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Alice was known for being salty even without real justification for her bad behaviour, but watching her beloved ghost take another attack but while failing to catch the grace of a Life Dew was frustrating and worrying. “Of course...” She muttered icily, Jasper tilting his head at her in questioning. Her facial expression was a picture, he just lacked the psychic prowess to be able to fully comprehend her bitterness. Of course, for all she knew, Jasper was simply unaffected by the healing move, or positioned too far from range. But goodness--

“This King is hecking rude.” Alice complained. So far, her allies were all going onto the offensive, but this round, she thought it best to act with caution. “Jasper, use Recover. We need to try before we cut things too close.” She added, and the dual type seemed to agree. A bright light surrounded him as he attempted to heal over some of the wounds that the Snorlax had inflicted upon his ghostly form, taking a time out that hopefully wouldn't be wasted while the other Pokemon threw themselves in with punches and whatever other moves their trainers had deemed best this time. The Snorlax King was looking a lot worse than he did before, but his anger still made him menacing and this fight was far from over. Yet, by now, Alice was beginning to think that maybe they had this in the bag, if they just kept this momentum and acted with caution. They could all, as a collective, do this.

((Recover has no BP lol))
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