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Seth's Personal Journal


Name: Seth Rosenthal
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Class: Scholar (Normal Major|Psychic Minor|Fighting Weakness)
Appearance: Seth has a slim but solid build and stands at a height of about five feet, five inches. His head is topped by a mess of thick brown hair, the slightest of curls appearing here and there. His eyes are a blue-grey color save for the small radius of brown in the top right section of his right eye. The lower portion of his face is obscured by a thick beard that always looks like it needs a little bit of maintenance. Seth's usual attire consists of a blue sweater with horizontal white stripes on top, a pair of brown chinos on the bottom, and a pair of white canvas sneakers on his feet. In colder weather, he'll adopt a black vest over his sweater. He wears a silver watch on his left wrist and a silver ring on his right middle finger. Seth carries his possessions, including several of his favorite books and notebooks to write in, in a black corduroy backpack.
Personality: Seth has always been an intellectual type. He always did well in school without having to try too hard. While he wasn't unpopular, he also didn't go out too much. He's not naive and he's not a recluse, but he can oftentimes find himself in situations where he has no practical experience and does not know what to do. This, however, does not stop him from being unabashedly optimistic. He always manages to find a way to spin a situation in his favor and never fails to find the humor in something. He also doesn't particularly enjoy being alone for an extended period of time, which is why he decided to become a Pokemon trainer.
Background: Seth grew up in the Hoenn region, tucked safely away from the Disasters that rocked Kanto and Johto a decade ago. In other words, his childhood was fairly normal. Only child, lived with his parents, went to school. Upon finishing high school, he decided to pursue an education at the little-known Lavaridge College, a small but selective liberal arts school. Now having completed his studies there, Seth's decided to spend some time journeying around the Kanto and Johto regions, doing what he can to help others while simultaneously studying the effects of the Disasters on the environment and the Pokemon that live there.
Starter Group: 6


Name: Shoshana
Species: Ralts
Level: 5
Gender: Female
Type: Psychic|Fairy
Ability: Trace
Nature: Quiet
Ball: Pokeball
Obtained: Starter
Mood: 50
Level-Up Moves: Growl, Confusion
Egg Moves: Shadow Sneak
Technical Moves:
Tutor Moves:
Hidden Moves:
Custom Moves:
--Lv20--> --Lv30-->

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Items Pocket:
x01 Escape Rope
Medicine Pocket:
x03 Potions
x01 Revive
Berries Pouch:
x02 Oran Berries
x02 Cheri Berries
x02 Chesto Berries
x02 Pecha Berries
x02 Rawst Berries
x02 Aspear Berries
Balls Pocket:
x06 Pokeballs
Mail Pocket:
x02 Steel Mail
Key Items:
x01 Fishing Pole
x01 TM Case
x01 Berry Pouch
x01 Pokegear w/ Phone Card
x01 Pokedex
Awaiting Pickup:
x2 Rare Candies
x1 Candy Egg - A candy egg embued with special properties. Feeding it to a Pokémon will allow them to remember an Egg Move of your choice.
x1 Deluxe Candy -This strange candy, wrapped in a gold wrapper, has a luxurious and magnificent taste. It seems to evoke a strange feeling in certain Pokémon, allowing them to learn a move only available through Events, purification, the Dream World or similar, limited-time circumstances.
x1 Complex Candy - A candy with a complex flavor that triggers a response in the Pokémon who eats it, teaching them a single move that they could naturally learn via TM.

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