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Hyrem's Tidy Ol' Hidey-Hole

After about two and a half years since his arrival at Fizzy Bubbles, Hyrem has finally made his home at Mount Infernus! The base is located at the base of the mountain, off to the right of the waterfall that leads into Ignatius River. There are quite a few of Hyrem's Pokemon outside of his base guarding the place while he's away since they are either too big to fit inside or prefer to stay outside for whatever reason. Icarus, Kilogram, Wendy, Palm, Bubbles, and Sarkhan are Pokemon that are most likely outside, though others may also be seen outside sometimes.

Base Layout:

First Floor

The room to the left is the dining room where he and some of his Pokemon gather for mealtime, and it's also the first room people see when they enter his base. Posters of Torchic and Treecko are also seen on the walls. The room to the right is Hyrem's bedroom. In it lies a large Charizard plushie next to a green mat with leaves sewn into the pattern, his bed, his PC, and a fish tank where Zatch goes to sleep. A poster of Amethyst can also be seen in his bedroom. In the short hallway between the rooms lies a set of stairs that lead to the basement. Sera, Leila, Laika, and many of Hyrem's smaller Pokemon, including the shinies Zatch and Marion, can be seen at various times, with some Pokemon sharing his bedroom during the night so they are ready to provide various wake-up calls for Hyrem!


This is the basement where Hyrem and his Pokemon sit on and around the sofa to watch shows on the Seedot-shaped TV. Large, life-size plushies of Lapras and Milotic (the Milotic one not shown) greet you at the entrance to the basement, and a poster of Amethyst's mate, Marvolo, is on the wall to the right; when Amethyst isn't in Hyrem's bedroom admiring the poster of herself, she's downstairs fawning over Marvolo's poster. Off to the left is one of the best features about this base: the indoor pool. Hyrem and many of his Pokemon love taking a dip there, and it is also where Delilah, Brittany, Juvia, and Nami are able to stay, as well as Zatch when he isn't in the fish tank. The pool is surprisingly deep in the far corner, and there is actually an underwater tunnel leading to various underground lakes and the lake under the waterfall; this allows Hyrem's Water Pokemon plenty of room to explore and find food for themselves. The other cool feature to this base is the freezer where most of the meat eaters can find their food on a regular basis (as long as it is defrosted first!). Seshiro and Shisato can also be seen here, as well as Michael, who likes to keep Brittany company.

This base is now open for RP! Please read the rules below before posting:

1) Text size should be no bigger than 2, please post in size 1 if it is an especially long post.
2) Guests may only have six Pokemon available in Hyrem's base at any time. If your Pokemon come on their own, they count toward that limit! No exceptions!
3) Basic RP standards apply, i.e. no godmodding.
4) If your RP does not have something that everyone can properly respond to, I may message you to edit your post.
5) Likewise, if you feel like I post something you can't properly respond to, please VM/PM me about it so I can make any necessary changes.
6) It is preferable that our characters know each other beforehand, though it is not a strict requirement.
7) Certain Pokemon might be considered too big to fit into the entrance to the base and would be required to stay outside. If your Pokemon is around the size of a Druddigon, it may fit depending on the Pokemon, but anything Salamence size or bigger would absolutely be too large to fit. Also, if you have aquatic Pokemon, they must be no bigger than a Lapras if you want them to fit in the underwater tunnels. Serpentine Pokemon like Seviper and Milotic are notable exceptions to this rule, except for Gyarados, Onix, and Steelix, because they're just big. ^_^'
8) While I will make sure that your character and his/her Pokemon won't be seriously hurt without your permission, some of Hyrem's Pokemon aren't very friendly, and/or, in some situations, may even see your Pokemon as a snack, so interact with them at your own risk!
9) I reserve the right to make changes to my rules at any time, though I will post to let everyone know about it if I do.

And that's it, so have fun, and ssssnuggle on~

-Gemini Spark

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Trainer Battles, Adventures, and Calendar

Trainer Battles (Record: 3-3-1)

Dark Searchman (Lv. 10 Seedot) vs. Mon1010 (Lv. 10 Togepi) (Result: DQ Win)
Dark Searchman (Lv. 14 Druddigon) vs. Charminions (Lv. 13 Corphish) (Result: Loss)
Dark Searchman (Lv. 3 Skarmory) vs. Missingno. Master (Lv. 7 Skorupi) (Result: Win)
Dark Searchman (Lv. 5 Sneasel) vs. Itzatrap (Lv. 6 Absol) (Result: Loss)
Dark Searchman (Lv. 17 Chinchou) vs. OkikuMew (Lv. 9 Espeon) (Result: Win)
Dark Searchman (Lv. 38 Druddigon) vs. Missingno. Master (Lv. 26 Ivysaur) (Result: Win)
Dark Searchman (Lv. 57 Kirlia) vs. Talon87 (Lv. 74 Chikorita) (Result: Loss)


Adventure #1: Astoria - The Enchanted Forest *CANCELLED*
Chapter 1: Island Ports {1, 2, 3, 4}

Adventure #2: Whale Island - The Hydro-Electric Zone
Chapter 1: Ampere Beach {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}
Chapter 2: Rainbow Reef {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7}
Chapter 3: Delilah's World {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}
Chapter 4: Kyogre's Domain {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, End}

Adventure #3: Phantom Isle - The Haunted Theme Park
Chapter 1: Mantine Mania {1, 2, 3}
Chapter 2: "Dive" Into the Depths {1, 2, 3, 4, 5}
Chapter 3: Harvester of Eyes {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}
Chapter 4: Future Sight {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, End}

Adventure #4: Cortoza - The Volcanic Island
Chapter 1: Scenic Walk {1, 2, 3, 4, 5}
Chapter 2: Hyrem, the Vandal Buster! {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7}
Chapter 3: Faeries and Flames {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}

Adventure #5: Cloud Garden *CANCELLED*
Chapter 1: The Forbidden Garden {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9}
Chapter 2: The Key in the Shadow {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7}

Adventure #6: The Arcane Realm
Chapter 1: Forest of Adventure {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}
Chapter 2: Crimson Claws {1, 2, 3, 4, 5}
Chapter 3: The Stained Throne {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}
Chapter 4: Blood Feud {1, 2, 3, End}

Adventure #7: The Black Bayou
Chapter 1: The Sacred Swamp of Celebi {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}
Chapter 2: The Swampgators {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7}
Chapter 3: Catching Trent Connors {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}
Chapter 4: Brains and Brawn (1, 2, 3, 4, End}

Dream World Adventures
#1: Carla's Visions {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, End}
#2: Sarkhan's Cure {1}

Campaign #1: The Lost City of Alph *CANCELLED*
Chapter 1: Find the Unown! {1, 2}

Campaign #2: The Abominable Snowdown
Chapter 1: Return to Cloud Garden {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}
Chapter 2: Ultimate Snowdown of Ultimate Destiny {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, End}

Event #1: Spring Safari *CANCELLED*
Chapter 1: Grass Jungle {1, 2, 3, 4}

Event #2: Friend Safari - A Gen VI Event
Chapter 1: Remy's Friend Zone! Hyrem and Mia Welcome the Pokemon from Kalos! {1, 2, 3, 4}
Chapter 2: Froakie Appears! The Music of the White and Black Flutes! {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, End}

Event #3: Cinccino Royale, featuring the Phantump Thieves of Hearts
Chapter 1: Day Phase! Tsurara's Charming Side! {1, 2, End}

Side Adventure #1: Bedlam Ridge
Chapter 1: Crimson Sanctum {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7}
Chapter 2: Cat Bee Catacombs {1, 2, 3, 4, 5}
Chapter 3: Disguises {1, 2, 3, 4, End}

FB Calendar

5 - Cranidos Day (Dome)
6 - Frogadier Day (Henrietta)
12 - Weavile Day (Leila)
15 - Jellicent Day (Ulysses & ???)
21 - Tympole Day (James)

6 - Gabite Day (Marik)
15 - Beartic Day (Braham)

4 - Grovyle Day (Nissa)
10 - Rowlet Day (Cassandra)
19 - Manectric Day (Benjamin)
22 - Torterra Day (Toby)
24 - My Birthday!!
25 - Servine Day (Jared)
27 - Lanturn Day (Delilah)

3 - Dunsparce Day (Charlie)
8 - Ralts/Gardevoir Day (Sera & Brian)
17 - Flareon/Espeon Day (Happy & Carla)
19 - Zangoose Day (Rengar)

11 - Rockruff Day (Galdrick)
19 - Seviper Day (Amethyst & Kinana)
22 - Scizor Day (Achaekek)
27 - Archen Day (Quill)

3 - Liepard Day (Selina)
9 - Numel Day (Pelea)
12 - Milotic Day (Juvia)
19 - Larvitar Day (Gaara)
20 - Vullaby Day (Amanda)
29 - Pumpkasaur/Venusaur Day (Zyra & Gordon)

3 - Mienfoo Day (Shirley & Sheila)
9 - Litten Day (Diego)
10 - Carnivine Day (Marcus)
15 - Vulpix/Ninetales/A. Vulpix Day (Ahri/Keori/Sonia)
18 - Girafarig Day (Janice)
19 - Tropius Day (Palm)
22 - Ampharos Day (Conis)
26 - Tyrunt Day (Gnash)
29 - Fennekin Day (Balthazar)
30 - Riolu Day (Daniel)

1 - Rapidash Day (Kenna)
6 - Torchic/Blaziken Day (Vi & Thomas)
11 - Chimecho Day (Karthas)
15 - Aron Day (Joanna)
16 - Sandile Day (Ammit)
19 - Ekans/Arbok Day (Seshiro/Shisato/Sachi/Suki)
20 - Kabuto Day (Face)
21 - Fraxure Day (Ammon)
27 - Steelix Day (Kilogram)
28 - Pignite Day (Ganon)
29 - Houndour/Houndoom Day (Silas & Midas)

1 - Mightyena Day (Laika)
3 - Gothita Day (Marion)
18 - Meditite Day (Anjali)
22 - Nidoran Day (Diana)
26 - Deino Day (Tiamat)
30 - Vibrava Day (Ezreal)

1 - Skarmory Day (Icarus)
2 - Scolipede Day (Aisa)
4 - Druddigon Day (Sarkhan & Kima)
5 - Drilbur Day (Edgar)
9 - Carvanha Day (Fizz)
21 - Banette Day (Michael)
30 - Absol Day (Kazeshi)

9 - Salamence Day (Wendy)
12 - Aerodactyl Day (Queen)

8 - Luxray Day (Luke)
10 - Eelektross Day (Zatch)
12 - Gyarados Day (Bubbles)
13 - Bergmite Day (Svanir)
17 - Kingdra Day (Cleopatra)
19 - Sealeo Day (Brittany)
25 - Lapras Day (Nami)
28 - Froslass Day (Tsurara)
29 - Dragonair Day (Sorano)

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Seen: 275 Caught: 169 (Seen by characters other than Hyrem)
Kanto: #1 Bulbasaur, #2 Ivysaur, #3 Venusaur, #4 Charmander, #5 Charmeleon, #6 Charizard, #7 Squirtle, #9 Blastoise, #10 Caterpie, #13 Weedle, #14 Kakuna, #15 Beedrill, #23 Ekans, #24 Arbok, #25 Pikachu, #27-A Sandshrew, #28-A Sandslash, #29 Nidoran♀, #30 Nidorina, #34 Nidoking, #36 Clefable, #37 Vulpix, #37-A Vulpix, #38 Ninetales, #43 Oddish, #51 Dugtrio, #52 Meowth, #58 Growlithe, #59 Arcanine, #62 Poliwrath, #67 Machoke, #68 Machamp, #69 Bellsprout, #74-A Geodude, #77 Ponyta, #78 Rapidash, #79 Slowpoke, #82 Magneton, #88 Grimer, #094 Gengar, #95 Onix, #98 Krabby, #99 Kingler, #103 Exeggutor, #114 Tangela, #116 Horsea, #118 Goldeen, #121 Starmie, #123 Scyther, #127 Pinsir, #128 Tauros, #129 Magikarp, #130 Gyarados, #131 Lapras, #133 Eevee, #134 Vaporeon, #136 Flareon, #137 Porygon, #140 Kabuto, #141 Kabutops, #142 Aerodactyl, #143 Snorlax, #147 Dratini, #148 Dragonair
Johto: #152 Chikorita, #155 Cyndaquil, #157 Typhlosion, #160 Feraligatr, #167 Spinarak, #168 Ariados, #169 Crobat, #170 Chinchou, #171 Lanturn, #172 Pichu, #173 Cleffa, #174 Igglybuff, #175 Togepi, #177 Natu, #179 Mareep, #180 Flaaffy, #181 Ampharos, #191 Sunkern, #196 Espeon, #197 Umbreon, #198 Murkrow, #199 Slowking, #203 Girafarig, #206 Dunsparce, #208 Steelix, #209 Snubbull, #210 Granbull, #212 Scizor, #215 Sneasel, #218 Slugma, #219 Magcargo, #220 Swinub, #221 Piloswine, #225 Delibird, #227 Skarmory, #228 Houndour, #229 Houndoom, #230 Kingdra, #231 Phanpy, #234 Stantler, #238 Smoochum, #240 Magby, #241 Miltank, #246 Larvitar
Hoenn: #252 Treecko, #253 Grovyle, #255 Torchic, #256 Combusken, #257 Blaziken, #261 Poochyena, #262 Mightyena, #269 Dustox, #270 Lotad, #273 Seedot, #274 Nuzleaf, #275 Shiftry, #276 Taillow, #277 Swellow, #278 Wingull, #279 Pelliper, #280 Ralts, #281 Kirlia, #282 Gardevoir, #285 Shroomish, #287 Slakoth, #289 Slaking, #293 Whismur, #297 Hariyama, #298 Azurill, #299 Nosepass, #302 Sableye, #303 Mawile, #304 Aron, #307 Meditite, #309 Electrike, #310 Manectric, #318 Carvanha, #322 Numel, #323 Camerupt, #328 Trapinch, #329 Vibrava, #333 Swablu, #334 Altaria, #335 Zangoose, #336 Seviper, #337 Lunatone, #341 Corphish, #342 Crawdaunt, #349 Feebas, #350 Milotic, #353 Shuppet, #354 Banette, #355 Duskull, #357 Tropius, #358 Chimecho, #359 Absol, #360 Wynaut, #361 Snorunt, #362 Glalie, #363 Spheal, #364 Sealeo, #365 Walrein, #368 Gorebyss, #371 Bagon, #372 Shelgon, #373 Salamence, #376 Metagross, #382 Kyogre
Sinnoh: #387 Turtwig, #388 Grotle, #389 Torterra, #392 Infernape, #403 Shinx, #404 Luxio, #405 Luxray, #406 Budew, #407 Roserade, #408 Cranidos, #411 Bastiodon, #426 Drifblim, #434 Stunky, #436 Bronzor, #439 Mime Jr., #443 Gible, #444 Gabite, #447 Riolu, #451 Skorupi, #452 Drapion, #455 Carnivine, #459 Snover, #460 Abomasnow, #461 Weavile, #473 Mamoswine, #475 Gallade, #478 Froslass, #479 Rotom
Unova: #495 Snivy, #497 Serperior, #498 Tepig, #499 Pignite, #509 Purrloin, #510 Liepard, #513 Pansear, #525 Boldore, #526 Gigalith, #529 Drilbur, #535 Tympole, #536 Palpitoad, #537 Seismitoad, #539 Sawk, #540 Sewaddle, #543 Venipede, #544 Whirlipede, #545 Scolipede, #548 Petilil, #550 Basculin, #551 Sandile, #552 Krokorok, #553 Krookodile, #554 Darumaka, #559 Scraggy, #562 Yamask, #564 Tirtouga, #566 Archen, #570 Zorua, #574 Gothita, #582 Vanillite, #583 Vanillish, #584 Vanilluxe, #587 Emolga, #590 Foongus, #592 Frillish, #593 Jellicent, #595 Joltik, #602 Tynamo, #603 Eelektrik, #604 Eelektross, #607 Litwick, #610 Axew, #611 Fraxure, #613 Cubchoo, #614 Beartic, #615 Cryogonal, #619 Mienfoo, #621 Druddigon, #622 Golett, #624 Pawniard, #625 Bisharp, #629 Vullaby, #630 Mandibuzz, #631 Heatmor, #633 Deino, #636 Larvesta
Kalos: #653 Fennekin, #654 Braixen, #656 Froakie, #657 Frogadier, #679 Honedge, #681 Aegislash, #682 Spritzee, #686 Inkay, #696 Tyrunt, #699 Aurorus, #700 Sylveon, #712 Bergmite
Alola: #722 Rowlet, #724 Decidueye, #725 Litten, #727 Incineroar, #741 Oricorio, #742 Cutiefly, #744 Rockruff, #745 Lycanroc, #747 Mareanie, #748 Toxapex, #774 Minior, #778 Mimikyu

FB Achievements

Beginner Catcher (Perform at least one zone capture in Fizzy Bubbles)
Candy Stash (Have at least 25 Rare Candies in the FB Bank at one time)
Six-Pack Party (Have a full team of six Pokemon in your party)
Starter's Pokedex (Have at least 10 Pokemon registered as "Caught" in your Pokedex)
Halfway There (Raise your starter Pokemon to Lv. 50)
Beauty of a Start (Accumulate 10 Beauty Points for your starter)
Beginner's Luck (Win at least 1 Beginner Trainer Battle)
Seeing More (Have at least 50 Pokemon registered as "Seen" in your Pokedex)
Healthy Savings (Have at least 50000 coins in the Coin Exchange)
New Miser (Have at least 100000 coins in the Coin Exchange)
1/4th Millionaire (Have at least 250000 coins stored in the Coin Exchange)
He Can Command Fifty (Have at least 50 Pokemon registered as "Caught" in your Pokedex)
What Comes After Ninety-Nine (Have at least 100 Pokemon registered as "Seen" in your Pokedex)
Arcane Graduation (Clear an adventure in the Arcane Realm)
Cute as a Button (Raise a Pokemon's Cute stat to 100)
Good Enough for Kanto (Have at least 150 Pokemon registered as "Seen" in your Pokedex)
Ultimate Partner (Raise your starter to Lv. 100)
Good Enough for Johto (Have at least 250 Pokemon registered as "Seen" in your Pokedex)

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Trading Card Collection

Jungle Booster 2
Spoiler: show
Goldeen, Nidoran♀, Clefable, Holo Flareon

Team Rocket Booster 2
Spoiler: show
Diglett, Meowth, Goop Gas Attack, Dark Electrode, Dark Persian, Magikarp, Dark Machamp, Holo Dark Slowbro

Neo Discovery Booster 4, Neo Discovery Booster 4
Spoiler: show
Larvitar, Mareep, Unown E, Kakuna, Poliwhirl, Unown U, Houndoom, Yanma, Holo Houndoom, Caterpie, Dunsparce, Hoppip, Teddiursa, Unown I, Corsola, Hyper Devolution Spray, Ursaring

Brain Wave Theme Deck (Modified)
Spoiler: show

Jungle Booster Pack 2
Spoiler: show
Goldeen, Paras, Spearow, Dodrio, Parasect, Rapidash, Electrode, Holo Pinsir

Fossil Booster Pack 2, Jungle Booster Pack 4
Spoiler: show
Geodude, Horsea, Omanyte, Energy Search, Arbok, Golem, Omastar, Raichu, Eevee, Exeggcute, Goldeen, Oddish, Oddish, Dodrio, Gloom, Gloom, Lickitung, Clefable, Victreebel

Neo Genesis Booster 2
Spoiler: show
Gligar, Horsea, Swinub, Totodile 1, Noctowl, Sunflora, Super Scoop Up, Super Energy Retrieval

Base Set Booster 3
Spoiler: show
Caterpie, Gust of Wind, Psychic Energy, Water Energy, Charmeleon, Full Heal, Maintenance, PlusPower, Beedrill, Super Energy Removal

Fossil Booster 1
Spoiler: show
Horsea, Horsea, Zubat, Golbat, Mr. Fuji, Gengar

Overgrowth Theme Deck
Spoiler: show
Common Pokemon: Bulbasaur x4, Weedle x4, Staryu x4, Starmie x3
Uncommon Pokemon: Ivysaur x2, Kakuna x2, Magikarp x2
Rare Pokemon: Beedrill x1
Holographic Pokemon: Gyarados x1
Common Trainer: Potion x1, Bill x2, Switch x2, Gust of Wind x2
Uncommon Trainer: Super Potion x2
Energy: Water x12, Grass x16

Base Set Booster 3
Spoiler: show
Koffing, Poliwag, Rattata, Voltorb, Arcanine, Magikarp, Energy Retrieval, Devolution Spray, Pokemon Trader

Base Set Booster 2, Base Set Booster 4, Base Set Booster 4
Spoiler: show
Koffing, Rattata, Switch, Kakuna, Defender, Full Heal, Devolution Spray, Holo Raichu, Metapod, Vulpix, Gust of Wind, Fighting Energy, Psychic Energy, Arcanine, Haunter, Seel, Maintenance, Dugtrio, Imposter Professor Oak, Holo Ninetales, Abra, Magnemite, Weedle, Energy Removal, Lightning Energy, Arcanine, Charmeleon, Poliwhirl, PlusPower, Dragonair, Dugtrio, Pokemon Breeder

Base Set Booster 2, Base Set Booster 4, Base Set Booster 4
Spoiler: show
Abra, Diglett, Koffing, Grass Energy, Poliwhirl, Porygon, Pokedex, Dugtrio, Doduo, Nidoran♂, Voltorb, Bill, Switch, Dratini, Seel, Poliwhirl, Pokemon Center, Pidgeotto, Devolution Spray, Scoop Up, Caterpie, Doduo, Machop, Pikachu, Gust of Wind, Magmar, Magmar, Defender, Double Colorless Energy, Devolution Spray, Item Finder, Holo Zapdos

Base Set Booster 2, Base Set Booster 4, Base Set Booster 4
Spoiler: show
Drowzee, Gastly, Squirtle, Water Energy, Haunter, Kadabra, Pokemon Center, Imposter Professor Oak, Koffing, Nidoran♂, Voltorb, Fire Energy, Water Energy, Magmar, Nidorino, Seel, Double Colorless Energy, Lass, Pokemon Trader, Holo Machamp, Starmie, Weedle, Potion, Switch, Fire Energy, Farfecth'd, Kakuna, Seel, Energy Retrieval, Computer Search, Imposter Professor Oak, Scoop Up

Jungle Booster 3, Jungle Booster 3, Jungle Booster 3
Spoiler: show
Cubone, Goldeen, Oddish, Pikachu, Butterfree, Fearow, Parasect, Tauros, Kangaskhan, Victreebel, Bellsprout, Goldeen, Eevee, Rhyhorn, Butterfree, Parasect, Rapidash, Tauros, Flareon, Victreebel, Nidoran♀, Oddish, Pikachu, Rhyhorn, Fearow, Marowak, Seaking, Pinsir, Scyther, Holo Nidoqueen

Power Reserve Theme Deck (unmodified)
Spoiler: show
Common Pokemon: Oddish x2, Abra x4, Bellsrpout x4, Nidoran♀ x4
Uncommon Pokemon: Gloom x1, Jynx x1, Kadabra x2, Weepinbell x2, Nidorina x2
Rare Pokemon: Kangaskhan x1
Common Trainer: Switch x1, Bill x2, Gust of Wind x2, Potion x3
Uncommon Trainer: Pokedex x1
Energy: Psychic x11, Grass x17

Base Set Booster 4, Base Set Booster 4, Base Set Booster 4
Spoiler: show
Drowzee, Koffing, Machop, Rattata, Water Energy, Dratini, Magikarp, Poliwhirl, Porygon, Clefairy Doll, Devolution Spray, Holo Hitmonchan, Poliwag, Staryu, Energy Removal, Fire Energy, Fire Energy, Dratini, Dratini, Farfetch'd, Haunter, Electabuzz, Electrode, Computer Search, Abra, Doduo, Onix, Vulpix, Bill, Farfetch'd, Kakuna, Magmar, Magmar, Dragonair, Electabuzz, Item Finder

Neo Genesis Booster 4, Neo Genesis Booster 4, Neo Genesis Booster 4
Spoiler: show
Mantine, Marill, Totodile 2, Pokémon March, Pokémon March, Seadra, Togepi, Xatu, Professor Elm, Sneasel, PokéGear, Recycle Energy, Chikorita 2, Ledyba, Mareep, Spinarak, Spinarak, Aipom, Croconaw 2, Quilava 2, Miracle Berry, Murkrow, Energy Charge, Mary, Horsea, Onix, Totodile 2, Super Rod, Fire Energy, Bayleef 1, Phanpy, Gold Berry, Miracle Berry, Sneasel, Mary, Holo Skarmory

Blackout Theme Deck
Spoiler: show
Common Pokémon: x4 Squirtle, x4 Machop, x3 Onix, x3 Sandshrew, x3 Staryu
Uncommon Pokémon x2 Wartortle, x2 Machoke, x2 Farfetch'd
Holographic Pokémon: x1 Hitmonchan
Common Trainer: x4 Energy Removal, x1 Gust of Wind
Uncommon Trainer: x1 PlusPower, x1 Professor Oak
Rare Trainer: x1 Super Energy Removal
Energy Cards: x12 Water Energy, x16 Fighting Energy

Brushfire Theme Deck
Spoiler: show
Common Pokémon: x4 Charmander, x4 Nidoran♂, x4 Weedle, x2 Tangela, x2 Vulpix
Uncommon Pokémon x2 Charmeleon, x2 Growlithe, x1 Arcanine
Holographic Pokémon: x1 Ninetales
Common Trainer: x3 Potion, x1 Switch, x1 Energy Removal, x1 Gust of Wind
Uncommon Trainer: x1 PlusPower, x2 Energy Retrieval
Rare Trainer: x1 Lass
Energy Cards: x10 Grass Energy, x18 Fire Energy

Cold Fusion Theme Deck
Spoiler: show
Common Pokémon: x2 Totodile 1, x2 Totodile 2, x4 Mantine, x4 Horsea, x4 Chinchou, x2 Pikachu
Uncommon Pokémon x1 Croconaw 1, x1 Croconaw 2, x2 Seadra, x2 Lanturn, x1 Electabuzz
Rare Pokémon: x1 Elekid
Holographic Pokémon: x1 Kingdra
Common Trainer: x3 Moo-Moo Milk, x1 Super Rod
Uncommon Trainer: x1 Professor Elm
Energy Cards: x12 Lightning Energy, x16 Water Energy

Neo Destiny Booster 3, Neo Destiny Booster 3, Neo Destiny Booster 4, Neo Destiny Booster 4, Neo Destiny Booster 4, Neo Destiny Booster 4
Spoiler: show
Dark Octillery, Dratini, Mantine, Unown (V), Light Golduck, Light Machoke, Light Venomoth, Magnifier, Dark Omastar, Unown (W), Ledyba, Porygon, Seel, Slugma, Light Golduck, Light Slowbro, Magnifier, Team Rocket's Evil Deeds, Light Piloswine, Light Piloswine, Dratini, Growlithe, Hitmonchan, Remoraid, Unown (T), Houndour, Jigglypuff, Light Flareon, Magnifier, Unown (H), Unown (X), Broken Ground Gym, Hitmonchan, Light Sunflora, Swinub, Totodile, Mail from Bill, Dark Exeggutor, Dark Flaaffy, Dark Pupitar, Light Wigglytuff, Dark Ursaring, Unown (X), Thought Wave Machine (Rocket's Secret Machine), Dark Octillery, Gastly, Mareep, Totodile, Unown (S), Houndour, Light Venomoth, Togepi, Unown (Q), Light Machamp, Thought Wave Machine (Rocket's Secret Machine), Shining Celebi, Exeggcute, Hitmonchan, Ledyba, Light Sunflora, Venonat, Chansey, Hitmonlee, Togepi, Magnifier, Dark Magcargo, Dark Omastar, Dark Ursaring

Team Rocket Booster 4, Team Rocket Booster 4
Spoiler: show
Drowzee, Drowzee, Mankey, Slowpoke, Squirtle, Dark Machoke, Dark Persian, Porygon, The Boss's Way, Dark Alakazam, Dark Dugtrio, Dark Gyarados, Drowzee, Eevee, Koffing, Mankey, Slowpoke, Dark Gloom, Dark Muk, Dark Persian, Challenge!, Dark Dugtrio, Dark Hypno, Holo Dark Arbok

Dark Theme Deck x2
Spoiler: show
Common Pokémon: x3 Cyndaquil, x1 Cyndaquil 2 (Genesis), x1 Growlithe, x3 Slugma, x2 Vulpix, x2 Gastly, x1 Unown (E) (Discovery), x1 Unown (S), x1 Unown (T), x1 Girafarig
Uncommon Pokémon: x3 Dark Quilava, x2 Magcargo (Revelation), x1 Dark Haunter
Rare Pokémon: x1 Dark Magcargo
Holographic Pokémon: x1 Dark Typhlosion
Common Trainer: x2 Berry (Genesis), x1 Mail from Bill, x1 Rocket's Hideout (Revelation), x2 Super Rod (Genesis)
Uncommon Trainer: x1 Counterattack Claws, x2 Energy Stadium
Energy Cards: x17 Fire Energy, x11 Psychic Energy

Team Rocket Booster Pack 4, Team Rocket Booster Pack 4
Spoiler: show
Dark Raticate, Eevee, Ekans, Mankey, Goop Gas Attack, Dark Vaporeon, Dark Vaporeon, Magikarp, Digger, Dark Slowbro, Dark Slowbro, Holo Rocket's Sneak Attack, Abra, Dark Raticate, Grimer, Koffing, Voltorb, Dark Golduck, Dark Golduck, Dark Jolteon, Dark Jolteon, Dark Alakazam, Dark Charizard, Holo Dark Slowbro

Froakie Theme Deck
Spoiler: show
Water Pokémon: x2 Panpour, x4 Froakie, x4 Frogadier, x2 Greninja, x2 Clauncher
Metal Pokémon: x4 Pawniard, x2 Bisharp, x2 Honedge
Colorless Pokémon: x2 Farfetch'd, x1 Skitty, x1 Bidoof
Items: x2 Crushing Hammer, x4 Poké Ball, x2 Switch
Supporter: x2 Tierno
Energy Cards: x12 Metal Energy, x12 Water Energy

Team Rocket Booster Pack 4, Team Rocket Booster Pack 4
Spoiler: show
Abra, Diglett, Grimer, Meowth, Zubat, Dark Golduck, Dark Rapidash, Challenge!, Full Heal Energy, Dark Golbat, Dark Slowbro, Holo Dark Magneton, Abra, Dark Raticate, Drowzee, Oddish, Ponyta, Dark Charmeleon, Dark Muk, Dark Primeape, Imposter Oak's Revenge, Dark Blastoise, Dark Blastoise, Dark Gyarados

Fennekin Theme Deck
Spoiler: show
Fire Pokémon: x2 Slugma, x2 Pansear, x4 Fennekin, x4 Braixen, x2 Delphox
Dark Pokémon: x4 Poochyena, x2 Mightyena, x2 Inkay
Colorless Pokémon: x2 Fletchling, x1 Furfrou 1, x1 Furfrou 2
Items: x4 Poké Ball, x2 Pokémon Catcher, x2 Switch
Supporter: x2 Tierno
Energy Cards: x12 Darkness Energy, x12 Fire Energy

Neo Destiny Booster Pack 4, Neo Destiny Booster Pack 4
Spoiler: show
Light Sunflora, Mantine, Pineco, Slugma, Unown (L), Jigglypuff, Light Slowbro, Togepi, Togepi, Broken Ground Gym, Radio Tower, Holo Light Dragonite, Hitmonchan, Psyduck, Psyduck, Remoraid, Unown (S), Jigglypuff, Light Venomoth, Light Wigglytuff, Energy Amplifier, Imposter Professor Oak's Invention, Imposter Professor Oak's Invention, Holo Dark Crobat

Other Cards

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Team Bios

{Sprites taken from PKParaiso}

Starter as Ralts --> Evolved to Kirlia --> Evolved to Gardevoir
Given to Hyrem by his father to be his first Pokemon, Sera quickly warmed up to him after she sensed the positive feelings emanating from the new trainer. This critical bond has manifested after she evolved into a Gardevoir, and she and Hyrem's minds are now linked for life, allowing them to read each other's minds as well as help Hyrem discover his own telepathy, linking his mind with other Pokemon who he has fully bonded with.

Sera is perhaps more well-known for her reserved demeanor and her ability to remain calm and rational in many different situations. And someone like that is absolutely necessary on a team filled with pranksters, predators, and messy kids. Her best friend would have to be Carla, who she shares her powers of precognition with as well as demeanor. She actually serves as Carla's mentor in addition as the Espeon develops her own psychic powers.

Hatched by Scott from his egg as part of the Easter festivities in addition to the Scraggy that Hyrem hatched, they decided to trade their hatchlings to each other because they didn't quite feel compatible with the Pokemon they got, although whether or not either trainer got less of a handful than what they had previously is still under debate. It is said that Druddigon are often difficult to train, but Hyrem is confident he will someday be able to calm this Cave Pokemon down enough and gain a powerful force in battle and a very loyal friend, with some help from Sera, of course. Sarkhan feels a close friend in Amethyst since they share similar prideful attitudes, although he knows she has much bigger interest in a male Seviper named Marvolo and is content with being her battle partner. Besides, he has more feelings for the ditsy Ivysaur named Pomona anyway!

Yet another hatchling of Easter, Amethyst was hatched by Alex, but rather than dealing with inevitable conflicts between her and his Shadow Zangoose, he gave her to Hyrem hoping he would be a better trainer for the Fang Snake. Inside Hyrem's team, she finds herself a good friend in Sarkhan as they share many things in common: they are both stubborn, and they think of the younger Pokemon on the team as beneath them, although Amethyst shows this more often against the other female Pokemon; at least Sera can put her in her place if she feels like it. And Hyrem thought he'd have trouble with Sarkhan! Now he has to deal with a Pokemon that could literally wrap him up for a quick lunch and be on her way! But, despite her pride, she wouldn't do that; someone does have to help her reach her full potential as a Seviper, after all (and give her tons of massages)... And it sure wasn't going to be Alex! Other close friends of hers are other snake Pokemon, especially a male Seviper named Marvolo, her "siblings" Seshiro and Shisato, and her "pet" Dunsparce, Charlie, who she has on a leash simply because of her unusual ability to spit chocolate. She also uses her weird ability in battle so her opponent will taste better when she sinks her fangs into them. This was demonstrated in her battle against Rengar, who she eventually defeated and lead to the Zangoose's capture, giving her a perfect "toy" to play with...

Caught in Whale Island as Chinchou --> Evolved to Lanturn
During a fishing/diving cruise in Whale Island's Rainbow Reef, the first Pokemon Hyrem reeled in was this Chinchou. After Daphne defeated her, Hyrem entered her into the fishing contest where he won 3rd place! He was so proud of his results, he decided to keep his prize fish instead of releasing her. She then played a vital part in helping Hyrem face against the Phantom Isle's Harvester of Eyes and evolved into a Lanturn in order to save him from the brink of despair. Delilah can put a smile on anyone's face with her bright personality and brighter lures. Even the fish she hunts in the wild get themselves swallowed with a smile on their faces. Her glowing antennae also serve to light even the darkest depths in any body of water and can be useful for guiding Hyrem through underwater caves, dark waterways, etc. She can also sufficiently defend herself if she needs to; should someone try to intimidate Delilah, they will only receive a mouthful of Thunder Wave... or suffer the wrath of Hebenon, Delilah's love interest. Delilah's personality has surprisingly softened Amethyst's stance on smaller Pokemon somewhat, at least just for Delilah.

Traded as Poochyena --> Evolved to Mightyena
Overwhelmed by how much energy this Poochyena had, Alice traded him away to Hyrem, who was convinced by his friend Keith that he should try to get one. Hyrem named his new Poochyena Laika, but he might as well have named him "Licka" since there's no resisting the urge to pounce on his trainer and lick his face for this dog! Laika gets along with most of Hyrem's team, although Amethyst occasionally gets annoyed by his antics. Sarkhan likes having Laika around; as long as he knows his place in the pecking order, he's willing to play with him whenever he wants (just give him some sun to warm up with first!). Which is a good thing because Laika's always in the mood to play! Even if Sarkhan isn't available, there's always Leila. She's willing to play with Laika most of the time, though Laika is oblivious to the Sneasel's true intentions.

However, when Hyrem went to visit Blaze's secret base, he got attacked by a wild Druddigon along the way. Sarkhan and Laika worked together to fight it off, but even more remarkable was the fact that Laika evolved into a Mightyena in the middle of everything! Of course, evolution meant a bigger body for Laika to pounce on Hyrem with and a bigger tongue to lick his face with too! So much so that it's more difficult to fight off his ritual of affection, meaning Laika can spend more time with Hyrem... which is ALWAYS a good thing!

Adopted as Ekans --> Evolved to Arbok
Hyrem was fortunate enough to walk past the Adoption Center just as the owner was heading inside with an Ekans coiled around her arm. The snake noticed his presence and stared at him longingly, and Hyrem stared back with a sudden interest in him. The owner could see how interested they were in each other and invited Hyrem to adopt the snake, to which he happily accepted. Named Seshiro, he sees Amethyst as his older sister, even though they're probably distant relatives in reality. As such, he likes to follow her around, interested in what she's doing. Amethyst is totally fine with this, as she effectively now has a "younger brother" to toy with and teach her ways to. Seshiro is different from his "sister" in that he is willing to make friends with whoever he meets most of the time, though if you try to mess with his friends--especially Shisato--watch out, or he'll put those intimidation skills he learned from Amethyst to good use! Also, ever since evolving to an Arbok while in the Arcane Realm, he has a much larger body and strength to back up his intimidation, giving him the potential to make good on his threats.

More often than not, Seshiro's curiosity makes it so he wants a closer look at things, and this is evident in his battle style. Where Shisato likes attacking from a distance, Seshiro is good at chasing down the opponent and attacking from close up, and when you've got an eleven-and-a-half-foot snake coming after you ... you tend to get very nervous. Combined with Shisato's stealth and ranged attacks, most opponents don't stand much of a chance against the two snakes.

Traded as Sneasel --> Evolved to Weavile
Karmas had heard of how Hyrem was interested in a Sneasel, and since he was no longer interested in owning his Sneasel, he traded it to Hyrem. Later on, she was traded to Connor for his Shiny Boldore, which evolved into a Gigalith, then traded back, but came back to Hyrem as a gorgeous Weavile! Leila is just as much of a prankster as Daphne is, with the same sadistic streak Amethyst has and a charming allure similar to Sera and Delilah, making her a triple threat. Leila has a nasty habit of stealing food from other Pokemon, especially when it comes to Amethyst's eggs. Between her and Daphne, Amethyst has her coils full! Sera doesn't exactly approve of Leila's actions either since she uses her charms for her own selfish gain instead of helping contribute to the team, though her encounter with Sirius may very well change things. Her response to that? She still contributes... her methods are just more... controversial.

Leila recently formed a rivalry with Rob's Absol, Melantha, after she suffered a humiliating loss by the Disaster Pokemon's cheap, super-effective moves in battle. She swore to herself that she'd totally get back at that smug sphinx for defaming her like that, but we'll just have to see how that turns out, won't we?

After having a talk with Marion about her latest hatch, a Skarmory, Hyrem ultimately gave in to his instincts and took the Armor Bird into his own team. Icarus is best described as an inciter. He loves swooping in either to fire an insult towards Sarkhan and Amethyst or to toy with them other ways. Also, since he's the only Pokemon on Hyrem's team so far who can fly AND able to carry Hyrem long distances, he loves rubbing it in everyone's faces by doing aerial acrobatic tricks and stunts. All of this trolling and showboating eventually results in him getting a little too close to the sun, so to speak, which inevitably results in him getting knocked down a peg or two by his reptilian teammates. But, when times are dire and it comes right down to it, Icarus has a heart of silver. If he sees one of his friends in trouble, particularly if it's little Amelia, woe be to the oppressor that fails to hide from the metallic glimmer and sharp senses of this Skarmory!

Traded as Venipede --> Evolved to Whirlipede --> Evolved to Scolipede
For some reason, when this Venipede who used to be owned by Joshua saw Hyrem, she crawled up to him and won him over easily, so a quick trade later and he now has Aisa, named after a girl seen on TV that could feel everyone around her. She was well named since she doesn't miss a single person or Pokemon around her and knows where everyone is at all times... especially Hyrem. You see, Aisa's a stalker, and she'll take every attempt she can to eat his hair or his clothes, even his backpack. Naturally, Hyrem doesn't take to this all too well, but...now that she's an enormous Scolipede, there may not be much he can do to stop her now! You know, except...hide inside his base since Aisa is now too big to fit through the entrance. Of course, being such a stalker also implies her unwavering loyalty towards Hyrem, and she will defend him from everything... which may or may not include her teammates!

Adopted as Ekans --> Evolved to Arbok
On yet another trip to the Adoption Center, Hyrem came across a second Ekans that looked just as young as Seshiro did. She looked very sad, and when she noticed the boy, she could smell Seshiro's scent on him. She had to do everything in her power to get this trainer to adopt her... or so she thought. He asked about the Ekans and was told that she used to be owned by a trainer, but then she was traded to someone else, then abandoned here. Hyrem easily sympathized with this poor snake, and his kind heart adopted her and named her Shisato. Having already made friends with Seshiro before, the relationship between the two increased tenfold now that they were teammates and are now completely inseparable. Amethyst also likes having a "younger sister" to tease, in addition to a "younger brother", and the two female snakes are great friends who enjoy their girl time with each other. Shisato is also good friends with Aisa since they were introduced at around the same time, and she'll occasionally help the Venipede in her plots to win Hyrem over. Now that she has evolved into an Arbok after adventuring in the Arcane Realm, she still finds ways to quietly "help out", and despite her large size she can still manage to appear out of nowhere to Hyrem and is still good at playing Hide and Seek with her friends.

Other than that, Shisato tends to talk very little; it was her rebellious spirit that got her abandoned in the first place, she figures, so she has learned to hold her tongue instead of lashing out like she did before. Her silence can also be deadly; where Seshiro is more capable of chasing down his target and relies more on melee combat, Shisato is extremely efficient at stealth, and while she can certainly do many things Seshiro can she loves to strike out of nowhere with a ranged attack that her opponent can't do much about. Together, the two Arbok make a very good team that's hard to stop once they get going.

Traded as Purrloin --> Evolved to Liepard
Yet another trade with Karmas involved Hyrem receiving a Dark-type, and this time it would be a cute female Purrloin to join, now named Selina. Selina is about as independent as Leila is, which either results in them butting heads against each other or working together to win the hearts of male Pokemon they are interested in. However, while Leila is more into canine Pokemon, Selina naturally prefers other felines, of which Luke comes to mind, though he expresses zero interest in her whatsoever. Selina is also a fully-fledged member of Team Pocket, an organization made by Pokemon with the purpose of stealing small objects from the richer folk in Fizzy Bubbles, which Selina is extremely good at, especially as a Liepard who now relies on stealth instead of charm to steal from people without them knowing she was ever there. One of her best friends in Team Pocket is Coin, an Umbreon belonging to Okiku since they share the same type and the same fondness for shiny objects, though Selina is the better thief of the two now that she has evolved.

Traded as Turtwig --> Evolved to Grotle --> Evolved to Torterra
This spunky little Turtwig was hatched by Morganna as part of Fizzytopia's 10th Anniversary of Independence, but she unfortunately didn't find resonance with him, so she gave him to Hyrem, knowing how much he was looking for Grass-type Starter Pokemon, and the Turtwig is now Toby, one of Hyrem's more reliable Pokemon. Moreover, ever since his evolution into a Grotle during a sparring match with a Tynamo named Mustrum, he has only proven to be more reliable, especially now that he has more defensive stats to him. Toby tends to be carefree and takes almost any adversity that comes his way in stride. He also likes to show off his vicelike jaws by biting down on coconuts and other hard fruits and nuts; he has therefore deemed these his favorite foods. Toby prefers to be with other Grass-type Pokemon like Daphne and Zyra just because he feels a kinship with them. Toby also likes hanging out with Sarkhan and is more than willing to share the sunlight with him. They also like to have fun seeing what kind of things they can crush with their hard jaws, and now that Toby has fully evolved he has finally beaten Sarkhan in bite strength!

Recently, he has finally figured out that Zyra has feelings for him, so he decided to show his own feelings for her one fateful belated Christmas event when there was a Mystic Mistletoe presented. After calling for Zyra, Hyrem dangled the magic plant over them, and the two Grass-types shared a kiss passionate enough that Zyra actually evolved into an Ivysaur from it! The two have stayed together ever since then and are usually found sunbathing together just outside Hyrem's base. For the most part, they are also perfectly fine with anyone joining them for a good nap, except when they want some time just for each other.

Traded as Shuppet --> Evolved to Banette
Having hatched this Shuppet, this would make the fourth Shuppet Keith has ever owned, but because he would be on the same team as his former girlfriend Helena this one, named Michael, wanted to be with someone else, so Keith found his best friend, Hyrem, and asked that he take him. Like other Shuppet and Banette Hyrem has encountered, Michael comes with a grudge... one that may be the most powerful grudge any Shuppet could have: a grudge against himself. He constantly thinks about the things he did in his past life and especially regrets leaving Helena to die, even though there wasn't much he could do anyway. He has decided, however, that he would try whatever he could to make up for the wrongs he did; even though he believes nothing would be sufficient to atone for his sins he wants to do as much as he can. At the very least he has mended his relationship with Helena, who is now reborn as a Shuppet under Keith's ownership, but that was only the beginning for him. Where other Shuppet wouldn't think much about eating the negative emotions of others, he believes the act to be more sacred: if he could relieve someone of all their burdens, they would be able to live a much happier life without those burdens, and it would only be Michael that would have to carry them... then only he would have to suffer. As a part of this mindset, he took Helena's old grudge she had against him and added it to his own, and the surge of power he gained from such a transfer caused him to evolve into a Banette. Now in his new form, he is ready to hunt down Team Rocket, the crime syndicate that killed him and Helena, in order to avenge their two deaths. He has also pledged unconditional loyalty to Hyrem as another way to provide restitution. With all these plans to redeem himself, however, one has to wonder if he may lose himself to the instincts of his Banette form in the process...

Hatched as Spheal --> Evolved to Sealeo --> Evolved to Walrein
On a whim, Hyrem decided to get himself an Ice Glacier Egg to celebrate the Christmas season, and, eventually, out popped this little bundle of joy who has loved her "daddy" ever since she hatched. Brittany is willing to take on any obstacle that comes her way, especially if a fishy snack and/or a hug from Hyrem is included. Michael has been helping immensely with her training seeing he used to own a Walrein in his past life, and he and Brittany are very close friends because of that; in fact, it was because of Michael's help that she became strong enough to fight off a Cryogonal and evolve into a Sealeo as a result. She also likes to play games with Laika and the others, and she has developed bonds with Vi and Zyra, who grew up with her, and Aisa, since both Pokemon like to have rolling contests with each other. She'll also stand up to someone that tries to mess with her, including Amethyst. After all, she wants to prove she can protect her "daddy" just like the others can!

Traded as Torchic --> Evolved to Combusken --> Evolved to Blaziken
Hyrem got a totally surprising request from Tess, an extremely respected trainer in Fizzy Bubbles. She had heard of how the young boy helped to save Whale Island from Kyogre (which surprised Hyrem since hardly anybody knew about his involvement) and figured he would be a good trainer to raise this Torchic. She simply asked that he take care of her. What an honor! Named after a rebellious warrior with mecha gauntlets, Vi shows just as much spunk as her namesake, willing to fight off any Pokemon that tries to mess with her, including Amethyst and Aisa. As a result, she made fast friends with Mia and Brittany, who are both just as eager to prove themselves as she is. Despite her rough-and-tough demeanor, however, she's always willing to let Hyrem hug her warm, fiery body since she was used to that sort of treatment from her original trainer. Not for too long, though, she has a reputation to uphold!

Traded as Bulbasaur --> Evolved to Ivysaur --> Evolved to Venusaur
Dang, Hyrem gets a lot of Pokemon from Karmas, this is the third one he's gotten from him! (Though this time, he had to outbid Rob for it) Anyway, Zyra is a really sweet Pokemon despite the fact she doesn't like sweet flavors (she prefers the sour berries the most, especially Nomel Berries). She reminds Hyrem of Pomona, Keith's Ivysaur, but she tends to want hugs more than getting into battles. She still plays with the other girls, though, and likes making new friends. During a belated Christmas event, however, Toby brought her under a mistletoe and basically confirmed the relationship they had between each other, and the kiss they shared had just enough passion to it that Zyra evolved into an Ivysaur as a result. Zyra already had feelings for Toby before this, but now that she knows Toby shares those feelings she hardly ever leaves his side. Now a Venusaur, she is usually found sunbathing with Toby just outside Hyrem's base, and they enjoy each other's company, as well as the company of Daphne, Palm, and Nissa, the other Grass-types on the team, and pretty much anyone, whether they're teammates or visitors.

Hatched as Mareep --> Evolved to Flaaffy
After sparks flew all over the place from an Electric Egg Hyrem had, the eggshell followed, and it revealed a fluffy, happy Mareep, reminding Hyrem of the Flaaffy his dad has, so he decided to accept her into his "flock" and become her "shepherd". Now a Flaaffy herself after dealing the winning blow against a rampaging Bubbles, Conis has lots of potential, and she has many practical uses. First, she can recharge Delilah if the need arises, thanks to Delilah's Volt Absorb ability. Second, Selina thinks of her fluffy wool as a great place to snuggle and curl up for a nap; she doesn't worry about any Static affecting her because she's Limber like that, so she has a very exclusive privilege at the moment. Even Amethyst thinks of this silly Pokemon as useful, though she uses Conis in a very unique way: she regularly Wraps herself around the Electric-type and does her best to trigger Conis's Static ability on purpose. Why? She knows that as a result of the paralysis, her body will have an excuse to Shed her Skin, and then she'll have more room to grow! (she also gets to mess with Conis in the process) Clever girl!

Adopted as Electrike --> Evolved to Manectric
Well, you had to see another adoption coming, didn't you? But hey, it's an Electrike, so I think Hyrem knew what he was doing. Or, well, now we know he knew what he was doing; having evolved into a Manectric during the battle to subdue Ganon as well as another Shadow Pokemon, he is quite the useful Lightningrod! Benjamin, like all dogs, has nothing but love for his human, and Laika has already taught Benji quite a few of his tricks ... like how to pounce on Hyrem so he can lick his face, for instance! Thanks to this, Hyrem is now routinely teamed up on by his dogs, making them much more difficult to stop. Benji also likes Conis since they were two Electric-types introduced to the team in roughly a week, so they share something in common. Benji is pretty straightforward in battle since he just likes to rush into things, even when it's not such a good idea. Yeah, Hyrem's still working on training that out of him, but I doubt that flaw of his will go away anytime soon. Besides, its something that makes him pretty lovable in his own special way!

Traded as Eevee --> Evolved to Espeon
Originally named Rue, this Eevee was one of a famous litter of 14 brothers and sisters (and a shiny half-brother) that Wes once owned, but he eventually decided to trade them all away to different trainers who would love and care for them more than he would. When he traded this particular one away to Hyrem, however, he told him that Rue was his favorite out of the whole litter because she was so well behaved despite being the runt and that Hyrem would have to promise to take extra special care of her. Now named Carla, she brings her good manners to a team that can get rowdy at times, though Sera and Delilah find her to be a nice change of pace from all the lady pranksters and seducers on the team. She also enjoys visiting with her brothers and sisters whenever she sees them, except for Cyanide since they are polar opposites of each other.

As Carla bonded more and more with Hyrem, she eventually evolved into an Espeon while on his lap one morning at the bar when the sun shone right onto Carla and she received a special vision. Her powers of precognition are now known to her, though neither Hyrem nor his other Pokemon know about this, except Sera, whose innate psychic powers clued her in to the fact. But whether Carla's visions will show happiness... or heartache... is unknown.

Adopted as Shinx --> Evolved to Luxio --> Evolved to Luxray
About five months after he put in a request for one, Hyrem finally got a call from the Adoption Center stating that a male Shinx was available, and he didn't hesitate to pick up the little lion cub and add him to the family! After a couple of years, Luke's training finally paid off, and he evolved into a Luxio during a sparring match with Silas, his main rival. Luke actually has a biological brother, a Shinx belonging to Connor named Vinay, but the two have very distinct personalities. One apparent sign of this is the best place the brothers like getting scratched; while Vinay likes getting scratched on the chin, the ears are Luke's sweet spot. Hyrem believes the scratch spots have very significant meanings: Vinay's sweet spot being the chin, the person scratching him would usually face him to do so, and would see his happy face staring back, showing just how affectionate he is. Luke's ears, on the other hand, are normally scratched with the person situated behind him, and this not only allows him to keep an eye on what's in front of them and be in the best position to protect the person if necessary, but it also shows the Luxray that he is being treated as a dominant figure and will be tasked to be a leader someday.

For now, Luke prefers to be alone and work alone, only giving his trainer the time of day. While Hyrem's other Pokemon wouldn't mind working together as a team in double or triple battles (though some of them are a little picky about who their teammates should be), this Luxray only wishes to be in single battle combat, or, if necessary, to be one against multiple opponents. He isn't a great team player, and would rather shoulder the burden on his own rather than ask for help. It's pretty hard for him, however, to get away from his adoring fans, such as Selina, whom he has to turn down time and time again to her annoyance.

As a birthday present, Hyrem's father gave him this egg, though there were no clues as to what it was at all. However, when it finally hatched a week later, Hyrem knew this Dunsparce was very special somehow and added yet another snake to the team. Hah, Charlie sure is "special", all right: when he was shown the Pokeball he would live in, one taste on that split tongue of his, and he has remained hopelessly addicted to chocolate ever since. It's not that he won't eat anything else, it just has to have chocolate on it somehow, even if there's only a drop of cocoa on his meal. And since Amethyst had also learned how to use Chocolate Magic that day, it's no wonder he considers her a very good friend. And it's also no wonder he considers anything (or anyone!) Amethyst uses her sugary move on the best thing (or creature!) he's ever tasted yet! Naturally, Amethyst has taken advantage of her new powers and her new "puppy" quite frequently, so here's a word of warning: if you make her angry enough for her to spit chocolate on you (and if she hasn't killed and eaten you after that, which she has been doing less and less of, I'm very sorry to say), don't be surprised if you then find this fellow doing his darnedest to clean every last drop of chocolate off of you, regardless of how ticklish you may be!

Hatched as Trapinch --> Evolved to Vibrava
This Trapinch hatched while Hyrem took a nap waiting for the hatch, then fit his trainer's face in his mouth so he could wake him up. Quite some time passed before he evolved into a Vibrava, and with that came a massive change in personality. One of the biggest differences in character is that he acts like he knows everything and that he's the best (when he clearly isn't...not yet, at least~). He's the literal embodiment of an Icarus complex (well, second after Icarus himself) and gets extremely embarrassed when he finds out he's wrong about something. And this Vibrava still has a lot to learn!

Purchased as Eevee --> Evolved to Flareon
Since the Coins for Prizes store had announced its changes, it had declared that it wouldn't sell any more Eevee, and customers had only three weeks to purchase them. Not sure where or when he'd come across any more Eevee, Hyrem decided to go for it since he had the cash for it. Happy ended up getting purchased at about the same time his littermate, now named Eve, was bought by Melissa, so it should be noted that he does have a sister. During a special party for Carla's Eevee family, appropriately named the "Eeveening", Happy was trying to show Todd, one of Carla's brothers, one of Hyrem's evolution stones. When he tried to get it, however, he slipped, and the Fire Stone fatefully dropped on him, causing him to evolve into a handsome Flareon. Happy likes to play and have fun, though he is a tad insensitive to some things, mainly pertaining to love. He tends to tease about certain Pokemon couples, and they all happen to be the ones most likely to get him clobbered whenever he does so! You know, Amethyst x Marvolo, Cyanide x Pom, those ones. He also seems to have an interest in Carla, though she isn't the least bit interested in him, even after he evolved. She claims that it is because he is so reckless, especially with regards to his evolution, and she refuses to have a serious relationship with someone like that.

Hatched as Houndour --> Evolved to Houndoom
After hatching quite a few Numel, Hyrem's next Fire Egg finally hatched something different... this stoic Houndour, to be precise! Silas is very well-behaved compared to Laika and Benji, and now that he has evolved into a Houndoom he has fully accepted his role as leader of Team Flash Fire, a squad of four different Fire-type Pokemon with the ability Flash Fire, the other members being Happy, Kenna, and Ahri. He's still a dog though, so there may be an occasional uncharacteristic moment where he joins in on the older dogs' fun, especially when his fireproof chew toy is brought out for him to play with! He and Luke consider each other to be rivals and will have competitions to see whether lion or Doberman wins out. Just like Luke, Silas is loyal to his trainer and his training, but unlike Luke he has a pack mentality and has the sense to know when to work with other Pokemon (especially when it comes to Team Flash Fire) instead of trying to deal with things alone and is also willing to put his life on the line for others which may be a part of his Fire-type instincts. In short, this "hell hound" is more knight than cur in all aspects!

Hatched as Ponyta --> Evolved to Rapidash
The next egg after Silas's hatching was this beautiful foal whose fiery mane and good temperament won Hyrem over, not to mention the idea of her being a trusty steed for him! Kenna's favorite food is pears, which is funny considering she doesn't like Aspear Berries because of their sourness. She's a fast eater regardless of what she eats, though, and she won't hesitate to clean up the mess, especially when she's hand-fed! In fact, she's fast at about everything she does. It didn't take her long to learn how to walk without wobbling, and her evolution to Rapidash was even accelerated somewhat so Hyrem could use her to ride around Cloud Garden. Her best friends are Happy and Silas, her teammates in Team Flash Fire. She's also gotten along with Toby, Conis, and Palm, they've been great at sharing the food they've been given. Them herbivores got to stay together when some 'a their teammates can eat 'em 'f they were allowed ta!

Hatched as Bagon --> Evolved to Shelgon --> Evolved to Salamence
For the fourth hatch in a row, Hyrem has decided to keep an egg he hatched himself. Amazing! Ever since she was a Bagon, however, Wendy has been pretty outgoing from the start. Especially now that she is a big, scary Salamence, she has no problems letting everyone know what a powerful dragon she really is. She particularly enjoys scaring her trainer because he gives the best reactions every time. Along with that, her friendship with Brittany, Vi, and Zyra has become somewhat awkward since she fully evolved before any of the other three, and she is younger than any of them! She and Carla are still good friends now that the future predicted for her by the Espeon has more or less been realized. All of this, plus earning the respect of Sera, Amethyst, and Delilah have made her a definite force to be reckoned with as Sera and Delilah try to help Wendy control her temper, while Amethyst shows her how to use her temper as a weapon in battle.

Hyrem had a slight interest in Melissa's hatchling Axew, not too much to trade for it. Except when Wendy came into the picture and, heh, "talked" him into getting the little guy. Ammon's a friendly fellow, a bit playful, but knows not to roughhouse too much. He plays the most with Wendy, but he gets along with Sarkhan and the snakes on the team too. Most importantly, he shows restraint; while he is proud to be a dragon, he doesn't vaunt it like others typically do, making him a prime example of the individuality of Pokemon. Which is perfect, considering he was named after a valiant prince who offered himself in servitude to a rival nation and successfully defended that king's flocks from bandits by chopping all their arms off! Not that this Ammon is going to do such a thing (then again, he may end up doing so, I don't know), but as those tusks of his grow, he'll certainly have that capability!

Traded as Gible --> Evolved to Gabite
And Marik makes four dragons for Hyrem! Charm, a friend/rival of Hyrem's was pretty close to dropping this Gible off to the Adoption Center, but he was willing to let this team try to handle more jaws of death from this guy. As a Gible, Marik didn't know much other than biting hard on anything that came close enough to him, but now, as a Gabite, he has a little more control over his jaw strength. He still likes to sink his fangs into everything, it's just that he knows a little better about what to bite hard and what to chew affectionately...like Wendy's tail. From this, it's become more evident that Marik is interested in Wendy not as a snack but as a lover, though she doesn't show the same interest in him, so he better be careful, or he'll be the chew toy!

Caught in Arcane Realm
This Zangoose once ruled over all of the Forest of Adventure, and many trainers unlucky enough to step into his territory were never heard from again. He even defeated Luke, Pike Queen Lucy's brother, in a battle and stole a precious treasure, the Toxic Orb from him. However, when Hyrem came to inspect the Arcane Realm, a battle broke out between him and Luke, and the Zangoose watched with interest, taking note of the Seviper nearby. He found his opportunity to strike when Amethyst went in his direction to investigate and ordered two Dustox to put her to sleep, allowing him to claim his first prisoner and lure Hyrem into following him, with Leila and Laika pursuing after him. Laika was easy to goad into a pitfall, though Leila was more difficult to break away from, at least until the Dustox put her to sleep as well, thus giving him a second prisoner.

Hyrem was forced even more to follow until he finally reached the Zangoose sitting on a wooden throne. Zangoose then had two Pinsir come out with their horns around Leila and Amethyst's necks and ordered two Ariados to battle Hyrem. However, having encountered the Ariados earlier, Hyrem was able to sway the spiders enough, forcing Zangoose to kill one of them and threaten the other one to fight or die along with its friend. Thanks to some quick thinking by Hyrem and Laika, they allowed Ariados the chance to escape, and it took that chance with gusto, though it left Laika open to be tortured by Zangoose, the threat of Leila and Amethyst's executions leaving the Mightyena no will to fight back until he eventually fell to the Toxic Orb he stole from Zangoose. Just when Zangoose was about to signal the death of all three Pokemon, Luke and Sera rushed in to save the day and free Amethyst from her captor, then Leila. Amethyst then had Zangoose's full attention while he ordered the Pinsir and Dustox to deal with everyone else, though the Bug-types eventually fell to Luke and Hyrem's teamwork. It all came down to an epic clash between Seviper and Zangoose, but in the end Amethyst completely overpowered her rival, and Hyrem was able to capture Zangoose and remove him from his domain.

Now named Rengar, he was allowed to keep his coveted trophy, the Toxic Orb, but that's all the slack Hyrem or the older Pokemon have given him. Sera and Laika both still remember what Rengar did with Amethyst and Leila and aren't willing to forgive him anytime soon, Amethyst now thinks she is given free reign over him because she defeated him in battle, and Leila... well, she just doesn't like how her flirting is straight up refused by Rengar. Since none of the other Pokemon had as much exposure to him, they've more or less welcomed him, though Sarkhan and Icarus are sure to call him out should he treat them with disrespect. Daphne actually welcomed the idea of a scheming Zangoose to the team because it meant they could put their heads together and come up with the best ways to prank someone. Rengar has even struck a deal with Aisa: the more things of Hyrem's he can deliver to her, the better. Seemingly the quickest to come to Rengar's defense, however, is Vi, as she has had her fair share of oppression from a certain pair of Seviper, though has now been able to put up a fight ever since she evolved into a Blaziken.

As far as the relationship between trainer and Pokemon, Hyrem probably feels the most distance from Rengar than from any other Pokemon on his team. He refuses to put his trust in Rengar for fear he betrays that trust and does something truly rash. Conversely, Rengar resents Hyrem for stripping him from his domain and putting him in a team with some Pokemon that bully him around, some Pokemon that are waiting for him to make a mistake and pounce on him for it, and tons of weaker Pokemon not worth using as pawns, at least not for the moment. In fact, Rengar has been noted actively disobeying Hyrem and rebelling against him. Hyrem, however, seems convinced that only he can handle this loose cannon, though it may be a very long time before anything resembling a bond is formed between these two.

Traded as Steelix
Hyrem had actually met this Steelix when he was helping Levin evolve him, but after some time Levin decided to let Gram go to someone else, and who better than our snake lover? Thus Gram became Kilogram, a Pokemon very caring toward those smaller than him, including his trainer. As the largest Pokemon on the team, he feels it's his responsibility to protect everyone when necessary, which shows in his refusal to battle without a good reason. He is grateful for Levin's training, however, for without it he would not know Fissure, a powerful execution against those who truly deserve it, for it's hard to know when they will show up...

During another meeting with Levin, Kilogram encountered the Shiny Onix, Oro, who evolved into a Shiny Steelix as a result of the two being traded back and forth to each other's trainers. However, Kilogram could sense the pride Oro had in him, especially after he evolved, and worries even now that he could get someone hurt, even Levin. Furthermore, Kilogram couldn't deny the fact that Oro may begin to see him as a rival and has only increased the intensity of his own training, if only to make sure the gold Steelix won't hurt those he loves in his efforts to surpass the silver Steelix...

Not long after he got Kilogram, Hyrem heard that Okiku was trading away a Tropius. Being reminded of his dad's Tropius, he just had to get the big guy for his own team. Palm is much like the other Grass-type Pokemon on the team in that he likes to spend a long time under sunlight, but he also likes eating various fruit, his most favorite obviously being the banana. What does he do with all this energy and nutrition? Why, grow his own bananas, of course! The more varied his diet is, the better the fruit growing under his chin, and the happier his friends are when he shares them! Palm is best friends with Toby and Zyra since they share typing, egg group, and an affinity for the sun, so they are the Pokemon he shares his fruit with most often. Sarkhan has also taken a liking to Palm since, even though the Tropius is the bigger Pokemon, he's hardly a threat to his position as the alpha male of the team.

Continuing a birthday tradition, Hyrem picked up another Enigma Egg. Little did he know this one would hatch into his second shiny Pokemon ever! This cutie would then be named Marion, after a good friend of Hyrem's who was busy trying to get a PhD in Ghost Pokemon studies. Marion tends to stare at someone she doesn't know in order to study them, and she's not yet sensitive to the idea that staring at someone for a long period of time makes her come across as really creepy. Along with that, her favorite game is staring contests... and she's won every single one she's played against the other members of Hyrem's team so far! She sees Sera as her rival in looks and psychic strength, even though she isn't anywhere near her level, and Sera isn't really interested in encouraging said rivalry.

Traded as Shiny Tynamo --> Evolved to Shiny Eelektrik --> Evolved to Shiny Eelektross
Dave, the fisherman who originally hatched this special blue EleFish, was tempted to keep him at first, but he already had a Tynamo who was much closer to evolving than he was, so he was traded to Hyrem, who could barely believe his luck at getting such a godlike-rare Pokemon. Zatch is just as affectionate as he is rare, always greeting everyone he meets with an energetic Tackle or Spark attack, and now that he has fully evolved into a shiny Eelektross Hyrem is now the recipient of a Thunder Wave before the EleFish hugs him and starts sucking on his entire head! Very excitable, he doesn't tire out as quickly as he did when he was a Tynamo, but whenever he's ready for a good nap he always likes snuggling with someone, either with Hyrem or with his teammates. His closest friends are Delilah, a fellow Electric-type fish, Charlie, who he just so happens to share a taste for a certain chocolate paste with, and Marion, his fellow shiny Pokemon.

Hatched as Treecko --> Evolved to Grovyle
Another particularly lucky hatch produced this Treecko who was wary of him at first but has since grown to tolerate him... as long as he isn't making any dumb wisecracks. In fact, she's what people of the Kanto region would call a "tsukkomi", quick to Pound on anyone who dares to display a sense of humor in front of her too stale for her tastes. More often than not, this is what gets teammates like Happy in trouble since they can't really control the urge to make jokes or funny displays. Of course, that's not the only thing she's quick about; she's very nimble in combat and an efficient hunter of small bugs; her evolution into a Grovyle has since given her the ability to hunt larger bugs, making her a good form of pest control around the base, especially in the summer when swarms of tiny insects are just outside the entrance!

Adopted as Magikarp --> Evolved to Gyarados
Bubbles is a Magikarp Hyrem picked up from the Adoption Center with the intent of giving little Zatch a tankmate whenever he decided he needed some water to swim in so he didn't feel all alone in it, but that plan went out the window after she evolved into a Gyarados. In fact, her evolution didn't just force her to outgrow the tank; her now ravenous appetite along with her huge body means there's no way a handful of food pellets will satisfy her. Not only that, her hunger has driven her to multiple attempts to feed on various smaller teammates, even Hyrem himself! Therefore, he has felt it necessary to keep a very close watch on her whenever she is out of her Pokeball (which is currently only for feeding purposes as other interactions with her are considered dangerous at the moment) and have at least 1-2 Pokemon stronger than her on hand should she get out of control. Amethyst in particular has taken a keen interest in this Gyarados; as long as Bubbles doesn't go after Kinana or Sorano, in which case she would intervene, she has been content just sitting back and watching how her silly trainer tries to raise this leviathan...

Caught in Friend Safari as Froakie --> Evolved to Frogadier
Hyrem met this Froakie with fancy footwork as a trainer named Remy guided him through the Friend Safari, a special place that introduced Pokemon from the Kalos region into Fizzy Bubbles. As soon as he saw how good of a dancer she was, he tried playing music in order to bond with her, and it worked up until a Honedge crashed the party. Thanks to some more clever playing of music, Hyrem was able to pacify the Honedge, but when he tried to capture the Froakie, Honedge intervened and tried to get itself captured instead! Fortunately, this frog was able to reach the Safari Ball first, and she is now a fully-fledged member of the team.

Henrietta's dancing prowess isn't her only talent, it seems; she is currently learning how to play the same flutes that brought her to Hyrem in the first place! Her love for music and dance has made her fast friends with Daphne due to her grass-whistling, and her evolution into a Frogadier has made her a fantastic bug-hunting partner for Nissa; whatever little insect Nissa can't reach in the water, Henrietta is able to snap up for herself, and they have also worked together in an effort to ambush their prey. However, thanks to her bad encounter with that Honedge, she has developed a fear of large blades, including Amethyst's tail blade, which suits Amethyst just fine since she now has a new plaything already leashed by a fear of her. She also prefers to keep a good distance away from Icarus's sharp wings, even though he has no intention of harming her (which she is aware of and trying her best to keep from coming between their friendship). As long as those two Pokemon are away from her, she has no problem providing some good entertainment for everyone!

Traded as Vulpix --> Evolved into Ninetales
Ever since meeting Marion's Ninetales, Aislyn, Hyrem has wanted a Vulpix of his own. Well, after a little "Christmas gift exchange" with Charm, he finally got himself an adorable, six-tailed kit that will cuddle with him at a moment's notice. Ahri is so obsessed with cleanliness, however, that she refuses to touch any dirty surface, and she regularly cleans herself, for she never knows when she may have touched something with germs on it. This even extends to those around her: if she can tell that either Hyrem or one of her teammates has not bathed recently she will either ignore them or demand (to their annoyance) that they do so or get a face full of Ember, and now that she is a Ninetales with a large amount of spells in her arsenal Ember is considered her way of being lenient!

Compounding this problem for Hyrem at least is the fact that she has figured out how link his mind to hers, which means she can read his thoughts and know without a doubt if he is clean! The one thing potentially balancing this quirk of hers out, however, is the newcomer Keori; ever since Ahri and Keori bonded together that fateful springtime event, Ahri's attention has shifted more towards her younger Alolan Vulpix charge and away from the others. Consequently, if asked by Ahri to watch over Keori, most Pokemon would be foolish to refuse such a request, although most Pokemon have also promised to Keori to be "remiss" in keeping her from getting dirty as that is exactly what gets Ahri's attention in the first place!

Traded as Scyther --> Evolved to Scizor
Right after Ethan traded for this Scyther, he had hatched one of his own, and the two immediately began fighting over dominance. Naturally, he wanted to separate the two, so he traded one to Hyrem. Why would Hyrem go for a killer mantis, you ask? Well, he knew Michael had raised a Scizor, so he had planned on getting one for a while and even purchased a Metal Coat for the Scyther to hold until it evolved. This particular specimen is quite a showoff, a bit like Icarus is, which does put the two into conflict at times. He does take his training very seriously, however, as he wants to be stronger and ready to eventually battle his former teammate and rival, Razor. Fortunately, Michael is always there to give Hyrem pointers on raising Chex just like he is with raising Brittany. Speaking of Brittany, they get along quite well as fellow training partners under Michael's tutelage, and Michael...well, he feels like he's back in the good times of his old life, thanks to Brittany and Chex!

Purchased as Feebas --> Evolved to Milotic
As soon as Hyrem heard that the Coins for Prizes had opened and was offering Feebas for sale, he jumped at the chance to cash in a large bundle of coins for a female because he had wanted one ever since seeing Pike Queen Lucy's Milotic at the Arcane Realm. Now that he has Juvia, she has become the latest Pokemon he has been doting on, which suits her just fine since that's the whole reason she used Hypnosis on him! Sera and Ahri have both been made aware of this, however, and Ahri has made efforts to keep the slippery sea serpent out of their trainer's head, though that doesn't stop Juvia from being successful in other ways to garner attention from Hyrem. One drawback to evolving, however, is that she no longer fits in the fish tank Zatch uses, but then again she'd rather not spend another moment in there with an excitable shiny Eelektrik. She's much more comfortable in the underground pool and the network of underwater tunnels it has, mainly because that's where Nami and the other Water-types like to swim around and play in!

Hyrem bought this treasure hoarding Lapras at the same time as he bought Juvia, and the two Water Pokemon have been very good friends ever since. Did I mention she was a treasure hoarder? Well, she is more or less responsible for guarding Hyrem's supplies now that they've been moved close to the pond in the base and has done a very good job of fending off a certain cat thief in the team; every time Selina has tried to steal something and stash it for herself, Nami has been there to give her a good soaking. Worse still for Selina, Nami is rewarded with fish from her catches! If only she'd learn to...you know, not steal supplies under Nami's watch...

Bred by Amethyst x Marvolo
Any son or daughter of Amethyst was bound to be feisty, and Kinana is no exception, especially since she has been under her mother's tutelage from the day she was born. In fact, she may be even bolder because, if she gets in any trouble with her teammates, she can simply tell her mother about what they did (or what she claims they did!) and Amethyst would most likely provide retribution (and it doesn't even matter if Amethyst believes her daughter, she may just decide to do so and call it "retribution"). She does get scolded by her mother sometimes for overstepping her bounds, but that's merely because she isn't strong enough on her own to enforce that. There may come a time in the distant future when Amethyst decides to let Kinana handle things on her own, and there is a risk of her over-reliance on her mother catching up to her in that moment...

Hatched as Dratini --> Evolved into Dragonair
Right as this baby Dratini hatched, the mother/daughter pair of Seviper had big plans for her; under Kinana's insistence, Amethyst decided to adopt Sorano, providing her biological daughter with a baby sister. Both serpents get along splendidly and are an adorable sight to behold when they both nestle within their mother's coils during naptime (though this has become a little awkward as Sorano grows larger). Amethyst is willing to fiercely protect Sorano just as much as Kinana, though as she has evolved into a Dragonair as a result of becoming a mother herself she is now focused on raising her own children, but she still appreciates the help of her mother and sister whenever it is given.

It would be a while before Hyrem got himself a new addition to the team, but he feels this Larvitar is certainly worth the wait. For Gaara, he has been quite content with eating whatever is on the floor of the base...and eating the floor itself...and any boulders within reach...and pretty much anything else. Oh, and if you have a good enough amount of dirt or sweat on you, don't be surprised if you find yourself being licked by this Rock-type as he uses his very coarse tongue to scrape any salt off you!

Traded as Shadow Tepig --> Evolved to Shadow Pignite
Ganon is Hyrem's first ever Shadow Pokemon, and he may yet live up to his namesake's reputation! First off, his closed heart means it is impossible for Hyrem to mean anything other than "enemy" to him. Worse still, Ganon is considered yet another glutton in the team as it requires about as much food as Gaara does to sate his hunger. Perhaps the most disturbing thing about this evil Pignite is that he will not hesitate to turn on his teammates or his trainer on a mere whim! At least he isn't subtle about it like some of Hyrem's Pokemon can be...

Caught in Phantom Isle as Frillish --> Evolved to Jellicent
Three children, two sisters and a brother born of wealthy parents looking to invest in Fizzy Bubbles, all walked into Mantine Mania, a popular attraction for many children that went to the amusement park now known as Phantom Isle...none of them walked out alive. They were captured by a mysterious person wearing a Mantine costume and taken underwater, forced to work for the Harvester of Eyes in taking other children just like them. They quickly grew sick of it and attempted to escape, but the Harvester found out and took the youngest sister, Irene, away from them, turning her into the Harvester's new host. Every attempt to rescue Irene was met with failure until the oldest sibling, Ariel, found out how to turn her and her brother into a Ghost Pokemon known as Frillish, one that could live for quite some time until they could find a way to destroy the Harvester.

During that time, they tried to keep as many potential victims away from the Harvester as they could by turning them into other Frillish, but the Harvester knew about everything and had captured the brother, now a male Frillish, and stuffed him into a Pokeball with the label "DECEASED ???" to be used in her ploy to grab three unsuspecting trainers.

Little did the Harvester know that Hyrem would be the one to chance not only upon this blue Frillish but also Ariel and had discovered the Mantine costume's true intentions. He decided to confront the Harvester of Eyes together with Ariel, her brother, and his own Water Pokemon Delilah, who would evolve into a Lanturn in the middle of the battle. After a grueling slog of taking out what seemed like hundreds of eyes and what seemed to him a task too daunting on multiple occasions, he ultimately dealt the final blow to the Harvester, but there was a price to be paid: apparently, there needed to be someone else to take this entity's place, and Ariel volunteered herself so her brother and Hyrem could escape and the lost souls of the children could finally rest in peace.

After that, Ulysses, the middle sibling, decided to join Hyrem and become the second Ghost-type on his team. Now free from the Harvester's hold (for now), he has slowly gained confidence in himself and has remembered how to talk like a human again, though he still stutters as part of his personality. He regards Sera as not only his closest friend but also his dearest love, especially after evolving into a Jellicent while mating with her, and has been invaluable in bringing Hyrem and his partner Pokemon even closer than they have been before, particularly in regards to interpreting the images Sera projects into his mind. In addition, he finds a sort of kinship in Michael, a fellow Ghost-type who once was a human, and the many other Water Pokemon, especially Delilah. In fact, his proper stature learned from his well-being in his past life has become quite a charm for many who encounter him!

Caught in Dream World as Snorunt --> Evolved to Froslass
On Hyrem's first trip into the Dream World, he traveled through icy caves, encountering many Ice Pokemon with unusual abilities for their species. One of the Pokemon was in an extremely dark path, so dark that neither he nor Carla, the Pokemon he brought with him on this particular journey, could see a thing. But he could definitely feel something: a sharp, cold pain in his leg that seemed to start freezing him. Hyrem figured it was a Pokemon just trying to hide behind his leg for whatever reason, but once Carla used her Flash attack it was instead revealed to be a Snorunt that had sunk her fangs into his leg and was actually trying to make a meal out of him! Instead of battling her to fend her off, however, he tried to find her something different to eat, which he did...in the form of an unwilling Vanillite. This Snorunt with a voracious appetite intrigued him nonetheless, and he chose to take her out of the Dream World and onto his team as a result, but not before she took another attempt on his life before the dream ended. Carla could do nothing but watch as her beloved trainer was about to be feasted on by this tiny predator, and the traumatic experience has left her with an extreme dislike for her new teammate, now named Tsurara.

Apparently, however, Tsurara's Snorunt body was a prison for a more powerful being that was released when exposed to a Dawn Stone, thereby essentially "evolving" her into a Froslass. One backstory later, and it was revealed that Tsurara, also known as Emma, had an association with the Harvesters, but was kicked out of the "club" and banished to the Dream World in her Snorunt state. Now that she has been set free from her situation, however, she has willingly chosen to stay a part of the team, at least until they help her exact revenge on the Harvesters that slighted her. Her taste for flesh hasn't changed much since evolving, but at least she isn't at her allies' throats every time they turn around, though she is still under Carla's watch just in case. And though she is keeping her hunger in check that doesn't stop her from requiring sustenance every now and then, and almost anything she can lure into her grasp is fair game. At least she leaves a recognizable body of flesh for her friends to feed on nowadays...

Won in Halloween Raffle
Because of a special Halloween Raffle, this odd looking Bulbasaur is now a part of the team, and Zyra couldn't be happier to have him to care for. The one difference Gordon has over normal Bulbasaur is that the plant on his back has already matured into a pumpkin, thus making him unable to evolve because the plant cannot grow into a flower which is necessary to trigger the mutation. Instead, he simply grows bigger in size to compensate for the lack of evolution; therefore, he has the goal to become the biggest Bulbasaur in existence without the worry of evolving. In the meantime, Zyra has been great at raising him, and Toby has been nothing but helpful as the two Grass-types get some early experience on raising children in preparation for the time they reproduce and create their own offspring.

Traded as Chimecho
It wasn't enough to have one Shadow Pokemon, but Karmas assured Hyrem that, although this Chimecho was certainly unique, he wasn't anything particularly dangerous. And he was right...kinda. Karthas isn't so much evil like most other Shadow Pokemon are as he is annoying. He spends half the time perfecting his rock star voice, beginning to go through his metal rock phase. Worst of all is when he does this at night, when almost everyone else is trying to sleep! His loudness also irks Tsurara to no end, though she has yet to get a good opportunity to silence the chime...

Yet another Shiny Pokemon to come into Hyrem's possession, Ammit was obtained right at the grand opening of the new Adoption Center, where there was tons of rare Pokemon waiting for a home, including two other Shiny Pokemon in addition to this Shiny Sandile. Ammit seems to prefer the bad boys, however, as she has taken a liking to Ganon and his plotting for domination...when he isn't letting instinct throw himself at someone half the time. She is also yet another Pokemon to take more than a few pointers from Amethyst as that is how she thinks she can best help her evil, porky friend achieve his goals.

During an event for an Easter egg hunt, Hyrem went to the Ice Caverns in Springtide Isle and found an egg that hatched an Alolan Sandshrew, but she got scared of Hyrem and Ahri and hid inside a small ice house. A familiar trainer, Jess, was able to coax her out, but during that time Hyrem and Ahri bonded with a Pokemon that Jess hatched, an Alolan Vulpix. The two trainers soon decided they were both better off with the other hatchling, so they traded the two baby Ice-types, and Hyrem ended up with Keori. Despite not being her biological mother, Ahri is considered such by Keori, which suits the older Ninetales and her habits perfectly. The two Fox Pokemon are found together more often than not, but when Keori is not by Ahri that is when she starts getting herself into trouble. She can't resist playing games with the other younger Pokemon which inevitably get her dirty. Naturally, this gets her a scolding and a long tongue bath from Ahri, though neither one of them mind going through the latter. In fact, Ahri suspects Keori may be getting herself dirty for that very purpose, but she doesn't care. And neither does Hyrem, nor the rest of the team for that matter, as it means Ahri spends less time nagging them for their bad habits! This means Keori has a long list of bodyguards, namely every single Pokemon desperate to keep the "matriarch" of the family placated so they can go on with their normal lives instead of worry about getting the dirt cleansed off of them by fire!

Adopted as Fennekin --> Evolved to Braixen
During the second adoption run at the Adoption Center, Hyrem, with the help of Keori, managed to enlist the lively Fennekin known as Balthazar, who later evolved from being given enough Christmas Candies to do so. He's a lot like Icarus: showoff, ladies' man, and usually someone who has all his stunts backfire on him. The differences? He doesn't fly, but he can cast spells. Oh, and he actually has a vixen friend, though a certain older vixen does not approve of it. Not that this deters him or anything...

As the adoption spree continued, Hyrem's next Pokemon would be a heavier-than-normal Aron, and, while she can carry her own weight perfectly fine, she chooses not to for the most part and just lies down somewhere. It's difficult to get her to move as well; only the promise of delicious, shiny iron gets her on her feet. More often than not, it's Gaara that helps her find these sources as he's chewing his way through the mountain, and the two of them together and unchecked would probably devour the entire mountain Hyrem's base is located--literally eating everyone out of house and home! It's no wonder Kilogram is tasked with watching the both of them, though they do appreciate his enormous presence whenever they get into trouble.

Yay more weirdos! Hyrem couldn't resist continuing his adoption spree, and the staff there are probably grateful for that because this Girafarig named Janice has a very odd taste for plants...fleshy plants. You know, as in Grass Pokemon. And her Sap Sipper ability conveniently makes her an excellent counter to those Pokemon, and there were a lot of them at the Adoption Center, and...yeah, you know where that would've gone. As far as Hyrem's team is concerned, it's probably for the best that Palm and the other Grass Pokemon are able to provide some good food for her, although Nissa and Gordon have never wanted to be farther away from any teammate than Janice...

At some point, Hyrem is going to be overwhelmed by these dangerous Pokemon, right? Another adoption, another meat eater, this one finding a bond with Bubbles, a.k.a. one of the few Pokemon that can out-speed her in the water. And she respects that in one of the newer members of Hyrem's team. Especially because, not only is Fizz faster than her, he's faster than those she normally tries to catch, and he regularly assists her in slowing those things down enough so she can catch them. Because of this, she is learning to share her food with him, allowing this deadly example of cooperation to continue in full force.

Bred by Seshiro x Shisato
Now that the Breeding Center was much more accessible, Hyrem was able to give his two beloved Arbok what they always wanted: the opportunity to sire their own offspring. Sachi is their firstborn child, and little did Hyrem know when she hatched that she would not only inherit all sorts of tricks from her father but also inherit her mother's original personality: a mind for mischief and mayhem, she is learning from everyone around her while waiting for her own chance to strike. And it may be this pension for scheming that emboldens her mother to embrace her old self again as she and Seshiro teach their daughter the ways of Poison-type Pokemon...

About a month after taking Janice out of the Adoption Center, Hyrem finally found a Grass-type from there that was willing to tolerate her presence. In fact, Marcus would be more than willing to tolerate her presence...if she would just allow him to close those big jaws of his around her! Meanwhile, Janice tries to nibble on his leafy body, but he seems just as elusive to her as she is to him! At some point, one of the two is going to best the other, and who knows what would happen whenever that time comes...

Just before the Adoption Center returned to its normal operation, Hyrem was able to go in for one last Pokemon, this Numel sharing a particularly special moment with him. Pelea doesn't have much setting her apart from other Numel that Hyrem has had in the past, but the bond she developed with him is so great that she wants to be with him as much as she can. Being a newer member of the team, however, she has a hard time competing with the other Pokemon who want his attention, but at least she has Janice, Kenna, and Conis to talk to when she can't be with her trainer.

Bred by Sera x Ulysses
And now we come to me, Brian, the son of Sera and Ulysses and one of Hyrem's most beloved Pokemon! I like having lots of other Psychic Pokemon to talk with, plus I have a bunch of other friends as well, though I do get teased by Kinana and Sachi and Suki and Kima a lot since I'm...well, snack-sized at the moment. That is one reason I hope evolution comes for me soon, though I do also want to evolve to have a better capacity for my psychic powers.

Next up is actually another Pokemon from the Adoption Center, my good friend and training partner, Anjali! She actually predicted we would visit her and just...wanted to join us. Of course, none of us were going to refuse that, especially not me, though she hasn't revealed why she wanted to be with us and be my training partner...I haven't asked her yet, after all.

There can't be enough of these serpents in our big family, right? This one also came from the Adoption Center, just like Seshiro and Shisato did, and having been there all alone for months she gets into a fit whenever no one else is around and never wants to leave anyone's side. This clingy disposition is either very annoying or very endearing depending on the Pokemon you ask, but at least she has Seshiro and Shisato as foster parents that keep nearly constant company with her, nurturing her just like they do with Sachi. When they aren't around, she turns to the other snakes, Amethyst, Kinana, and Sorano, for company, and when that fails...well, I usually just hope I'm not the one Pokemon around when she gets desperate.

Bred by Sarkhan X Wendy
Just like there couldn't be enough Ekans or Seviper on the team, the same could be said for Druddigon, and the dragons who gave birth to Kima would absolutely agree. Kima takes more after her mother than her father, in the which she regards her trainer as her favorite chew toy, though she at least knows to keep him in one piece. She does like it when her stepbrother and stepmother visit, or when she visits them, as that is when she and Aletri get to spar and play together.

Bred by Icarus x Atalanta
Right as Hyrem was about to leave the Breeding Center with Kima, Icarus insisted that he stay there because he had found true love, though he never said who it was with or what Pokemon they would be breeding. So it was certainly a surprise when Hyrem saw this little chick hatch out of her egg, and he couldn't help but fall in love with her just as much as Icarus did. Cassandra's natural preference to be active at night does seem to conflict with things, however, particularly when her father wants to do things during the day. You know, when all she wants to do is sleep? Yeah, this father-daughter relationship is going to take some time while they figure out how to do things without causing problems for each other...

Captured during Cloud Garden Winter Campaign
Part of the forces led by an imposing Glalie that captured the Starline Waterfall, this Bergmite was one of a fair few whose parents were killed by the powerful Ice Pokemon and did his bidding in order to avoid the same fate. Fast forward to the battle to take back the waterfall, and this poor creature was all but felled by one attack from Kilogram before being captured by Hyrem. Being a recent acquisition, he still hasn't gotten over the death of his parents nor the sound beating he received from Kilogram, and as such he remains afraid of both the Steelix and Tsurara. But whereas Kilogram seeks to help Svanir get over his fear of him Tsurara sees him as a pet at the best of times and a regenerative food supply at the worst of times. All of this means that it may take some time before this Bergmite is truly acclimated onto Hyrem's team...

One of two Fossil Pokemon Hyrem obtained out of the Casino Heist Hatches, traded from Gary for Hyrem's Tirtouga, this Cranidos follows his most basic instincts: bash his head into everything and then start chomping on whatever got flattened by him. Which works when he finds something he's supposed to eat, but he has yet to learn who is friend or food. And it's hard to teach him about that when he doesn't understand what anyone says except for his prehistoric buddy Quill, so he mostly learns the hard way. Even then, it's only the bigger Pokemon that have taught him not to mess with them; the smaller Pokemon are simply out of luck and have no choice but to try and run, and I can't even do that when I'm just a Ralts! SOMEONE HELP ME!!

The other Fossil Pokemon Hyrem got from the many Casino Eggs that hatched, this one belonging to his friend Keith, Quill isn't as violent with his interactions as Dome is, but he has not failed to get into any less trouble than his Cranidos friend has. This is due to the raptor going through his own teething phase as he learns for himself what kind of bite force he can do and what kind of bite force he should do. He is a little more successful at finding friends in his fellow Flying Pokemon like Icarus and Cassie, but it is a bit strained due to his inability to understand and speak everyone else's language. The only Pokemon who does understand him is Dome, who shares his more primitive language, though they are still trying to figure out how to have a relationship that doesn't involve Dome attempting to ram into his nose every few minutes.

As if two Fossil Pokemon weren't enough, this Kabuto obtained from Alex's Casino Egg seems just as primitive as the others. For starters, he can't understand anyone other than Dome or Quill, which seems to be a reoccurring pattern with these ancient Pokemon. Face has a particularly bad habit of trying to jump on someone else's face in an attempt to latch onto it and eat it off, hence his name. Right now, most other Pokemon can ward him off or are near Pokemon that can remove him for them, but as he gets stronger it may take more and more effort to do so...

Adopted as Frillish --> Evolved to Jellicent
No information is available on this Pokemon yet...

It was a long time coming, but after trading away Akali to Jayson, Hyrem ended up getting this tiny grass snake whose favorite activities are sleep, sleep, and more sleep! Not much can disturb Jared from his slumber, and even if it does he still doesn't move around much. It's really only when food is involved that he comes anywhere close to being animated, and even then he just needs to resolve it in some way, then go back to sleep. It is worth noting that his favorite place to sleep is right in Hyrem's arms or atop the coils of Kinana, Sachi, or Suki, though he tends to get in trouble with the Poison-type snakes for doing so...

Another Pokemon Hyrem had no clue he would end up with was a third Shadow Pokemon, this one being about as mindless as Ganon and as destructive as Gaara and Joanna, trying to fill the base with as many holes and tunnels as possible. This of course, gives Laika a very important job: fill in the holes Edgar leaves behind. Which isn't easy, there's a lot of holes, and a few of these holes actually get used by various teammates sometimes. Maybe Edgar has a place in this team after all!

Bred by Vi x Rengar
The next couple of Pokemon to find themselves with a child was Vi and Rengar, and their Torchic seems to be quite the appealing snack; even Thomas's dad can't resist trying to seize the little kid for himself! Not that Rengar has found any success, mind; his mother has always been right there to keep the Zangoose in check. Though there's also Kinana who seems to have a particular interest in Thomas, and right now, if Vi wasn't watching, she'd be able to chase him down quite easily!

Hyrem wasn't sure if he would be getting another Pokemon from the Adoption Center so soon, but he had his eye on this Tympole for a while after his adventure in the Black Bayou introduced him to the Pokemon's evolved forms, so he took this little Water-type thinking he might make a good friend for Henrietta, and he was right: she and James hit it off as soon as they met! Though the older Frogadier does have to make sure the little Tympole stays out of trouble, especially when it's him that tries to come to her defense!

As it was revealed he now had a rock puppy, Hyrem took the Rockruff home, where he instantly gained quite a few other dog friends like Laika and Benji, and even Silas took a liking to him. Selina...not so much, especially when his pranks get the better of the feline, thanks to the occasional assist from Leila. Most important, however, because he is one of the dogs, that means he gets to add to the pile-on whenever Hyrem returns home from errands, making the actual ritual take longer because he makes it that much harder to escape!

This Mienfoo, so easily flustered when seen training, is nothing short of adorable, and it's easy to see why Hyrem picked her up from the Adoption Center. She is quite shy about her affection but is affectionate nonetheless, able to make friends with the equally shy Henrietta as well as most of the other younger Pokemon on the team. Due to their personalities, her best friend is actually Thomas, though this does put her on Kinana's bad side for whatever reason.

Little did Hyrem know that when he found this precious little Shiny Deino, one that could be sweet and playful in one moment, ferocious and nasty in another moment, and shy and glum in another, that he was actually getting three different personalities in one small body, and even now he isn't aware of her split personalities. But you know who is aware of them? ME! Because I have to put up with her antics quite a bit, and I can't even rely on Confusion to save me because she's Dark-type! So...can someone do a tiny lil' Ralts a favor and help me out here!? PLEEEEEASE!?

Bred by Sorano x Boxcars
Doesn't he have enough of these Pokemon with nasty jaws that can crush a certain tiny, frail Psychic-type in one go!? Apparently not!! This one came from Sorano becoming a new mother, however, so maaaaybe she can talk some sense into her daughter at some point. Or Gnash could just consider herself the boss over the other prehistoric Pokemon, despite having been born months after the boys joined the team. Even Dome answers to her, though she does seem to treat him nicer than the other two. What's also interesting is that, because she was born from a prehistoric Pokemon and a modern one, her language seems to be much less primitive and therefore understandable to all the other Pokemon! Not that her teammates appreciate the fact that they can understand her, though...

When Tate decided to offer up a Vullaby, Hyrem bought her to be a playmate for Cassandra as well as a nice Pokemon to hold in his arms. Which is a good thing because Amanda likes the company and is simply not a fan of being alone AT ALL. If she doesn't see anyone around, she starts crying, drawing the attention of her teammates who want to calm her down, which they do just by their presence. At least, those who don't think of her as a snack...

The moment Hyrem brought home this Absol after buying him from Austin, Carla took interest in him due to his sharing her ability to predict the future. Specifically Kazeshi's natural ability to predict disasters was something she was greatly intrigued about, and as they seek to teach each other about how to further enhance their precognitive powers they may discover something more about each other in the process...

Now that Hyrem has acquired an adorable Kingdra from Naru, the other Water Pokemon have been able to eat all the fish they want due to how easily she can catch them in her whirlpool trap! Of course, her ability to curl her tail around her trainer's arm isn't lost on him, and when he wants to relax in the water, he knows he can rely on her to ferry him around...when he isn't riding on Nami, of course.

Traded as Beartic
Bio coming soon!

Bio coming soon!

Traded as Nidoran♀ --> Evolved to Nidorina
Bio coming soon!

Bio coming soon!

Bred by Silas x Ahri
Bio coming soon!

Bred by Silas x Ahri
Bio coming soon!

Caught in Bedlam Ridge
Bio coming soon!

Traded as Nidoking
Bio coming soon!

Traded as Aurorus
Bio coming soon!

Bio coming soon!

Bred by Vi x Mona
Bio coming soon!

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This post is a placeholder in case I need more room for whatever.

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Another placeholder just in case...
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Aisa's Antics! A Bug Too Big to Handle?

Special thanks to Yonder for this artwork!

Hyrem wasn't woken up by one of his Pokemon in the morning like he usually was. No, this was still the middle of the night, and Hyrem and his squad of over 40 Pokemon had only just finished moving in yesterday. Great, something's already going wrong, the thought came to his weary mind as he had been woken up by some disturbing noises outside. Perhaps Amethyst had made her first mark on her territory by dining on one of the indigenous creatures here? Just to make sure it wasn't a legitimate intruder, he trudged his way out of his bedroom, through the dining room, and out of the entrance to his base, making sure not to disturb anyone else still sleeping (though it was kind of hard to disturb an Insomniac like Michael since he couldn't sleep anyway).

No sooner did step outside before he was greeted with a half-eaten Raticate corpse dropped at his feet, the smell of which made Hyrem retch as it reeked of venom. It also looked as though it was impaled by hundreds of small needles. Oh yeah, I should also point out that there was something very tall and very big standing in front of Hyrem. He looked up to see a giant purple centipede with a gray underside, big, yellow eyes, two horns, eight claws dripping with venom, all supported by four large legs. "Scooool~" the huge Bug-type greeted him warmly with drool and what was probably blood dripping from her mouth. "...Aisa?" Hyrem's voice quivered with disbelief as he slowly brought out his Pokedex to check what this Pokemon was:

Scolipede, the Megapede Pokemon, and the evolved form of Whirlipede. Scolipede are highly aggressive and attack whatever is in sight, chasing their target down until it is within reach. Then they either attack the intruder relentlessly with their horns, or, if it is a prey item, grab it with the venomous claws on their neck and immobilize the prey before thoroughly consuming it.

Now it all came together for Hyrem: Aisa must have evolved during the night and used her new, more powerful, more mobile form to hunt down this Raticate and catch it. She pushed the dead, half-eaten rat towards Hyrem and looked at him expectantly; she wanted to share her kill with her trainer! Well, if that ain't creepy, I don't know what is... "No...you can have it," he refused as politely as he could before holding his nose to protect himself from the stench, then reaching down in an effort to dangle the corpse in front of Aisa as high as he could.

Before he could stand back up to do so, however, Aisa saw her chance and grabbed the beanie on his head with her beak before throwing it on her left horn and standing up straight so Hyrem couldn't reach it. "Wha- hey! Give that back!" Hyrem complained and tried to jump to reach it, but even his 5'9" tall body didn't give him enough height or jumping power to reach the elusive beanie. "Aisa..." he said sternly, "I'm tired, and I don't have time to play with you, now please give it back!"
"Scoli~ scoli~ scolipede~" she sang, playfully taunting him before turning around and running off into the nearby forest.
"He- Aisa, come back here!" he yelled angrily. He really didn't have time to mess around with his newly evolved Scolipede, but if he wanted his hat back he had no choice but to give chase. He just hoped this would be quick...

*To Be Continued*
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Aisa's True Intent! A Night Under the Stars!

There was just no catching up to a Scolipede! Worse still, it wasn't like Aisa was actually looking to keep her trainer's hat--otherwise she would've run off with it already--rather, she stayed close enough in order to give him a false sense of hope of being able to grab some part of her body, possibly the horns on her tail end. She wanted him to chase her around! It didn't help that it was the middle of the night, and Hyrem was already quite tired and losing energy very quickly. He soon came to a stop before trying to catch his breath. "Ugh, I'm tired, Aisa," he moaned. "Can you please just give me my hat so I can go back to bed?"

Aisa slowed down as soon as Hyrem did and realized it wasn't a fun game for him. That didn't mean she was finished with him yet as she walked up to him and loomed over him with a gleam in her eyes. The size difference began to be very apparent to Hyrem, moreso when she used her short claws to clasp onto his body and hold him with his head just under her chin. "Eheh, okay, very funny," he chuckled nervously. "You can put me down now..." She, of course, didn't listen and instead carried him back towards the base but stopped at the waterfall close by where he would be quite shocked at the sight.

All of his Pokemon were there, even his Water Pokemon, who were swimming in the pool of water below. Even Rengar was there, though he looked away from Hyrem as soon as he saw him. Aisa soon set him down so he could look at every one of them individually: Sera, his ever loyal partner who flashed hues of pink and red in his mind, reminding him that it was Valentine’s Day today, he almost forgot about that... Daphne, the prankster who stuck a Leech Seed on Hyrem’s collar as they hugged, he’d have a little surprise when he woke up in the morning... Sarkhan, the strongest Druddigon in Fizzy Bubbles who put him in an affectionate headlock and rubbed his fist against his head... Amethyst, the bloodthirsty snake who gently grabbed his hand in her mouth and started suckling on it, she would likely visit her boyfriend later today… Delilah, the cheerful Lanturn who shone her lures brightly, causing Hyrem to be a little disoriented for a few seconds… Laika, the playful dog who did his usual excited pounce on his trainer before licking the boy’s face… Seshiro and Shisato, the Arbok couple who let him rub both of their scaly faces before they hugged each other in their coils as they usually would… Leila, the flirty Weavile who wasn’t satisfied with just a hug from Hyrem and latched onto his face to nuzzle him for a moment… Icarus, the showoff who flashed his wing and winked at him… Aisa, the jealous Scolipede who saw what Leila did and grabbed Hyrem with her claws before trying to give him a kiss on the lips, but he saw this as his chance and finally grabbed his beanie off her horn before she was allowed to do so… Selina, the thief who hid a fish under her body to eat later, though he had to wonder who she stole from this time… Toby and Zyra, the Grass-types who simply wanted to rest underneath the moonlight…

Michael, the former trainer who had plans to bring Helena to this spot one day when she became a Banette as well… the ambitious girls named Mia, Brittany, Vi, and Conis, who gathered around him to receive a group hug… Carla, the precognitive Espeon who allowed him to kiss her forehead but not the gem as who knows what would happen if he touched that at all… Luke, the stoic Shinx who wasn’t so stoic as he was being scratched behind the ears… Charlie, the chocolate lover who came close to covering his trainer in a Chocolate Bomb but barely missed… Happy, Silas, and Kenna, who had just recently began going by “Team Flash Fire” to their friends and all gave warm greetings to their trainer… Wendy, the short-tempered Shelgon who only had a Headbutt as a reliable way to show any kind of affection… Hinabi, the shy Beedrill who covered her face with her stingers as he approached, causing him to flinch as well… Rengar, the rebellious Zangoose who still didn’t want to even look at Hyrem much less interact with him…

Kilogram, the massive bodyguard whose iron coils gave Hyrem a gentle embrace… Brea, Marion, and Zatch, the shiny Pokemon who each got their own affection where possible (which it wasn’t with Brea...she can’t even evolve into a shiny Magcargo anytime soon…)... Henrietta, the Froakie who loved song and dance as well as latching onto Hyrem’s face to give her own kisses… Ahri, the obsessive Vulpix who was more interested in giving her trainer a bath after seeing him in his disheveled state… and everyone else: Benji the Electrike, Ezreal the Trapinch, Atsumu the Whismur, Sejuani the Swinub, Ammon and Marik the two smaller dragons, Palm the Tropius, Katarina the Pawniard, Nissa the Treecko, Bubbles the Magikarp, Akali the Mawile, and Chex the Scyther. Everyone got their individual moment with Hyrem, and right after he was done, almost everyone decided to jump all over him before they would all settle down and snuggle with their trainer. “Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone,” he finally said to his Pokemon before laying down on Aisa’s back and looking up at the night sky before going to sleep with his entire team. They were all his friend in some way, some weirder than others, but still had one thing in common: love.
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A Snowflake Cools Things Down!? Brittany’s Growth Spurt!

As the new month rolled in, Cortoza was warming up all too quickly, and it was reportedly even hotter than normal, reaching record temperatures for each day. At this point, Hyrem decided it was time to give his Pokemon a day off from training and take a dip in the pool under the waterfall nearby. "Whew, finally time to cool off!" he said as he arrived at the waterfall. With only his swim trunks on, he dives in where his Water Pokemon are already there to greet him: Delilah, Brittany, Bubbles, Henrietta, Juvia, and Nami, all of them females, which wasn't totally intentional, it just happened that way. In addition, Zatch, Sarkhan, Leila, Laika, and the three venomous snakes, Amethyst, Seshiro, and Shisato, (which Henrietta and the smaller fish kept their distance from, just in case any of them were hungry...especially Amethyst) would also swim around on the surface at various times while other members of his team were on the outside of the small lake, some of them with their heads dipped slightly into the lake lapping up the refreshing water to cool their bodies and protect them from the heat (though Wendy had trouble bending down low enough to drink; fortunately she was able to "persuade" Charlie to shower her with a Water Pulse so she could drink from the water on her face). After a good splash fight, everyone in the water just decided to relax, with Hyrem resting on Nami's large shell, with Nami Singing a lullaby that put nearly everyone to sleep (except Soundproof Atsumu, of course).

About half an hour passed, and Hyrem began to wake up to his Lapras licking, biting, and soaking his face with Water Gun. Apparently, she wasn't convinced because he was then thrown off her shell and into the water...which was much colder than before. The sudden cold forced the boy to quickly clamber back onto Nami's shell. "C-c-cold..." Hyrem said with a shiver. "T-t-too cold...did you do this?" Nami shook her head. "Did one of the other Ice-types do it?" She shook her head again, this time cooing before pointing her flipper towards something rising to the surface. As it emerged, the air began to chill, and it was revealed to be a large, snowflake-shaped creature that glared at them with icy, blue eyes and two chains of ice energy that resembled drool.

"A Cryogonal!" Hyrem immediately identified the Pokemon. He had hatched a Cryogonal from his third egg ever, but since it couldn't control how cold it was making the entire environment he decided it wasn't worth raising and handed it over to someone else. This one looked like it could control how cold it was making its surroundings...and it was only making things even colder. Hyrem looked around him; many of his Pokemon were finding it very uncomfortable to be around this Ice-type, except, of course, the other Ice-types. He hugged Nami's neck in an attempt to gain some sort of warmth from her body as he gave orders: "All right, those of you lower-level or weak to Ice, get back inside the base! Daphne, Sarkhan, make sure they get back safely! Team Flash Fire, your job is to heat up the pool inside once you get back!" Nods came from those Pokemon as they ran away from the scene as best they could in the chilly air. "Delilah, take Zatch, Bubbles, and Juvia back, then help Team Flash Fire heat up the pool with your Scald attack!" "Lan!" she nodded as well before escorting the three small fish away as well. "Nami, I want you to take me back to shore so I can battle that Cryogonal at a safe distance, okay?" His beloved Transport Pokemon whined, either worried for her trainer or disappointed she wouldn't get to battle here. "I know you'd be a great Pokemon against Cryogonal if you were stronger, but right now you're too inexperienced to face it. Just take me back and catch up with Delilah as quickly as you can; we should be able to handle it!" Nami finally nods before letting him jump onto solid ground, after which she sank into the water, leaving him with six Pokemon to face against Cryogonal: Sera, Laika, Leila, Icarus, Michael, and Vi.

"Spheal!" a voice squeaked out from in between Hyrem and their foe. Hyrem looked at the surface of the pond to find Brittany there, taking a battle stance. "You...want to fight Cryogonal?" he asked his Spheal, to which she nodded and barked. It was at this moment that Michael began to speak, "She's been training with me for quite a while, and she says she wants to show you how much work she's done the past few weeks. But this is a tough Pokemon to battle, Brittany," the Banette then said, turning to his tutelage. "Do you think you'll be able to beat it?" "Spheal!" she squeaked again, clapping her small flippers harder than she normally would, a sign that she was ready for battle.

"I like that answer!" Hyrem said with a smirk. "Okay then, this is Brittany's first real battle, everyone, so don't interfere unless I say you need to! And Brittany...let's synch up and battle!"
"Spheal!!" she barked even louder.
"Start off by Diving underwater so you can use Defense Curl safely!" She did as instructed, swimming down to the bottom of the pool before Curling herself into a ball, raising her Defense. However, this gave Cryogonal an opening to fire off an Ice Beam at Brittany which hit its stationary target and formed crystals of ice around her. Fortunately, she was able to break free from the ice and keep herself from getting frozen by the attack, but it did mean she was no longer curled up. Darn it, Hyrem cursed in his mind, I was hoping she'd get to use Rollout from underwater, but it doesn't look like that'll work now... "New plan, Brittany!" he shouted into the pool. "Come back up and give it a Rock Smash, then start spitting Ice Balls at it!" As Brittany resurfaced, Hyrem noticed Cryogonal facing towards Brittany and shielding its eyes and mouth with the armor on its face before using what looked like an Iron Defense, and even though Brittany's attack connected and reduced the gain to Cryogonal's Defense, it still gained Defense. Still, Brittany didn't let this faze her as she formed an Ice Ball in her mouth--very small, but he hoped it would only be the first of many. Once again, however, Cryogonal reacted faster and created a red barrier around it, causing the attack to Reflect off the barrier harmlessly. Even with all of the defensive power in Cryogonal's favor, Brittany still stuck to the plan and formed a second Ice Ball in her mouth, twice as big as the first one. Yet again, Cryogonal would raise its Defense to stop it, this time with Acid Armor, causing the second Ice Ball to do almost no damage to it at all. As she formed a third, even larger Ice Ball, Cryogonal went on the offensive and shot a beam of rainbows at her, but failing to reduce her Attack which allowed the Ice Ball to shatter against the barrier with a somewhat better effect than the last one.

Something was different in the next round; while Brittany launched her fourth Ice Ball, Cryogonal did not retaliate but rather seemed to be gathering energy for an attack... A short gasp escaped from Hyrem as soon as the horrifying realization of what the attack was set in: "Brittany, get out of there! That's a Solar Beam!!" Unfortunately, his order came too late as his Spheal was already charging up her fifth Ice Ball, which would be the biggest Ice Ball possible and would do the most damage if it hit. Sadly, she never got to fire it as Cryogonal's Grass-type beam of energy shot out quicker than she could react, and the attack melted through the newly-formed chunk of ice, hitting Brittany directly for full damage before the pond erupted with water, making it hard to see just how much damage was done. "Brittany!!" Hyrem cried out while five of his other six Pokemon resumed battle stances just in case. Michael, however, looked calm considering the situation and simply said, "She's not done yet."

At first Hyrem looked again and thought he saw Brittany down for the count, but as he looked closer he could see her floating atop the surface fast asleep! "Wait, what's going on here?" Hyrem asked Michael. "That is Brittany using Rest," the Banette explained. "She learned it very recently, and by now she's back at full health, though she will be asleep for a short amount of time. She also learned Snore, an attack that can be used while she's asleep, so she isn't completely defenseless right now."

"Cool! I didn't know she could do that!" said Hyrem, excited to see Brittany use her new tricks in action. "Okay, Brittany, just use Snore until you wake up!" It seemed easy enough, as her Snore attack caught the Cryogonal off guard and connected for a fair amount of damage considering it had been raising its physical Defense and not its Special Defense. The snowflake wasn't completely thrown off its game, however, as all it needed to do was a simple Recovery to bring its own health back to full, though by now its Reflect had worn off making it a little more vulnerable to physical attacks again. It seemed like Cryogonal had yet another answer to Brittany's tricks though as an icy breath escaped its mouth causing the surface of the entire pond to Freeze up until there lay a sheet of ice about as Dry as the deserts of Talas, and right in the middle of it lay Brittany encased in the ice. Then came another nerve-wracking moment as Cryogonal began to charge up energy once again...another Solar Beam! "Oh no, Brittany!!" Hyrem yelled out again. This time, even Michael was concerned since Brittany was now trapped inside and would be unable to use Rest again. It would be too late for anyone to do anything to stop Cryogonal; everyone else could only watch as the attack again went straight at Brittany and caused another explosion. "Brittany...please be okay..."

Sera checked for Brittany's aura, hoping to find a faint glimmer, a sign that the Spheal was at least alive. A slight look of surprise came over her, and she sent a bright yellow color into Hyrem's mind, as well a general image of Brittany. "Brittany's okay!?" the trainer said out loud as he looked back at the battle. Brittany wasn't just okay, she didn't even suffer a scratch! The explanation came as the Ice Barrier in front of her crumbled into the pool. "Wow, that was really smart of her!" Hyrem remarked. "What do you mean?" Michael asked; now it was his turn to be confused. "See how a lot of the ice that covered the pond is gone now?" Michael looked around, and, sure enough, a good sized section of the pond, centered around Brittany, was no longer covered by a thick sheet of ice. "Yes, you're right..." he admitted before Hyrem explained further:

"Well, that's the ice Brittany used for Ice Barrier! Normally, an Ice Pokemon would have to use a lot of energy to create the ice and then form it into a barrier around it. However, if there's ice already available, there's no reason it can't just use the ice close by and form that into the barrier it wants; that probably saves time and energy!"
"Ah, so once Cryogonal used Freeze-Dry to freeze Brittany in place, that gave her the ice she needed to protect herself! And she must have woken up just in time to use it!"
"Wow, yeah, I didn't think of that..." said Hyrem. "That was really quick thinking on her part then! And she's still in this battle because of it! Great job, Brittany! Ready to keep going?"

"Spheal!! Spheeeeeeeeeeeal!!!" came the shrill cry from Brittany as she began to glow. Having seen enough moments like this, Hyrem knew what was coming and sported a big grin as he watched his Spheal grow in size, double in weight, and grow thick whiskers on her face. Once the glowing stopped, he could see that she was colored a lighter blue, the cream color remained on her belly, and her body was no longer a perfect sphere but was a thicker, fatter body whose head could be distinguished from the rest of her body and sported slightly longer tusks than before. "She finally evolved...let's see what she is now," he said before taking out his Pokedex and opening it up to reveal Brittany's new form:

Sealeo, the Ball Roll Pokemon, and the evolved form of Spheal. Sealeo have very sensitive noses and will rub objects, people, or other Pokemon with their nose and whiskers to determine smell and texture before deciding if they like it. They are also very playful and will spin any round object or Pokemon, including younger Spheal, on their noses. They hunt by punching a hole in the ice they live on with their flippers, then dive in and chase down nearby prey, feeding on aquatic wildlife up to five times each day before they are full.

Oh man, that means she'll be a bigger mouth to feed, doesn't it... he thought nervously; as if he wasn't getting enough fish to feed his Pokemon before!
"Look there! That's Swagger! She must have just learned it when she evolved!" Michael brought Hyrem out of his thoughts and back to the battle as Brittany had her upper part of her body underwater while she was shaking her tail flippers above the water for Cryogonal to see; apparently the display of disrespect worked as Cryogonal bounced around in the air and began an erratic Rapid Spin attack. Cryogonal was certainly confused, but Hyrem would have to take the large boost to its Attack into account; still, if Cryogonal was going to take a more physical approach to its attacks, that may be Brittany's opportunity to come out on top!

“Brittany, use Encore to lock Cryogonal into Rapid Spin, then give it another Rock Smash and see if you can land a Body Slam on it!” Well, Brittany liked the attack Cryogonal was using, so much so that she began clapping and chanting, “Sealeo! Sealeo! Sealeo!” in an effort to see more Rapid Spinning out of the snowflake, and in its confused state it had no chance of resisting the attack. This time the Rapid Spin headed straight for Brittany, but the Sealeo was prepared and swatted it away with a Rock Smash, lowering its Defense once again. Then the Cryogonal spun in a completely odd direction and careened into the shore, hurting itself and actually finding itself stuck in the frozen mud. This was Brittany’s chance! Now that Cryogonal was vulnerable, she dove down before quickly rising up to give her the momentum to jump from the water high in the air before she landed her entire Body straight onto Cryogonal, Slamming it into the ground and squishing it with a critical hit. Cracks began to show in its icy body, and as Brittany shuffled off of her foe it was revealed that pieces of ice were even chipped off of it, and it slowly rose merely to float away from the battle battered and beaten.

“You did it, Brittany! You won!” Hyrem said happily before giving his newly-evolved Sealeo a hug, to which she replied by pushing her blubbery body further into the hug, almost knocking him down before she leaned in to give a big raspberry to his face. Naturally, this caused Hyrem to recoil from the pungent smell given off. “Whew, fish breath,” he muttered, “and that probably isn’t going away anytime soon, is it?”
Sealeo~ Sealeo~ (Fish~ I want more fish~)” she playfully barked, showing even more of a hunger for fish than before.
Well, at least you can go to our secret fishing spot and catch your own food,” Michael talked to Brittany in Banette. He was referring to an underground lake not far from the base that Hyrem’s Pokemon had discovered recently, and best of all it could be accessed from an underwater path directly from the pool inside the base. Hyrem had no clue at this point that the lake even existed, and the Pokemon have been keeping it a secret from him, hence why Michael switched to his Banette language to avoid spilling the beans.
Yeah, let’s do that! Hey Vi, let’s go show off my new form to everyone too!” she said, waving a flipper to Vi.
You bet! And congrats on evolving, Britts!” And with that, Vi ran back to the base while Brittany dove back into the pond, taking the path underneath the waterfall to get back to the base.

At that moment, Hyrem could feel drops of water on his face, and he looked up to see storm clouds above him, about to release a large downpour of rain. “Uh oh, looks like Cryogonal cooling down the area all of a sudden triggered a storm! Let’s get inside everyone, we can take the rest of our day off in the base!” The five Pokemon that were still outside agreed, particularly Icarus who flew as quickly as he could to his shelter above the base before too much rain got on his metallic body. As Hyrem ran back home, a nagging thought in the back of his mind troubled him: Cryogonal aren’t the kind of Pokemon to suddenly show up in a warm environment such as Cortoza. It was highly likely that the Cryogonal Brittany faced wasn’t a wild Pokemon at all, but rather owned by someone. But who? And why would they unleash such a Pokemon at Hyrem, seemingly out of the blue? Clearly, if the Cryogonal was indeed owned by someone, that someone did not want to reveal their identity to him at this time. But why? Hyrem feared that this attack may only be just the beginning…


Meanwhile, in a darker part of the forest, the same Cryogonal that had attacked Hyrem earlier could be seen floating towards a cloaked figure with one pair of glowing, red eyes to the left of the figure and a pair of glowing, blue eyes to the right. The figure seemed to stare at the Ice Pokemon’s disheveled state and spoke in a smooth, masculine voice, “You are the first Pokemon to have ever failed me. At least with your body...” Then the cloaked man snapped once before the creature with red eyes delivered a punch that glowed blue, cracking the Cryogonal’s body even further. Soon the creature with blue eyes joined in, pouncing on its former teammate and raking the ice with a claw that glowed black. Then all that was heard for the next few minutes could be described as pieces of ice being broken up then crunched in someone’s mouth. “You leave no trace,” the cloaked man finished his statement as soon as the sounds died off before he and the two creatures turned away and walked into the darkness, where nothing could be seen of them. All that remained out of place was a few chunks of ice that would likely melt away in the next day’s warmer weather...
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On the Hunt! Wendy’s True Form Emerges!

Today would not only be a good training opportunity Hyrem gave to his Pokemon, but it would also be a good hunting opportunity for those Pokemon involved: Sarkhan, Laika, Aisa, and Wendy, as well as Luke and Silas, who were about to practice their own abilities. All of these Pokemon were quite capable of hunting on their own, but they would be taking on larger prey this time, and only Sarkhan had experience in that aspect. Normally, Amethyst would be with them as well, but she had recently been dropped off at the Breeding Center in order to mate with Marvolo, Keith's Seviper, and she would not be back for a couple of weeks.

They soon found themselves at the nearest park sanctioned by the government specifically for trainer-owned carnivores so they would have a place to get the meat they needed, within reason, of course. It was also a no-capture zone, so the only things to obtain from the zone were experience and food. Many of Hyrem's Pokemon would frequent this park on their own; since hardly any other serious trainer was currently living in Cortoza, the owners didn't mind letting him and his team have free reign of the place for now. This agreement was mutually beneficial: Hyrem could keep his team fed, and the owners wouldn't have to deal with overpopulation of any one species since the variety of his Pokemon alone managed to keep everything in check.

It wasn't long before they could hear what they were looking for: the rumble of thundering hooves could only belong to the herd of Tauros in this particular area. "We've gotta be close!" Hyrem said with optimism. It wasn't until he listened for the direction it was coming from that he began to tense up. "...Ohhhh crud," he cursed to himself. "Guys, run!"

Hyrem and the six Pokemon with him quickly turned around and ran right as the stampede of Tauros were about to bear down on them. Aisa was particularly on the ball with this one as the Scolipede gave herself a boost of Agility before grabbing her trainer from behind and setting him on her back so he could ride her. "Uh, wow, thanks, Aisa!" he said to his Megapede Pokemon. "Scol scol~" she trilled happily before giving him a big wink, eliciting a grimace from him. Ew, that's her way of saying 'You're welcome'? he thought, wondering if Aisa would ever get over her crush on him. (Given the way she barely gave any thought to Chex the Scyther, one of the newbies on the team, that wasn't likely to happen anytime soon.)

Meanwhile, Sarkhan decided he had done enough running from his food and turned off to the side in order to let the herd pass by him. Then, once he was sure his teammates were out of range, he raised his arms up high before pounding the ground, causing a huge Earthquake to ripple through the Tauros, breaking up the herd and forcing them to scatter in many different directions, allowing the Druddigon to spot one of the weaker Tauros to Pursue, an older bull, one less likely to be long for the world anyway. Before the grizzled bull realized what was happening, Sarkhan had latched onto its flank with his claws and sank his Thunder Fang attack into it, causing his prey's body to go numb with paralysis before finishing it off with a Crunch attack to the throat.

Laika looked behind him as he ran and saw Sarkhan's attack as an opportunity of his own, so after picking out a target of his own with Odor Sleuth, he Howled a signal to Silas, to which Silas Howled back before both dogs turned around and used their advantage to dash through different holes in the herd's ranks and attack one in the center. Silas was actually able to Flame Charge off of another Tauros in order to get a slight Speed boost against the intended target before exhaling a quick Smog in order to disorient it. The Tauros didn't get Poisoned, but it still worked as Laika caught it off guard with a Crunch and a Body Slam, allowing Silas to help overwhelm it.

Not to be outdone by his rival, Luke pinpointed a third Tauros and began Charging power as he ran towards it to get a Spark attack on it, but this one shrugged it off and got a little Payback on its attacker, tossing the Luxio into the air...and right onto Aisa's hindquarters, just behind Hyrem! "Great catch, Aisa! Okay, go give that Tauros a Megahorn!" he ordered, to which she lowered her head before her purple horns glowed a dark green with Bug energy as she jabbed them just under the bull's side then flung it behind her with ease, causing that Tauros to fall to the ground unconscious. "Sorry Luke, you'll get it next time, I'm sure!" said Hyrem to his crestfallen Luxio before returning him to his Premier Ball.

Then Hyrem caught sight of Wendy, his Shelgon...running past the Tauros? "Huh? What's Wendy doing?" he asked aloud. "Aisa, let's go follow her!" he ordered, to which she also obeyed, leaving Sarkhan, Laika, and Silas to clean up their kills (the unconscious Tauros was left alone, soon able to recover its injuries and return to its herd). He soon saw her stop at what looked like a watering hole, where the park's larger Pokemon likely stopped to get a drink. Right in the middle of it was a large, red crustacean with blue stripes on its shell and a yellow star on its forehead. "A Crawdaunt!" Hyrem said with wonder. He had seen a group of them briefly when they helped him battle a Kyogre way back when he was adventuring on Whale Island, but now he was seeing that Wendy was likely about to battle, and it looked menacing! Crawdaunt had a bad reputation for just waltzing into an area and taking it over as its territory, killing anything that entered its domain and didn't leave it immediately. It looked like Wendy wanted to take it on, but why? As she Leered at the Crawdaunt, it looked like Crawdaunt wondered the same thing too as it laughed at his Shelgon, likely telling her to leave before it made its threat real, but she refused to back down. Instead, she tried to make her Face Scarier, but this only served to annoy the Rogue Pokemon further as it raised one of its claws up for a Crabhammer attack, though Wendy was ready for it and relied on nothing but her hard shell and a little extra shielding to Protect herself. This Crawdaunt was particularly ruthless, however, and desired to remove such defense from the picture completely: holding the top half of Wendy’s shell in a Vice Grip, and sticking its front legs on the bottom half, it began to pull upward to try prying the shell off of her and leave her completely at its mercy. “Wendy, use Dragon Breath, get that Crawdaunt off you somehow!!” Hyrem desperately gave an order to her as soon as Aisa took him close enough to do so.

But it seemed like it was too late as the Shelgon did nothing while Crawdaunt pulled hard, and a horrific RRRRRRRRIP dominated over the silence before Hyrem and Aisa could see the top part of the shell flung towards them...and to the trained observer (that’s me!) the shell would look like it came off a little too cleanly, but Hyrem was definitely too preoccupied with trying to save Wendy to take notice. “Aisa, Megahorn!” Just like before, Aisa lowered her head before charging in with her horns glowing green, but this time Crawdaunt was ready for the attack and grabbed her horns with its claws, stopping her in her tracks. “Scoli!?” Aisa said, shocked that the Crawdaunt had the guts or the power to grab her like that, and Hyrem prepared for the worst as Crawdaunt twisted its claws and flipped Aisa onto her back, while Hyrem was flung onto the ground. Disoriented, he tried to get back up when he felt something heavy on his leg: it was Aisa’s unconscious body. He was trapped! Worse still, Crawdaunt noticed the human struggle to get out, desperately trying to get away, but the crustacean was looming over him already, and before he could react a claw was opening right over his head, just about to close…

Then a stream of fire interrupted the execution and struck Crawdaunt’s main body, swallowing it in Flames and forcing it to take a few steps back. Where were they Thrown from, though? Right after that, a stream of green flames hit the same Crawdaunt and mixed itself with the red flames from earlier, and whatever used those attacks wasn’t planning on relenting as a large shadow jumped over Aisa and Hyrem and was presumably on the Crawdaunt within seconds. Hyrem could hear nothing but Crunching and Thrashing after that, and he carefully sat up to find a rear view of a large, blue reptile with bony, red wings, six frills jutting out from its cheeks, and a gray armor plating stuck to its underbelly ripping apart what was now a helpless Crawdaunt. As the dragon chowed down on smoked crawdad, Hyrem slowly got his Pokedex out to register it, hoping to avoid getting its attention in the meantime:

Salamence, the Dragon Pokemon, and the evolved form of Shelgon. A Bagon’s desire to fly is ultimately achieved through this evolution developed through a genetic mutation not present when Bagon were first developed. As soon as it realizes it has the ability to fly, it begins to fly all over the place, spewing flames from its mouth and burning an entire area. If ever provoked, it rages beyond control and destroys everything in its path with its claws, teeth, and breath.

As soon as he heard what it was, only one thought popped into his mind. “...W-Wendy?” he muttered softly.

The Salamence raised her head and turned around looking straight at Hyrem and holding what probably used to be the Crawdaunt’s claw, now crushed enough so it fit in the dragon’s mouth. She soon made short work of the claw and swallowed it down very quickly before she again cast her Intimidating gaze on the human before her and began sporting a devious grin. Hyrem soon figured out what she was planning, but he then remembered that his leg was still stuck under Aisa! Nothing could stop the dragon now as she ran up and Slammed the boy to the ground, completely pinning him under her Body. She then inhaled very deeply before exhaling a long, mighty Roar right in Hyrem’s face. Squirming, screaming, kicking, and trying everything he could to escape or otherwise make her stop her terrifying, pointblank bellow, he found himself unable to do anything but plead for his life, completely at the mercy of a dragon.

Then the most remarkable thing happened. As the Salamence caught her breath, Hyrem could’ve sworn he saw her...smiling. At least, that was the last thing he thought he saw before he could see nothing but tongue as she excitedly slobbered his face multiple times. Now it was Hyrem’s turn to catch his breath, though it wouldn’t be until Wendy got off on her own that he would truly be given a break, so until then he decided to congratulate her: “Whew...well, uh, you did it, you finally evolved, and you’re totally scary now, and seriously please don’t eat me…” Wendy gave a soft growl in response before winking, then giving his face one more lick. She wasn’t about to make any promises, and besides, she knew he wouldn’t get scared as easily if she did.

Oh yeah, Wendy had wings now! As soon as she realized this, she spread them out and gave them a few flaps. Once she had gotten used to them, she got off Hyrem before going into a running start and taking flight for her first time. Meanwhile, Hyrem returned Aisa to her Pokeball so he could finally stand up and see Wendy in all her majesty. She soon started Roaring triumphantly, echoing her call across the entire park, to which most Pokemon in the area began looking for areas of safety very quickly; they knew what kind of Pokemon that Roar belonged to, and they didn’t want to be around to find out the kinds of destruction a newly-evolved Salamence could make in these parts. “Well, I guess we’re done for today now that she’s scared everything away,” Hyrem said with sweat dropping down the back of his head. Wendy wasn’t through scaring her trainer out of his wits, however; she descended until she was just above the tall grass, then flew straight at Hyrem. “Whooooa, nonononoNO!!” he screamed as he ran for it but was easily outsped by her as she caught up enough to fling him onto her back, causing him to hold tightly to her neck for dear life. “Waaaaah, slow down, Wendy!! You’re worse than Icarus!!” he tried to order her, but one does not simply give an order to a Dragon-type Pokemon, at least not unless they’ve been trained to. And Wendy? Not even close. It would take a miracle to get Wendy to listen to anything Hyrem said...but that’s another story.
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"Whew, all done! I think the base is finally ready for guests everyone!"

A clamor of voices came from Hyrem's Pokemon as everyone stood outside the cave leading to the boy's base. "Okay, everyone's free to go wherever they want at this point, just be ready to come over if I call for you, got it?" Another mix of Pokemon voices sounded as many of Hyrem's Pokemon went inside, still leaving quite a few Pokemon outside, whether by their own choice or because they were too big to fit through the door. The bigger Pokemon could easily be considered as guarding the base (and I dare anyone to try to break into Hyrem's base with a Druddigon, a Steelix, and a Salamence guarding the door!), while Icarus sat on his roost above the entrance, keeping a vigilant lookout for any danger or potential guests (especially if they had any pretty female birdies with them). Everyone was where they wanted to be, and Hyrem had already called his friends inviting as many as he could to come check out his new home, so all that was left to do was wait for their first guest to arrive...

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When Keith had first learned of the location of his friend Hyrem's Secret Base, his first thought was a less-than-pleasant mental picture of Marvolo, his Seviper, forcibly dragging him the entire way there, and it wasn't too much of a stretch of the imagination, either. However, that turned out to not be an issue- Marvolo, along with his beloved Amethyst, were spending the next two weeks in the Fizzytopia Pokémon Breeding Center. That said, though, Keith knew that it was perfectly possible- nay, likely- that Marvolo would drag him to Hyrem's Secret Base in the future anyway- it had been agreed upon that their offspring would be staying with Hyrem- well, really, with Amethyst is more like it- and if Keith knew Marvolo, he knew that the Seviper was about to have double the reason to want to visit- not just for Amethyst, but also to see their kid.

Of course, even without Marvolo, Keith had since learned that he still wasn't safe from being dragged to Hyrem's Secret Base. Indeed, once Sirius, his Mightyena, learned that Keith was planning to visit Hyrem, he came close to actually dragging his Trainer there himself, given how long it had been since he had last seen Leila. Naturally, he knew he wouldn't be able to get away with not bringing Hebenon, Pomona, or Helena as well. To his surprise, Batrach had also offered to come along- according to Meowth's translations, Batrach rather liked hanging out with Hyrem's Taillow, and wanted to see her friend again. He figured that made all six, but...


"...what do you mean you don't want to come?" Keith asked Meowth. "You do know this is the same Hyrem who owns Selina, right?"

"Yeah," Meowth replied, an air of disinterest in his voice that caught Keith by surprise; usually the mere mention of that Purrloin's name practically turned Meowth's eyes into hearts. "Just do me a favor- if she asks fer me, tell her dat since she's gotten ova me, I've gotten ova her."

"So, wait- you two aren't a thing anymore?" asked Keith.

"Now yer gettin' it," Meowth nodded. "Should'a seen it comin', she hits on just about anytin'," he grumbled as he walked away.


...So instead, Keith looked to Goyle, his Victreebel, whom he knew to have a thing for Daphne, Hyrem's Nuzleaf, but the Victreebel, to his surprise, was busy- as it transpired, he, along with a number of the team's other carnivores, were busy planning a surprise party for Marvolo for once he and Amethyst had their child- they were gonna busy the whole day. However, as Meowth and Helena so helpfully translated, Keith was to inform Daphne that Goyle missed her very much. Also, the carnivorous members of the team unanimously decided Keith's sixth Pokémon for him- they all pleaded with him, with Meowth and Helena's translations helping things along, to take Dudley with him- the Slowbro's dimwittedness did not make for the best party-planning atmosphere.

"Don't worry," Helena was saying to Keith- he was walking across the warm landscape of Cortoza, with Helena, his Shuppet and older sister, floating beside him. "I'm sure Daphne will understand why Goyle couldn't make it."

Keith nodded. "I certainly hope so," he replied. "I'm hoping she'd take it better than Amethyst would if I couldn't take Marvolo to see her for whatever reason."

"Well, almost anyone would," Helena replied, eliciting a chuckle from Keith.

"True," he admitted. "Hey, why didn't you ask to bring Joy?" he added suddenly, realizing that the Audino's Poké Ball wasn't on either of their persons. "You two are usually inseparable."

"She's training with Hannah," replied Helena, referring to Keith's female Qwilfish. "She says she wants to work on her Surf and Ice Beam attacks, and Hannah was more than happy to volunteer."

Keith nodded. "That sounds like Hannah, all right," he agreed. "Hey, I think we're getting close," he added, before looking up at the sky. "Batrach, we almost there?" he called.

From high up in the sky, a grey bird nodded as she could spot their destination not too far ahead. "Unfez, unfez!" she trilled, before taking off towards the place. Keith and Helena, seeing this, hastened to follow the Unfezant.

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Jellicent More visitors?

From the Ignatius River, those watching from land and sea can spot a strange creature plummeting down the waterfall towards Hyrem's secret base: large, translucent and difficult to discern against the deep blue water, a spherical head supports a golden foxlike figure in its descent to the base of the waterfall. With barely a splash upon landing, the giant jellyfish emerges on the base of the mountain, appearing to be holding a water-logged parcel with gifts of some kind. The golden fox dismounts her faithful companion, bowing with a respectful Nine nine, which the creature acknowledges with a distinguished bow in turn. Making their way over to the door, the blue creature knocks thrice, definitively, with an ominous, yet oddly jovial laugh, deep and distinctive:

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Steelix Old Friends Drop By! What Wendy Considers Guard Duty!

Resting his head on his coils close by the door, Kilogram watched as two Pokemon he had never seen before approached the base and tensed up for a moment, wondering if these Pokemon had hostile intentions, but near the giant Steelix was Sarkhan, who recognized the Ninetales's scent despite it being a while since he had seen her. "Cool it, Kilo," the Druddigon grunted softly to Kilogram, "these two're a'ight." He then turned to the two visitors and smirked. "Yo, long time no see. He's inside; go ahead 'n knock, I'll let ya surprise 'im."

Meanwhile, inside, Hyrem was sitting on the couch downstairs when he heard three knocks on the door, then Laika running towards it, barking at whoever was out there as usual, though the Mightyena seemed more excited about it this time. It was then that Hyrem heard a peculiar laugh; while certainly deeper, it could only belong to one Pokemon. He opened the door to find a large Jellicent floating alongside a Ninetales, and he couldn't help but recognize them. "Bedivere! Aislyn! How have you been? I haven't seen you in a while! So if you two are here that means Marion's with you, right?" Laika stood by Hyrem, panting excitedly and glancing up at him occasionally, wondering when he would be allowed to visit with Aislyn.


As for Icarus, he hadn't noticed the commotion below, for he was fixated on a beautiful Unfezant flying towards the mountain. She had to have seen him, right? Well, even if she didn't, he would make sure she did by introducing himself, so he took off from his roost and soared over to her. "Hello, gorgeous~" he trilled with a wink. "The name's Icarus, what brings you out here today?"

Down below, Wendy had been taking a light nap while guarding the roadway leading to Hyrem's base when she could smell the presence of a human crossing her path, and she opened her eyes to find that it was a trainer with a cowboy hat and a Shuppet running towards the part of the road where she was. She recognized the young man from her outing with Hyrem in the bar back when she was a Shelgon, but she had evolved recently enough that he might not have been warned by Hyrem about her...this could be her chance to scare the pants off of him! She grinned a little before jumping out from the brush and blocking the young man's path, Roaring at him and the Shuppet and hoping that her ambush caught them off guard...

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As Batrach neared the mountain, she noticed a Skarmory flying her way. She recognized him from the Park- it was Icarus, one of Mia's teammates- but Icarus didn't seem to recognize her. Of course, she had evolved into Unfezant since they had last met, that would do it, of course... Still, she figured she'd at least see if Icarus would remember her. "Hi, Icarus," cawed Batrach. "You remember me, right? Is Mia around?" She knew of Icarus's tendency to hit on anything with feathers, so she'd be amused to see whether he'd actually remember her.


Meanwhile, as Keith and Helena drew closer, they could spot a couple of Pokémon already being greeted by Hyrem at his front door. Keith frowned in concentration- one of them was a male Jellicent, he knew. His first thought was that it could be Ethan's Jellicent, but then he spotted the Ninetales, and something clicked into place in his mind.

"Hey-" Helena began. "Are those-"

"-Bedivere and Aislyn? I think they might be," Keith finished, his eyes widening. "Bedivere must've evolved. And if they're here, that must mean Marion's here. And if Marion's here, then maybe, just maybe-"

But before Keith could finish this hopeful thought (though judging by his rapidly rising levels of hopefulness and eagerness, Helena had a shrewd idea just what this thought was), he was distracted by the minor detail of the large blue winged dragon jumping out in front of him and roaring menacingly. "WAH!" Keith exclaimed, having jumped what had to be a foot in the air at this decidedly unexpected spectacle. "What the hell-" he began, taking out his Pokédex and aiming it at the creature.

"Salamence, the Dragon Pokémon, and the evolved form of Shelgon," droned the device. "Salamence's wings are said to be the result of a chemical reaction to the Bagon's strong desire to fly. If it is enraged, it attacks with sharp claws and burning flames."

Keith stared at the Salamence. He hadn't figured that he'd have to fight a damn dragon en route to his friend's Secret Base, but fortunately, he came prepared all the same. Keith plucked a Poké Ball off his belt and hit the button, bringing it to full size with a whirring sound. "Dudley, I choose you! Go!" Keith shouted, throwing the ball, which split open to unleash a bright blue Slowbro on the ground before him.

"Sloooow," yawned Dudley. As he yawned, several blue stars swirled around him, accompanied by a distinctive sparkling noise, the universal sign of a Shiny Pokémon. Dudley stared vacantly at the Salamence before him, oblivious to any danger. The Shellder on his tail, on the other hand, reacted quite differently; Kenny's eyes bulged and he muffled urgently, the spiral shell shuddering and wobbling violently as he tried to catch Dudley's attention.

"Keith, wait," Helena said suddenly. "Didn't you hear the Pokédex? Salamence is the evolved form of Shelgon."

"The evolved form of-" Keith began, before the meaning of what Helena was saying sank in. "...Right. Hyrem had a Shelgon, that day at the Bar," he remembered. "You think this Salamence and that Shelgon are one and the same?"

"I think so," Helena nodded. "Especially since I'm not sensing any anger from this one... it's just trying to get a reaction out of you. I've spent enough time around Myrtle to know exactly what that tastes like. Dudley, Kenny, it's OK," Helena added to the Slowbro. "The Salamence is just trying to scare us." Dudley did not react, though Keith could have sworn he heard Kenny give a relieved sigh.

Keith leaned off to his side, closer to Helena. "And Kenny is...?" he muttered.

"The Shellder on Dudley's tail," Helena whispered back. "Luna told us his name. Apparently he's pleasant to talk to, but gets a bit impatient with Dudley sometimes."

"Ah," nodded Keith. Then, he stepped forward to address the Salamence. Now that he was at least reasonably sure that this Dragon-type belonged to Hyrem, he didn't feel quite so scared (though he still made sure Dudley was in front of him, just in case). "So, you must be Wendy, then," Keith said to the Salamence, switching to Shuppet language. "I gotta admit, you had me pretty scared there. Congratulations on evolving."

"Could you please let us through?" Helena added.

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Jellicent Where are you going? Where have you been?

The door of the Secret Base opens to reveal its owner, who greets them excitedly and asks as to how they've been. Aislyn returns the greeting by sashaying up to Hyrem's hand, nuzzling it gently as if to encourage him to provide some affection. Her regal partner bows respectfully, addressing the trainer in human language; "Sir Hyrem, it is such a pleasure to see you once again. You seem to have grown since last we've laid eyes on you! I do hope you have been eating well in my absence, ohohohoho~" A twinkle sparks in the Jellicent's eye. "Indeed, I have grown a touch, myself."

The large blue jellyfish begins to present his gift, but at the mention of Marion, he freezes. Aislyn, too, despite her perpetual and intense warmth, seems to momentarily grow cold. The pair of Pokemon look out in the distance, as if scanning the horizon for anyone following them, before exchanging a meaningful glance, deep with an emotion that seems difficult to discern. Bedivere eventually breaks the glance and looks back down at Hyrem, and though his smile remains plastered on his face, his jolly demeanor seems slightly shaken.

"Sir Hyrem... May we come in?"
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The Second Set of Guests Arrive! Everyone Always Wants Something...

As Icarus drew closer to the Unfezant, it seemed like she recognized him, and it dawned on him that this was the Tranquill he met back at the park with Mia, and when she asked if he remembered her he answered with a wink: "I've always remembered you in my dreams~" In hindsight, that was rather vague, but he continued, "Oh yeah, Mia? She's probably done with her fly-by meal and should be back any minute now. Wanna go share a roost? We could get to know each other a lil' more while we wait for her~"


Wendy's scare tactic worked like a charm against this silly man in a cowboy hat, even frightening him enough for him to consider battle against her using some purple hippo with a gold conch biting its tail. Aaaaand the stupid Shuppet beside the man had to go and spoil the fun by pointing out that they met her as a Shelgon. She got a little surprise of her own when the man began speaking in the same tongue that the Shuppet did; pretty impressive for a human. At the Shuppet's request to let them pass, Wendy brought a claw to her chin in a fake pondering pose. "I dunno. I might let you through...if you pay the toll." At these last words, the Salamence patted her armored belly, a clear hint at looking for something to eat. She wasn't particularly hungry since she had just this morning driven off a pair of Altaria from their nest and looted the contents left behind, but she also wasn't one to turn down the chance at an offering from whoever crossed her path.


Hyrem was certainly happy that the part of Aislyn that had always wanted his affection hadn't changed, and he quelled her desires by kneeling down so he was at eye level with her before scratching her chin with his right hand, then petting her head with his left hand. Meanwhile, after Bedivere comments on Hyrem's growth, as well as his own, Hyrem replied, "Yeah, you sure have! Congrats on evolving, Bedivere! As for how well I eat...well, I'm usually more worried about my Pokemon's hunger than mine..." he said nervously.

All of a sudden, both the demeanor of Bedivere as well as Aislyn took a peculiar change, and right as Hyrem mentioned their trainer's name. "Um, are you okay?" Hyrem asked them; Laika joined in with a whimper and tilted his head to the side as he too was confused by the abrupt shift in expressions the Jellicent and Ninetales shared. It was then that Bedivere asked Hyrem if they could be allowed inside his base. "Uh, sure," he said slowly, "it might be a little tight for you, Bedivere, but you should still fit through the doorway...are you sure you're okay?" he asked again, walking through the door himself to let the two Pokemon in while Laika waited on the inside for them to enter. He had never seen Aislyn like this before, and he couldn't help but worry that something was wrong. Very wrong.

At that moment, Hyrem caught sight of Wendy right in the middle of the road leading to his base, and it looked like she was blocking someone. "WENDY!" he shouted to his Salamence in a scolding manner. "I told you not to scare everyone off like you're doing! Now out of the way, or you'll be going in your ball for the rest of the day!" Wendy let a slight snarl of annoyance escape her lips, she was just about to get a free handout from the silly man too! But, whenever Hyrem threatened to put her in her Dragon Ball, she knew he meant business, for he had backed up his threat on more than one occasion. So, with reluctance, she turned around and stepped off to the side before sitting down to let Keith and his Pokemon through, but not before throwing a defiant stare at her trainer.

"I swear, that dragon is gonna get me in trouble one day, and I really don't wanna clean up whatever mess she makes," he mutters to himself before he looks up to see that his guest turned out to be Keith, along with Helena and what looked like a strangely colored Slowbro. "Hey Keith, glad you could make it!" Hyrem waved at him. "Is that Dudley? Cool! I've never seen a shiny Slowbro up close! Also hi, Helena!" Nearby, Sarkhan had caught Keith's scent and stood in front of Hyrem, hoping a certain flower girl was brought along for the visit.
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Batrach found herself rather amused as Icarus managed to give a vague answer to her question that also counted as flirting. "In your dreams, huh?" she replied. Icarus then continued, stating that Mia would likely be back any minute now, and asked if they could get to know each other a little more while they waited. "All right, we could get to know each other a little better, I guess," Batrach replied. "Let's start with, in those dreams of yours, do you happen to remember my name?"

As Keith and Helena asked for Wendy to let them pass, Wendy brought a claw to her chin as though thinking about it (though Keith had the shrewd idea that her mind was already made up one way or another). She then gave a reply as she patted her armored belly. Keith might not understand Salamence language, but the whole belly patting thing was more or less universal- she wanted something to eat.

"Apparently, she might let us through if we pay the toll," Helena translated for Keith.

"And the toll, I'm guessing, is something to eat," Keith sighed. He supposed there were one or two edible things in his backpack, but he really didn't feel like forking any of it over to the Dragon/Flying-type before him. And the only ones he wouldn't have a problem getting rid of were a couple of special Pokéblock, themed after various holidays, all of them well past their expiration date, and Keith sincerely doubted Wendy would thank him for those. Hell, the only reason he didn't throw them away was because he figured they might come in handy at some point- he kept them sealed in plastic bags so the smell didn't bother anybody. And they were sealed up pretty well, too- even Hermione, Keith's Weedle, couldn't tell he still had them, and it was a little-known fact that Weedle had a highly acute sense of smell, on par with that of the likes of Arcanine and Mightyena. It was one of the contributing factors in Hermione's decision to not evolve- Kakuna and Beedrill had a decidedly average sense of smell in contrast to that of a Weedle, and Hermione didn't feel like losing out on such a useful trait.

At that moment, however, Hyrem shouted scoldingly to the Salamence, ordering her to let them through and threatening to withdraw her to her ball for the remainder of the day. And he sounded like he meant it, too, and Wendy knew it, for she grudgingly stepped aside, shooting a defiant glare at Hyrem as she did so. Hyrem then waved at Keith, remarking on how cool Dudley looked. Keith smiled- he realized this must be the first time Hyrem ever saw Dudley, evolved or otherwise.

"Hey, Hyrem," Keith greeted as he, Dudley, and Helena approached him. "Looks like Wendy evolved, huh? I gotta say, a Salamence, that's not a bad way to guard your Secret Base. Though Helena's pretty sure Wendy wouldn't have actually harmed us, whereas Ginny on the other hand..." he sighed, thinking about his Pawniard, who so often took it upon herself to guard Keith's Secret Base. "...Let's just say there's a couple of door-to-door Poké Gear salesmen that are lucky to be alive," he chuckled weakly. "Anyway, yeah, Dudley evolved," he added, changing the subject to that of his Shiny Slowbro. "Pretty cool, huh? We were at the beach one day when a wild Kingler got ahold of Pisces, so Dudley here dug up a Shellder that was half-buried on the beach and let it clamp down on his tail so he could evolve and save her.

"Hi, Hyrem," added Helena, smiling happily.

"Mmph, mmph," nodded the Shellder on Dudley's tail.

"Ah, right, and this is Kenny," Keith added, gesturing to aforementioned Shellder. Oh, yeah- Batrach evolved too, did you see?" he added, pointing up to where his Unfezant was currently talking to Hyrem's Skarmory. "That one happened during the Pokéringer competition in Breeze Town, we were up against the returning champion and his male Unfezant, and Batrach was just awesome," he grinned.

At that point, a blue and red dragon approached them, standing in front of Hyrem. Keith grinned at the sight- he had a feeling he knew exactly what this Druddigon was after here.

"Hey, Sarkhan," Keith grinned, already reaching for a Poké Ball on his belt. "I get the feeling I know who you're hoping to see. She's hoping to see you, too, so I see no sense in keeping either of you waiting any longer," he concluded, throwing the ball into the air and unleashing Pomona, his Ivysaur, who smiled happily as she saw Hyrem, but especially as she saw Sarkhan.

"Hi! Hi, Sarkhan," Pomona smiled. "Wow, you look stronger than ever," she added admiringly. "I'm getting stronger, too, check out what I can do now!" With that, Pomona reared up, her front legs glowing bright green, then stomped the ground with them. From where her feet touched the ground, a green aura spread out in every direction, and lush, green grass sprouted out of the ground all around them as a result of the Grassy Terrain attack. Anyone standing on said grass would quickly find themselves feeling oddly refreshed, and Pomona knew that any Grass-type moves she used while standing on this grass would be more powerful than usual. Indeed, Keith let out a contented sigh as he stood on the Grassy Terrain.

Before Keith could say anything else, the remaining two Poké Balls on Keith's belt burst open, and before he knew it, a Qwilfish and a Mightyena were looking up expectantly at Hyrem, and Keith knew why as well. "Heh," he chuckled. "Seems like Sirius and Hebenon realized just where we are, too. I'm guessing Leila and Delilah are inside?" he asked Hyrem. "Speaking of inside, that Jellicent and Ninetales I saw, was that Bedivere and Aislyn? Is Marion here, too?" he added. Helena said nothing, but looked a bit concerned. She was looking forward to seeing Michael again, but she could've sworn she tasted some kind of emotion that... didn't seem right, coming off of the Jellicent and Ninetales at some point. She couldn't put her finger on it, but she got the impression that something wasn't right.

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Winter's Peak! The Harvester and the Angel!

{Just a little something I wanted to post that's separate from the current base storylines...I say "current", but the stuff above has gone a whole year without being resolved, so feel free to make a new visit if you want!}

The chill seemed like it grew to its height, at least as high as Hyrem felt like it could possibly go in Cortoza as nighttime had completely fallen on the base, the moon full and high in the sky. Not all of his Pokemon that would normally be outside were there to greet him when he approached the door, namely the large Grass-types and Dragon-types (and Aisa) that were hardly a fan of the cold and who were either too big to fit through the door and were instead kept cozy inside their respective Pokeballs or were small enough to be inside where they could be out and about to their heart’s content and still stay warm. Those who were outside to see him were Brittany, who had recently had her fill of birthday gifts, Kenna, whose fiery mane was burning with less intensity than usual as she kept some of her heat on internal reserve, and Kilogram, always vigilant and had a protective, metal coating to help him resist the cold. After allowing Brittany to blow raspberries in his face and revealing to Kenna the spicy cinnamon candy he hid in his pocket, he opened the door only to have his furrier Pokemon, led by Laika, knock him down to the ground and give him various amounts of licks and nuzzles before he was allowed inside.

Heading downstairs, another “ambush” awaited, this one full of scales, coils, and wet skin as his other Pokemon greeted him in a similar way to the Pokemon upstairs, until he finally got to the pool where Delilah, Nami, and the other Water Pokemon would normally stay. Instead, at the edge of the pool were two of Hyrem’s most beloved Pokemon, Sera and Ulysses, sitting next to each other, their feet dipping into the pool as they were talking before noticing their trainer, the Kirlia standing up and the Frillish floating off the ground. “Well, you two seem to be enjoying yourselves!” he commented before touching both of their faces. “Kir kirlia!” Sera gave a gentle cry of measured joy, while Ulysses giggled a bit at the touch. “Okay everyone! You know what tomorrow is, so let’s get ready for another round of gifts by getting a good night’s sleep-”

He could barely finish before he started wobbling, which caused concern in most of the team who were watching. “Uh...I need to...get to bed too...before…” And with that, what seemed to be exhaustion overtook him as his body toppled into the water. Thankfully, Nami was there to lift him out, though he was heavier this time than the Lapras was used to, and she made this known to her teammates. Sera began to scan her trainer’s mind like she always did, but this time she could find nothing. ...As in, not a single thing in his mind, as if it had...shut down. Her moderate level of concern soon rose drasticly, and she began scanning his aura until she found a dark presence in it...one that looked back.

A presence...with eyes.


Everything felt cold. Wet. Slow. And underneath his prone body...coarseness. All of these sensations were familiar, they reminded of dark times in a dome deep underwater with eyes everywhere on the inside. Only this time, it felt more open, no building surrounding Hyrem, just open water in every direction except below him, the sand absorbing his touch as he felt it on the floor around him. Then, a voice, just as familiar, also coming from everywhere at once and resonating throughout the water and his body:

Now is the time...the barriers between life and death are at their thinnest...I will rise again!!

“You!?” Hyrem was shocked to hear the voice of the Harvester of Eyes as he recognized it, and it was at this moment that he opened his own eyes. Looming over his body was a Mantine, but not a costume. This one looked real...and gigantic, about 2-3 times his own size. Where its appearance grew grotesque were the openings throughout its body resembling empty eye sockets, just like the costume he met back in Phantom Isle. “You’re supposed to be dead!” he said to the Mantine. “And Ariel was supposed to take your place!”

She would make for a good substitute, the voice spoke as the Mantine lowered itself towards Hyrem’s prone body, presumably to pin him down. He tried to swim away, but he found himself weighed down into the sand, unable to move, unable to escape the smothering embrace of the mutated ray’s body as the voice spoke again: But the ideal host for a Harvester is a human...a living human~ His voice grew too muffled to speak, and all he could do was struggle feebly and listen to the monologue: You and those silly children took everything from me. EVERYTHING that I had worked towards...now I must start over. But start over I will...and I will use the flesh of my enemies to regain the power I once knew, and beyond!! And it all...starts...with you~

It was at this point that Hyrem noticed the abnormal Mantine’s lips positioned directly over his face, and he could barely see them open before his entire head was drawn into its mouth and sealed tightly around his neck. Instinctively, he closed his eyes since he figured that was what the Harvester was after, but the vacuum pressing against his face was intense, and he feared it was only a matter of time before the lids protecting his eyes would be forced open and the eyes popped out of their sockets. Worse still, his arms were too heavy to even move--particularly under the weight of the monster--much less be used to try and pry himself out. Above all, the most frightening part about it was that none of his Pokemon were around to help him out. Was this really the end? After going through so much to get away from the Harvester’s lair back in Phantom Isle, was it truly this impossible to escape her gaze?


The cries of the pained Harvester rang loud in his mind as the body of the Mantine jostled about, still able to hold his head in its mouth for a while until whatever pain it was in was too much to bear, at which point it spat his head out and he was able to see what was going on. A bright beam of what could best be described as pure moonlight was coursing through the monster’s body, while at the same time a strange blue light surrounded it as it was lifted completely off the trainer’s body. He looked to find the source of these attacks only to find a being surrounded by light, the details of the body too vague to describe. The voice, however, was unmistakeable: I have not met you before, but I know who you are. If I had the chance to face you when my master fought you, you would not have been so successful in invading his soul. However, this is the time for my powers to be at their full extent. You will not harm master in his mind or soul ever again, I will make sure of that!

And with that, a vortex appeared out of seemingly nowhere, drawing the abomination in. Grrrraaaaah, this isn’t over!! Tell your blue jellyfish friend that his sister is mine now, and I will return to end you and your precious friends once and for all!

“Just try it!!” shouted Hyrem, the weight lifted off his body so he was able to stand in whatever realm this was. “We’ll be ready, and we’ll make sure Ariel’s sacrifice wasn’t in vain!” One final shriek from the monster, and the vortex closed, shutting it out for good.


Hyrem soon awoke with a gasp and coughed out whatever water was in his lungs, sitting up at the edge of the pool and taking a while to catch his breath again. It was then that he heard the same voice echo in his mind: Master, are you alright?
“Who...who’s talking?” he asked, lifting his head up to see what was in front of him.

Next to Ulysses sat a beautiful creature that appeared much like a woman in a white dress except she had green hair and arms, red eyes, and red protrusions jutting out from her chest and back. “Is it...really you, Sera?” he asked again before taking out his Pokedex to register the new form his beloved partner had seemingly taken:

Gardevoir, the Embrace Pokemon, and the evolved form of Kirlia. A Pokemon with powerful psychic abilities, it uses these powers to levitate itself, move any object at will, and even predict the future. These powers are magnified once it has bonded with a trainer, and it will make its main purpose in life to protect that trainer. It has even been reported to create a black hole that banishes everything endangering its trainer to oblivion, but it does this only as a last resort.

He looked up again at the Gardevoir and heard the voice once more: Yes, it is me.

Tears formed in his eyes, and he could only look at her with pride at what she had become. “Sera...you did it...you finally did it!” He soon hugged his Gardevoir which she returned while all the surrounding Pokemon cheered in relief that their trainer was still alive and that their leader had evolved (Amethyst merely smirked and hissed in acknowledgement, “It’s about time.”). Suddenly, Hyrem had to catch himself from collapsing once again. “Whew...I’m fine. We’ll have to see what kind of new powers you got later, Sera. Right now...I’m beat.”

“Merry Christmas, everyone.”
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"Marv?" said Keith, sounding remarkably calm, especially considering the situation. "Marv, now, I know you're excited to see them again. But lemme ask you something- have I ever, even just once, been opposed to the idea of you getting to see your family?"

"Not so much, no," conceded Marvolo.

"See, that's what I thought," stated Keith. "And, uh, if I may, a little follow-up question- doesn't Salazar move just as fast as you do?"

"I suppose so," the Seviper nodded.

"So essentially, me riding Salazar would get us to Hyrem's base at a speed that you yourself would be agreeable with, then?" asked Keith.

"One might say that," said Marvolo.

"I see," said Keith. "So, with all that in mind... Marvolo, why in the Distortion World are you DRAGGING ME ALONG THE GROUND?!?!"

Indeed, this entire conversation had taken place while Marvolo was determinedly making his way towards the Secret Base of Hyrem, a friend of Keith's, and more to the point, the Trainer who owned a pair of Seviper Marvolo was proud to call his family- his beloved Amethyst and their daughter Kinana. And Marvolo wasn't alone, of course, he had Wrapped his coils around one of the legs of one Keith Masters, a rather proficient Poison-type Trainer, and was dragging him along for the ride, whether he liked it or not. Of course, Keith had no objection to coming along, with Hyrem being a friend of his- his objections lay solely in Marvolo's preferred means of transportation. Thankfully, he was not in danger of harm- Helena, one of Keith's Banette, had been present when Marvolo set off, and she was using Psychic to hold Keith aloft as Marvolo sped off, ensuring that he was not at any point actually dragged along the ground.

"Because you didn't have Salazar on hand when I wanted to leave," Marvolo said simply. "You know that when I want to leave, we leave, and no later!"

"It would have taken me all of two seconds to get his Poké Ball out of the PC and send him out," retorted Keith. "And I would've had Salazar use Agility to make up for any lost time. Look, Marv, I'm not gonna be too hard on you about this- at least not this time, anyway. But just bear in mind the things I said for next time, that's all I ask."

"Fine, fine," Marvolo stated. He couldn't be bothered to argue the point much longer- Hyrem's Secret Base was coming into view.

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Right outside the base, the door open like it always was when Hyrem was home, sat Amethyst as she wasn't going to trust anyone but herself to watch for the arrival of her mate (and of course the silly bag of flesh he would drag along with him), and as he approached she slithered up to him and cooed, "Marv, so good to see you again~" She then flicked her tongue out to take in any new scents Marvolo may have picked up and had to ask about them. "Ooo, something smells different...you didn't happen to catch something interesting in your coils, did you?"

"AMETHYST!!" shouted Hyrem from inside before Marvolo could answer her.
"Oh good, our daughter has finally made her first 'catch'~ Shall we go see~?"

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Marvolo smiled as his beloved Amethyst slithered up to meet him. Then and only then did Marvolo stop and release his hold on Keith, allowing the Poison-type Trainer to stand back up. He gave a nod to Amethyst as a respectful yet fearless greeting before dusting himself off.

Marvolo hissed his pleasure at Amethyst's words. "Not nearly as good as it is to see you again, Amy," he responded. He grinned at her question, as well. "As a matter of fact, I-" he began before Hyrem shouted for Amethyst from within the Secret Base. Marvolo was about to ask what this was about, when Amethyst provided the answer. Marvolo's eyes lit up at the prospect of their daughter having made her first catch. "She's growing up so fast..." he murmured. "Yes, of course, let's see," he agreed.

"Yeesh," sighed Keith as he finally dusted himself off.

"You OK, little brother?" Helena asked, the Banette's blue eyes full of concern.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Keith nodded, with a smile at Helena. "Got you to thank for that, really. So, what say we go inside, see if Hyrem needs any help? Between his scream and what Amethyst said, I'm getting the feeling Kinana's causing some trouble in there."

"Sure," nodded the Banette, and so they followed the pair of Seviper inside.

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