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Kecleon Jerichi

Memakyu║Secret Base║Visionary Glade
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☙ Trainer: Gerald "Jeri" Chih║TID: 88620║Starter: Snorunt ♂║Hometown: Pacifidlog Town ❧

Snowball the Snorunt
Level 100, male. Quirky in nature, highly curious.
☙ Type: Ice║OT: Rigar║Obtained: Starter║Birthday: 12/28║Ability: Ice Body║║Item: Aegis of Frost║Accessory: None.║Recolor: None.║Bond: 30
Level;  Powder Snow, Leer, Double Team, Ice Shard, Bite, Ice Fang, Headbutt, Protect, Frost Breath, Crunch, Blizzard Hail, Ice Beam.
Egg;      Block, Spikes, Rollout, Disable, Bide, Hex, Avalanche, Fake Tears, Weather Ball, Switcheroo.
Tutor;    Endure, Mimic, Swagger, Body Slam, Double-Edge, Substitute, Sleep Talk, Snore, Spite, Superpower.
Machine;  Tri-Attack, Water Pulse, Bubblebeam, Water Gun, Ice Punch, Ice Barrier, Hidden Power (Fighting), Psywave, Teleport,
         Psychic,  Swords Dance, Giga Drain, Rest, Thunder Wave, Payback, Hyper Beam, Thunderbolt, Return.

Advance;  Icicle Spear.
Contest;  〘1o/1o/1o/1o/1oo

Nimbostratus the Altaria
Level 100, male. Sassy in nature, very finicky.
☙ Type: Dragon/Flying║OT: ???║Obtained: Adoption║Birthday: 09/25║Ability: Natural Cure║Item: None.║Accessory: None.║Recolor: None.║Bond: 34
Level;  Pluck, Peck, Growl, Astonish, Sing, Fury Attack, Safeguard, Disarming Voice, Mist, Take Down, Natural Gift, Dragonbreath,
         Mirror Move, Dragon Dance, Refresh, Dragon Pulse, Perish Song, Sky Attack, Moonblast, Round, Cotton Guard.

Egg;      Agility, Haze, Pursuit, Rage, FeatherDance, Dragon Rush, Roost, Steel Wing, Hyper Voice, Heal Bell.
Tutor;    Swift, Heat Wave, Dream Eater, Swagger, Body Slam, Psych Up, Mimic, Sleep Talk, Endure, Sky Attack, Iron Tail, Outrage,
         Wonder Room, Ominous Wind.

Machine;  Icy Wind, Aerial Ace, Fly, Blizzard, Ice Beam, Attract, Unfinished Symphony, Steel Wing, Captivate, Earthquake.
Advance;  Draco Meteor.
Contest;  〘1o/1o/1o/1o/1o

Smokestack the Torkoal
Level 100, male. Quiet in nature, often takes siestas.
☙ Type: Fire║OT: Phoenix║Obtained: Trade (w/ enchantress)║Birthday: 07/04║Ability: White Smoke║Item: None.║Accessory: None.║Recolor: None.║Bond: 33
Level;  Ember, Smog, Withdraw, Rapid Spin, Flame Wheel, Curse, Fire Spin, Smokescreen, Flamethrower, Body Slam, Protect, Lava
         Plume, Iron Defense, Amnesia, Flail, Heat Wave, Inferno, Shell Smash.

Egg;      Eruption, Endure, Yawn, Clear Smog, Fissure, Superpower.
Tutor;    After You, Substitute, Body Slam, Stealth Rock, Iron Tail, Skull Bash, Self-destruct, Earth Power.
Machine;  Rock Smash, Strength, Sunny Day, Rest, Toxic, Swift, Fire Shield, Hidden Power (Grass), Rock Tomb, Teleport, Stone Edge,

Contest;  〘2o/2o/2o/2o/4o

Shuiko the Sandslash
Level 32, male. Bold in nature, good perseverance.
☙ Type: Ground║OT: ~Jupitol~║Obtained: Adoption║Birthday: 08/25║Ability: Sand Rush║Item: Yellow Scarf║Accessories: None.║Recolor: No║Bond: 33
Level;  Scratch, Defense Curl, Sand Attack, Poison Sting, Rapid Spin, Swift, Magnitude, Fury Swipes, Rollout, Crush Claw, Fury Cutter,
        Sand Tomb, Slash, Dig, Gyro Ball {38}, Swords Dance, Sandstorm {48}, Earthquake {53}.

Egg;      Rock Slide, Metal Claw, Swords Dance, Crush Claw, Night Slash.
Tutor;    Earth Power.
Machine;Curse, Rock Smash, Strength, Taunt, Dig, Cut, Stone Edge.
Contest;  〘1o/1o/1oo/1o/1o

Luxord the Raichu
Level 41, male. Adamant in nature, thoroughly cunning.
☙ Type: Electric║OT: Ichimaru║Obtained: Trade║Birthday: 07/01║Ability: Lightning Rod║Item: None.║Accessories: None.║Recolor: No║Bond: 3
Level;  Thundershock, Charm, Sweet Kiss, Nasty Plot, Growl, Play Nice, Tail Whip, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack, Electro Ball, Double
         Team, Slam, Thunderbolt, Feint, Agility, Discharge, Nuzzle, Spark, Agility {45}, Wild Charge {50}, Light Screen {53}, Thunder

Egg;      Present, Electric Terrain.
Tutor;    Signal Beam.
Machine;Shock Wave, Flash, Strength, Pay Day, Torment, Taunt, Thief, Reflect, Teleport, Shadow Force, Payback, Rage, Hyper Beam,
         Wild Charge.


Crysta the Quagsire
Level 32, female. Lax in nature, likes to relax.
☙ Type: Water/Ground║OT: Tetsu║Obtained: Egg║Birthday: 09/12║Ability: Water Absorb║Item: None.║Accessories: None.║Recolor: ✨║Bond: 30
Level;  Water Gun, Tail Whip, Mud Sport, Mud Shot, Slam, Amnesia, Yawn, Earthquake (36), Rain Dance (41), Mist (48), Haze (48),
         Muddy Water (53).

Egg;      Ancient Power, Safeguard, Curse, Acid Spray, Eerie Impulse.
Tutor;    Dynamic Punch.
Machine;Ice Punch, Dive, Surf, Whirlpool, Waterfall, Thunder, Bubblebeam, Sweet Scent, Blizzard, Stone Edge, Ice Beam.
Advance;  Hydro Pump

Koi the Kecleon
Level 19, male. Quirky in nature, mischievous.
☙ Type: Normal║OT: Jeri║Obtained: Trade║Birthday: 10/08║Ability: Protean║Item: None.║Accessories: None.║Recolor: None.║Bond: 30
Level;    Synchronoise, Ancient Power, Thief, Tail Whip, Astonish, Lick, Scratch, Bind, Feint Attack, Shadow Sneak, Fury
          Swipes, Feint, Psybeam, Screech {24}, Slash {25}, Camouflage, Shadow Claw {33}, Substitute {37}, Sucker Punch {43}.

Egg;        Camouflage, Dizzy Punch, Recover.
Tutor;      None.
Machine;   Ice Beam, Fire Blast.

Isa the Grumpig
Level 37, male. Calm in nature, often lost in thought.
☙ Type: Psychic║OT: Teehee║Obtained: Trade║Birthday: 09/06║Ability: Thick Fat║Item: Light Barrier║Accessories: Org. XIII Cloak║Recolor: None.║Bond: 32
Level;    Splash, Psywave, Odor Sleuth, Psybeam, Psych Up, Confuse Ray, Magic Coat, Zen Headbutt, Rest, Snore, Payback, Psychic,
          Power Gem, Psyshock, Bounce {60}.

Egg;        Future Sight, Extrasensory, Trick, Amnesia, Mirror Coat.
Tutor;      Signal Beam, Drain Punch.
Machine;   Flash, Softboiled, Taunt, Torment, Nightmare, Teleport, Shadow Claw, Rage.

Myde the Floatzel
Level 26, male. Sassy in nature, somewhat of a clown.
☙ Type: Water║OT: Tetsu║Obtained: Excelsior║Birthday: 11/30║Ability: Swift Swim║Item: None.║Accessories: Org. XIII Cloak║Recolor: None║Bond: 0 ❧
Level;    Ice Fang, Crunch, SonicBoom, Growl, Water Sport, Quick Attack, Water Gun, Pursuit, Swift, Aqua Jet, Double Hit {29},
          Agility {29}, Whirlpool {35}, Razor Wind {41}, Aqua Tail {46}, Hydro Pump {57}.

Egg;        Fury Swipes, Fury Cutter.
Tutor;      None.
Machine;   Rock Smash, Strength, Ice Beam.

Haregumo the Castform
Level 34, male. Hardy in nature, highly persistent.
☙ Type: Normal║OT: Tetsu║Obtained: Prize Shop║Birthday: 10/26║Ability: Forecast║Item: Mystic Water║Accessories: None.║Recolor: None.║Bond: 6
Level;    Tackle, Water Gun, Ember, Powder Snow, Headbutt, Hail, Rain Dance, Sunny Day, Weather Ball, Hydro Pump {35},
          Fire Blast {35}, Blizzard {35}, Hurricane {45}.

Egg;        Future Sight, Psych Up, Ominous Wind, Cosmic Power.
Tutor;      None.
Machine;   Flash, Whirlwind, Teleport, Sandstorm, Shock Wave, Water Pulse, Energy Ball, Ice Beam, Scald, Thunder Wave.

??? the Chimecho
Level 20, male. Unknown nature, personality developing.
☙ Type: Psychic║OT: Zami║Obtained: Trade║Birthday: 08/11║Ability: Levitate║Item: None.║Accessories: None.║Recolor: None.║Bond: 30
Level;    Healing Wish, Synchonoise, Wrap, Growl, Astonish, Confusion, Yawn, Psywave, Uproar, Last Resort, Entrainment,
          Take Down, Extrasensory {22}, Heal Bell {27}, Double-Edge {33}, Safeguard {37}, Psychic {46}, Heal Pulse {47}.

Egg;        Disable, Dream Eater, Wish, Future Sight, Curse, Hypnosis.
Tutor;      Icy Wind.
Machine;   Flash, Shadow Ball.

??? the Wash Rotom
Level 17, genderless. Unknown nature, personality developing.
☙ Type: Electric/Ghost║OT: Jeri║Obtained: Prize Shop║Birthday: 01/01║Ability: Levitate║Item: None.║Accessories: None.║Recolor: None.║Bond: 0 ❧
Level;    Hydro Pump, Discharge, Trick, Astonish, Thunder Wave, ThunderShock, Confuse Ray, Uproar, Double Team,
          Shock Wave {22}, Ominous Wind {29}, Substitute {36}, Electro Ball {43}, Charge {43}, Hex {50}.

Egg;        None.
Tutor;      None.
Machine;   None.

Nameless the Duskull
Level 38, male. Unknown nature, personality developing.
☙ Type: Ghost║OT: Acio║Obtained: Trade║Birthday: 10/23║Ability: Levitate║Item: Dark Gem║Accessories: None.║Recolor: None.║Bond: 4
Level;    Leer, Night Shade, Disable, Foresight, Astonish, Confuse Ray, Shadow Sneak, Pursuit, Curse, Will-o-Wisp,
          Hex, Mean Look, Shadow Ball, Payback {41}, Future Sight {49}.

Egg;        Pain Split.
Tutor;      Dark Pulse.
Machine;   Charge Beam, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Calm Mind.

Helen the Numel
Level 34, female. Unknown nature, personality developing.
☙ Type: Fire/Ground║OT: Charminions║Obtained: Trade║Birthday: 06/09║Ability: Simple║Item: None.║Accessories: None.║Recolor: None.║Bond: 7
Level;    Growl, Ember, Magnitude, Focus Energy, Flame Burst, Amnesia, Lava Plume, Earth Power, Curse, Take Down,
          Rock Slide, Yawn, Earth Power {39}, Flamethrower {41}, Earthquake {46}, Double-Edge {47}, Eruption {52}, Fissure {59}
          {40}, Reversal {43}, Heavy Slam {46}.

Egg;        Mud Bomb, Yawn.
Tutor;      None.
Machine;   Firestream, Rock Slide, Fire Blast.

Pincushion the Makuhita
Level 11, male. Unknown nature, personality developing.
☙ Type: Fighting║OT: Jeri║Obtained: Egg║Birthday: 09/07║Ability: Thick Fat║Item: None.║Accessories: None.║Recolor: None. ❧
Level;    Tackle, Focus Energy, Sand-Attack, Arm Thrust, Vital Throw, Fake Out, Force Palm {13}, Whirlwind {16}, Knock Off {19},
           Smelling Salts {22}, Belly Drum {25}, Seismic Toss {31}, Wake-up Slap {34}, Endure {37}, Close Combat {40},
           Reversal {43}, Heavy Slam {46}.

Egg;        None.
Tutor;      Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Superpower.
Machine;   None.

Nain the Tropius
Level 03, male. Unknown nature, personality developing.
☙ Type: Grass/Flying║OT: Jeri║Obtained: Adoption║Birthday: 07/19║Ability: Harvest║Item: None.║Accessories: None.║Recolor: None.║Bond: 4
Level;    Leaf Storm, Bestow, Natural Gift, Leer, Gust, Growth, Razor Leaf, Sweet Scent {6}, Stomp {10}, Magical Leaf {16},
           Whirlwind {21}, Leaf Tornado {26}, Air Slash {36}, Body Slam {37}, Synthesis {41}, Solar Beam {41}.

Egg;        None.
Tutor;      Outrage, Leech Seed, Leaf Blade, Razor Wind.
Machine;   None.

Lv. 1 Male Aerodactyl

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☙ Trainer: Lucas Montblanc║TID: 02860║Starter: Alolan Vulpix ♀║Hometown: Kiloude City ❧

Violette the Alolan Vulpix
Level 17, female. Unknown nature, personality developing.
☙ Type: Ice║OT: Jeri║Obtained: Egg║Birthday: 07/15║Ability: Snow Warning║Item: Icium Z.║Accessories: None.║Recolor: ✨║Bond: 19
Level;    Powder Snow, Tail Whip, Roar, Baby-Doll Eyes, Ice Shard, Confuse Ray, Icy Wind, Payback {18}, Mist {20}, Feint Attack {23},
           Hex {26}, Aurora Beam {28}, Extrasensory {31}, Safeguard {34}, Safeguard {34}, Ice Beam {36}, Imprison {39},
           Blizzard {42}, Grudge {44}, Captivate {47}, Sheer Cold {50}.

Egg;        Moonblast, Freeze-Dry, Extrasensory.
Tutor;      None.
Machine;   Aurora Veil, Dark Pulse.

Willam the Plusle
Level 23, male. Jolly nature, impetuous and silly.
☙ Type: Electric║OT: Sasuke║Obtained: Trade║Birthday: 11/03║Ability: Lightning Rod║Item: None.║Accessories: None.║Recolor: None.║Bond: 30
Level;    Nuzzle, Play Nice, Growl, Nasty Plot, Entrainment, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack, Helping Hand, Spark, Encore,
           Bestow, Swift, Electro Ball, Copycat, Charm {25}, Charge {28}, Discharge {31}, Baton Pass {34}, Agility {37}, Thunder {38}.

Egg;        Sing, Wish, Sweet Kiss.
Tutor;      Signal Beam.
Machine;   Flash, Attract, Mimic, Metronome, Light Screen.

Matthew the Minun
Level 22, male. Timid nature, quick to flee.
☙ Type: Electric║OT: Tetsu║Obtained: Egg║Birthday: 11/04║Ability: Volt Absorb║Item: None.║Accessories: None.║Recolor: None.║Bond: 30
Level;    Nuzzle, Play Nice, Growl, Nasty Plot, Entrainment, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack, Helping Hand, Spark, Encore,
           Switcheroo, Swift, Electro Ball, Copycat, Charm {25}, Charge {28}, Discharge {31}, Baton Pass {34}, Agility {37}, Thunder {38}.

Egg;        Sing, Wish, Sweet Kiss.
Tutor;      Thunder Punch.
Machine;   Flash.

Ai the Kecleon
Level 72, female. Docile in nature, often lost in thought.
☙ Type: Normal║OT: Eon║Obtained: Trade║Birthday: 10/08║Ability: Protean║Item: Bunny Ears║Accessories: None.║Recolor: ✨║Bond: 50
Level;    Synchronoise, Ancient Power, Thief, Tail Whip, Astonish, Lick, Scratch, Bind, Feint Attack, Shadow Sneak, Fury Swipes,
          Feint, Psybeam, Screech, Slash, Camouflage, Shadow Claw, Substitute, Sucker Punch.

Egg;        Disable, Magic Coat, Trick, Fake Out, Nasty Plot, Dizzy Punch, Recover.
Tutor;      Dynamic Punch, Aqua Tail, Drain Punch, Hydro Cannon, Blast Burn, Rock Slide.
Machine;   Ice Beam, Skill Swap, Shadow Ball, Psywave, Iron Tail, Chocolate Magic, Water Pulse, Charge Beam, Blizzard, Shadow
           Claw, Cut, Toxic.


Horologie the Girafarig
Level 13, female. Unknown nature, personality developing.
☙ Type: Normal/Psychic║OT: Lucas║Obtained: Adoption║Birthday: 07/18║Ability: Sap Sipper║Item: None.║Accessories: None.║IQ: 2║Recolor: None.║Bond: 11
Level;    Power Swap, Guard Swap, Astonish, Tackle, Growl, Confusion, Odor Sleuth, Assurance, Stomp, Agility {14},
          Psybeam {19}, Baton Pass {23}, Double Hit {28}, Zen Headbutt {32}, Crunch {37}, Psychic {37}.

Egg;        Secret Power, Mirror Coat.
Tutor;      Thunderbolt, Signal Beam, Dazzling Gleam, Razor Wind, Double Kick, Beat Up.
Machine;   None.

Brocart the Goldeen
Level 15, female. Unknown nature, personality developing.
☙ Type: Water║OT: Lucas║Obtained: Adoption║Birthday: 02/02║Ability: Lightning Rod║Item: None.║Accessories: None.║Recolor: None. ❧
Level;    Peck, Tail Whip, Water Sport, Supersonic, Horn Attack, Flail, Water Pulse {16}, Aqua Ring {21}, Fury Attack {24},
          Agility {29}, Waterfall {32}, Megahorn {Evo}, Poison Jab {Evo}, Horn Drill {40}, Soak {46}

Egg;        Hydro Pump, Psybeam, Aqua Tail, Mud Shot, Skull Bash.
Tutor;      Bounce, Drill Run, Ice Beam, Icy Wind.
Machine;   None.

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Jeri's Bag, Lucas' Satchel

Key Items
xo1 Fishing Rod
xo1 Pokédex
xo1 Backpack
xo1 Black Flute
xo1 Yellow Flute
xo1 Red Flute
xo2 Sacred Ash [x]
xo1 Lucky Rabbit's Foot
xo1 Base Token
xo6 Heart Scale [x x x x]
xo1 Icy Rock
xo1 Nevermeltice
xo1 Blue Scarf
xo1 Bug Gem
xo1 Mug of Fizzybrew Beer
xo1 Silk Scarf
xo1 Shiny Stone
xo1 Leaf Stone
xo1 Slushie
xo1 Icium-Z
xo1 Grassium-Z
xo1 Miracle Seed
xo1 Bunny Suit
xo1 Rose Incense

xo1 Berry Juice
xo2 Oran [x]
xo3 Lum [x x]
xo1 Rawst
xo1 Sitrus
xo1 Pecha 
xo1 Leppa
xo2 Figy [x]
xo2 Ipapa [x]
xo2 Pinap [x]
xo1 Bluk Berry
xo1 Persim
xo1 Nomel
xo1 Magost
xo1 Spelon
xo2 Tamato [x]
xo1 Shuca
xo1 Apicot
xo2 Apicot [x]
xo1 Belue
xo1 Pamtre
xo1 Kelpsy
xo2 Rowap [x]
xo1 Passho
xo1 Ganlon
xo1 Starf
xo1 Magost
xo1 Wiki

Poké Balls
xo1 Psychic Ball
xo1 Fighting Ball
x15 Poké Balls
xo1 Christmas Ball (2008)
x01 Nest Ball

Technical Machines
xo1 TM Return
xo1 TM Giga Drain
xo1 TM Solar Beam
xo1 TM Sunny Day
xo1 TM Energy Ball


*Note: All broken links should be referred here.

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