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Connor 08-16-2014 04:16 PM

UPN PASBL: Mercutio vs. Shuckle

Originally Posted by Mercutio (Post 619967)
4 vs 4
Equilevel 1
72 Hour DQ
Switch = Gym
Arena: Super Mercutio Galaxy

Spoiler: show
Super Mercutio Galaxy (Advanced Custom Indoor Arena): The Super Mercutio Galaxy is a sophisticated planetarium representing how things might have looked if the Gods had a sense of irony. It is a very large, spherical arena completely enclosed by black walls which cannot be broken or manipulated in any way. Speckled across these walls at regular intervals are light sources radiating artificial starlight, providing a dim illumination that most Pokémon will be able to see through without much trouble. Kush brand devices nullify the natural gravity of the arena, rendering a it zero-gravity environment.

At the centre of the arena is a large sphere representing the Earth, complete with artificial continents and shallow seas, which has a surface area approximately equal to a lawn arena. Its circumference is such that most pokémon could circumnavigate it in two or three rounds. It is for all intents and purposes a spherical version of a lakeside arena as Pokémon may use attacks which might usually be used in a Lawn, Rock or Beach arena with ease. Use of the moves Dig and Dive is possible in the appropriate mediums, Pokémon able to travel several metres down as they might usually be able to. There is enough water for moves like Surf to be used, magically replenished by Kush brand hammerspace generators, and there are rocks enough that Stealth Rock et al can be used as well. In areas representing places like the Rocky Mountains or the Himalayas, there are loose rocks which can be moved with deceptive ease.

In place of a mantle or a core, the Earth-sphere has a dense core of Pokémarble which cannot be damaged by any technique and contains a Kush brand artificial gravity generator and floatation device. This gives the sphere its own centre of gravity, meaning that walking Pokémon can traverse the surface with ease and end up standing for all intents and purposes upside down or walking sideways with no difficulty. Flying and levitating Pokémon will automatically alter their orientation to end up 'level' unless ordered not to do so. This artificial gravity extends 15 feet beyond the surface, weakening as it goes, meaning that a Pokémon launched at speed may be able to break free and enter the wider zero gravity environment. Flying and levitating Pokémon will generally be able to do so under their own power. Kush brand artificial gravity ensures that Pokémon which fall or jump from the outer edge of the gravity field are magically slowed just before they land, meaning that they will not take recoil damage from such a fall. The device does not interfere with anything else and only takes effect at the last possible moment, meaning that damage done by pokémon jumping on to other pokémon will retain full power.

Orbiting the Earth-sphere at one orbit every twelve rounds, just outside of its artificial gravity and with their own floatation units, are two smaller spheres, one representing the Sun and the other the Moon. These are about the size of a Wailmer and do not exert their own gravity. The Sun-sphere is perfectly cool and entirely solid but radiates a bespoke form of artificial sunlight. In the immediate area and for about a third of the Earth-sphere's surface, this provides illumination, allows the use of attacks like Solar Beam and nullifies the Steel type resistance to the Psychic type, meaning that Steel-types take neutral damage. The slightly smaller Moon-sphere works similarly, providing radiant illumination, allowing the use of attacks like Moonlight and nullifying the Dark type immunity to the Psychic type, meaning that Dark types take neutral damage. The Sun-sphere and the Moon-sphere are set at rough antipodes and never shine on the same part of the Earth-sphere at the same time.

The arena's machines and devices ensure that moves like Gravity and Trick Room will encompass the entirety of the arena, centred on the Earth-sphere. Weather changing moves can be used, with Sunny Say causing the Sun-sphere to increase its effects and Rain Dance and Hail causing hidden projectors in the walls to fire moisture and hailstones in towards the centre of the field. Although all Pokémon start on the Earth-sphere, with challengers in North America and the Gym Leader in Western Europe, it is entirely possible for them to end up bouncing on the walls by the end of the match.

Gym Scenario for Kush. Let's get this started.


Shuckle 08-16-2014 04:39 PM

why did i do this

Good luck Kush! And thanks for reffing, Connor.

Mercutio 08-16-2014 04:47 PM

Well this won't be terrible. Thanks all for indulging in my idiocy.

Breakwater Badge (Global Badge)
Depicting a rocky breakwater with a mighty wave looming behind it, this badge is given out to those who defeat Concept in his water gym.
Badge Effect: High Tide
Once per battle in switch = KO, the wielder may switch a pokemon as if it were switch = OK (obviously unlike BP, VS and UT, this doesn't pass any stat changes). This is treated exactly as it would be in switch=OK, with the opponent getting a re-order and such. In switch = OK, the wielder may (once per battle) pass on stat changes using a conventional switch as if using one of the switching moves. This is still treated as a regular switch would be (with the opponent getting a re-order). In either case it costs good energy (which, like the energy used for baton pass, cannot be recovered in the pokeball) and even if the switch is somehow prevented, the badge effect cannot be used again that match.

Level One

Oh-You, the genderless Metagross; Oh-You was captured as a Beldum, found levitating both itself and many surrounding boulders and saplings despite being unable to use the move Psychic at the time. Its psychic powers were so great that it levitated the pokéball it was in out of my hand and released itself, instantly evolving into a Metang as it did so. Knowing the power I had in my possession, I immediately set to training the strong pokémon, eventually managing to get it to evolve once more. As a Metagross, it began displaying incredible feats of psychic power that were scarcely possible to imagine. It immobilised opponents with its telekinesis while striking them with incredible strength. It strengthen boosting its own powers while continuing its assault. Its most notable achievement was defeating Zapdos, the legendary bird, on Lightning Island. Though the bird was strong and fought valiantly, in the end Oh-You was able to win through and I was able to capture it. Taking inspiration from its victory here, Oh-You sought to further increase its potential for strategic power.
Hidden Power: Fire.
Signature Move: "Anti Gravity" (Psychic); Oh-You uses major energy to create a strange realm in the arena, encapsulating all the battlers on the field, in the same manner as Magic Room. For the next five rounds, gravity is reversed, attracting things to the 'ceiling' of the realm instead of the ground. Anti Gravity's realm is cube shaped, 30' high, and moves such as Earthquake and Dig cannot be used on the ceiling. Pokémon which fly or levitate are still able to do so whilst in the realm. If the move Gravity is used concurrently, the moves essentially combine, so that pokémon become unable to fly or leap but are pulled to the realm's ceiling, not the arena floor. Oh-You cannot use Reflect.

Thaddeus, the shiny male Gardevoir; Legend tells of a warrior psychic so strong and powerful that he could not be defeated by any means in the old world. His name was the death, terror, saga, or simply Thaddeus. He was in tune with the fierce nature of his icy homeland. The tales tell of breathtaking feats of magic and battles that could be heard from many miles away. Of course, what the legends didn't say was that this warrior was a pokemon, nor that his species was prone to supporting their allies and waging war indirectly through the subtle knife instead of the brutal warhamer. Through the ages, his bloodline has survived, migrating and shifting with the ice as a millennial went by. I had the fortune to find a descendant of this noble line, and to battle and capture it. The Ralts I found was gifted with alternate colouration, his icy tenor betraying his icy heart and soul. I came to trust him as a mighty ally, his powers thick with winter and cool with might. We fought in many battles, but a change gradually came upon my trusted friend. Thaddeus became unsure of himself, changing in persona and persuasion. He became aggressive, lashing out at others, eventually choosing to leave my care and see where the road would take him. As the years past and he found new things about himself, he came to change. He retuned to me eventually, refreshed and calmer. A new man, so to speak. Thaddeus is gay, attracted to male pokémon instead of females.
Hidden Power: Ground.
Signature Move: "Ether Break" (Normal); Thaddeus gestures and sends a wide pulse of force outwards in a semi circular pattern. Though it deals no damage, it has the same knockback as a Psychic wave and causes the target to lose a solid amount of general energy. Ether Break can be used three times per battle and costs significant energy.

Granny Weatherwax, the female Malamar; Granny Weatherwax has a near-unshakeable belief in her own abilities and strives to do what she knows is best for those around her. She knows that being Good (with a capital G) and Right (with a capital R) doesn't necessarily make one Nice (with a capital N). She prefers to be respected. Despite her power, Granny Weatherwax rarely uses magic in any immediately recognizable form. Instead, she prefers to use headology, a sort of folk-psychology which can be summed up as "if people think you're a witch, you might as well be one". Headology bears some similarities to psychology in that it requires the user to hold a deep seated understanding of the workings of the mind in order to be used successfully. It has been said that the difference between headology and psychiatry is that, were you to hold a belief that you were being chased by a monster, a psychiatrist would convince you that there are no monsters coming after you, whereas a headologist would hand you a bat and a chair to stand on.
Hidden Power: Fire.
Signature Move: "Headology" (Dark); Granny Weatherwax expends significant energy to curse her target. She convinces them to refrain from using a particular type energy, such as Bug or Fire, for a period of three rounds. The type chosen may never be a STAB type and cannot be the Normal type. Whilst cursed, pokémon will not use any moves of the type chosen, though ref' discretion is advised - a pokémon cursed to avoid the Ground type could still use Dig. Extremely intelligent pokémon will be more resistant to this move. It cannot be used on the same foe more than once per battle.

Forgetting Man, the male Slowbro; Uh... oh yes. This is Forgetting Man. Forgetting Man is an old Slowbro hailing from the Seafoam Islands. He almost remembers the day when these damn Dark types didn't ruin everything for everyone. Damn kids, GET OFF MY LAWN!
Hidden Power: Rock.
Signature Move: "Ponder" (Psychic); Forgetting Man concentrates his energy into his mind, tghtening it up and focussing on Special moves. In doing so, he is able to deliver more power with special attacks as well as take more special based damage. However, thanks to this concentration, he isn't able to move as quickly. The amount of change in status is up to the referee, although it usually will be about 1/3 increase in special defence and special attack, with a 1/2 reduction in speed. Standard boost stipulations apply. Essentially, any moves which would be affected by Curse, offensively or defensively, are not affected by Ponder, while those moves which would not be affected by Curse are affected. Ponder uses good energy. Forgetting Man cannot use Calm Mind or Hyper Beam.

Ruby, the genderless Starmie; Ruby was a pokémon I captured very early in my journey. With a glowing core and an affinity for special moves, it has always been a valued member of my team. It showed great aptitude at blasting targets to smithereens with ranged moves and, over time, learned to be formidable at close range as well. However, with an aggressive trainer like myself in command, it soon figured out that it needed a way to keep its energy levels up in battle. Often, it would end up running hot after only a few minutes in battle, the toll of constantly churning out high yield attacks too much for it. To this end, it developed a trait that would allow it to use the restoring powers of water to gain back some energy. While no substitute for conservative battling, it does a great job of showing off Ruby's aquatic attributes.
Hidden Power: Dark.
Signature Trait: "Hydro Power"; At the end of every round in which Ruby is touching a decent sized body of water and not at maximum energy, it will restore a light amount of energy. Up to 1/3 of its total energy may be restored in this way. Polluted water will cause slower regeneration, with only minor energy restored, while purified or highly oxygenated water can allow for faster regeneration with mild energy restored. Only decent sized bodies of water such as a river or lake can trigger this effect. Rainfall and small puddles are insufficient. Ruby cannot use Rest or Giga Impact.

Wheatley, the genderless Claydol; Wheatley, originally a kind of foil to the GLaDOS entity of Aperture-Science, ended up stuck in space for reasons best left out of this bio. Being dim and with a bit of a West Country accent, it wasn't long before he was knocked back down to Earth having collided with the ISS. Eventually landing in the grounds of Hoenn's Devon Research Corporation, Wheatley was equipped with an anti gravity device to replace his destructed rail transport mechanisms and set free upon an unsuspecting world. Having picked up the ability to use the portal device, Wheatley began a career as an adventurer come travelling clown, using his portal device to escape from enemies when things inevitably go bad.
Hidden Power: Dark.
Signature Move: "Portals" (Psychic); Once per round and using a single move, Wheatley can fire two portals in a single action, one blue and one orange. Portals can be fired on to any solid and roughly flat surface and in any orientation, up to 18 feet apart, the portals themselves being six feet in diameter. These portals are interconnected, effectively a tunnel between two points in space, allowing anything to travel through. Anything which enters one portal traverses the distance to the other instantly, maintaining all momentum and continuing with whatever action they were taking with no interruption or disruption. Once the portals are established, they remain in place for two rounds. However, each round, Wheatley may choose to relocate one or both of the portals to another location, resetting this timer. Creating or moving one portal costs solid energy and hapens near instantly, whilst creating or moving two at once costs heavy energy andtakes a couple of seconds. As a drawback to this ability, Wheatley's phenomenal stupidity means that he is easily afflicted by all mentally affecting moves, cannot use Hyper Beam or Giga Impact and cannot use three move combinations.

Shuckle 08-16-2014 04:53 PM

You have sigs and stuff and I just sort of exist.

Level 2 Male Shiny Shuckle

HP Psychic
Bio: Shuckle is a quite intelligent young fellow. It's uncharacteristic for Shuckles to do so much research and learning, but then again, he is my Shuckle.

Signature Move: Educated (PS)
Shuckle can use Psychic Wave, Recover, Light Screen, Barrier, and Reflect and has a reasonable amount of energy with which to do so. He sacrifices his unlimited Bug-typed energy for Bug familiarity, but still has the weaknesses and resistances associated with his Bug/Rock typing.

Level 1 Female Butterfree

HP Rock

*Sigh* Kinnie Kins - Level 1 Female Fennekin
HP Electric
Bio: Kinnie Kins is her stage name, and no I didn't pick it out for her. She did. Boisterous and feminine, Kinnie Kins is always willing to show off her latest trick.

Signature Move: Do You Believe In Magic? How About Now? [abbr. Magic Trick] (PS)
If the foe is holding an item, badge, or token, and Kinnie Kins makes contact by using a successful damage-dealing move, she steals it. The effect of the item now applies to Kinnie Kins for the rest of the match. If the effect of the token/badge/item is incompatible with Kinnie Kins, she takes decent damage from recoil and the effect is neutralized for both partes.

Murmur - Level 1 Male Whismur
HP Psychic
Bio: This is how the world will end. Not with a bang, but with a Murmur.

Signature Move: Biding His Time (NO)
Murmur can use Bide.

Cindar - Level 1 Male Meditite
HP Dark

Imp - Level 1 Male Sandile
HP Fighting

Oooooooh lordie ok here we go

Let's start off with Whismur and Butterfree.

Mercutio 08-16-2014 04:53 PM

Oh and mental note that Claydol will level up at the close.

Mercutio 08-16-2014 04:59 PM

It's doubles. Also with your Shuckle I suggest carbon copying my Golem sig.

Shuckle 08-16-2014 05:53 PM

I'll take a look at it. (Edited btw). See the thing is that I was planning my Shuckle sig back when I wanted mono-Psychic squad, so I'm looking for type changed Shuckle. I didn't think of your sig idea though, maybe I'll try it out until I can finish writing up a PS/RO Shuckle sig.

Mercutio 08-16-2014 06:27 PM


Ok, a nice squad there, I particularly approve of the Butterfree. There's a bit of a running gag between me and Dave that he refs me using my Butterfree against a Ralts and the Ralts tries to throw me around telekinetically, failing spectacularly.

I suppose it would be fitting to open with Thaddeus and Ruby!

Ruby, start in the Atlantic and head on out towards the foes, using Psychic to blast the closest target and ending your cruise somewhere in the middle of the ocean. Thaddeus, stay rooted for the moment and set up a Future Sight, targeting Whismur.

Ruby, at this point head a little under the surface as you put a Psyshock in to any foes who approach you. Thaddeus, Dazzling Gleam on targets of opportunity.

Shuckle 08-16-2014 06:58 PM

Murmur, Confide something juicy and shocking to Thaddeus, getting closer without using a move. See if you can disrupt his concentration and break the Future Sight. Keep whispering shocking horrible things. Maybe read him DeebsxCibbir. Follow up with a Hyper Voice, same target.

Butterfree, Quiver Dance to present a nice difficult target. Then use Bug Buzz on Starmie.

Connor 08-16-2014 09:09 PM

The whirring of contraptions permeates the air as the twin orbs gingerly rotate around another. The expanse of the immediate area is immense, but the centerpiece is undoubtedly the mock Earth hanging amidst the black. Despite the lack of natural light, the shimmering star like lights interspersed throughout the walls of the pitch dome provide ample illumination. Abruptly, the silence is broken, a thrumming echoing throughout the arena. Slowly coming into view are two trainers, one a grizzled veteran. Both of them ride atop small hovering platforms, some distance above the mock Earth, and they ready their first Pokeballs, the challenge issued and accepted.

With a flourish, two orbs sail into the air, each of them spiraling towards the mock Earth. With a soft clink, the pair split open, the innards accommodating a rousing rush of red energy. Crashing down onto the ground, the two separate beams of crimson energy quickly reveal their quarry. A Butterfree spins into the air while Murmur cautiously looks around, his expression twisting at the awkward expanses laid out before him. With a gruff approval, the acting Gym Leader sends his own Pokeballs hurtling into the air, two figures quickly appearing. One stands amidst the ground beneath her trainer, overlooking the sea, while the other plops soundlessly into the waters.

Wasting no time, Thaddeus closes his eyes, holding his arms high into the air as he gently reaches out with his psychic senses. Mapping the immediate surroundings, a small smile finds it's way onto his face as he locates his target, Murmur's restless motions carrying him ever closer his prey. Thaddeus lowers his arms gradually, his entire body becoming consumed by a soft blue glow in the process. As his eyes open, they shine with a brilliant radiance, and Murmur suddenly finds himself consumed by a blue light, thrashing as he tries to remove the light from his body, a clearly foreboding prickling at his skin as he futilely squirms. Refusing to be outdone, he continues to trek onwards, and eventually the sea expands before him brilliantly.

Even as the first pair enact their orders, Butterfree and Ruby become destined for a meeting. Dancing through the air, golden energy flowing throughout her entire body, Butterfree makes a beeline towards the sea, a strange instinct informing her that her quarry lies there. Drifting over the ocean waves, Ruby begins to accelerate as she locates suitable targets, with Butterfree finally coming into view. With a simple screech, Ruby allows the gem at the centre of her body to begin quivering with a radiant power, before a crushing wall of Psychic- energy rushes out to meet her new foe. Butetrfree is caught amidst the turbulence, battered ruthlessly, and the pair end up facing one another off above the expanses of water.

With Murmur trekking ever forwards, the vigilant Whismur finally reaches the edges of the continent he was assigned. Squirming out over the distance, he spies the body of Ruby facing off against his partner, and decides not to attack in that direction for fear of striking his partner. Instead, he manages to spy the motionless body of Thaddeus across the water, and inhales sharply. Allowing energy to build throughout his body, Murmur expels an almighty cry, the dissonance traveling readily through the air. The booming sound gives Thaddeus plenty of time to prepare for the incoming ring of energy though, the Gardevoir barely flinching as he sidesteps a good portion of the assault while readying his own counter attack. A pulsing sphere of pure pink energy stands before him, and with a simple gesture, the orb rockets across the waves, with Murmur managing to likewise sidestep a good portion of the projectile's girth.

Ignorant of the long range battle happening around them, Ruby and Butterfree begin to circle one another, the pair determined to impress their respective trainers. With a garbled cry, Ruby begins to break beneath the surface of the waters, her gem once again shining with a brilliant blue light. Just before she fully submerges, a hazy aura of energy rushes out from her, hanging in the air around Butterfree. Shifting from side to side, wondering where the assault will come from, Butterfree cries out in shock as solidified orbs rush to strike her body, their physical properties belying their thrumming of energy. Quickly casting her attention back to the waters, Butterfree locates the faint image of Ruby, and releases a sharp burst of triumph. Vibrating her wings at an intense frequency, she produces discordant tones which ring through the air, the energy transmitted by the sound waves crashing against the submerged body of Ruby for a pretty brutal hit.

Ruby and Butterfree are roughly tied for health. Similar story with Thaddeus and Murmur. Everyone looks fresh, and Future Sight should strike within the next two rounds.

Shuckle 08-16-2014 10:24 PM

Murmur, Mimic the Bug Buzz. Back away from the edge of the water, and use Nature Power on Thaddeus.

Butterfree, Quiver Dance as you ascend, as high as you can without breaking free of gravity. Signal Beam anything that gets too close to Murmur.

Mercutio 08-17-2014 05:39 AM

Ok, Ruby, ride a Surf wave over Buttrerfree. Activate levitation to hold position just under her and use Power Gem to blast her out in to space before allowing yourself to fall back down in to the water.

Thaddeus, use Helping Hand on Ruby.

Connor 08-17-2014 03:15 PM

Murmur watches the battle unfolding out over the waters, his beady eyes narrowing as he recollects his partner's previous attacks. His body begins to quiver as in instinctive knowledge wells inside of him, and a grin forms on his face. No doubt enhanced by his natural dominion over sound based moves, Murmur seems to have gained an intimate knowledge of the Bug Buzz showcased by Butterfree. His grin becomes increasingly malevolent as he watches the events unfolding before him, his determined attitude ill befitting his demure size.

With Butterfree and Ruby facing off against one another, their defiant dance played out like some sort of awkward theater, Thaddeus stands spectator. His expressions sour whenever Butterfree seems to take the upper hand, and softens into a cheering cry whenever Ruby manages to fight back. Pleasant feelings build in his chest as he watches his partner begin to gain the upper hand, and without warning, he begins to channel his feelings towards Ruby. His rousing cries carry with them a strange, empathetic power, and Ruby garbles back a dissonant cry of thanks as she hunkers down, ready to teach the Bug- type before her how to really dance.

Disregarding of the Starmie before him, Butterfree stretches his wings out to their full resplendence. Dropping briefly, he allows his eyes to close, before a soft golden light begins to flow along the surface of his body. With a soothing cry, he begins to ascend once more, his body spinning into the air and leaving a faint golden trail shimmering out behind him. As his gyrations reach their peak, and he comes to the apex of his climb, the golden energies surrounding him sink into his core, once again empowering him and causing his expression to become somewhat more haughty. Casting his gaze back down to Ruby, he issues an affirmative grunt, as if to challenge the sea star to match his brilliance.

Ruby bobs within the waters, her body empowered by the heartfelt feelings of Thaddeus. Her psychic senses map the movements of Butterfree perfectly, and a simple grunt echoes up towards the butterfly, clearly perturbing him somewhat. Fluttering uneasily, little can prepare him for what is about to come. The waters surrounding Ruby abruptly begin to quiver, the surface becoming a roiling mash of bubbles and sea foam. Then, without warning, the waters breaks. Rising up rapidly, the waters crash into a gigantic wave, and Butterfree desperately flaps as he tries to evade. No such mercy comes. With a resounding crash, the wave breaks over his body, Ruby chuckling a garbled, nonsensical cry as she drops over his body.

Watching the brutal assault of his partner, an impossible rage begins to well within the body of Murmur. Casting his eyes over the waters, the Whismur finds a perfect target to channel his rage unto. Tapping into the surrounding areas, his eyes begin to glow with a soft verdant hue, and Murmur abruptly slams a single foot into the ground beneath his feet. The action causes dark green spheres to erupt upwards into the air around Murmur, the blanket illuminating his body gently. With a simple wave of his arms, the barrage is sent hurtling forwards ... but most of the orbs fall pitifully short of their intended target, Thaddeus barely having to weather much of the strike.

As this minor scuffle continues, the world dilates for both Ruby and Butterfree. As one desperately tries to regain their composure, having just been battered by an incredibly forceful wave, the other activates their levitating potential. Shifting neatly in the air, they turn their body back towards Butterfree, and Ruby seizes her opportunity. Allowing the gem adorning her front to begin pulsing with an intense energy, she gingerly crafts a construct not unlike her own, before firing the energy laden gem towards Butterfree. The results are emphatic. Body crushed against the whining projectile, Butterfree is sent hurtling outwards, the energy erupting over her body barely in time for her to remain within the gravitational pull of the mock Earth. A disgruntled whine emanates from Ruby as she falls back down towards the water, her objectives only partially achieved.

Butterfree has already dipped beneath the midpoint, though his partner went unharmed. He'll be fresh going into the next round. Murmur suffered no damage, and he remains good for two, but Future Sight will strike next round.

Ruby remains good for two, looking about as fresh as Murmur, and went unharmed. Thaddeus took near negligible damage and will look fresh as a daisy.

Mercutio 08-17-2014 03:26 PM

Ok, Ruby, head down in to the depths and make for Brazil as you set up a long term Light Screen for yourself and Thaddeus. Thaddeus, Psych Up the boosts of that Butterfree, cancel out Confide. Ruby, keep on trucking (south) eastbound and down and Thaddeus, use Psychic to provide covering fire, striking at Butterfree.

Shuckle 08-17-2014 04:41 PM

While you've got Thad's attention, use Captivate on him. Using your super speed, Giga Impact from space and then U-Turn out to Shuckle. Three.

Murmur, jump in the water and use Bug Buzz on Ruby because sound travels farther through water than through air! NOTHING COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG WITH THIS PLAN. Swim to Africa and get out of the water.

Connor 08-18-2014 08:04 AM

Their battle concluded for now, Ruby issues a garbled promise of retribution to become. Slowly moving downwards, she slips beneath the surface of the waters, and Butterfree voices a defined disdain for this course of action. Ignorant of the protestations of her opponent, Ruby begins to move south, her body carrying her through the depths with ease. As she moves, the Starmie begins to exude a faint pink energy around herself, and a glowing construct forms around her entire body. Slowly shrinking, the faint image begins to take a much more defined form, gradually forming as an opaque cube around Ruby, before fading into nothingness. The change is apparent though, a glistening luster having been added to the surface of Ruby's skin, her special defence seemingly strengthened.

Watching the escaping Ruby, Murmur grumbles to himself. Clearly still shaking with rage having watched the brutal assault of his partner, the Whismur leaps into the waters, determined to enact a form of revenge. Gingerly paddling out towards the nearest large landmass, he periodically comes up for air, before abruptly filling his lungs to their brim. Dipping back under the water, he opens his mouth wide, reverberating his throat and creating a shrill, thrumming noise through the waters. As the sound waves travel forth, they begin to resonate with dark red energies, the Bug- type flow quickly spreading out before Murmur. Some distance away, Ruby grunts as she is assaulted by the tail end of these spreading vibrations, although the suffered damage is in no way terribly significant.

Meanwhile, Thaddeus looks up towards Butterfree, determined to cover for his retreating partner. As he watches on, Butterfree turns to him, before spreading his wings wide. Flapping them with a beaten rhythm, Butterfree begins to perpetuate the idea that assaulting him directly would be a much simpler course of action, but Thaddeus is not to fall for the ruse. His eyes transfixed, glowing with a strange energy, the Gardevoir copies the mindset and physiological readiness of Butterfree ... and, in the course of doing so, sees through the obvious deception. A small grin finds it's way onto Thaddeus' face as he becomes empowered, while Butterfree grumbles with a disdainful tone.

Ruby, unaware of the happenings going on above her, continues to mouth southward, altering her course now and then to drift to the East. Slowly, she comes alongside a second large landmass, and she goes silent, shrouded amidst the depths. As this occurs, the other seaborne Pokemon begins to gasp for air as he finally reaches shore, and Murmur forces himself on the grassy banks before him. Shaking the water from his fur, he looks back out across the water, groaning as he realises that, for all intents and purposes, he is now even farther from Thaddeus than what he was.

With these events unfolding, Thaddeus and Butterfree lock eyes, their decisive showdown beginning soundlessly. Raising a thin, elegant arm, Thaddeus allows power to swell within his body, a small gust created around him as the turbulence begins to overflow. His eyes burn with a brilliant blue light as he painstakingly turns his palm outwards to face Butterfree, and a triumphant look glazes across his face as he thrusts with all his might. With a soft whoosh, a wall of invisible energy rushes forwards to greet the airborne opponent sent to quell Thaddeus, and Butterfree screams with agony as he is rocked about, his defensive buffers meaning little to the equally empowered Thaddues. Catching himself before he drifts into the zero-gravity expanses, Butterfree takes careful aim ... and falls.

Shooting through the air, the Bug- type quickly accelerates, his frail body shuddering against the resistive forces pushing back against him. Grunting, he twirls in a spiral, igniting his entire being with a roiling cloak of brilliant purple energy in the process. His sheer pace and ferocity resemble something burning up upon reentry, and his trajectory clearly sees him crashing into the body of Thaddeus. This does not unfold so smoothly. As the cacophonous whine of energy draws nearer Thaddeus, the Gardevoir is left ample time to reposition himself, but despite this and the complete lack of attacking power displayed by his foe's species, Thaddeus is left stinging quite a bit. Despite the Gardevoir having taken quite a nasty hit, a good portion of the energy from the attack is wasted, the momentum carrying Butterfree far beyond his initial target.

Veering round, looking visibly exhausted by this point, Butterfree fights to maintain his altitude, his expression defiant. Locking eyes with Thaddeus, he resolves to make one final charge, and falls through the air once again. This time arcing in a neat curve, he fills his existence with a faint beige energy, before accelerating as he banks out parallel to the ground. Rushing towards Thaddeus, Butterfree is once again left somewhat lacking as he grazes the side of the Gardevoir, his exhaustion leaving much to be desired with regards to his attacking speed. The main objective of the strike is not lost, however. In a flash of red light, the figure of Butterfree is replaced, and a thunk announces Thaddeus' new opponent. Looking around, the Gardevoir is initially confused, until his gaze falls on something on the ground. A simple Shuckle, looking quite tired indeed, rests to attention, his face contorted into one of grim determination.

Just as the round seems to be drawing a close, a gusting wind billows throughout the arena. Thaddeus smiles as a huge orb of power descends before him, the glistening sphere harbouring untold force. With a simple gesture, the orb is sent rocketing across the makeshift globe, and Murmur never once sees it coming. One minute his world is right, the next it is consumed by a blinding pink light, and he screams out in agony, though his cries are muffled by the drowning roar of the orb erupting over his body.

Ruby is pretty much fresh, very much so enjoying the Light Screen boost, hanging out off the coast of Brazil. Damage taken this round was again minimal, buffered by distance and the Screen. Thaddeus remains looking pretty good for the go, enjoying the stolen boosts. Health situation is nothing to worry about yet despite the chunk missing.

Butterfree is beginning to look pretty damn scuffed up, but he'll enjoy his breather in his Pokeball and will return raring to fight. Shuckle is briefly hindered by the passed exhaustion from Butterfree, but will in the long run be pretty fresh. Murmur is hanging out in the Northern part of Africa, looking pretty isolated, but will be mostly fresh.

Mercutio 08-18-2014 08:41 AM

While I'm not complaining and woooo space! I personally would have reffed GI hitting fully. Flying type and all that.

Connor 08-18-2014 09:14 AM

While I'd normally agree, the sheer size of this arena coupled with the fact Thaddeus was significantly fresher made me feel a full blow might be a tad unrealistic. I'll edit the round and my notes somewhat to reflect a slightly harder hit given I, admittedly, ignored the fact that Flying types should be given a bit more mobility leeway, but I still can't feel fully justified giving a full hit given the distance and the time Thaddeus would've consequently had to react.

Shuckle 08-18-2014 09:52 AM

To be fair a Taunt would probably have been a better idea but gay Gardevoir and what have you.

Shuckle, let's start off with a quick Round on Thad for damage, relax and get yourself acquainted with the terrain. What does Gastro Acid even do in ASB? Let's try using that.

Murmur, put up a QC Substitute and sit tight for a bit.

Mercutio 08-18-2014 01:54 PM

Oh yeah no Captivate was a terrible idea ( :p ), I just thought I should mention it. Thanks for amendments.

Shuckle's SC makes me sad. I think its new one is a bit better? A quick check of Veekun reveals it to be a pretty cool doubles Pokémon, regardless.

Thaddeus, weather that Round with your heightened Special Defence and Taunt Shuckle out of Gastro Acid as you advance upon it. Add a splash of Toxic to their Berry Juice, pin pointed to soak through flesh and avoid the shell, after that. Because let's all be honest with ourselves this was always going to happen.

Ruby, a quick check of continental geography (I am so sorry) reveals that you can happily see the bit of Africa Whismur will have landed onto so Teleport to a point a little off shore from where they went and wash a nice wide Surf across them. That should catch their sub and damage them in to the bargain. Don't ride the wave this time, stay on the surface to maintain regeneration.

Shuckle 08-18-2014 04:33 PM

Kush you should have changed Captivate, Confide, Swagger, and Flatter along with Taunt and Torment.

My justification for my currently-in-the-works brokenly overpowered Shuckle sig is the fact that it is laughably easy to counter shuckle with "aim for the noodles".

Mercutio 08-18-2014 04:36 PM

Well I did change Swagger and Flatter, and I did achieve the primary objective which was to make them different from Taunt and Torment and make all four moves useful, but Swagger and Flatter are a bit wrong.

Connor 08-19-2014 11:11 AM

A sense of terrible foreboding washes over Shuckle. His world is blackness, permeated only by a few beams of light entering into his shell, and his softer body quivers as he gingerly begins to poke his head out of his protective casing. Squinting as the glare causes him to recoil away somewhat. Shaking his head, Shuckle regains his composure ... before his face drops in awe. Slowly looking up, he drinks in the looming figure of Thaddeus, his jaw hanging slack. While the Gardevoir before him seems frail, Shuckle can tell there is a stronger power emanating from the body of his foe, and he frowns intensely. Opening his mouth wide, Shuckle causes his throat to begin reverberating wildly, discordant tones shrieking out from within the strange Pokemon. As the air quivers, energy flares to life along the length of the sound waves, a defined cone extending forth and crashing into the chest of Thaddeus.

Grunting as the sudden shrill tones wash over him, Thaddeus narrows his eyes at this new foe. The form is strange, but that does little to deter the Gardevoir. Concentrating intently, he begins to mumble under his breath, his arms raising into the air and coming apart from his body. Almost moving to embrace the foe before him, a malevolent air abruptly begins to churn around Thaddeus. His eyes become consumed with a dank purple energy, and his gaze falls upon the head of Shuckle, the deathly glare connecting with the Bug- type somewhat. As Shuckle loses himself amidst the torrent of energy pouring from Thaddeus, his expression becomes one of sheer fury, eyes narrowed and mouth pulled into as fierce a snarl as the unimposing Mold Pokemon can muster.

Some distance away from the battling pair, Ruby laps through the gentle depths off the coast of Brazil. Moving away from the mainland, she extends her Psychic powers outwards, mapping the immediate area. As she extends them further, a shrill chord of surprise rings out. The Starmie, clearly becoming much more battle ready, allows energy to billow throughout her gem. A blinding white light emanates from her core, expanding to engulf the normally blood red colour. With a plop of gushing water, Ruby disappears in a thin column of white light, abruptly appearing some way from the North coast of Africa. Bobbing up from the waves, the Starmie rests on the ebbing surface, her gem pulsing with recognition as she spies the lone figure of Murmur hanging on the coast.

A sudden breaking of water alerts Murmur, his sensitive hearing allowing him to quickly pin the location of the disturbance. His face drops as he does so. Hanging above the surface of the waters just a few feet away from his own position, Ruby clearly has him in her sights, and Murmur panics. Moving backwards as fast as he can, he scrunches his face tight as he begins to rapidly separate sections of both his health and energy, tendrils meshing together to form a perfect duplicate of himself before his real body. Sighing with relief, his shoulders slump, silently confident that his foe will fail to see through his crafted deception.

He is not so lucky. Dipping back beneath the waves of the ocean, Ruby allows the gem at the centre of her body to begin pulsating, a soft blue glow stretching out from her and into the surrounding waters. Murmur frowns as he watches this occur, the soft blue glow permeating the immediate arena. Without warning, the otherwise still surface begins to tremble, white froth roiling at the surface. Murmur begins to tremble in fear, and his worries are quickly shown to be justified. A huge wall of water erupts from the surface of the ocean before him, the wide construct quickly rushing towards him. Breaking over the surface of the coast, the cascading water engulfs both Murmur and his substitution, battering both and leaving a lone Whismur, drenched and bedraggled, on the coast of Africa.

Flitting back to the battle unfolding between Thaddeus and Shuckle, the pair stare one another down, locked in a telling battle of glares. The furious expression on the face of Shuckle leaves much to be fulfilled, and Thaddeus chuckles as he realises his opponent will be denied the release he so desires. Opening his mouth wide, Thaddeus allows his throat and maw to flood with a thick, viscous fluid, the dank purple gobs dripping to the floor putting a sense of fear into Shuckle. Before he can retract to the safety of his shell, Thaddeus douses him in the toxic goop, the Shuckle whining out in frustration as toxins quickly permeate his soft skin and flood his bloodstream.

Murmur is approaching the midpoint now, but will be refreshed. Shuckle remains Taunted, and Toxic kicks in next round, but he is otherwise untouched and fresh.

Thaddeus took negligible damage this round, still quite a ways from the midpoint. He remains pretty much good for two thanks to the somewhat more conservative round. Ruby again went untouched, and will remain good for two going into the next.

Mercutio 08-19-2014 03:02 PM

Good reffings, Connor! Apologies for the added work this is going to bring you.

Activating Breakwater Badge, allowing me to perform a switch despite Gym rules. Thadeus, come on back now, you'll get your chance to shoot at things. Oh-You, the Metagross, get out there and start on Gibraltar, that's a bit of way away from Shuckle.

Oh-You, the genderless Metagross; Oh-You was captured as a Beldum, found levitating both itself and many surrounding boulders and saplings despite being unable to use the move Psychic at the time. Its psychic powers were so great that it levitated the pokéball it was in out of my hand and released itself, instantly evolving into a Metang as it did so. Knowing the power I had in my possession, I immediately set to training the strong pokémon, eventually managing to get it to evolve once more. As a Metagross, it began displaying incredible feats of psychic power that were scarcely possible to imagine. It immobilised opponents with its telekinesis while striking them with incredible strength. It strengthen boosting its own powers while continuing its assault. Its most notable achievement was defeating Zapdos, the legendary bird, on Lightning Island. Though the bird was strong and fought valiantly, in the end Oh-You was able to win through and I was able to capture it. Taking inspiration from its victory here, Oh-You sought to further increase its potential for strategic power.
Hidden Power: Fire.
Signature Move: "Anti Gravity" (Psychic); Oh-You uses major energy to create a strange realm in the arena, encapsulating all the battlers on the field, in the same manner as Magic Room. For the next five rounds, gravity is reversed, attracting things to the 'ceiling' of the realm instead of the ground. Anti Gravity's realm is cube shaped, 30' high, and moves such as Earthquake and Dig cannot be used on the ceiling. Pokémon which fly or levitate are still able to do so whilst in the realm. If the move Gravity is used concurrently, the moves essentially combine, so that pokémon become unable to fly or leap but are pulled to the realm's ceiling, not the arena floor. Oh-You cannot use Reflect.

Right. Ruby, flash a Confuse Ray at Whismur. As that finishes up, Oh-You, activate Anti Gravity and fly us to the moon.

Ruby, follow up with a Water Gun to blast Whismur away, using your levitation to prevent yourself from spiralling away. Oh-You, use Meteor Mash to punt Shuckle somewhere the sun don't shine.

The Europe thing was a terrible idea and I will be changing it to be "everything starts in Europe but as the match goes on trainers can release near to any other Pokémon".

> 30' high


Shuckle 08-19-2014 05:38 PM

Murmur, Close your eyes to prevent being confused. Double Team as you are caught in antigravity and pray to the Random Number Gods.

Shuckle, Wrap onto Oh-You and don't let go.

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