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Chopper is ready to start this round, his heightened agility allowing him to move first before the paralyzed Mankey. He opens his mouth and spews out a glob of Toxic goo with hints of the Helioptile's dinner from last night. Yuck. The Mankey tries to shake his fur in panic as the goo covers his body, but there's no escaping it. The Toxic seeps inside his pores, and he feels the burning sensation slowly settling inside his body. Knowing that the Toxic is a lost cause to try and prevent, he instead focuses on his paralysis. He strains his body, forcing out salt to cover his body using his sweat. The salt quickly shakes off his paralysis, though the Mankey still remains sluggish due to the lingering effects of the status. The Mankey then closes in on the Helioptile, his fist covered with smelling salts. He jabs at Chopper's cheek, injecting the pungent salts for added damage. The Helioptile slides to the side from the impact, and Bananas hops back a feet and readies himself for his opponent's next attack. Chopper recovers quickly from the Mankey's punch and chuckles as he becomes enveloped by Electric energy. Tendrils of electricity crackles wildly all throughout his body. Then, he fires it point blank toward Bananas, who can only brace for the impact due to his trainer's orders. The powerful beam of electricity engulfs the Mankey and causes a booming Thunder to explode due to the attack breaking the speed barrier. Bananas squirms as electricity courses through his very being yet again, but as the attack fades, he fortunately remains standing without paralysis. He stands weakly, his fur sizzling from the attack. However, he regains his fighting spirit rather quickly as he observes his opponent droop weakly thanks to the aftereffects of the attack he just pulled off. Bananas dashes forward, fist balled up and covered with explosive energy. He leaps in the air and extends his arm forward in a punch. As his fist comes in contact with the Helioptile's face, a sudden release of dynamic energy causes a powerful explosion, sending Bananas flying back a few feet while Chopper is bounced helplessly on the roof of the train and is sent flying back. The Helioptile barely stays on top of the train as he reaches the very edge of the back of the train. He groans as he struggles to stand, clearly confused.

As the round ends, Mankey begins to cough slightly. It seems that Toxic has set in and will begin affecting him further from now on.

: An explosive round made interesting thanks to my melodious hymn!~ Chopper is in need of a break and is still feeling the aftereffects of Thunder. He's thoroughly confused, by the way! As for Bananas, he established a wonderful lead as his opponent dips to his second third of health! He's also good for two. Let's ensure this concert continues smoothly. En garde!
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