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Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
She knew how this worked. How could she not? Not only was she the daughter of two of the best Pokémon Trainers in the entire region, and the granddaughter of a former Pokémon League Champion, but she'd witnessed this sort of thing firsthand, too, even resulting in her acquiring her Trevenant. It was, therefore, with no small amount of confidence in what she was doing that Maribel Masters entered the Global Trade Station, this time not accompanied by either of her parents. She held a singular Poké Ball in her hand, using her free hand to adjust the brim of her Mega Hat before she spotted the right trading machine.

"You're Leo, right?" she said as she approached the man. "Maribel Masters, we spoke earlier. I'm happy I can help with this," she smiled. Without further ado, she placed the ball on her end of the trade machine, while a Luxury Ball was placed on the other end. The switch was thrown, and with a great electronic whirring, the trade machine roared to life! It sucked up the balls, and on the screen, silhouettes of Hippopotas and Swirlix crossed paths, before each ball emerged on the end opposite where it started.

A pinging noise prompted Maribel to dig out her Rotom Phone, which featured a full image of the fluffy Fairy she'd just acquired. "Swirlix has been registered to your Pokédex!" said Rotom, before launching into the Pokédex entry. "Swirlix, the Cotton Candy Pokémon. A Fairy-type. Swirlix eats nothing but sweets and sugar, making it smell sweet, and probably also really fat under all that sticky fur. This thing sounds like a mess."

"Rotom, be nice," Maribel admonished the device with a frown. She then took hold of the Luxury Ball and tossed it in the air. "Come out, Swirlix!" she exclaimed, sending out the cotton candy puppy. She had just enough time to notice the swirl of whipped cream on its head before both the Swirlix and its topping glowed brightly, a swift transformation that traded in the tail for a pair of stubby arms, and made the delectable-looking topping decidedly more permanent, as Maribel could see from the before her.

Another ping from Rotom. "Slurpuff has been registered to your Pokédex!" it said, before once again diving into a dex entry. "Slurpuff, the Meringue Pokémon. A Fairy-type, and the evolved form of Swirlix. Slurpuff can sniff out a person's mental and physical condition. Yeah, right. That can't be a thing. A sense of smell that good has gotta suck- you couldn't fart within a hundred feet of this thing- MMPH!"

For at that moment, Maribel had rolled her eyes and cut Rotom's monologue short by shoving the possessed phone back into her bag. She smiled as she looked at the newly-evolved Slurpuff. "It's so much like my dad's Slurpuff," she remarked to Leo. "And Dad's one of the best Pokémon Trainers I know." With that, she withdrew Cott and placed the Luxury Ball back on her end of the trade machine. Cool as it was to own a Slurpuff for a minute, she was looking forward to getting Hippopotas back.

OOC: Trading my Hippopotas to Lit for his Swirlix holding a Whipped Dream.

*Trade Closed*

And now trading "my" Slurpuff back to Lit for "his" Hippopotas.

*Trade Commenced*
Trading back MM's Hippopotas for my Slurpuff.


It had been a few months since Leo had seen Cott. He got offered a scholarship in the mail one day to partake in a special culinary course in Kalos, with the caveat that he was sent there with a Whipped Dream. Though, that separation would be too much longer, as today was the day the Swirlix would come back home.

Waiting at the docks, Leo could see a very ornate cruise ship pulling in. This was a pretty rare occasion for the City, due to the narrow strait separating its port and the Island of Temperance. Most tourists came here via bus since it's one of the few reliable ways to travel the Arcane Realm without something going wrong. Regardless, this was no time to think about travel.

Watching the boat dock, he watched intently as a few people went off-board. All of them dressed in high fashion and whatever else was the rage in Kalos these days. Those poor, unfortunate souls, not realizing this city of coin was out to take theirs in its entirety. Mattered not to him, he didn't have to steal anymore.

Then, something else came down the docks. This pink, blobbish thing holding a paper. It didn't look all too familiar to him, but at the same time, there was something familiar about it. The creature saw him and ran over, tackling him to the ground while licking his face. It smelled sweet, like cotton candy...

"Cott?" Leo meekly asked. The Pokemon stood up and gave a happy bark before handing over the paper.

"Certificate of Graduation from the Kalosian Pokemon Pastry School entitled to one 'Cotton Candy'. Proof of Evolution into Slurpuff shows course completion'

"Well, congrats buddy. Let's get you home. You missed a few things while you were gone anyways," Leo said to his Slurpuff, smiling at the Pokemon before walking into the city.

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