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I finished Shin No Nakama and it fixed some problems I had with the story and setting, but kind of showed that there was no budget and is kind of a lazy anime.

They early on introduced a random lottery every being has called the Blessing. Everyone gets one at birth and it influences your life. The main character's was The Guide, which allowed him to have a strong start and help friends with their blessings, but eventually lags behind as he can't become a master of any of his skills. His sister had The Hero blessing, which gave her the power to stop the Demon Lord, but this comes at the cost of her humanity as her humanity could stop her from her task. Thus she leaves her brother behind despite wanting to find him. We're later introduced to a boy who has the Bar Brawler blessing which drives him into fits of anger and lets him use improvised weapons with skill, like rocks, broken bottles, or bar stools.

While this works in a video game setting, Rance uses a similar one, it's not the best system for most stories as it feels like it takes away free will. Characters can't choose their job in life because they're influenced by the blessing and this could turn a kind boy into an angry drunk... AND THEY ADDRESS THIS! This becomes a rather large plot point as someone starts to peddle a drug that changes people's Blessing, but can make it worse.

Eventually, the Hero Ruti is introduced to this and she decides to take the drug so she can stop being the Hero and regain her humanity, then find her beloved brother. And it's kinda neat. But this obviously has consequences. The Hero's party wants her to continue her quest to drop the Demon Lord since this could end up sparing millions of lives from the demon army. Ruti finds her brother randomly, but their former party members attack them and try to get Ruti to becomes the Hero again and there's a bunch of fights...

And they look like shit. Earlier in the series we mostly see very short fights. I thought they were short to show that Red was a bit overleveled for the boonies he was living in. But later we see Rit basically do most of her fights as a jump kick into someone and it's pretty much a still frame of her foot in the person's torso with action lines around. Near the end we start seeing higher level fights, but they all look bad.

Red helps his sister lose her Hero blessing. He confesses to his live in girlfriend Rit. The other party members either die or accept Ruti's choice. I guess they're eventually dooming people to the Demon Lord, but God gave them free will I guess so whatever. *shrugs*

TLDR: Terrible animation, kinda messy overall.

Now the real show I've been watching this season has been Eighty Six and I have to say.... WHY THE FUCK ARE THE FINAL TWO EPISODES IN MARCH????!!!!!????

It has been a wonderfully animated war drama with great action, characters, setting, and plot. But in both seasons of the show, they kept delaying. Season 1 had only 11 episodes as opposed to the usual 12 or 13 most shows had. And now Season 2 had 10 episodes, two spot fills with the staff discussing the show, but clearly they were filling time because the episodes weren't done.

I'm so conflicted by this overall because we have this horrible worldwide pandemic that continues to dominate our lives and make schedules fall apart, but at the same time, having to wait three months to catch the ending of a show is awful. Like there was clearly a failure to properly schedule their work. And I also understand that the show could potentially not have had pushed itself back to later date because the station will need something to fill it and the latter season may have no available slots for a whole cour.

TLDR: Great show ruined by terrible scheduling.
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