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Well, Mask seems to have covered more or less all the big stuff, but there's a thing or two I feel merit mentioning here.

1: Maybe it should be made clear somewhere that evolving something that requires happiness or knowing a certain move does not require leveling it up immediately before said evolution. I see it every now and then, people using a Rare Candy on their Eevee or Woobat or what have you to level it up and cause it to evolve. FB's never required this. I've evolved an Eevee into Umbreon and a Yanma into Yanmega both at level 1 (Yanma can learn Ancient Power as an MT move, that's how it was possible, in case anyone's wondering about that one).

2: The Bonding Retreat should mention the fact that MT moves taught via Bond do not need to be natural MT moves. The only reason I ever knew it was allowed was by seeing other members being allowed to do it.

3: I remember this subject cropping up at one point- it should be mentioned somewhere that the Old Spice Incense isn't single-use, so people don't try and buy another one after breeding something. I remember that the sale was denied and the payment refunded rather than letting the person buy more Old Spice Incenses than was necessary, which is great, but I feel like mentioning it somewhere, avoiding the issue altogether, might be preferable.

4: The rules about transferring stuff out of Bond-increasing balls should be made clear. In old FB, once something was in a ball that increased happiness points, it was stuck in there for good. Not unreasonable, considering the potential for abuse there, but is this still the case? If it is, that's fine, but if not, I personally would like to know, because I'm actually interested in possibly transferring Charlie (Charizard) into a regular Poké Ball, just so I have all my fully-evolved Kanto starters in the same kind of ball, without having to break the bank to get new balls for Chance (Blastoise) and Dennis (Venusaur). Of course, if such a thing isn't possible, I'm fine with just sucking it up and dealing with it- I'm not pushing for a rule change here, just clarification.
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