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It's kind of like Ainz's emotional suppression, though there's no indication. She still has free will, but then she will change her mind back to the mission at hand. For example, when the Mage of the party expelled her brother from the party, she got mad and punched his whole right side off his body. Then she stopped and healed/revived him because of her heroic blessing. Deep down she disliked him and wanted to find her brother, but the hero blessing kept telling her to move forward with finding a way to kill the Demon King. When she learned of the drug, she immediately takes it and her blessing is suppressed enough to not stop her.

I also think it's rather foolish to basically allow the world to basically fall to the Demon King. They showed clear examples of the Hero saving nations from the Demon Army. But there's a lot of dumb stuff. They say something like, "Without the hero blessing, this allows someone else who wants to be the hero to becomes one rather than force someone who doesn't want to do it."

The system in general isn't fully explained beyond you're born with it and it influences your life choices, but people also have free will. We don't know the geography of the world and how the borders are done. We don't know the current activities of the Demon King and his armies as everything we have seen is in flashbacks. We don't even know the relation of the locations of those flashbacks compared to where the main character resides. We just know it's apparently on the frontier... but far from the frontlines.

I don't know if it came through in my previous post, I generally don't recommend it. The interesting factor of changing your blessing kind of messes with the overall world system and it's not fleshed out enough to know what is happening or will happen with everyone. People say that a world without a hero will lead to millions of humans dying fighting the Demon King, but we so rarely see the Demon Army we don't really get a feel for it. It feels very disconnected and we're only given the viewpoint of people who aren't affected by the war.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha is a better story that runs off the Dragon Quest trope of Hero and Demon King with a very fleshed out world setting including world politics, world economics, religion, and humanity's relationship with the Demon Realm. While the anime is a tad dull at times, Shin No Nakama is really dull most of the time including it's horrible action scenes.
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