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Alice watched the battle continue to unfold, and it looked as if they were finally making some progress. That was a relief, although it was far from time to celebrate. “You're fucking kidding me...” She muttered with bitter anger as the Snorlax King shielded itself, minimising the damage from the Whirlpool and rendering its secondary effect moot. Not only that, but one of their allies was down: the majestic Arcanine that she had briefly admired upon its relief, not that Alice had time to spare it much more thought than that. It wasn't time to be snuggling and petting giant dogs, no matter what any memes might have to say.

Jasper, at least, was doing swell. He might have been weaker than many of his comrades but his movepool was diverse and his typing had proven invaluable, although goodness knows how long that would last. It would be a miracle to take no shots through this gruelling raid, although the Kingler that had Guarded members of their side had Alice 'ahh'ing and sighing audibly from amazement and relief. Her Krabby, Kenji, would have found that admirable too if he were present to see it. Truly, even with little communication, their raid team was doing a brilliant job.

“Jasper, hang back and let the Snorlax attack, and then use Payback!” It only had a base power of fifty, but between type advantages and its placing in the strike order Alice was hoping that they could do more. With all of the red clouds and the storm in the sky swirling with more aggression than before, the laws of the land were a complete mystery to the trainer right now.
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