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I mean if we have this for all the other systems we might as well have one for Wii U too; there might not be a whole lot of fun online games but the ones that do exist are awesome so I'd love to play them with fellow UPN'ers.

Nintendo Network ID is Apollothemuse

Games I have:
-Super Smash Bros.
-Mario Kart 8
-Pokken Tournament

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Think ye can take me?
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>Implying Mario kart 8 is relevant

Rotomotorz for those interested
o O O
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Gemini Spark
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NID is Dark Searchman. I have Smash Bros and the Pokemon games of course, though I don't go on very much.

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(Or sometimes Snowboos, depending on when you ask. Try the other one first, though.)

Relevant games:
- Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
- Mario Kart 8
- Splatoon
- Pokken Tournament

Friend Code/Username list
Spoiler: show
3DS: 0748-3092-2840
Y Trainer Name: Roy
[Friend Safari: Paras, Vivillon, Beautifly]
Pokemon Showdown: Quilavaflare
Nintendo Network: Snowboos

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Reviving this. NNID is Sprinkleburg.

I have like so many games.

Daisy wins at life for making this Battle Cut
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appie juice
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I don't have much in the Wii U center pretty much just Mario Kart 8

Oh, what a blessing to meet someone like you

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