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Adoption Center News!

Hey guys! We're going to implement some changes for the Adoption Center next month (August). Starting then, twice a year we will be releasing Pokemon from the Adoption Center back into the wild, them having gone through rehabilitation. Pokemon who had been in there for one year or over during those points will be released, and we will replace them one to one. For reference, here will be the list of Pokemon in the AC going in August:

($200) Lv. 01 (M) Bellsprout
($200) Lv. 01 (M) Chinchou
($200) Lv. 01 (F) Hippopotas
($200) Lv. 01 (M) Machop
($200) Lv. 01 (M) Makuhita
($200) Lv. 01 (F) Pachirisu
($200) Lv. 01 (M) Pawniard
($200) Lv. 01 (F) Pidove
($200) Lv. 01 (F) Starly
($200) Lv. 01 (M) Stunky
($200) Lv. 01 (F) Swirlix

For the entirety of this month, adopting one of these Pokemon will be free! That's right, you can post to adopt one of these Pokemon for free until August Drop Offs. Going forwards, we will be doing this at the end of January and end of July. Pokemon released will be posted a month prior, and will be free during that month period.

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