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The main reason why I can't edit the OP is because the shop changed hands about a year ago when I took over. Letting me edit it would basically just be a case of archiving the old thread and making a new one. Which, frankly, I wouldn't be opposed to, but the second point needs resolving first I think.

With regards to reducing availability, the only things we've sold in the last year were Old Spice Incenses, Evolutionary Items and various Pokeballs, most commonly Luxury Balls. It's there, but barely anyone uses it. The last time someone bought a healing item was Mask, just over a year ago. Berries, slightly earlier. Healing items and berries likely won't be missed too much. Pokeballs, it depends what you mean by 'thematics'. Personally I'd be in favour of removing everything that isn't a Pokeball or Great Ball (maybe have Ultras). The fact that the most common purchase in the store is Luxury Balls really sticks out like a sore thumb, but that leads on to a point I've been meaning to make for a while, namely trying to rebalance how Luxury Balls work.

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