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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
The year was two thousand exity ex. The streets of New Fizz City were silent; not a peep of life to be heard for entire city blocks. A cloud of dust swirled through the air. If you didn’t know better, you would have thought this was Bedlam Ridge. Our hero stood alone with a scarf wrapped around his face to protect him from the contamination. All he had in hand was a parchment of paper with a solitary X on it. The cure had to be around here somewhere. What had gone so wrong to create such a clichéd post-apocalyptic scenario? That will be a tale for another time, because this lead-in paragraph has just been a tease to distract you while the next part of the event was set up.

The year is two thousand and twenty. The streets of New Fizz City are bustling with excitement as streamers and banners were hung from block to block. Children dressed up in costumes of their favorite Pokemon went door to door asking for treats and sweets. It was Fizzeasterpendenceoween, of course, every child in Fizzytopia’s favorite holiday! And for those with dietary concerns, some cash was being passed around as well. Because, who doesn’t like cash? That’s all we got for today. Candies and cash. If you got a problem with that, then you can send your share of the prize to someone who will appreciate it. (Me.)

Everyone who posts here will receive the following:
5 Rare Candies
3 Mysterious Gummis
Reminder that I’m just trying to maintain the formula of putting fine print at the bottom. Enjoy!
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