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Emi 05-09-2017 02:40 PM


Trailing behind the Inkay was a moderately short woman, some might say between 5'3" and 5'4" with long blond hair that came around the small of her back. She wore a black and crimson shoulder-less dress that was attached around her neck with black lace. The outside layer was black with gold crisscross embellishments and the inner layer, which could be seen in the folds and sleeves of her dress was a beautiful deep crimson color. She had an open umbrella over her shoulder, protecting her neck, face, and shoulders from the sun, which would surely burn such a maiden's fair skin. It was similar colored, black on the outside and crimson on the inside.

Scylla the Inkay
Level 20
Dark / Psychic
Attacks: Tackle (--), Peck (--), Constrict (--), Reflect (4), Wrap (6), Foul Play (8), Payback (9), Swagger (12), Pluck (12), Psywave (13), Topsy-Turvy (15), Psybeam(15), Hypnosis (18), Camouflage (Egg, Starter move), Ice Barrier (Special TM)
Held Item: Aegis of Frost (Increases DEF by 25%)
Evolves into Malamar at Level 30
Naughty Nature
Suction Cups
16 Bond
Obtained via Mysterious Events (Starter Pokemon)

Scylla is ???'s first ever Pokemon, discovered having been separated from her mother at a young and tender age. ??? found her and took her in, raising Scylla almost as if she was raising her own child. Scylla quickly developed a habit for a mischievous personality, completely happy to toy and manipulate people for her own amusement. ??? blames her poor parenting skills for raising such a delinquent child, but admits that Scylla's penchant for getting into trouble does have its uses. Scylla's favorite greeting for new people is to immediately wrap herself around their face, which is particularly annoying because she is difficult to pry off. She'll often also use her lights to disorient people or Pokemon and steal their stuff. Having dealt with this for years, however, ??? is quick to make amends and is the only person who Scylla doesn't have an urge to mess with, even if that took a couple of years to happen.

In contrast to her mischievous personality, Scylla is very shy and uncertain in battle and tends to play a "hide and seek" style of battle, only popping out of hiding in order to perform sneak attacks. Forcing her into the open will make her very flustered and unable to concentrate during battle, which is bad because Scylla has not honed her skills very much. ??? worries that she won't be a good adventuring companion, but admits that there is pretty much no one else she would rather start with. She also quite bizarrely, and rather contrary to her namesake, has a deathly fear of open water and will panic and scream if forced near it. Which is fine for ??? anyways.

Daphne the Phantump
Level 25
Ghost / Grass
Attacks: Tackle (--), Confuse Ray(--), Branch Poke (4), Astonish (5), Growth (8), Leech Seed (8), Ingrain (13), Will-o-Wisp (16), Feint Attack (19), Hex (20), Bullet Seed (Unnatural, gained via adventure)
Evolves via Trade
Quiet Nature
1 Bond
Held Item: Bubbling Cauldron
Obtained in Bedlam Ridge

Daphne is ???'s second Pokemon, and the first Pokemon she ever caught. After shaking down a couple of members of the Skulls, and attempting to hypnotize one into submission, ??? had managed to convince the Phantump to join her side. Daphne is normally very quiet and a reserved
Pokemon, not really taking action or pushing for anything to happen, content to simply relax. However, in battle, and when duty calls, she is unusually fierce and won't take any cheap ways to run away from conflict, ironically unlike the nymph she was named after. She, in particular, happens to dislike Skulls and is likely to be enraged whenever she sees one.

Of note, she seems to be a laurel instead of a normal Phantump, which likely made ??? name her Daphne.

Boreas the Snom
Level 14
Ice / Bug
Attacks: Powder Snow (1), Struggle Bug (1)
Evolves by Friendship during Nighttime
Rash Nature
Shield Dust
1 Bond
Obtained in: The Galarian Invaders! Galarian Release Event

Boreas is ???'s third Pokemon. Boreas is gluttonous and ill-tempered, and isn't above raiding pantries and spitting out snow at whoever is keeping him from this next meal. Boreas also has a pretty bad habit for getting places he shouldn't and eating things that aren't actually food, or at least attempting to. This can lead to some pretty hilarious mishaps, but on the other hand, ??? has had to replace a lot of clothes (particularly undergarments) since picking up Boreas. Boreas is also a narcoleptic, and often falls asleep no matter what he is doing, often leading to some messy sleep eating. While its not unusual for caterpillars to eat and sleep a lot in order to prepare for pupation, Boreas takes it to extremes. He in partiular loves the "cherry flavored" snow cones ??? makes for him. No one actually knows if it cherry flavored though.

Boreas has a severe fear of strong winds and often hides sheepishly in ???'s clothes if winds become too strong or noisy. ??? thinks it is because he was laid in a cave and not in an open area, but no one knows for sure.

Emi 05-09-2017 02:43 PM

x1 Backpack
x1 Pokedex
x1 Mega Ring
x1 Z-Ring
x1 Fishing Rod
x1 Berry Bag
x1 Pokeblock Case
x5 Pokeballs
x4 Sitrus Berries
x1 TM Return
x2 TR Body Slam
x1 TR Earthquake
x1 TR Surf
x1 TR Uproar
x1 Magical Elf Ears - This item allows the holder to use the move ‘Trick’ as long as the user holds this item. This item magically returns to the original holder at the end of the battle.
x1 Xmas Ball
x1 Red Cyber Ball
x1 Green Cyber Ball
x1 Mummy Ball
x1 Wereball
x1 Vampire Ball
x1 Pumpkin Ball
x1 Franken Ball
x1 Magical Fizzymas Delibird Plushie - Teaches TM Present
x1 Plague Doctor Mask
x3 Space Balls
x1 Bag of Stardust
x1 Galaxy Gummi (Raises bond by 5 when consumed)
x1 Slice of Pizza - When held by a Pokemon, they are empowered by the power of Pizza every round. This heals for 1/16th of their HP at the end of every round. When this Pokemon attacks, it is healed by 1/16th of the damage the deal.
x1 Magical Pocket Watch - Single use and only during adventures. Activating it will rewind time and you go back to your previous update and make new choices. There's no guarantee the results will be better. The watch's magic has a short half-life itself, so it must be used before the 21st Fizzy Bubbles birthday.
x1 Chaos Shard - A mysterious Shard that can be combined with any other type of Shard to form a Stone of that type.
x3 Luxury Balls
x1 Dark Gem
x1 Shadow Gummi - Raises or lowers Clarity by 5 when consumed
x1 Definitive Ultra Mega Pass - When held, causes all Ghost-type Pokemon on the field to no longer be immune to damage-dealing Normal and Fighting type moves from all sources (in the same manner as the ability Scrappy). The holder of this item becomes Confused, which cannot be cleared while holding this item.
x1 Mr. Ping Megaphone! This megaphone when held causes Sound Based moves to deal 30% more damage!
x3 Orange Cyber Balls
x1 Fireball Gummy ( Raises Bond by 5 when consumed )
x1 Heat Rock
x1 Bucket of Cold Water - A single use item that cannot be traded, gifted, or dropped in the Cram Shop.
An ordinary metal bucket. Scribbled upon it hastily in permanent black marker are the words “20 Years of Greatness”. The bucket is filled with strange water taken from the eastern coast of Cinnabar Island. Upon splashing a Pokémon with this water, it will instantly change genders. This change has no effect on genderless Pokémon or Pokémon with only one gender (Miltank, Tyrouge, etc). In addition, this has no effect on Pokémon with gender specific forms such as Wormadon, Mothim, or Vespiquen (however it WILL work on Pokémon like Burmy or Combee). Upon using this item on a Pokemon that learns different moves based on its gender (such as Meowstic or Indeedee), it will forget those moves and be incapable of relearning those moves in it’s new form.
After the change happens, the remaining water (in case there is extra or it hits multiple Pokémon) will become normal and delicious spring water. Every 20 hours, the bucket will magically refill with water again. However once the magical change has occurred, the water will instead become delicious spring water and the item will change to the following:

Bucket of Spring Water:
Cannot be traded or dropped in the Cram Shop, but can be gifted.
A ordinary metal bucket. Scribbled upon it hastily in permanent black marker are the words “20 Years of Greatness”. When empty, after 20 hours will magically refill with delicious spring water. Yum!
x1 Fizzy Bubbles 20th Rainbow Ice Cream Cake - The Pokemon that eats this will gain 10 levels and 5 EM or MT moves (or a combination of both). A small, rainbow ring with the number 20 will be left behind when consumed. This item can't be traded or gifted, or obtained after this event.
x1 20th Anniversary FB Milotic Mascot Plushie - Grants 5 levels and 3 MT/TM/TR/Egg moves (or a combination of the four) when hugged. This item can't be traded or gifted, or obtained after this event.
x1 20th Anniversary FB Pyukumuku Mascot Plushie - Grants 5 levels and 1 TM/TR, and one CM or XM when hugged. This item can't be traded or gifted, or obtained after this event.
x1 20th Anniversary UPN Umbreon Mascot Plushie - Grants 3 levels and 3 MT Moves when hugged. This item can't be traded or gifted, or obtained after this event.
x1 20th Anniversary BMG Bulbasaur Mascot Plushie - Grants 3 levels and 3 Egg Moves when hugged. This item can't be traded or gifted, or obtained after this event.
x1 20th Anniversary SPP Celebi Mascot Plushie - Grants 3 levels and 3 TM Moves when hugged. This item can't be traded or gifted, or obtained after this event.
x1 20th Anniversary Bluesy's Sneasel Plushie
x1 20th Anniversary UndeadBeats's Alakazam Plushie
x1 20th Anniversary Arnold's Ludicolo Plushie
x1 20th Anniversary Loki's Gyarados Plushie
x1 20th Anniversary Morg's Magikarp Plushie
x1 20th Anniversary Ichimatsu's Venomoth Plushie
x1 20th Anniversary Enchantress's Horsea Plushie
x1 20th Anniversary Arc_Angel's Sableye Plushie
x1 20th Anniversary Stark's Spearow Plushie
x1 20th Anniversary Hayward's Meditite Plushie
x1 20th Anniversary Emi's Woobat Plushie
x1 20th Anniversary Marion Ette's Banette Plushie
x1 20th Anniversary Ex-Admiral Insane's Gallade Plushie
x1 20th Anniversary Sandaa's Typhlosion Plushie
x1 20th Anniversary Naru's Leafeon Plushie
x1 20th Anniversary TheKnightsFury's Corviknight Plushie
x1 20th Anniversary Pearl's Perap's Chatot Plushie
x1 20th Anniversary Lil'twick's Litwick Plushie
x1 20th Anniversary Prof.Enigma's Arcanine Plushie
x1 20th Anniversary Sneaze's Houndoom Plushie
x1 TM Flamethrower

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