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Trainer Name: Ben
Starter Pokemon: Slag (Slugma, Male)
Ability: Flame Body
Egg Move: Inferno
Background: Nothing is really known about the earlier years of Alex, his own memories of those times past being of blurred flashes of light, bizarre abominations and the screaming of two young boys before all fades to nothing.

Upon meeting this mysterious fellow one will immediately notice two things, one he is extremely large physique standing at just over 6 foot 9 inches in height and carrying a rather extreme amount of muscle to boot, the second being his extremely kind, goofy but none the less caring nature he has, the man often taking the time to boisterously greet and help anyone he can when the chance arises.

Beyond his large and muscular build his other distinguishing features include pale blue eyes and deep brow, short cut hair. He tends to walk around wearing jeans and...little else.
Life, but a series of paths and flows
Down many one can go
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