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Originally Posted by Connor View Post
You're momentarily stunned as you walk in through the doors. This is the Hatchery, right, not some indoor garden? No, no, you have the right place, but seeing a random Exeggutor lumbering your way, I can see how that might catch one off guard. Indeed, the Exeggutor approaches you, all three heads smiling, and with a jovial cry of "Exeggutor!" declared in unison by all three heads, your arboreal greeter begins walking towards the back room. Not the welcome you likely expected, but it seems welcoming enough all the same, and besides that, you have an Egg that's due to hatch momentarily, so, well, you might as well!

Once in the back room, Exeggutor lumbers over to the green-haired woman who seems to be likewise waiting for you, for she nods in acknowledgement of your arrival. "Thank you, Exeggutor," she says to her Pokémon.

"Tor!" her Exeggutor smiles in response- all three heads in unison, again.

The woman gives a small yet definite smile in return before approaching you. "Ah," she says, examining the Egg, as Hatchery staff converge upon you, taking the Egg into their capable hands. "Why these sorts are as quick to hatch as they are, I can't say. But as long as what hatches is happy and healthy, that is all a Trainer could ask for, non?" she says.

And quick to hatch is right! Mere moments later, the pulsing glow your Egg has been emitting, having gotten more and more bright until you could no longer safely look directly at it, was gone abruptly. As was the Egg, for that matter. In its place stands something decidedly fluffier. Willa Masters joins the regular staff members in examining the newborn, and it doesn't take long for them to confirm that all is well. Finally, they step aside, allowing you to meet and greet your newest friend properly for the first time.

Connor: Mareep♀ hatched from the Egg!
  • It also knows the Egg move Electric Terrain! Watt-ch your step!
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Originally Posted by Sneaze View Post
Missingno. Master: You have hatched a male Fizzytopian Trubbish with EM Tearful Look!
It was a beautiful summer day in Fizzytopia, and the Masterses were out and about, enjoying themselves. This time, instead of a trip to the beach, they were instead in a very much populated area- there was a fair going on in Springreen Town, and the family was in unanimous agreement that they would go and check it out for themselves.

"Ah, man, this was awesome," Keith grinned, walking with his family down the town's main street. "Seeing you two duking it out in the finals like that was something to behold."

"It was certainly an enjoyable spectacle from my perspective as well," Willa Masters responded, with a small yet proud smile directed to her daughter. "I certainly made the right call entrusting Trevenant to you."

"Thanks, Mom, but you still didn't make it easy for us," Maribel smiled back. "You and Exeggutor fought really hard!"

"They certainly did," Keith chuckled. "And not just in the finals, either- James is gonna be feeling that last Psyshock for a while."

"Dad, you said you won this the last time you were here, right?" Maribel asked.

"I certainly did," Keith confirmed. "It was Aria against Ralph's Sceptile- well, it was still a Grovyle back then. And she actually evolved from Roselia just before the battle in preparation, and she was awesome. But yeah- they changed a few things around here since then. Last time the tournament was sometime in January, and also there wasn't a whole fair to go along with it," he chuckled. "Not that I'm complaining about it being a thing now," he added, before taking a bite of something on a stick that looked to be deep fried and wrapped in bacon."

"Mmm, you said it, Dad," agreed Maribel, having just swallowed a bite of the same thing she had gotten for herself. "The Grass-type tournament was a lot of fun, the food is delicious, and even some of the games have been a lot of fun, too!"

As if on cue, a voice called out. "Step right up! Step right up! Only ₽500 for your big chance to win the prize of a lifetime!" Curious, the Masterses headed over to the stall the voice was coming from, to see a man running some sort of dart-throwing game. "Ah, such a lovely family I see," he grinned. "Step right up and take a look at these Pokémon!" As he spoke, he gestured to several shelves of clear plastic bags, each one containing a particularly diminutive Magikarp. "Have you ever seen such healthy Pokémon as these? The king of carp- Magikarp!"

"...Magikarp," Keith repeated.

"Ohoho, indeed, yes," nodded the man. "And just between you and me, these Magikarp are like Pokémon gold mines! Normally I just sell them, but for today's fair I decided to make this into something more fun!"

"Ahem," came a voice as Maribel's Rotom Phone shot right up out of her bag. "Magikarp, the Fish Pokémon. A Water-type. Magikarp is completely pathetic in terms of both speed and power and is widely considered the most worthless Pokémon in the world."

The man grimaced at Rotom's harsh yet correct description. "Ehhh," he groaned feebly.

Maribel tilted her head. "...Magikarp evolve into Gyarados, though, don't they?" she piped up. "So raising one is actually really worthwhile."

"Eh- yes, yes, of course! See, the little girl gets it!" the Magikarp salesman exclaimed, recovering at once, latching onto this train of thought like a Shellder latches onto a Slowpoke. "Very smart and perceptive, I like that a lot! Clearly takes after her parents in that regard, am I wrong?" he added with a winning grin at Keith and Willa.

"...where are you going with this?" Willa asked bluntly.

"Ah, yes, yes, forgive me for taking so long to get to the point," nodded the Magikarp salesman. "You see the balloons on this wheel, yes?" He gestured to the wheel to his right, which indeed had ten inflated balloons affixed to it. The wheel was also gently rotating clockwise. "Pop at least five of these balloons to win your very own Magikarp! Pop all ten for a secret grand prize! ₽500 gets you ten darts. Try your luck!" he challenged them.

"I want to try!" Maribel piped up at once. "I wanna win a Magikarp!" As she spoke, she produced the necessary funds and handed them over. The Magikarp salesman procured a box containing ten darts and handed it over, but as Maribel threw them, she found that the wheel began to spin faster and faster. Unseen by anyone, the Magikarp salesman was standing on a discreetly hidden button that quickened the speed of the wheel. She tried as best she could, but Maribel could only pop four balloons.

"Ahhh, too bad, too bad," the Magikarp salesman said as the wheel returned to its normal speed. "Perhaps next time."

"Aw," Maribel sighed. She looked into her wallet, only to find that she had spent her last ₽500 for this.

Keith looked at Maribel, hating to see his daughter so disappointed. After a moment, he stepped forward and slapped down ₽500 on the counter. "I'll give it a try now," he stated.

"Keith," began Willa.

"It's OK," Keith said quietly. "We won't spend all day here, but I want to at least try my luck at this for Maribel."

At this, Maribel wrapped her arms around Keith. "Thanks, Dad," she smiled.

Keith smiled, hugging his daughter back. "Don't thank me yet, I haven't won yet," he chuckled.

"Well, still, thanks for at least trying for me," Maribel insisted. And Keith, knowing full well that his girl had inherited the Masters family stubbornness, did not attempt to argue the point.

Once the hug had broken apart, Keith was presented with the same ten darts, and the Magikarp salesman had replaced the popped balloons. And just as expected, once Keith was cleared to start throwing the darts, the wheel spun around faster and faster. Taking a deep breath, Keith focused and concentrated... timed it correctly... and let his first dart fly!


"Yes!" Maribel exclaimed- the sound of the balloon popping on the very first dart was seriously encouraging, considering she didn't pop any until her third dart thrown.

Keith's wife and daughter looked on, visibly impressed as Keith patiently and steadily threw dart after dart, each one popping a balloon. The Magikarp salesman, in contrast, was looking more and more agitated. And finally, Keith threw his tenth and final dart at the balloon in the center- he had saved that one for last because it looked to be the easiest- and nailed it. The wheel slowed back down as the Magikarp salesman stepped off the button, and all could see that all ten balloons were well and truly popped.

"...congratulations, sir!" the Magikarp salesman exclaimed exuberantly, desperately hoping he was succeeding in masking his dismay. "All ten balloons popped, what a feat! You, sir, have won the great and glorious secret grand prize!" As he said this, he reached below the counter, for something the Masterses could not see. However, his eyes bulged and he recoiled at once. "Eugh!" he exclaimed. "What- I mean, uh," he stammered, realizing his intended marks were still there. "Uh... yeeees, yes, your, uh, secret grand prize is, uh, this!" he declared, gingerly picking up a large plastic bag and plopping it down on the counter, before taking a step back, clearly uncertain what to make of this thing.

The bag contained water and what appeared to be the skeletal remains of a diminutive Magikarp. And more to the point, the bag had a face that was looking up at Keith. "Trubb fish?" it gurgled inquisitively.

Keith, in stark contrast, was regarding the creature in wide-eyed awe. "I never thought I'd see one of these!" he breathed. "It's a Trubbfish- a species of Pokémon recently discovered right here in the Fizzytopia region!" As he spoke, he produced his Pokédex and opened it up, pointing it at the unusual creature.

"Trubbfish, the Forgotten Prize Pokémon. A Water and Ghost-type," droned the device. "Trubbfish was born from a deceased carnival prize fish Pokémon left behind in a plastic bag. It wanders aimlessly, intent on returning its fishy friend to the ocean."

"Whoa," Maribel murmured. "It looks a little like a Trubbish, doesn't it?" she asked.

"Yeah, I've heard it's somewhat related to the Trubbish species," Keith nodded. "Heya, Trubbfish," he said.

"Fiiiiish!" gurgled Trubbfish, wrapping its watery arms around Keith for a distinctly wet hug.

"Hah," Keith chuckled, gently hugging the Trubbfish back. "Honestly, considering how hot today is, that felt kinda good. Do you got a Poké Ball for this?" he asked the Magikarp salesman.

"Uh... yes, of course I do," the Magikarp salesman replied, still sounding a bit thrown off by all this. He produced a Premier Ball from his pocket and handed it over to Keith. He accepted it, but as he made to hand it to Maribel, Trubbfish shook his head and gestured to Keith.

"...Oh, you want to go with me?" Keith said. "But I won you for my daughter-"

"Trubb fish!" Trubbfish said insistently with a smile.

At this, Keith's Pokédex piped up again. "Once a Trainer has won a carnival game with a Trubbfish in the vicinity, the Trubbfish bonds with that Trainer for life."

"Oh, wow, so you really should take it, Dad," nodded Maribel. "I'm so grateful you tried to win me a Magikarp, but I couldn't separate you from this little guy."

A small smile spread across Keith's face. "Well, it's hard to argue with that," he conceded. "All you need now is a nickname, little guy. How about... Rotenone?"

"Trubb! Fish!" Trubbfish gurgled happily in response, before jumping up and ramming the Premier Ball, which sucked him inside at once, rocking back and forth in Keith's hand before falling still.

"...Well, I'm off on my break I don't give refunds OK bye!" the Magikarp salesman said very fast before running away even faster, clearly uncertain what to make of what just happened.

"...Shall we continue onward?" Willa inquired. "Even if he does come back, I don't think we should give that man so much as a single Pokédollar more."

"Yeah, I'm gonna agree with that, dear," Keith nodded. "Let's see what else we can do around here while it's still light out." And so, the Masters family continued to explore the fair, to see what all else they could do. And a fun day was had by all involved.

OOC: Hoooooly craaaaap, I was so not expecting this! Claiming my new Trubbfish in this Premier Ball, naming him Rotenone, and declaring his Ability to be Water Absorb.
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