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Grime Time

"...and then the toilet exploded!" Keith was saying amid Gavin's chuckling. "Second-worst Masters family reunion ever, I'm telling you," he chuckled himself.

"Holy shit, man," Gavin laughed. "Every day really is an adventure for you, ain't it?"

"Oh, don't I know it," Keith nodded. "Even just today was nuts."

"Yeah," nodded Gavin, glancing at the dull grey Spritzee currently exploring Sludge Wave Coast. "You make a wrong turn, end up in an abandoned city, and wind up catching the Garbage Queen, you said they called her?"

"Yep," Keith nodded back. "Of course, the trip back home was pretty eventful, too. Took my team to a Pokémon Center, and this Nurse Joy in training came out, grabbed me by my shirt, started shaking me, going, "What the fuck did you do to that Spritzee?!?!" Because of the feathers and smell, she'd thought I'd been abusing it. Luckily, Nurse Joy was able to clear things up, assuring the trainee that this had been going on long before I caught Miasma, and far from being abused, that Miasma actually has the strongest immune system of any Spritzee she'd ever seen before, and is in perfect health."

"Shit," Gavin remarked, sounding impressed. "I feel like I'd kinda like to meet that Nurse Joy in training, though," he added. "I feel like we'd either piss each other off or fall in love."

"Heh, I could picture either one," smirked Keith.

Before Gavin could say anything else, however, another Trainer approached them both- the other resident of Sludge Wave Coast, one Terri Alph, with her Froslass girlfriend by her side. "Hello," Terri greeted Keith and Gavin. Laugh simply gave her usual shy wave.

"Hey, Terri," said Keith. "Laugh," he added.

"'Sup?" added Gavin.

"So I actually have something for you," Terri said to Keith. "You want to see?"

"Sure," Keith replied. "What is it?"

At this, Terri revealed a Poké Ball in her right hand. Turning to give the ball's occupant sufficient space to materialize, she tossed the ball. "Grimer, come on out!" she exclaimed. And in a flash of light, the Alolan Grimer Terri recently caught appeared before them. It looked up at the unfamiliar humans shyly. "Griiii?" he said quietly.

"What the- is that Shiny- why does it have teeth?" Gavin demanded.

"Ohhh, cool!" Keith smiled as he saw this. "Gav, no, it's not Shiny- this is Grimer's Alola Form!" As he spoke, Gavin produced his P*DA and consulted the Strategy Memo.

"Grimer, the Sludge Pokémon. Alola Form. Type: Poison and Dark," droned the device. "Normal Form Grimer were imported to Alola to deal with their garbage problem. Generations of eating nothing but garbage resulted in this form."

"This Grimer was part of a horde of Grimer that were living in the Arcane Realm," explained Terri. "They were led by a Muk that hated humans, though the Grimer themselves obeyed him more out of fear than loyalty. But this one's always wanted a home of his own, and I knew I couldn't just leave him behind."

"And... you want me to provide that home?" Keith asked.

"Would you?" Terri asked. At this, Grimer looked up apprehensively at Keith.

But the look Keith gave Grimer was an extremely reassuring one, complete with happy smile. "You bet I would," he said. "I just wish I had something to give you in return-"

But Terri shook her head and smiled. "Consider this me repaying you for entrusting so many of your Pokémon to me," she said, handing Grimer's Poké Ball over to Keith.

"Heh, fair enough," conceded Keith. "Hi, Grimer," he said, addressing the apprehensive Alola Form. "I'm Keith. I'm gonna be your Trainer, if you're OK with that?"

"G-g-g-griiiii...?" Grimer squealed, sounding almost disbelieving. His eyes then welled up with sludgy tears, and he burst into noisy sobs of pure emotion as he oozed forward and threw his arms around Keith. Keith was not altogether too surprised by this, and hugged the Alolan Grimer back, which made the Poison/Dark-type even more emotional.

The hug went on for a while, but Keith didn't let go. He figured, with Grimer being the one who needed said hug more, he should be the one to decide when the hug had gone on long enough. And at last, Grimer let go, still looking up at Keith, though admiration replaced apprehension in his eyes now. "Welcome to the team, Grimer," Keith smiled. "Though that being said... I'm thinking we should work out a nickname for you, if you'd like." Grimer nodded at this, prompting Keith to continue. "I do have one in mind," he added. Back when he'd learned of Alolan Muk, he'd intended to name one Neon if ever he got one, but now that he had an Eevee named Eon, he figured that could get more than a little confusing. That said, he had a bunch of poison-based nickname ideas all set to go for whatever might end up joining the team. "How does Ricin sound to you?" he added.

"Gri!" smiled Grimer. "Grimer gri!"

Keith smiled back. "That settles that, then. Ricin it is!" he declared. "C'mon, Ricin," he added, leading the way to the Poisonous Palace. "Lemme show you your new home, introduce you to your new teammates." And Ricin readily followed, still trying to take it all in. Family. A home. A human that was genuinely happy to have him around- it was everything he'd dreamed of and then some. Miasma followed as well- the Garbage Queen was interested to see what her new family was like.
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