up- if she's pulling this out on you, you have royally fucked up and pissed her off badly. She's only ever brought it up once, and that was when addressing the reincarnation of her beloved Laugh's former bully, just before erasing said bully from existence. Yeah. Uh. Don't fuck with Terri. Best friend you could ask for, but if you make her snap, it ain't pretty.
  • The earliest draft of Willa's introduction was originally going to have her be directly in Team Rocket. She was going to own a Magnezone with which she was going to incapacitate Ginny, much like her Eelektross did in her actual debut. And she was going to start out a lot less uncertain about the morality of what she was doing. I eventually realized I was at a loss as to how I was going to go from that to her going out with Keith (for you see, the basis on which she was thought up was as a love interest for Keith), and so I rewrote her into having been lied to about the true intentions of Team Turnback (an organization that was a thinly veiled metaphor for the general disdain towards the former mods). The only way she differed from the appearance of your typical Kalos Ace Trainer was having dark green hair, which was a reference to female Rainbow Rocket grunts, a bit of a nod to the original idea for her.
  • Eddie's overall color scheme being purple and orange directly references Missingno.'s color scheme. His full name, Edward Tentacruel Starmie, references SpongeBob character Squidward Tentacles. His last name being Starmie was intended to culminate in his father being named Patrick- you know, Patrick Starmie, Patrick Star- but entirely too late I remembered I had arbitrarily named Keith's father Patrick, and decided that this would be a bit much. So I instead referenced two other characters by naming his parents Robert and Sandy.
  • Maribel is a concept I had in mind since the Primal Dialga raid event, as it presented itself as such a convenient way to get Keith and Willa's daughter in the picture without necessitating a decade timeskip for absolutely everyone- I wouldn't have been willing to do that. She can be a tricky character to work with- it's an attempt to balance her obvious talent as a Trainer inherited from both sides of the family with the fact that she's just a kid basically starting out and is like absolutely not perfect. She has in fact inherited traits from her father being 25% Gastly. Very subtly, but they're still intended to be there 100%. One such trait is her absolute fearlessness. She don't scare easy, or even at all, really. This in fact contributes to her Pokémon of choice being big, fierce, intimidating beasts that most children her age would be terrified to approach in the wild. She also can inherently understand Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar language, but has not yet realized this because her father's Gengar usually speaks human language anyway. And she hasn't yet tried to learn any Pokémon languages, but if she does, she will pick up on it as fast as Keith picked up on Shuppet language, which he speaks fluently.
  • Diana Macks's name is a blatant pun on Dynamax. Her red hair is also meant to reference the swirling red clouds above a Dynamaxed Pokémon. This is all because she was originally a recurring NPC I used to pad out the word count when RPing replies to raid battles. I realized that live news coverage of the event could help with that, and so Diana and Marv were born. It wasn't until the Primal Dialga raid that I got the idea to start fleshing them out into proper Trainer characters. I do like using them, but if I'm being totally honest, if I had to cut any two Trainer characters entirely, it'd be these two. Thankfully, however, I don't have to, so I won't. I still like them. My original idea for Diana's late father's name was to make it a pun on Gigantamax, but nothing came to mind, and so he is Dan A. Macks. Which reminded me that Dana Macks would also have worked as Diana's name, but eh, I'm cool with how things turned out.
  • Marv Liss's name is a pun on "marvelous", and it also serves to confirm his connection to Cara Liss, who is his cousin. Marv doesn't tend to show a lot of his personality, though that's less due to him not having one, and more due to him being quiet and reserved. He actually has something of a fascination with the Sinnoh region's mythology. Not to, like, Volo levels, but it's definitely something you could bring up to get him engaged in the conversation. His first name was plucked at complete random, when I was having Diana tell her cameraman to focus his camera on one specific thing at one point. Never did I realize in that moment that I was picking the name for a future Trainer character of mine. Just goes to show, you never really know, y'know?
  • The McPhiones are a very old seafaring family in the Pokémon world. By and large they've lived and died in Pacifidlog Town, though as Tom's cousin Ralph proves, this is not absolute. The ones who do live in Pacifidlog, however, tend to talk like a pirate, such as Tom does, and such as his father, Oliver McPhione, also did prior to his death. Tom was made to look the part of a pirate, with an outfit that is a subtle nod to Dragalge. There is also the fact that his original ship was called the Mock Kelp, after Dragalge's Pokédex classification. All of this is in reference to his mother's Dragalge, who Tom, growing up, saw as the absolute in terms of power and style. His eyepatch concealing a Key Stone being used as a glass eye, allowing him to Mega Evolve his Pokémon with his face, I don't know why I thought it up, but I'm glad I did, because it is a fucking awesome mental image. I like to think that when Tom Mega Evolves Sharpedo, if he closes his real eye, he can see through Sharpedo's eyes via his Mega Eye.
  • ZZLZZ came about as a result of me challenging myself to translate the ZZAZZ glitch into an RP setting, since Eddie, being a cryptopokologist, was already giving me an avenue for my various glitch Pokémon headcanon to be brought to light. Her original first name is Ellen- she survived ZZAZZ because her first name is exactly five letters long. The ZZAZZ glitch destroys your save file if you perform it and then save the game, unless your name is two or five letters long, because the character that serves to properly terminate your name does not get corrupted by the glitch. Her starter, Dusty, was originally a Shiny Metapod, but the ZZAZZ glitch turns most of your on-hand Pokémon into Bulbasaur and replaces most of their moves with Explosion. Hence Dusty being a Shiny Venusaur instead, and, well, knowing Explosion, and moves like Iron Defense, String Shot, and Bug Bite. She is still a Butterfree at heart, but has adjusted well enough to the change.
  • I always had it in mind that Tom's mother was a badass, and after writing the post in which Tom got sent a Huntail by his mother, I decided enough was enough and that Lily McPhione had to be properly introduced. Indeed, she is a badass. Her active lifestyle keeps her looking younger than she actually is- like, if you were to guess her age going purely off appearance, you'd be off by a decade or two at least. She goes swimming every morning, diving deep under the water sometimes. And while by default she is gentle, caring, and very motherly, she is the exact opposite of a doormat. Threaten her darling Tommy, or anyone else she cares about, and you've basically signed your own death warrant. In Alola, there are those who whisper about a powerful Trainer known as the Dragalge of Death, an unstoppable force of nature who curried favor among the tapu and became an island challenge champion. That's Lily. If she's turned to you with a piercing glare that could make a Mega Gallade flinch, you're either on your last chance or you blew your last chance. If it's the former, don't blow this last chance. If it's the latter, I hope your affairs are in order.
  • Rose is a general idea I've had in mind for years, but never found the time to actually flesh her out. Once Gen 9 was introduced, I had the idea, but originally her starter was to be a Mankey, so that once it evolved into Annihilape she would have to confront her fear of Ghost-types once and for all. Still on the to-do list, just, not with her starter. Instead, I found this the exact opportunity I needed to devolve my Normal Form Decidueye and instead evolve her into Hisuian Decidueye, something I'd been tempted to do since Legends: Arceus came out. Rose becoming Eddie's girlfriend wasn't part of my original plan, but once I realized how easily it came to me to write the two together, everything just kinda fell into place after that.
  • Helena was in fact my first foray into the realm of an additional Trainer character, though as this was back when we had PC space restrictions, it ended as well as you'd think it would have done. I kept considering trying again in the back of my mind once we were back to truly unlimited PC space, but never really had the motivation, time, and/or ideas. But the idea was always there, and once I RP'd Helena reacting to reuniting with her old Audino, I knew the time was right. And so it happened, and I made arrangements to retcon my Wobbuffet to be the same Wobbuffet Helena had had in life, and I cursed myself for having literally just used up my last of the breeding slots for the year because I could've bred a Teddiursa for her as well. But yeah- Helena. She's still a Banette even if she treats the human state as her default in this day and age. Don't piss her off. She's not easy to piss off, in all fairness, you don't gotta, like, walk on eggshells around her (unless you're affiliated with Team Rocket, in which case you're just completely fucked). But yeah, if in the unlikely circumstance she's made to hold a grudge against you, she will do that. She can launch attacks in either state, and likes to pose like a Lucario using Aura Sphere would do when using Shadow Ball. Her middle name is Eltrym- in universe, that name comes from her grandmother, Eltrym Masters, the crazy Wobbuffet lady of Lavaridge Town. In reality, Eltrym is just Myrtle spelled backwards, and is actually a name I originally considered for Helena when I first traded for her, back when all I'd really worked out about her character was "polar opposite of Myrtle". Decided that would be her middle name when she ascended to Trainer character status as a bit of a nod to back then.

C: a laser
Spoiler: show
Aaagh, you were so close! Try again!

C: Helena Masters
Spoiler: show

Question 2: Which of the following Pokémon that MM has owned in the past did he not name Jack?

A: a Normal Form Darumaka
Spoiler: show

Question 3: What is under Tom McPhione's eyepatch?

A: a perfectly functional right eye
Spoiler: show
Wow. Astonishing. You didn't get a single question right! Try again!

B: his Key Stone
Spoiler: show
Ehh, you picked it up near the end, but overall you still only got one right. Try again!

C: a laser
Spoiler: show
Wow. Astonishing. You didn't get a single question right! Try again!

B: a Snover
Spoiler: show

Question 3: What is under Tom McPhione's eyepatch?

A: a perfectly functional right eye
Spoiler: show
Wow. Astonishing. You didn't get a single question right! Try again!

B: his Key Stone
Spoiler: show
Ehh, you picked it up near the end, but overall you still only got one right. Try again!

C: a laser
Spoiler: show
Wow. Astonishing. You didn't get a single question right! Try again!

C: a Slakoth
Spoiler: show

Question 3: What is under Tom McPhione's eyepatch?

A: a perfectly functional right eye
Spoiler: show
Nope! You got one right, but that don't cut the mustard. Try again!

B: his Key Stone
Spoiler: show
So close, and yet so not close. You got two out of three correct, but almost chicken don't make soup. Try again!

C: a laser
Spoiler: show
Nope! You got one right, but that don't cut the mustard. Try again!

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Meowth's Meeting

It was a quiet day in Fizzytopia. Well, most of Fizzytopia, anyway. In a private room of the local bar, a motley collection of Pokemon were gathered. A Seviper coiled in the corner by himself and shot murderous glares at the Shuppet who kept inching closer, seemingly with the sole intention of irritating him. In stark contrast, another Shuppet was floating in another area of the room, smiling at everyone present. A moderate-sized fish tank sat on a table, and contained two Pokemon- a Blue-Striped Basculin, and a Qwilfish, the former looking over the crowd of Pokemon hungrily, and the latter watching the former very closely, ready to act if necessary. Also among the crowd were a Weedle and a Skorupi, each furtively glancing at the other, looking away and blushing furiously if the other one noticed them; an Arbok, a Weezing, and a Victreebel; a Vileplume and a Venomoth, to whom a young Foongus was keeping very close; a strangely colored Venipede, whose entire body was an odd, unusual, and yet distinctly badass shade of Shiny Charizard grey; a Croagunk and a Skuntank, who were cuddled up with each other; a Mightyena, a Duskull, an Ivysaur, an Ariados, a Crobat, a Woobat, a Grimer, and a Gulpin, all of whom were doing their own thing. Standing at a small makeshift podium in the front of the room was a Meowth, who was currently trying to catch the attention of everyone in the room.

"Hey! Hey! Order! I want order in dis room!" Meowth shouted. Though several of the Pokemon quieted down, many of them continued carrying on with their conversations. At this, Meowth sighed, muttering to himself, "Didn't wanna hafta do dis..." as he produced a small chalkboard from behind the podium, and Scratching at it slowly with the claws on his front right paw. The ensuing screeching noise served to quiet everyone down, though the Seviper and the Crobat were starting to look rather murderous now.

"OK, so I'm tinking you's all wonderin' why I called youse here today," Meowth said. "I called dis meetin' of Keith's Pokemon today to discuss a couple o' recent events dat involves our trainer. Now, before we get started, anyone got any questions?"

"Yeah, I got one," the Basculin called out. "When do we get the free food?"

"Ya don't," Meowth snapped. "No one made no mention of free food, Pisces. Any more questions?"

"Yeah, uh, why isn't there any free food?" Pisces retorted. Meowth facepalmed.

"Because dis meetin' ain't even dat long! Dude, just wait-"

"I'm a girl, you moron!" Pisces interrupted. "You 'dude' me one more time and I'll see to it you go through a good three or four of your lives right here and now!"

"Yeah, yeah," Meowth grumbled. "OK, any more questions, from a non-Basculin?" he added with a nasty glare in the Basculin's direction, which Pisces was only too glad to reply to in kind.

"I have a ques-tion," one of the Shuppet spoke up. "Where is Meat Sack?"

"I hit him with a Hypnosis before we all came in here," Meowth replied. "He'll be asleep fer a good fifteen minutes, maybe twenty. More den enough time to cover all da topics I got here, Myrtle. Any more questions? No? Good. Den let's begin. OK, first topic... it gives Meowth great pleasure to announce dat our trainer has a girlfriend."

This statement was met with general sounds of approval. Both of the Weezing's heads exchanged proud grins; The Vileplume and Venomoth gave each other gleeful looks, both of them knowing just how good love felt; even Marvolo, the Seviper in the corner, hissed his approval. The two Shuppet reacted rather differently- while young Helena exclaimed in glee, Myrtle said nothing, her face registering a look of mild surprise. Once the noise died down, Meowth opened his mouth to continue, when the Woobat beat him with a question; "Who is it?"

"Glad youse asked, Luna," Meowth replied. "Now, here's da part where it don't get very simple. Now, by a show o' hands, or... whatever youse gots dat you can raise... who here knows o' da trainer named Marion Ette?"

"I knew it!" the Mightyena barked triumphantly.

"Hey, hey, settle down dere, Sirius, nah, it ain't her, but da question is related," Meowth frowned. "So, who here knows dat trainer?"

The Weezing rotated his larger head so the smaller head was higher in the air; the Arbok raised the tip of her tail; the Victreebel raised his vine; the rather embarrassed-looking Mightyena raised one of his front paws; the Crobat held up one of her wings; the Qwilfish held up his tail; Marvolo raised his tail blade; the Gulpin raised one of his stubby little hands. The Weedle and the Skorupi raised their tails simultaneously; the Dustox fired a Psybeam straight up into the air, not having any particularly noticeable appendages to raise; the Vileplume raised one of his hands. This sort of thing went on until almost every Pokemon in the room had made their vote known. The only ones who did not react were the Skuntank, the younger of the two Shuppet, the Foongus, the Ariados, and Pisces.

"OK. So, fer dose of you dat don't know, Marion is dis trainer who uses Ghost-types," Meowth explained. "She's real good friends wit Keith, and she can speak da languages of just about any Ghost-type. Now, I take it most o' you is familiar wit da incident dat took place on Halloween? No show o' hands dis time, I ain't gonna go over it. I'm just gonna leave it at dere was an incident involvin' her Banette, and Marion is currently in da hospital. Doin' better, from what I hears, though. Now den-"

"How about you cut to the chase?" Marvolo interrupted irritably. "Some of us have girlfriends of our own out there, you know!"

"Yeah, yeah, keep yer skin on," Meowth snapped. "Amethyst ain't goin' nowheres, relax. Now den... ahem. As I were sayin', who here knows da Banette I were talkin' about?"

An outbreak of murmuring met this question. Helena looked questioningly at Myrtle, who was nodding in a respectful fashion; Sirius started growling, as if the Banette was in the room at that very moment; the Vileplume and Venomoth exchanged darkly significant looks, and so forth.

"OK, OK, order, order, or does Meowth need to break out da chalkboard again?" demanded Meowth. This threat was met with immediate and total silence. "Dat's what I thought," Meowth smirked before clearing his throat and continuing. "Now den, seems like most of youse knows who Minerva is- or as she were known as when she was alive, Coselle. My next announcement is dis; Dat's who Keith's girlfriend is."

"WHAT?!?!" exclaimed a vast majority of the gathered Pokemon simultaneously. Marvolo started hissing in shock and outrage, letting fly enough foul language to make truck drivers faint. Sirius's face bore an expression that would not look out of place on someone who had just been hit in the head with a heavy frying pan. The Weezing's heads exchanged looks of horror, and the Arbok went pale. Myrtle, on the other hand, looked simply incredulous.

"Hold on a sec-ond, Me-owth," Myrtle said. "You ac-tu-al-ly ex-pect us to be-lieve that Mi-ner-va, a wise and knowl-edge-a-ble wo-man of high stan-dards, fell for Meat Sack?"

"Don't take my word fer it," Meowth shrugged. "I ain't da only witness."

"He right," the Duskull spoke up. "I see it when they kiss. Of course, Coselle in form she obviously look like when she alive, but it her, it no question."

"Peeves is absolutely right," Meowth nodded. "And I was dere when dey was talkin', too, I heard da conversation goin' on, I could tell how dey both felt."

"Wait, wait a mi-nute," the younger Shuppet, Helena, spoke up. "I know there is a law a-gainst hu-mans and Po-ke-mon ha-ving re-la-tion-s like this-"

"-and dat brings us to da third topic," Meowth interrupted. "Announcement number three- Keith is part Gastly."

"WHAT?!?!?!" nearly everyone in the room exclaimed simultaneously. If Meowth had thought there was a commotion when he announced who Keith was going out with, that was nothing. There were shouts, yells, arguments... Meowth turned to the Qwilfish, one of the few Pokemon who already knew all of this prior to the meeting. The Qwilfish nodded, and fired off a Thunderbolt into the room. The crackling electricity quieted everyone down almost immediately.

"When Keith was seven, he drowned," Meowth explained. "But just seconds after he drowned, a Missingno. pushed him to da shore and to safety. Da shock from da impact when da Missingno. hit him was what got his heart goin' again. Now, see, his soul had started to turn into Gastly, but when he came back to life, dat incomplete transformation never wore off. He's three quarters human, one quarter Gastly."

"I can vouch for at least part of this," Myrtle added. "When I was a-live, I was the ve-ry Mis-sing-no. that saved his sor-ry ass, af-ter all. But he ac-tu-al-ly died?" she added to Meowth, with a vague hint of interest in her voice.

"What does this mean for him, anyway?" Sirius asked. "I mean, I'm pretty sure he can't levitate or phase through solid objects."

"He seems ta have gotten more Poison-type traits from da transformation den Ghost-type traits," Meowth explained. "He can generate Smog, though it's really drainin' on him. He can't be poisoned-"

"That actually explains a lot," interrupted the Weezing's larger head. "That guy must've breathed in so much of our gas over the years, it's a wonder nothing ever happened to him."

"He's pretty decent at learnin' da languages o' Pokemon," continued Meowth.

"So that is how he was a-ble to learn so fast!" Myrtle declared. "I knew he was not that smart!"

"Hey, he's all right as humans go!" Marvolo hissed angrily.

"Sli-ther o-ver here and say that to my face, you o-ver-grown but-ter knife," snapped Myrtle.

"OK, hey, order, order!" Meowth shouted. "None o' dat! Now den... First off, none o' dese details are to be repeated to other humans, or to Pokemon dat can talk to deir humans, we clear?"

There was a general murmur of assent from the crowd as a whole.

"Second, anyone sees Keith with Coselle, nobody is to act on any of deir suspicions, not unless Keith tells ya otherwise," Meowth continued, shooting a glance at Sirius as he said this. The Mightyena, however, did not take well to this.

"No, I can't," Sirius spoke up. "I don't trust that Banette one bit, least of all around our trainer."

"Well, tough Tirtougas, it ain't your choice," snapped Meowth. "Dis is what our trainer wants. He'd die fer Coselle. Heck, he though he was gonna before dey started goin' out! Keith ain't gonna appreciate youse growlin' at his girlfriend, much less attackin' her. So when youse sees dem together, you keep yer suspicions to yerself, got it?"

"Fine," Sirius replied unhappily. "But if she hurts him, I will rip her to shreds."

"Youse ain't got da power ta do dat," Meowth argued. "Youse is level twenty. She's level one hundred."

"Besides, she a little rough with him, but that way she is. She truly love him," Peeves added.

"...I still don't like it," Sirius grumbled.

"Didn't she try to kill him, though?" the Venipede asked.

"She WHAT?!" Sirius exclaimed, growling once more.

"Hey, hey, cool it!" Meowth screamed. "Dat's another ting I wanted to cover. She didn't try to kill him. Dat's just da conclusion everyone was jumpin' to. Da Curse she used wasn't gonna have dat kinda power to it, she said so herself."

"Oh, yeah, because that lying bitch is so trustworthy," Sirius growled.

"I'm pretty sure she was bein' honest about dis one," Meowth said. "We cats got dis kinda sixth sense about dis kinda ting."

Sirius's face made it only too clear he still objected to this, but for now, he found himself unable to express his objections in words.

"OK, I tink dat's everyting we needed ta cover," Meowth stated. "Dis meetin' is adjourned."

As the gathered Pokemon filed back into the bar, Peeves the Duskull floated up to Meowth. "I think that go well," Peeves said.

"Yeah, I guess so," Meowth agreed. "Sirius didn't take dat whole ting with Coselle all dat well, though."

"He just mean well," Peeves argued. "He no want see Keith get hurt. Besides, he still no trust you that much, remember?"

Meowth shrugged. "True," he conceded. "Well, c'mon, Peeves, let's go and get some cookies and milk, eh?

"I eat cookies, you drink milk," Peeves replied.

"Now youse got it!" Meowth grinned as he walked back into the main area of the bar.

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Spoiler: show
Welcome to Missingno. Master's Mysterious Missing Media, Part 2. A series of unlisted posts that serve as treasure troves of lore about my various characters that might not be so easily findable elsewhere. But before you can access the vault, you must first prove your worth by answering these questions three.

Question 1: Which of MM's Trainer characters has their Key Stone set into a hairclip?

A: Rose Elia
Spoiler: show

Question 2: Which of the following Pokémon that MM has owned in the past did he not name Neville?

A: a Normal Form Stunfisk
Spoiler: show

Question 3: Which of the following describes neither Violet nor Rui?

A: Three-Segment, Shiny
Spoiler: show
Ehh, you picked it up near the end, but overall you still only got one right. Try again!

B: Three-Segment, not Shiny
Spoiler: show
Wow. Astonishing. You didn't get a single question right! Try again!

C: Two-Segment, Shiny
Spoiler: show
Wow. Astonishing. You didn't get a single question right! Try again!

B: a Dragalge
Spoiler: show

Question 3: Which of the following describes neither Violet nor Rui?

A: Three-Segment, Shiny
Spoiler: show
Ehh, you picked it up near the end, but overall you still only got one right. Try again!

B: Three-Segment, not Shiny
Spoiler: show
Wow. Astonishing. You didn't get a single question right! Try again!

C: Two-Segment, Shiny
Spoiler: show
Wow. Astonishing. You didn't get a single question right! Try again!

C: a Sawk
Spoiler: show

Question 3: Which of the following describes neither Violet nor Rui?

A: Three-Segment, Shiny
Spoiler: show
So close, and yet so not close. You got two out of three correct, but almost chicken don't make soup. Try again!

B: Three-Segment, not Shiny
Spoiler: show
Nope! You got one right, but that don't cut the mustard. Try again!

C: Two-Segment, Shiny
Spoiler: show
Nope! You got one right, but that don't cut the mustard. Try again!

B: Willa Masters
Spoiler: show

Question 2: Which of the following Pokémon that MM has owned in the past did he not name Neville?

A: a Normal Form Stunfisk
Spoiler: show

Question 3: Which of the following describes neither Violet nor Rui?

A: Three-Segment, Shiny
Spoiler: show
Two out of three ain't bad, but almost chicken don't make soup. Try again!

B: Three-Segment, not Shiny
Spoiler: show
Aaagh, after such a good start, you fell off so hard! Try again!

C: Two--Segment, Shiny
Spoiler: show
Aaagh, after such a good start, you fell off so hard! Try again!

B: a Dragalge
Spoiler: show

Question 3: Which of the following describes neither Violet nor Rui?

A: Three-Segment, Shiny
Spoiler: show
Two out of three ain't bad, but almost chicken don't make soup. Try again!

B: Three-Segment, not Shiny
Spoiler: show
Aaagh, after such a good start, you fell off so hard! Try again!

C: Two-Segment, Shiny
Spoiler: show
Aaagh, after such a good start, you fell off so hard! Try again!

C: a Sawk
Spoiler: show

Question 3: Which of the following describes neither Violet nor Rui?

A: Three-Segment, Shiny
Spoiler: show
Access granted. Welcome to the vault.

Spoiler: show
Missingno. Master's Mysterious Missing Media, Part 2
  • Gemini and Mustard are in fact capable of telepathy. They just very seldom actually use it because 9 times out of 10, they don't need it to get their point across to Keith, who knows his precious starter very, very well by this point. Most anyone else they'd want to talk to can understand Weezing language anyway. And it's not exactly long-range telepathy like what Luna can do, either. Gemini, the larger head, can project it for a slightly greater distance than Mustard, the smaller head, but even this isn't saying much.
  • Nagini the Arbok and Kyle the Heatmor are seen as the parental figures of Keith's team, between Nagini's maternal instincts and protective nature, and Kyle's wisdom and fatherly advice. Basically the entire team shipped them before they realized their feelings for one another.
  • Myrtle has a very, very, very low-key crush on Keith. She would never admit it- in fact, if you were to ask her about it, she'd laugh in your face and virulently deny it, even if there was zero chance of any admission making its way back to Keith. However, more than anything, she wants him to be happy, and recognizes that Willa more than has this handled. If anyone else were to call Keith "Meat Sack" in the same sort of derisive way she appears to intend it, she would angrily call them out on it.
  • Willow's time as a ghost residing in Millicent's log has resulted in the Timburr becoming more attuned to spiritual energy and the like. She has more of an affinity for special attacks than most Timburr, and is especially comfortable using Ghost moves like Shadow Ball. Even though most of her insecurities surrounding her decision to not evolve have all but faded away, Millicent still refuses to evolve, now citing being happy with who and what she currently is.
  • Ginny has given consideration to evolving, especially upon learning about Kingambit, but ultimately chooses to remain a Pawniard, so as to more easily be underestimated, the better to find an opening to strike. What can I say? Dark-type. Her battle style is all about practicality. As far as she's concerned, honor isn't doing you much good if it gets your loved ones killed. Speaking of, my original plan was for Ginny to have an obsessive crush on Keith. I backed out of that basically right away, and IMO, very wisely so.
  • Stewie was inspired by the PokéStars Studio Ledian from that one movie series about Pokémon that used humans in battle instead of the other way around. This is indeed why an image of Stewie holding that same spear was featured in the Battle of Stargazer Island. Also inspired in part, as the name implies, by Stewie from Family Guy.
  • When I was famously very much after a Trubbish in FB, I had plans for either gender. A female, as you can see, would've been called Ariana and been very shy and bashful and cute. A male would've been named Albus and would have been much more energetic and outgoing. Had I managed one of each, one would have stayed a Trubbish while the other would evolve, though which would take what role, I never really worked out. I did not take this role back up when I got my Trubbfish, however, since Albus is now already in use by my Kakuna. I'm not adverse to reusing an already in-use nickname, but not within the same team. There's a limit to this.
  • Anion's whole thing is wanting respect as an individual species, and not part of some package deal. Considering she's a Minun, you can understand her struggle. She and Marcia, my Shiny Plusle, actually hate each other. Marcia despises Minun as a species out of jealousy for how much more noticeable a Shiny Minun's color change is (the very subtle change for a Shiny Plusle is quite the touchy subject with Marcia), and Anion takes great and grievous offense to this.
  • When I first had the idea for Pomona to end up in a relationship with Sarkhan, GS's Druddigon, it was actually with the intention of eventually helping him breed a Bulbasaur, which I knew he wanted at the time. However, as time went on, he acquired a Bulbasaur before I was in any position to help him breed one.
  • Miasma's coloration was actually originally going to be more grey than green. But somehow I ended up with this dismal shade of greyish green when recoloring the Spritzee art, and I stopped for a second and went, "Huh... y'know what, this is even better!"
  • Meowth definitively belongs to Keith, and Meowstic to Willa, but they consider these arrangements to be interchangeable; Meowstic will obey Keith's orders just as willingly as Willa's, and Meowth will listen to Willa just as if Keith was the one issuing commands. He'll even do the "Meowth, dat's right!" thing after she catches something.
  • When I was deciding which way my pair of Dunsparce would evolve, I knew right away I'd want one of each form, because all Dudunsparce are awesome. In the end, I settled on making Rui the Two-Segment one and Violet the Three-Segment one, only because the thought of Gavin demanding to know why Keith's Dudunsparce was bigger amid his incoherent spluttering of shock and surprise was just the funniest mental image to me.

B: Three-Segment, not Shiny
Spoiler: show
Aaagh, you were so close! Try again!

C: Two-Segment, Shiny
Spoiler: show
Aaagh, you were so close! Try again!

C: Marv Liss
Spoiler: show

Question 2: Which of the following Pokémon that MM has owned in the past did he not name Jack?

A: a Normal Form Stunfisk
Spoiler: show

Question 3: Which of the following describes neither Violet nor Rui?

A: Three-Segment, Shiny
Spoiler: show
Ehh, you picked it up near the end, but overall you still only got one right. Try again!

B: Three-Segment, not Shiny
Spoiler: show
Wow. Astonishing. You didn't get a single question right! Try again!

C: Two-Segment, Shiny
Spoiler: show
Wow. Astonishing. You didn't get a single question right! Try again!

B: a Dragalge
Spoiler: show

Question 3: Which of the following describes neither Violet nor Rui?

A: Three-Segment, Shiny
Spoiler: show
Ehh, you picked it up near the end, but overall you still only got one right. Try again!

B: Three-Segment, not Shiny
Spoiler: show
Wow. Astonishing. You didn't get a single question right! Try again!

C: Two-Segment
Spoiler: show
Wow. Astonishing. You didn't get a single question right! Try again!

C: a Sawk
Spoiler: show

Question 3: Which of the following describes neither Violet nor Rui?

A: Three-Segment, Shiny
Spoiler: show
So close, and yet so not close. You got two out of three correct, but almost chicken don't make soup. Try again!

B: Three-Segment, not Shiny
Spoiler: show
Nope! You got one right, but that don't cut the mustard. Try again!

C: Two-Segment, Shiny
Spoiler: show
Nope! You got one right, but that don't cut the mustard. Try again!

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The Great Voyage, Part I

Ahh... The sea of Fizzytopia. A massive body of water renowned for its quiet tranquility. A scenic display of soothing blue, usually complimented by a dazzling blue sky, a star-studded night sky, or a colorful sunrise or sunset. A nautical gateway to the rest of the Pokemon world. And it was with this last point in mind that a moderately large boat was making its way across this vast blue expanse.

The boat was built out of wood, though the distinct roar of a motor could be heard, a pair of propellers protruding from the stern, pushing the vessel forward through the water. The name of the boat, Banette's Revenge, was printed on the stern in lettering so red, an onlooker might think blood was used instead of paint. On the deck, a number of Pokemon were scurrying about, tending to various things which needed tending to. On the raised back portion of the deck was positioned the helm, and at the helm, steering the ship, was none other than the cowboy hat-wearing trainer we all know by now. A Shuppet floated next to him, and looked somewhat confused.

"Ex-plain to me the plan here, Meat Sack," Myrtle said to Keith. "Be-cause I do not see the point of this voy-age."

"I told you, Myrtle," Keith said as he shifted the wheel a little bit, "for the duration of the voyage, I wish to be referred to as Captain Masters."

"You have not an-swered my ques-tion, cap-tain," Myrtle snapped.

"Very well," Keith replied. "Now, you already know the truth about what will happen to Coselle in roughly four to six months' time if nothing is done about her condition, correct?"

Myrtle nodded.

"The humanity she involuntarily took is depleting fast," Keith explained. "I don't think any of us want it to run out, because it means her human form dying a slow and painful death, followed by her reverting to Banette form, and losing the ability to do illusions for a while. I know I certainly don't want that to happen. So if we don't want Coselle's humanity to run out, we need to give her a means of replenishing it."

"I am still not see-ing the con-nec-tion here," Myrtle said.

Keith opened his mouth to explain further, when Meowth called up to him, from the top of a table on the deck, where a female Weedle was consulting maps and charts. "Captain!" Meowth shouted. "Hermione says ta bring her hard ta starboard!"

"Aye aye!" Keith replied as he spun the helm clockwise, turning the boat to the right. "Now then, Myrtle, in order for Coselle to replenish her humanity, she needs humans to take humanity from."

"But I was un-der the im-pres-sion that Ma-ri-on said that it was not clear whe-ther this could be done vi-a Curse on pur-pose," Myrtle said.

"Very true," sighed Keith. "If you have a better idea, though, I'm all ears." Myrtle said nothing. Keith nodded. "That's what I thought," he said. "It might be a long shot, but from where I'm standing, it's the only shot we got."

"So con-tin-ue ex-plai-ning," Myrtle said persistently.

"Now, the thing is, I wouldn't feel right sacrificing just anyone for this purpose," Keith explained. "You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find someone in Fizzytopia who deserves to die in such a manner when you're actually looking for one."

"So you built a boat?" Myrtle asked.

"First off, credit where credit is due, OK?" Keith replied. "Helga, Millicent, Pomona, and Malfoy were all a huge help with this. No way in hell I could have gotten this done alone. Second, yes. Because I have a vague idea just where we can find people who do deserve such a death."

"And that is where?" Myrtle said.

At this, Keith grinned. "Myrtle, we're on a course for the sea of Kanto. Specifically, the area around Cinnabar Island."

Myrtle's eyes widened. "You mean-" she began.

"That's right," nodded Keith. "The Missingno. hunters are now the hunted. We'll overpower them, bring back two or three of them, enough for Coselle to ideally squeeze out a good couple of decades' worth of soul. And if you spot your killer, Myrtle, you will have your chance at vengeance."

Myrtle said nothing, her eyes threatening to tear up, her mouth threatening to smile. Then, she turned to the deck where various members of Keith's team were working to keep the boat running smoothly. "Then what the hell are we wai-ting for?" Myrtle replied. "Get this crate go-ing as fast as it can, Cap-tain Mas-ters!"

"Now we're talking!" Keith exclaimed as he reached for the throttle, and got the Banette's Revenge to really move across the waves, picking up speed at a noticeable and rapid pace.

"Now for the big ques-tion," Myrtle continued. "Does Co-selle know a-ny-thing a-bout this?"

"No," Keith stated. "And it's going to stay that way until I present her the bound and gagged Missingno. hunters. This is likely a dangerous mission, and I'm certain she would try and stop me if she knew. And I will not be stopped, not with so much at stake here."

"So what lie did you tell her?" Myrtle asked.

"I didn't lie to her," Keith shook his head. "She knows I enjoy the occasional adventure in various parts of Fizzytopia. If I'm gone for several days at a time, she knows I'm out adventuring, and she's always been all right with that. I'm just not going to tell her the specifics of this particular adventure until it becomes necessary, that's all."

On deck, Hermione was studying the maps, and consulting a compass. "Yes, we're headed in the right direction," she confirmed to Meowth. "And if I'm correct, if we continue at this new pace, we should reach Cinnabar Island within 24 hours."

"Wat I don't get," Meowth said, "is why Keith couldn't just get Hebenon ta take him wit Teleport."

Hermione shook her head vehemently. "Because Teleportation across such a distance is exceedingly risky," she replied. "It's one thing to warp from one end of the Fizzytopia region to the other, but across the sea? Both Keith and Hebenon would be fools to try. So much could go wrong. It'd be nearly impossible for Hebenon to nail his exact desired arrival point. Far more likely they would turn up buried deep underground, or thirty feet above the Cinnabar Volcano, or trapped in a rock, or-"

"I get da point," Meowth interrupted. "But ain't youse worried about gettin' worn out?" he added. "You's da navigator and da ship's cook."

"I'll be fine," Hermione insisted. "Keith needs this to happen. And besides, nobody else on the team has any knowledge of nautical navigation, as far as I know."

"Well, ya got me on dat one," conceded Meowth, "but at least let someone else handle da cookin'. Keith ain't bad at cookin', and youse ain't da only one on da team wit Fire attacks. Didn't ya see dem steaks Hebenon had cooked perfectly back at da bar wit just one Fire Spin?"

"Very well," sighed the Weedle. "I won't do the cooking."

The boat continued to plow her way through the waters, as they grew ever so closer to Cinnabar Island. Keith kept his eyes glued to the horizon. I can't fail, he thought to himself, his determination building. I must not fail. Coselle's life is at stake here. The entire team knew that Keith would do anything for Coselle's sake, and now he intended to prove it.

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Previously on The Great Voyage...

Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
"Ex-plain to me the plan here, Meat Sack," Myrtle said to Keith. "Be-cause I do not see the point of this voy-age."

"I told you, Myrtle," Keith said as he shifted the wheel a little bit, "for the duration of the voyage, I wish to be referred to as Captain Masters."
Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
"The humanity she involuntarily took is depleting fast," Keith explained. "So if we don't want Coselle's humanity to run out, we need to give her a means of replenishing it."
Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
So you built a boat?" Myrtle asked.

"Yes. Because I have a vague idea just where we can find people who do deserve such a death."
Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
"Myrtle, we're on a course for the sea of Kanto. Specifically, the area around Cinnabar Island."

Myrtle's eyes widened. "You mean-" she began.

"That's right," nodded Keith. "The Missingno. hunters are now the hunted. And if you spot your killer, Myrtle, you will have your chance at vengeance."
Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
"Then what the hell are we wai-ting for?" Myrtle replied. "Get this crate go-ing as fast as it can, Cap-tain Mas-ters!"

The Great Voyage, Part II

The sun was rising over the vast ocean, its rays shining on the Banette's Revenge. With a great yawn, Keith walked through the door out of his cabin, and arrived on deck to greet the day. He made his way up to the helm, where Myrtle was controlling the wheel by using Psychic.

"Morning, Myrtle," Keith said as he stretched his arms and yawned again. "No problems, I hope?"

"None what-so-ev-er," Myrtle responded. "Ha-ving In-som-ni-a as an A-bil-i-ty has its us-es. Plus, Her-mi-o-ne taught He-le-na all she could a-bout na-vi-ga-tion so she could take the night shift."

"Excellent," Keith grinned. "So, we making good time?"

"Not sure at the mo-ment," Myrtle stated. At that moment, a Weedle crawling across the deck climbed up one of the legs on the table, and began a muttered conversation with the Shuppet floating over aforementioned table. Helena then floated up to where Keith was.

"What news, Helena?" Keith asked.

"Her-mi-o-ne says we are ma-king ex-cel-lent time," beamed Helena. "We should ar-rive at Cin-na-bar Is-land with-in the hour!"

"All right!" Keith grinned. "Now it's just a matter of- WHOA!"

For at that moment, something very large made contact with the boat, causing it to lurch violently.

"Not good," Keith stated as he climbed back to his feet, the sudden impact having knocked him over. Sure enough, something very large and vicious-looking rose up out of the water on the port side, and towered over the ship, roaring viciously.

"Ohhh, crap," Meowth muttered.

"Oh, definitely not good," Keith said in a hushed tone as he held out his Pokedex, almost on instinct.

"Gyarados, the Atrocious Pokemon, and the evolved form of Magikarp," droned the Pokedex. "Vicious and brutal, Gyarados is one of the most powerful Pokemon in the ocean. When it attacks a ship, that ship's sinking is nearly inevitable."

"Comforting," Keith sarcastically remarked as he pocketed his Pokedex. "Very comforting. Well, I'm not going down without a fight!" he added as he turned his cowboy hat backwards and threw a Poke Ball. "Go! Hedwig!" he shouted as his Crobat materialized. "Thunder attack now!"

"Cro! Bat!" Hedwig replied as she unleashed a sizzling bolt of electricity at the Gyarados, causing the Water/Flying-type to screech in agony. Once the attack was done, however, Gyarados was still up, and it fired off a forceful Hydro Pump, knocking the Crobat out of the air.

"Hedwig!" Keith exclaimed as he jumped down to the deck and ran over, thankfully catching the Crobat in his arms before she hit the deck. She was still conscious, however, and took to the air almost immediately once more. "OK, Hedwig!" Keith called out. "Use Cross Poison!"

The Crobat dove at Gyarados once more, all four wings glowing purple and dripping with a venomous substance. She rammed hard into Gyarados, but this barely fazed the Atrocious Pokemon. On the contrary, it snarled angrily and fired off a Beam of Ice from its gaping maw. Hedwig deftly swooped and dove in midair to evade this, and shot off a Dark Pulse, hitting the Gyarados in the eye. This time, Gyarados backed off a bit, but now it really looked pissed.

"Oh, crap," Keith muttered. "We just made it angry."

"What are you thin-king of do-ing now?" Myrtle asked.

For a moment, Keith didn't respond. He was warily eyeing the Gyarados. Then, the sea monster started growling, a wild look in its uninjured eye. Keith leaned a little closer to Myrtle. "Hard to starboard," he muttered.

"Hard to star-board!" Myrtle yelled to the rest of the team. Meowth dashed over to the helm and spun the wheel to the right as fast as he could, while a Makuhita frantically worked the throttle, forcing the boat to move forward at full speed.

As they proceeded to move away from the Gyarados, Keith walked across the deck, taking full charge of the situation. "Full speed ahead!" he shouted. "Myrtle, up to the stern and keep watch, use your Thunderbolt if it becomes necessary!" Then, he turned to face the bow, and his eyes widened. "Hard to port!" he shouted. "Hard to port! Now!" For directly ahead of them was a large ship- an old-style sailing ship with all the rigging. Flying from the very top of the mainmast was a black flag bearing a white skull and crossbones insignia. "Oh, you have got to be kidding me," Keith muttered in disbelief. He walked up to the very front of the boat to get a closer look, and saw a group of men, all dressed in an almost ridiculous variety of clothing. They looked, in short, like stereotypical-

"Pirates!" Keith shouted. "Hard to port, full speed, get us the hell out of here!!"

"She's goin' as fast as she can, captain!" Meowth shouted as the boat started to slowly turn to the left.

Meanwhile, Myrtle was zapping the Gyarados with repeated Thunderbolts, but they were having even less effect than Hedwig's Thunder, mainly due to the level difference. "Gya-ra-dos is gai-ning on us!" she yelled.

The boat had turned, and all they had to do was continue to move at full speed, and they would be out of there... and then the engines spluttered and died.

"Oh, shit," Keith muttered as Gyarados came ever closer... and then stopped just short of the boat. Immediately, the pirates cheered loudly, and one man with a large tricorne hat on his head stepped forward.

"Good job, Gyarados," he grinned. "Brought us another prize, ye did."

"Hey!" Keith shouted. "What the hell is going on here?"

"Well, be it not obvious, boy?" smirked the Gyarados's apparent trainer. "Yer under attack. Now, if ye'd be so kind as to hand over any an' all valuables ye gots on board, we can make this a quick and painless process, savvy? And that be includin' yer Pokemon as well, by the way."

"Never!" Keith shot back. "Do you really expect me to just hand over my Pokemon to the likes of you?"

The man shrugged. "T'were worth a shot. No matter. Men, prepare to board!"

"Everyone attack!" Keith shouted as he threw several more Poke Balls, unleashing his Grimer, his Arbok, his Weezing, his Pawniard, and his Mightyena onto the deck, as a bunch of Keith's other Pokemon came out from wherever they were. The pirates swung on ropes hanging from the rigging, and were aboard the Banette's Revenge in an instant. Many of the pirates took out Poke Balls, but the pair of Shuppet made quick work of them, rapidly flitting from pirate to pirate, and executing rapid-fire Knock Off attacks, relieving them of their Poke Balls. Still minimized, the red-and-white spheres fell to the deck, where Strychnine, Keith's Grimer, oozed all over, picking them all up and dumping them overboard. The Gyarados's trainer, obviously their captain, approached Keith and pulled a long sword out of where it had been tucked into his belt.

"Oh, come on," groaned Keith. "A sword? Seriously? It's 2013, for Arceus's sake!"

"Sometimes the old methods be the best," grinned the captain as he slashed at Keith, who jumped back just in time. Then, as he took another swing, Keith heard the CLANG of metal on metal. He looked, and there was Ginny. The Pawniard, using a Magnetic power to Rise into the air, was floating in front of Keith, one of her blades holding the captain's sword at bay.

The captain snarled. "Ye think ye can get the best o' me?" he growled. "Have at it, then!" he shouted as he swung his sword once more. The flying Pawniard parried the sword with one blade while extending the other and swinging it at the captain, who blocked it with his own sword. Keith slowly backed away, looking for someone else to help. He saw one pirate yowling in pain as Sirius had chomped down on his leg, another one coughing and gagging as a Weezing was blasting Smog into his face, and yet another two getting squeezed hard by an Arbok.

It was then that Keith realized- he could simply take some of the pirates! Already he had no sympathy for any of them, and while this wouldn't help with Myrtle's quest for vengeance, it would very likely help Coselle. However, his hopes were quickly dashed as Ginny's blade ran the captain through, stabbing him right in the chest. Bleeding heavily, the man dropped his sword and stumbled about before falling overboard. At this sight, the crew very quickly lost heart. Before Keith could get much farther than "Somebody grab some of them-", they had made a mad dash back to their own ship. The sound of a loud motor surprised Keith, and he was even more shocked to see the supposedly old style sailing vessel speeding away at speeds to rival his own boat. The Gyarados, apparently not having noticed the demise of its master, was swimming rapidly after the ship.

Keith breathed a sigh of relief. "Wow," he sighed. "That was... That... That was..."

"I know," agreed Myrtle. "Who would have thought there would be pi-rates out here?"

"Geez," Keith sighed. "And what happened with the engines, anyway?"

Just then, Hermione crawled up through the hatch which led below deck and approached Keith. "The engines should be fine now," she reported. "We had run out of fuel, but Helga helped me refill it. I have to say, bringing extra fuel was a good call after all," she said. "I must have miscalculated, I thought we had sufficient fuel for the whole voyage at first."

"Her-mi-o-ne states the prob-lem was we ran out of gas," Myrtle translated for Keith. "She and Hel-ga re-fueled it."

Keith nodded. "And you said we wouldn't need more fuel," he said to Hermione with a slightly smug grin. "But no time to talk about that, let's get us to Cinnabar Island."

Just then, Myrtle stiffened, an ominous look in her eyes as she slowly turned and looked off to the right of the boat. "That way," she hissed. "I can taste them. Mis-sing-no. hun-ters."

"Are you sure, Myrtle?" Keith asked.

"Po-si-tive," snapped the Shuppet. "There are mul-ti-ple peo-ple that way. And one of them... is him," she concluded in a deadly whisper. Her tone of voice allowed for no mistake, either- Keith knew she had to be referring to the very Missingno. hunter whose Tentacruel was forced to impale Myrtle's body and end her life.

After a moment's pause, Keith wordlessly returned to the helm. "We're taking her hard to starboard," he stated as he pushed on the throttle, getting the boat moving yet again. "And Myrtle," he added. "Don't forget, you only use Curse if you find the one that killed you. We need at least two or three of them alive if they'll be of any use to Coselle."

Unknown to him, however, Myrtle wasn't listening in the slightest. A deranged grin threatened to take over her entire face, complete with a look of insanity in her eyes. She would have her vengeance, and the thought was oh, so sweet that nothing else mattered to her at that moment.

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Previously on The Great Voyage...

Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
"Morning, Myrtle," Keith said as he stretched his arms and yawned again. "No problems, I hope?"

"None what-so-ev-er," Myrtle responded. "Ha-ving In-som-ni-a as an A-bil-i-ty has its us-es."
Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
Her-mi-o-ne says we are ma-king ex-cel-lent time," beamed Helena. "We should ar-rive at Cin-na-bar Is-land with-in the hour!"
Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
"Gyarados, the Atrocious Pokemon, and the evolved form of Magikarp," droned the Pokedex. "Vicious and brutal, Gyarados is one of the most powerful Pokemon in the ocean. When it attacks a ship, that ship's sinking is nearly inevitable."

"Comforting," Keith sarcastically remarked as he pocketed his Pokedex. "Very comforting."
Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
"Go! Hedwig!" he shouted as his Crobat materialized. "Thunder attack now!"
Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
"Oh, crap," Keith muttered. "We just made it angry."

"What are you thin-king of do-ing now?" Myrtle asked.

For a moment, Keith didn't respond. He was warily eyeing the Gyarados. Then, the sea monster started growling, a wild look in its uninjured eye. Keith leaned a little closer to Myrtle. "Hard to starboard," he muttered.
Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
"Oh, you have got to be kidding me," Keith muttered in disbelief.
Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
"Pirates!" Keith shouted. "Hard to port, full speed, get us the hell out of here!!"

"She's goin' as fast as she can, captain!" Meowth shouted as the boat started to slowly turn to the left.
Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
"Good job, Gyarados," he grinned. "Brought us another prize, ye did."

"Hey!" Keith shouted. "What the hell is going on here?"

"Well, be it not obvious, boy?" smirked the Gyarados's apparent trainer. "Yer under attack."
Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
Oh, come on," groaned Keith. "A sword? Seriously? It's 2013, for Arceus's sake!"

"Sometimes the old methods be the best," grinned the captain as he slashed at Keith, who jumped back just in time. Then, as he took another swing, Keith heard the CLANG of metal on metal. He looked, and there was Ginny. The Pawniard, using a Magnetic power to Rise into the air, was floating in front of Keith, one of her blades holding the captain's sword at bay.
Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
Just then, Myrtle stiffened, an ominous look in her eyes as she slowly turned and looked off to the right of the boat. "That way," she hissed. "I can taste them. Mis-sing-no. hun-ters."

"Are you sure, Myrtle?" Keith asked.

"Po-si-tive," snapped the Shuppet. "There are mul-ti-ple peo-ple that way. And one of them... is him," she concluded in a deadly whisper.

The Great Voyage, Part III

Several miles out from the coast of Cinnabar Island, a number of small motorboats were drifting on the waves. Each boat contained a grown man or two, as well as various Pokemon. One boat contained a steely-eyed Bisharp who kept looking at the water intently, as though expecting something to leap out and attack. In another boat, the man was accompanied by a Scyther. Another boat even had a Kabutops swimming laps around it. Then, the sound of a larger boat approaching caught everyone's attention.

"Hey!" exclaimed one of the men, waving up at the boat approaching, which was named the Banette's Revenge. "What are you doing? You'll scare them away!"

To the bow of the boat marched her captain, who looked down at the boat, as well as the occupant who had yelled at him. "Beg pardon?" Keith asked.

"The Missingno.!" the man replied indignantly. "You scare them away on us, we'll never get to kill them!"

"Ah," Keith frowned, a cold look in his eyes. "You kill Missingno., you say?" he asked, trying his best to keep his tone even. "Why?"

"Why? Why?!" laughed the man. "They're abominations! Flawed, broken abortions that were never meant to see the light of day! They are-"

But just what else Missingno. supposedly were, Keith never found out, for at that moment, he stopped speaking abruptly and started grunting and groaning in obvious pain. Keith blinked in surprise, then turned around. Floating right behind him was Myrtle, a burning hatred in her eyes, a pronounced scowl on her face, and a needle plunged right into her cloth body. Keith turned back to look at the Missingno. hunter, who had just fallen overboard as a result of his uncontrollable twitching, owing to the agony the Curse was afflicting him with. He did not resurface. The other Missingno. hunters looked stunned at this.

"Smooth, Myrtle," Keith muttered. "I told you we need them alive. Or was that the one?"

"No," Myrtle hissed. "But he is here... Somewhere."

"Alright," Keith called to the gradually panicking hunters. "Can I get your attention, please? Thank you. I'd appreciate it if you all would cooperate with me on this matter."

"What matter?" demanded one of the Missingno. hunters. "Who are you, anyway?"

"Both excellent questions," nodded Keith. "And they'll both be answered once you all climb on board. If you all would also kindly return your Pokemon to their Poke Balls while boarding, I would appreciate it greatly."

But the Missingno. hunters were shaking their heads. "No, no, I don't think so," one of them said. "This whole thing doesn't smell right to me."

Keith sighed. "OK, plan B it is, then," he muttered. He turned to face Myrtle, as well as the other Shuppet and the Swoobat. "You know what to do," he added. In an instant, all the Missingno. hunters found themselves being lifted into the air by Myrtle and Helena's Psychic attacks, and Luna's Confusion. Yelling in their confusion, they all at least managed to withdraw their Pokemon before landing on the deck, still held in place by the various Psychic-type moves being used on them.

"What is the meaning of this?!" demanded one of them.

"You'll find out soon enough," Keith stated as Helga took the helm, turning the boat around. Hermione and Meowth resumed their posts atop the table with the maps and compass, ready to assist in the navigation. "But first off, welcome aboard. I am Captain Masters, and your fates rest with me."

"What'd we do, anyway?" asked one of the Missingno. hunters indignantly.

"I'm asking the questions here," Keith snapped. "Now then, do any of you own a Tentacruel?"

Nobody spoke up, but Myrtle came to a halt right in front of one particularly nasty-looking Missingno. hunter. He was a heavily built fellow with a mustache so large it was borderline ridiculous. "You," she hissed in an ominous, deadly whisper.

"What about me?" demanded the man. "I've done nothing to you!"

"Oh, but that is where you are wrong," the Shuppet replied in a sadistic tone. "That is where you are so, so wrong. Re-mem-ber that one Mis-sing-no. your Ten-ta-cruel slayed? The one where you had to re-as-sure it that it was do-ing the right thing, that such a-bom-i-na-tions de-served to die?!?!"

"How do you know-" began the man before his eyes widened in sudden realization and fear. "No," he gasped. "It's you?"

"I am go-ing to en-joy this," Myrtle replied viciously as her needle floated right in front of her, aimed right at her body, a deranged, sadistic grin plastered on her face. "I have been wai-ting for this mo-ment my en-ti-re af-ter-life. I am not an a-bom-i-na-tion, and I did not de-serve to die- you are the a-bom-i-na-tion!!" she bellowed as the needle was plunged straight through her body. Keith looked away- much as the guy had it coming, he didn't want to watch this. Myrtle had no issue with this, on the other hand, glaring down at the man as he shrieked and writhed in obvious agony, taking sadistic pleasure in his suffering. The other Missingno. hunters were starting to panic again, all of them trying to escape a similar fate as the one who was being afflicted by the Curse finally fell still.

"That... that felt so good," grinned Myrtle as she looked upon the lifeless form of her murderer. Then, she slowly turned to face the rest of them. "And now," she began before Keith rushed over to her.

"Myrtle, no," he said urgently. "We need some of them alive, don't forget."

For a moment, Myrtle did not respond as she eyed the Missingno. hunters, trying to decide which was the next to go.

"Myrtle, please," Keith said in Shuppet language. "Don't kill them. Coselle needs their life force."

Myrtle knew, deep down, that Keith was right. She calmed down gradually, and finally turned to face him. "You are right," she sighed. "But we can-not bring back this ma-ny pie-ces of scum. You said on-ly three or four."

Keith nodded. "Naturally," he stated as he turned to face Luna. "Alright, Luna, you sure this'll work?" he asked.

Absolutely, the Swoobat replied via telepathy. All I need to do is tweak just a little part of their brains, and watch them bid their short term memory farewell.

Keith nodded his satisfaction. "Do it, then," he stated.

Luna nodded back, then focused her Confusion attack. Immediately all the Missingno. hunters' eyes became glazed and unfocused. Then, with help from Myrtle and Helena, Luna moved all but four Missingno. hunters back onto the boats (which they had already moved a considerable distance from). The four remaining hunters were still disoriented, but were likely to regain consciousness within seconds.

"I got dis," Meowth stated as he walked over to them and cast his Hypnosis. Immediately, the dazed men fell unconscious.

"Perfect," grinned Keith. "Myrtle, there's some rope down below. Take them down there and tie them up good." He walked back over to the helm, and resumed command, letting Helga walk away. "All right," he announced to the team. "Mission accomplished! We have what we need, so let's get the hell back to Fizzytopi-aaaaa!"

For at that moment, something rammed the Banette's Revenge from behind. Hard. Keith wheeled around in alarm as a Gyarados rose up out of the water. "You!" Keith exclaimed. For riding atop the Gyarados's head was none other than the pirate captain. The one Ginny had supposedly killed. "But how?!"

The captain smirked. "Miss me?" he asked.

"How are you alive?!" demanded Keith. "My Pawniard-"

"-didn't actually kill me," the captain finished his sentence. "Oh, she gravely wounded me, aye, but as I fell into the briny deep, I were met with the embrace of an Alomomola." The mention of Alomomola prompted Keith to take out his Pokedex, which displayed a heart-shaped fish with two large hand-like fins.

"Alomomola, the Caring Pokemon," droned the device. "Alomomola embraces anyone injured it comes across at sea. The membrane coating its entire body heals wounds with great efficiency." Keith facepalmed.

"Aye. So ye see, I be sure ye'll understand if'n I be a tad irritated with ye, lad," the captain smirked. "After all, ye did leave me fer dead. Gyarados, Flamethrower!"

Keith swiftly threw a Poke Ball. "Hebenon, Hydro Pump!" he exclaimed. Almost before the Qwilfish exited its Poke Ball, a high-pressure blast of water erupted forth from its mouth, countering the Flamethrower perfectly, cutting through it like extremely fiery butter.

"Now use your Thunder Punch!" Keith bellowed.

Hebenon slammed his tail against the deck, causing him to Bounce very high in the air. As he fell down towards Gyarados, his body crackled with electricity. Hebenon crashed down onto Gyarados, his entire body acting as the fist, delivering a powerful ThunderPunch to the Gyarados. Finally, the Atrocious Pokemon was starting to look worn out.

"Get it, Gyarados, it's just a Qwilfish!" barked the captain. "Dragon Pulse!"

Helena floated next to Keith, looking hopefully at her little brother. "Can I help?" she asked.

"You most certainly can," nodded Keith. "Use Ominous Wind, Helena!"

Gyarados groaned as the blast of strange ghostly wind Helena was letting loose made its impact. Hebenon then took this opportunity to unleash a Thunderbolt at Gyarados, this time also shocking the captain. As Gyarados sank down into the water, its trainer expertly leaped off its head and landed on the deck, facing Keith. With a smug smirk, he reached for his sword... and nothing. His hand kept feeling for the sword. Keith looked, and then started laughing. The pirate captain had lost his sword, just prior to having fallen overboard, and was just now realizing this.

"Um..." the captain said nervously. "We can talk about this, right?"

Once the pirate was tied up and placed below deck with the other four prisoners, Myrtle and Helena floated on either side of Keith as he stood at the helm, Meowth occasionally calling up to him.

"Ques-tion, Meat Sa- er, cap-tain," Myrtle said. "When we get back to Fiz-zy-to-pi-a, how are you go-ing to get the pri-so-ners back to your Se-cret Base?"

"Hebenon," was Keith's simple answer. "He'll Teleport the lot of us right back into the base. It's not that far a distance. Once we're back, I'll invite Coselle over. All I can do now... All I can do now is hope that this works," he sighed as the coastline of Fizzytopia came into view.

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Salazar's Halloween

October 31st, 2012- Halloween. Many trainers from all corners of Fizzytopia were gathered today, all lined up before the mysterious Haunted Mirror. Each trainer had a Pokemon with them who would go up to the mirror and look into it, waiting to receive either a lovely treat or a dastardly trick. Later that evening, many of these trainers would retire to the Fizzytopia Bar for more Halloween fun, where a single, stupid, careless whim on the part of one trainer would cause the night to end in catastrophic disaster. But that's another story.

Now, it was Keith's turn. Though he stopped several yards away from the eerie reflective surface, the Venipede by his side did not. Salazar continued to walk up to the mirror. Unlike those who had gone before him, he showed no signs of nervousness or fear. He calmly walked up to the mirror and glanced into it. Keith exchanged somewhat nervous glances with the Meowth on his shoulder, and then a blood-red skull formed on the dark glass. Keith's eyes widened in fear, Meowth gulped, though Salazar remained calm as he looked up at the skull, patiently awaiting whatever was in store for him. And then, as he waited, one of his antennae lightly tapped the surface of the glass, and it stuck. The Venipede tried to pull it free, but instead, it started to get pulled in. Then, without warning, the entire Venipede was sucked right through the mirror!

Salazar looked around. He could see that he was on some sort of floor, but he couldn't see any farther than five feet in any direction- nothing but darkness as far as the eye can see. He wasn't sure what was happening here, but he knew he had to return to Keith. He cleared his throat, and then the Venipede called out, "Hello?"

In response, Salazar was met with an eerie, echoing cackle that seemed to come from every direction at once. He waited patiently for the manic laughter to subside, the echoes slowly fading away, before he called out again. "Would you please show yourself?" he asked, the slightest hint of annoyance in his voice.

This time, the response Salazar got was decidedly more verbal in nature. "Show myself?" came the same voice which had previously issued the laugh, once again appearing to emanate from every direction at once. "Now, where would the fun be in that, I ask you? No, best to keep you in the dark. It would better serve to compound the terror, you see."

"I do not fear you," Salazar replied. "There is no terror to compound."

The voice gave a small sigh. "Well, you've just hit upon the problem, now, haven't you, Salazar? Oh, yes," it added with the merest hint of a laugh. "I know your name. Yes, Salazar... Fearless, some call you. Regardless of what you are faced with, regardless of the horrors you may come across, no fear stirs itself in your heart. And that... will not do. You see, I revere fear. I delight in fright. The horrific hollers of the hopelessly horrified, the screeching screams of the stupidly scared, they are like music to my ears! But you... You, Salazar, you are a tough one. I was on the fence for a while, as to whether I should reward you for your unparalleled bravery... or punish you for your stupidity," the voice concluded with a sadistic cackle.

Salazar recalled just before being sucked into the mirror. "The skull," he murmured. "On the mirror, there appeared a skull. You've brought me here to punish me."

"You catch on quickly," cackled the voice. "Yes, yes... But see, it's now a question of how to go about it. I can't exactly de-level you, you're level 1 as it is. And all you've got is Defense Curl and Rollout, I can't erase those moves from your memory... And nothing else I could do to you would teach you to fear me... But then I got to thinking, just before you dropped in... perhaps my efforts would be better spent on the one known as Silane..."

At the mention of the female Venipede he was so in love with, Salazar's eyes bulged. "What do you mean?" he demanded sharply.

"Ooh! A reaction," the voice cackled evilly. "Yes, yes, already a vast improvement. See, everyone breaks easily. In most cases, far more easily than they'd like themselves to believe. It's just a matter of knowing where to apply the pressure."

"Answer me!" Salazar demanded.

"Of course," the voice replied in a sneering sort of tone. "See, threats to your person... horrific curses, physical harm... They do not scare you. But those selfsame threats, when made against the woman you love... That's what does it, isn't it?"

"You will not harm her. Do you hear me?!" exclaimed Salazar, a hint of faintest panic in his voice.

The eerie voice gave a sadistic cackle. "Is that so?" it said. "And you think you can stop me?"

"Maybe. Maybe not," was the Venipede's response. "But if you would show yourself, we can find out. Face me like a man, why don't you?" he challenged.

"But I am not a man," the voice responded. "I am much, much more than that. You know, Salazar... I confess myself impressed. Hopelessly, helplessly outmatched, you are... and yet, even when I find the one way to induce fear in you, you still manage to summon the courage to challenge me. As much delight as I derive from the fear and suffering of others, even I must admit, this is a rare kind of bravery. Very well, here is what I'll do. I will give you a chance to get stronger. Then, once your trainer's Weedle has become a Beedrill, I shall return, and then you shall have your chance to defend your beloved from my wrath. Oh, and one more thing... I can't let you go without a little parting gift, as it were, so just to remind you that this is not just a dream... well, you'll see soon enough," chuckled the voice as Salazar's vision went blood red.

As Salazar's vision returned, he found he was back outside the mirror, and Keith and Meowth were staring at him in shock. Salazar turned to look at the mirror, and was visibly surprised to see what was looking back at him- his reflection showed that his entire body was the same shade of grey as a Shiny Charizard's skin, and his eyes were as red as his vision had been moments ago.

"Whoa," Keith murmured as he picked up his Venipede and looked at him from multiple angles. "Salazar, you look... you look... you look awesome!" he finally exclaimed. "You were the very first Venipede in Fizzytopia... and now you're the most badass, too," he grinned. "Boy, the joke's on those spirits, isn't it?" he laughed.

Salazar said nothing, though couldn't help but grin, if only due to his trainer's enthusiasm. Yes, he was glad his trainer was so willing to accept the fact that he had changed color. And best of all, the spirit wouldn't return. After all, Hermione had no desire to evolve. And Hermione was the only Weedle Keith had, she had to have been what the eerie voice meant.


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The sound of a bell ringing caught the Timburr's attention. With a slight shred of hope, she looked over at the door to see a female Trainer walking in... and yet, after several minutes, she exited with a new Croagunk on her team. With a great sigh, the Fighting-type hung her head low once more. How many times now? How many times has the stupid door opened to let in a Pokemon Trainer? How many times did this Timburr look up hopefully at the Trainers as they looked at all the Pokemon available for adoption? And how many times... how many times did those Trainers adopt something else? Even that wretched maniac Stunfisk got adopted and she didn't! Not for nothing, though, Timburr was very grateful that the diabolical prankster was out of the picture, but still...

Sighing, the Timburr thought back to when the man who had hatched her brought her to the Adoption Center. She was so confused, what had she done? And none of the Pokemon in the Adoption Center would talk to her much either... It was a lonely existence. Every stinking day was more or less like this for her.

Timburr got up and started to morosely wander around, dragging a large log of lumber behind her. How much longer could she put up with the constant rejection? Was it because she was a female of a decidedly masculine-looking species? From what she had heard, a great majority of male Kirlia end up evolving into Gallade rather than Gardevoir, after all... Was that it? Was she just too weird for any trainer to want?

This unpleasant thought plagued Timburr's mind as she came to the edge of the counter. Looking down, the Fighting-type could see that it was a considerable drop to the floor. A Pokemon of her size could really injure herself just attempting such a jump... Or worse, she realized. And yet... And yet, somehow the idea stuck in her mind. Did she dare? After all, if the previous Arceus knows how many days were any sort of indicator, what exactly was she looking forward to? More long, drawn-out months of rejection, only to be released to the wild? Assuming, of course, that all this talk of an incinerator was just to scare gullible trainers? As Timburr thought, she found herself inching closer and closer to the edge... there seemed to be the point of a nail poking out of a floorboard, maybe she'd aim for that-

"There is a right trainer for every Pokemon."

Timburr froze for a moment, then looked around. None of the other Pokemon were nearby, and she didn't recognize the voice which had just spoken in any case. In fact, despite it being loud and clear, nobody in the whole place seemed to so much as notice anything.

"H-hello?" the Fighting-type said quietly. Then, the voice sounded again, and this time, Timburr could also see that her log was vibrating slightly as the voice sounded.

"Yes, you heard me," the voice said. There was an odd, unearthly quality to the voice, and yet it was also unmistakably kind and caring. The log also ceased to vibrate the exact instant the voice stopped, something the Timburr did not fail to notice.

"Wait, are you... are you my log?" she asked.

"Yes... and no," the voice replied. "I'm not actually your log, but I am inhabiting it at this time. It's quite comfortable, too. Spirits such as myself, you see, we can do that. My name is Willow."

"Um... Hi, Willow," Timburr said as she turned to face the log completely. "Uh... so, what are you doing in my log, anyway?" she asked.

"You looked like you needed someone to talk to," Willow responded. At this, the Timburr gave a small smile, for the first time for as long as she could remember.

"You actually wanted to talk to me?" she asked. "Nobody's ever talked to me before." She then picked up the log and held it in her arms. "But... why me?"

"Look around you," Willow said. "Everyone else in this place is doing perfectly fine... it's here where I'm needed, with you. Do you deny that you were about to try and kill yourself?"

At this, the Timburr gave another look behind her, looked at the long drop to the floor, and suppressed a shudder. "...No," she admitted in a low voice. "But, I look so masculine, and I'm a girl, who would want a Timburr like that?" she asked, on the verge of tears.

"Different trainers have different tastes," Willow replied. "You have hardly seen every trainer in Fizzytopia pass through those doors; you've merely been unfortunate enough to see just ones that aren't right for you. After all, there was a trainer who chose to take that insane Stunfisk, correct?"

"That was days ago, though," Timburr murmured, tilting her head. "How did you know about that?"

"Since my death, I have roamed all around," Willow stated. "One tends to hear things while roaming the world in death. Like how there have been many Pokemon that spent even longer than you in this place and still went to loving trainers in the end."

"Give me an example," the Timburr said, sounding somewhat skeptical.

"Sure," Willow said. "I heard of a Qwilfish many years ago, spent months in here. Then, a trainer came in to give up his untameable Tentacool for adoption, and wound up adopting the Qwilfish. He was teased and berated for giving up a potential Tentacruel for a Qwilfish, but he stood by his decision. Now this Qwilfish has a reputation as one of the most powerful Pokemon in the world."

"Really?" Timburr asked, now smiling.

"I would not lie about something like this," Willow said. "Forgive me- I don't believe I got your name?" she added.

"Well, um, I don't actually have a name just yet," Timburr sighed. "It's... it's just Timburr for now, until I get a trainer... if I get a trainer..."

"Now, don't think like that," Willow said gently. "There's plenty of time for the right trainer to come in and take you. Besides, you're obviously a very nice Pokemon. All it would take is one trainer who isn't weirded out by the idea of a female Timburr, and I'm sure there are trainers like that out there."

"Well... I guess I can give things a chance," conceded the Fighting-type. "Um... but... do you think you could maybe... stay? In my log, I mean? I'll understand if you want to keep on moving-"

"Actually," Willow interrupted, "I find talking to you to be a pleasant experience. I find you very likable. I was going to ask you if I could live in your log. Possibly indefinitely."

"Sure, that'd be great," Timburr smiled. With that, she walked away from the edge of the counter, carrying her log with much more care than she usually would, talking happily with Willow throughout the day.

Timburr and Willow would continue to talk to each other as the weeks passed. Every time another Pokemon got adopted, Timburr would get upset, but Willow would always be able to reassure her with her kind words. And sure enough, at some point in December, a Trainer came in and adopted Timburr, after which point he traded her to a friend of his, a Pokemon Trainer by the name of Keith Masters, who named her Millicent. Far from being weirded out by her, he was very much accepting of the fact that she was a female Timburr, and even accepted Willow's presence in the Timburr's log without question, a definite first for her. Everything worked out for the best, just as Willow had said it would.

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Spoiler: show
Welcome to Missingno. Master's Mysterious Missing Media, Part 3. A series of unlisted posts that serve as treasure troves of lore about my various characters that might not be so easily findable elsewhere. But before you can access the vault, you must first prove your worth by answering these questions three.

Question 1: What name did Laugh go by when she was alive?

A: Ashley Crustle
Spoiler: show

Question 2: Which of the following Shellder has total control over its host?

A: Kenny
Spoiler: show

Question 3: Which of the following ships did not sink during the Battle for Sludge Wave Coast?

A: The Mock Kelp
Spoiler: show
Wow. Astonishing. You didn't get a single question right! Try again!

B: The Banette's Revenge
Spoiler: show
Ehh, you picked it up near the end, but overall you still only got one right. Try again!

C: The Iron Charm
Spoiler: show
Wow. Astonishing. You didn't get a single question right! Try again!

B: Big Bertha
Spoiler: show

Question 3: Which of the following ships did not sink during the Battle for Sludge Wave Coast?

A: The Mock Kelp
Spoiler: show
Wow. Astonishing. You didn't get a single question right! Try again!

B: The Banette's Revenge
Spoiler: show
Ehh, you picked it up near the end, but overall you still only got one right. Try again!

C: The Iron Charm
Spoiler: show
Wow. Astonishing. You didn't get a single question right! Try again!

C: Yield
Spoiler: show

Question 3: Which of the following ships did not sink during the Battle for Sludge Wave Coast?

A: The Mock Kelp
Spoiler: show
Nope! You got one right, but that don't cut the mustard. Try again!

B: The Banette's Revenge
Spoiler: show
So close, and yet so not close. You got two out of three correct, but almost chicken don't make soup. Try again!

C: The Iron Charm
Spoiler: show
Nope! You got one right, but that don't cut the mustard. Try again!

B: Laura Frosley
Spoiler: show

Question 2: Which of the following Shellder has total control over its host?

A: Kenny
Spoiler: show

Question 3: Which of the following ships did not sink during the Battle for Sludge Wave Coast?

A: The Mock Kelp
Spoiler: show
Aaagh, after such a good start, you fell off so hard! Try again!

B: The Banette's Revenge
Spoiler: show
Two out of three ain't bad, but almost chicken don't make soup. Try again!

C: The Iron Charm
Spoiler: show
Aaagh, after such a good start, you fell off so hard! Try again!

B: Big Bertha
Spoiler: show

Question 3: Which of the following ships did not sink during the Battle for Sludge Wave Coast?

A: The Mock Kelp
Spoiler: show
Aaagh, after such a good start, you fell off so hard! Try again!

B: The Banette's Revenge
Spoiler: show
Two out of three ain't bad, but almost chicken don't make soup. Try again!

C: The Iron Charm
Spoiler: show
Aaagh, after such a good start, you fell off so hard! Try again!

C: Yield
Spoiler: show

Question 3: Which of the following ships did not sink during the Battle for Sludge Wave Coast?

A: The Mock Kelp
Spoiler: show
Aaagh, you were so close! Try again!

B: The Banette's Revenge
Spoiler: show
Access granted. Welcome to the vault.

Spoiler: show
Missingno. Master's Mysterious Missing Media, Part 3
  • Phenac is flat-out impossible to read, and between this and its naturally physically imposing presence, it can be tough to tell whether it truly respects Gavin. The truth? It does respect him, and very greatly. It appreciates that Gavin is not put off by its inherently intimidating mannerisms, and doesn't hesitate to obey Gavin. Unless it sees some glaring flaw that Gavin seems to be overlooking. Which, to Gavin's credit, doesn't happen often.
  • Holly seems like an oblivious ditz, but has surprising cunning and intellect. Her one weakness in this regard is a complete inability to foretell whether her Present will explode or heal.
  • Luna is exceptionally psychically gifted, even by Swoobat standards. Long-distance telepathy, precision telekinesis, mind reading, the occasional stunningly accurate premonitions, she has it all. She can't control what she foresees, however, or when she foresees it. The premonitions come to her basically whenever, and sometimes they're supremely mundane. There's no rhyme or reason to them. However, if she realizes the need to act on any of them in order to ensure it comes to pass, or else to prevent it, she will act on it.
  • Want refers to Terri as "Honchkrow Terri". Being called Honchkrow as a title is the ultimate form of respect from a Murkrow- it means they see you as their superior, their unquestioned leader. Their Honchkrow. For this reason, Want refuses to evolve- she's a follower, not a leader. Also if she evolved she couldn't abuse Prankster, and that kinda messes with her rivalry with Help, who also has an Ability that gives certain moves increase priority- Triage, in this case. The rivalry persists even after Help joined Helena's team.
  • Terri does not give Laugh orders in battle or withdraw her into her Luxury Ball, unless there is some manner of imminent emergency that basically makes such a thing necessary. In fact, Terri wouldn't have a ball for Laugh at all were it not for the constant concern that someone else might catch her, as without a ball she'd technically be fair game as a wild Pokémon. Indeed, Terri simply takes for granted that when she and Laugh go anywhere together, she can only have five Pokémon on hand.
  • Perform was first inspired by images of a Pokémon fusion generator creating a fusion of Loudred and Mr. Mime named Loud Mime. When I hatched a random Mime Jr. one day I knew instantly I had to make the Loud Mime a reality, and the rest is history. Best two breeding slots I ever spent. Yes, this was back when type Eggs cost two breeding slots apiece. Zero regrets. I invariably have a blast writing Perform's dialogue. He is wildly over the top and bombastic, and it makes me smile and chuckle every time.
  • Nuzzle was originally going to go to Willa, but I already had the idea for what Terri would say while doing the Mimikium Z poses, so on that basis alone I changed my plans there. She and Crabbe still ended up a couple, so that didn't change- after all, Terri doesn't live very far from the Poisonous Palace, so it's not exactly a lengthy commute for the couple to see each other.
  • Willa's Vivillon being Polar Pattern was inspired by that being the pattern I myself get in my Gen 6 games. It's a pattern I have a certain fondness for, and that is echoed in it being the favorite pattern of Willa's late father, Henri Carnet.
  • Willa's Probopass is, I think, the original Mr. Nose. Like, the exact Nosepass Marion dropped in the Adoption Center during her big reset. He is not treated as such in RP, but I try to make his personality somewhat of an homage to his probable origins. I could never truly replicate the brilliance that is Mr. Nose in any case, so I figured trying to do so would be nothing less than an insult. And an insult is the exact opposite of what I wish towards Mr. Nose.
  • Meowstic has been something I've been planning in FB since the species's existence was first revealed to us. Many opportunities at a female Espurr had slipped through my fingers since then. And when I finally got one of my own, she... was Shiny. I actually went and Natural Sprayed her, because I frankly prefer the color scheme of normal female Meowstic. I'd have just slapped her on Gavin's team had I not had a specific role in mind, and though this role predated Willa's existence, I found the two would work well together, and so Espurr was moved to Willa's section of the Memakyu until I obtained her.
  • The concept of an absurdly powerful Weedle with insane attacks was something I'd wanted to make happen in FB since I joined. So naturally, I only got Hermione just after universal TM compatibility was abolished. So, even more naturally, I improvised. Non-TM items that taught non-Custom moves that were given out before the rule change were grandfathered in as still being able to do their thing universally, so I traded for as many different ones as I could get my hands on. All Custom Moves were still fair game (except Ice Barrier, that used to only be teachable to Ice-types). Toughest move to teach her? Swift. Had to track down some obscure piece of cake given out once many years ago, find someone who hadn't used theirs and was actually willing to part with it. That wasn't easy. Do I regret it now that universal TM compatibility is back? Nah. It makes for a cool story to tell.
  • When I hatched Pikablu, she was originally going to go to Tom's team. I didn't have much of an idea for her, until Raves pointed out the Pikablu myths from way back when, and that's when everything clicked. I wasn't sure quite how I wanted to convey how special she was compared to regular Marill, since all depictions of "Pikablu" were just... regular Marill. So I made her a slightly darker shade of blue, and added blue swirling mist patterns to evoke the image of the Mist Stone used to evolve her. I have a recolor done in a similar vein for the Azumarill stage, but I won't use it. There's just Pikablu, not Raiblu.
  • I actually greatly prefer female Unfezant to males, and I dearly wish Gale was female. But I still like male Unfezant, so it's definitely something I can live with.

C: The Iron Charm
Spoiler: show
Aaagh, you were so close! Try again!

C: Lily McPhione
Spoiler: show

Question 2: Which of the following Shellder has total control over its host?

A: Kenny
Spoiler: show

Question 3: Which of the following ships did not sink during the Battle for Sludge Wave Coast?

A: The Mock Kelp
Spoiler: show
Wow. Astonishing. You didn't get a single question right! Try again!

B: The Banette's Revenge
Spoiler: show
Ehh, you picked it up near the end, but overall you still only got one right. Try again!

C: The Iron Charm
Spoiler: show
Wow. Astonishing. You didn't get a single question right! Try again!

B: Big Bertha
Spoiler: show

Question 3: Which of the following ships did not sink during the Battle for Sludge Wave Coast?

A: The Mock Kelp
Spoiler: show
Wow. Astonishing. You didn't get a single question right! Try again!

B: The Banette's Revenge
Spoiler: show
Ehh, you picked it up near the end, but overall you still only got one right. Try again!

C: The Iron Charm
Spoiler: show
Wow. Astonishing. You didn't get a single question right! Try again!

C: Yield
Spoiler: show

Question 3: Which of the following ships did not sink during the Battle for Sludge Wave Coast?

A: The Mock Kelp
Spoiler: show
Nope! You got one right, but that don't cut the mustard. Try again!

B: The Banette's Revenge
Spoiler: show
So close, and yet so not close. You got two out of three correct, but almost chicken don't make soup. Try again!

C: The Iron Charm
Spoiler: show
Nope! You got one right, but that don't cut the mustard. Try again!

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The Egg

All was quiet in the dense forests of Astoria. It was a calm day indeed. Nothing was going on, merely the local wild Pokémon going about their usual business... and then, out of nowhere, there was a dazzling blast of light, causing a flock of Tranquill to take off in terror, flying away in every direction. Then, as the light faded away, its source became visible- a small, green creature, floating in midair with the aid of two small, transparent wings. Its head was shaped remarkably like an onion, and it glanced nervously in every direction with wide eyes. Its body was covered with a number of relatively mild scrapes, bruises, and cuts. Clutched tightly within its arms was a vivid and bright green Egg.

At first, the Celebi saw no one around, but then there came a bipedal creature, pink and cream in coloration, a look of concern on her face. "Oh, my," the Audino whispered. "Are you... are you the one they call Celebi?"

Celebi looked around once more, apparently wary, before nodding in response to the Normal-type's question. "I am," it replied as it floated down to the Audino. "I... I've traveled here from the future, because... well, I shan't go into detail, but suffice it to say that things turn very ugly about 2,000 years down the road... The entire Fizzytopia region, torn apart by war... It can be prevented, of course, and I intend to see to it that the events I was unfortunate enough to bear witness to do not come to pass. In the meantime, however," it added, glancing at the Egg it was holding onto, "...I could not save the parents, I am afraid, but... I was at least able to spare the Egg."

"Wow..." the Audino replied, examining the Egg. She then took hold of one of the odd string-like appendages trailing down from her ear, and touched it to the Egg, appearing to listen intently. After a few seconds, she nodded her satisfaction and stopped. "The baby seems healthy," reported Audino. "What of your injuries, though?" she added in obvious concern for the legendary Pokémon's well-being, as she examined Celebi's wounds.

"Your concern is appreciated, but unnecessary," smiled Celebi. "I will heal, that is not a problem. The pressing issue right now is the Egg. I was sent into the war-torn future with the specific purpose to retrieve it."

"Sent...?" began Audino.

"You see," Celebi explained, "My time traveling abilities are great fun, there's no doubt about it... but they come with responsibilities. The Original One did not grant me these powers for laughs- It sends me on missions through time."

"The Original One?" repeated Audino in wonder. "Do you mean Ar-"

"Please," interrupted Celebi, "Forgive me, but the name is not something to be spoken casually... I know what you were going to say, and you are correct. It has sent me to retrieve the Egg... it is rare It has me do that sort of thing. Sure enough, It informed me that the Egg It wanted me to retrieve was a special one."

"Special how?" Audino asked, her head tilted in curiosity.

In response, Celebi glanced warily around again before leaning in close to Audino and whispering, "This Egg will hatch into the first female descendant of the great hero Rhyperior." Audino gave an audible gasp at this news, and Celebi nodded. "I take it I need not explain the legend to you, then?" it added with a smile.

"I know it by heart," replied the Audino. "A gang of unscrupulous Pokémon tried to strip Ar- sorry, the Original One- of Its power and use it for their own nefarious ends, after which they planned to kill It. But they were thwarted by a brave, heroic Rhyperior, who drove them away and saved Ar- the Original One, sorry. It was extremely grateful to the Rhyperior, and as his reward, It decreed that the Rhyperior's first female descendant would possess his own purity of heart tenfold."

Celebi nodded. "Yes. The Pokémon in this Egg, if raised with loving care, will be one of the nicest, sweetest, most loving Pokémon in the world. She will be naturally drawn towards those who are most in need of a friend, and will always be there to comfort those she cares about- that is to say, more or less everyone she meets. And given how violent, how war-ridden, how unbearable the world has become in this Egg's originally intended time, the Original One insisted I bring it to a more peaceful time before I begin to take the other steps necessary to change that future for the better. There would be no hope of her getting the loving care she needs and deserves in such bleak times."

"Makes sense," nodded Audino. "Things have been very peaceful around here lately, I think you made a good call to bring the Egg here."

"I agree," said Celebi. "It wishes, however, for the Egg to be put into the care of a Pokémon Trainer-"

"I know just the place!" Audino interrupted, before realizing that she had interrupted. "Oh, oh, sorry," she added, sounding a bit embarrassed.

"It's not a problem," Celebi said reassuringly. "Just tell me where I should bring the Egg."

"The humans, they have this large building, I think it's called the Egg House," Audino explained. "Pokémon Eggs are collected by humans and brought there, where they're then distributed to Trainers. That would be your best bet."

"Thank you," replied Celebi, smiling. "Do you know where the Egg House is?"

"I do," nodded Audino. "Follow me."

With that, Audino dashed through the forest, leading Celebi down a winding, twisting trail. After roughly an hour, they found themselves facing the back of a large building. Parked nearby was a large truck, and several men were carefully unloading Pokémon Eggs of various colors from within, bringing them into the building. Audino turned to look at Celebi, only to see that the Egg was gone! "Wha-" she started.

Celebi gave a small giggle. "Don't worry," it replied. "The Egg's in the truck. I froze time before I placed it in there so they wouldn't see me, you know?"

"Ohh, OK," sighed Audino in relief. "You can freeze time, though? I never knew that."

"Oh, yes, it can be great fun, too," Celebi smiled. "Perhaps we could talk a little before I need to get going again? I've got time to spare, after all."

As Audino and Celebi ventured back into the forest, the special Egg was unloaded into the Egg House, where the experts classified it as a Poison Nature Egg. The next day, January 17th, 2011, a 20-year-old Pokémon Trainer entered the Egg House and requested that exact kind of Egg. He left the Egg House, not knowing just how special the Pokémon within was.


"Ohh, cool, it's a Bulbasaur!" Keith exclaimed as he saw a tiny green-blue creature emerge from the Poison Nature Egg.

"Saaaur," smiled the baby Bulbasaur as she looked up at her new trainer adoringly. She then gave a cute yawn, curled up, and fell asleep right there on the counter. Keith pointed his Pokédex at his newest Pokémon.

"Bulbasaur, the Seed Pokémon," it droned. "Bulbasaur has a seed planted on its back. The plant sprouts and grows along with the Pokémon."

"Oh, she's a keeper, for sure," Keith murmured. He took out a Poké Ball, but after a moment, decided to instead carry his new Bulbasaur in his arms.

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Gone Fishing

It was a quiet day in Keith's treetop Secret Base. While Keith tended to spend the majority of his days exploring Fizzytopia, going out on adventures, or else meeting up with his friends at the Bar or their respective Secret Bases, today he opted to stay home and relax. Currently, he was in the kitchen, assisting Hermione in the cooking of hamburgers for lunch, while Shelley, his Torkoal, was helping to cook bacon. In the other room, several of Keith's Pokémon were lounging around; Ruby, the Houndour, was happily playing tag with Pomona, the Ivysaur; Marvolo, the Seviper, was teaching Norbert, the Axew, some of his stealthier hunting techniques, as the duo was planning to go hunting together later; and over in the corner, a Blue-Striped Basculin was irritably swimming around in a large fish tank.

"Damnation," Pisces grumbled to herself. "It's been far too long since I've taken any prey. Far, far too long. I wish we'd actually go somewhere for once! And not just to that Park, either- what a waste of time. Such a huge lake, and I can't get a single bite! I go for something, something else stops me... Huh," she remarked, upon spotting an odd pale pink object in the water before her. She wasn't sure what it was, but it seemed to be emitting a sweet-smelling sap from the tip. The aroma was appetizing, and before Pisces knew it, she chomped down hard on the foreign object. Before she could get too good of a taste, however, she suddenly found herself being yanked out of the water. To her shock and outrage, it turned out that she had bitten the tail of a Shiny Slowpoke, who was only just now turning to face his catch as he lazily lay atop the tank's partly ajar lid.

"...Ooooh," Dudley remarked. "Caught something."

"Mmmmph?!" muffled Pisces in a rage, before she started to muffle a barrage of swearwords at the Slowpoke. Of course, even if her profanity wasn't currently being muffled by a mouth of Slowpoketail, it's doubtful Dudley would have even registered her words as hurtful. And then, as if Pisces wasn't pissed enough, she suddenly found herself clamped in the Slowpoke's mouth. Angrily, she spat out the tail. "What do you think you're doing?!" she demanded, thrashing angrily to break free from Dudley's jaws. Though the Shiny Slowpoke had a grip on her, Pisces managed to break free by making use of Superpower. She landed in the water, panting. "What the fuck was that?!" she angrily demanded. "I'm supposed to eat you, not the other way around!"

"My name is Dudley," the Slowpoke replied. "You are lunch."

"Oh, hell, no!" the Blue-Striped Basculin snapped. "My name is Pisces. Learn it and fear it, bitch. And I ain't nobody's lunch!"

"...You are not nobody's lunch. You are Dudley's lunch," the Slowpoke replied simply.

"We'll see about that!" retorted Pisces as she fired off a Water Gun. Though Dudley took the attack in the face, not only did it not seem to bother him, he barely even seemed to register the fact that he was under attack. Pisces stopped the attack, looking exasperated at this point. Then, a full five seconds later, Dudley blinked.

"...Heeey," the Slowpoke said. "Wait a minute. Lunch attacked Dudley. Now Dudley attack lunch."

"Bring it, you brainless oaf!" exclaimed Pisces.

And bring it Dudley did. A reddish aura came over the Slowpoke's body as his Curse attack increased his Attack and Defense, at the cost of cutting his already pitiful Speed. Then, with surprising force, Dudley lunged, slamming into Pisces with a powerful Tackle attack, and taking the entire battle underwater. Now snarling in anger, Pisces let loose an Ice Beam, but Dudley was already charging into another Tackle. The Ice Beam struck him in the head, but the Slowpoke didn't even seem to notice it, cutting through the move like a knife through extremely icy butter.

'"Damn it!" Pisces yelled as she was slammed backward by the second Tackle. "How did you get through that Ice Beam?!"

"...Ice Beam?" Dudley asked, a blank look on his face.

"GAAAAH!" Pisces screamed in exasperation, before charging forward with her own Tackle. Dudley didn't seem to register the notion that he was under attack, but it made little difference- the attack barely did anything. Clearly, the Curse he had used earlier was still in effect. Instead, Dudley reached with his head, in an attempt to catch the Blue-Striped Basculin in his mouth. Pisces darted out of the way and swam back up to the surface, where Dudley followed her. Before the Slowpoke could do anything else, however, the Water-types were interrupted.

"Burgers are ready!" Keith called from the kitchen. "Peeves, you know the drill-"

"I know," the Dusclops interrupted, clutching a Poké Ball in one of his hands. "Keep Crabbe away from the food until everyone else has eaten."

Dudley sniffed at the air. "Mmm.... burgers," the Shiny Slowpoke murmured as he climbed out of the tank and slowly walked across the floor. "Dudley have hot lunch today. Violent lunch tomorrow."

Normally, the scent of freshly cooked burgers would have Pisces jumping out of her tank and flopping determinedly towards the source, but right now, she was lost in thought. This Slowpoke- this brainless, slow oaf- could very well make a meal of her! The Basculin shuddered at the thought of being on the other end of the food chain. She was supposed to be the predator, not the prey! Clearly, she reasoned, she had to get stronger. Her kind could learn powerful moves- Bite and Crunch would give her some super effective options to subdue Dudley, and his Curse boosts would be no match for her if she knew how to use Chip Away. And in that moment, Pisces realized- instead of trying to use what few moves she currently had to catch her prey, she had to get stronger, learn more moves, and then use those plus her increased strength to nab bigger prey than what she could currently get. A couple of measly wild Remoraid here and there, the occasional Rattata when she hunted on land... she craved bigger, better, tastier prey, and damn it, she was going to get it! This stupid Slowpoke would not get the better of her!

"Pisces, come on!" exclaimed Norbert as he dashed past the tank. "Lunch is ready!"

"Hmm? Oh, yeah," muttered Pisces as she jumped out of the tank and started flopping across the floor. She wasn't sure how she was going to start getting stronger, but perhaps she'd think better on a full stomach. One thing was certain, though- it would be her who ended up eating Dudley, and not the other way around.

"Well," hissed a voice from behind Pisces. "Something's clearly got you distracted."

Pisces spun around as quickly as she could on dry land, spotting a Seviper behind her. "Oh," she muttered. "What's up, Marvolo?"

"What's up is that insufferable Slowpoke nearly made you his lunch," stated Marvolo. "You put up a good fight, for sure, but-"

"I know," snapped Pisces. "I need to get stronger. Marvolo, you're pretty strong, how did you do it?"

"Simple," the Seviper responded. "You need to get Keith to admit you to the Daycare. You get in some excellent training there. After I was there, I was able to subdue and eat a wild Mienfoo."

"A Mienfoo?" repeated Pisces, sounding impressed. She couldn't help it- only the best of predators had any hope of preying on a Fighting-type.

"Get Keith to get you started in there," Marvolo smirked. "Trust me. It pays off. If you can't get the hint through to him yourself, get Meowth or one of the ghosts to translate for you."

"I think I'll do that," Pisces nodded.

"Good," Marvolo nodded as he slithered off towards the kitchen. Pisces flopped after him, thinking for the first time that maybe, just maybe, it wouldn't be the end of the world for her to accept help from others. Going it alone hadn't gotten her much- a few Remoraid and Rattata, not to mention nearly becoming a Shiny Slowpoke's lunch. Besides, Norbert was a skilled hunter already, and Pisces couldn't help but notice that he wasn't too proud to accept help from Marvolo. As most of Pisces's teammates gave her a wide berth as she ate her lunch, none of them noticed that she was eating more quietly and thoughtfully than usual, as all this weighed on her mind.

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"Alright, Ron, use yer Rock Smash!" Meowth ordered.

"Batrach, use Gust!" yelled Keith.

"Sawk Sawk," grunted Ron, the Fighting-type dashing forward, his right fist glowing a bright red as he prepared to attack.

"Piiiidove dove dove!" trilled the Pidove as she flapped her wings furiously, a forceful blast of wind whipping up and succeeding in holding the opposing Sawk back.

"Awesome, Batrach," grinned Keith. "Now give your Fly attack a shot!"

"Ron, Strength attack!" commanded Meowth.

Batrach soared up high into the sky, while Ron stood in place, watching the Pidove carefully. Then, Batrach dove down, at which point the Sawk readied a punch. The Pidove's body collided with the Sawk's fist with great force, with neither combatant willing to give in. The two of them struggled for a few seconds, before both of them backed off.

"Alright, I think that'll do it for now," grinned Keith. "Batrach, Ron, good work, both of you. And Meowth, thanks for your help as well."

"Ehh, twern't nuttin'," Meowth replied modestly.

"OK, we'll pick up on this tomorrow," Keith said, addressing his Pidove and Sawk. "Ron, I want to keep going on this until you can break right through Batrach's Gust, OK? And Batrach, Fly is super effective on a Fighting-type like Ron here, so I want to work on that until you can take him out with it. But once again, you two did great today."

"Pidove dove!" chirped Batrach happily.

"Sawk Sawk," added Ron, smiling in recognition of his trainer's praise.

"So wat now?" Meowth asked Keith.

"One more training session, then I introduce Batrach to the whole team," Keith replied.

"Oh, yeah, dat should be fun," Meowth muttered.

"Yeah," Keith sighed. He was not looking forward to introducing Hedwig to Batrach. The Crobat was undoubtedly one of Keith's most loyal Pokémon, perhaps even his most loyal, to the point where she flat out refused to take orders from anyone else. Not even Meowth. However, she also was highly prone to jealousy whenever Keith would take another avian Pokémon onto his team. Keith considered himself very lucky that Hedwig wound up warming up to Luna, but was not sure if the same miracle could be expected here. Of course, Hedwig did not seem jealous of Stewie's addition to the team, but Keith supposed that this was more due to Stewie's inability to learn or use Fly, and also possibly his distinct lack of loyalty to his trainer. But then, Stewie being a Shadow Ledian, lack of loyalty was not altogether unexpected. "Well, it could work out all right, for all we know. We'll just have to wait and see."

Meowth sighed and shook his head. "It's like youse traded in yer common sense fer more optimism," he remarked.

"Ha ha," Keith replied, now holding a Poké Ball in each hand. At this moment, he threw them both into the air. "OK! Dudley, Pepperspray, I choose you!" he shouted.

From one ball emerged an oddly colored Slowpoke. "Sloooooooow," he yawned, several sparkling blue stars swirling around his body as he did so. This was Dudley, a Shiny Slowpoke, though whether he was actually aware of his being Shiny, Keith had no idea.

From the other ball emerged what appeared to be a spherical purple blur, which occasionally spewed a small puff of yellow smoke in a random direction. In reality, it was a rapidly rotating Koffing, and every time Keith saw him, he began to wonder why Koffing were unable to learn Rapid Spin. "Koffing Koffing Koffing KOFFING!" Pepperspray exclaimed in his usual hyper way.

"Alright, I'll command Dudley," Keith told Meowth. "You command Pepperspray."

"Gee, tanks," Meowth replied sarcastically. "Pepperspray, listen up! We're doin' some more trainin', so stop spinnin' and get ready ta fight!"

"All right, Dudley! Start with a Tackle attac-"

"Cro," came a sudden growl from directly behind Keith. Despite the sheer unexpectedness of this turn of events, Keith did not jump in surprise. Instead, he merely sighed and wheeled around. Sure enough, a Crobat was hovering right before him, and she did not look happy. Her eyes, however, were not fixed on Keith, but rather on the Pidove currently flying idly around the area. As Batrach landed on the roof of Keith's nearby Secret Base, Hedwig narrowed her eyes dangerously.

"Hedwig," Keith said to his Crobat, "Now, don't be like this, OK? Please? That Pidove is your new teammate, I'd appreciate it if you were a little more welcoming."

Hedwig shook her head vehemently. "Cro Crobat bat!" she snapped irritably.

"Hedwig says she don't tink dere's room on da team fer both her and Batrach," Meowth translated.

"Hedwig, that's ridiculous," Keith said flatly. "You can't be acting like this whenever I decide I want to get another Pokémon that can Fly me around. I ride around on Vernon a lot, and you don't hear Salazar complaining, do you? Trust me, Batrach could never take your place."

"Oh, sure, you say that now," Hedwig hissed. "But then you start raising her, and then she becomes a Tranquill, and then an Unfezant, and then she becomes a more comfortable ride, and where does that leave me?" The Crobat paused, regarding the Pidove with an unpleasant scowl. "Not again," she said, seemingly more to herself than to anyone else, before she flew off. Keith did not pursue Hedwig- she'd be back, he knew. This was not the first time she's ever taken a flight to clear her head.

Keith sighed as Meowth translated Hedwig's response to him. "I just don't get it, Meowth," Keith said sadly. "I've had Hedwig on my team almost from the start. It'll have been eight years this October, in fact. How can she still think she can be replaced that easily?"

"Where'd ya get Hedwig from, anyways?" Meowth asked. "Ya never told me."

"I remember it well," was Keith's response, a small smile forming on his face as he thought back to that day.

Originally Posted by Flashback
The date was October 24th, 2005. The bell on the Adoption Center's door rang as it was pushed open by a 15-year-old trainer- Keith Masters. He dressed back then as he does now- a red and white sleeveless jacket over a black t-shirt, a pair of blue jeans, white sneakers, and what remains his most distinctive feature, a brown cowboy hat atop his head. The man standing behind the counter gave a small sigh as Keith walked around. "I swear, this guy gets more Pokémon from this place... And they're all Poison-types, to boot."

Keith started to walk around the room, but before he could get a good look at any of the Pokémon, he heard a sudden shout from the man behind the counter, as well as a sudden rushing sound from behind him. He wheeled around, just in time to spot a blue blur diving right for his neck. With amazing reflexes, Keith dove out of the way of the would-be-attacker. Once he ascertained the safety of his neck, he turned to look, and it was hovering before him, flapping its wings rapidly to stay airborne- it had a thin blue body, large leathery wings that were purple on the inside, and a pair of large, pointed ears upon its head. It did not seem to have eyes. Keith pointed his Pokédex at the creature.

"Zubat, the Bat Pokémon," droned the device. "Zubat has no eyes, so it uses ultrasonic waves to move around in complete darkness. It dislikes sunlight, and sleeps in dark places until sundown."

"A Poison and Flying-type, hmm?" Keith remarked, regarding the Zubat with interest.

"Hey, now, I gotta warn you about that one," the Adoption Center employee spoke up. "This is the second time she's been through the Adoption Center. She doesn't exactly have a high opinion of humanity."

"Aww," Keith frowned. He stepped a little closer to the Zubat, very slowly. Though Zubat lacked any facial features besides a mouth full of sharp fangs, she still somehow managed to look wary. "It's alright, Zubat," he said gently. "You wanna perch on my arm?" he asked, offering his right arm.

Zubat gave a single wary squeak in response to this. The human seemed nice enough... Then again, she had thought the same of her previous two trainers, and look where that got her. A quick Supersonic scan confirmed that he was still offering his arm. Of course, she was a little thirsty, this could very well be her chance to have a nice beverage... After a few minutes of thought, Zubat decided she'd think better with a chance to rest her wings a bit. If he proved to be just as bad as the others, she could always drain his blood then. Therefore, she slowly perched on Keith's arm, causing the Trainer's smile to widen.

"There, see, it's OK," Keith stated, gently patting the Zubat on the head. Zubat found herself feeling somewhat pleased with this, much to her own surprise. This human... this human seemed to like her. Genuinely. She allowed him to continue to pat her head, though involuntarily let out a noticeably happier squeak. "Heh, I take it you like this?" grinned Keith. OK, Zubat was starting to get the idea that there was no sense trying to hide her enjoyment of this from him any further. She nodded in response to his question.

"OK, that's just incredible," the Adoption Center Employee stated, a stunned look on his face. "I have yet to see her warm up to anyone else that quick."

"Well, Poison-types are kind of my area of expertise," Keith responded, continuing to pat the Zubat. "I'd have thought you'd have known that by now, in fact, between the Qwilfish and the Venonat I got from here. In fact, you know what? Zubat, how would you like to come with me?"

Zubat did not reply right away. Once again, she found herself having doubts... She couldn't deny that the human clearly knew how to treat her kind, but once again, her previous two Trainers had just dumped her in this place. Could she handle a third rejection? She sent a very mild Supersonic into the human's face, just enough to get a feel for his facial expression- he seemed to still be smiling at her.

"C'mon, what do you say?" Keith asked. "The rest of the team's all Poison-types, you'll fit right in, and I'd really love to have you on board."

The next few seconds passed in total silence, and then Zubat made her decision. Maybe it was completely foolhardy. Maybe, after the last two humans, this too was doomed to end in failure. But on the other hand, maybe it would work out. She couldn't tell either way, but after seeing how this human was treating her, perhaps it would be worth her while to find out? At last, Zubat gave a small smile and nodded.

Keith's grin widened. "That's really great," he said happily, before turning to face the man behind the counter. "I'll take her. Can I get Zubat's Poké Ball, please?"

"Never thought this would happen, but... here," the man replied, tossing the red-and-white sphere to Keith, who caught it in the hand attached to the arm that was not currently being used as a Zubat perch.

"That's settled, then," Keith smiled. "Welcome to the team, Zubat."
"Hm," Meowth frowned, as Keith finished his story. "Well, dat kinda explains it, don'cha tink? I mean, Hedwig's had two Trainers before youse, and dey both dumped her in dat Adoption Center-"

"Oh, man," Keith murmured, his eyes widening in dawning comprehension. "That's why she finds it so easy to believe that she could be replaced- it wouldn't be the first time for her, would it?" Keith gave a sigh. "What am I gonna do?" he wondered out loud.

"Better tink fast- here comes Hedwig," Meowth warned. Keith looked up, and sure enough, his Crobat was flying back in his direction, still glaring disdainfully at Batrach.

"Hedwig!" Keith called. "Come down here, we need to have a talk."

At first, Hedwig did not react. She was still very displeased... After a moment, however, she started to descend. Pissed though she was, she never felt right ignoring a direct order from Keith.

"OK, Hedwig," Keith said, "I know you think Batrach's gonna take your place on the team someday. But the fact of the matter is, that's just not true. Even if riding on an Unfezant turns out to be more comfortable, the fact remains that you and I have been through too much, and I would never just throw all that away just because I get another Flying-type. I mean, come on, you remember all the good times we've had together, right?"

Hedwig looked down at the ground, as memories started to play through her mind...

Originally Posted by Flashback
"Again, Zubat! Use Supersonic!" Keith ordered.

"Zubat bat!" chattered Zubat, firing off a powerful volley of sonic waves from her mouth at a large boulder Keith had placed nearby. The big rock vibrated in place for several seconds before crumbling into gravel.

"Nice!" grinned Keith. "See, I told you, all you needed was a little practice, your Supersonic's really coming along. I think you've earned a little snack," he added, removing the shiny blue wrapper from a round piece of candy and tossing it in the air. Acting quickly, Zubat let fly another Supersonic to detect the Rare Candy's position, then swooped down and caught it in her mouth. She chewed it quickly, and just as she swallowed, a brilliant glow overcame her entire body! Keith gave an audible gasp, for he was witnessing something he had never before bore witness to- Pokémon evolution! Zubat's head and body seemed to merge together, her wings grew larger, and those odd spike-like protrusions on the bottom of her body morphed into actual feet. Finally, the glow faded, and the creature which flapped before Keith now was no longer a Zubat. She now had eyes, and more noticeably, her mouth was absolutely humongous. "Wh-whoa!" Keith stammered. "Did- Zubat, did you- did you just evolve?" He held up his Pokédex, still stammering in awe.

"Golbat, the Bat Pokémon, and the evolved form of Zubat," droned the device. "Golbat clamps down on its prey with its sharp fangs and drains as much as 10 ounces of blood in a single gulp. It will drain blood relentlessly, even if it becomes too heavy to fly."

"Oh, wow, this is awesome, Zu- er, Golbat! Congratulations!" Keith exclaimed. Golbat chattered happily in response.
Originally Posted by Flashback
The sea was rough, the ship was rocking, and the vicious aquatic Pokémon currently attacking were certainly doing nothing to help matters. However, Keith clutched the railing on the side of the ship tightly, refusing to give in- that was his Koffing and Golbat out there fighting them off, damn it! This was practically a fight for his life!

"Golbat! Water Pulse now!" Keith ordered. "And Koffing, use Shock Wave!"

Golbat responded to this by unleashing a Pulsing blast of Water from its mouth, an action mirrored by a sailor's Mantine. One hit the Gyarados, and the other struck the Slowking standing atop the Atrocious Pokémon. Then, Koffing's body sparked with electricity. "Koff... IIIIIIING!" bellowed Koffing, a sizzling bolt of electricity firing off its body, striking both Water-types. However, it appeared as though Slowking wasn't affected by the move.

"What the-" began Keith. Then, his eyes widened. "Oh, crap. Oh, crap, it's Mirror Coat!"

The Shock Wave began to bounce back from the Slowking's body at twice the ordinary power, but at that moment, one of the sailors shouted out to his Pokémon, a Corsola, who surfaced and used its own Mirror Coat. This sent the souped-up Shock Wave right back at the opponents. Slowking jumped off of Gyarados's back, leaving the latter to take the entirety of the damage.

"Golbat, use your Leech Life on Slowking!" Keith ordered, pointing at the Royal Pokémon currently treading water. At that point, however, both Slowking and Gyarados dove underwater. Keith tensed up- what would happen? Would they succumb to unconsciousness? Gyarados probably would- it took a Shock Wave at four times the normal power, and that wasn't even accounting for its major weakness to Electric.

And then, suddenly and without warning, a gigantic Twister erupted from the depths, catching both Koffing and Golbat, and throwing them both. Keith let go of the railing and raced back, managing to catch both Pokémon before they slammed into the deck. "You guys OK?" Keith asked.

"Koffing," murmured Koffing as it rose into the air. Golbat, however, merely looked up at Keith for a moment... and then began to glow. Keith's eyes widened as Golbat also rose into the air, changing shape, her feet getting longer and wider... and then finally, the glow subsided.

"Cro bat!" exclaimed the newly evolved Pokémon- now she was purple, and the insides of her wings were now blue- a reversal of her previous color scheme. Gone was the humongous mouth of her Golbat days- now it looked more comparable in size to a Zubat's mouth, and her eyes were a piercing shade of yellow. Also, her feet were now an extra set of wings. Golbat had evolved into Crobat.

"Crobat, the Bat Pokémon, and the evolved form of Golbat," droned Keith's Pokédex. "Crobat flies in absolute silence on its four wings. When it is tired, it only uses two wings, and switches sets every so often."

"Awesome," grinned Keith. "Congratulations, Crobat!"
Originally Posted by Yet another flashback
Deep in the forest, Keith was running at top speed, in pursuit of the brown and white creature fleeing from him. The Shiftry had made off with a Poké Ball belonging to Keith, which he could have forgiven if only the ball were empty. Alas, it was not- the ball contained Keith's Poochyena, and he had to get it back!

At this moment, however, Keith knew he wouldn't catch up with Shiftry at this pace. He therefore plucked a Poké Ball off his belt and held it up. "Crobat, go!" he shouted, as the Bat Pokémon was unleashed.

"Cro?" Crobat questioned, keeping up with her running trainer easily.

"After that Shiftry, Crobat!" Keith ordered. "It's got Poochyena! Trap it in place with Mean Look!"

"Bat," nodded Crobat. She sped off at the high speeds Keith knew she was capable of, and easily outstripped the Wicked Pokémon before wheeling around and stopping it where it stood with a fierce Mean Look attack.

Keith caught up around that time, and continued to give the orders as Shiftry fruitlessly endeavored to escape. "Crobat, Cross Poison!" he commanded.

"Crobat!" exclaimed Crobat, all four of her wings glowing a sinister shade of purple. Then, she slashed at Shiftry with all four wings, injecting it with the poison. However, Shiftry wasted no time in tapping into the Power of Nature, summoning a quick Razor Leaf, which proved highly ineffective. Crobat smirked at the pitifully weak attack, at which Shiftry looked pissed. Then, the Grass/Dark-type's eyes gleamed ominously, and before Keith knew it, Crobat was being subjected to its Extrasensory attack.

"Shiftry can learn Extrasensory?!" Keith exclaimed in shock. "Crobat, Screech attack now!

Immediately, a piercing Screeching noise emitted from Crobat's mouth. Shiftry tried to cover its ears, but with the Poké Ball in one of its leafy fan-hands, it couldn't quite get that done. Then, it tried to whip up a powerful and Razor-sharp Wind, but Keith wasn't about to allow that- he was on a roll now, and he intended to keep it up!

"Supersonic right now!" he yelled.

Crobat opened her mouth once again, and this time, a volley of shrill soundwaves burst forth from within. Again, Shiftry tried to cover its ears, and again, this proved unsuccessful- its eyes became glazed, and it started to stumble.

"It's confused!" cheered Keith. "Now's our chance, Crobat! Wing Attack! Knock Poochyena's ball right out of its hand!"

"Cro!" replied Hedwig as she Attacked with her Wing, successfully knocking the Poké Ball out of Shiftry's hand, though it retaliated with a sudden Pound attack.

"Now!" exclaimed Keith. "Crobat, grab it and bring it here!"

Crobat dove for the ball, but to Keith's dismay, Shiftry managed to shove her out of the way. Angered, the Bat Pokémon wheeled around and blasted another Screech attack right into its face. While Shiftry covered its ears in agony, Crobat dove down again, grabbed the ball with her lower wings, and deposited it safely in Keith's hands. Though the battle raged on, Keith was initially interested only in the Poké Ball that had safely been recovered. At least, until Shiftry let fly a Dark Pulse.

"Wait, a Dark Pulse?" Keith exclaimed. "That's a TM move- this Shiftry must have a Trainer! Crobat, Cross Poison!"
"Cro..." murmured Hedwig as she finally looked at Keith.

"You see?" Keith smiled. "Hedwig, you were the first of any of my Pokémon to evolve, and right now you're one of the strongest and most loyal Pokémon on the team. Even if I were to somehow get ahold of the legendary bird Pokémon, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, they'd have nothing on you. I hope I'm making myself clear here, Hedwig. Batrach is your teammate. Not your replacement." He then patted the Crobat on the head, and though she tried to not react, she couldn't help but give a small smile.

"Crobat bat," she said softly.

"Hedwig says she guesses she could give Batrach a chance," Meowth translated.

"There you go," smiled Keith. "And Hedwig? I give you my word- if I ever release you, or drop you off at the Adoption Center, or even try to trade you away, then you can go right ahead and kill me, alright? I'd deserve it."

Hedwig's smile grew slightly at this, but then, the moment was somewhat ruined as a suspicious white blob landed on Keith's shoulder. Sighing, Keith looked up- sure enough, Batrach was flying around again, and had been right above Keith just seconds ago.

"Heh," chuckled Meowth. "I can't see Batrach replacin' Hedwig anyways. Seems like dat'd be a pretty... crappy decision!" he managed to choke out before bursting into laughter. Expected though the joke was, Keith and Hedwig couldn't help but join in on the laughter.

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"Alright, Malfoy, use yer Ice Beam attack!" Meowth ordered.

"Dodge it, Strychnine!" Keith called.

"Grimer gri!" exclaimed Strychnine. She hastily oozed off to one side, narrowly avoiding the Beam of Ice energy her Toxicroak opponent was firing off.

"Nice!" grinned Keith. "Now, Strychnine- Sludge Wave attack!"

"Griiiiiiii..." said the Grimer, as a thick, opaque layer of gooey purple sludge swirled all around her body. Strychnine yelled louder and louder as she charged up the potent Poison-type move... and then the sludge fell unceremoniously to the ground all around her.

"Damn," sighed Keith. "I was sure it'd work this time."

"Gri..." sighed Strychnine, looking down sadly at the puddles of sludge.

"Oh, cheer up, Strych," Keith encouraged the Poison-type. "You'll get the hang of that move sooner or later.

"He's right," nodded Malfoy. "Sludge Wave takes a little work to master, and you've only just learned it."

"Yeah, a little more practice might do it," Meowth suggested.

For a few moments, Strychnine said nothing. Then, she looked up at Keith and said, "...Well, I guess it couldn't hurt." A small, optimistic smile was forming on her face as she said this. Though Keith didn't understand the words she was saying, he got the idea nevertheless.

"Heh, that's the spirit," grinned Keith. "Now, first, watch Malfoy. Malfoy, use Sludge Wave."

"Croooaaaaak," croaked Malfoy as thick purple sludge began to swirl all around him. Then, he launched a powerful wave of the rancid goop right at a nearby small, dead tree, practically reducing it to splinters.

"Nice one!" Keith nodded approvingly. "OK, Strychnine, now you give it a try-" He stopped, however, as a rumbling noise met his ears. "What the hell...?" he muttered. He glanced around in confusion, as did his Meowth, Toxicroak, and Grimer, but they saw nothing. And then, the noise's source seemed to draw closer, when suddenly, a tremendous green and brown beast burst through a cluster of dead trees, roaring loudly. Four large, broad leaves stuck out of its back, looking almost like wings, and oddly enough, a bunch of bananas hung from its long neck.

"WAH!" Meowth exclaimed in terror at the sight of the rampaging Pokémon, as Keith held out his Pokédex.

"Tropius, the Fruit Pokémon," droned the device. "If allowed to, Tropius will eat fruit nonstop, which is said to have caused it to sprout bananas. Though normally docile, an angered Tropius is difficult to stop."

"Oh, yeah. That bodes well," Keith said sarcastically. Then, he heard a voice from behind Tropius.

"No! Tropius, cut it out!" the voice was pleading. Keith looked around the Grass/Flying-type, and saw a young boy who had to be the Tropius's Trainer, for he was running up to the rampaging Tropius, holding out a Poké Ball, and trying to withdraw it. Tropius, however, did not take kindly to this idea, and flapped its leaf-wings furiously, stirring up a twister of foliage which took off towards the trainer.

"Whoa! Look out for the Leaf Tornado!" Keith called to the trainer, and though the youth jumped out of the attack's path, it managed to yank the Poké Ball out of his hand and send it flying. Keith helplessly watched the ball soar high over his head, and land on the roof of his nearby Secret Base.

"Ohhh, this isn't good!" the trainer whined. "Please, mister, can you help me stop my Tropius? He always gets like this when he finishes using Outrage!"

"Got it," nodded Keith, before turning to Meowth. "Meowth, climb up to the roof and get that ball."

"I'm on it," nodded Meowth, though he had barely taken two steps when Tropius gave a great flap of its leaves, and was in the air. And then, with an earth-shaking crash, it landed right in front of Meowth, standing between Keith and his Secret Base.

"OK, looks like retrieving the Poké Ball isn't an option right now," Keith remarked. "Malfoy, use your Ice Beam attack!"

"Toxicrooooaaaak!" bellowed Malfoy, as he let fly the Ice-type move once again. Tropius, however, seemed to be ready for this, and proceeded to rapid-fire Seeds from its mouth, as though it were a machine gun firing off Bullets. The two attacks collided in midair, neither one showing any signs of overpowering the other as a pile of frozen seeds started to collect on the ground.

"Keep it up, Malfoy!" Keith urged his Toxicroak, but as Ice Beam was not a move his kind was especially familiar with, Malfoy began to weaken, and finally stopped the attack altogether, panting slightly. Tropius seized its advantage immediately- it Slashed at the Air wildly with its leaves, sending what appeared to be numerous saw blades made entirely of air flying towards Malfoy.

"Oh, crap, Malfoy, dodge it!" ordered Keith urgently. The Toxicroak lunged out of the way of the Air Slash- or he tried to, at least, but half of the saw blades hit nevertheless, and Malfoy collapsed to the ground, where he struggled to get up.

"Tropius, please, stop it!" called the boy, but the Fruit Pokémon seemed to not hear its Trainer, and instead delivered a forceful Stomp attack, which forced Malfoy to abandon his attempts to get back up as he succumbed to unconsciousness.

"OK, not good... not good..." muttered Keith as Tropius started to stomp towards him-


Suddenly, Keith found that Tropius had stopped short- Strychnine had oozed over to them and positioned herself between Keith and the Tropius, and was now glaring up at the Grass/Flying-type.

"Strychnine?" Keith said. "You sure you're up for this?"

"Gri. Gri!" nodded Strychnine enthusiastically. She then turned to give Keith a determined look. Keith met his Grimer's gaze for a moment, and then grinned at her.

"Very well, then," he stated. "Go, Strychnine! Sludge Bomb!"

"Grimer... gri gri gri!" exclaimed Strychnine as she launched numerous Bombs made of Sludge. Tropius responded with another Bullet Seed, and the attacks exploded in midair, creating a huge cloud of dust. Keith coughed as he tried to see Tropius through the cloud, when he suddenly saw something decidedly less welcome- the Dragon Pulse attack it just fired off.

"Look out, Strychnine!" Keith warned his Poison-type, but too late- the Dragon-type move made contact, and sent the living pool of sludge skidding backwards, leaving a trail of freshly-killed grass in her wake. Now Keith was starting to panic- there was no way in hell Meowth was going to be a match for this Tropius, not if it could take out two Poison-types of significantly higher level. And the rest of his Poké Balls were in the Secret Base he was currently unable to access.

On the ground, Strychnine opened her eyes- the Dragon Pulse hadn't knocked her out, but it was a critical hit, and it took a lot out of her. She looked up at Keith, who was trying very, very hard to not panic as the Tropius advanced on him once more. As she realized that she was their last line of defense against this Tropius, Strychnine's eyes narrowed in determination- no way was this banana-bearing beast going to get the better of her!

Keith stood his ground bravely as Tropius slowly stomped closer and closer to him, a wild, fierce look still visible in its eyes. He contemplated using an attack, but he knew that Tropius was likely to react very violently at the first sign of Smog, and there was no way he was going to be able to maintain a Mean Look long enough for Meowth to fetch the Poké Ball. And then, suddenly, he found himself distracted by a brilliant, dazzling glow next to him. Even Tropius was distracted by this. Keith looked around for Strychnine, and when he couldn't find her, it slowly dawned on him that this glowing mass was Strychnine- his Grimer was evolving! Keith's mouth fell open as he realized this, and watched as Strychnine grew larger and larger, until finally, the glow faded away.

"MUUUUUUUUUK!" bellowed Strychnine. She didn't look terribly different from before- just larger. Much, much larger. She oozed her way back between Keith and Tropius, as the former aimed his Pokédex at her.

"Muk, the Sludge Pokémon, and the evolved form of Grimer," droned the Pokédex. "Muk can blend in with the ground perfectly if it so chooses. Its favorite food is anything disgusting and filthy."

"All right, Strychnine!" cheered Keith.

"Yeah!" Meowth added. "Way ta go!"

"Muk Muk!" replied Strychnine, the newly evolved Muk smiling confidently as she faced the Tropius, who looked slightly hesitant in the face of this new, larger, and smellier adversary. Keith, meanwhile, was thinking of which move to order Strychnine to use first, when an idea hit him. Maybe, just maybe...

"OK, Strychnine, let's see what you can do now!" Keith called. "Sludge Wave attack!"

"Eh?!" Meowth exclaimed, looking at Keith as though he was crazy.

"Muuuuuuuuuuk," grunted the Muk as a thick purple sludge started to swirl around her. Then, she yelled loudly as she finally fired off a perfect Sludge Wave. Tropius started to flap its leaves to Fly out of the way, but the attack was too quick- Tropius roared loudly in protest as it was blasted by Sludge Wave, but the roars quickly gave way to a piteous moan as it collapsed to the ground and fainted. Seizing his opportunity, Meowth dashed over to the tree, and by making excellent use of his claws, climbed up the trunk of the tree and the side of the house atop the tree, and not a minute later, managed to grab the Poké Ball and return Tropius to it.


The boy sighed in relief and held his nose as Keith handed him the Poké Ball containing his Tropius. "Thanks so much," he said. "I'm really sorry about Tropius, he's normally very gentle, it's just, he gets a little out of control once he's used Outrage, you know?"

"Yeah, I hear that, my Axew's the same way," nodded Keith. "Well, OK, not quite that bad, but I do know about the after-effects of the move, believe me. And by the way, it's not me you should be thanking- thank Strychnine here," he added, gesturing to the Muk next to him, who spread her arms wide, as though expecting a hug.

"Eh... Thanks, Strychnine, but I'll pass on the hug, OK?" the boy said nervously.

"Hey, believe me," Keith said to him, "once you get past the smell, it's really not that bad. Then again, I've been Strychnine's trainer for a long time now, so I'm pretty much used to the smell by now."

"I figured as much," admitted the boy. "I didn't mean any offense," he added, addressing the Muk. "It's just, I'm not quite as used to the smell as your Trainer, you know?"

"Muk, Muk," replied Strychnine, nodding understandingly.

"Strychnine says ta not worry about it," Meowth translated.

"Wait, wha-" stammered the boy, for this was the first time he was able to properly hear Meowth speak. "What- did that Meowth just-"

"Yes, yes he did," sighed Keith. "I probably should have mentioned that at some point."

"Muuuuk," Strychnine nodded in agreement.

What?  Grimer is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Grimer evolved into Muk!

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The Seviper Who Saved Christmas

It was a cold, snowy December evening in Fizzytopia. Gently, the frozen flakes of frost fell from the sky, covering the whole region in a blanket of snow. As pretty as it all looked, it was certainly not weather fit for anyone to be out in.

And yet, this was not deterring a certain serpent. Despite his particular disinclination for the cold, Marvolo was determined to endure the harsh conditions, for he knew that some of the most choice species of prey- er, Pokémon- tended to come out in these conditions, precisely to avoid becoming a Seviper's dinner. Cold though Keith's Seviper was feeling right about now, still he slithered across the frigid landscape. He had to resort to tapping into the energy normally reserved for Flamethrower use in order to keep at least relatively warm, but he knew it'd be worth it, if only he could manage to find something worth his while... Maybe a Mienfoo, also enduring the cold for training purposes... or a nice, spicy Torchic, though those were a rarity... Marvolo had to stop himself from salivating at these thoughts, lest he suddenly acquire the need to remove drool icicles from his face, like last week.

And then, Marvolo's eyes narrowed as he spotted something wandering in the snow. Something covered in light brown fur, ambling through the snow on four legs. Something with a pair of ornate antlers protruding from its head. This was a Stantler, Marvolo knew, though what it was doing out here in the cold at this time of night was anyone's guess. Then again, why look a gift Ponyta in the mouth? Marvolo certainly didn't see the need to question the sudden appearance of tasty prey. Silently, he slithered up behind the Stantler... he coiled himself up... and then he pounced, sinking his sizable fangs into its neck. Bellowing loudly in pain, the Stantler promptly lit up with electricity, and Marvolo winced as the Thunderbolt attack coursed through his body. He released the Stantler from his mouth and hissed furiously. He preferred his kills to be quick and easy, but if this one wanted a fight,then a fight it was gonna get!

Stantler had turned around, and though blood was spurting from its wounds, it didn't look ready to give up without a fight. Now a black orb formed between its antlers, then flew forward, right towards Marvolo- it was using Shadow Ball. The Seviper responded to this by opening his mouth wide and firing off a Dragon Pulse. The two attacks collided in midair, causing a minor explosion. Seizing his chance, Marvolo lunged at the Stantler once more, through cover of the cloud of dust and snow the explosion had kicked up, and gave a nasty Bite to its neck once more. Bellowing in pain, Stantler used Thunderbolt once again, but this time, Marvolo held on, and after some effort, finally broke the Stantler's neck.

~~10 minutes later...~~

"Ahhh," Marvolo hissed in contentment, as he swallowed the last bit of meat off of the Stantler's carcass. Sure, the cold conditions were not ideal for him, but this large, delicious meal had been sooo worth it. He then started to saw the antlers off with his tail blade, figuring they'd make a good Christmas present for Amethyst... Oh, yeah, Christmas, when was that again? Marvolo thought about this, he didn't really keep track of the date... Oh, yeah, it was tomorrow, wasn't it?

Just as this occurred to him, another figure became visible in the distance- this one was considerably taller than the Stantler had been, and was mostly red. Curiously, the Seviper peered through the falling snow, wondering what this was. He was full from the Stantler, yes, but it never hurt to take a little additional prey for later on... And then, as it drew closer, Marvolo could see that this was a human, which dampened his hope somewhat. Keith had always made it clear to him to never kill humans, unless he ever said different. Which he never had, thus far, but he could still hope... Eh, well, anyway, this noticeably pudgy human was clad in red clothing with white furry trim, a pair of black boots, and was wearing a bright red cap. A white fluffy beard grew from his face, and he was looking around anxiously. "Dasher?" he called out. "Dasher, where'd you go?"

Marvolo stared at this man, then glanced at what remained of the Stantler carcass before him, then back at the man. Something occurred to him, but it was such an insanely unlikely possibility that there was no freaking way...

"Gah!" the man exclaimed, finally noticing the Seviper. He dashed over, gaping in horror at the sad remains of the Stantler. "You ate Dasher!?"

"Oh, crap," Marvolo hissed quietly. "You... You're..."

"Yes, yes, that's right," frowned the man, glaring down at the Seviper. "The name is Claus. Santa Claus. And I believe you've already gotten yourself acquainted with Dasher there."

Marvolo looked back down at what remained of the Stantler, before glaring defiantly back at Santa, the shock of meeting the legendary holiday icon live and in person starting to wear off. "Well, now, hold on," he hissed. "Just what was your Stantler doing wandering around like a wild Pokémon anyway?"

"All my Stantler wander around the world for a little while to stretch their legs before we take off. They're all back by now, with the obvious exception of Dasher," Santa replied. Marvolo blinked in surprise, for it seemed as though Santa was saying this in response to his question. "Yes, Marvolo, that's right," continued Santa. "I can understand what you say."

"And you know my name?!" the Seviper gasped.

"Well, think about it," replied Santa. "I see you when you're sleeping, I know when you're awake... I know if you've been bad or good..."

"Oh, for goodness sake," sighed the Seviper. "Alright, I think we're both in agreement here that this was an accident, OK? Because yeah, sure, I'm going to intentionally eat a Stantler belonging to friggin' Santa Claus, right?"

"True enough," sighed Santa. "Putting one of my Stantler out of commission ought to earn you a one-way ticket to the naughty list, but it's not like you knew just what you had done. Still, though... I've got to deliver gifts all over the world tonight, and now I'm short a Stantler!"

"And you can't get it done with just the other seven?" Marvolo asked skeptically.

"Of course not," snapped Santa. "The sleigh's carrying the weight of gifts for everyone in the entire world, not to mention myself. Why do you think I use eight?"

"What about that Shiny one you keep in reserve for foggy nights?" demanded the Seviper. "Surely he can help."

"Ehh, Rudolph doesn't have it in him," Santa sighed dismissively. "We've only ever used him in addition to the other eight, not in place of one of them. He's always used more for the light than for extra muscle. Damn it, what the holly am I gonna do..." With this, the distraught Mr. Claus turned around and started to wander off.

Marvolo watched Santa walk away, unsure what to do. On the one hand, the weather was getting colder by the minute, and he'd currently love nothing more than to return to the warmth of Keith's Secret Base (well, OK, he'd really love to be with Amethyst right now)... But on the other hand, unless something was done, Christmas was going to be ruined for millions of people and Pokémon around the world.

"...Hold up," Marvolo hissed. Quietly though he said it, it nevertheless caused Santa to stop in his tracks and turn around. "...Whatever it is you do to those Stantler of yours to make them able to fly- work that magic on me. I'll help pull your sleigh."

"You will?" Santa asked hopefully. As much as the Seviper could feel the bitter, stinging cold, he nevertheless nodded.

"Yes, I will," sighed Marvolo, though he was currently thinking of the warmth of the indoors.

"Wonderful!" Santa boomed, sounding decidedly more jolly now. "And worry not, Marvolo- if you recall, you ate Dasher, so until he's fully digested, you'll have the power of flight just as he did."

"Wait, what?" the Seviper blinked in surprise. Santa nodded to confirm this. Experimentally, Marvolo coiled up, then sprang into the air- and to his immense surprise, there he stayed, floating in midair like an Eelektross! "Whoa," exclaimed Marvolo. "I could get used to this!"

"You better get used to it soon," replied Santa. "We're going to take off in half an hour, so we best get back to the North Pole now." As he spoke, he held up an Ultra Ball, from which emerged an Abra. Wordlessly, the Psychic-type took hold of Santa's hand in one hand, and Marvolo's neck in the other hand, and used Teleport.

In the blink of an eye, Marvolo found himself in what could only be described as a frozen wasteland, albeit one with a large castle in the middle. This, he supposed, was Santa's workshop, but hot damn, was it cold here! Even colder than it had been back home!

"I suppose I ought to have warned you about the cold," Santa shrugged. "You sure you'll be up for this, then?"

"I m-must b-be out of m-m-my m-m-mind," Marvolo shivered, though he managed to float over to where a bright red sleigh stood. A gigantic brown bag sat in the back of the sleigh, which a flock of Delibird were currently loading up with presents, and hooked up to the conveyance were seven Stantler, who all narrowed their eyes at the sight of the Seviper.

"Everyone, I'm afraid I have some sad news," Santa announced as he approached the Stantler. "Due to a series of unfortunate circumstances, Dasher is no longer with us, and it will most certainly take an entire year to raise another Stantler to take his place." This elicited a lot of worried murmuring among the small herd of Stantler. "However, this here is Marvolo, who has graciously volunteered to take Dasher's place this year. Marvolo, this is Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen."

"Wait, hold up," demanded Prancer. "Seviper can't fly, how's he doing that?"

"Er... Well... I... Uh..." Santa stammered.

All seven Stantler's eyes narrowed even further as they glared at Marvolo, dawning comprehension visible on their faces. "Oh, y-yes, n-nicely explained, S-s-s-santa," Marvolo grumbled, though still shivering.

"You ate Dasher?!" exclaimed Comet.

"Now is n-not the t-time to g-get into th-that!" shivered Marvolo, sounding as defiant as he could, given the freezing cold. "Are we g-gonna d-deliver these p-p-presents or wh-what?"

"Marvolo is correct," Santa nodded. "Dasher's passing is very sad, but now is not the time to point hooves in blame. Delivering the presents is the top priority. Come, Marvolo, let's get you hooked up to the sleigh."

As Santa fiddled with Dasher's harness, trying to adjust it to fit a Seviper, the Stantler shook their heads. "I don't like this one bit," muttered Donner. "How do we know he's not going to eat the rest of us?"

"F-first off, antler boy, I'm already full," Marvolo snapped. "And s-second, I am not in the b-business of r-ruining Christmas! Now sh-shut up and let's d-do this already!"

"Enough of that, now," Santa said sternly. "Donner, I'm no more pleased with this than you are, but the fact remains that we need Marvolo's help. Luckily, his trainer's trained him well, so he should have the muscle to get this done."

Several of the Stantler snorted, but none of them said anything more. Not long after, Marvolo was successfully hooked up to the harness, and the Delibird had finished loading the last of the presents into the sleigh.

"Alright, it's showtime!" Santa announced as he climbed into his sleigh and took the reins. "Now Marvolo, now Dancer, now Prancer and Vixen, on Comet, on Cupid, on Donner and Blitzen!"

"Oh, yeah, that'll catch on," Vixen muttered snidely as all seven Stantler started to rise into the air. Marvolo focused hard, and managed to rise up into the air as well. He hadn't had the power of flight for very long, but thankfully, it wasn't very hard to get used to. But hot damn, was this sleigh heavy or what! Now he could see just why Santa had to have all eight Stantler. He shivered involuntarily as he pulled at the sleigh, the cold air clearly bothering him.

"See, this is why he chose warm-blooded Pokémon to pull the sleigh," Blitzen stated. "You won't last the night."

"You better hope you're wrong, if you want these gifts delivered," snapped Marvolo. Blitzen said no more, but glared disapprovingly at Marvolo- Dasher had been his friend.

To Marvolo's relief, Santa's first stop was the Hoenn region- a tropical land that was pleasantly warm. It wasn't hard for him to get the hang of landing on rooftops, or taking off again. From city to city they flew, from Verdanturf, to Mauville, to Slateport, to Dewford, to Petalburg, to Rustboro, and so on, until Santa climbed back up the chimney of the last house in Sootopolis City. To Marvolo's mild disappointment, now they were flying away from the pleasant tropical climate, and were currently in the considerably colder Sinnoh region. Here he had to start tapping into his Flamethrower energy reserves once again.

"OK, how much more to go?" Marvolo demanded as they flew away from Canalave City and started off towards Johto.

"Well, let's see, there's Johto, Kanto, Unova, Orre, Kalos... and of course, Fizzytopia," replied Dancer. "Yeah, we got a busy night ahead of us." Marvolo merely closed his eyes and swore under his breath in response. "Hey, watch yourself," Dancer frowned. "That's naughty list language right there. Then again, considering you ate Dasher, I doubt the nice list is anywhere in your future in any case-"

"Oh, shut UP already!" Marvolo snapped.


Delivering the gifts in Johto, mercifully, did not take nearly as long as it took in Sinnoh, and before Marvolo knew it, they had flown from Azalea Town right to Viridian City, to start their route in Kanto.

As they passed over the sea near Cinnabar Island, Marvolo could spot several large, blocky creatures bobbing in the surf, looking up at the sleigh in wonder- Missingno., they were, and as Marvolo saw them, he couldn't help but think back to what Myrtle had always said, about the species never getting any love.

"Hey, Santa," the Seviper called back to the big, fat man in the sleigh. "We got anything for those Missingno. down there?"

"Well, now, let me see," responded Santa, as he reached back into the large sack, before pulling out a comically large purple and orange candy cane. "Aha," he grinned, before dropping the oversized sweet into the sea. "Missingno. love the taste of those," he stated. "That ought to last them a good, long time. Also, I embedded a few Technical Machines for Mega Punch and Psychic in there," he added with a sly grin. "Give them a little something to surprise those Missingno. hunters with."


As they took off from Lavender Town, their travels next took them to the Orre region- as with Hoenn, this was a considerably warmer climate, which Marvolo appreciated very much. Unfortunately for him, it really didn't take much time at all for the entire region to get their presents, and just like that, they were off to Unova, which was, as Marvolo had feared, cold. But it wasn't until they started flying over Kalos that something happened.

It was just as they took off from Camphrier Town and headed towards Cyllage City. As they soared over the Connecting Cave, Marvolo could spot a flock of Pokémon flying straight towards them.

"Oh, crap," whimpered Dancer. Marvolo glanced at him in surprise- indeed, the Stantler, all of them, were shaking just as badly as Marvolo was.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" demanded Marvolo. "What birds could possibly be that terrifying?"

"That's a flock of Hawlucha," Prancer explained, sounding just as freaked out as Dancer. "They're highly territorial Pokémon, and they're Fighting/Flying-types, so they even got the advantage over us."

"And Dasher was the only one of us that knew any Electric moves," sighed Donner. "We're screwed, aren't we?"

"I guess I gotta do everything myself, don't I?" sighed Marvolo. Then, he turned to face one of the oncoming Hawlucha, and unleashed a powerful Sludge Wave. The blast of sludge struck the Fighting/Flying type, who screeched its displeasure as it started spiraling downwards. Seeing this, however, the other Hawlucha narrowed their eyes, and soared towards Marvolo, their Wings glowing brightly as they prepared their Attacks. In response, Marvolo hissed loudly, a number of glowing stars materializing all around his body, before launching themselves with great force. The Swift attack was executed well- each star struck a Hawlucha, knocking it for a loop. Finally, Marvolo unleashed his Flamethrower attack, causing all the Hawlucha to screech in agony before finally flying away.

"Whoa," Dancer stated, as he saw the Wrestling Pokémon frantically flapping away. "OK, I'll admit it, that was pretty cool."

"Nicely done, Marvolo! Ho, ho, ho!" Santa boomed happily. "It's the same thing every year- always a flock of Hawlucha to impede our progress!"

Marvolo said nothing, but secretly, he was feeling rather pleased with himself, even if that Flamethrower had taken away whatever Fire energy he hadn't already devoted to keeping himself warm.

After that, the rest of the trip went smoothly. Once they finished up in Kalos, Santa took off for his final region for the night- Fizzytopia. And once they had finished up, Santa landed the sleigh on the roof of the last house on his stop- Keith's Secret Base. At this point, he unhooked Marvolo from the harness, and presented him with a sizable sack of presents.

"Thank you very much, Marvolo," Santa said to the Seviper. "You saved Christmas for everyone in the entire world."

"Yeah, and because of what you did with those Hawlucha," added Blitzen, "I think we can even overlook the fact that you're the one who caused the problem in the first place."

"Thanks... I think," Marvolo hissed in response. "Well, it's been cold. Merry Christmas, I guess. And Santa," he added, "How about you spring for a few more Thunderbolt TMs for these guys, hmm? And maybe some ID tags, so this sort of thing doesn't happen again."

"I'll consider it," Santa grinned. "For now, take those gifts, put them under the tree, and then get some sleep."

Marvolo did not need to be told twice. He grabbed the sack in his mouth, slithered down the chimney, and placed the presents under the tree. Nobody was in the living room, not even the team's insomniacs Myrtle and Helena. He placed the presents underneath the large Christmas tree Keith had set up, then promptly coiled up on the floor and drifted off to sleep.


Marvolo's eyes opened up, as it slowly dawned on him that it was now Christmas morning. All around him, his teammates were opening up their presents- Meowth had gotten a jar of wax to keep his charm extra shiny, Rubeus had gotten a berry pouch custom-designed for a Stunfisk to hold, and Norbert was eagerly sharpening his tusks on his new tusk-sharpening machine. As he glanced around, the Seviper vaguely began to wonder... had the whole thing just been some incredibly realistic dream?

"Ah, he's awake," came a voice from behind Marvolo, who turned to see Keith grinning at him. "Merry Christmas, Marvolo," said the Poison-type trainer. "This was under the tree for you," he added, handing a wrapped present to the Seviper. This confused Marvolo, for this hadn't been among the gifts he was given to put under the tree. Nevertheless, the Seviper accepted the present, and ripped it open with his tail blade. Inside it was a note, which Marvolo wasted no time in reading.

Originally Posted by Santa Claus
Dear Marvolo,

Thanks again for helping me out. By the time you read this note, I will already have started training another Stantler to help pull the sleigh. As a token of my appreciation for your help, your present from me can be found outside, and I believe it will also lead to your Christmas gift for Amethyst as well.

Warm regards,

S. C.
Marvolo stared at the note, mouth agape, before replacing the lid on the box and shoving it off to the side. Quietly, he slithered over to the door and nudged it open, and gasped, hissing madly, for tied to a stake just outside the base was a-

"ZANGOOOOOOSE!" Marvolo hissed insanely, and wasting no time, he lunged. The poor Cat Ferret Pokémon stood no chance, and within ten short minutes, all that remained was a pile of bones, and a disembodied head. Smirking his satisfaction, Marvolo lashed a coil around the stake, yanked it out of the ground, and shoved it into the head.

Holding up the Zangoose head on a stick to admire his handiwork, Marvolo slithered back into the base. It was what he had always wanted to give to Amethyst, so he knew this would make a perfect Christmas gift for her. Which, in turn, meant that this was going to be a good Christmas.

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"Alright, Batrach, use yer Quick Attack!" Meowth shouted.

"Helga, intercept with Mega Punch!" ordered Keith.

"Tranquiiiiiiiiiiiill!" trilled Batrach, the Tranquill Meowth was currently commanding. She tucked in her wings and dove down towards the Hariyama Keith was commanding. This Hariyama, named Helga, made a fist with her massive right hand, drew it back, and slammed it into the oncoming avian. For a moment, both combatants struggled against each other, but in the end, Helga's Mega Punch won out, and Batrach was sent flying.

"Now use Air Cutter!" called Meowth.

"Helga, Metronome!" Keith exclaimed.

Batrach flapped her wings, creating a massive blade of air, which caught the Hariyama right in the stomach. She grunted as the attack made her skid backwards, but she was able to retain her footing, and started waving her fingers back and forth. "Ya ma, ya ma, ya ma," she chanted as her fingers gradually took on a bright glow. Keith, Meowth, and Batrach all watched anxiously as Helga stopped waving her fingers in the air, instead now pointing them straight up...

And then, a crackling orb of electricity formed between the Hariyama's hands, before launching itself at the Tranquill. The Electro Ball struck Batrach directly, though given how much slower the Hariyama was than the Tranquill, even the attack's super effectiveness didn't help the move much. Batrach rebounded from the attack almost immediately.

"Alright, that'll do for now," smiled Keith. "Excellent work, both of you. Thanks for helping me with this training, Meowth," he added.

"Ain't no problem," grinned Meowth as Keith withdrew his Hariyama and Tranquill to their Poké Balls. "Is dat it fer da day?"

"Yeah, I think so," Keith nodded. "Worked on Godric's Drill Run, Chance is getting much better with her Mega Punch, and Pepperspray's getting much better at aiming his Psybeam now- WAH!" he exclaimed, as a Poké Ball on Keith's belt burst open, unleashing a brown bovine Pokémon into the open. Keith considered himself lucky that the weather was nice- had it been raining, he and Meowth would've been doing their training inside the Secret Base, as opposed to out in the open. And a Tauros indoors? Very bad idea.

Keith and Meowth exchanged surprised glances as the Tauros stomped and snorted. "Well, Vernon's sayin' dat he wants ta get in some trainin', too," Meowth stated.

"Hmm," Keith replied. "That so, Vernon?" he asked the Tauros. In response, Vernon nodded and snorted eagerly. "Well, it's not like I got any plans today," Keith grinned. "Yeah, alright, let's do this. Meowth, why don't you take command of... Alright, here we go, come on out, Fang!" Keith exclaimed as he threw another Poké Ball into the air. This one unleashed a Carnivine into the open, who landed in front of Meowth. "Fang, you obey Meowth, now," Keith stated. "We're gonna be doing some training. Vernon, ready to go?" he asked his Tauros. Vernon bellowed loudly and stomped the ground by way of a response. As Vernon and Fang stared each other down, the latter looked a little rattled, the Tauros's battle-ready appearance seeming to Intimidate him somewhat.

"Fang, use yer Razor Leaf attack!" Meowth ordered.

"Vernon, do a Stone Edge!" commanded Keith.

And they were off! Fang swung his arms around, firing off a barrage of sharpened leaves, and Vernon bellowed loudly as a ring of sharpened stones revolved around him, before each and every stone launched at high speeds. The attacks collided in midair, but the sheer sharpness of the Razor Leaves allowed them to slice right through the oncoming stones, resulting in a barrage of gravel pelting the Carnivine. Meanwhile, Vernon grunted as he was struck with the super-sharp leaves.

"Sludge Bomb now, Fang!" Meowth ordered.

"Catch them in a Whirlpool, Vernon!" Keith called.

"Carniviiiiiine!" exclaimed Fang, firing off a barrage of Bombs made of Sludge from his huge mouth. In response to this, Vernon bellowed loudly as a huge swirling mass of water formed above his head. Then, the Tauros lowered his head so that the opening to the Whirlpool was facing Fang, right as the Sludge Bombs flew in. As they swirled around, the Whirlpool gradually turned to a murky shade of purple. Vernon then bellowed again as the Whirlpool flew forward. Fang yelled loudly as the sludgy Whirlpool engulfed him, but managed to Levitate out with relatively little trouble.

"Heh, two can play at that game," grinned Keith. "Vernon, use Role Play!"

A green glow appeared in the Tauros's eyes, and for a moment, a similarly-colored aura formed around him, somehow taking the shape of a Carnivine in the process. Then, both glow and aura disappeared, and Vernon started to rise up into the air until he was level with his Carnivine adversary.

"This ought to be interesting," grinned Keith. "Now that Vernon's copied Fang's Levitate, this battle could go sky high! Vernon, Tackle attack!"

"Fang, get 'im wit a Leech Seed!" Meowth commanded.

Vernon began running in midair. Despite his distinct lack of experience with levitation, he was able to accelerate just as well as if he had been on the ground. Fang, however, spat out a single brown seed, which impaled itself on Vernon's left horn. And then, before the Tauros could react, thin vines erupted out of the seed and entangled the belligerent bovine. Vernon thrashed about in midair, frantically and violently trying to escape from the seed that was slowly sapping his energy.

"Let's finish dis, Fang- use Slam!" Meowth ordered.

Fang flew forward, and flipped over abruptly, Slamming the vines which made up the lower half of his body into the Tauros, who was forcibly reunited with the ground. At that moment, the Leech Seed unraveled itself, but Vernon was making no attempt to get back up.

"Alright, good job there, Fang," Keith congratulated his Carnivine.

"Carni Carnivine!" Fang replied happily, before zooming over to Keith. He sighed, knowing what was coming, and sure enough, the instant he removed his hat, CHOMP. Fang had clamped down on Keith's head.

"Alright, Fang, that'll do," chuckled Keith. "Return for now." As he said this, he pointed the Poké Ball at Fang, and in a second, the Bug Catcher Pokémon had been withdrawn. Once Keith put his hat back on, he saw hat Vernon had climbed back to his feet, though the Wild Bull Pokémon looked distinctly disgruntled at the battle's outcome. "And Vernon, you did good out there-" Keith started, but Vernon snorted in disgust and turned away.

"Hey, wat's dat all about, now?" Meowth asked the Tauros. Vernon snorted and mooed in response, Meowth nodding occasionally. "Uh huh. I see," he said. Then, Meowth turned to face Keith. "Vernon tinks he ought to have beaten Fang inta mulch wit no problem," he explained. "He says he stank out dere and youse knows it."

"Vernon," Keith said firmly, patting the Tauros on the head. "Listen to me, OK? You did not stink out there. Leech Seed's a tough move to get out of if you don't have a move like Rapid Spin at your disposal. It's not that you're bad, it's that Fang's good.

More snorting and grunting from Vernon, which Meowth hastened to translate. "Vernon would like ta remind youse dat Fang ain't even learned Vine Whip yet," said Meowth. "Fang ain't dat good- it's just dat youse ain't trained Vernon up dat much yet. Ya always seem ta be trainin' up everyting else first."

"Huh," Keith murmured, thinking about this... there was truth to that statement, wasn't there? Aside from occasionally using him as a conveyance, and even then, only when Salazar wasn't a feasible option, Keith never really used his Tauros all that much, did he? "This is true... Well, Vernon, what say we change that, hmm?" he asked. "We'll get in more training together, you and I. But Vernon, I want you to try and see this from my point of view," he added. "I mean, I got over 50 Pokémon, y'know? I mean, I love all you guys, I wouldn't trade any of you for anything, but the fact remains that training is just gonna be a slower process for some of you than for others. I mean, that's the entire point of these practice battles me and Meowth have- helps me see which Pokémon of mine need more training than they're getting... except for Meowth, of course," he added, glancing at the Scratch Cat Pokémon. "Haven't seen you launch an attack since Molly joined the team."

Meowth chose to not respond to this. Vernon, however, did respond, after a moment of what Keith took to be thoughtful silence. Again, Meowth was quick to translate. "Vernon's sayin' dat youse gots a point, just make sure ya makes time fer him."

"Heh, can do," Keith grinned. Vernon bellowed his clear approval of this, and Keith didn't need Meowth's translation of this one. "Alright, so, Vernon, let's do another couple of training battles, OK? Just need to think of who you can go up against..." But before he could ponder this for too long, an orange insect scuttled up to Keith- this was Kevin, Keith's Paras. His eyes were completely blank, and his left mushroom was starting to vibrate.

"Hey. Hey, you!" the Paras seemed to be saying in English. "Yeah, you with the hat. This bug ain't getting any stronger, you know. A growing mushroom's gotta eat, know what I mean?"

"Harry, will you just let Kevin stay in control?" Keith asked. "That's all I'll need if I'm using Kevin in battle someday is for you or Marv to take hold of his mind and screw things up."

"Oh, so we're screwups, is that what you're saying?" demanded "Kevin".

And then, the left mushroom stopped vibrating, only for the right one to start up. "You really ought to listen to him," came a distinctly different voice. "Or you might not like what happens once the bug can do Stun Spore-"

An abrupt shift back to the left mushroom. "Shut up, Marv! Geez!" exclaimed "Kevin".

Following this, Kevin's eyes lost their eerie blank look, and his mushrooms stopped vibrating. "Parrrras?" he asked timidly, looking up at Keith in an almost afraid manner.

"Don't sweat it, Kevin," smiled Keith. "How about a practice battle against Vernon here?" he added, gesturing to the Tauros. "You both could use the training."

"Paras! Parrrras!" exclaimed Kevin, excitedly turning to face the Tauros, who stomped and snorted eagerly in response. Grinning, Keith and Meowth resumed their positions, ready to continue the training, the former resolving to start putting just a little more focus on Vernon's training than he had been in the past. He knew that, at some point in the future, Vernon was going to insist on a rematch with Fang. Keith knew that Tauros of his well- his pride was at stake, and he wasn't going to let this go. Best thing Keith could do, then, would be to make sure that when the time came for this rematch, that Vernon would be ready for it.

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The Forgotten Bookshelf

On a dusty bookshelf somewhere in Hermione's Library, there rests a select few volumes that never get touched. Ambitious projects that started strong but petered out over time. Poison-type Pokémon research that never went much of anywhere. A budding hobby that came and went.

Hermione's Photo Album
Spoiler: show
Hermione's Photo Album

Hello. For those of you who don't know, my name is Hermione, and I am a Weedle under the ownership of Pokémon Trainer Keith Masters. To me, there are few pleasures greater than learning (among those few pleasures being Pokémon battles, and of course, the company of Scorpius~), and at this time, I'm giving photography a shot. Naturally, I don't dare consider myself an expert on this, nor do I foresee myself becoming a master photographer, but that's not stopping me from trying to learn all I can about it. At the very least, I have thus far learned the basics of working a camera. Naturally, of course, getting a decent shot is tricky for me due to my distinct lack of height, but my teammates have been more than happy to help me out in that regard. Luna, my Trainer's Swoobat, has no problem helping me get all the height I need, and is particularly skilled at it, too.

"Keith & Godric"

This was the first picture I took that wasn't a blurry mess. It was when Keith was picking us up from the Tree Grove. Rare is the occasion when he drops us off there, as he prefers to be around us whenever possible, but this time, a number of his teammates insisted. I can't say I blame them, either- the scenery at the Tree Grove is really quite amazing, and I confess I found myself curious about it. I mean, the Tree Grove is the only location in Fizzytopia- possibly even the entire world- where humans are not allowed under any circumstances. I found it fascinating to learn what sort of a difference it made on the environment, for there to be an area governed solely by Pokémon.

But I'm getting off track here- I took this picture when Keith realized that during our stay at the Tree Grove, his Nidoran♂, Godric, had evolved into Nidorino. There he is, holding up his Pokédex and looking up information on his new Nidorino. Obviously, I was not far from Godric while taking this picture, and as I'm sure you might guess, I had yet to start asking Luna for assistance in regards to height. You might also see the Meowth on Keith's shoulder. He usually hangs out there, he despises being in his Poké Ball, to the point where Keith can simply threaten to withdraw Meowth in order to get him to behave. Not that that's usually necessary, though, but it's been known to happen. In the background, you can also spot Severus, the Dustox, and Pomona, the Ivysaur. The five of us were pretty much the first ones to arrive back at the entrance when Keith came to get us.

"Home Sweet Home"

This picture I took from high up in the sky, with the help of Luna. This one depicts Keith's Secret Base, a house built atop a dead tree, the place we all call home. I had hoped that I would be able to get Keith or at least some of my teammates in this shot, but I only had the idea to take this shot while Keith had gone into town to run some errands, as is usual for him on Mondays. Though you can't read it in the photo, the sign to the right of the ladder is a notice Keith put up, stating that Zangoose are not permitted on the premises under any circumstances. This is, of course, strictly for safety purposes- Keith doesn't dislike Zangoose at all. In fact, he thinks they're pretty cool. The problem here lies in Marvolo, my Seviper teammate. Being a Seviper, naturally, the slightest whiff of a Zangoose will send him into a bloodthirsty frenzy. Not even Nagini, our Trainer's Arbok, can hope to stop Marvolo when he's got the scent of a Zangoose. And Nagini is one of the most powerful Pokémon on the entire team. She's usually very nice, sweet, and friendly, but I've seen how nasty she can be to those who wrong her friends. Trust me when I say that you do not want to get on her bad side. If you live to tell the tale, you'll wish you hadn't.

Anyway, I confess I found myself curious once I discovered that the house was built atop this dead tree. Surely, I figured, this couldn't be safe? Suppose the tree gave out under the weight of the house? However, I quickly learned that my worries were baseless- years of exposure to numerous kinds of poison had in fact petrified the tree. I estimate it to be as hard as a Ponyta's hooves, which are said to be harder than diamond. After inspecting the tree myself, I'm still not 100% certain exactly how this result happened, though I do have one theory- I managed to identify one of the poisons that the tree had been exposed to- Kakuna venom. Although I will never actually evolve into a Kakuna myself, I certainly know the species well. Kakuna venom is special, in that it assists in the Hardening process for Kakuna, a trait that both Weedle venom and Beedrill venom lack (Beedrill can still use Harden, of course, but their venom gives them no assistance in doing so). My hypothesis is that the tree was somehow exposed to lethal quantities of Kakuna venom among the other various poisons, which is what made it so hard. My point being, the tree is virtually indestructible. yet it seems to be hollow on the inside. Plus, it has numerous branches spreading out in all directions, which helps hold up the house. This means that the house does not just balance on the trunk itself, which is good, because that'd be highly unsafe.

"Ship Ahoy"

This is another one I took from the sky. This picture is of a dock overlooking the Sea of Fizzytopia, located within reasonable walking distance from our house. The boat you see docked there is the Banette's Revenge, a seafaring vessel constructed by Keith, along with Millicent, his Timburr, Malfoy, his Toxicroak, Pomona, his Ivysaur, and Helga, his Hariyama (though she was a Makuhita still at that time). Keith had this boat built because his plan to save his girlfriend's life involved sailing from Fizzytopia to Kanto. I won't get into that, however, it's a very long story.

Although you can't see it from this angle, her name is painted on her stern in blood-red lettering. Though the style in which she is built takes clear inspiration from old-fashioned sailing ships, she in fact has a motor located down below. Keith takes semi-regular voyages on her from time to time, whenever there's a beautiful day with nothing to do. He takes a small number of his Pokémon with him on these voyages, though they invariably include myself, Meowth, Helena (his Shuppet and older sister), and Blackbeard (his Chatot). Blackbeard in particular thoroughly enjoys the voyages, to the point where he constantly speaks in pirate lingo while on board. Though this does annoy some of our teammates, most of us find it amusing, and Keith personally loves it. In fact, he has been known to, on occasion, join in on that, claiming that Blackbeard has the right idea. I myself enjoy these voyages. On long voyages, I take up the roles of navigator and ship's cook, seeing as I'm the only one on the team with any knowledge of nautical navigation, and I already do all the cooking back at the house (and enjoy doing so thoroughly, in case you were wondering- cooking is something of a passion of mine). Lately, ever since I've learned Brain Freeze, I've been able to make homemade ice cream to bring on these voyages, which has proven to be universally popular, especially on the warmer days.

"Home Sweet Home 2"

This? Well... Luna actually did something to my camera. I don't know exactly how, but she claims this to be an image of something she saw in one of her visions of the future. It... looks like the house, but with another story added on, and... the roof is red. Also, the ladder appears to have been replaced with some kind of ramp. And come to think of it, Keith's been mentioning something about construction, hasn't he? Hmm... Things are getting interesting, for sure. Very likely this depicts the final product of what this construction will bring about. I confess myself interested as to what's about to be added onto our house.

The rest of the album is blank... For now, anyway...

Keith's Poison-type Research: Koffing and Weezing
Spoiler: show
Koffing and Weezing

Biology: Both Koffing and Weezing are very much as they appear to be from the outside; their bodies consist of very little in the way of internal organs, and no skeleton whatsoever. Their skin is about half an inch thick, and is constantly stretched tight by the poisonous gases that fill the body. A Koffing's mouth leads directly to its stomach, which produces a special digestive fluid that helps to rapidly convert what it eats into a gaseous form. The smellier its meal, the more poisonous the resultant gas will be. Incidentally, Koffing and Weezing are both able to fire off streams of this digestive fluid in the form of an attack- Sludge. The Sludge's corrosive capabilities are greatly diminished in the open, but the fluid remains highly poisonous. Once a Koffing has digested its food and converted it into poisonous gases, it will occasionally let off excess gas from the noticeable pores which cover its entire body, though keeps lots of it tightly compressed in the body, which allows it to expel large quantities when using Smog, Clear Smog, Poison Gas, Haze, and SmokeScreen, or in extreme circumstances, to let it all loose at once to produce Selfdestruct or Explosion. Koffing should not be discouraged from letting off excess gas; this is roughly equivalent from forbidding a human access to the bathroom, and will irritate the Koffing accordingly. Incidentally, keeping one's Koffing happy will reduce the toxicity of the excess gas; conversely, pissing off a Koffing and then inhaling the gas it gives off can be classed as a form of suicide. There are rumors that some Koffing actually produce pure oxygen when they are happy, but this has yet to be confirmed; it is a fact, however, that when a Koffing is happy, its excess gases will have no adverse effects if breathed in. These traits hold true in the Weezing stage as well.

Once a Koffing evolves into Weezing, it gains a second head. This head is capable of thinking and acting independently of the larger head, though they appear to share some sort of telepathic link. Indeed, both Koffing and Weezing seem to possess a limited degree of psychic powers, which usually manifests itself in the form of minor Psychic-type techniques such as Psybeam and Psywave, though truly dedicated Weezing can in fact acquire telepathic capabilities and communicate with their trainer as such. Whether this is related to the telepathic bond between a Weezing's two heads has yet to be determined. The second head lacks its own stomach, however, merely boasting an esophagus which leads to the first head's stomach. This esophagus travels beneath the two heads, and can be seen in the form of the two rodlike appendages which connect a small sphere to the two heads.

Due to their diet, Koffing and Weezing constantly emit mildly unpleasant odors- nothing close to Grimer territory, but a potent smell nonetheless. Constant exposure to this smell, however, seems to grant the human nose a sort of immunity to unpleasant smells over many years. Though it's not clear why, this phenomenon has been compared to when someone refers to a bad-tasting food as having an "acquired taste".

Diet: Both Koffing and Weezing are capable of eating just about anything, not unlike Gulpin. Unlike Gulpin, however, they are decidedly more picky- just because they can eat entire DeLoreans doesn't mean they will. Koffing and Weezing dine on garbage almost exclusively- the more rotten and smelly, the better it tastes, and the more poisonous its gases will become. They are slow eaters, but given the speed at which they digest food, they can eat continually if they so chose. It is not advisable to allow a Koffing or Weezing to eat especially large quantities of food indoors without having a window open, because if it feeds continually, there will be gases produced.

Behavior: Koffing's constant grin isn't just for show- a Koffing is generally easygoing and jolly. They are friendly and outgoing, and are also fiercely loyal to those they care about. The levels of loyalty a Koffing will show are not unlike what one expects from a Growlithe or other canine Pokemon. Evolution into Weezing will only intensify this loyalty, even moreso once the second head's trust has been gained- this is generally not a difficult task, as the larger head will inevitably help out in this process. However, a Weezing tends to be less jolly than its pre-evolved form. It is not uncommon for the two heads to be annoyed with each other immediately following the evolution, and the reason can be summed up in two words; sibling rivalry. Anyone with siblings will know that it's next to impossible to get along with them 100% of the time, and a Weezing's two heads are no exception to this. Unlike Doduo, however, where arguments will frequently erupt between the heads for no apparent reason at any given time, Weezing retains the easygoing nature of Koffing, and the heads tend to get along more often than not.

Keith's Poison-type Research: Seviper
Spoiler: show

Biology: Nearly all of a Seviper's body is muscle, especially closer to the tail- this is to allow it to effortlessly support the rather large blade on the end of the tail. A Seviper's internal organs and so forth are for all intents and purposes identical to those of most other poisonous snakes, except the organs which generate its venom are not just located near its fangs- there is another one situated near the tail blade, as well as one which allows it to generate projectile Poison-type moves, such as Sludge Bomb and Venoshock.

Diet: Seviper are carnivores through and through, and take an almost sadistic pleasure in hunting. If they can kill it, they'll generally eat it, unless it is a Pokemon whose physiology is designed to make it undesirable as a meal, such as Weedle, Venipede, Cacnea, and Ferroseed, or else make it outright indigestible, such as Grimer, Trubbish, and Gulpin. However, they generally won't say no to raw eggs, either, and unless you like the idea of constantly creating alternative explanations as to where all your neighbors' smaller Pokemon have gone, raw eggs should be the main component of a domesticated Seviper's diet. Obviously, any body part of a Zangoose is a Seviper's absolute favorite food.

Behavior: Unless you are the very first thing your Seviper saw when it hatched, Seviper is not recommended for beginning trainers- Seviper are very proud Pokemon, priding themselves on anything they can- usually their superior hunting skills and potent Poison moves. They do not take kindly to those they perceive as fools, which could include less-than-knowledgeable trainers. Seviper who are owned by trainers with prior experience in the handling of snake Pokemon are more predisposed to at least give them a chance, if not outright show respect for them. Anyone wishing to train a Seviper would be well advised to try their hand at training a Snivy or Ekans first. Dunsparce work for this purpose too, though not quite as well.

Seviper are difficult to befriend, as they generally try to intimidate smaller Pokemon into showing them respect. While this kind of behavior can easily be seen as bullying, it is in fact how Seviper are able to survive in the wild, by commanding the respect of all those that live near them, establishing themselves as the dominant Pokemon species in their area, and thus hopefully dissuading potential predators.

It's usually not an easy task to earn a Seviper's respect. One crucial thing to bear in mind is to never outwardly show fear. Any Seviper that isn't severely brain damaged will take that as an open invitation to take advantage of their trainer's fears and act as they see fit, often ignoring orders in battle. More cruel Seviper will try to toy with those that fear them, and will always leave such people in constant fear of being disemboweled or poisoned. However, if you demonstrate to a Seviper that you aren't afraid of it, more often than not, the Seviper will respect this. If a Seviper glares at you, maintain eye contact. Don't back down, and eventually the Seviper will. This holds true for wild Seviper just as well as it does for owned Seviper that might choose to glare at their trainers (usually after being given an order they disagree with).

Though Seviper are usually cunning, clever, and quick-witted, this all changes when a Zangoose comes into the picture. Nobody is entirely sure of the reason behind the infamous feud between Seviper and Zangoose, but if a Seviper so much as gets one whiff of a Zangoose, all common sense goes out the window, to be very quickly replaced with the primal desire to destroy the offending Zangoose utterly. Even trainers who have the respect of their Seviper cannot stop their Seviper from pursuing a Zangoose. The most they can do is prevent fatalities by withdrawing their Seviper into their Poke Ball once the Zangoose has been rendered unconscious, before the Seviper has the chance to strike any fatal blows. This primal urge will only fade under one of two conditions; 1- the Seviper kills the Zangoose and rips the body to shreds, or 2- the Seviper is not able to smell the Zangoose odor for three consecutive minutes. The latter is obviously more preferable, and is made slightly easier with Poke Balls. I say "slightly" because a Seviper that is pursuing a Zangoose that is called back to its ball will very likely break free within seconds.

Keith's Poison-type Research: Qwilfish
Spoiler: show

Biology: A Qwilfish is relatively simple in terms of anatomy. The majority of its muscle is used for manipulating its tail, which is crucial for it, not only for swimming, but also for attacking. Its skin is extremely stretchy, and can be stretched to a mind-blowing degree. Indeed, this allows Qwilfish to expand their bodies to alarmingly large sizes by drinking water. Contrary to popular belief, this is not necessary for them to fire off their poisonous spikes, though it does seem to give the spikes more speed and momentum. Its stomach is similarly elastic in nature. In theory, a Qwilfish could eat with the speed, efficiency, and non-pickiness of a Gulpin, though its mouth is not made to stretch that wide, nor its stomach acid capable of digesting nearly everything in creation. It still doesn't get full that easily, though.

A Qwilfish has one poison-generating sac in its body, and there are thin, highly stretchy, yet extremely durable veins connecting it to all the spikes on a Qwilfish's body. Qwilfish with Poison Point are prone to activating this poison sac involuntarily when an opponent makes physical contact with it while attacking.

Diet: Qwilfish in the wild will feed on seaweed and other underwater plant life primarily. While they are not strictly herbivores, they are also not hunters- they do not pursue prey. Having said that, should they happen upon an already deceased Pokémon, they will share it with the rest of their school. In that regard, they really aren't picky.

Behavior: Historically, Pokémon training has not been kind to Qwilfish. Lack of evolutionary relatives and land maneuverability have resulted in the poor thing being neglected by many trainers. This in turn has, over the years, left most Qwilfish with a predisposition for low self esteem. In most cases, this wouldn't be a problem, though Qwilfish abandoned by their owners can very easily lose hope. Of course, Qwilfish in the hands of loving, capable trainers can very well grow up to be mighty and powerful Pokémon capable of taking on the toughest of foes.

In the wild, Qwilfish are generally peaceful and gentle, unless something upsets them- a common trait among Qwilfish is that when they get mad, you do not want to be on the receiving end of their fury. Enraged Qwilfish are belligerent, preferring to solve their problems with attacking, but it is not difficult to calm them down. That said, it must be reiterated that Qwilfish are normally gentle and peaceful Pokémon- not at all a bad choice for a rookie trainer (though perhaps not advisable for one with little to no patience...). It's even possible to hold a Qwilfish in one's arms without running afoul of the spikes, though it's a little tricky to master the technique at first.

When faced with the prospect of a battle, a Qwilfish's competitive side emerges. Qwilfish love to battle. Commanding a Qwilfish in battle, especially if one wins, is one of the best ways to bond with one's Qwilfish.

Qwilfish can be trained to move about on land, primarily by manipulating their tails to push them across land, or else to flop about, not unlike a Magikarp. It's not the easiest process for them to learn, but it's definitely doable.

Keith's Poison-type Research: Gulpin and Swalot
Spoiler: show
Gulpin and Swalot

Biology: Gulpin and Swalot, on the outside, appear to be little more than sentient stomachs, and in fact, this is a fairly accurate description of them. Like Koffing and Weezing, their bodies consist of very little in the way of internal organs, and no skeleton whatsoever. Their skin is extremely stretchy, especially their mouths. There is no esophagus- the inside of a Gulpin's mouth and the inside of its stomach are one and the same. Its digestive acid is extremely powerful, able to dissolve anything the Gulpin swallows in a matter of minutes- seconds, even, in the case of small portions, though this is rare. Consequentially, a Gulpin's stomach is remarkably resilient. The only substance a Gulpin's stomach acid cannot dissolve is the stomach of a Gulpin or Swalot, and the only substance a Swalot's stomach acid cannot dissolve is the stomach of a Swalot- Swalot stomach acid is the only substance on earth that can dissolve Gulpin stomach. For obvious reasons, the entire evolution line is inedible. The digested remnants of a Gulpin's meal manifest as a vile sludge and toxic gases, which it stores in its body and expels in the form of Sludge and Poison Gas attacks. Rather than generating poison from seemingly nothing, Gulpin and Swalot's digestive acid convert their digested meals into the poison they put into their attacks.

Diet: Gulpin and Swalot will eat anything. Be sure to understand that this is not an exaggeration- I mean they will literally eat anything. Blocks of concrete, bar furniture, DeLoreans, you name it. A Gulpin with enough time and dedication can and most certainly will devour an entire abandoned city. This is something a Gulpin's Trainer must be wary of, for not only are Gulpin the exact opposite of picky, they also don't know the meaning of getting full. Getting a Gulpin to not eat absolutely anything and everything in sight is a significant challenge for any Trainer wishing to own one. Having said that, though, a tamed Gulpin or Swalot is hands down the best garbage disposal in the world (though it must be argued that Trubbish, while not quite as efficient, are about a thousand times cuter). Helps to keep that much more garbage out of our dumps- who says Poison-types are bad for the environment?

Behavior: Gulpin have a one-track mind, and that track is paved with food. Gulpin wake up thinking about food. They think about what they want to eat until they start eating, at which point they think about what they're eating. Once they're done, they start thinking about their next meal until they start eating it, and so on, until the end of the day, when they fall asleep thinking about what they'll eat tomorrow, and subsequently dream about food. That said, a Gulpin can be jolted off of its one-track mind, and may very well develop interests outside of eating. As a Swalot, its mind works in very much the same way as before.

Gulpin are in general very docile, mainly because they're too preoccupied with the thought of food to bother with being aggressive. That said, they can turn violent if someone is actively barring them from access to their intended meal, and if their intended meal is otherwise inaccessible to them, they can display surprising instances of craftiness and ingenuity in order to acquire their meals. They generally treat new Trainers well, especially if they're well-fed, and are surprisingly protective of Trainers they're especially fond of. Were it not for their nigh-insatiable appetite, Gulpin would be ideal for the beginning Trainer. Alas, feeding them is often beyond the financial means of those just starting out, unless one comes to the realization that they need not buy food for their Gulpin. In fact, some demolition companies and garbage dumps will pay good money to rent one's Gulpin or Swalot (or Trubbish, Garbodor, Koffing, or Weezing in the case of the latter) to devour condemned buildings/mountains of garbage.

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"One more time, Godric! Use Confusion!" Keith yelled.

"Pepperspray! Psybeam! Now!!" Meowth ordered.

The Nidorino unleashed a blast of pale blue Psychic energy from his horn, and at the same time, the Koffing this was aimed at let fly a rainbow-colored Psybeam from his skull-and-crossbones emblem. The two Psychic moves collided in midair, but Godric's Confusion slowly started to overpower Pepperspray's Psybeam. Though the Koffing put most of the energy it usually reserved for spinning into maintaining the Psybeam, the higher-level Nidorino won out, and Pepperspray fell to the ground.

"Alright, I think that'll do it," grinned Keith. "Godric, Pepperspray, nice work, both of you."

"Rinoooh," grunted Godric happily.

"Koffing Koffing KOFFING!" chimed in Pepperspray, already rising back into the air and spinning around with dizzying rapidity.

"Alright, wat's we workin' on next?" Meowth asked Keith.

"Well, I-" began Keith, before someone interrupted him.

"Well, well, well," came a snide-sounding voice from behind Keith. "If it isn't the boy who cried Missingno."

At the sound of this voice, Keith tensed up and scowled. He wheeled around to face the man who had walked up behind him, eyes narrowed. The newcomer had wild brown hair that looked as though he hadn't touched a comb in his life, and he wore an orange t-shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans. He looked about the same age as Keith, and his face bore an expression of supreme smugness.

"McPhione," growled Keith. "Haven't changed a bit, I see."

The man, apparently named McPhione, raised an eyebrow. "Implying the need?" he replied. "I see you're still wearing that ridiculous hat," he added.

"I see you caught a Zigzagoon- oh, no, wait, that's your hair," retorted Keith.

Meowth was glancing between the two, noticing the obvious tension between the two. "I take it youse knows each other," he remarked.

"I'm sorry to say we do," nodded Keith. "Meowth, it gives me great displeasure to introduce you to Ralph McPhione. Used to go to school with him, back in Lavaridge Town."

"A talking Meowth?" remarked Ralph. "You don't see those every day. Clearly a fluke that it managed to fall into your hands, Masters. If you were smart, you'd let me raise that thing."

"OK, first off, no way in hell would I give up Meowth to anyone, least of all you," began Keith. "Second, what about you? You catch any Pokémon, or should you get a job bottling your hair grease and selling it as Repel? Seriously, that stink could make my Muk cringe."

"Heh," chuckled Ralph, casting a derisive glance at the Koffing and Nidorino. "Still wallowing around with filthy Poison-types, I see," he snorted. "Whereas I, on the other hand, I surround myself with the majestic Dragon type. You're looking at the guy who's gonna be the world's greatest Dragon master."

"I don't give a Raticate's ass if you're Ash friggin' Ketchum with the world's strongest Pikachu," snapped Keith. "You think you're such hot stuff? Being a Trainer involves bonding with one's Pokémon, befriending them. Unfortunately for you, having a soul is a fairly important prerequisite."

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I do think I'm such hot stuff," sneered Ralph. "And what of it, Masters? You saying you want a piece of me?"

"Thought you'd never ask, McPhione," said Keith. "Let's do this, then. Right here, right now. One Pokémon each."

"If you really insist on losing," chuckled Ralph. "I suppose you're gonna use one of your Poison-types?"

"That's the plan, yes," Keith replied testily.

"I see," nodded Ralph. "Wise choice, sparing that runt from the merciless thrashing I'm about to deliver." Confused, Keith followed Ralph's gaze- there was Norbert, Keith's Axew, plodding over to Pepperspray, presumably for a chat of some sort.

"...OK, did you just call my Axew a runt?" demanded Keith.

"Why, yes," sneered Ralph. "I do believe I did. Leave the Dragon-types to the experts, Masters, you don't have the skills to handle them."

"I beg your freaking pardon?" demanded Keith. "You know what? I'll show you just how wrong you are. Change of plans. Norbert!" he called, at which point the Axew came plodding over.

"Axew yew?" asked Norbert, looking up at Keith.

"Prepare for battle, Norbert," stated Keith.

Ralph shrugged and chuckled. "Your funeral, Missingno. Boy," he chortled.

"I know what I saw!" Keith roared as Ralph stepped back to make enough space for a battle to unfold. "I know what saved my life. Now are we doing this or what?"

"Alright, fine," said Ralph, an Ultra Ball already clutched in his right hand.

"I choose Norbert!" Keith exclaimed, his Axew stepping forward and striking what he evidently believed to be an intimidating pose.

Ralph tried and failed to suppress a chuckle. "Let's get this over with," he stated, throwing his Ultra Ball into the air. "Flygon, stand by!"

In a flash of light, a formidable-looking green Pokémon materialized. It hovered in midair while flapping a pair of diamond-shaped wings, and its eyes were protected by a pair of transparent red lenses. Keith took out his Pokédex and pointed it at this Pokémon.

"Flygon, the Mystic Pokémon, and the evolved form of Vibrava," droned the device. "Flygon hides itself by flapping its wings to stir up a cloud of desert sand. The red covers over its eyes protect them from the sand, giving it impeccable visibility in a sandstorm."

"Alright," Meowth announced from the side. "Dis'll be a one-on-one battle between Keith Masters of Lavaridge Town, and Ralph McPhione, also of Lavaridge Town. Begin!"

"Norbert! Hone Claws!" ordered Keith.

"Flygon! Dragon Breath!" yelled Ralph.

The fight was on. Norbert started to Hone his Claws, sharpening them against his tusks, while Flygon unleashed a powerful Dragon Breath attack. Luckily, the Axew could see it coming a mile away, and was able to lunge out of the attack's path, though only barely.

"That's how it's done, Norbert," grinned Keith. "Now use Dual Chop!"

"Axew!" Norbert exclaimed as he jumped up at the descending Flygon, tusks aglow with pale blue energy.

Ralph did not look bothered by the oncoming super effective move. "Use Iron Tail!" he ordered.

Flygon's tail began to glow brightly, and the Dragon/Ground-type swung it around to meet Norbert's tusks. This stopped the Dual Chop in its tracks and knocked the Axew to the ground. He got up fairly quickly, however.

"Now, Norbert! Dragon Rage!" commanded Keith.

"Aaaaaxeeeeeew!" bellowed Norbert as he fired off a brilliant blue flame from his mouth. This time, the move made contact, causing Flygon to screech in discomfort.

"We got 'im now," grinned Keith. "Norbert, slow that Flygon down! Scary Face attack!"

A frightening look came over Norbert's face as he glared up at Flygon. Though the Mystic Pokémon didn't look too bothered by this, it still blinked and flew back a bit in surprise upon seeing this.

"Don't wimp out, Flygon!" warned Ralph. "Use Headbutt!"

"Norbert! Outrage!" shouted Keith.

With a crazed gleam in his eye, Norbert jumped up again, and this time, started punching, kicking, and scratching at Flygon with no letup whatsoever. Though Flygon seemed to struggle with this initially, it eventually managed to pull off a Headbutt as ordered, knocking Norbert to the ground once more. This time, the Axew was finding it more difficult to get back up.

"Come on, Norbert!" Keith encouraged his Axew.

"Wrap it up, Flygon!" smirked Ralph. "Hyper Beam!"

Horrified, Keith pleaded for Norbert to dodge the move, to stand up, to do anything, but it did no good- a forceful black-purple beam of pure destructive force exploded forth from Flygon's mouth, plowing right into Norbert. And when the dust cleared, Norbert wasn't even trying to move anymore.

"Norbert is unable ta battle," ruled Meowth. "Flygon wins!"

"Hah!" laughed Ralph as he called Flygon back to its Ultra Ball. "See, it's like I said- leave the Dragon training to the experts. Well, I'm wasting valuable time hanging around here," he added, starting to walk off.

"Ax!" exclaimed Norbert, having finally found the strength to get back up. This caused Ralph to stop in his tracks, and turn to face the Axew. A fire was burning in Norbert's eyes. "Axew yew Axew!" Norbert spat.

"Norbert's sayin' he don't accept dis," Meowth translated. "He wants a rematch wit dat Flygon."

"Is that so?" sneered Ralph. "Well, I guess humiliating you would be just as fun the second time around, but right now, I got places to be. I'm wasting my time hanging around this dump."

"Then get going, already," said Keith. "But I'm with Norbert- I want a rematch at some point. This is far from over, McPhione."

Ralph shrugged. "Your funeral, Missingno. Boy," he chuckled. "You better train hard before I come back if you want your inevitable defeat to be slightly delayed next time."

Keith said nothing to this, choosing to instead seethe in silent fury as Ralph walked away. "Man," Meowth said, shaking his head. "Dat guy's a piece o' work. Wat's his deal?"

"He's a grade-A jerk is his deal," Keith grumbled. "Ralph McPhione is undoubtedly the rudest, most conceited fathead ever to attend Lavaridge Elementary. He was almost tolerable at first... until after our family vacation to Cinnabar."

"Oh, yeah, when Myrtle saved yer life?" Meowth asked.

Keith nodded. "That would be the one," he confirmed. "Back then, I was in awe and wonder that a Missingno. had saved my life, so the first thing I did once the new school year started was tell everyone who would listen, and several people who wouldn't. Naturally, none of them believed me. You heard some of the things he called me? 'Missingno. Boy'? 'The boy who cried Missingno.'? Those were my nicknames for years, both of them inventions of McPhione's twisted, evil mind. He's the main reason I couldn't wait to get the hell out of Lavaridge once I became a Trainer."

"I thought dat had ta do wit you tryin' ta find yer sister?" said Meowth.

"Nah, that's why I came to Fizzytopia, not why I wanted out of Lavaridge," Keith shook his head.

"Axew yew," Norbert stated, fire still in his eyes. "Axew Axew, Axew yew Axew."

"Norbert says he feels yer pain," Meowth translated. "He wants ta take down dat Flygon sometin' fierce. He wants ta get ta trainin' right away so dat youse both'll be ready fer dat rematch."

Keith gave a small smile to his Axew. "I'm all for that, Norbert," he grinned. "Let's get going, then. The next battle's going to be different," he vowed. "OK, Norbert, first let's give you these," he continued, pulling a couple of Sitrus and Leppa Berries out of his backpack. "Then once you're good to go again, we'll train together."

"Axew yew!" Norbert replied happily, already gobbling up the berries hungrily.

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Norbert II

It had been an eventful day for Keith. Bill, a Pokémon Trainer he had met previously, had contacted Keith about taking back the Totodile he had traded to Bill four years ago. Having formed a bond with this Totodile prior to the trade, Keith naturally jumped at the chance. Then, he was kept busy for most of the afternoon introducing Gold to the numerous new Pokémon that had joined the team in his absence. And now that they had all eaten dinner, it was time for some more training. Keith and a bunch of his Pokémon were standing just outside his Secret Base- there was a big clearing right in front of the house that was perfect for practice battles, and it was where Keith always trained on days when the weather permitted.

The gathered Pokémon looked ready to go, but none more so than an Axew. There was a fire burning in his eyes, and he had clearly been sharpening and polishing his tusks with greater frequency as of late. Keith looked down at the little Dragon-type and smiled. "Well, I guess you'll want to go first, huh, Norbert?" he smiled.

"Axew yew!" Norbert exclaimed eagerly. Following an embarrassing loss to a powerful Flygon, the Axew was eager to get stronger, for Keith and the Flygon's Trainer (an arrogant Dragon Trainer Keith had a history with) had agreed upon a rematch at some point in the future.

"And I know just who'll be your first opponent," Keith replied, nodding to the Totodile dancing in place. "It's been four years since I got to battle with the guy, and I can't wait another minute. Meowth," he said, now addressing the Scratch Cat Pokémon sitting on his shoulder. "How about you command Norbert for this battle?"

"Works fer me," Meowth replied as he jumped down to the ground. Keith and Meowth took their usual positions on opposite sides of the clearing, leaving plenty of space for a battle. Gold, the Totodile, stood in front of Keith, while Norbert stood in front of Meowth.

A Chatot flapped his way down to the ground off to the side. "Awwk! Begin!" he cawed.

Keith grinned as he made the first move. "Gold! Dragon Dance!" he ordered.

"Norbert, use yer Hone Claws!" Meowth commanded.

"Totototototototodaaaaaah!" exclaimed Gold as he started dancing around in place, a harsh, red aura coming over his entire body.

"Axew yew!" shouted Norbert as he sharpened his claws against the undersides of his tusks.

"Now, Norbert, use yer Slash attack!" Meowth called.

"Metal Claw!" ordered Keith.

Now the Totodile and Axew lunged at each other, claws at the ready, Gold's Claws gleaming as though made of Metal. They swiped at each other, both attacks making contact, before they backed off.

"Do a Dragon Rage!" said Meowth.

"Block it with Energy Ball!" Keith exclaimed.

"Axew!" bellowed Norbert as he launched a blast of brilliant blue flame from his mouth.

"Daaaaah!" exclaimed Gold as he fired a green sphere from his mouth.

The two attacks collided in midair, resulting in a minor explosion that sent dust flying in every direction. Once it had cleared, it became obvious that neither combatant was ready to back down just yet.

"Scary Face now!" Keith and Meowth ordered simultaneously.

Both the Totodile and the Axew simultaneously pulled frightening facial expressions, each one cancelling the other out, and the attacks stopped fairly quickly.

"Gold, use Scratch!" said Keith.

"You use yer Scratch attack too, Norbert!" replied Meowth.

The two combatants rushed in close to each other and started Scratching at each other repeatedly. Keith and Meowth watched as Gold and Norbert continued to fight, neither of them giving an inch. Keith couldn't help but grin- it had been a while since he and Gold had battled side by side like this, and though the Totodile had picked up some new moves under Bill's ownership, Keith had no problems at all. He and Gold were still in sync with each other.

"Norbert, now! Dual Chop!" Meowth called.

"Blizzard!" Keith commanded.

"Daaaaaaaaaaaah!" screeched Gold as a forceful blast of ice and snow flew out of his mouth, pushing the Axew back.

"Aaaax!" Norbert exclaimed, trying to push through the Blizzard, his tusks aglow with pale blue energy, but the super effective move proved to be too much to withstand, and he ended up dashing out of the attack's path, hastening to shake off as much snow as he could.

"Now, Gold- Double Team!" Keith called.

"Toto... daaaaah!" replied the Totodile as numerous illusory copies of himself materialized out of thin air, forming a circle around the Axew. Norbert looked around, wondering which was the real Gold.

"Norbert, use-" began Meowth, but before he could even start to say "Dragon Rage", the Axew turned his head up to face the sky, his mouth agape.

"Aaaaaaaax..." he said, as a gigantic sphere of energy formed within his mouth. Keith's own mouth fell open at this sight.

"No way," he murmured in a hushed voice. "That can't be Draco Meteor?"

"Axew!!!" Norbert exclaimed, launching the massive orb into the air... where it exploded in a harmless puff of smoke. Tired from the energy spent on the fruitless endeavor, Norbert slumped to the ground.

"Awwk! I think that'll do it for now!" cawed Blackbeard, the Chatot who was refereeing the practice match. At this, Keith, Meowth, and Gold all approached Norbert (Gold's Double Team copies vanishing into thin air in the process), who was sitting on the ground, looking displeased with himself.

"Wow, Norbert, I had no idea you were starting to learn Draco Meteor," grinned Keith. "That's really great, that's like the ultimate Dragon-type move!"

"Ax..." sighed Norbert. "Axew yew Axew, Axew Axew," he continued, seeming to address Meowth more than anyone.

"Norbert's sayin' dat attack shoulda worked fer sure," Meowth translated. "He says he's been workin' on dis fer a few days now and he ain't got nowhere wit it yet."

"Well, that's no reason to get discouraged," Keith stated. "James took a whole week to even begin to get the hang of Frenzy Plant, after all. Besides, you don't have to do this alone. I'll help you get the hang of Draco Meteor, Norbert."

"Axew, Axew!" Norbert exclaimed, shaking his head.

"Norbert wants ta do it hisself," said Meowth.

"Well, that's not how this works," Keith said patiently. "Pokémon and their Trainers help each other out. There's no shame in accepting help from others, Norbert," he stated.

"Ax..." Norbert sighed again. Keith was right, and he knew it.

"We all want you to get stronger, Norbert," continued Keith. "Nobody wants to see you crush that Flygon more than I do, y'know? Come on, let's work on that Draco Meteor, huh?"

Now Norbert was smiling again. "Axew yew!" he cheered.

"Totototototototo daaaaah!" chimed in Gold, starting to dance around once again. This served to brighten the overall mood considerably, and within minutes, the battle resumed. Norbert attempted Draco Meteor a second time, and while it failed just the same as the first time, the Axew was much less discouraged by this one. He'd get the hang of the move, one way or another, he knew.

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Norbert III

This was it. The big day was upon them. The previous few days had been marred by the need to make some very difficult decisions, which led to equally difficult trades, but today, today was going to be a good day; Ralph McPhione was en route to Keith's Secret Base, as today was the day the two rivals had scheduled their rematch. Keith was waiting outside his house, leaning against the ladder that led up to his Secret Base. Meowth was sitting on the wooden deck that went all the way around the house, and standing on the ground, all fired up and ready for action, was Norbert the Axew.

"Wat time did he say he'd be here?" Meowth asked Keith.

"10:00 AM," Keith replied. He checked the time on his Xtranceiver. "And, it's currently 10:30. So, if he's as punctual now as he was when we were in school, I'd say we got another fifteen minutes at least. Norbert, you ready for this?" he added, addressing his Axew who was currently punching at the air.

"Axew yew!!" Norbert replied enthusiastically. Keith smiled. He had never seen Norbert so fired up for battle before. Then again, this was Norbert's first major loss, and to another Dragon-type, to boot. The little Axew's pride as a Dragon Pokémon was on the line here, and Keith was determined to help him win.

And then, the flapping of wings could be heard from above. Keith looked up, and there, coming in for a landing, was a Flygon. No- not a Flygon; the Flygon. Sure enough, riding on this Flygon's back was the all-too-familiar face of Ralph McPhione. Keith scowled instinctively at the sight of him, as his Flygon landed on the ground and glanced down dismissively at Norbert.

"Hm, Masters, I'll admit, I didn't think you'd show," smirked Ralph.

"I told you to meet me at my house, McPhione," snapped Keith. "Does that sound like something I'd do if I wanted to duck out of this?"

"Oh, you'd have found a way to chicken out if you were smart," he said easily. "You probably tried to think of a way out of this, too. I mean, come on, you're really gonna subject that runty Axew to even more pain and humiliation?"

"The only pain that's gonna happen today is gonna happen to your Flygon," Keith stated firmly.

"Axew!" nodded Norbert in agreement.

"Heh," chuckled McPhione. "Once again, you talk a big game. But why don't we stop wasting time and see how well you can follow up on that, hmm?"

"Thought you'd never ask," Keith replied. With that, the Trainers took their positions on either end of the clearing in front of the base. Norbert stood in front of Keith, and Flygon stood in front of Ralph. This time, Meowth stood off to the side to act as referee, as the referee of their first match was no longer under Keith's ownership.

"Alright, here we go," Meowth announced. "Dis is a one-on-one Pokémon battle between Keith Masters of Lavaridge Town, and Ralph McPhione, also of Lavaridge Town. Keith will be usin' his Axew, and Ralph'll be usin' his Flygon. Begin!" he exclaimed.

"Norbert, go!" said Keith.

"Axew, Axew!" responded Norbert, plodding out onto the battlefield.

"Flygon, go!" sneered Ralph. Flygon gave a high screech as it gave a great flap of its wings and rose into the air.

"Dragon Dance!" Keith called out to Norbert.

"Dragon Breath!" ordered Ralph.

And the battle was on! Norbert roared loudly as a harsh red aura cloaked his entire body, and he jumped out of the way of the odd green blast that was Flygon's Dragon Breath attack. This time, thanks to Dragon Dance, Norbert's dodge was much quicker.

"Norbert, Dual Chop, let's go!" Keith commanded.

"Iron Tail!" called Ralph.

For a moment, it seemed as though history would repeat itself- Norbert jumped up, soaring right at Flygon with his tusks glowing pale blue, and Flygon's tail was glowing brightly, ready to be swung at the Axew at a moment's notice. But then-

"Now! Scary Face attack!" yelled Keith.

Norbert, tusks still aglow, made the most frightening face he could muster, causing Flygon to pause. Not long, but just long enough for the Axew to strike hard with both tusks. All he had needed was that small opening, that moment of hesitation Flygon ought to have been spending swinging its tail at the Axew, and he was able to get in and strike.

"Flygon, Headbutt!" Ralph commanded.

"Dragon Claw now!" Keith ordered.

Flygon went to ram its head into Norbert, but the Axew met this with a ferocious swipe of its glowing claws, causing the Mystic Pokémon to screech in pain.

Ralph was looking annoyed by this point. "Shake that Axew off right now!" he ordered.

"Norbert, hang onto Flygon!" Keith shouted. "Close-range Dragon Pulse!"

"Axew!!!" Norbert exclaimed, firing a pale blue sphere of energy from his mouth, striking the writhing and struggling Flygon right in the head. This threw it for a loop, though it was able to regain its composure.

"All right, then, Dig!" called Ralph. "If that thing doesn't want to let go, we'll drag it through the ground!"

"Jump off, Norbert!" commanded Keith. The Axew jumped off of the Flygon just as it had dove right into the ground, tunneling in like it was diving into the water. Now the Axew was looking around warily.

"Heh, we got 'im now," smirked Ralph.

"Look out, Norbert," warned Keith. "We don't know where Flygon will- NORBERT, BEHIND YOU!!" he exclaimed, for at that moment, Flygon burst out of the ground directly behind Norbert, and slammed its tail into the Tusk Pokémon, sending him tumbling across the battlefield.

"Norbert!" Keith exclaimed.

"We got it! Hyper Beam!" Ralph shouted.

With a great flap of its wings, Flygon was in the air once more. It hovered above Norbert, grinning evilly, and unleashed a powerful beam of pure destructive force from its mouth. Norbert attempted to dodge, but couldn't get to his feet in time- he took the full force of the Hyper Beam. Keith could only look on in horror as the attack continued. And then, finally, Flygon stopped Hyper Beam. Norbert was lying on the ground, not moving.

"Norbert is unable ta- huh?" said Meowth, for at that moment, the Axew started moving. Saying nothing, Norbert slowly climbed to his feet. He stood on Keith's side of the battlefield and glared at his adversary. The battle had clearly taken its toll on Norbert, but he was not about to give up! He turned his head and looked back at Keith. The Poison-type Trainer could see the look in his Axew's eyes, he could see the fire, the burning desire to win. He smiled at Norbert and gave him an encouraging nod. Norbert grinned in response to this and turned back to face Flygon. Not only did he need to win this for his own pride, but as he had looked Keith in the eyes, it occurred to him that he had to win this battle for his Trainer as well. After all Keith had gone through in the previous couple of days, this was an opportunity for him to one-up a longtime rival of his. And with so much at stake here, Norbert absolutely refused to lose.

Taking a deep breath, Norbert bellowed, "AXEEEEEEEEEEEW!!!" at the top of his lungs. And then, as the shout echoed all around, Norbert's entire body began to glow a brilliant blue-white- Norbert was starting to evolve! Keith looked on, mouth agape, as the Dragon-type grew taller and his tusks grew longer. Ralph and Flygon registered identical looks of pure shock. Finally, the glow faded, revealing a in Norbert's place, but before Keith could react to this, much less even begin to reach for his Pokédex, his newly evolved Fraxure started to glow yet again! Meowth looked positively dumbfounded at this, and Flygon and Ralph were starting to look ever so slightly nervous. Norbert's tusks changed again, their shape now changing more drastically, he grew even more taller, and his tail grew much longer. The glow then faded, revealing a tall, imposing , with tusks like axe blades, extremely close to Keith's height.

"HAAAAXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR!" roared Norbert, a thunderous, triumphant roar that echoed all around.

"Whoa! Haxorus!" Keith breathed, holding out his Pokédex.

"Haxorus, the Axe Jaw Pokémon, the evolved form of Fraxure, and the final evolved form of Axew," droned the device. "Haxorus is kind in nature, but can be relentless in battle. Its unbreakable tusks can slice through steel beams and still stay sharp. This specimen reached this stage faster than any previously discovered Pokémon of this variety."

"Norbert just evolved- twice!" Meowth exclaimed. "He weren't a Fraxure fer longer den two seconds!"

"Norbert, wow!" Keith grinned. "This is amazing! OK, ready to show them what you can do?"

"Haxor!!" Norbert replied eagerly.

"Flygon, Dragon Claw!" ordered Ralph.

"We'll use Dragon Claw, too, Norbert!" Keith grinned.

With thunderous footsteps, Norbert charged forward for the first time in his evolved state. The two Dragon-types lunged at each other, each taking a ferocious swipe at the other with glowing claws, but this time, Norbert proved to be much stronger, and send Flygon tumbling to the ground.

"Norbert, now use Outrage!" Keith exclaimed.

A red glow came over the Haxorus's eyes, and Norbert lunged. Before Flygon could react, it was being punched, kicked, scratched, headbutted, and slashed by the enraged Axe Jaw Pokémon. Flygon's Headbutt wasn't gonna get it out of it this time, and Ralph knew it, too. "Flygon, use Fly! Now!" he ordered.

With a flap of its wings and a high-pitched screech, Flygon flapped out of the way of Norbert's attack, and flew up high into the air. Norbert roared loudly, thrashing about as the confusion from Outrage started to set in.

"Come on, Norbert, get ahold of yourself!" Keith called.

"Do it, Flygon, while it's confused!" yelled Ralph. "Attack now!!"

"Intercept with Slash, Norbert!" ordered Keith.

As Flygon streaked down towards the Haxorus, he shook his head vigorously. The red glow faded from his eyes as he did this. Keith grinned- Norbert had shaken off the confusion, and as Flygon came in close, the Haxorus took a great swipe at it with one of its axe blade-like tusks, sending it tumbling backwards.

Keith turned his hat backwards, a gleam in his eyes. "Finish it, Norbert!" he exclaimed. "Draco Meteor right now!"

"Haxoooooooooor!" bellowed Norbert as he leaned back, facing the sky, a massive glowing orb forming in his mouth. As Flygon struggled to get up, the orb grew bigger and bigger, until the Haxorus shot it straight up into the air... where in a brilliant explosion, it split into dozens of smaller shards of pure energy, all of them raining down upon Flygon. Ralph's hurried commands for Flygon to dodge it were no good- the Draco Meteor hit its target. Flygon screeched in agony as the super effective move rained down on its body, and when the attack ceased, so did Flygon's movement.

"Flygon is unable ta battle!" Meowth declared. "Da winners is Keith and Norbert da Axew- er, Haxorus!"

"SWEET!" Keith exclaimed as Ralph returned Flygon to its Ultra Ball. "So, Ralph," he added, grinning as he walked over to where his Haxorus was standing. "What was that you were saying about my handling of Dragon-types, hmm?" Now it was Keith's turn to look smug in the aftermath of the battle, as he put an arm around his Haxorus, who was looking just as smug and proud as his Trainer.

For a moment, Ralph said nothing in response, glaring back at Keith and Norbert. "This doesn't mean you're the better Trainer, you know," he snapped. "You lucked out because your Axew evolved at just the right time."

"Oh, really?" Keith asked. "Lemme ask you this- how many times has a Pokémon evolved twice in the span of roughly a minute from sheer luck?"

"Oh, like I got any examples off the top of my head," snapped Ralph. "Point is, it was pure luck that you won, see?"

"Ehh, get over yerself," Meowth said, frowning up at Ralph. "Just face da facts and admit dat Keith here's a better Trainer den youse."

"When the Distortion World freezes over," Ralph retorted. "I'm outta here, I got things I want to do today, and hanging around this stink hole any longer than I have to ain't one of them!" With that, he wheeled around and stormed away.

"Oh, yeah, you're one to talk about bad smells," Keith called after him. "Seriously, man, bottle that hair grease and sell it as Repel!"

"Wat a sore loser!" Meowth exclaimed once Ralph was out of earshot. "Da guy lost fair and square, da least he could do is admit it!"

"Ehh, I don't care," grinned Keith. "We beat him with skill alone, I know that for a fact, and that's all that matters. Ain't that right, Norbert?" he added, grinning at the Dragon-type.

"Haxor!" exclaimed Norbert, nodding happily.

What?  Axew is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Axew evolved into Fraxure!
What?  Fraxure is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Fraxure evolved into Haxorus!

*Norbert learned Surf!*

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Like No One Ever Was

It was a bright, sunny morning in Fizzytopia. The Starly were singing, the Skiploom were in flight, their petals spread wide, and in one treetop Secret Base, the mesmerizing aroma of bacon hung in the air, even as its source was being digested by a Trainer and his Pokémon.

Indeed, Keith and his Pokémon had just finished their breakfast- Hermione and Shelley had cooked up enough bacon to feed a Snorlax. And they needed damn near all of it, too, considering that among the Pokémon they needed to feed was Crabbe, Keith's notoriously gluttonous Gulpin.

"Ahh," Keith sighed contentedly as he patted his stomach. He was seated on a sofa in his living room, and was more than satisfied with his breakfast. "Meowth, was that good bacon, or was that good bacon?" he asked the Normal-type seated beside him.

"Dat was good bacon," Meowth nodded, looking just as content as his Trainer.

"It's not emotions, but I love it just as much as I did when I was alive," smiled a Shuppet who was resting her cloth form on top of a chair. "Hermione and Shelley are really good at cooking bacon."

"Yeah," agreed Keith. "I dunno what it is, but ever since Shelley joined the team and started helping Hermione cook, the bacon's had this... unique quality to it. Some sort of difference in the flavor, y'know?"

"Yeah, I get wat ya mean," nodded Meowth. "I can't describe it, alls I know is, watever Shelley's smoke does to dat bacon, it makes it better."

Keith opened his mouth to express his emphatic agreement with Meowth's statement, but to his surprise, his doorbell rang. "The hell?" he muttered. "I wasn't expecting any company today... Ugh, if Stewie ordered three dozen 'onion-lovers' pizzas again, I swear, I'm gonna..." he trailed off at that moment as he got up and walked towards the door, muttering various empty threats under his breath. However, as he opened the door, he did not see a delivery man from Pansear Pizza Parlor (admittedly a good maker of pizzas, though a fan of onions Keith was not- he was just lucky that Crabbe had no objections to clearing out the pizzas), but rather a young boy, who couldn't have been much older than ten years old.

"Hi," the boy greeted Keith.

"...Uh," was Keith's response. He was thinking furiously, for the youth looked familiar to him, and yet he could not for the life of him place just where it was that he knew this kid from.

"...Remember me?" the boy asked. "I wound up here a couple of months ago because-"

Keith snapped his fingers, the realization coming to him swiftly and suddenly. "-because your Tropius was on a rampage from using Outrage, that's right!" he finished the sentence. "Yeah, I remember now. What brings you back here, though?" he asked. "Your Tropius isn't on another rampage, is he?"

The kid shook his head. "No, no, nothing like that," he said. "It's just... I'd kinda like to learn how to become a better Trainer, so I can do a better job at keeping Tropius under control when he gets like that, you know?"

"Ah, I see," nodded Keith. "Well, I dunno how much of a help I'd be, but sure, I'll help any way I can. I mean, I'm not exactly one for giving advice..."

"Actually, I was hoping that maybe I could have a battle with you?" the boy asked hopefully.

Now he really had Keith's attention. "A battle, you say?" Keith said, clearly intrigued. "Well, I was planning to get in some training today in any case, and what better way than by battling? Sure, I accept!"

"Great!" smiled the kid. "Oh, by the way, my name's Oliver."

"I'm Keith. Keith Masters," replied Keith.


Before long, the two Trainers were standing outside Keith's Secret Base, in that big clearing out front, which Keith used primarily for his practice battles. On the sideline stood Meowth, who had consented to act as referee (Oliver still couldn't get over Meowth's ability to talk).

"Dis'll be a tree-on-tree match between Keith of Lavaridge Town, Hoenn, and Oliver of Gateon Port, Orre," Meowth announced, having asked Oliver what his hometown was beforehand, for precisely this purpose (Keith thought it a bit unnecessary, but Meowth tended to take his refereeing seriously, if not much else). "Let da battle begin!"

Oliver produced a Poké Ball from his belt and enlarged it to full size. "Alright, I'm gonna start this off with one of my more colorful partners!" he declared. "Kecleon, let's go!" he exclaimed, throwing the ball.

In a flash of light, the ball burst open, unleashing a bipedal green lizard into the open. Its tail was curled up into a spiral, and there was a red zigzag stripe going all around its torso. Keith took out his Pokédex and pointed it at the creature.

"Kecleon, the Color Swap Pokémon," droned the device. "Kecleon can change its colors in order to blend in with its surroundings. The zigzag stripe on its stomach, however, cannot change color."

"Pretty cool," Keith admitted, pocketing his Pokédex and taking a Poké Ball off his own belt. "But I think things are about to get a little hot out here!" he added as he enlarged and threw the ball. "Heatstroke, I choose you!" he called out as his Slugma appeared in a flash of light.

"Alright, Kecleon, let's do it!" grinned Oliver. "Fury Swipes, let's go!"

"Heatstroke, use Flame Burst!" Keith commanded.

"SlugMA!" exclaimed Heatstroke as he belched a ball of fire from his mouth. It exploded upon contact with Kecleon, sending embers scattering in every direction- Meowth had to back up hastily in order to avoid being hit. Once the attack subsided, however, Kecleon continued on, and started scratching the Slugma with great vigor.

"Big mistake," smirked Keith. "You got too close in, and now Kecleon can't dodge attacks! Heatstroke, Inferno attack now!"

"Sluuuuugmaaaaa!" bellowed the Fire-type as he unleashed a brilliant blue stream of fire from his mouth, striking the Kecleon dead-on with the powerful and normally inaccurate Fire-type technique. As the attack subsided, however, Keith was shocked to see that not only was Kecleon relatively unscathed by the move, it wasn't even burned!

"But... but how?" Keith spluttered. "When Inferno hits, the target is guaranteed to be burned! And Kecleon's just a Normal-type!"

Now it was Oliver's turn to smirk. "Yeah, normally," he grinned. "But, see, Kecleon's Ability is Color Change. Whenever it gets hit by an attack, it changes its type to the attack's type. Kecleon's been a Fire-type ever since that Flame Burst hit, so that Inferno did next to nothing!"

Keith was stunned. He never knew that Kecleon were capable of changing their type! However, he quickly realized that he could use this to his advantage...

"Impressive," Keith nodded. "Didn't see that coming... Just like I bet you didn't see this coming- Heatstroke, use Rock Throw!"

"Slugma slug!" replied Heatstroke, as he opened his mouth wide and started spewing rocks right at Kecleon. The Color Swap Pokémon screeched in agony as the super effective move made contact, knocking it on its back.

"Kecleon, no!" exclaimed Oliver. "Get up! Use Ancient Power!"

"Now, Heatstroke, while it's on the ground!" Keith grinned. "Hit it with Inferno!"

"Slugmaaaaaa!" responded the Slugma, who unleashed another brilliant blue stream of fire. As Keith had anticipated, Kecleon wasn't able to dodge quick enough, being too preoccupied with getting back on its feet- not an easy feat, considering the powerful blow Rock Throw had dealt. The attack struck Kecleon, and while it didn't do much more damage to the temporary Rock-type as it did when it was a Fire-type, it did have one effect Keith was banking on- Rock-types, after all, were not immune to being burned.

"Uh-oh," murmured Oliver as he noticed his Kecleon wincing from the burn.

"Time to wrap this up!" smirked Keith. "Heatstroke, one more Rock Throw!"

"Slugma slug!" exclaimed Heatstroke as he fired another volley of rocks from his mouth, knocking the Kecleon back down again. And this time, it made no effort to get back up.

"Kecleon is unable ta battle!" declared Meowth. "Heatstroke wins!"

"Return, Kecleon," sighed Oliver as he held out the Poké Ball, withdrawing the unconscious Kecleon. "Wow," he remarked as he pressed the button to minimize the ball and placed it back on his belt. "Your Slugma's pretty good!"

"Thanks," grinned Keith. "Would you believe this is my first time using him in a real battle? And your Kecleon's not half bad, either. Seemed to me like you were making pretty good use of Color Change."

"Well, time for my next Pokémon," stated Oliver, holding up a second Poké Ball. "And I think this one will dampen your plans for victory! Pelipper, let's go!" he exclaimed, throwing the ball into the air. In a flash of light, it opened up to reveal a white and blue bird with an almost ridiculously huge bill. Keith took his Pokédex back out to look this Pokémon up.

"Pelipper, the Water Bird Pokémon, and the evolved form of Wingull," droned the device. "Pelipper protects its young using its massive bill, and also uses it to transport small Pokémon and Eggs. To rest its wings, it bobs on the surface of the ocean."

"Hmm," Keith frowned. "Heatstroke, what say you take a break?" he suggested. "You're kinda at a disadvantage here. Return now!" he stated, holding out Heatstroke's Poké Ball.

"Pelipper, use Pursuit!" exclaimed Oliver.

A lot happened in the next few seconds. Twin beams of black light were fired from Pelipper's eyes and struck the Slugma. They didn't seem to harm Heatstroke, but they cloaked him in a black aura, which deflected the Poké Ball's return beam. And then, Pelipper dove down at Heatstroke and tackled him hard, sending the Lava Pokémon flying. As it landed back on the ground, it made no effort to move.

"Uh..." Meowth said, stunned by this turn of events. "Uh... Heatstroke is... is unable ta... ta battle," he said. "Pelipper wins."

"What the-" exclaimed Keith as he finally withdrew Heatstroke. "How... Knocked out in one hit?"

"Never been hit by Pursuit before?" grinned Oliver. "It's a move that's guaranteed to hit before the opponent is called back to its Poké Ball. In fact, if it does hit as the Trainer is trying to withdraw the target, the move does even more damage!"

"...That is amazing," Keith stated. "I never even knew that. And I got a bunch of Pokémon that can use Pursuit, too, I ought to have known about that. OK, then," he stated, as he took another Poké Ball off his belt. "Let's see you deal with this one- you won't stand a ghost of a chance!" And he threw the ball. "Go, Myrtle!" Keith exclaimed as the Banette materialized in midair.

Myrtle wheeled around and scowled at Keith. "One more pun like that, I may have to re-con-si-der my con-sen-ting to lis-ten to you, Meat Sack," she warned him. "Puns are what peop-le re-sort to when they can-not come up with real jokes."

"Just focus on the battle, Myrtle," sighed Keith. Myrtle said nothing, but turned around to face the Pelipper before her.

"Pelipper! Water Gun!" ordered Oliver.

"Myrtle, Water Gun!" Keith commanded.

Both the Pelipper and the Banette fired off streams of water from their mouths, the latter having had to unzip her mouth beforehand. The attacks met in midair, cancelling each other out.

"Wait a sec, since when can Banette learn Water Gun?!" demanded Oliver.

"Myrtle is not your average Banette," Keith grinned. "Myrtle, use Thunderbolt!"

"Protect!" exclaimed Oliver.

As Myrtle unleashed a powerful blast of electricity from her body, Pelipper's own body was surrounded by a transparent green bubble, which the Electric attack bounced harmlessly off of.

Undeterred, Keith changed tactics. "Alright, Myrtle, now use your Shadow Ball!" he said.

"Pelipper, Water Pulse now!" ordered Oliver.

Myrtle charged up a black orb of ghostly energy between her cloth paws, at the same time Pelipper opened its bill and charged up a sphere of water inside of it. Simultaneously, they fired off the attacks, but unlike the twin Water Gun attacks, these did not cancel each other out, but rather narrowly passed by each other, Water Pulse striking Myrtle, and Shadow Ball hitting Pelipper.

"Now, Myrtle!" Keith exclaimed. "Thunderbolt once more!"

"Dodge it, Pelipper!" said Oliver.

However, this time, Pelipper was not so lucky- the electricity Myrtle fired off hit its intended target dead-on- Pelipper squawked in pain as the super effective move coursed through its body, but when it finished, the Water Bird Pokémon was still in the air, albeit extremely unsteadily.

"Time to wrap this up!" smirked Keith. "Myrtle, use your Sky Attack!"

"Now we're tal-king," the Banette murmured evilly. She rose up high into the air, a harsh white glow coming over her entire body. The glow intensified, accompanied by a thick, pale gold aura, which for a moment, Keith could swear had taken an all-too-familiar L-shape. And then, Myrtle dove down, slamming into Pelipper with great force and knocking the Water/Flying-type down to the ground. It made no attempt to get up.

"Pelipper is unable ta battle!" declared Meowth. "Myrtle is da winner!"

"Return, Pelipper!" said Oliver as he held out the Poké Ball, returning his fallen bird to within. "Oh, man, that Banette is something else!" he grinned.

"Damn straight," nodded Myrtle, folding her arms.

"Alright, don't let it get to your head," Keith said, though he was grinning. "Good job, Myrtle."

Meanwhile, Oliver had taken out another Poké Ball. "OK, now I've saved the best for last!" he declared. "Go, Tropius!" he exclaimed, throwing the ball.

In a flash of light, the formidable form of a Tropius materialized. Keith recognized this Tropius as the rampaging, fruit-bearing beast who had ultimately caused Strychnine to evolve into Muk, though now it was looking considerably more gentle and docile than before.

"Alright, Myrtle, be careful," Keith warned his Banette. "That Tropius is serious stuff."

"I think I can cope, Meat Sack," snapped Myrtle.

"Tropius! Dragon Dance!" ordered Oliver.

"Use your Icy Wind, Myrtle!" commanded Keith.

Tropius unfurled its leafy wings, reared up, and roared loudly, a harsh red aura coming over its entire body. At the same time, Myrtle unzipped her mouth and unleashed a frigid blast of wind from within. Tropius shuddered violently as the super effective move made contact.

"OK, now let's give your Metronome attack a try!" said Keith.

Myrtle rolled her eyes, though raised up her arms and wagged her small, cloth fingers back and forth. Everyone present watched this warily, for nobody knew exactly what to expect from a Metronome. Honestly, Keith was kinda hoping for something like Ice Punch, or maybe Blizzard, something that would help them win. And then, Myrtle stopped wagging her fingers, and her cloth paws stuck straight up into the air...

And then, a red aura came over Myrtle's entire body. She grunted as the aura floated off of her and formed into a large orb. The orb then fired itself at Tropius, clearly causing significant damage, just as Myrtle slumped to the ground, unconscious.

"Myrtle is unable ta battle!" Meowth declared. "Tropius is da winner!"

"Wait, what?" demanded Keith. "What was that?!"

"That looked like a Final Gambit to me," grinned Oliver. "The user takes all of its remaining health and tries to take away that much health from the opponent. The attack is so draining that it makes the user faint immediately."

"Son of a Buizel," sighed Keith as he withdrew Myrtle. "I probably shouldn't have taken that chance on Metronome." As he reattached Myrtle's Poké Ball to his belt and tried to not think of how Myrtle would call him out on this error in judgement later, he started thinking about which Pokémon should be his final choice for this battle. Heatstroke would have been ideal here, though of course, Oliver had made sure to eliminate the Slugma from the match... Of course, Strychnine had triumphed over this Tropius once, perhaps she could do it again...

Before Keith could get too deep into thought, however, a Poké Ball on his belt burst open of its own accord, and a Croconaw materialized. "Croco Croconaw!" Gold exclaimed excitedly- he certainly looked pumped and ready for battle.

"Gold, you sure about this?" asked Keith. "You're kinda at a disadvantage against a Grass-type, you know."

"Croconaw, croco Croconaw," replied Gold dismissively. He confidently stepped out in front of Keith and faced the Tropius with a confident grin, which in turn got Keith grinning in a similar manner.

"Heh, well, how can I say no to that kind of confidence?" grinned Keith. "Go, Gold!"

"Croconaw!!" Gold exclaimed.

"This'll be easy!" exclaimed Oliver. "Tropius, Bullet Seed, let's go!"

"Dodge it and use Ice Punch!" Keith commanded.

"Croco!" exclaimed Gold as he lunged, barely avoiding the Seeds Tropius was spewing as though the were Bullets. Then, with a fist covered in Ice, the Croconaw Punched Tropius hard, sending it reeling. The heavy Grass/Flying-type staggered around, stomping on some of the rocks left over from Heatstroke's Rock Throw, crunching them into gravel.

"Nice going, Gold!" grinned Keith. "And now use Mega Punch!"

"Tropius, block with Leaf Blade!" commanded Oliver.

Gold lunged at Tropius once more, its fist now cloaked in swirling white energy. At the same time, Tropius slashed at the oncoming Water-type with one of its wings, which was glowing pale green. The two attacks collided, and though Gold struggled valiantly, he was ultimately knocked to the ground by the super effective move.

"Come on, Gold, get up!" Keith encouraged his Pokémon.

And get up Gold did! He got back on his feet and started hopping around in place. "Croco croco croco croco croco NAAAAAW!" he exclaimed, more worked up than Keith had ever seen him. And then, before anyone could do anything else, Gold took on a brilliant blue-white glow, and his body started changing shape.

"Whoa!" Oliver breathed. "It's evolving!"

Oliver was absolutely right, for just seconds later, the glow vanished, revealing a bigger, more bulky in Gold's place. The red ridges were larger, the arms, legs, and tail were longer and thicker, and even the snout looked more dangerous. "FERALIGATOOOOOOR!" roared Gold. Silenced by awe, Keith wordlessly held out his Pokédex.

"Feraligatr, the Big Jaw Pokémon, and the evolved form of Croconaw," droned the device. "Feraligatr's powerful hind legs enable it to move about quickly on land in spite of its massive body. It opens its huge mouth to intimidate its opponents.

"Awesome, Gold," grinned Keith. "I can't believe you evolved-"

"FERALIGATOOOOOOOOOR!" roared Gold again, and at that moment, Keith realized that his newly evolved Feraligatr was Flailing about, seemingly with no regard to his surroundings. Indeed, his flailing caused him to strike Tropius in the head, which knocked the Fruit Pokémon clean out.

"Whoa, whoa, Gold, calm down, what's the matter?!" Keith exclaimed. He ran up to the Feraligatr, trying to calm him, but the Water-type didn't seem to hear Keith.

"Hold on a sec!" Oliver exclaimed suddenly. "Look at the ground around your Feraligatr's feet!" Keith did as told, and at first didn't see what Oliver was getting at. Then-

"He's stepping on the gravel!" Keith exclaimed. "There must be a sharp piece of gravel stuck in one of his feet, it must've happened just after Tropius's Leaf Blade! Yeesh, that'd get anyone riled up, no wonder he's acting like this!"

"Yeah, but how are we gonna get him to calm down long enough to take it out?" asked Oliver, ducking to narrowly avoid the powerful tail Gold was swinging around.

"I do have something that can do the trick," stated Keith, taking out a Poké Ball. "But we'll have to act fast, we won't have much time to work with." And he threw the ball. "Hermione, let's go!" he exclaimed, the ball opening up to unleash a Weedle.

"Wait, a Weedle?" asked Oliver skeptically. "What's that gonna do."

"Just trust me on this," said Keith with a slight grin, even in spite of the situation at hand. "Hermione is not your average Weedle. Hermione, use Voodoo Bugaloo! Lift Gold into the air and hold him in place!"

"Weeedle," replied Hermione, as her beady eyes glowed bright blue. A crudely made plush Feraligatr materialized out of thin air, and she jabbed it with her tail stinger. The effect was immediate- Gold froze in place, and levitated several feet up off the ground. Swiftly, Keith knelt down and examined Gold's feet. Right away, he noticed a particularly nasty piece of gravel protruding from the bottom of the Feraligatr's right foot. With only seconds to act, Keith gently pulled the sharp bit of rock out, brushed as much gravel away as he could, and then got back out, just before Hermione's Voodoo Bugaloo relinquished its hold on the Feraligatr. Gold landed back on the ground, breathing heavily, but he no longer looked crazed or in pain.

"Gator?" Gold said questioningly, glancing at his Trainer.

"It's all right, Gold," Keith grinned. "Took the piece of gravel out of your foot. Just watch your step around here and you'll be fine. Doesn't hurt anymore, right?"

"Feraligator," replied Gold gratefully, shaking his head.

"And you know, Oliver here's the one you should really be thanking," added Keith, gesturing to the young Trainer.

Oliver blinked. "Me?" he said in tones of great surprise.

"Well, yeah," nodded Keith. "You're the one who pointed out that Gold was standing on the gravel left over from Heatstroke's Rock Throw. I'm not sure I'd have noticed as quickly as you did."

"Feraligator!" exclaimed Gold happily, now looking at both Trainers with an expression of gratitude.

"Now look, Oliver," Keith said. "You're not a bad Trainer by any means. You had a good strategy for using Kecleon's Color Change to the fullest, you thought ahead and knew to defeat Heatstroke before you had to bring out Tropius, and now this. Now, granted, you don't know all there is to know about Pokémon, but believe me, neither do I. I doubt there's a Trainer alive who does! You want my opinion? You just keep doing whatever it is you're doing, and you'll do just fine as a Pokémon Trainer. You figured out what was bothering Gold right away, so I'm sure you'll work out a way to handle your Tropius when he gets confused from Outrage."

Oliver looked exceptionally pleased by Keith's praise. "Thanks," he said. "And you know," he added, "I'm gonna want another battle against you sometime, Keith. Once I've gotten better and helped my Pokémon get even stronger. Then I'll battle you again, and next time, I'm gonna win!"

Keith nodded approvingly. "That's good," he replied. "I look forward to it, Oliver. And that's exactly the kind of spirit a good Trainer needs to have-" He broke off at that moment, however, interrupted by the sound of Oliver's stomach rumbling.

"Uh, heh, heh," Oliver chuckled nervously. "Sorry. I kinda didn't have breakfast yet..."

"Didn't have breakfast yet, hmm?" said Keith. He turned to look at the Weedle who was still standing on the ground. "Hermione, we got any of that bacon left?" he asked.

"Weedle, Weedle," nodded Hermione.

"Good," grinned Keith. "Why don't you cook up some for Oliver here, huh?"

"Your Weedle can cook, too?" Oliver asked, surprised and impressed as Hermione started to crawl up the ladder and into the Secret Base.

"Hermione has got to be one of the best cooks of all time," Keith stated. "She's good at making all kinds of things, but her bacon is the best I've ever had."

"So first a talking Meowth, then a Banette that can use Water Gun and Sky Attack, and now a Weedle that can cook?" Oliver said.

"Yep," nodded Keith. "My Pokémon are an odd bunch, for sure. And I wouldn't have it any other way."

"Ga-TOR!" Gold nodded in agreement.

What?  Croconaw is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Croconaw evolved into Feraligatr!

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Ariana Vs. Joy

It had been a most exciting day for Keith, for sure. As soon as he woke up that morning, his Xtranceiver started ringing. His initial displeasure at having to take a phone call immediately after waking up was abruptly drained away as the realization hit him that the person on the other line was proposing a trade the likes of which Keith had only been able to dream about previously. He ran the entire way to the Cable Club, where the trade was made.

Now, Keith was back home at his Secret Base, seated on his couch, watching TV, munching on a bowl of potato chips. Seated next to him on said couch, munching on the bag the chips came in, was a Trubbish. Meowth lay lazily on one of the armrests, a bored look on his face, a look which did not escape Keith's notice when the show went to commercial.

"Hmm? Meowth, something wrong?" Keith asked.

"Ehhh, it ain't no big deal," sighed Meowth. "Yer new Trubbish is in my seat, dat's all."

"To be fair," replied Keith, "the seat's available for anyone who wants it, you were just always the first one there.

"Oh- you should've just said something, Meowth," piped up Ariana, the aforementioned Trubbish. She scooted closer to Keith, leaving enough room between her and the right armrest for Meowth to squeeze in.

"...Oh, hey, tanks," Meowth remarked upon seeing this. He climbed across the back of the couch and sat down next to Ariana.

"That was nice of you, Ariana," grinned Keith. "Hey, what say once this show's over we start training, hmm? I'd like to see how good you are in battle."

"B-battle?" repeated Ariana, looking vaguely unsure at first. Then, after a few moment's thought, she smiled. "Sure, that sounds like fun!" she exclaimed. Meowth was quick to translate this for Keith, who smiled at the sentient trash bag.

"Glad to hear it," said Keith with a smile. "I- ooh, it's back on!" he added, eagerly turning his attention back to the episode of Family Guy they were currently watching.


After they were done watching TV, the three of them went outside, where Helena was already working with Joy. The two eagerly agreed to be Ariana's first opponent, and within minutes, the combatants had positioned themselves on opposite ends of the clearing in front of Keith's Secret Base. On one end stood Keith and Ariana, on the other end stood Joy with Helena floating behind her, and off to the side stood Meowth, who agreed to referee.

"OK, Ariana, let's show them what you got!" grinned Keith.

"Trub Trubbish!" replied Ariana as she plodded forward, seeming nervous and yet excited at the same time somehow.

"Ready to go, Joy?" said Helena.

"Audino!" exclaimed Joy, the Audino stepping forward.

Meowth looked back and forth between the two combatants, and then called out, "Begin!"

Keith made the first move. 'Ariana! Poison Gas!" he ordered.

"Trub Trubbish... trub!" exclaimed Ariana as she inhaled deeply, then breathed out a cloud of dark purple gas from her mouth.

"Dodge it, Joy!" ordered Helena. "Then use Pound!"

"Audi!" replied Joy. She ran off to her right, narrowly evading the Poison Gas cloud, before running at Ariana and swinging a fist at her. The Trubbish reeled from the sudden attack, but still looked ready to go.

"OK, Ariana, we'll use Pound as well!" stated Keith.

"Joy, use Growl!" commanded Helena.

However, as Ariana ran up to Joy (with surprising speed, considering the size of her feet) and took a swing at her with a garbagey arm, a thin trail of yellow gas was left in its wake. Joy opened her mouth to use Growl, but at that moment, she stopped, as though immobilized by a horrific Stench.

"Joy, what happened?!" asked Helena.

"Hah!" Keith grinned. "Ariana's Ability's kicking in- Stench! That Pound just made Joy flinch! Way to go, Ariana!"

"Trub Trubbish!" Ariana replied, sounding pleased with herself.

"OK, let's keep this going!" Keith continued. "Poison Gas!"

"Joy, use your Chocolate Bomb attack!" ordered Helena.

Keith blinked. "Say what now?" he asked.

Ariana unleashed another cloud of Poison Gas from her mouth, but at the same time, Joy formed a heart-shaped piece of chocolate between her hands and heaved it at the Trubbish. The chocolate cut right through the small cloud of Poison Gas, causing it to disperse, and then exploded upon contact with Ariana, sending chocolatey shrapnel flying in every direction. The attack knocked Ariana on her back, but she was able to get back to her feet.

"Still good to go, Ariana?" asked Keith.

Ariana nodded. "Trubbish!" she replied.

Keith grinned. "Then let's wrap this up- Ariana, use Drain Punch!"

Ariana took a running start, and as she ran, she made a fist with her right garbagey arm. The fist was quickly swirling with streaks of purple and yellow energy, and before either Helena or Joy could react, the Audino was slammed with the super effective move. She was knocked to the ground by the blow and made no effort to get back up.

"Joy is unable ta battle," declared Meowth. "Da winners is Keith and Ariana!"

"All right!" grinned Keith.

"Trubbish trub!" added Ariana happily. She then turned around and ran over to Keith. Once she was close enough, she jumped into his arms and hugged him.

"And Helena," added Keith, as he walked over to the Shuppet. "I, uh, couldn't help but notice one of those attacks you had Joy use... When did you teach her Chocolate Bomb? Or how, for that matter?"

"...Er..." Helena muttered, looking somewhat guilty. "...I kinda... withdrew one of your Rare Candies, and... traded it for a Box of Chocolates," she said quietly.

"Ah," nodded Keith. "Well, that's OK, then."

Helena looked up. "Really?" she asked.

Keith nodded and smiled. "Sure," he confirmed. "All I ask is that in the future, you run these withdrawals past me, alright? Sometimes I make specific plans for what to do with those Candies, and those plans generally rely on a lack of unexpected withdrawals, y'know?"

Helena nodded. "Understood," she said. "Joy did pretty good, though, didn't she?" she added.

"She sure did," nodded Keith.

Ariana shifted slightly in Keith's arms. "T-t-trub?" she asked shyly.

Keith looked down at the Trubbish, smiling. "You were great too, Ariana," he said. This caused Ariana to smile back at him. Then, the Trubbish wriggled out of Keith's arms, jumped down to the ground, and wandered off towards a few flowers that had managed to grow on the mostly barren ground. She picked one of the flowers, but as she ran back to Keith, he could actually see the flower wither in Ariana's grip- it was clear that Trubbish were not exactly made to pick flowers. The Trubbish happily held up the flower, offering it to Keith, but looked horrified as soon as she noticed that it had withered up. Keith, however, accepted the flower from Ariana happily.

"T-Trubbish..." sighed Ariana, sounding thoroughly downcast.

"Oh, don't worry about it, Ariana," said Keith, kneeling down next to her. "It doesn't matter that the flower withered up- point is, you picked it for me, and that was really sweet of you. Thank you."

In response, the Trubbish wordlessly hugged her Trainer, who gladly hugged her back. Ariana did not want to let go at all, which made it necessary for Keith to carry her back inside, rather than return her to her ball. It made climbing the ladder a slight challenge, but other than that, Keith had no objection to carrying her at all.

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Another seemingly ordinary day was unfolding at Keith Masters's Secret Base- namely, there was training going on. A Nidoking and a Wartortle were both using Confusion to levitate a bunch of white plates with red Tauroseyes painted on them in the air, forcing them to move around erratically, as though to make them hard to hit. Some distance away, Keith himself stood, nodding approvingly, as an assortment of Poison-types lined up before him, all facing the plates- a Weezing, a Muk, an Ivysaur, a Gulpin, and a Bulbasaur. Meowth was, as usual, sitting on Keith's shoulder, and hugging one of his legs, shyly watching the proceedings, was a Trubbish.

"OK! Everyone ready?" Keith called out. The gathered Pokémon nodded and replied in unison;

"Weezing weez!"



"Gul pin!"


"Trubbish trub?" said Ariana quietly as she looked up at Keith. In response, Keith crouched down and gave the Trubbish a gentle hug.

"Just watch them for now, Ariana, OK?" he said gently. "You'll learn the move someday yourself, but until then, I want you to see how it's used."

"Trub bish," nodded Ariana, as she turned to face her teammates, yet still clinging to Keith's leg. At the same time, Keith rose back up.

"Alright, then!" he exclaimed. "Everyone, use Sludge!"

All five Pokémon opened their mouths, and at the same time, six streams of sludge were fired from their mouths (Gemini, the Weezing, was attacking with both heads), aiming at the levitating targets. For the most part, the attacks were dead-on, striking their targets with great precision, to Keith's satisfaction. Even Dennis, the Bulbasaur, the youngest of that group of five, was doing well, hitting every single target he was shooting at. Once all the targets were knocked out of the air, the attacks stopped.

"All right, that's what I like to see!" Keith grinned. "Great work, all of you. Dennis, especially you- this is your first practice session for Sludge and your accuracy is as good as your teammates'," he added, addressing the Bulbasaur specifically.

"Saur! Bulbasaur!" Dennis smiled happily. Pomona, the Ivysaur, watched this and smiled- she knew of Dennis's concerns that he wasn't going to meet Keith's standards (she also knew that he somehow thought that to be a much harder feat than it was), and so was glad to see that his hard work was clearly paying off.

"Alright, next I think we'll have a practice battle... Hmm... Dennis, how about you against.. um..."

"Hey, how 'bout me?" came a tough-sounding voice from behind Keith. He turned around to face a Numel wearing a black fedora. "I ain't got no Fire moves yet, so it ain't like Dennis'll be at a huge disadvantage or nuttin', ya know?"

"Actually, that's not a bad idea, Vinny," nodded Keith. "Alright, you good with Meowth commanding you?"

"As long as he don't screw up," replied Vinny, at which Meowth scowled. However, he chose to not pursue the argument, and instead hopped wordlessly off of Keith's shoulder.

Soon enough, the targets were cleared out, and enough space was cleared for a battle to take place. On one end stood Meowth, with Vinny the Numel standing in front of him. On the other end stood Keith and Ariana (he wanted to return her to her Premier Ball, but the Trubbish showed a certain reluctance to relinquish her grip on Keith's leg), with Dennis the Bulbasaur standing before them. Off to the side, Helena the Shuppet floated in place, intending to act as referee.

"OK, ready... and begin!" exclaimed Helena.

"Go, Dennis!" Keith exclaimed.

"Saaaur!" replied Dennis as he dashed forward onto the battlefield.

"Let's do it, Vinny!" exclaimed Meowth.

"It's on!" responded the talking Numel. He stepped forward onto the battlefield, still sporting his black fedora.

Keith made the first move. "Dennis! Leech Seed!" he commanded.

"Bulba!" exclaimed Dennis as he shot a single brown seed out of the center of his bulb. The seed made an arc in midair and embedded itself in the Numel's hump. Almost immediately, thin tendrils snaked out of the vine and wrapped around Vinny.

"Gah!" Vinny exclaimed. "Get these things offa me!"

"Vinny, use yer Strength attack!" Meowth ordered.

"Dennis! Take Down now!" grinned Keith.

The Bulbasaur and talking Numel charged towards each other simultaneously, and as they collided in the center of the makeshift battlefield, it was fairly obvious that they were about evenly matched in strength. At first, anyway- within a minute, the Bulbasaur managed to knock Vinny back, to the latter's great surprise.

"Nice going, Dennis!" Keith grinned. "Now let's use Vine Whip!"

"Hit it with a Rock Smash!" commanded Meowth.

A pair of green vines shot out from under Dennis's bulb, but Vinny charged right through them. Then, he reared up, front right leg glowing, and stomped on Dennis's head. "Saaaaur!" Dennis cried out.

"Dennis, you OK?" asked Keith. Already, a bump was starting to form where Vinny's Rock Smash made contact, but the Bulbasaur nodded determinedly all the same.

"Now Tackle it!" grinned Meowth.

"Can do," Vinny smirked as he charged forward.

"Sludge attack!" shouted Keith.

"Saaaaaaur!" bellowed Dennis as he spewed a stream of dark, smelly gunk from his mouth. The oncoming Numel was stopped by the Poison move- in spite of the Fire/Ground-type's natural resistance to Poison moves, that didn't make him any less disgusted by the stream of sludge. He slowed down, and finally stopped altogether. Then Dennis, not waiting for orders, charged forward in a Tackle attack of his own, which knocked the Numel to the ground. His fedora fell off his head (and was remarkably unscathed, considering the tough battle it had just been through) as the Numel feebly stirred.

"Vinny is unable to battle!" declared Helena. "Keith and Dennis are the winners!"

"Nice going, Dennis!" Keith grinned as his Bulbasaur ran up to him. Happily, Keith hugged the Grass/Poison-type, before examining the bump on his head. "That bump might get kinda bad, though," he added. "Why don't we take a break for now, huh? Maybe ask Rubeus to fix you up with Soft-Boiled. Vinny, you too, actually," he called over to the Numel. "Rubeus is always looking for an excuse to use that move on something anyway."

"Will do, hat man," nodded Vinny as he expertly flipped his fedora off the ground and back onto his head. "Hey, you know Stewie got the same nickname for you as I do? Only he don't mean it as nice."

"Somehow, that doesn't surprise me," sighed Keith. "That Shadow Ledian's a real handful. Still, I know he and I are gonna end up getting along someday."

Vinny stared. "I dunno whether to admire yer rampant optimism or pity you for it," he said.

"Pity him for it," sighed Meowth. "Trust me."

"Whoa, what the?" Keith said suddenly. Vinny and Meowth turned to look- Dennis's bulb was starting to emit a softly pulsing blue light! "Dennis, is something the matter?" asked Keith.

"Bulba?" Dennis remarked questioningly as he looked back at his bulb. "Saur Bulbasaur," he said, sounding just as confused as Keith was.

"Ooh, so it's that time already," came a voice from behind Keith. He was about to turn to look, when the voice's source saved him the trouble by floating around him to examine the Bulbasaur- it was Chuck, Keith's Haunter.

"Chuck, what do you mean, 'that time already'?" asked Keith. "What's this about?"

"I'll tell you- Dennis is going to evolve soon!" replied the Haunter.

Keith blinked. "What?" he said. "You're sure, Chuck? I mean, nothing like this happened with Pomona before she evolved."

"Let me ask you something," stated Chuck. "You hatched Pomona in January of 2011, and she evolved into Ivysaur in November of that same year, correct?" Keith nodded. "Yes, that would explain it," murmured the Haunter. "The festival took place in December that year, as I recall."

"You're making less and less sense by the minute, Chuck," said Keith. "What festival? What are you talking about?"

"Every year," said the Haunter, "Bulbasaur from all over the world gather in a special place, where they all simultaneously evolve into Ivysaur. The timing of this evolution festival is different every year, but here's the secret that's been the most closely guarded by Bulbasaurkind- the festival's location also changes each year. It's a place known as the mysterious garden, and it's always in a different location every year. It's usually in Kanto, but has been known to pop up in other regions. Sometimes it's in Johto, sometimes in Unova, I think it was even in Orre once. Anyway, my point is, this year, the Bulbasaur evolution festival takes place tonight, and this year, the mysterious garden is going to show up right here in Fizzytopia."

"Whoa, that's awesome!" breathed Keith.

"Saaaur!" added Dennis, sounding just as awed as his Trainer.

"Well, looks like you're both thrilled for this," grinned the Haunter. "Pretty exciting, isn't it, knowing that Dennis will be an Ivysaur by the time you wake up tomorrow?"

"Wait, when I wake up tomorrow?" asked Keith.

"Well, yes," said Chuck. "The festival happens at night, and they only allow members of the Bulbasaur evolution line in."

"Well, screw that," said Keith. "I want to be there to see Dennis evolve!"

"Bulba!" nodded Dennis.

"Well, I guess you could try," Chuck said, "but from what I hear, intruding on the festival generally doesn't go over too well."

"Oh, it's not like I'm gonna disturb anything," Keith said dismissively. "I just want to watch my Bulbasaur evolve, I don't think that's asking too much. Dennis, you want me to be there when you evolve tonight?"

"Saur! Bulbasaur!" Dennis nodded emphatically.

"Then I'll be there," Keith stated. "It's as simple as that."

"The mysterious garden supposedly has defenses designed to keep intruders out," Chuck warned.

"Well, I'll be ready for them," replied Keith. "I'll bring along a few Pokémon that could help me out if need be."


Later that night, Keith was asleep on the couch, illuminated by the dim glow of the living room television. He had intended to stay up all night so he'd be ready to leave whenever Dennis was all set to go, but fell asleep at around one in the morning, lulled to sleep by particularly boring reruns. As the clock struck three, however, Dennis got up off the couch. He jumped to the floor and started walking for the door, as though in a trance. The idly stirring Trubbish who was sitting between Keith and Dennis noticed this, and nudged Keith with a garbage arm. "Trub, Trubbish," she said, trying to wake him up.

"Zzzzz... mmph... use Sludge Wave..." Keith murmured.

"Trub, Trubbish!" repeated Ariana, nudging Keith again.

"Mm- eh? Wha?" Keith murmured, now starting to wake up. "Ariana? Wha- what time is it?"

"Trubbish Trubbish, trub Trubbish trub!" Ariana replied, pointing towards the living room door.

Keith's first instinct was to turn to Meowth for a translation, but the Scratch Cat Pokémon was loudly snoring as he lay on the armrest of the couch. It mattered not, however, for in the next instant, Keith got the gist. "Right. Right!" he nodded, shaking off the remnants of sleepiness as he got to his feet. "Ariana, you want to come with me?" he asked. In response, the Trubbish happily jumped into Keith's arms. "Heh, stupid question," Keith grinned. Pausing only to grab his cowboy hat off the coffee table, Keith ran out into the hall, and then out the door which Dennis left open. However, by the time Keith got outside, there was no sign of the Bulbasaur anywhere. There was, however, a bunch of freshly bloomed flowers that certainly hadn't been there before.

"Trub?" Ariana murmured.

"Yeah, I'm guessing this has everything to do with the festival," Keith remarked as he expertly jumped down to the ground off of the deck surrounding his entire Secret Base. "Now we just need to find out which way Dennis went." As he said this, he shifted Ariana into one arm, took a Poké Ball off his belt and tossed it. "Hermione, I choose you!" Keith said as a Weedle emerged from the ball.

"Weeeedle," yawned Hermione, before looking up at Keith.

"Hermione, I need you find out which way Dennis went," Keith explained. "The Bulbasaur evolution festival is happening tonight, and I want to be there to see him evolve."

"Weedle Weedle Weedle?" Hermione asked with great interest. Judging by the way her beady eyes lit up at the words "Bulbasaur evolution festival", Keith guessed that her scientific curiosity was piqued by this subject. Right away, the Weedle sniffed at the air in all directions with her large red nose, and stopped when she was facing to the right of Keith. "Weedle Weedle!" she declared.

"OK, let's go!" Keith stated. He returned Hermione to her ball, then ran off in the direction she indicated. The unusual abundance of flowers told Keith that he was headed the right way as he wove between previously dead trees that were now inexplicably in bloom.

For what seemed like ages, Keith ran, weaving between trees, following a trail of fresh flowers and air filled with sparkling pollen. He left the Hidden Mansion's grounds long ago, and was now deep in some dense forest near the property. Ariana had managed to pluck one of the flowers off one of the trees, and was going to give it to Keith, but it withered in her grip, and then was restored by a mysterious force. Now she was watching curiously as it continued to wither and restore itself.

Finally, as the trees started to be grouped so closely together that there was no hope of straying off the main path, Keith could vaguely see a large clearing up ahead. However, at that same time, a bunch of brown vines and tree roots, moving of their own accord, wove together to create a barricade between two trees, completely barring Keith's path.

"OK, this must be those defenses Chuck mentioned," Keith stated, a Poké Ball already in his hand. "Well, we'll just have to cut those vines down to size."

"Trub, Trubbish," nodded Ariana as Keith threw the ball.

"Norbert, I choose you!" said Keith as his Haxorus materialized in a flash of light. "Use Slash on that wall of vines!"

"Haxor!" exclaimed Norbert, the Haxorus charging forward. He took a vicious swipe at the vines with his axe blade-like tusks, but they barely made a scratch.

Undeterred, Keith held out the ball. "Return, Norbert!" he said. Once Norbert was back in his ball, Keith reattached the ball to the belt, and then took another one and threw it. "Go, Heatstroke!" he said as his Slugma appeared before him. "Burn those vines with Overheat!"

"SlugMAAAAA!" replied Heatstroke as he unleashed a powerful stream of intense flames from his mouth. However, even one of the most powerful Fire-type moves didn't even singe the vines."

"Damn it," Keith said as he returned the Slugma to his Poké Ball. "Those vines are something else. Can't cut them, can't burn them... Wait a sec, what if I just climbed them?" he wondered. However, seemingly in response to this, several other vines snaked out in front of the wall, their ends pointed threateningly at Keith.

"T-T-Trubbish..." Ariana whimpered.

"OK, not climbing the wall," sighed Keith. "There's got to be some way... Oh, wait," he said lamely. "I didn't even think of this... Hebenon, I choose you!" he said, throwing yet another Poké Ball, revealing his male Qwilfish.

"Qwil?" Hebenon asked, looking up at Keith. In response, Keith attached the ball back to his belt, then picked Hebenon up in one hand.

"Hebenon, use Teleport," said Keith. "Take us to the other side of this wall of vines."

"Fish Qwilfish," nodded Hebenon. He closed his eyes and focused, and in the blink of an eye, Keith suddenly found himself on the other side of the wall. Grinning at his success, he placed Hebenon on the ground, withdrew him, placed the ball back on his belt, and then took off running again. Nothing more obscured him- possibly nobody thought the garden needed further protection beyond those vines? It was sound reasoning, Keith had to admit- vines that couldn't be cut or burned, and could attack of their own volition? Sounded like a pretty damn good home security system to him!

Just as that thought occurred to Keith, he came to the end of the trail, which overlooked a huge, beautiful clearing, full of beautiful flowers. It was also full of Bulbasaur, all of them talking excitedly with one another.

"Whoa," Keith murmured in awe. At that moment, one of his Poké Balls opened up, unleashing his Ivysaur, who also looked awed by the massive gathering of Bulbasaur. Keith looked around, wondering if he could see where Dennis was. Before long, however, one of the Bulbasaur saw Keith, Ariana, and Pomona, and he smiled and waved with one of his vines. Keith supposed this Bulbasaur was Dennis.

Before long, however, a series of earth-shaking crashes could be heard. At this, all the Bulbasaur turned to face a large, hollowed-out tree in the center of the clearing. The crashing noises seemed to be coming from that general direction. And then, as a massive figure became visible through a huge hole in the trunk, Keith came to realize that these crashes were footsteps, the footsteps of this large creature. And then, the creature emerged from the hollowed out trunk- it was large, with light blue skin, and a tremendous flower growing on its back.

"A Venusaur!" Keith breathed. "He must be leading the festival!"

"SAAAAAAAAUR!" roared the Venusaur. This caused all the gathered Bulbasaur to respond in kind, as the sparkling pollen flew all over the mysterious garden. As the pollen touched down, each Bulbasaur's bulb started to emit the same pale, pulsing blue light Dennis's bulb had given off earlier.

"Ooh, I think it's starting!" Keith whispered excitedly.

"Trub Trubbish trub!" added Ariana.

"Ivysaur!" said Pomona.

Keith looked around excitedly- now every Bulbasaur's bulb was pulsing with blue light, Dennis included. And then, the Bulbasaur closest to the Venusaur all started to glow with the same blue light, only all over their bodies- the glow that signaled evolution! Keith watched as a dozen Bulbasaur all evolved into Ivysaur at the same time. Then, more Bulbasaur started glowing, and they proceeded to evolve as well. Keith kept his eyes on Dennis, who was looking extremely excited by all this. Finally, a group of Bulbasaur that included Dennis all started to evolve simultaneously. It was a tad harder to keep an eye on Dennis now, given that the glow of evolution was not the easiest thing to look directly at, but Keith managed well enough, and once the glow faded, there stood in Dennis's place a happy and healthy-looking .

"Yes!" Keith exclaimed, his exclamation echoing all around the mysterious garden. He clapped his hands to his mouth almost immediately, but the damage had already been done- all the freshly evolved Ivysaur turned to look at Keith, along with the Venusaur, and of them, only Dennis looked happy.

"Ivy Ivysaur!" Dennis exclaimed happily as he dashed up to Keith and hugged him with his vines.

"Heh, wow, Dennis, you really evolved!" Keith grinned. "Congratulations!"

"Saur Ivysaur!" Pomona added, wasting no time in hugging her little brother.

"Trub Trubbish!" smiled Ariana.

However, the Venusaur looked decidedly less pleased. "SAAAAAAAUR!" it roared angrily. With thunderous footsteps, it moved forward, headed right for Keith.

"...I'm guessing I probably should've kept quiet, huh?" Keith muttered.

"Saur," nodded Pomona and Dennis simultaneously. Then, both Ivysaur stepped forward, barring Venusaur's path. "Saur Ivysaur!" they cried out in unison defiantly.

Venusaur stopped in its tracks and looked down at the pair of Ivysaur. "Saur. Saaaaur!" Venusaur growled.

However, at that moment, Keith stepped forward himself, climbing down to the clearing. "Venusaur, hold it," Keith said. "Look, I get that you don't want humans intruding in your festival, and I'm sorry. But this Ivysaur here, he's my friend, and all I wanted to do was to watch him evolve. I had no intention of interrupting your festival, I just wanted to watch."

"Saur, saur, Ivysaur," nodded Dennis, as though to confirm Keith's words as truth.

Venusaur did not answer right away. It seemed to be considering Keith and Dennis's words, but the look in its eyes as it regarded Keith were still rather distrustful. However, before anything else could be done, there came the sound of a voice that made Keith want to throw something.

"Well, well, well," said the voice. "So the rumors of a Bulbasaur evolution festival were true."

Keith wheeled around. "McPhione, what the hell are you doing here?" he demanded. Sure enough, flying in on the back of an all-too-familiar Flygon was none other than Ralph McPhione, a particularly rude rival of Keith's.

Ralph raised an eyebrow. "Masters? Heh, should've guessed I'd find you where the Poison-types were. Anyway, I came because of the rumors of a Bulbasaur evolution festival. I hear it's led by an incredibly powerful Venusaur with the ability to manipulate nature."

"So?" said Keith.

"So, I'm here to catch it!" Ralph said as he jumped down off his Flygon's back, as though stating the obvious. Then, he saw Ariana in Keith's arms. "Pffft, I see you're still wallowing around with your filthy Poison-types," he added with a derisive snort. "That ugly little Trubbish-"

"And I'm gonna stop you right there," Keith interrupted, a fire burning in his eyes. "Don't you dare call Ariana ugly, you hear me? The next time you say anything bad about my Trubbish, or any of my Pokémon, for that matter, it will be the last mistake you ever make."

"Oh, step aside," Ralph replied, rolling his eyesl. "I didn't come here to argue with you, I came for that Venusaur! Flygon, go!" he exclaimed.

At this, Keith threw a Poké Ball. "Norbert!" he exclaimed. In a flash of light, his Haxorus reappeared, eyes narrowed at the sight of the Flygon. Ralph gritted his teeth at the sight of Norbert, but Keith was quick to notice that he was not giving any commands. "Heh," he chuckled. "You're scared of going up against Norbert again, aren't you?"

"Of course not!" snapped Ralph. "I just don't want to waste Flygon's energy against Norbert when it should be using it against that Venusaur!"

"Yeah, not happening," said Keith. "This Venusaur runs the Bulbasaur evolution festival. Without it, the festival clearly can't happen."

"Oh, so what?!" said Ralph. "Bulbasaur have evolved without the festival just fine!"

"OK, I'm not gonna repeat myself," said Keith. "Leave or I force you to leave. It's people like you Venusaur tries to keep out of this festival in the first place."

"Haxor!" nodded Norbert, the Haxorus's blades gleaming in the moonlight.

Ralph folded his arms defiantly. "No," he said. "I don't let smelly Poison-type Trainers order me around."

"OK, you asked for it," said Keith, but at that moment, he turned to look at... Dennis! "Dennis, use Bind!" he ordered.

"Ivy!" exclaimed Dennis as a pair of vines shot out from under his flower. One vine rapidly coiled around Flygon, and the other wrapped around Ralph. Before long, both of them were muffling in protest.

"Nice," grinned Keith. "Now chuck them on out of here with Strength!"

"Ivy... saur!" replied the recently evolved Ivysaur. With a great effort, he threw both Ralph and his Flygon right out of the garden.

"OK!" grinned Keith as he turned back to face Venusaur. "Believe me, that guy was bad news."

However, Venusaur was no longer looking distrustful, and was even offering a vine to Keith for a handshake. "Venusaur," he said in a much more friendly tone. Grinning, Keith shook the offered vine. Clearly, Keith's willingness to defend Venusaur from Ralph had earned the Seed Pokémon's trust.

Not long afterwards, the wall of brown vines unraveled itself, and Keith walked out, with both of his Ivysaur behind him, Norbert back in his ball, and Ariana still in her Trainer's arms. Already the excessive flowers marking the mysterious garden were shrinking away, the garden itself disappearing until some time next year. Watching the Bulbasaur evolution festival was truly a wonderful sight to see, and best of all, Keith was able to watch Dennis evolve into an Ivysaur. But right now, as they headed back to the house, all Keith could think of was his nice, comfy bed, and the very welcome possibility of sleeping really, really late that day.

What?  Bulbasaur is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Bulbasaur evolved into Ivysaur!

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Security Gear

It was a quiet day. Keith had gone into town to run some errands, and thus had left his Secret Base in the very capable blades of his Pawniard. Right now, said Pawniard was standing in front of the front door, addressing what appeared to be a pair of levitating steel gears floating in midair and rotating constantly.

"All right," Ginny was saying. "Welcome to your first day of security training, Cadmium. As Pisces will undoubtedly have informed you, this is a job I take very seriously, so I will not tolerate any slacking. Even just one minute of goofing off is more than sufficient for a trained assassin to infiltrate the premises. Knowing this, do you still think you're cut out to help me with this?"

"AFFIRMATIVE," droned the Klink. Cadmium was one of the newer additions to Keith's team, as well as one of the lowest in level. What was more, it knew fewer attacks than anyone else on its team. But damn if it wasn't willing to help out any way it could!

Ginny nodded approvingly. "I like your attitude," she stated. "Very well, let's get started. Inside," she said, pointing in the doorway with one of her blades. The Klink floated inside, and Ginny pulled the door closed behind her. Then, using Magnet Rise to float in the air, she rose up to where the door's lock was, and turned it to lock the door. "That's your first lesson, one of the basics, really," Ginny explained. "If the door is not being guarded, it should be locked."


"Next, I'll need to see how you can handle intruders," said the Pawniard as she walked down the entrance hall, toward the living room door. "And for that, we'll need a volunteer." However, as she approached the living room, a great deal of commotion could be heard from within. "What the-" began Ginny as she pushed the door open, only to see that of all the Pokémon that were lazily lying about just minutes ago, the only one still visible was a Carnivine, trying desperately to squeeze himself under the couch.

"Oh, come on, Violet!" he was whining. "Please let me hide under there, Ginny's looking for someone to play the part of an intruder again-"

"Ahem," Ginny cleared her throat, crossing her bladed arms as she stood right behind the Carnivine.

"GAH!" Fang exclaimed as he wheeled around. "Oh, hi, Ginny," he said weakly. "Um... er... how long have you been standing right behind me?" he asked.

"Oh, just long enough to see that pathetic little display in its entirety," replied Ginny. "Come on, Fang. Up to the battle room. I'm training Cadmium here to help out with the security around here, and I need someone for it to practice on."

"Aw, come on, I did this last time when you wanted Pisces to brush up on her skills!" whined Fang. "I was gonna go hunting with Marvolo and Norbert later, how well do you think I can hunt after I just barely survive one of your security training sessions?"

"Then either get stronger or get better at hiding," said Ginny, brandishing a blade at the Grass-type. "To the battle room, Fang. My patience is wearing thin."

"Fine," grumbled Fang. The Carnivine floated above the Pawniard and Klink and into the entrance hall. He knew trying to get away from Ginny by floating in midair was pointless- even if she wasn't incredibly skilled with her Magnet Rise, she still knew Psycho Cut, and knew only too well how to use it.

Upstairs, in a room Keith referred to as the battle room, Fang and Cadmium floated at opposite ends of a raised platform set up in the back of the room. It was a large, sturdy platform, constructed for the purpose of Pokémon battles. There were even chairs set up in the room, so if Keith ever had company, they could watch. Ginny sat on one of these chairs, observing the two soon-to-be-combatants. "All right," she said. "Fang, I want you to try and attack Cadmium any way you see fit. And Cadmium, fend him off however you can."

"AFFIRMATIVE," the Klink responded.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," sighed the Carnivine. With that, Fang made the first move, and by swinging his leaf-arms wildly, unleashed a furious Razor Leaf attack. In response, Cadmium spun its minigears much faster than usual. Any leaves making contact with the minigears were ground up practically into nothing. As this happened, Fang lunged forward, extending several of the vines that made up the lower half of his body, then swung them at the Klink, preparing to Slam it with said vines. At this, Cadmium's minigears flew apart, both evading the Slam completely. Then, the minigears flew right towards Fang from opposite sides, and before the Carnivine could react, his torso was being squeezed between the two minigears as they rammed him simultaneously from opposite sides, clamping him between them.

"Not bad, not bad," Ginny nodded approvingly. "I liked how you dealt with Razor Leaf, and that was good use of Vice Grip."

"THANK YOU," droned the Klink as its minigears meshed together and started rotating once more.

"Now then," continued the Pawniard, "why not demonstrate some other attacks you could use against intruders?"

"ER..." Cadmium droned, somehow with a tone of nervousness. "THAT MAY PROVE PROBLEMATIC. I DON'T KNOW MUCH IN THE WAY OF OTHER ATTACKS."

"Well, I don't exactly know a lot of moves myself," the Pawniard replied fairly. "The trick is to work with what you got. I mean, I'd love nothing more than to know Night Slash already, but for now, I make do with stuff like Scratch, Cut, and Dual Chop. Not to mention, Psycho Cut is a very decent ranged attack. But surely you at least know Gear Grind?"

"NEGATIVE," droned Cadmium.

Ginny frowned. "Well, what about Signal Beam?"


"Wild Charge?"


"Thunder Wave?"


"Flash Cannon?"


"Thunder Shock?"

"OK, LET ME SAVE YOU SOME TIME HERE," the Klink answered. "MY ONLY ATTACK CURRENTLY IS VICE GRIP." There was a CLANG as Ginny facepalmed. "SORRY," added Cadmium.

"No, no, don't be," sighed Ginny. "Vice Grip's not a bad attack, we can still work with that, not to mention that little maneuver with you spinning your gears like that. Still, though, you should ask Keith to teach you more attacks. Get Meowth or one of the ghosts to translate for you, or maybe Luna or Gemini, they can use telepathy-"

"WHAT ABOUT VINNY?" inquired the Klink.

A scowl could be seen on Ginny's face at the mention of the talking Numel. "I'm not entirely sure I trust him," she said. "He's a bit of a smooth talker. Almost too good at talking his way out of trouble, if you ask me. Which leads me to our next lesson, Cadmium- who to trust. Fang," she added, turning to the Carnivine and pointing a blade at the open door. "Out."

Fang did not need telling twice! Grateful that a moderately powerful Vice Grip to the torso was the extent of his injuries this time (Pisces may be his friend, but Ginny had made it clear that she shouldn't go easy on him, and boy, did she ever comply with that!), the Carnivine flew out of the room with speed to rival a Pidgeot.


Ginny shook her head. "No," she said. "Not all of them. Most of them, yes, but there are several I'd prefer you be wary of. Vinny being one of them, though I'm still not entirely certain how much of a threat he is to our Trainer. There are enemies all around, Cadmium, even among us."

"WHO ELSE, THEN?" inquired the Klink.

"Aside from Vinny, the vast majority of our teammates are trustworthy," stated Ginny. "Even Myrtle, whom I initially had doubts about, but even for all her disagreements and arguments with Keith, her loyalty cannot be in question. Really, there's only one other teammater to be wary of," she said, a scowl forming on her face again. "...Stewie," she hissed, looking as though merely speaking the name of the Shadow Ledian left a horrible taste in her mouth.

"I FIGURED THAT ONE WENT WITHOUT SAYING," Cadmium said, but the Klink was a little confused- extremely reluctantly, it remembered what it had accidentally witnessed that day at the Bar, back when Nitro the Voltorb was on the team. Ginny was talking as though the unholy events the Klink had the supreme misfortune to have witnessed had never happened. "...ER, GINNY, I HAVE A QUESTION," the Klink droned.

"Hmm?" replied Ginny, glancing at the Klink.


Ginny's reaction was immediate and alarming. She rose into the air, the glow of Magnet Rise surrounding her body as she charged forward, pinning Cadmium to the wall, each minigear held in place by a blade. Her expression was nothing short of furious.

"Never," hissed Ginny, "and I mean never, mention that again. Not to me, not to your teammates, not to Keith. Do I make myself clear?"

"I... I... ALL RIGHT," the Klink said, rather surprised by Ginny's reaction.

"...OK, then," the Pawniard said, sounding much more calm as she backed off, her blades no longer pinning the Klink to the wall. "...If you must know," she muttered quietly, her face going as red as her helmet, "what happened that day was... was a very strange and uncharacteristic result of rage and fury. Nothing more. Stewie had been grating on my nerves more than usual that day, is all." Though as she said it, it sounded as though she was trying to convince herself of this just as much as she was trying to convince Cadmium, and the Klink knew this, too. He knew that what he saw couldn't have been purely motivated by fury and hatred alone. It may have had a hand in it in some strange, twisted way, but it could not have been the only factor.

"Anyway, back to more pressing matters," Ginny continued, sounding back to her old self again. "Ideally, Stewie should be under constant surveillance. Unfortunately, this is proving impossible at the moment, due to the fact that he's constructed an underground lair. The only way in or out of that lair that I know of is the elevator, but there's some sort of secret button to push that I have yet to locate. On the one occasion I managed to enter that lair, Stewie blinded me with Flash before pressing the button, so I never got to see where it is. However, if you see him outside the lair, you stay on him like a Remoraid on a Mantine, because he's guaranteed to be up to no good. And if you can find the button in the elevator to get to that lair, all the better."

"UNDERSTOOD," droned Cadmium.

"Well, I think that pretty much covers the basics," continued Ginny. "Why don't you try standing guard at the door while I keep an eye out for Stewie, hmm?"

"AFFIRMATIVE," said the Klink. As he floated out the door and down the stairs, Ginny followed him into the hallway and watched the elevator door intently, keeping her ears open for the sound of the elevator's machinery.

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