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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post
Trading Metagross with the stats below to MM for 5 Candies

Gender: Genderless
Level: 45
Bond: 0
Ability: Clear Body
Nature: Quiet
Birthday: February 11
Ball: PokéBall
Hold Item: None
Obtained: Trade with EpicSquirtle
Level-up Moves: Hammer Arm, Take Down, Metal Claw, Confusion, Magnet Rise, Pursuit, Scary Face, Bullet Punch, Miracle Eye, Zen Headbutt, Scary Face, Agility, Psychic, Meteor Mash, Iron Defense
EM/MT Moves: Body Slam
TM/HM Moves: Flash Cannon, Bulldoze, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb

*Trade started*


Trading Charizard with the stats below to MM for 5 Candies

Gender: Male
Level: 44
Bond: 35
Ability: Blaze
Nature: Rash
Birthday: October 3
Ball: Luxury Ball
Hold Item: None
Obtained: The Hatchery
Level-up Moves: Flare Blitz, Heat Wave, Dragon Claw, Shadow Claw, Air Slash, Wing Attack, Scratch, Growl, Ember, Metal Claw, Smokescreen, Dragon Rage, Scary Face, Fire Fang, Slash, Flame Burst, Flamethrower, Slash
EM/MT Moves: Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rush
TM/HM Moves: Acrobatics, Brick Break, Brutal Swing, Earthquake, Fire Blast, Flame Charge, Fly, Focus Blast, Solar Beam, Steel Wing, Sunny Day
CM Moves: Crossfire

*Trade started*
It was a beautiful day in the Fizzytopia region, with the sun shining brightly. This good weather was good news for any traveling Trainer traversing the region, but especially so for a pair of Trainers who were making the long trek from Sludge Wave Coast to Pechagrove Town. They were Keith Masters and Gavin Golurkson, and they were on a mission- the Pechagrove Town Nurse Joy had gotten into contact with Helena, explaining that they needed a specific medicine to treat some sick Phanpy, and they were all out. But Helena wasn't, so she asked her little brother to make the delivery. And Gavin, having been bored out of his skull as of late, tagged along. He found this a more interesting way to spend the day even if only because when he and Keith got talking, they tended to learn more about each other.

"...should've fucking guessed!" Gavin grinned. "I should've fucking asked ages ago if you were any relation to Fateen, having that last name! She's really your great aunt?!"

"Yep," Keith nodded. "I take it she does pretty well, then?"

"Shit, dude, she's amazing at what she does," stated Gavin. "She told me I'd soon be meeting a lifelong friend, just days before I caught Miror. But yeah- if we're gonna get that medicine to the Pechagrove Town Pokémon Center, we gotta get moving. What about that truck you got, though?" he added. "Wouldn't that get us there faster?"

"It would if it was working," shrugged Keith as they continued to walk. "Something's up with it, no idea what. Hell, that wouldn't even have been my first choice. We'd both be riding on the back of my Scolipede right now, except Salazar wore himself out training yesterday."

"Yeah, and your Crobat and Yanmega, too, from what I heard," nodded Gavin. "So I take it flying wasn't an option, either. What about Teleport, though?"

"Oh, hell, no," Keith shook his head. "The longer the distance, the less reliable Teleport is. And with that medicine, we can't really afford to take chances like that."

"Alright, yeah, fair," conceded Gavin. "So, Pechagrove- never been there, myself. Ain't you said that's where you got Cotton?"

"Yeah," Keith nodded. "He was eating all the ingredients people were gonna use in a baking competition, because they cut down all the Pecha trees he'd eat off of in order to build the town. So I battled and caught him, entered him in the baking contest along with Hermione, and they blew the judges away. We're not much farther from there, either," he added, looking ahead. "It's just on the other end of Mega Valley."

Gavin gave a low whistle as the large valley came into view. "That's a damn big valley," he remarked. "They ain't named it wrong from where I'm standing.

"Oh, it wasn't called Mega Valley due to its size," Keith explained. "It- HOLY-!" he exclaimed, for at that moment, a pair of attacks collided and exploded before them, albeit at a decidedly merciful distance. A Flamethrower and a Flash Cannon, from the looks of them, and indeed, Keith and Gavin found it easy to divine their respective sources.

A pair of formidable-looking Pokémon faced each other, each fixing the other with a menacing glare. To their left, the clear source of the Flash Cannon- a silvery robotic creature, its four legs tipped with golden claws, and a big golden X adorning its face as it glared with piercing red eyes. And to their right, hovering in midair as it flapped its great wings, a great dragon in all but type, with a roaring flame crackling audibly on the tip of its tail. Keith produced his Pokédex and pointed it at the latter, while Gavin opened up his P*DA, aimed it at the former, and activated the Strategy Memo.

"Charizard, the Flame Pokémon. A Fire and Flying-type, and the evolved form of Charmeleon. Charizard spits fire that's hot enough to melt boulders. It flies through the sky in search of strong opponents, and refuses to fight any opponent it deems weaker than itself."

"Metagross, the Iron Leg Pokémon. The evolved form of Metang. Type: Steel and Psychic. Its four linked brains give it intelligence rivaling a supercomputer. Floats in midair by tucking in its legs."

"Ah, geez," Keith frowned as the Metagross and Charizard proceeded to start a big battle right before them in the valley. "How are we gonna get past these guys?"

"Well, never mind that- that Metagross is Shiny!" Gavin exclaimed, showing Keith his Poké Radar- the dot on it that corresponded with Metagross, sure enough, was gold instead of the standard green. "And- hey, what the- there's another green dot here next to the one indicating Meowth, but this one's flickering? What the... Ehh, screw it, this ain't the time to worry about that," he shrugged, putting away the Poké Radar. "I say we let those two tire themselves out, then we catch 'em and go on our way."

"It's not a bad idea," Keith replied. "But we really gotta get this medicine to the Pokémon Center, and fast! And we don't know how long those two would be going at it."

"Yeah," nodded Gavin. "And we don't even know why, either."

"Oh, I got a pretty good idea," Keith replied. "I never finished telling you why this place is called Mega Valley- it's said this is where the old Fizzytopia Elite Four mined the Mega Stones they used to sell in the old Pokémart. The place is said to have been rich with the stuff. No more, though- and since both Charizard and Metagross have Mega Evolutions, I'm willing to bet that traces of that energy drew them here, and they got irritated by the utter lack of Mega Stones they actually found."

"...Shit," Gavin remarked. "How fucked up did this region used to be?"

"Oh, I got stories," Keith replied grimly. "Now being neither the time nor place for them, though- I feel like if we're gonna make any headway here, we gotta tackle this problem ourselves. Basically your idea, except instead of waiting for them to tire each other out, we take matters into our own hands instead."

"I can get behind that," agreed Gavin. "I call the Metagross."

"As I knew you would," Keith nodded, not really minding this as he eyed the Charizard with interest.

"Oy," groaned Meowth. "Dis is gonna suck..."

Gavin ran over just as Metagross was sent reeling from Charizard's Fire Blast. "You, there!" Gavin bellowed to the Metagross. "Screw that Charizard- now I'm your opponent!"

Metagross turned and looked at Gavin, eyeing him up. "ME TA," it droned mechanically. Then, its eyes started to glow blue, and it launched a Confusion attack Gavin's way! Gavin deftly jumped out of the way, Quick Ball in hand already. "Gah, fuck!" he swore. "Alright, I take that to mean you accept!" he declared, before throwing the Quick Ball. "Rui! Shine for me!" he exclaimed as his Dunsparce appeared in a flash of light and a swirl of stars. "Thunder Wave, go!"

"Duuuunspaaaaaaaarce!" screeched Rui, firing the feeble electrical blast.

"ME TA GROSS," droned Metagross in response, as its movements suddenly grew swifter, as demonstrated by how it deftly scrambled out of the Thunder Wave's path. The Agility was a complete success, and Metagross was looking to capitalize on this, swinging a glowing leg at Rui, intent on landing a devastating Hammer Arm!

"Fuck! Dodge it, Rui!" Gavin ordered. And flapping her wings furiously, Rui was in the air, the Hammer Arm having narrowly missed.

Metagross narrowed its eyes. "ME TA," it droned, shooting off a Sludge Bomb at once.


At the same time, Keith had approached Charizard, interrupting its triumphant roar following the successful Fire Blast it had unleashed upon Metagross. "Charizard! Battle me!" Keith exclaimed. In response, Charizard turned to face Keith, sizing him up for a few seconds, before giving a challenging roar. At this, Keith looked at the Normal-type on his shoulder. "You're up, Meowth," he said. "Show Charizard what you got!"

"Do I gotta?" groaned Meowth.

"You really, really do," Keith stated. "There's some sick Phanpy in Pechagrove's Pokémon Center counting on us, now let's go!"

"...Fer da Phanpy," Meowth relented, jumping down and looking up at Charizard, who looked down on Meowth and gave a derisive snort. This, however, got Meowth angry. "Hey, don't go tinkin' I ain't worth yer while, ya big burnin' blowhard!" Meowth cried out angrily. "Why, I oughta... learn ta... keep my big Meowth shut," he finished weakly, noticing far too late that his words seem to have angered Charizard.

"Hey, don't mind Charizard," Keith called to Meowth. "Show it you're not all talk! Meowth, use Water Pulse!"

"Here we go!" Meowth grunted, heaving a sphere of water Charizard's way. In response, Charizard looked skyward and roared, shooting a beam of light into the sky, that seemed to intensify the sun's rays on this already very Sunny Day. The Water Pulse seemed to be gradually evaporating as it neared Charizard, and as it hit, Charizard gave an unimpressed growl.

"Ah, crap," Keith murmured.

"Charizard just asked who trew dat piece o' paper at it," Meowth whimpered.

"Yeah, well, let's see how it likes this!" Keith declared. "Use your Thunderbolt attack!"


Rui had managed to evade the Sludge Bomb as well, forcing Metagross to tuck in its legs and start flying around. With its four brains, it quickly deduced that flight was giving Rui too much of an advantage, and it needed to match this if it hoped to triumph. It gave chase, one of its legs glowing brilliantly as it streaked towards Rui like a Meteor with intent to Mash into the Dunsparce.

"Rui, watch out for the Meteor Mash!" Gavin shouted. "Fight back with Firestream!"

"Duuuun... SPAAAAAAAARCE!" bellowed Rui, opening her mouth and unleashing a stream of molten bubbles. Metagross could have dodged this, but in doing so, knew it would sacrifice the momentum it already devoted to the Meteor Mash. After calculating the risks, it decided to take said risks and plow through with the attack. And indeed, it landed the Meteor Mash, though did not escape unscathed- visible burns were visible on it, even as Rui fell to the ground, totally unconscious.

"Come back now, Rui!" Gavin called, withdrawing the Shiny Dunsparce. "Hey, you did good," he grinned, addressing the Quick Ball. "Serene Grace came in clutch there, burning Metagross like that. If we pull this off, you had a hell of a lot to do with it. Remember that." With that, he clipped the Quick Ball back on his belt, and plucked the Timer Ball instead. "Alright, you," he murmured to the ball as he enlarged it. "It ain't the best matchup, but it ain't always about types, either. Power and guts are important, and you got both those things out the ass." And he threw the Timer Ball. "Battlus! Shine for me!" he declared.


Charizard was decidedly less unimpressed by the Thunderbolt attack. While it definitely did more than the Water Pulse, however, this seemed to be a double-edged sword, for now Charizard was taking the battle much more seriously, and that wasn't exactly good news for Meowth, as evidenced by the powerful Flamethrower he was currently subjected to.

"Meowth! Are you OK?!" Keith called out as the attack subsided.

"Oh, yeah," Meowth grumbled as he shook off the attack as best he could. "I was tired o' havin' all nine lives anyways!"

"Yeah, well, the fact you're even conscious to make these remarks tells me you'll be fine," retorted Keith. "Now get in there and use Fury Swipes!"

"Alright, youse, take dis!" Meowth exclaimed to Charizard, running in with claws unsheathed and glowing. And before Charizard could react, Meowth was on it, swiping away furiously.

"Good, Meowth!" called Keith. "Now hang on and use Thunderbolt one more time!"

But Meowth didn't get to do that, for the flames on Charizard's tail spread to its entire body in that moment. Taking full advantage of Meowth's close proximity, Charizard delivered a devastating, fiery tackle that plowed Meowth into the ground.

"Owwww," groaned Meowth as he feebly tried to get up. "I feel like I just got hit wit a freight train..."

"No, but that Flare Blitz was a close second from the looks of it," Keith remarked. "Can you keep going?"

"Only if youse wants yer Meowth extra crispy," Meowth retorted, hobbling back over to Keith. "I'm out."

"Fair enough," Keith nodded, producing a Poké Ball and throwing it. "Chance, it's your turn!" he exclaimed.


If the appearance of Gavin's Shiny Snover unnerved Metagross any, it hid its discomfort well. Very well. Indeed, Metagross saw no reason to be wary of this new opponent whatsoever. It had the size advantage and the type advantage. But now it was hailing in place of the bright sunlight, courtesy of Battlus's Snow Warning.

Metagross was charging up a Flash Cannon, but Gavin looked undeterred. "Battlus! Grass Whistle!" he commanded.

"Snoooooover!" declared Battlus, producing a single blade of grass from seemingly nowhere. He deftly formed a whistle with it, and began to play a weird melody on it, one that seemed to be getting to Metagross right away, its red eyes flickering as it slowly dozed off.

"Perfect," sneered Gavin. "Now let's set things up. Mist attack!"

"Snoooooooooooooo!" exclaimed Battlus, exhaling a chilly white fog into the air, enveloping the entire battlefield.

"Now let's tie Metagross up some with Leech Seed," Gavin added.

"Snover!" nodded Battlus, already shooting the parasitic seed at the Shiny sentient supercomputer.

Moments later, Metagross awoke. "ME... TA?" it droned drowsily, quickly realizing that its surroundings were much foggier than before, and that it was currently tangled up in the energy-sapping roots of a strange seed. Quickly, its eyes found Battlus, and said eyes narrowed. "ME TA GROSS!!!" it bellowed, flying forward in a reckless Take Down.

"Battlus, use Stomp!" Gavin commanded.


Keith's Blastoise was sent out at the same time as Gavin's Shiny Snover, meaning its appearance coincided with the sunny weather giving way to a slight chill and the sudden and persistent deluge of chunks of ice from the sky. Annoying though Keith found the hail, he took comfort in the fact that Charizard's Fire moves were no longer getting souped up, nor was its weakness to Water dampened any (bad pun fully intended). "Let's do this, Chance!" Keith declared. "Muddy Water, let's go!"

"Blaaaastooise!" rumbled Chance, taking aim with her cannons, and letting fly twin streams of dirty water from them. Charizard took the attack, roaring angrily, and once it was concluded, he fought back, letting fly a vicious Dragon Pulse!

But Keith was undeterred. "We'll use Dragon Pulse as well!" he declared.

"Stoooiiiise!" responded Chance, and this time, it was pure Dragon energy she fired from her cannons, meeting Charizard's attack head-on and causing an explosion. When the dust settled, however, Charizard was already moving in, closing the gap with a forceful Dragon Rush!

But Keith was grinning. "Chance- Counter!" he commanded.


Battlus jumped up at the right moment, and was able to deliver a Stomp right on top of Metagross. The damage was minimal, but the force of the attack made Metagross plow into the ground. "Now! Use Shadow Ball!" Gavin commanded.

"Sno Snover... SNO!" exclaimed Battlus, charging up and unleashing the super effective move at point-blank range.

Meanwhile, Chance's Counter worked spectacularly at rebuffing the Dragon Rush. "Wrap this up, Chance!" Keith exclaimed. "Hydro Cannon, go!"

"Blaaaaaaa... STOOOOOOOISE!" bellowed Chance, letting fly the single most powerful Water move from her cannons.

Gavin stood before the fallen Shiny Metagross, a white, black, and yellow sphere held out before him. "Metagross!" he declared. "You shine for me, now!" And he brought back his arm, and heaved the sphere. "Go, Ultra Ball!"

At the same time, Keith had turned his cowboy hat backwards, and was throwing an ornately decorated black sphere at the totally unconscious Charizard. "All right! Go, Luxury Ball!" he exclaimed.

The balls hit their respective targets simultaneously, pulled them in simultaneously, hit the ground in unison, and wobbled back and forth at the same time. They even stopped at the same time as each other.

"Aw, fuck, yeah!" Gavin exclaimed, holding up the Ultra Ball. "Shiny Metagross- mine!"

"And I just caught... a Charizard!" Keith added with a grin, holding up his Luxury Ball.

"Meowth, dat's right!" Meowth chimed in.

"Man," grinned Gavin, once both Trainers had withdrawn their Pokémon and proceeded to continue through Mega Valley. "I gotta say, that was some good stuff right there. Hope that hail wasn't too annoying for you," he added.

"Hey, it got the sunlight out of the picture, let Chance's Water moves hit at full power, so no complaints here," Keith grinned back. "So what are you naming Metagross?" he asked.

Gavin considered this for a moment. "...I'm thinking I'll name it Phenac, after this really nice city in Orre. Built around a desert oasis, and they make damn good use of the water. What about that Charizard of yours?" he asked.

"...I'm thinking Charlie," Keith decided. "Now then, let's get moving- we've kept those Phanpy waiting long enough, wouldn't you say?" he added.

"You bet," Gavin agreed, and they both picked up the pace. And I'm happy to report that they made it to Pechagrove, that the medicine was delivered, and that all Phanpy involved made a full recovery.

Trading 5 Candies to Mask for the aforementioned level 45 Shiny Metagross. Naming it Phenac, housing it in this Ultra Ball (#2 of 10), discarding its old Poké Ball in the process, and declaring its Ability to be Clear Body.


Trading 5 Candies to Mask for the aforementioned level 44 Charizard. Naming him Charlie, and declaring his Ability to be Blaze.
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