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Snorlax Maskerade

Trainer Name: Ark
Age: 10
Birthplace: Twinleaf Town, Sinnoh
Bio: A young Trainer who has only just begun his grand journey, Ark is inexperienced but, at the same time, remarkably smart and quick-witted. What he lacks in practice he makes up for in critical thinking, and a profound (purely theoretical) knowledge of all things Pokémon-related. A determined boy with a chip on his shoulder, he has vowed to surpass his brother Dell, "Sinnoh's Speed Star", who became rich and famous after his performance in the Unovan Pokémon League and never returned home...


Name: Chimchar
Gender: Male
Level: 41
Bond: 2
Ability: Iron Fist
Nature: Adamant
Birthday: July 24
Obtained: Starter
Level-up Moves: Scratch, Leer, Ember, Taunt, Fury Swipes, Flame Wheel, Nasty Plot, Torment, Facade, Fire Spin, Slack Off, Acrobatics, Flamethrower
EM/MT Moves: Fire Punch, Thunder Punch
TM/HM Moves: Dig
Bio: Fascinated with all manner of shonen heroes, Chimchar longs to become just as powerful as the fictional warriors he admires, often shouting their signature lines in his head as he fights. According to the mysterious man Ark met on the first day of his journey, Chimchar's potential is almost limitless. Obsessed with training and becoming stronger, the ape cares very little for the consequences of the fights he picks, which can brink Ark some unnecessary headaches...

Name: Turtwig
Gender: Male
Level: 36
Bond: 0
Ability: Overgrow
Nature: Mild
Birthday: March 22
Obtained: The Hatchery
Level-up Moves: Tackle, Withdraw, Absorb, Razor Leaf, Curse, Bite, Mega Drain, Leech Seed, Synthesis
EM/MT Moves: Body Slam, Grassy Terrain, Growth, Heavy Slam, Sand Tomb, Superpower
TM/HM Moves: -
Bio: This mild-mannered, easygoing turtle was an unexpected gift from a mysterious man to Ark, as a result of a chance encounter between the two on the outskirts of Twinleaf Town. Turtwig is very affectionate towards just about anyone he meets, even for the first time, and doesn't seem to have a shred of malice in him. At the same time, despite incredible latent potential, the turtle is also undeniably on the lazy side, and it takes a while to get him going in a fight...

Name: Zorua
Gender: Male
Level: 39
Bond: 0
Ability: Illusion
Nature: Quiet
Birthday: November 10
Obtained: Caught in Dialga's Gate
Level-up Moves: Scratch, Leer, Hone Claws, Pursuit, Fake Tears, Fury Swipes, Feint Attack, Scary Face, Taunt, Foul Play, Torment, Agility
EM/MT Moves: Copycat, Snatch
TM/HM Moves: Dark Pulse
Bio: Given to Ark by a mysterious elder at the behest of his brother Dell, Zorua is as enigmatic as he is capable. Supremely intelligent but difficult to reach, the black fox is quiet and contemplative at all times. Chimchar considers Zorua to be his first rival, and struggles to keep up with his natural talent, but the feeling is hardly reciprocated, as the fox cares very little for fighting in general.

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Rare Candies
Staff Rewards

Heart Scale x1
Hyper Potion x4
Full Heal x4
Mysterious Gummi x2 (0 used]
Revive x2
Yummi Gummi x2 (0 used)

Christmas Ball x1
Franken Ball x1
Gingerbread Ball x1
Luxury Ball x1
Mummy Ball x1
Nest Ball x1
PokéBall x1

TM Case:
Celebrate (Magical Party Popper) x2
Flamethrower x1
Scald (Super Instant Boil Volcanion Tea Kettle) x1
Thunderbolt (Ash-Hat Pikachu Plushie) x1

Darkinium Z x1
Flynium Z x1
Grassium Z x1
Icium Z x1

Mega Stones:

Other Hold Items:
Aegis of Frost x1
Big Root x1
Black Glasses x2
Bunny Suit x1
Dark Gem x5
Dark Lance x1
Devil Horns x1
Fighting Gem x2
Flame Orb x1
Heat Rock x2
Life Orb x1
Miracle Seed x1
Mummy Bandages x1
Poison Barb x1
Poison Gem x5
Rose Incense x1
Sharp Beak x1
Smoke Ball x1

Berry Bag:
Chilan Berry x1

Evolution Items:
Magmarizer x1
Razor Fang x1

Key Items:
Fishing Rod

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