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Chachi | Water, Lvl. 12 (Holding Mystic Water)
With his hardy nature, Chachi is a natural born leader. He’s been with Latte the longest, and so has a special bond with her. Because of his pride and natural quirks as a Piplup, Chachi frequently insists doing things on his own, refusing help from anyone, even his trainer. He is quick to act, and his stubbornness has a tendency to inconvenience him. Although initially apprehensive of new people, Chachi eventually warms up to them and offers assistance whenever he can.
Starter Pokémon
Moves: Pound, Growl, Bubble, Agility, Icy Wind, Hydro Pump, Surf, Blizzard
Level-up history:
5 to 8
8 to 10
10 to 12

Mina | Psychic/Fighting, Lvl. 10
A Psychic Pokemon, Mina is capable of human speech. Also a part Fighting-type, Mina is determined, training rigorously, which may get her overworked. Though she gets distracted a lot during her training, Mina wills herself to stay focused. As such, she calculates her moves, and increasingly makes sharp awareness of her surroundings. She enjoys engaging in battle, as she sees it as an extension of her training.
Moves: Bide, Blow-Back (Special), Fire Shield (Special), Meditate, Drain Punch, Psycho Cut
Level-up history:
1 to 4
4 to 7
7 to 10

Sana | Water/Ice, Lvl. 6
Spheals are known to be familial, so Sana tends to be very warm and sociable. She's difficult to enter in battle, only because she refuses to see other Pokemon in pain. Given that, she would rather use her movepool as an extension of her abilities or for show. She likes to collect things, and tends to get possessive. She often gets attached to new people or Pokemon she meets, but her loyalty always remains to her trainer.
Moves: Defense Curl, Powder Snow, Growl, Water Gun, Aqua Ring, Signal Beam, Yawn, Water Pulse, Ice Beam, Aqua Tail, Frosted Flake Fall (Special)
Level up history:
1 to 4
4 to 6

Dahyun | Normal, Lvl. 3
Dahyun’s every waking moment is playtime. Her naivety comes with her youth, and her attention shifts so easily. She enjoys running around and chasing things, and is always occupied with an activity. As a result of frequently moving about, it’s not difficult for Dahyun to be given a task, as she gives it her all to accomplish it. She’s especially motivated with rewards, as she has eyes on prizes, but this doesn’t make her at all spoiled.
Moves: Fake Out, Growl, Tail Whip, Tackle, Tickle
Level up history:
1 to 3

Hold Items
Miracle Seed 1
Nevermeltice 1
His Heart Pendant 1
Her Heart Pendant 1

Vitamins/Drinks/Heal Items
Soda Pops 5
Moo Moo Milk 5
Full Heal 5
Halloween Candy 1

Evolution Items
Leaf Stone 1

Lure Ball 1
Poké Balls 4 5 5
Christmas Poke Ball 1
2017 New Year Ball 1
Pink Cyber Ball 1
Valentines Ball 1

Mysterious Gummis 2 3

Berry Bag x
Cheri Berry 1
Leppa Berry 1
Micle Berry 1
Rowap Berry 1
Salac Berry 1
Watmel Berry 1
Grepa Berry 1
Qualot Berry 3
Starf Berry 1
Razz Berry 1

Pokéblock Case x
Green Pokeblock 1

TM Solar Beam 1
TM Attract 1
TM Return 1

Key Items
Backpack x
Pokédex x
Fishing Rod x

Profile x Café Latte x Wishlist x Secret Base (soon!)

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