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"I'm sorry, Miss Carnet, but access to the Friend Safari, as the name implies, requires friends- oh! Miss Champion, to what do we owe the pleasure?"

Diantha looked the increasingly nervous-looking Friend Safari attendant in the eye, her expression thoroughly unamused. "She's with me," she said, indicating the young girl said attendant had been denying entrance.

"O-of course, miss," nodded the attendant. "I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience. Which type Friend Safari did you have in mind?"

Diantha and the little girl exchanged looks for a moment, the former giving the latter a reassuring, knowing smile before turning back to the attendant. "Hm, Flying, I think," she stated. "I think there's a thing or two in there that will be of interest to my daughter."

Said daughter was indeed in awe at the sight of the numerous Flying-types soaring around the open field they were led to. Numerous Staravia and Fletchinder flapped around, but the girl's attention was immediately captivated by a green blur flying around at high speeds. "What's that one, Mother?" she asked, trying to point at the blur.

Diantha gave a chuckle. "That's a Yanma, sweetie. A Bug and Flying-type. Now, then, do you know what you want?"

"Yeah- I want that Yanma!" stated the girl. Her hand was clutched around an Ultra Ball.

"Now take it nice and easy," Diantha instructed her daughter. "Try and follow Yanma's flight pattern... Anticipate... and when you think you got a clean shot..."

The little girl took a deep breath and did her best to follow Yanma's movements. It was tricky, but once she realized it was coming easier to her, she took aim... "Go! Ultra Ball!" she exclaimed, heaving the sphere, and amazingly, it struck the Yanma and sucked it inside. Diantha smiled as her daughter celebrated her very first catch- it was going to be a long road for her if she intended on following in her mother's footsteps, but Diantha had faith in her.

Alright, making a few changes to my level 6 Yanmega. Lowering him to level 5, devolving him into Yanma (and thus forgoing the moves Bug Buzz, Air Slash, Night Slash, Bug Bite, Quick Attack, and Double Team that at this level it'd only have in the Yanmega stage), and confirming his Ability as Speed Boost.

Aaaand, transferring him into this Ultra Ball (#4 of 10), discarding his old Poké Ball in the process.

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