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The Turnback Turncoat

It was a dark and stormy night in the Fizzytopia region. Thunder rumbled, flashes of lightning provided brief seconds of nearly sunlike illumination, and the rain came down as though Kyogre itself had cracked open the skies. Truly awful weather unless you were a Ludicolo, or perhaps a Sliggoo hoping for an opportunity for evolution, or something of that sort.

Alas, the figure running across the Shadow Clearing at that moment was nothing of that sort, and judging by her hasty movement, she sought to get out of the rain as quickly as possible. And yet, she ran right past the Pokémon Center and the House of Alph- no, she knew where she was going and why, and as much as she wanted out of this nasty weather, she wasn't one to be deterred by such trivial things as the elements.

Keith looked up from his food in surprise as he heard the knock on the door. Hermione wasn't feeling up to cooking that day, so they'd simply gone out for burgers from White Crustle instead, and they hadn't gotten home a moment too soon, for that was when this torrential downpour had ensued.

"Wat da?" Meowth remarked after swallowing his mouthful of cheeseburger. "Who'd be fool enough ta be out in dis storm?"

"Whoever it is, they're not fool enough to want to stay out there, I'd bet," Keith stated, already making his way out of the kitchen and into the entrance hall. "Coming," he called as the knocking persisted. However, Ginny darted out of the living room and stood ahead of Keith, glaring suspiciously at the front doors. Keith gave a small sigh at this, and walked around his Pawniard and pulled open the double doors.

At once, the visitor rushed inside, clearly thankful to get out of the rain. She shed her raincoat, looking around for somewhere to hang it, whereupon Keith took it from her and hung it on a nearby hook. As he turned back around, however, Ginny was already in the air, the Pawniard airborne by way of Magnet Rise, her blades brandished threateningly as she glared at the woman who had entered.

"Intruder alert!" Ginny was snarling. "Intruder alert! You've got a lot of nerve coming to visit the man you tried to assist in the murder of-"

"Ginny! Ginny, cool it!" Keith exclaimed, cutting off the Pawniard's monologue. "You don't remember?"

"...Pawn?" Ginny murmured.

"Yeah- she was the one who helped us get away from Team Turnback," Keith reminded the Pawniard.

"So you did remember," the woman remarked.

"Yeah- I mean, you pretty much saved our lives that day, not something I'm likely to forget," Keith chuckled. "Never did get to thank you for that, by the way."

The woman gave a shrug. "I'm not a murderer," she replied. "I thought the same could be said for Team Turnback, but obviously not..." She gave a deep sigh. "May I come in?" she inquired.

"Yeah, of course," Keith agreed, leading the way into the living room. "Want something to drink?"

The woman gave a small nod as she took a seat. "Some tea would be nice, if you have any," she responded.

Keith did have any, as Willa soon learned. Once they were both seated around the coffee table with mugs of tea, the conversation picked back up once more. "So... I mean, I take it your colleagues filled you in on who I am," Keith said.

"Indeed," nodded Willa. "Though I'd hardly deem 'colleague' the correct descriptive term anymore. And I take it that you, in turn, heard one of them call me by name."

"I think I did, yeah," nodded Keith. "Willa, wasn't it?"

Willa gave a nod. "My name is Willa Carnet," she said, finally formally introducing herself.

"And I am Keith Masters," Keith responded. "So... when you say you wouldn't call them your colleagues anymore...?"

"I'm done with Team Turnback," stated Willa. "I thought they were a force for good, that I was taking part in something that would result in a positive change..." She shook her head. "I apologize for not ordering Yanmega and Eelektross to stand down," she said. "Until Fearow actually did the deed, I couldn't bring myself to believe that they would do something so reprehensible."

"Yeah, I noticed you didn't seem to know what to think in that moment," Keith nodded. "I'm not blaming you, for the record- organizations like Team Turnback have no qualms about using deception to get their way, tricking people into thinking their way is right-"

"Are you calling me a fool?" demanded Willa, cutting across Keith's speech.

"Not at all," Keith shook his head. "You don't have to be a fool to be fooled."

"Good," Willa stated, seeming satisfied by this. "I... must say, I agree with that point of view." She took another sip of her tea after this. After a few moments' silence, Willa spoke up again. "Team Turnback used the promise of a fake battle competition to lure you in," she stated. "I take this to mean you enjoy battling?"

"Oh, yes," Keith nodded. "What about you, Willa, you like to battle?"

"Immensely," came the response. "Do you have a suitable room for battling in here?"

"I do indeed," Keith nodded, sounding more and more interested. "What would you say to a battle-"

"Absolutely," Willa responded, her voice betraying more enthusiasm than usual.

Once their tea was finished, Keith led the way upstairs to his Battle Room. Willa tried to not look too awed by the large room and impressive battle arena, but as Keith looked sideways at her, he saw the look of wonder. A look of wonder she immediately tried to scrub from her face as soon as she noticed Keith looking, though the following blushing could not be hidden.

"Alright!" Meowth exclaimed, standing off to the side. "How many Pokémon will da two o' youse each use?"

"Three-on-three work for you?" Keith called across the battlefield.

"Obviously not," retorted Willa. "I only have two Pokémon at the moment. This will be one-on-one.

"Hey, how was I supposed to know?" Keith shrugged. "Alright, though- one-on-one, I'm fine with that."

"Good," nodded Willa, throwing an Ultra Ball. "Yanmega!" she declared as the Ogre Darner Pokémon materialized before her. The sight of the reminded Keith of Colin somewhat, though the differences were certainly there, and furthermore, this was not the time to be distracted by such things.

Keith responded by throwing an Ultra Ball of his own. "Go! Melittin!" he exclaimed as his Beedrill appeared before him. Willa's grey eyes immediately found the Beedrillite set into Melittin's stinger band, though her expression betrayed no reaction to this.

"Yanmega vs. Melittin- begin!" Meowth declared.

Willa gestured towards Melittin. "Attack!" she called.

"Yan ya!" rumbled Yanmega. Though Willa hadn't given a clear order, the two had been partners for long enough to know each other, and know each other well. The Bug/Flying-type immediately charged up an Ancient Power and hurled it towards Melittin.

"Swords Dance into Drill Run!" Keith ordered. Right away, Melittin spun in place, stingers aglow as his Attack power rose. And then, a glow came over his rear stinger, and the spinning helped the Beedrill move right into a Drill Run, the Ground-type move letting him drill through the Rock move with relative ease.

"Nice!" Keith grinned. "Now follow up with Aerial Ace!"

"String Shot!" commanded Willa.

The bugs battled it out in midair. Yanmega sent strands of sticky silk flying Melittin's way, but Mel was able to either slice through or straight-up outmaneuver each and every one of them, and then strike hard and fast with the super effective technique. However, even as this happened, Keith couldn't help but notice Yanmega steadily getting faster and faster. "Wha-" he murmured.

"Hm," smirked Willa. "Not used to dealing with Yanmega's Speed Boost, are you? The longer you mess around, the faster Yanmega becomes! Use Quick Attack!" she commanded.

"Yan ya!" rumbled Yanmega, and just like that, the Bug/Flying-type was naught but a buzzing blur, zipping in what seemed to be every direction at once. Melittin was bewildered, being pelted with numerous light strikes in rapid succession.

"Mel! Reflect!" Keith exclaimed.

Stopping his panic, Melittin closed his eyes and focused. The next thing any of them knew, Yanmega was rebuffed by a psychic barrier. "Reflect?!" exclaimed Willa.

"That's right," grinned Keith. "Now, Mel! Brutal Swing!"

"Air Slash!" commanded Willa.

This time, Mel was the one rebuffed by the opponent's move. Much as he tried, he couldn't get in close before Yanmega sent the blades of air flying towards him. And as Melittin righted himself in midair, he and Keith exchanged brief looks and nods.

Keith gripped the brim of his Mega Hat, the slight movement allowing the Key Stone set into it to catch the light. Willa's eyes widened almost imperceptibly as she realized what was going to happen. "Here we go, Mel!" Keith exclaimed. "Our hearts connected by an unbreakable bond- let out that power and show what we got!" With that, he swept the Mega Hat off his head and held it up high. "Mega Evolve!!!" he exclaimed.

Once again, Willa couldn't completely hide the look of wonder as Keith and his Beedrill were connected by tendrils of energy emanating from the Key Stone and the Beedrillite. Melittin transformed before their eyes, sprouting an extra set of stingers that grew long and sharp along with his pre-existing stingers. And finally, the transformation was complete, and they beheld the formidable !

Melittin's Beedrillite is reacting to Keith's Mega Hat!




Melittin has Mega Evolved into Mega Beedrill!
Keith grinned, ready to turn the tides on the battle. "Use Agility!" he ordered. And now it was Melittin off like a rocket, the Mega Beedrill zooming all over the battlefield, keeping remarkable pace with Yanmega.

"Fly, Yanmega!" ordered Willa.

"Mel, use Mimic, then you use Fly as well!" called Keith.

And with that, the battle was taken to new heights, and quite literally so. Melittin and Yanmega soared up near to the ceiling, each trying to outmaneuver the other, with Melittin continuing use of Agility to keep pace with Yanmega's Speed Boost. The bugs shot all around the room, colliding several times in midair, until at one point they were both visible once more, each straining and struggling to overpower the other with pure physical power.

"Night Slash!!" ordered Willa.

"Poison Jab!!" Keith commanded.

The struggling intensified, Yanmega attempting to slice with wings aglow with dark energy, Melittin trying to plow through with all five stingers oozing poison. And after several tense seconds, the Mega Beedrill won out, Poison Jab driving Yanmega straight down to the battlefield. The dust settled in a few seconds, which Meowth saw as his cue.

"Yanmega is unable ta battle!" Meowth ruled. "Keith and Melittin is da winnas!"

Keith exhaled as Melittin changed back to a regular Beedrill. "Nicely done, Mel," he grinned. Then, they looked over to the other end of the battlefield.

Willa was kneeling on the battlefield, cradling her barely conscious Yanmega in her arms. "You battled well, my friend," she murmured gently, before calling him back to his Ultra Ball. As she stood back up, she saw that Keith had been looking at her. "What?" she demanded.

Keith shrugged. "Nothing," he replied. "It was a good battle. You and Yanmega make an awesome team."

"...Thank you," Willa responded after a few seconds. "You and... Melittin, you call him? You make a good team, too. I... rarely see Trainers so capable of controlling Mega Evolved Pokémon. It... it reminded me..."

Keith tilted his head. "Of what?" he asked.

"...nothing," Willa shook her head. "I take it that Pokémon Center I saw is open?" she added.

"Well, yeah, but it seems to still be pouring out," Keith pointed out. "If you come with me to the kitchen, I've got some berries that'll help Yanmega heal up." Willa said nothing in response, but followed Keith onto the warp tile that took them instantly to the kitchen. True to his word, Keith produced some Sitrus and Leppa Berries from the refrigerator, and offered them to Willa.

"...Thank you," said Willa. She accepted the berries and started feeding them to Yanmega. As she did so, Keith looked at her again, wondering what to make of her. She didn't come off as the friendliest person generally, but when it came to her Pokémon, she clearly cared an awful lot. And back when she was involved with Team Turnback, she was horrified when Amanitin had been gored by that Grunt's Fearow.

Willa, meanwhile, was deep in thought as she fed the berries to Yanmega one by one. This here was a clearly skilled Trainer, with command over a Mega Evolution the likes of which she'd only seen once before. A friend not only to his Pokémon, but also to more or less anyone who came to visit. He'd welcomed her into his home even when for all he knew she could still have been part of Team Turnback, an organization that had tried to kill him. Did that make him warm and trusting, or too dumb to live? And even so... who was to say, she pondered, whether the two weren't the same?

Finally, Yanmega was feeling much better, and was in the air once more. He gave a grateful growl to Keith, who smiled in response as Willa withdrew the Ogre Darner Pokémon. "I thank you for this," Willa said to Keith. "As soon as the storm clears, we'll stop imposing on you."

"Well, where are you headed?" Keith asked. "It's starting to get pretty late."

For a moment, Willa was silent. Then, she gave a small sigh. "I don't know," she admitted. "Coming here tonight was the extent of my plans."

"Y'know, on that subject, why are you here in the first place?" Keith asked. "If you needed to get out of the rain, you'd have had to run right past the Pokémon Center to get here."

"Well, isn't it obvious?" snapped Willa. "After what happened, I wanted to ensure that you and your Pokémon made it back unscathed. And... I wanted to... to thank you," she added quietly. "That encounter opened my eyes to the kinds of people Team Turnback really are."

Keith nodded. "I'm glad I was able to help," he said. "Y'know, if you need somewhere to stay, I have a guest bedroom," he offered.

Willa turned to look at Keith. "...Why?" she asked. "Not just this- why? You let me in, when for all you knew I was still part of Team Turnback. This whole thing could have been a trap for all you knew. I never even gave you a satisfactory explanation for knowing where you live. Why... do you trust me?"

"Honestly?" said Keith. "I saw it in your eyes, back in that warehouse. You were appalled by what they wanted to do, and when Fearow gored Amanitin, you were just as horrified as I was. Your Pokémon kept working against the other Grunts during the battle, and you used Yanmega's Double Team to cover my escape. As for knowing where I live, well, Team Turnback already knew where to send the invitation to that fake tournament, so I feel it made sense that you'd be able to get that info from them before calling it quits. I trust you because you've given me reason to- because you've proven that you're a good person. Even if you joined Team Turnback, you thought you were doing the right thing. And any genuinely good person deserves a second chance, if you ask me."

Willa was rendered speechless by all this, her expression unreadable as she looked at Keith. Then, she gave a nod and the tiniest of smiles. "Thank you," she said. "I... if it wouldn't be an imposition, I'd like to take you up on your offer," she added.

Keith smiled back, his smile much more noticeable. "Wouldn't have offered if it'd have been an imposition," he replied. "Lemme show you where it is," he added, leading the way out the kitchen and up the stairs, Willa following close behind.

What? Yanma is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Yanma evolved into Yanmega!

*Yanmega learned Bug Buzz!*

*Yanmega learned Air Slash!*

*Yanmega learned Night Slash!*

*Yanmega learned Bug Bite!*

*Yanmega learned Quick Attack!*

*Yanmega learned Double Team!*

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