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Scraggy ShadowDRGN

Trainer Card

Name: Jason "Wheels" Pawley
Age/Gender: 17, Male (He/His/Him)
Hometown: Driftveil City, Unova
Starter: "Boss" the Pancham

Height: 5’10
Build: Broad and athletic
Eye Color: Hazel
Skin Color: White
Hair Color: Bleach blonde
Hairstyle: Gelled. Slick in front and spiky in back
Distinctive Features:
  • Slightly snub-nosed.
  • Scars on elbows, knees.
  • Decorative red stitches across left earlobe.
Favorite Clothes:
  • Black, baggy pants with knee pads hidden under them. Held up by a red cloth belt.
  • Black skater shoes decorated with colorful, graffiti-style art on the sides.
  • Graphic tees featuring album art of various punk bands.
  • Cloth wristband with a checkerboard pattern.
  • Orange baseball cap styled after a Scrafty.
Spoiler: show
Ever since he entered middle school, Jason was a troublemaker. The principal’s office was more of a homeroom to him than his actual homeroom, and most days ended with him having to be picked up by his parents after a period’s-worth of detention instead of him and his childhood companion Boss stewing up more chaos.

No one was truly sure about why Jason was this way, though. His parents were fairly affluent and principled people, after all. Some said that he was just a bad apple, or that he was too into violent and disruptive things like video games and punk music. In reality, Jason was just following in the footsteps of his best friend and biggest idol, Marcus Capton.

Marcus was a classmate of his ever since elementary. He was a wild child, with no sense of restraint or desire to fit in. He often took Jason on crazy adventures by skipping school and going to the skate park, and when Jason was bullied on the schoolyard, Marcus and his companion Murkrow were always there to back him up and assert his dominance as king of the playground.

Jason’s parents were apprehensive about his friendship with Marcus due to his father supposedly being the head of a violent gang that controlled part of Driftveil City, a town where smuggling was rampant and lucrative. Eventually, though, they had the freedom as teens to hang out more after school, and so Jason became drawn-into this gang by the time they entered high school together. He did this not only out of a sense of loyalty and friendship to Marcus, but also because it was a place where he could go off and be himself, wild with the passions that his parents and teachers never approved of.

The two were asked to run all sorts of things: drugs, illegal weapons, money, stolen goods. Jason often used his skateboard to get around, and knew all the shortcuts that would sneak them right past the cops, making him a good courier and deserving of the new new nickname, “Wheels”. Marcus was a skilled partner, but Jason noticed that he was starting to get more ruthless as a battler as his wild exterior started to transform into a reckless disregard for others. This behavoir unnerved Jason, but he convinced himself to stay. After all, the pay was good, he wasn't hurting anybody, and he felt that this was the one place in the world that wouldn't judge him for being who he is.

One night, however. The group was holed up in their usual place: an abandoned old theater, when they got a new run from Marcus’s boss. A strange package to be put outside one of the warehouses in another gang’s territory. Jason got a bad feeling in his gut when he heard this, and an even worse feeling when his request to know what was in it was declined by his friend. Reluctantly, he agreed and set out with Marcus to place the package.

They reached the site in the dark of night, after a near-encounter with the police. Jason was ready to place the package next to the dumpster, on the side of the warehouse, when he realized that with Marcus busy on lookout, he could peak at the contents of the box. When he opened it, his heart sank. A mess of wires and beeping lights, all connected a cluster of metal pipes. He froze for a few minutes, not doing anything until he heard Marcus shouting angrily at him for messing with the package.

In a panic, Jason leapt up and confronted his friend, demanding to know why they were blowing up a building. Marcus took his inquiries coldly, and simply said that if he had a problem with that and not smuggling, that he should just hand the package over to him and leave. Jason snapped. After subconsciously holding down the reality of this gang for so long, he finally acknowledged the deep shit he was in, and he and Marcus fought until Jason found an opening to throw the bomb into the harbor and run.

He kept running, and didn’t stop. He cut off all contact from Marcus. He asked his parents if he could pack his bags and go on a Pokemon adventure, or something. He needed to do anything to leave Driftveil City. Realizing what had happened, his parents agreed, and helped him leave the city quietly after going to the police about the incident.

Now Jason was on the road with a bag of his things, his skateboard, Boss, and only an inkling of where to go next. Though he renounced Marcus’ gang, in his heart he could never abandon being a punk. He’d simply have to be a better person than his former friend, despite his bad exterior. Before he left, Jason took one look back at the city he lived his whole life in, and vowed that when he came back, he'd be strong enough to teach Marcus and his crew a lesson.
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Duffle Bag
Bank Account
Candy Jar

x2|Poke Balls
x2|Great Balls
x1|Moon Ball
x1|Luxury Ball

First Aid Kit
x2|Super Potions
x1|Paralyze Heal
x1|Burn Heal
x1|Ice Heal

Hold Items
x1|Fighting Gem
x1|Razor Claw

x7|Sitrus Berries
x1|Liechi Berry
x2|Starf Berries
x2|Mysterious Gummis

Pokeblock Case

TM/TR Album
x1|Body Slam (TR)
x1|Hyper Voice (TR)
x1|Return (TM)
x1|Uproar (TR)
x1|Waterfall (TM)

Z Crystals
x1|Fightinium Z

Pouch of Random Junk
x1|Magical Party Popper
x1|Heart Scale
x1|Ash Hat Pikachu Plushie

Key Items
x1|Fishing Rod
x1|Mega Ring
x1|Map of the Arcane Realm

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Buizel, Stunky, Pancham, Hawlucha

Machamp, Corphish, Crawdaunt

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The Gang

Species: Pancham
Gender: Male
Type: Fighting
Level: 23
Bond: Quicklink
Nature: Naughty (+Atk -Sp.Def)
Ability: Mold Breaker
Held Item: Liechi Berry
Evolution: Pangoro (Level 32 w/Dark Type in Party)
Obtained as a Starter in Driftveil City. (Level 5)

Jason’s first Pokemon companion, Boss always has his Trainer’s back in any of his wild pursuits, and loves nothing more than to compete and fight. He’s about as much of a bonehead and a punk as his Trainer, but thankfully he’s always able to calm Jason down when he loses his cool, and vice-versa.

The two met by complete accident nearly seven years ago, when his affluent parents bought a Pokemon for Jason’s tenth birthday. They were going to give him a much more mellow and acceptable Pokemon, but their order got mixed up with someone else’s and Jason ended up receiving a rough-and-tumble Pancham, which he was allowed to keep only after a week of pleading with his parents.

Though a close friendship quickly grew between them, Boss has always harbored some hidden feelings over the circumstances of it all. As such, he constantly tries to prove that he belongs in Jason’s ownership by being a reliable friend and ally, mirroring Jason’s own feelings about not being accepted by others.

Natural Moves: Tackle (1), Leer (1), Arm Thrust (4), Taunt (8), Work Up (10), Karate Chop (12), Circle Throw (12), Comet Punch (15), Low Sweep (16), Slash (20), Vital Throw (27), Body Slam (33), Crunch (33), Parting Shot (40), Entrainment (42), Sky Uppercut (48)
TM/HM Moves: Power-Up Punch, Zen Headbutt
Egg/Tutor Moves: Payback, Power Trip

Species: Buizel
Gender: Male
Type: Water
Level: 21
Bond: Quicklink
Nature: Hasty (+Spd, -Def)
Ability: Swift Swim
Held Item:
Evolution: Floatzel (Level 26)
Caught in the Arcane Realms, in the Lake of the Moon. (Level 10)
Jason’s first companion from Fizzytopia. The young Trainer met Twist shortly after he had departed from his hometown and somehow ended up wandering into The Arcane Realms.

At first he was just a regular Buizel who had gotten himself into some serious trouble with a local group of Corphish. Taking an unrelenting beating from two of them, he only barely managed to avoid a much worse fate because of Jason’s sudden arrival and subsequent decision to get them off Buizel’s back.

Though he was certainly grateful to the Trainer for saving him, he initially refused to join Jason’s party, his thoughts instead consumed by getting even with the aquatic thugs that beat him up. His conflict struck a chord with Jason, and both of them agreed to train together along with Boss under Master Mal, a Fighting-type specialist who lived in a shack by the Lake.

Over the course of their training, Buizel and Boss had a heated duel while learning how to use Power-Up Punch. Thanks to Jason’s skill as a Trainer, Boss not only came out on top, but managed to convince the Buizel to join their party after all! Jason christened him with the name Twist, and eagerly welcomed him into his burgeoning gang of Pokemon.

Twist is extremely unfamiliar with much of the human world, having never gone any farther than the Lake of the Moon's banks in his life. Man-made things easily grab his attention, forcing Jason to make sure he doesn’t accidentally stumble into trouble as he indulges his curiosities.

Twist is also very competitive, just like Boss, and he holds grudges for a long time. Luckily, though, the two hold a lot of respect for each-other, despite Boss thoroughly besting him in their first duel. Of course, since being with Jason means he can rematch the Pancham any time, perhaps he’s simply biding his time until he can challenge Boss again?

Natural Moves: Sonic Boom (1), Growl (1), Water Sport (1), Quick Attack (3), Water Gun (6), Pursuit (10), Swift (15), Aqua Jet (21), Double Hit (27), Agility (28), Whirlpool (31), Razor Wind (35), Aqua Tail (38), Hydro Pump (45)
TM/HM Moves: Iron Tail, Power-Up Punch
Egg/Tutor Moves: Helping Hand, Ice Punch

Species: Stunky
Gender: Female
Type: Poison/Dark
Level: 24
Nature: Relaxed (+Def -Spd)
Ability: Stench
Held Item:
Evolution: Skuntank (Level 34)
Hatched from a Dark Egg obtained in the Easter Event. (Level 1)

Natural Moves: Scratch (1), Focus Energy (1), Poison Gas (1), Feint (3), Smokescreen (6), Screech (7), Acid Spray (9), Fury Swipes (9), Bite (18), Toxic (20), Venoshock (21), Slash (22), Sucker Punch (30), Night Slash (31), Memento (33), Venom Drench (37), Belch (39), Explosion (44)
TM/HM Moves: None Learned
Egg/Tutor Moves: Pursuit, Smog

Species: Hawlucha
Gender: Male
Type: Fighting/Flying
Level: 24
Nature: Jolly (+Spd, -Atk)
Ability: Limber
Held Item:
Hatched from a Birthday Egg. (Level 1)

Natural Moves: Detect (1), Tackle (1), Hone Claws (1), Karate Chop (4), Wing Attack (4), Roost (12), Aerial Ace (12), Encore (16), Feather Dance (20), Fling (24), Submission (24), Flying Press (28), Bounce (28), Taunt (32), Endeavor (36), Swords Dance (40), High Jump Kick (44), Sky Attack (48), Sky Drop (55)
TM/HM Moves: None Learned
Egg/Tutor Moves: Ally Switch, Baton Pass

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