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  1. Median Dia
    03-05-2021 12:58 PM
    Median Dia
    A'ight, that's fair enough. It'd take quite a bit of effort for this spear-headed wreck of a redcap to take down Alcremie at the moment anyway, so we should be able to afford some leeway here.
  2. SpinyShell
    03-05-2021 12:20 PM
    To be honest, I sort of want that to happen so my stat drops reset. I'm hoping we're so close to the end that fainting now won't be that much of an issue.
  3. Median Dia
    03-05-2021 11:32 AM
    Median Dia
    Offensively, you're plenty fine there. I do have some concern about you taking a Sun-boosted Mystical Fire and/or Max Flare on the defensive side, though...
  4. SpinyShell
    03-05-2021 10:56 AM
    Done. Also, I switched from Flamethrower to Iron Tail because I figured it’d do more damage (I only used Flamethrower to remain as a Fire type), but can switch back if you guys want.
  5. Median Dia
    03-04-2021 11:48 PM
    Median Dia
    Sorry to be a bother, but can you please reorder in the Morgrem Raid? We'll get more damage off if I clear out the last two Shields and you set his hair on fire afterwards, after all~
  6. Median Dia
    02-16-2021 04:28 PM
    Median Dia
    So that you're aware, Pearl's Perap used Max Overgrowth in the Mudsdale Raid to reinstate the Grassy Terrain after you ordered your Giga Drain. You're not currently in any danger of fainting through HP loss, though, so feel free to do as you see fit.
  7. Median Dia
    02-02-2021 04:49 PM
    Median Dia
    Here's a little heads up for the Mudsdale Raid: I'm planning on opening up the battle with Grassy Terrain, so it'd probably be for the best if you waited for that in order to claim that juicy 30% increase to you Grass attacks~

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