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Sabikui Bisco has a rather seasoned staff for such a new studio. The director did animation directing for FSN UBW and FSN Zero S1 and S2, the script is written buy the guy who wrote Cowboy Bebop and Durarara!!

Aside from that, this trailer is bonkers. And episode 1 was fairly tame lol. I looks like it will pick up, but episode 1 was all setup.

This will probably be the anime I try to keep update to date with. So much other stuff is trashy this season. Crap like World's End Harem, genderbent nohomo isekai, and two VRMMORPG isekais are all going into the Trash bin.

The BL anime this season looks like a wholesome Yuri anime though. Doubt I will watch, but Sasaki to Miyano might be worth someone's time.
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