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Zekrom's Trainer Info

Trainer Level 1
Record (W/L/D): 2-7-0
KO's: 2
TP: 32






Gym battle:



Level 1 Male Gastly

Level 2 Male Wartortle

Level 2 Male Pikachu

Level 1 Female Nidoran

Level 1 Male Tyrogue

Level 1 Male Sandshrew

Level 1 Male Larvitar

Level 1 Male Charmander
Signature Move: Firey Tail Rage
Charmander was training to be the best he Trained by using the flame on his tail to get his flame as big as he could and channeling his Fire-type energy to it for battle. As a result, he learned this attack.
Charmander's flame on its tail grows as Charmander gets angry. He then hits the opponent with it, doing significant damage in exchange for considerable energy. It has a 15% chance of inflicting a burn

Level 1 Male Cyndaquil

Level 1 Male Bulbasaur

Level 1 Male Phantump

Level 1 Male Deino ( Shiny )

Level 1 Male Snivy
Signature Move - Leaf Twister a combination of Leaf Tornado & Twister ( Grass )
causes medium to high damage and gives up being able to use Leaf Tornado & Twister as separate attacks

Level 1 Male Froakie ( Shiny )

Level 1 Male Whismur

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