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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post

The Gigantamax Snorlax King
Health Gauge: 0%
Shields Up: 0
Status: N/A

Sensing that the Snorlax King was on the brink of defeat, the trainers issued for their Pokemon to go all out and put every last ounce of their strength into their final attacks. The onslaught blasted into the weary king, and ultimately it was too much for him to handle. The gargantuan Pokemon exploded with Dynamax energy and shrunk back down to his normal size and form. Shortly after, the swirling red clouds dissipated and the sky was tranquil once more.

Almost on cue, an army of Galarian Meowth and Delibird stormed the beach and surrounded their slumbering king. They tied ropes around his arms and legs, trying fruitlessly to drag him away, but the Snorlax’s girth was just too much. They scurried away and a few moments later pulled a raft up along the coastline and onto the beach below the Snorlax King. The squadron of Delibird then used a myriad of Presents to blast away at the sandy beach below the Snorlax and let gravity cause the behemoth to slide down onto the raft below. From there on, the task was only slightly less arduous to sail him away back to a place where he wouldn’t be disturbed.

To apologize for all of the troubles the gluttonous king put the people of Fizzytopia through time and time again, a few of the remaining Delibird left behind an assortment of goodies and motioned that it was probably time to put their king on a proper diet. They waved farewell to the trainers and flew off to rejoin the raft where their leader was being ferried away.

For all of their hard work in defeating the Gigantamax Snorlax King, the participating trainers are awarded the following items:
  • $1000
  • 5 Rare Candies
  • 5 Sitrus Berries
  • TR Body Slam
  • TR Hyper Voice
  • TR Uproar
Thank you for participating in the inaugural Dynamax raid battle! Please bear in mind that this system is a work in progress and we look forward to developing it more in the near future!
They had realised that the end was nigh, and that with two of their allies restored, they had more than a solid chance of beating this colossus if they just put their strength together and went all out. Alice and Jasper did the same, combining their Nature Power with the ferocity of the others, and soon the Snorlax King had been overwhelmed. The swirling red clouds and ominous storm above them slowed to a stop, dissipating so that the Springtide sun could break through the crimson and restore the setting to normalcy. The blonde was overcome with relief, jellied legs giving away so that her keester dropped into the sand. Jasper turned with an impish chuckle, stalking over so that he could comfort his dazed human. Another boss fight survived. Good grief.

“Ohh. Delibird. And those things.” Alice added more quietly. Maybe she couldn't really say anything given that her Sableye looked like the kind of creature that would actually devour your soul and pry out your eyes for giggles, but she always thought that Galarian Meowth looked absolutely crazy. It was the wide eyes, untidy muck-coloured fur and the restlessness. Still, the Delibird were cute even when they were blowing up the sand. She probably should have moved away, but didn't, instead just watching in a heap as the King was dragged away to slumber in safety and solitude.

“I'd rather him than me.” Alice remarked at the mention of a diet, after Jasper had translated through brief charades. She still felt shaken, and so was quite happy to let the other trainers and Pokemon make a beeline for the rewards and for her to take her own after. Jasper eventually went ahead to do the honours before all was taken and nothing was left for them, and Alice smiled appreciatively at her little scavenger, giving him some pets as she sorted out her bounty. All of this would come in handy, the berries included. If not for pokeblocks or poffin, then surely on some future adventure, like always!

“We should probably go home...” Alice said, glasses back on, looking towards the pier. She didn't make a single effort to move. “... You might have to drag me, though.”

Somehow, Jasper grinned wider. He did love a challenge.

((Collecting these goodies and using the TRs on Axel the Abra, teaching him Body Slam, Hyper Voice and Uproar. Thank ya, and what a brilliantly executed and fun event! Wonderful as always. <3))
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