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Cherrim Grass Gym

If you wish to change your fate, you must start with your roots. A walk through the Wildwood will clear your mind, body, and soul. But the guiding energies within are not so easily tamed. Become one with nature and you may prevail - fail, and be swallowed by the wood.

The Wildwood
The Wildwood is a beautiful, thick rainforest that stretches for an immense distance and serves as a spiritual holy place for those most in tune with nature. The majority of battling will take place in the central area of the wood, with a pond surrounded by large rocks slightly to the south. The pond isn't particularly large, only about a twenty foot radius, sitting about ten feet deep at its center. The edges don't taper off to the ground, however, and even at its shallowest point it still runs about five feet deep. The air in the Wildwood is thick with a heavy humidity, making Fire types uncomfortable, while the small drizzle of water from above couples with this to give the benefits of a Rain Dance, without the drawbacks for things such as sun based healing moves or reduction of Fire attacks. The heat here is incredibly intense, however, and rays of sun shine in through the canopy, making Ice types uncomfortable, while giving the benefits of a Sunny Day save for the boost to Fire attacks, without the drawbacks for things such as Electric attacks or reduction of Water and Ice attacks. The canopy above is fairly thick, making it so flying Pokemon cannot ascend particularly high, and the brush and trees on the ground are thick enough to be easily jumped back and forth from, while far enough apart that larger Pokemon can move between them with relative ease. Vines hang frequently from the trees, allowing for swinging or shaking, though doing the latter does nothing other than allow for some comical relief. Because this is considered sacred ground, it cannot be erased by Magic Room, while moves that benefit its inhabitants such as Terrain moves will require slightly less energy to use and have their effects slightly strengthened. Moves that affect or use the terrain will cost slightly less energy for its inhabitants to use while costing any intruders slightly more.

Fights against the caretakers of The Wildwood must adhere to the following rules

6 vs 6
Equiall/Equilevel (GL's choice)
96 Hour DQ
Switch = OK

Winners in The Wildwood will be rewarded with the Solstice Badge...

Solstice Badge
Attachable Badge
Representing both the change in the seasons and the change in one's self, the tree with four colors of leaves that shapes the Solstice Badge is given to those who can defeat Sneasel12 in the Wildwood Gym.
Badge Effect: Seasoned Warrior
Using the power of the seasons, the wearer of the Solstice Badge may change the type of the move they are currently performing to represent one of the four seasons. The types available to be changed to are Fire for Summer, Water for Autumn, Ice for Winter, and Ground for Spring. Moves must use Significant energy or less in order to be able to have their type changed by this effect. These effects can be used a total of four times and each season can be represented a maximum of twice.

Trainers Level 1 and Level 2 must face my Gym Trainer, HeroicRein before being able to face me.

Awaiting the Seasons
Iced - Slash

Walking Through the Woods
Mew The Gato

In Tune With Nature

Plant Food

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