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Originally Posted by CrazyCreeperKid View Post
Trading $800 for Maskerade's Alakazam, placing him in a Pokeball, declaring his ability as Magic Guard, nickname: ESP, and what's his Level?
Trading Alakazam for $800.

Gender: Male
Level: 23
Nature: Mild
Ability: Magic Guard
Moves: Teleport, Kinesis, Confusion, Disable, Barrier, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Skill Swap, Signal Beam, Thunder Punch, Thunder Wave, Energy Ball, Psychic, Tri Attack, Snatch, Safeguard, Psychic Terrain, Drain Punch, Psybeam, Reflect

*Trade closed*.


Trading 5 Candies to Median Dia for Lv 1 Male Munchlax with EM Charm.

*trade started*
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