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Originally Posted by Meetan View Post
It's that time of the year again, when fireworks light up every sky and lanterns of red and gold line every street. It can't be escaped, no matter which region you're in or even most TV channels you watch, and why would you want to? With fantastic, colourful parades to admire, dance competitions to join and yummy food to be devoured, there are so many ways that one can help ring in the Lunar New Year! This might not be the calendar that we follow day to day, but everyone knows that this is the biggest and most lit celebration of the whole year! Of course, it can be a nightmare for the introverts, especially with all of the people migrating from place to place and all of the noise, but it's probably best to get stuck in just a little bit. You wouldn't want to upset your ancestors, right? And you DO have a boyfriend or girlfriend, right?? Because if you don't, you best go hire one and put on a show, don't you want us to be happy---?!

Regardless of your obligations or how you plan to see out the end of the Year of the Grumpig, thanks to your services to Fizzytopia, the mayor has sent some lovely gifts your way! How about that? Now, say thank you, honour your ancestors, and remember not to shower on New Year's Day! Happy Year of the Rattata!

Please post to pick up your gifts! We apologise that role play money and bond cannot be claimed on this event. Please try to avoid bad language so as to not muddy your or anyone else's fortunes.

A red envelope containing $500
A tray of jaozi, including one special dumpling that will teach a Pokemon a natural EM or MT move upon consumption!
2 x New Year Candies (the same as Rare Candies!)
1 x Cherish Ball

Thank you for your services to Fizzytopia, and we wish you a fortunate year!
- $500
- Special Jaozi; teaching EM Iron Head to my Larvitar
- 2 Candies
- Cherish Ball x1

Thanks, this is a neat little new tradition! ^^
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