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I personally would prefer to have at least a standard set of TMs that are available always (perhaps current Gen TMs?), and maybe a rotating stock. Also, if we're going to rotate anything, please, please, please, have them rotate on a set schedule so you aren't just saving up forever in hopes of something appearing and it never does.

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Yes to purchaseable TMs, and a set + rotating stock sounds good.
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I'm all for buyable TMs as well. A set stock, plus some that rotate, works for me. As long as all TMs are in the rotation, of course- I'd hate to be saving up for when TM Teleport goes on sale only to never get a chance to buy it.

Also, and this may just be me, but... any chance of bringing back those three TMs from that one event? TMs Shadow Force, Dark Void, and Seed Flare? Naturally I would think if we brought those back that they'd be rather more expensive than most other TMs, but all the same, I do love the idea of getting to make use of them once again.

Also, as much as I love the idea of making one purchase and being able to teach Sludge Wave to anything ever indefinitely, if we had to choose between reusable TMs or TMs being compatible with everything, I'd pick the latter without hesitation.

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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post
I understand your reasoning, though I personally would infinitely prefer reusable over universal TMs, I won't argue. Any opinion on the rest of the suggestions?
I'm personally (not speaking for the others here) fine with a lot of the current suggestions. Buyable TMs would be a good thing and I'm okay with having a set stock and a rotation of TMs as well. The set stock won't be just current Gen TMs, because GF has been very fickle with their TM lists as of late and I would prefer that the set stock remain set in stone instead of TMs being moved out or in because GF decided it hated Roost this generation again.

I really don't want to bring back the legend move TMs. That rankles me.

I do want people to consider modest price increases in places like the Move Tutor and the Adoption Center as well.

Finally, when it comes to more options, I do want to bring the TCG back for like 20% this reason. There is no intention of making it the sink it was before, but it would serve as an alternative way to use Pokedollars that everyone is used to. It doesn't have to be discussed now obviously, but people should think about it.

EDIT: So people don''t assume, my preference is universal, single-use TMs over natural, reusable TMs.
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