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Lady Kuno
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Lil' Bluey Happy UPN Day!

A few days late because of family stuff but ahhhhhhhh we survived, I guess. UPN is deader than ever but my love for everyone here will never die.

Use this space to vent about the last year and/or talk about UPN.

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Double Dragon
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my 10th UPN day :')

even though we've mostly moved to Discord I'll never forget the forums, gotta get my earth badge eventually no matter how long it takes haha
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I've been doing "retirement clening" as I prep myself to go back to traveling. I've given up on the Marine Corps as a career option but I'm not 100% sure I'll give up military in general. But going in as a field officer isn't possible anymore, and coronavirus was the final nail in that coffin.

Aside from that, I'm curious how everyone else is handling. Despite UPN being 'dead' for a few years 2020 was still a banner year because of Regamening, so I don't look at 2020 as lost or bad.
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Lil' Bluey

Happy (late) UPN Day~

It's certainly been... a year, to say the least lol. There've been ups and downs: got to make/reconnect with a bunch of friends through FB - and then subsequently lost them. OTL While the past few months have been especially rough, I still have love for this place and many of the people that do remain, and hopefully those who left will return someday. Despite the general "death" of the forums and move to Discord, I do enjoy looking back on records for discussion and fun times had (ex: reading the Avatar thread during my Korra watch recently, and going through my Photobucket album the other day to preserve links in posts while deleting the rest - lest they become lost entirely for being over limit >.>; ). I don't see myself ever abandoning UPN/FB for good, so here's to many more years to come. <3
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I love UPN
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Sarasaland represent!
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Altaria Sorry Iím late!

Originally Posted by DaisyInari View Post
Gotta say, since last years things were great and then have dropped dramatically since ^^;

I got to go to Korea and Australia and it was amazing! And then my friend and I collectively quit our job at out hospital to become travel nurses! We went to Seattle, Washington which was okay, and then Tacoma, Washington which was less okay, and now I've been a bum in florida about to head to texas to be a bum some more! It doesn't look like this disease is gonna slow down because america has just collectively decided they are now bored of it so I'm starting to look for my next contract in Cali. Exciting stuff!

I'm really sad though because this break was supposed to be reserved for visiting friends but now I'm stuck in the house getting FAT OTL At least I'm still drawing and have online friends like you guys to talk to :'D
Update! Really funny how last year around this time I was getting ready to go to Cali because right now Iím doing the same exact thing lol. My next contract is gonna be in San Diego so hopefully itíll be fun! Iím vaxxed and waxxed and ready to have fun in a safe and still socially distanced manner

Iím playing dragon quest 11 atm and Iím having SO MUCH FUN, itís my first dq game ever and wow wanna see how hard I can cry because I love these characters

Iím still drawing too! I apologize to the 2 people who still look at my art thread because Iíve been too lazy with posting art 😅 and at this point the backlog is so great that Iím too overwhelmed to do it OTL

Iím in Orlando currently for the next couple of weeks and itís been nonstop storming outside but like, what else is new

Also everyone should play Garticphone itís such a great drawing game on the browser kthxbye

Hi, I'm Daisy!

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Credits to Charm for making this!

Come, my birdies!!!! Mwahahahaha!!!!!!

Thanks Pingu for being so nice and making me this~

Credit to TheKnightsFury for the sprite!

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Be Positive Ref~ I <3 you, Lonely Cubone and those who eval'd me~
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