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Originally Posted by Prof.Enigma View Post
And... the Magikarp goes to Mask for Five Candies

( normally id love monies more than Candies but im in need for some candies atm )

Spoiler: show

Name: Giyuu
Level: 1
Pokeball: Regular Pokeball
Obtained: Hatched
Nature: Hardy
Ability: Swift Swim
Held Item:
Attacks: Splash, {Tackle, Flail}
Move Tutor(MT):
Egg Moves(EM):
Shadow Moves(CM):
Custom Moves(CM):
Unnatural moves(UM):
Advanced Moves(AM):
Contest Stats:
5 Candies for Magikarp.

*trade closed*


"Thank you very much, the meal was great!"

Ark went to the counter to pay for his dinner; nothing fancy, because he could neither afford it nor was his palate refined enough - all in all, it was a burger, and it did the job. Ark didn't much care for restaurants to begin with, always too crowded and noisy for his liking, plus he always had to explain what someone so young was doing by himself and where he got the money to pay for his food.

He hurried out the door, only to notice his stalker over the last several weeks was missing. He'd gotten used to the bear-shaped shadow tailing his everywhere he went, so where was Munchlax now?

"Laaax!" came the answer in a triumphant voice, as the bumbling fool stepped outside proudly holding something he most definitely shouldn't.

"Wh-what the heck did you do?!" Incredulous, Ark pulled Munchlax to him, forcing him to turn a corner. "Why are you holding a Magikarp?!"

He knew the answer but preferred not to believe it. Munchlax had somehow stolen the live fish from the restaurant's small tank by the entrance.

"You... you can't do that! No, we're not eat - open your mouth! Spit it back out!"

At the last second, Ark managed to pull the flailing fish out of Munchlax's open maw, swiftly trapping it in a PokeBall practically without thinking before the ravenous bear made a lunge for it. Now they'd done it...

"Aw crap... Munchlax, I swear to Arceus, if you ever... look let's just get the heck out of here before we're caught, okay?"

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