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Pumpkaboo Le Marécage Noir: Trick for Treats, Halloween Event

LMN Halloween Mini-Event

That time of year approaches, that time of year that all the residents of the La Ville des Farceurs et Voleurs, The City of Jesters and Thieves, look forward to with childish delight. The whole city has become enthralled by holiday spirit, the Pumpkaboo migration signals the coming of winter but also a time for celebration. The strange city has a tradition a bit different to the one you might be familiar. Instead of children filling the streets, concealed by costumes and filling their bellies with candy, they have twisted this to create an entertaining spectacle for the residents of the city. Trainer's traveling through the area are called upon to dress their Pokemon and themselves up and put on displays for the townsfolk. Additionally it helps to keep the traveling Pumpkaboos entertained, so that they don't cause too much havoc in the city before moving on to their final destination. Trainers are rewarded not only by the smiles on the face of child and adult alike, they are gifted treats, sweet morsels that their Pokemon crave. The better the display, the more treats they receive.

In order to help trainers prepare for the night the culminates the festival, a helpful community group has set up supplies in an old church turned community hall. Dozens of Pumpkaboos roost around and atop the building, they were quiet during the day but at night they illuminate the city as they explore and revel in the exciting atmosphere the city produces. Upon entering the building, trainers will find one side is filled with crafting supplies, just about everything one would need to create a couple of costumes. There are tables set up with sewing machines, there are even a couple of old ladies hanging around, willing to lend you assistance with the machines or give you a few tips. The other side of the building is left clear, providing ample room for trainers to practice their displays with their Pokemon.

Welcome to the LMN Halloween mini-event, with Deo's permission, Naru and myself will be running this little event for everyone 'who currently has an active adventure in the LMN Zone.'At the request of the mods, this event is being done in its own thread in order to prevent clutter in the zone thread, all replies are to be made here and once the event is done we will link it back into the zone.

Somewhat akin to how trick or treating is done in our world, trainers will be required to create a costume for themselves and their Pokemon and then practice a 3 move display/trick to impress the residents of LMN. You will submit one post and receive one update (on Halloween). Your post must contain two things:

1. Costume: You and your Pokemon are obviously going to need costumes. Luckily the city has provided everything you could ever need to make a costume out of (within reason obviously). The only limit to your costume is your ability to describe it. No theme, you are free to make reference to Pokemon world things, as well as real world things, we will mostly be looking at description and RP quality, as well as creativity.

2. Display/Trick: The residents of LMN look forward to seeing the potential of your Pokemon, so it is necessary for you to put together a short display to show your Pokemon's talents. This display can consist of up to 3 moves, once again keep it reasonable but your description and RP quality is going to determine how well the display goes. Take time to practice it with your Pokemon, you don't want to try it for the first time on the night and have it not turn out how you wanted it to.

Additional information:

Pokemon: You may only use one Pokemon during this event.

Prizes/Rewards: Will be allocated depending on the quality of your submission. We aren't going to be harsh, this is all in good fun but those that put a lot of effort into their submissions will likely find the residents to be a little more rewarding. As stated previously, they will be looking at your costumes and your display. The creativity of your costume and display, as well as the quality of the RP and description will determine how well you are rewarded.

Post Colour: Dealer's Choice, reply in whatever colour you want, something colourful to suit the festive occasion perhaps?

This event will be open from now until the 24/10/17, giving you ample time to get a submission in while also giving Naru and myself a week to sort out the replies so they can go up on Halloween (31/10).

We look forward to seeing all of your creative costumes and displays!

Edit: This event is now open to all for participation, we look forward to see your submission's, although I will request that once you submit your submission that you don't edit it, just incase Naru and myself want to get started before the deadline closes.

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Halloween. An enjoyable, festive, and spooky time of year, memorable to many for various reasons. A date of great significance in particular to one Keith Golbatson Masters, albeit not for the happiest of reasons- the Halloween 2012 incident was one few who witnessed it would forget anytime soon, and the cause of it being none other than a single careless act on the part of aforementioned Poison-type specialist. It was around this time of year he would generally have a recurring nightmare about the event in question, not due to the near-death experience that it was, but due to what it was he did, and how it impacted someone very dear to him.

That's not to say, however, that Halloween was not an enjoyable holiday for Keith Masters. Quite the contrary, he enjoyed Halloween immensely, and was not one to shy away from the whole notion of dressing up in costume. This year, of course, would be no exception. Indeed, Keith reasoned, if there was to be a competition based around Halloween costumes, then why the hell not enter it?

Such was the thought process of Keith Masters himself as he made his way through La Ville des Farceurs et Voleurs. He looked much the same as usual, with his red and white sleeveless jacket over his black t-shirt, his blue jeans, his red and black sneakers, and of course, the Z-Ring on his left wrist and the Mega Hat atop his head, though there was one fairly noticeable distinction between this time and most any other time; Meowth was not present on his shoulder.

No, Keith knew the rules of this competition. He knew, only one Pokémon could accompany him in this competition, and Meowth steadfastly refused to dress up for the competition- unlike Keith, Meowth wasn't fond of dressing in costume, no matter the occasion. And this also meant he couldn't take any shortcuts by having his Ditto form any part of his costume, either, nor use the illusory capabilities of his Ghost-types. Indeed, none of those were what he chose for this competition. What he did choose, however, was made quite evident by the round, vivid green shell he held in his arms, with a pair of piercing red eyes peering out of said shell.

"It'll be great, Artemis," Keith smiled as he made his way to the community hall. "I'll be a Munchlax, you'll be a Watmel Berry. Charming in its simplicity, yeah?"

"Scooon..." murmured Artemis, the Shiny Cascoon's voice somewhat doubtful. Indeed, as much as she was intrigued by the idea of dressing up in costume, this being her first Halloween, she still had her reservations on the matter. A Watmel Berry? Surely there were better options for her than that! And yet... not like this. Not the way she was. But as they set foot into the community hall, Artemis knew that if she wanted to get to actually wear such a better option, changes had to be made...

"Alright," Keith stated, sitting down at the nearest sewing table. "I'm thinking we work on your costume first, Artemis, because it's gonna... Artemis?" he added, for he spotted something odd out of the corner of his eye. And as he turned to look at the Shiny Cascoon he'd set down on the table, his mouth fell open in shock and wonder.


A considerable amount of time later, the costumes were finished. It took far longer than Keith had anticipated, but under the circumstances, he really had nothing to complain about. Artemis had made necessary a rather drastic change in costume ideas on her part, but Keith was of the opinion that it all worked out for the best in the end.

Keith stood and admired himself in a nearby mirror- he too had changed his costume idea, though this had less to do with any unforeseen drastic changes, and more to do with the realization that a human-sized Munchlax costume... it just didn't look good. Now, the Heracross costume Keith had constructed instead, that was a whole other swarm of Yanma! Keith had painstakingly sought out pieces of plastic that were just the right shape to be part of the costume- fabric would not do to convey the likeness of such a sturdy, armored insect, he felt. And Artemis had been a great help in the construction of this outfit, her String Shot making a wonderful adhesive. Of course, not all of the pieces of plastic were the right color, but then, was that not why the good lord Arceus invented paint? What Keith wore could only be described as a cross between a Heracross decoy and a suit of armor. A pair of plastic shoes made to look like the feet of a Heracross, complete with the single toe claw on each one. Plastic leg covers. Plastic arm covers, complete with claws- Keith's hands themselves remained uncovered by the plastic (though he wore dark blue gloves on them so as to not detract from the disguise's appearance), though his head and torso were clad in a large plastic capsule. This capsule, the arm pieces, and the leg pieces, none of them were actually connected, and left sufficient space for Keith to bend his arms and legs as he saw fit. The plastic capsule what that encapsulated his torso and head was made to look exactly like the torso and head of a Heracross, complete with little plastic protrusions to simulate Heracross's antenna, and of course, what Heracross costume would be complete without that big damn horn? It made Keith have to bend over in order to get through doorways, but as he admired the end result in the mirror, he was convinced it was worth it. One of the old ladies had even helped Keith put together some dark blue sleeves to slip over his legs and arms, so that the bits of them exposed by the gaps between the plastic of the costume did not take away from the overall effect.

And how does one summon a Heracross in the first place? Why, by slathering Honey on a tree, of course! And that was where Artemis came in, with a costume infinitely better than Keith's initial ideas, and one much better suited to how she looked now. Indeed, maybe a Shiny Cascoon could pass for a Watmel Berry with a simple paint job, but one could hardly say the same for a ! Artemis knew the time had come for change, and by change, she meant evolution! And Keith's initial mild disappointment at the need to change his plans dissipated on the spot- not only because he was proud of his Pokémon, but also because this opened up some new and different costume possibilities. Indeed, Artemis was showing off her new look quite well, and so fitting to the time of year, too- for it was autumn, and in the autumn, the leaves on trees change color. Gold and red were popular colors for leaves to turn at this time of year, and Artemis's beautiful wings had both of those colors covered. Her small purple body was wrapped in brown fabric, which dangled down beneath her to create the trunk of a Charti tree. Yes, a Charti tree, for numerous fake Charti Berries dotted the faux foliage they had created, each colorful leaf cut from fabric, shades of red and gold chosen to match the Shiny Dustox's wings beautifully, and the Charti Berries themselves, much like their actual counterparts, bearing an uncanny resemblance to Dustox antennae. And to top off the connection between the two costumes, part of the trunk was slathered in honey-colored paint to give the impression of a tree slathered with Honey. Keith's initial idea was to use real Honey- he'd bought some a while back, after all- but it was quickly decided that this course of action came with too large a risk of attracting unwanted and potentially unruly wild Pokémon to the festivities, and so they went with the next best thing.

"Alright, Artemis," Keith grinned, clicking sounds emanating from his costume as he walked, the plastic components clicking against each other as he moved. "Let's practice this, try to get it just right for the event, OK?"

"Dus, Dustox!" nodded Artemis. Thankfully for her, the costume she wore, while somewhat sizable, was also made to be mercifully lightweight, allowing her to still fly even while wearing it.

They had reached a small clearing outside, which was perfect to practice. "Then let's give it a shot," he stated. "First off, fire your Poison Sting straight up into the air!"

"Duuuus... TOX!" exclaimed Artemis, launching a barrage of glowing purple needles airborne. Keith grinned- so far, so good.

The needles slowly stopped gaining height, and began to fall. A cause of concern for most, but to Keith, merely his cue to give the next command. "Alright- rapid-fire String Shot! Grab 'em all!" he ordered.

"Tox tox tox tox tox tox tox tox tox!" Artemis grunted, lauching strand after strand, She didn't manage to snare every single needle, but she got enough of them for Keith's liking, particularly for a first try. Besides, the missed needles might still come into play...

"And now for the big finish, let's give your new move a shot," said Keith. "Gust attack, let's go!"

"Tox! Tox! Tox!" exclaimed Artemis, flapping her recently-acquired wings. Her aim here, as soon became evident, was to generate a whirlwind all around herself and her (mercifully well-built) costume. It didn't get her to budge, but it did grab hold of the Poison Sting needles and start to whirl them around. Not only the few that fell to the ground, but also the ones Artemis still had tethered to her by way of String Shot.

And as the needles whirled around, Keith grinned every time he saw purple sparks fly. Every time two needles collided, the clash of Poison-type energy on Poison-type energy created a small blast. Very small, more like a popping noise. Like little firecrackers going off, each pop accompanied by those purple sparks. Hardly the most spectacular fireworks show anyone's ever seen, but none too shabby as far as Keith was concerned. And who knows? With even more practice, who was to say just how much better this performance would get by the time the big event rolled around? Though, he reasoned, Artemis should probably get in just as much practice outside her costume as she got in it- she had to get accustomed to doing this routine while wearing her costume, but by the same token, neither of them wanted to wreck the costume with prolonged practices before anyone even got to see it.

What? Cascoon is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Cascoon evolved into Dustox!

*Artemis learned Gust!*

My Shiny Pokémon (not up for trade, I don't do requests for Shiny banners or recolored Pokken artwork). FB team banners like the one above, however, those I do requests for.
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"Close your eyes, Choux," Athena instructed. She shook a spray can of green paint(safe for use on Pokemon, of course) while knelt in front of her Snubbull, who was currently distracted by a candy-coated berry she had bought for him. Choux followed instruction, and Athena lifted up his chin as she began to lightly spray his fur. Pink was soon dyed a dark green as the trainer brought the color across Choux's face, then across his body. The Snubbull was shocked as he looked down at the new color of his precious coat. He looked up at his trainer with horror. Almost immediately he started a frantic attempt to lick away the color. "Ah ah ah!" Athena cautioned, pushing Choux's face away and pushing another piece of candied berry into his mouth. "It comes out with soap and water, don't worry. Just be patient ok? If you're good you'll get a lot of candy!" She grinned and ruffled the fur on Choux's head. Choux responded grumpily, but looked willing to tough it out for the promise of sweet treats. Once the paint on Choux's fur seemed dry enough, Athena fastened a black cloak around his neck. She pulled the cloak up over his head and tucked his ears in. The final part was a fluffy, curled tail she attached to Choux's back. He pawed at it as Athena adjusted it in to place.

"Well isn't he cute," a voice came from behind the girl and her Pokemon. Still kneeling, Athena turned to see a well dressed man. There were plenty of people in the old church already prepared and in costume, but this person didn't seem to be dressed as anything in particular. He wore a suit with long coattails and his hair slicked back. He wore a golden flower as a boutonniere.
"Oh, thank you," Athena laughed nervously, wondering why this person had decided to approach her and Choux at all. There were plenty of other people and Pokemon in more elaborate costumes.
"Your Snubbull is supposed to be a Cù Sith, yes?" The man questioned. Athena was surprised that the costume was recognizable, she hadn't done anything particularly fancy. He had correctly identified Choux as the fairy dog with a shaggy green coat and long tail, thought to be a harbinger of death.
"Oh! Um, yes... It was a fairytale my dad always like to scare me with so..." She trailed off, awkwardly finding something on Choux's costume to readjust.
"You seem fairly in tune with fairies, aren't you, girl?" The next question brought her attention back to the man, who was now kneeling at her side, a bit too close for comfort. Choux eyed him suspiciously.
"Something like that...?" The man was making intense eye contact with her. Athena swallowed, wondering if she should try to find an escape route. It was true she liked fairy Pokemon a lot, and she was from Laverre City, but she didn't consider anything about that special.
"Is that what you're wearing?" The stranger gestured to a tattered dress and apron on hanger nearby.
"Yeah..." The trainer looked at it, embarrassed. "I was going to be a ghost or something I guess, didn't really think about it." She nervously laughed again. The man smirked.
"Well that's a bit boring," The man stood and looked over the dress. "Wouldn't you rather be something more interesting?"
Athena didn't answer. Was this guy making fun of her? Without warning, the man snapped his fingers and a cloak appeared in his hand. Athena and Choux looked around in shock, wondering if anyone else had seen that. The rest of the people in the old church did not seem to notice this strange encounter.
"Wear this until you feel the time is right," he handed the cloak to the now very confused girl. Almost as suddenly as he appeared, he walked away and disappeared into a crowd of people.


Athena and Choux stood in front of the crowd, waiting for them to quiet down enough to start the performance. Choux scratched at the cloak around his neck, and Athena batted it away, chiding him that he needed to be patient. She had decided to put the long black cloak over her original costume, the hood pulled up and obscuring her face. They had practiced this before getting into costume, she only hoped Choux didn't have stage fright.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" Athena called out. She already felt stupid and was glad no one could see her face burning red. She cleared her throat. "Legends tell of a creature who roams the highlands... Travelers who hear its haunting barks find themselves chilled to the bone!" At her cue, Choux let out a sharp bark along with Ice Fang, bright shards of glass glittering through the air. The girl continued. "These travelers are shocked to hear the next bay of this horrible creature..." She pointed to Choux again, who let out another, less than impressive, bark. This time he used Thunder Fang, electricity crackling loudly. "For if you hear a third bark... you'll meet certain death!" She ended with a dramatic flair of throwing off her cloak. Choux barked for a third time, fire spitting from his mouth with Fire Fang. He through off his cloak too, for good measure. As Athena's cloak fluttered to the ground, she noticed something strange. Was she...shorter? Choux looked at his trainer, wide-eyed in horror. The girl still had on a tattered pink period dress with a dirty white apron over, but she was changed. Athena felt something heavy in her hands, but when she looked down, she only saw her feet. Slowly, she looked up to see her chest and neck, with a long pillar of flame coming from her neck. She was carrying her head.

This was a much cooler costume than she had intended. But she hoped that she could find that man again, this was reversible, right?

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Halloween was just around the corner and excitement was building in the residential district of the Black Bayou, known as The City of Jesters and Thieves. Travelers from around the world gathered and traversed the cobblestone streets, admiring all of the town’s decorations and the numerous Pumpkaboo that grew throughout the area. It was truly a sight to behold, and a renowned tradition that bolstered the tourism industry of the Black Bayou.

Among the tourists traversing the streets was Gary, who held the hand of his Smeargle, Buru. While she wasn’t necessarily a child anymore, Buru was always a delicate flower on Gary’s expansive team of Pokemon; her aloof and gentle nature often resulted in her wandering off away from the action to go sit somewhere peaceful and quiet. So in order for her to not get lost in all of the commotion, Gary held the Smeargle’s small hand as she quietly stared up and down at all of the street stalls.

Looking up ahead, Gary found a sign that indicated the location of something he wanted to check out. A costume contest was being held at the town center with the promise of fun, candies, and prizes, all things Gary enjoyed. “C’mon Buru, we’re almost there!” he called out, leading his Smeargle over. She quietly smiled and followed alongside him. “Hello, we’re here for the contest,” Gary greeted one of the helpers in charge of the event, signing the registration form. He was then directed over to an arts and crafts area of the building where entrants were to design their own costumes.

“Alright Buru, we got this! What do you think of this idea?” Gary knelt down and whispered something into the Smeargle’s floppy brown ear. She stared blankly and quietly listened, but when Gary finished speaking, she nodded her head quickly and smiled. “Awesome! Let’s get to work then!” Gary began by gathering a number of supplies. He raided the costume rack for some clothing, including a mixture of black and white cloth. Next he procured a couple of cloaks and a long silvery wig before finishing his collection with a can of red paint.

Taking their supplies to a private changing area, Gary took his Smeargle’s measurements and fitted her with a white dress that stretched down to her feet. Next he draped a long and white cape-like shroud around her neck and over her shoulders to splay out behind her. After that, he straightened up the wig, but not too nicely as the intended effect was supposed to be messy and disorderly. He plopped the wig on Buru’s head and pulled the bangs away from her eyes. The hair was wavy and a ghostly silver in color, falling to the length of the floor as well. “Okay Buru, it’s time for makeup now.” Buru patiently sat on a stool as Gary pulled out the cosmetics. He was no makeup expert, but knew enough about painting to envision his desired effect for Buru’s face. With a brush, he gently lined the rings around Buru’s eyes with a bloody-red and left the rest of her face a ghoulish pale color. “We’re almost done,” he called out, smiling as Buru was being quite the trooper about all of this. “Hold up your feet and your tail, please.” Buru nodded and complied, allowing Gary to coat her paw prints in the same bloody-red color and dipping the tip of her tail into the paint can, turning it from green to red as well.

“Excellent. Now it’s my turn to change.” Buru nodded and waited patiently as Gary put on his costume. It was a simple dark gray tuxedo with a black cape that hung over his shoulders. To finish off his look, Gary powered his own face to turn his complexion a ghostly pale to match Buru. “Alright! We’re done!” Gary announced and Buru got to her feet. “Let’s go show off our display!” As the two of them reentered the main hall, a series of bloody footprints trailed behind Buru each step of the way.

Once they were back in the main hall, it was time to show off their Halloween appeal. Dressed like a ghostly butler, Gary announced to the hall while flipping his cape behind him, “Presenting Mistress Buru, the silver banshee of the underworld!” Allowing Buru to make her grand entrance, Gary then kneeled back down to Buru’s ear level. “Okay Buru, just like we drew it up,” Gary whispered in her ear. “Let’s start off our ghostly promenade with your spookiest Unfinished Symphony to set the mood. Remember, ambience is everything here. Next, I want you to drag everyone here into the Dark Void! Throw the orbs up into the air and let them fall down like dark snowflakes. Finally, we’ll finish things off with a haunting Nightmare! Make it so they’ll be seeing banshees in their dreams for weeks!” Gary grinned as Buru nodded and opened her mouth. It was rare for her to utter a peep, but she wasn’t mute. The ghostly wail of a song escaped from her lips, setting the stage for her appeal. Gary smiled and waited to see how the rest would play out. He would have to be careful and make sure he wasn’t put to sleep himself, so he kept his eyes peeled.


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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
LMN Halloween Mini-Event

That time of year approaches, that time of year that all the residents of the La Ville des Farceurs et Voleurs, The City of Jesters and Thieves, look forward to with childish delight. The whole city has become enthralled by holiday spirit, the Pumpkaboo migration signals the coming of winter but also a time for celebration. The strange city has a tradition a bit different to the one you might be familiar. Instead of children filling the streets, concealed by costumes and filling their bellies with candy, they have twisted this to create an entertaining spectacle for the residents of the city. Trainer's traveling through the area are called upon to dress their Pokemon and themselves up and put on displays for the townsfolk. Additionally it helps to keep the traveling Pumpkaboos entertained, so that they don't cause too much havoc in the city before moving on to their final destination. Trainers are rewarded not only by the smiles on the face of child and adult alike, they are gifted treats, sweet morsels that their Pokemon crave. The better the display, the more treats they receive.

In order to help trainers prepare for the night the culminates the festival, a helpful community group has set up supplies in an old church turned community hall. Dozens of Pumpkaboos roost around and atop the building, they were quiet during the day but at night they illuminate the city as they explore and revel in the exciting atmosphere the city produces. Upon entering the building, trainers will find one side is filled with crafting supplies, just about everything one would need to create a couple of costumes. There are tables set up with sewing machines, there are even a couple of old ladies hanging around, willing to lend you assistance with the machines or give you a few tips. The other side of the building is left clear, providing ample room for trainers to practice their displays with their Pokemon.

Welcome to the LMN Halloween mini-event, with Deo's permission, Naru and myself will be running this little event for everyone 'who currently has an active adventure in the LMN Zone.'At the request of the mods, this event is being done in its own thread in order to prevent clutter in the zone thread, all replies are to be made here and once the event is done we will link it back into the zone.

Somewhat akin to how trick or treating is done in our world, trainers will be required to create a costume for themselves and their Pokemon and then practice a 3 move display/trick to impress the residents of LMN. You will submit one post and receive one update (on Halloween). Your post must contain two things:

1. Costume: You and your Pokemon are obviously going to need costumes. Luckily the city has provided everything you could ever need to make a costume out of (within reason obviously). The only limit to your costume is your ability to describe it. No theme, you are free to make reference to Pokemon world things, as well as real world things, we will mostly be looking at description and RP quality, as well as creativity.

2. Display/Trick: The residents of LMN look forward to seeing the potential of your Pokemon, so it is necessary for you to put together a short display to show your Pokemon's talents. This display can consist of up to 3 moves, once again keep it reasonable but your description and RP quality is going to determine how well the display goes. Take time to practice it with your Pokemon, you don't want to try it for the first time on the night and have it not turn out how you wanted it to.

Additional information:

Pokemon: You may only use one Pokemon during this event.

Prizes/Rewards: Will be allocated depending on the quality of your submission. We aren't going to be harsh, this is all in good fun but those that put a lot of effort into their submissions will likely find the residents to be a little more rewarding. As stated previously, they will be looking at your costumes and your display. The creativity of your costume and display, as well as the quality of the RP and description will determine how well you are rewarded.

Post Colour: Dealer's Choice, reply in whatever colour you want, something colourful to suit the festive occasion perhaps?

This event will be open from now until the 24/10/17, giving you ample time to get a submission in while also giving Naru and myself a week to sort out the replies so they can go up on Halloween (31/10).

We look forward to seeing all of your creative costumes and displays!

Edit: This event is now open to all for participation, we look forward to see your submission's, although I will request that once you submit your submission that you don't edit it, just incase Naru and myself want to get started before the deadline closes.
Halloween?” repeated Rorik, unfamiliar with the word. “I see. So, basically, it seems to be a holiday dedicated to scary things… These southerners are strange.”

The Professor adjusted his glasses while scanning the perimeter, taking in the sights. Indeed, it seemed these people put in a lot of effort in preparing the festive date, which to him was completely baffling – why did people feel the need to honour spirits, let alone dress like them? In Heiml, they paid tribute to fallen heroes by re-enacting their famous battles and raising statues in their honour, but the worship of gods had long been abandoned. But it seemed that not all regions had followed this change in mentality.

I cannot say if these people are trying to summon demons or merely playing the part – either way, this is definitely a curious ritual. Surely the spirits of these southern lands won’t be mad if I enjoy myself at their expense for a little while?

Little by little, Rorik’s travels had made him less serious and introverted; he still had a very tough shell to crack when it came to socializing, but at least he no longer felt like all eyes were on him, judging him, mocking him. Or perhaps they still were, and he’d simply learned to deal with it a little better – after all, no judgemental stare could ever be worse than his father’s, so why should he care about what foreigners thought of him? After everything he’d been through, he needed to unwind, and all this ongoing silliness might be just what he needed to let off some steam. After all, he’d always been great at making a fool of himself – so he might as well do it when it actually counted!

The locals really had gone through a lot of trouble to set everything up, and everyone seemed to be looking forward to the spectacle that was about to take place. And not only people – a horde of migrating Pumpkaboo had made their home atop a nearby church, equally interested in the goings-on. Probably unbeknownst to them, their mere presence helped to give The City of Jesters and Thieves the perfect eerie, ghostly atmosphere that the occasion demanded, only enhancing the overall experience that even Rorik, a foreigner, could tell had been painstakingly worked on by everyone in the local community.

Appropriately, most of the preparations seemed to be taking part inside the church itself. Churches, to Rorik’s eyes, were no more socially relevant than pyramids, but equally fascinating. The idea that people erected such magnificent structures to honour invisible deities was both baffling and awe-inspiring to him – to realize how mankind could create such wonders as tribute to the uncertain, and in consequence, how much more they could achieve for palpable causes. Even the very idea of religious worship was fascinating to the scientist; there were no gods left in Heiml, but that was clearly not the case in other parts of the world, and few things astounded Rorik as much as seeing the strength of Bonds between Man and their abstract conceptions of God. Compared to that, the study of bonds between men and Pokémon should be child’s play, and yet he continued to struggle with his field research.

Respectfully, he entered the building, unsure of how to behave on holy ground. But apparently there was no cause for concern, because the crowd that had gathered inside the church displayed none of their own – believers or not, they minded their own business, enthusiastically helping out with the preparations or simply watching events unfurl.
It was indeed as he’d been told – sewing machines and countless props for creating costumes lined the church walls, with old ladies providing assistance to those who, like himself, had no idea how to mend a hole in a sock, let alone create a piece of clothing from scratch. Smiling to himself, Rorik took a sit and called over one of the helpful elders.

“Hello, I… I was wondering if you could help me out with something,” he said, before leaning over and whispering something in her ear.


“Well, this turned out unexpectedly well,” he said to himself, fully aware that it was all the lady’s doing, who’d taken Rorik’s sit three minutes into the costume’s sewing and finished everything on her own. “Thank you so much!”

The first part was taken care of. Now, it was time for the main attraction to step forward. Rorik gently tossed a Luxury Ball to the floor, and from within emerged his most trusted companion. They’d been together ever since Rorik had left Heiml, and the Black Bayou was a special place for both of them – after all, this was the place where the Professor’s powerhouse had unlocked his full potential.

“Let’s have some fun, Guntz!”

Roaring in approval, the massive Snorlax stretched his limbs, before holding out a hand for the fist-bump that had become customary between them. And when Rorik showed him all the props available for dressing up in upcoming event, Guntz grinned at the familiarity of the situation.

“Ahah, yes, this is hardly our first rodeo when it comes to dressing up, is it?”

Their first experience had taken place during the War of the Roses, and back then, Guntz’s performance had warned Rorik the top score in the challenge – who would’ve guessed the bear could be so talented at incarnating a different persona? But now that Rorik had witnessed Guntz’s talent, it came as no surprise that the Snorlax chose items so familiar to them both; after all, almost identical copies had been made available during the Cloud Garden rulers’ clash. But if Guntz had chosen the façade of a gentleman then, this time he was going for something completely different.

“Wow, that… that’s really something,” the Professor admitted when Guntz was finally done. But if he was to be completely honest, it felt like something was missing…

Guntz is reminiscing on his Cloud Garden success with this choice of costume, but we’ve had victories in other places too, conquests earned together – including right here at the Black Bayou. We’d be at fault for honouring some achievements over others, and besides, I think we can make this work beautifully with a touch or two!

“What if we do this…”


Time did fly by when one’s having fun. He’d taken to tweaking Guntz’s costume personally, and before he knew it, was time for the display! Looking around, the already populated church had turned into a crowded mess, men, women and children all eager to see the contestants honour the day of Halloween in their own manner. Well, even if he knew nothing about the occasion itself, Rorik would be damned if he wouldn’t put on a show worth everyone’s attention!

I just hope I don’t offend anyone. I…. I really should’ve looked into this tradition before hand. Oh dear.

He wasn’t the first to go, nor did he want to be. He needed time to dress up and, most importantly, get in character – something he had little to no experience in doing. Even back in the War of the Roses, Guntz had taken all of the spotlight, but tonight, eyes would be on him as well, not just his Pokémon. And so he would let the others go first, take some last few deep breaths… and before he knew it, he was up!

He could hear the cheers, the noise coming from the other side of the church’s door. Outside, the crowd awaited eagerly the appearance of the next duo… For someone who’d signed up for fun and relaxation, he was feeling awfully tense.

Come on, none of that! Father isn’t here, and these people are friendly; they just want to be entertained for a while, and so do I! No need to be nervous. I’ll go out there and just do my thing!

And with that, he pushed open the church doors.

The wind picked up slightly as he stepped outside, making his robes flow – a cultist’s garments, with black sleeves and white down the middle, emulating a Snorlax’s colours, with an orange vest filled with pockets, for reasons that would soon become apparent to everyone watching. The air was heavy and humid, but not because of the crowd that had gathered around him; the reason was the mask he was wearing, a plague doctor’s, thoroughly white and with ominous empty eyes, topped by a warlock’s black hat that exuded a mystical aura. Because, after all, that was who he was:

“Heed my words, peasants!” he exclaimed by the church doors, gesturing theatrically as he walked down the steps and towards the crowd. “I am the Harbinger! I come with a warning – great misfortune will fall upon you all, lest you make a generous offering! When He comes, His hungry fury shall…. Oh, but it is too late! Repent! Relinquish your treats while you can!”

The ground began to shake and rumble, and a low-pitched growl emanated from the confines of the church. Soon, a gigantic, terrifying creature emerged, and roared like an angry titan, demanding its food. Immediately, Rorik the Harbinger reached for the pockets of his vest and retrieved several Candies, tossing them to the floor while luring the beast towards him and into the open plaza that had been set up for the appeals.

“Behold, He has come! The incarnation of the Spirit of Gluttony, Lord of the Black Forest of Ostengard… Gourdlax the Devourer!”

This was never about winning anything. This costume of his… it’s our own little tribute to our adventures.

Gourdlax the Devourer walked into the square with slow, earth-shaking steps, gobbling down each candy left behind by Rorik, like a ravenous giant.
The Lord of the Black Forest wore a cape dark as night, flowing in the wind much like the Harbinger’s robes. In His mighty right hand was the Fork of the Glutton which, while serving as a utensil to the colossus, was in fact a true trident in the hands of any minuscule human. But more so than the frightening items He carried, it was the creature itself who struck true fear in the hearts of men – his head was not that of an ordinary Snorlax, but a terrifying pumpkin skull with a perpetual, vile grin carved upon it, through which candies vanished as if sucked into a black hole. And on its stomach, the Jaws of the Devourer – the reincarnated Spirit of Gluttony bore the second mouth of a Dusknoir on its belly, which was rumoured to open when Gourdlax’s hunger was so intense, it craved even souls as nourishment; some also said the Jaws swallowed all those who refused to part with their sweets in the presence of the Lord.

The cape and the trident are identical to trinkets found in the War of the Roses. The Dusknoir markings represent our Heimlan heritage through the folk tale of Garandr, eater of children; and the pumpkin head is a tribute to that time we protected those Gourgeist eggs from a ppack of Rattata right here in the Black Bayou, as well as our respects to the egg we could not save…

While Rorik relayed all of his madeup lore about Gourdlax the Devourer to the crowd, as dramatically as he could, he finally ran out of candies to feed Guntz just as they reached the center of the square. And as such, the second stage of their performance was about to begin.

“Oh, calamity!” he shouted through the mask, his voice muffled and twisted as a result. “There is no more food left to appease the Lord of the Black Forest… His rage grows! The fury that felled Osgard is about to descend on this city… Behold! The fate that awaits you if His famine lasts! Flee, run for cover, make room!!”

Come on now, just as we rehearsed! It’s time to see if our training since the War of the Roses has paid off! These people better play along and move out of the way though… we will need all of the display area to pull this off!

Guntz took the hint, and after one more furious roar, beat his chest, then jumped up and landed on his belly…

First step! Bounce!, thought Rorik, smiling behind the mask.

Using the technique taught to him by Gottfried – and, to Rorik’s knowledge, the only Snorlax in the world capable of pulling such a feat -, Guntz bounced in the air, reaching an unbelievable height for its size and weight. It was as if the Lord of the Black Forest could fly!

Second step! Flamethrower!

Once Guntz began to lose altitude, the Snorlax breathed out a stream of flames from the hole in its pumpkin head that engulfed its body, giving the illusion of a massive meteor catching fire as it approached the Earth!

“The full brunt of Gourdlax’s rage is upon you all! The power that razed the city of Osgard and gave rise to the Forest of Ostengard in its place!”

He felt all of that exposure was both warning and ham enough. People should be wise enough to get the hell away from a crashing Snorlax, and that in turn should give them ample space to pull off the third and most glorious part of their performance!

Third step! Focus now… BLOOM DOOM!”

Silently, Rorik pressed the Grassium-Z concealed beneath his robes’ sleeve and did the gestures he’d practiced so thoroughly nearly every day, ever since he’d left Cloud Garden and Lilligant’s domain. It was all in the timing – and just as Guntz was about to hit the floor in a ball of fire, Rorik completed the dance and the link was made!

Once Guntz connected with the floor, enveloped in its Z-Power, the crashing “meteor” exploded in a gorgeous spiral of fire-red petals, emulating the creation of Ostengard Forest in a display of Gourdlax the Devourer’s full power! Embers from the Flamethrower flickered through the air, lighting up the energy petals that blossomed one after another from the core that was Guntz itself, and the entire square was bathed in a faint orange glow until the Bloom Doom faded in a shower of glistening particles.

When the dust settled, Rorik the Harbinger took a respectful bow, signalling the end of their collective performance with one final remark.

“Thank you all for your attention. The Incarnation of Gluttony will now gladly accept your offerings. He has preference for chocolate... and incidentally, so do I.”

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Halloween Night. Heather was brimming with excitement as she traveled to La Ville des Farceurs et Voleurs. It was her first time in the area, and she certainly appreciated the haunting setting for the occasion, filled with Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist in all shapes and sizes to entertain the little ones. Though, perhaps some of the Grass types wouldn't be too pleased with Heather after what she planned to do for this particular celebration. Oh well, such was life when you wanted to do things on such a grand scale, after all, right? The Phantump and Trevenant gave way to city streets lit by jack-o-lanterns and other festive lighting wherever the Pumpkaboo weren't illuminating the paths as they played. In Heather's arms, a small Alolan Vulpix looked cheerily around the festival, excited to see all the decorations and treats. Trainer and Pokémon were already prepared for their show-Heather, knowing her costume would require a lot of expert care in its creation, had made the torn-yet-beautiful snow-white kimono that swaddled her cold, pale, icy skin weeks ago, the garment fastened by a wide, red ribbon tied into a bow at the back. Icy blue lipstick covered her lips, and for the night, her fiery orange hair had been darkened into pitch black waves mixed with white frost. Colored contacts made her eyes a fearsome blood red, and with a perfect gait, those who couldn't see her feet would think her merely floating along rather than actually walking. Only the most keen observer would be able to pick her changed visage from the crowd in this state. Autumn though it may be, it seemed the city would be visited by a lady of the snow, a lost soul frozen over by the winter's cruel bite, and the small icy vulpine in her arms was trained to be the source of this spirit's freezing power for the night to come.

A Powdery Snow followed and surrounded Heather and Danni as the two wandered the streets in search of their destination-the old church, where they would put on a practice show of their little act. The Pumpkaboo scattered before the pair, not liking the bitter cold breeze that preceded it as Trainer and Pokémon moved gracefully between the throngs of people, heads turning at the frozen ghost that seemed all too real walking amidst them. If nothing else, the biting cold around them was certainly not imagined...

At long last, after many twists and turns, the pair arrived at the old church, and wandered inside. There, many faces all milled about, some in costume, others poring over them, and others still there to assist the participants. One such seemingly unsuspecting assistant wandered over to them, shivering at the sudden cold that greeted them as they met the lingering snow.

"U-Uh, h-hello, y-you're h-here for the f-festival?" they asked, the yuki onna before them simply nodding.

"W-well then! W-what a r-realistic c-costume...a-and such a d-diligent h-helper!" the assistant continued, patting Danni on the head. That...was their cue.

At once, Danni fell dormant in her Trainer's arms, though not truly to sleep, keeping up the Powder Snow around them. The attendant took a step back, realizing the snow was not fading-he was supposedly fooled for the moment, at least. Heather focused her now-red eyes into an icy glare at the attendant as the scene unfolded before her. The time was now!

"YOU!" she said in a sudden, booming voice, leveling an accusing finger at the attendant. "We have done you no harm, and yet you curse my child with this unnatural slumber!?" she demanded, the attendant by now seeming to be thoroughly panicked, and all eyes in the room on the two of them. Perfect. A small squeeze from Heather gave Danni her cue, as the bitter cold winds around them intensified, the snow coming on heavier, a full-on Blizzard now consuming the whole inside of the hall. "You will rue this day forevermore, fool! Be frozen for your misdeeds!" Heather declared loudly after the Blizzard became sufficiently powerful. Another small squeeze, and Danni let loose a bright, icy burst of light that made to Freeze the poor attendant solid, leaving a room of stunned onlookers around them.

Moments later, the ice would break apart and vanish in a shower of glittering icy light, somehow leaving the attendant completely Dry, and the crowd was treated to the sight of the once-wrathful ice spirit now giggling and waving, proud of their performance as the snow from the Blizzard faded away in a flurry of sparkles as well.

"A happy Halloween to all! I hope you enjoyed our little trick!" Heather called, letting Danni to the floor and taking a bow alongside their attendant co-conspirator before scooping the Alolan Vulpix up once again. Yes, tonight was a success so far. Heather welcomed the attention for once, and was certainly happy to tell all the little boys and girls how she'd pulled off such a fantastic feat. They were particularly impressed by how Danni's Freeze-Dry attack hadn't actually frozen their volunteer solid, but rather had left them in a hollow icy cocoon-perfectly safe, yet so very convincing. Heather waved goodbye to the crowd as she went to show the village denizens just what kinds of tricks were up her sleeve tonight...
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244) While not FORBIDDEN, my Midnight is to keep in mind that using an army of animated skeletons in order to fill the town square with a rendition of "Spooky Scary Skeletons" is going to be considered odd at best.
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Halloween wasn't something that Alice Hope had ever had too much interest in. The one year her friends had gone trick or treating, they had done it without her, and otherwise she had never gone. This year, though, was going to be different. Fizzytopians seemed to enjoy it, and an area that she had yet to explore – Le Marecage Noir – was holding a big event. With the rules memorised, the young woman had made her way over, already knowing which Pokemon would suit her efforts best.

Having not touched a sewing machine in years, though, it meant that it took time to make the costume itself. It was worth it, though, even if the end result didn't match exactly what Alice had in mind. Long blonde ringlets cascaded down the trainer's back, pulled into lovely pigtails, accented with black bows and leaving the obsidian earrings visible to anyone taking a closer look. The outfit itself was a dress, the skirt ruffled with a white tullie underlayer, and the sleeves flowing long and frilly and hanging a little below the wrists. Its design was that of a gothic lolita style, in a faded pink that suggested age and wear, some purposeful rips in the material like that of a ragged doll, and said tears extended to the white tights beneath. Blood seemed to cling to the black boots, although it had dried enough that it no longer trailed incriminating prints along the streets.

That wasn't wear it ended, though. Sparkling fingernails were painted black, except for two on each hand that were red with bats and webs lined in an alternating shade; the make-up on Alice's face suiting the grim theme of Halloween. Her mascara and eyeliner stood out against a ghostly white face, lips stuck a striking purple, smokey eyeshadow surrounding the eyes. They almost matched the sooty-skinned Bagon that walked along beside her, adorned in grape suit and bow tie that was even more shredded than the owner's outfit, the fabric bloody and even burnt. One of its eyes had a faux scar cut across it.

Alice crouched down, scooping up her heavy boy, who scrambled to rest upon her weary limbs before launching upwards into the air. It hurt the trainer, something which the wasn't intended for, but would have to do. Eridian began to pulse with a draconian energy, swirling reds and golden around his body. It radiated stronger when dirt began to swirl and gather from the area, mixing with stones, before suddenly hurling to capture the young woman in a rocky tomb. Inside, a hand of mismatched rings - like tokens taken by the living doll - absently clutched another Love Ball for security. It was paranoia at this practiced stage, but Axel knew teleport if these things came down on her head or the next bit scorched her to death. Eridian suddenly spat streams of powerful fire at the construct; whittling it down with practiced precision. Plumes of smoke rose into the air, obscuring the sculpture, but when it became visible, Alice had stepped in front of it caked in smoke, blood and dust. The outlines of a rough rock beast loomed over the trick or treater, but what was most jarring was that the lady's eyes were no longer blue. Instead they were a solid, void black with no flecks of white or colour; and with the wide smile that pulled across pale features, the assistant was perfectly eerie.

Alice took a curtsy. Eridian, stood upon the rock prop, made a bow, before breaking the statue down out of the way and washing it away with a water move, ready for the next rehearsal. They would have to be careful not to wear themselves out before the real performance come nighttime.

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The sight of the city in a medley of merriment and entertainment wasn't what drew him to this place. Rather, it was something of a bucket list of his he wished to fulfill, and the easiest thing on that list was to witness the famed Pumpkaboo migration of the City of Jesters and Thieves, to use its term in a language he actually understood. As much as he would have liked to participate in the events, however, Alex wasn't really all in the mood for any of that kerfuffle. For a start, halloween in Fizzytopia surely meant that his rogue's gallery were planning something ridiculous again, whether it be a raid on the baskets of goodies people left out, a good old fashioned mugging of some pompous victims (who retaliated in kind with considerable force, given the chips in the Spire these days) or something more sinister, given what Fragarath and Totsuka got up to together. The second reason plodded alongside him, perpetually frowning at anything that came too close to her. With the holiday season impending and the harvest moon nigh, the human felt that he'd be best trying to bond with the youngest member of his team, Attila the Larvitar, and found this task to be taxing, given her rather brutish attitude and stoic personality, preferring to take charge as it were. He could deal with the aftermath of the fallout of whatever scheme that Honchkrow cooked up this time, and Attila was at least plodding close by, red eyes in a persistent leer.

Now the bandaged stump that used to be his right hand, that was definitely an obstacle he wasn't overcoming anytime soon.

Following a desperate assault on some manic shadow pokemon not too long ago, his own shadow pokemon had seemed to unlock her hidden potential, with disastrous consequences for Alex. Despite efforts by companions at the scene, his hand was completely vaporised, save for the bones in a twist that was rather ironic. That was his good hand, too, which made things much worse. Not helping Keith out with anything ever again, that's for sure...

His idle wandering with the rock pokemon didn't go unnoticed, of course, as some organisers caught sight of him, ends of arms in pockets, and without his consent descended upon him like a pack of Poochyena to a steak barbecue.

"You must be a travelling trainer! Come along, come alo-YOW!" A yelp emerged from one of the men trying to pull Alex away towards a shady-looking building as the Larvitar, far from amused, opener her maw and latched onto the calf with a swift bite, causing the heckler to jump away in pain, as he and his buddies swore they'd pummel Alex once they got their pokemon from the centre before scampering away.

"God damn it, we'll need to find a disguise now. Attila, what did I say about randomly biting folk?" He accosted the pokemon, who simply gave a small huff before pointing at a scene before the pair. A noticeable number of Pumpkaboo roosting on a building, with plenty of people and textiles within. Raising an eyebrow, Alex watched for a brief moment as other trainers entered and exited with costumes for halloween, practicing techniques with them, and at that moment an idea clicked in his head.

"Dunno if you know this Attila, but you're the only mon I brought here tonight, and I don't fancy a three-versus-one situation with us as the one. Choice is simple: take our lumps, or make a disguise..."


The trouble Alex had creating an outfit for him and the Larvitar was evident by the fact he had to register help from some of the volunteers, all the while spinning a story about his hand, choosing to blame a Gyarados rampage rather than the truth. Nevertheless, he stood with his youngster in a clearing, the pair having been briefed on the rules behind this occasion. Looking over himself, he was thankful for the well-designed temporary harness that gave him a little more reach with his amputated limb. Indeed, the brass hook was a fitting touch to the guise he took of a pirate. With a tricorne hat atop his head and a thick mat of black wool over his face, he wore a leather tunic over a simple white vest, and a vibrant crimson longcoat over that, trimmed with silver stitching and buttons. The long sleeves also did a fine job of hiding his wounds, as it did the harness, a simple belt system holding the hook on to a plastic cup. His legs bristled with more belts than one would ever need, with a larger one holding his grey pantaloons up, and a pair of high-top leather boots finished the look, tacky brass buckles included. From a distance he certainly looked the part of a pirate captain, and the cutlass and prop flintlock certainly helped, the gun even having its own little gunpowder capsules that discharged a plume of smoke with a bang.

Attila, meanwhile, was kitted with a green bandana over her head, a hole cut out for her horn, and wearing her own little red waistcoat, the Larvitar sporting a classy eyepatch and toting a simple belt. However, what set the pokemon apart from Alex was what she held in her stubby hand, for the pokemon had slung over shoulder a small iron anchor, which Attila hefted with little difficulty, and why not? While Alex had dressed himself up as the famed Cortozan buccaneer of old, Jackson 'Tidal Abyss' Caldaradas, Attila's guise this night was of the infamous terror of the seas: Kayla Redmond, the Steel Kraken, a legendary admiral who commanded a fleet of ships that terrorized the oceans of Cascadia and brought about the end of the Age of the Corsairs with her ruthless looting and devastation, giving rise to the Age of the Kraken, and survived long until her eventual disappearance.

There was more to the tale, but Alex felt it better for the performance. "Attila, let's see here...the Steel Kraken was known to unnerve anyone with a single glance, so try a good leer to begin with," he started, the Larvitar dutifully doing so, her single eye glaring hard at him with scorn. "That looks about right. Now, the Kraken's fleet was known for never letting up with a barrage of cannon fire and pokemon attacks, preventing anything from escaping under a hail of missiles. You don't have anything like that yet though, so instead I want you to surround yourself with some rocks."

With her leer positioned, the youth raised her leg and stomped down as the paving cracked beneath and around her, and with a swing of her anchor to the ground, rocks burst forth and floated around her stealthily, before swinging the object around to send the rocks racing forward, almost as though they were cannonballs, before returning to her. "Alright, demonstrate the iron will of the Kraken and her refusal to go down even in the face of death, and crush those rocks!" As the barrage returned, Attila's head took on an iron hue, before bringing anchor to head and tapping her horn, giving a pleasing metallic ping. Bringing the weight around her shoulder, the Larvitar rammed her head out at the incoming rock, shattering it into gravel before swinging the anchor round and breaking the remainder of the rocks before steadying herself and pointing the anchor towards Alex.

"Perfect. Let's practice that a few more times, then we'll see about our own little raid on these homes here and see if we can't get something from this place after all." And with that, Tidal Abyss and the Steel Kraken prepared to venture out into the city to plunder whatever candied goods they could, as well as keeping an eye out for the thugs who approached him earlier. This wasn't the best time to be caught unarmed, literally and figuratively...
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Patches is beaming with delight as she enters The City of Jesters and Thieves. “Oh, this is just fantastic!” She says to no one in particular. She doesn’t currently have a Pokemon accompanying her like she usually does, she figured she would let everyone rest while she went exploring. “I need to share this moment with someone!! The last time I was in this area I was too late for the festival but this time I’m right on time and I didn’t even know they were having one! Today must be my lucky day!” She is still talking loudly to herself and at this point she has drawn attention to herself as passerby’s stare. She doesn’t notice this though and blindly reaches into her bag, not caring whose company she ends up with, she just knows that someone needs to join her for this celebration. She throws the first ball she grabs and out pops her little Charmander, Kei.

“Kei look!! Isn’t it wonderful!?” She doesn’t skip a beat and spreads her arms out wide in front of her gesturing at all of the decorations in order to show Kei before he even has a chance to process his surroundings. *gasp* “Do you see that!? Do you see that, Kei!!?!” At this point Kei is just completely overwhelmed and decides to just nod and agree even though he’s not sure what it is she is trying to point out since there are a lot of interesting things all around them. “Everyone is wearing costumes!!” Kei begins to sweat nervously, out of all of Patches’ Pokemon he is the one who somehow always gets forced into dressing up and every single time that happens it’s always either embarrassing or very inconvenient. “We didn’t bring any costumes Kei but don’t you worry! We can improvise!” Before he even has a chance to protest she grabs his hand and begins to drag him toward some nearby trees.

“Alright Kei, now just hold still!” Kei has a look of pure disapproval on his face but doesn’t resist as Patches begins to glue fallen leaves that she is picking up from the ground to his head. “It’s a good thing I always carry glue!” After ten or so leaves have been properly glued in place she is satisfied and smiles as she looks at her work. “Okay, we have you as the top of the tree so now we need the trunk, which will be me!” She picks up Kei and puts him on her shoulder but once she looks down it just doesn’t feel right. “Hmm… I did wear a brown skirt today but my blouse is pure white which just will not work if I’m going to be a tree trunk…” She puts Kei back down and thinks for a moment. “Aha!” She then begins to dig at the ground, pulling up handfuls of dirt and rubbing them on her blouse. “This’ll turn it brown!!” Kei is feeling pretty embarrassed, especially since he has finally noticed that there is a lot of attention from the strangers around them as they watch Patches purposely make herself dirty.

“U-um… Excuse me, miss…” There is a voice behind Patches so she turns around and grins wide at the sight before her. Someone who has a pure white sheet draped over their body with two holes cut out where their eyes are has come over to talk. “WHOA!!! Your costume is SO realistic!!” She checks out the stranger’s costume and has a very slight feeling of jealousy build up inside her as she wishes she was that creative. “Oh err, thanks. I just couldn’t help but overhear you talking and thought that I’d let you know that the community hall has a lot of supplies available for any trainer that would like to dress up. I mean… Your current look is uh… Great too… But I thought I’d let you know just in case!” After saying what they came to say the ghost goes back out to join the festival. “Oh thank you!! I didn’t know that!!” She shouts after the ghost before it disappears in the crowd. “You hear that, Kei? Looks like you won’t need those leaves after all!” Kei is relieved that the leaves won’t be needed but is still a bit nervous about what the results of the new costume will be. Patches begins to pull the leaves off of Kei’s head, at least, she tries to. The pieces that aren’t directly glued tear off but, the parts that are stuck to the glue won’t budge. “Oh…” She is a bit nervous now but she doesn’t want to let on that these leaves are not coming off since that would probably worry Kei. She’ll just have to figure out how to get them off later so for now she’ll have to come up with something else. “Uhh, on second thought, I’m going to leave them on!! We might be able to make a costume that will go with it! Like a fairy costume or something! Let’s go!” Before Kei can even respond she sweeps him off his feet and throws him under one arm then takes off for the community hall.

“This place has a lot of stuff!!” Patches’ eyes sparkle as she looks around at all of the costumes and materials that this place has to offer. “But I don’t really want to miss out on the festival like I did the last time so we need to make this quick! Let’s look at what they already have made, Kei!” Keeping in mind that he has leaves stuck to his head she attempts to find things that may be appropriate but there doesn’t appear to be anything already made that stands out. Most of the costumes she sees are things that are her size like a full body Mudsdale costume that is laying across a table. “Char char.” Kei notices this too and gets her attention and points to his head in order to let her know that she will probably have to remove them after all. “Erm… N-nooo we’ll find something that will go with the leaves!” She needs to think fast, Kei will get suspicious if she doesn’t. She then notices a black trench coat that is the perfect size for Kei hanging on the wall. “I’ve got it!!” She runs over and grabs the coat and puts it on Kei. “Oh, this will be perfect! It is Halloween after all so we will do one of the classics!”

She runs over to a basket of small pumpkins and grabs some nearby carving tools and gets to work. She carves out a standard pumpkin face but this one has jagged teeth and angry eyes. Also, instead of carving the opening on the top she carves it into the bottom. “Alright, so now it just needs to glow!” She then places the pumpkin onto Kei’s tail but it immediately tumbles off since his tail can’t handle the weight of the tiny pumpkin. “Oops…” She picks up the pumpkin and hands it to Kei “Can you hold this pumpkin and bring your tail around front so your tail flame can light it up inside?” Kei does as he is told, so far, he is pretty satisfied with this costume, he still doesn’t know where the leaves on his head come in but he’s sure Patches has a plan. “You look good Kei! Now I’ll be right back!” She runs off and gets changed quickly and then returns wearing the Mudsdale costume they had passed earlier. It’s quite big for her but she doesn’t seem to really notice. She puts the head part of her costume down on the ground in front of Kei. “I think the eyes are supposed to glow like your pumpkin so can you set them on fire please?” Kei shakes his head roughly. “Charmander!!!” He knows full well that if he sets the eyes on fire the entire head will go up in flames. “Why not…? Actually, it’s alright, I’ll just use these lights.” She grabs little battery-operated orange lights and glues them to the eyes of her costume.

“My costume is done! But yours needs a finishing touch…” She grabs a black cape from a cardboard box and wraps the cape completely around the entirety of Kei’s head. “Char!?!!?” Kei is confused now, he can’t even see! “It’s alright Kei, you’ll be riding my back so you don’t need to see! You’re supposed to be headless so we can’t have your head showing!” Kei understands and just goes along with it, he knew that this costume would have to have a catch of some sort, he has never completely approved of any of the outfits he has been forced into before so this of course is no different. Patches on the other hand is proud of her work, since Kei is headless, the leaves on his head won’t even be seen so they don’t need to work for his costume anyway! “Your costume is all done Kei! Now we need to go trick-or-treating! We need to make it more interesting than just walking up to people’s doors though so how about you use your moves to add effect!” Kei has no problem with this plan so far, he just wishes he could see.

“Alright so let’s practice! First you’ll use your Smokescreen in order to create a spooky fog!” Kei does as he is told and begins to blow a light Smokescreen for effect, as he blows the cape parts slightly in order to allow the air to escape. “Great! Create Embers with your tail so that sparks fly out of the pumpkins face!” Kei does just that and causes sparks to fly out of the face on the pumpkin while being careful to not overdo it. “Ohhhh this is so cool!! Now the last thing you’ll do is really freak them out with a Fire Blast!!!” Patches is pumped up for this. “CHAR!??” Kei is aware of just how dangerous something like that would be and refuses. “Oh, you want to save that for when we’re actually doing it? Okay!” She then puts on her Mudsdale head in order to complete her costume and then gets down onto her hands and knees in order to be in a crawling position. She then guides Kei onto her back since he can’t see. “You’ll be performing from up there since you can’t see! This is going to be great!!! We pull off the Headless Horseman perfectly.” Once Kei is settled in she begins to crawl out of the community hall with her Charmander along for the ride. Kei thinks about his third move as they go, he’s willing to do the Smokescreen followed by an Ember inside of the pumpkin but there is no way he is going to use a Fire Blast. He considers Scary Face but that won’t work since his face is completely hidden. However, after thinking it over he realizes how terrified the person might be after seeing the smoke and flaming pumpkin which makes him a bit sad. So now he knows what he needs to do! He will use his Smokescreen then his Ember but after that, he will do his best to lighten the mood by performing a Dragon Dance on his trainers back! People usually enjoy watching dances so hopefully his performance will bring a smile to their face.
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In one special afternoon, a Pikachu with an unusual end to her tail and a glasses-wearing, brown-haired woman walked into the main street of La Ville des Farceurs et Voleurs, both pulling wheeled bagages. While the yellow Pokémon skipped and jumped around in glee with excitement, her trainer trailed behind so wearily, she almost tripped on her own luggage as she held it a little bit too close to herself.

“Starlette, be careful!” Mélina berated her electric-type. “I know it’s your favorite time of the year and all, and the first time we promote the boutique, but can you please keep in mind what this place is and pay attention!?”

After stopping in her tracks, the Cosplay Pikachu's head shook side to side as she crossed her arms, probably wishing her trainer could calm down and live a little.

“Don't give me that look,” the girl said after catching up with her. “You're not the one who's carrying most of our costumes and know the reputation of the place. Not for nothing it's called the city of pranksters and thieves! And it would be too bad if, I don't know, something would happen to your clothing?”

“Pika-pika…” Starlette tilted her head in thought, though if it was to finally consider the dangers of the location or to worry about Mélina’s paranoia, you couldn't really tell.

“Not to mention we spent way too much time on this to mess it up,” the ‘Mew à la Mode’ owner continued. “The moment we received that invitation, we’ve been brainstorming and researching and sketching and sewing and gluing and planning and coordinating and practicing, it took over almost all our usual training and traveling! And we’re going to represent and promote the accessory branch… there's a lot weight on how good our performances goes. And that's not even mentioning the goodies we’re supposed to get!”

“Pika, chuuu!” the costume specialist nodded, finally in obvious agreement. Events like this was her 'thing’ after all; she could not afford failing and disappointing the public, her trainer and herself!

“...Maybe you got the right attitude though,” she sigh. “The whole sub-region literally speaks my language, I should be excited for our first visit! And besides, every city’s considered ‘dangerous’ in one way or another, I've worked in a big city for a decade and never witnessed a crime, and there's the whole 'bigger population means more crimes’ thing going on that gives an illusion it's more dangerous even when statistically it isn't. Maybe the name is just a reminder of the city's darker past, or a way t-OW!”

Mélina shook her leg to recover from a shock she received. Checking it, down at her foot, Starlette was giving her an unamused glare, and had what seemed to be leftovers of a controlled and reduced Thundershock sparkling out of her cheeks. Finally getting her trainer’s attention, she points towards the road ahead.

“Ok ok! No need to shock me! Less talking, more walking!”


Arriving at the church, the duo quickly entered their names into the registration list (sneaking a stack of the boutique's business cards beside it in the process) to give them a little break before their preparations. While Mélina quietly squee over the locals speaking French to each other (but couldn't dare to join in their conversations) and awed at the holy building's scriptures and [glass windows], Starlette made some rounds around the sewing machines and the crafting tables, putting down in her notepad costumes that inspired her, whenever by their creativity or building techniques. Time was ticking though, so after fifty minutes or so, they reunited at the church’s bathrooms to change into their own creations they worked so hard on, then headed to the practice area.

“Alright, let's get one good practice shot or two here before we head out. Ready girl?” Mélina asked as she adjusted the chest bind under her white leotard.

“Pika~! Pikachu!” she responded while she did the same with her own costume, shuffling around the big, poofy pink wig on her head.

After placing themselves at their starting positions followed by sharing a nod, they began their practice performance.

Mélina’s short indigo skirt and the unusually long ponytails from the distinct blond Odango-style wig fluttered behind her as she ran into her side of the “scene”, as quickly as her knee-high, red leather boots could take her. Imagining looking at something behind the would-be viewers, she stopped in her tracks and, defensively, raised her white-gloved arm in front of the giant red bow tied around and under the blue sailor-style collar.

“Demons!” Mélina-turned-Sailor Moon cried out in a high-pitched but worried tone. “There's too many! I cannot win this fight alone! Sailor Chibi Moon, I need your help!”

On cue, Starlette jumped in front of her fellow Sailor Soldier, swirling in mid-air to show off her dark blue sailor fuku with white ends and bow. After carefully landing on her red penny loafers (and giving a chance for Mélina to back away and the public to observe her costume), the Pikachu uses both front paws to blow a Sweet Kiss to the public, confusing them slightly and surrounding herself with hearts, then dramatically dropped her arms on each side of her body while closing her eyes with pink contact lens.

“Chuu pika pika! Piiii-ka!”

Soon as she uttered those words, the electric Pokémon suddenly cloaked herself in a dazzling, chromatic Magical Coat. Then, using the combined strength of the confused crowd, the Magic Coat’s distracting effects, her species’ natural speed and lots of studying and practice in quick-change acts, she began changing her clothes in a way which gives the illusion that, piece by piece, a new costume was magically replacing the previous one. First to “materialise”, in the middle of her chest, was a heart-shaped golden brooch with a pink diamond encrusted in it. Then, a white leotard with a pink sailor collar wrapped around her body, as if emerging from the brooch. It was followed by a Red Barrette bow, popping out behind the brooch. Long, pink boots were then slipped at her feet, a pink skirt emerges from the leotard, and another, smaller red bow popped on her back. The transforming Small Lady alternatively rose her arms horizontally as they start to be covered by long, white gloves with pink edges. After lifting and cutely shaking her head, revealing a pink choker decorated with a golden heart around her neck, red and white barrettes are placed on the buns of her odango wig, and feather-like silver barrettes were attached on top of her head. Finally, for the cherry on top of the complete clothing change, a golden crown adorned with a pink jewel in the center was placed on her forehead.

Her transformation complete and the Magic Coat dispelled, Starlette gleefully spun around herself, placed her paws on her cheek and then, after a circular movement of her arms, placed one paw on her hip and the other on her forehead. After a small pause in this pose to let others admire her costume (and give herself a little break after that very physically extensive sequence,) she energetically raised her arm upwards. While she gave what sounded like a heroic and courageous recitation, she swung her arms around into different poses before settling on the iconic cross-armed and pointing one, at the same time as stopping her speech.

“Sailor Chibi Moon, thank goodness you’re here!” Mélina called out, bringing back the attention to her for a bit and giving her Pikachu yet another well-deserved small break. “You can do it!”

“Pika!” nodded with a smile, doing her best to conceal her heavy breathing. It was time for the great finale! She pulled on a white handle hidden in the bow behind her, revealing a magic wand with a pink crystal heart at the main piece, pink wings on its base and topped with a small pink star. She lift it above her head, piercing the sky, then twirled around while keeping the rod up high.

“Pii chuka kapii, pika!”

While yelling her battle shout, Starlette thrusted her rod downwards then swung it as she spun around herself again. She placed all of her talent and Charm into her swing, so much that hearts were pouring out of her Pink Moon Rod and swirling all around her. After three good and complete swirls, she jumped into the air, lifting her wand again, then points the rod frontwards. The sudden change of movement made the charming hearts stop spinning around and to scatter around away from her.

After a pause to let the hearts dissipate, the Sailor Guardian of Love joined the Future Sailor Guardian Trainee to the center of the stage of sorts, for one last spin and pose, this time together. After some delay, Mélina and Starlette took a more relaxed and casual stance.

“This is the end of our presentation!” the trainer exclaimed in her natural voice, bowing down. “Hope you enjoyed it! If you are interested in our costumes, come and visit use at Mew à la Mode Boutique! Thanks everyone for watching, and Happy Halloween!”

“Pika pikachu-u!” the Pikachu waved at the pretend viewers.

Then, in an awkward silence, the two looked at each other, gradually smiling at each other as they broke out of their characters, then Starlette abruptly jumped in Mélina’s arms.

“That was AWESOME! We totally nailed it!” the woman screamed out in joy. “We’re gonna be the best ones of the night for sure! Come on, let’s go back in the bathrooms to reset your set-up, practice one more time, back in the bathrooms to reset again, then we’re definitely ready for the real thing!”

“Pika pikaaa~!” Starlette enthusiastically answered, fully confident that their presentation - which she is the star of - will be a grand success.

(Original sprite artwork by Sliv-Pie)


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Lil' Bluey

"La Ville des Farceurs et Voleurs... The City of Jesters and Thieves... Good thing I didn't bring Kief with me, huh."

Jess mumbled as she struggled to pronounce the foreign name in her broken French, embarrassed at having nearly forgotten everything about the language since her classes in high school. Foregoing fluency, she gazed around the swampside village, which despite its spooky setting seemed much more warm and welcoming than she'd imagined. She hadn't had the best experiences with eerie locales in the past, but in comparison the town appeared perfectly placid, inviting into its festively decked out womb with positive energy and merriment.

Blueberry was the first to obey the beckon of delectable food and drink, while her husband Waffle hovered close behind her, hauling along the wagon containing their two excited children via static electricity, who were practically beside themselves with glee as they pushed and shoved to get a good view of the celebratory sights. Jess smiled and shook her head as her as the Drifloon led the way through the winding streets, savoring the spicy scent of pumpkin wafting deliciously around them as it grew steadily stronger. She maintained her guard however, having heard that the establishment was as well known for its crime rates as its carnivals. While she had no doubt her Zigzagoon would have a field day here, she already had her hands full keeping an eye on one naughty little scamp, who kept attempting to clamber out of his carriage to sneak away towards the spectacles. Fortunately his mother's instinct was on point as she effortlessly swooped in to catch him each time before he tumbled overboard, placing him back beside his sister with but a patronizing pat and smothered kiss, whilst his sibling snickered. No matter how he tried he couldn't seem to evade her senses, and he stewed over the scolding, wondering if perhaps the perceptive balloon somehow had eyes in the back of her head.

His mood didn't improve when they reached their destination and was told only one of them could partake in the main event. After conferring with the Liltwick pair's parents, Jess found herself agreeing that perhaps it'd be better to allow Patty to perform, as permitting Pan onstage might lead to some... disastrous results, considering the younger candle's propensity towards pranks. Thus she aided in bringing the pouting wax Pokémon aside to placate him, promising they'd take him regular Trick-or-Treating later. Pan whined profusely but finally acquiesced, as they all collectively breathed a sigh of relief at having avoided a tantrum. ...However, as soon as Patty's back was turned he stuck his tongue out at his sister, earning him another admonishment from his watchful mother as she sent him to time-out in the wagon, whilst Waffle shook his head and went to go make conversation with some of the roosting Pumpkaboo.

Meanwhile, Jess got to work designing Patty's costume. The last time she had participated in a dress-up competition (which wasn't all too long ago) her efforts at "creativity" hadn't exactly won her any favors, so she decided to keep things simple this time and not go too crazy. A classic witch's wardrobe would do just nicely (plus it fit Patty's theme pretty well). However, Patty didn't desire just any ugly old hag's attire, but one even more appropriately suited to her "palate". Thus Jess was forced to approach the terrifying beast she'd been dreading: the sewing machine.

After some hemming and hawing, Jess managed to shyly approach one of the seamstresses folding the hem of a fabric and ask for assistance. (It was too bad she hadn't brought Iris with her either, for she was sure the Sewaddle could whip up a gorgeous getup in a jiffy.) Fortunately the elderly lady beamed and kindly guided her through the steps of selecting material and stitching them together - although it really amounted to the woman generously doing most of the labor while Jess watched in awe, providing direction and a few picture references on her Pokégear of outfits approximating what Patty wanted. While Jess herself hadn't much on an eye for fashion, spending time with a couple cosplayer friends over the past year - one of whom was much more into scary stuff than she was - had certainly filled her with some ideas, not to mention fueling her own Halloween spirit.

In the end, they managed to create a combination of cute and creepy via a frilly skirt with scrumptious icing dripping down its sides (rather resembling Patty's own parted bangs), adorned with all kinds of sequin sweets such as cupcakes and candy corn, plus pumpkin patches and cobwebs for seasonal flavor. The ensemble was completed with a flowing starry cape and pointed hat, similarly embellished with bonbon bows as opposed to her regular ribbons. The final touch was a pair of black Swoobat wings fastened to her back, which Patty spread wide as she curtsied and twirled for her parents, proudly showing off the final product as they clapped whilst Pan rolled his eyes.

Next they had to come up with a "trick". Jess had a plan in place, but she knew they needed to practice to ensure everything went off without a hitch. She grinned as she pulled a Star Tarot Card, a couple of Rare Bones, and spare Pika Doll she'd prepared out of her pack and gestured to Patty's Bubbling Cauldron.

"Okay, here's what we're gonna do: When we get to the house, set up your cauldron outside and pretend you're about to cast a summoning spell by holding the card up to the sky and chanting an incantation. Then, toss the bones into the pot and start to stir, and as you do release a light SMOG all around so it looks like it's coming out of the cauldron. Just enough to reduce visibility, mind, and make sure everyone stands back so no one accidentally breathes it in. It'd probably be too dangerous to try any Fire-Typed Attacks as well in case of combustion, so best to avoid those," she warned with a stern side-glance towards Pan (who whistled as he looked away innocently), before continuing. "Next, shroud yourself mysteriously with your cloak and, under the smoke's cover, MINIMIZE to hide behind the cauldron. Use your PSYCHIC abilities to lift the doll up out of the cauldron, where it will already be waiting, and have it float around the audience's heads like a ghost. When you regain your size, feel free to take a bow along with the doll. Sound good?"

Patty nodded, and the two quickly put on a mock trial with the rest of her family filling in as spectators. Again Waffle and Blueberry cheered their daughter on wholeheartedly, although it was clear Pan was still unimpressed, thinking the routine could use a bit more "fear factor". A lightbulb lit up over his head as a scheme sparked, and he smirked mischievously before raising his hand to make a "suggestion". He pointed at the cauldron and Patty's clothes, and Jess observed curiously as he proceeded to shuffle over to her bag and retrieve a set of Star Seals.

"Ooh, that's a good idea. The cauldron does look a bit plain, some decorations could help make it pop. Why don't you put them on, since you've been so patient?"

Pan eagerly set about the task, while Jess went over to help Waffle with an anxious Blue who was fussing over last-minute adjustments to Patty's dress. As soon as everyone else was distracted though, a wicked leer crossed Pan's countenance as he subtly and swiftly switched the doll for his own Skull of the Forgotten Skulls, cackling and rubbing his paws together. He instantly put on a guiltless guise as the others returned, concealing the plush toy behind his back as Waffle began to load the cauldron back up on the wagon. Once they were ready, the Rotom re-assumed his position to take the kids to the designated dwelling, with a boasting Blueberry at the forefront again and a nervous Jess bringing up the rear, with the star of the show bouncing enthusiastically between them (beside her oddly smug-seeming brother).

"All right guys, let's go put on a show!"

Time goes on
The clock hands stopped
The same way, repeatedly

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A costume party, huh? Melissa leaned back in her chair and tilted her head back to examine the ceiling. Or, well, an actual Trick-or-Treating event. Definitely gonna take more effort than previous years' Halloween events, though. She hummed in thought. Maybe she'd have Cirrus with her for this one; he had Mist, after all, and Unfinished Symphony, too. Besides, she owed him for not giving him a chance to participate in the War of Roses. Yeah, maybe some sort of ghost or spirit thing? She shrugged and let the chair settle back onto all four legs. Well, she'd figure something out. The deadline was in a few weeks, so she had plenty of time to get things together, right?


Melissa was terrible at planning things out. She'd figured out what she wanted Cirrus to do for the trick, but a costume for the both of them? She was at a bit of a loss. After wracking her brain for anything that might stand out, she huffed and decided to screw it. She wasn't going to do anything fancy; she'd leave that to people who were much more creative than her. Which meant that she'd need to find someone about a dress and some makeup.


"I dunno which I'm more afraid of: ripping it or getting it dirty," Melissa told Cirrus as she glanced wryly down at the dress she was now wearing. It was mostly white, maybe a grayish white, with a gauzy layer on top. When she walked, it trailed behind her, looking tattered around the edges; when she waved an arm through the air, it almost looked like she had huge sleeves.

He twittered and eyed the dress as she paced back and forth in front of him, trying to see and feel how the dress moved. "Yeah, but you can clean your wings. I can't really clean this easily." She gestured at the dress. "But, anyway, we should try the routine out. See how it goes."

Her Swablu chirped and breathed out a Mist, whipping up an Ominous Wind to spread the Mist out and give the place a fuzzy, muffled feeling. The Ominous Wind, hopefully, lent a bit of an eerie feeling to the air. Melissa began walking through the Mist slowly, like she was at a ceremony or funeral as Cirrus started singing his Unfinished Symphony.

It was...weird. She knew she was practicing for Halloween, but she still got the sense that she was walking somewhere in-between, like in a dream world or something. Which was...kinda the entire point. Between the mist, her gauzy dress, and the white makeup, she had been aiming to look like a ghost or spirit, something out of time and out of place. Not particularly scary, per se, but something eerie. If she managed to send a chill down someone's spine, or even just made someone uncomfortable, she was counting it as a win.

As the last notes of Cirrus' Symphony faded away, she paused for a moment and watched the Mist dissipate, before turning on her heel and shooting Cirrus an expectant look. "So? Think it was good enough?"

He gave her a flat look and twittered.

Melissa made a face. "True. My bad. Let's get some of the others and try again. Maybe we'll manage to creep one of them out." She paused. "Though, if Annabelle notices anything not us, I'm gonna be officially freaked out."
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Oer 20 years ago, a television show aired across the Kanto and Johto regions. Immensely popular at the time, it told the story of a young man who passed away in a car accident. A hooligan and a ne'er-do-well, his life had thus far been purposeless. Upon his death, he meets the prince of the afterlife and his many envoys, who guide him on a quest to reclaim his life and rejoin the living world. He succeeds, but the other side is not done with him! Appointed as a "spirit detective," he earns his keep by tracking down dangerous monsters and saving the world, fighting all along the way.

Tate fucking loved this show.

Tate grew up watching it every Friday afternoon. When its syndication ended, Tate bought the box set on physical media. When the technology became obsolete, Tate bought another box sex. Tate bought the comic books, and collected the trading cards. Tiny rubber facsimiles of the characters, hung from key chains, decorated the trainer's backpack. Art from the series was plastered across the background of Tate's PokéGear screen. Iconic music from the series played in lieu of the standard PokéGear ringtone whenever Tate received a call.

Tate really fucking loved this show.

The idea was a little hackneyed, from Tate's perspective. Sure, it was cute, but hadn't everyone and their mother already done it? (The answer was no, and that Tate wildly overestimated the popularity of the show.) Oh well. It was a plan 'B' costume, anyway -- Tate's first idea, to dress up Pena as a professional wrestler and parade him around, had fallen through due to the minor detail that the Tyrogue was severely anthropophobic. How did that old adage go? The best laid plans of Minccino and men go often awry.

Kahakai was a big girl; she feared no man and no 'mon. What she did fear was leaving her two young children behind with the mad menagerie of team mates. It had taken some time to convince the Vaporeon that the twins would be better off with the gang -- no matter how eccentric their ranks could be -- than in a big city full of tricksters and thieves. Eevee were big on the black market! It was for their safety. Really, Kai. It'll be okay.

Compared to getting her to leave her offspring for a night, it had been a piece of cake to dress Kahakai. She mostly just stood there, and allowed herself to be manipulated like a doll while her trainer worked to stuff the Vaporeon into a black spandex body suit, which covered her haunches and exposed her slick, smooth belly, which still pouched with milk from her nursing young -- a bold statement for a new mother to wear! Kai, of course, had no concept of human modesty or body shame, so she remained completely unphased.

It was hard to get the pink silk sash to hold around the quadruped's legs, and had to be secured with a number of safety pins, which were cleverly hidden in the folds of the fabric so as not to be visible. Tate affixed a matching silk shawl around Kai's shoulders using similar methods, a tidy bow hanging between her delicate clavicle. The fine, bright fabric gathered and scrunched in pleasing ways around both her pectoral and pelvic girdles and her thick, muscular tail, and Tate was pretty satisfied with the transition from bipedal to quadrupedal that dressing her up as the decidedly humanoid monster-girl involved.

Then came the headpiece.

As it turns out, upright posture is pretty key in keeping hats and headwear where they're supposed to be. Kahakai was meant to wear a pink silk cloth, wrapped around the crowd of her head; after watching it slide off repeatedly over the course of 15 minutes, Tate got a little desperate. As in, "lets use a chip clip to attach it to your dorsal head fin" kinds of desperate. Hidden on the underside of the fabric and affixed to the thick, cartilaginous anterior fin ray, it did the trick, with only mild discomfort to Kai, who for her credit only fussed with it twice, before resigning herself to her fate. If anything, she was more upset with the ankle warmers Tate shoved onto her hind legs, and she chewed at them furiously but futilely every time she was left alone.

Once Kai was dressed, Tate followed suit. It wasn't the first time the Johto native had worn such a get-up, having dressed similarly for a Halloween over a decade ago. This one was better, though, because now Tate had Kai. Yes, Kai really brought the whole costume together.

The train ride into the city was long, and Tate felt out-of-place, only a handful of the other commuters being likewise dressed for the holiday. The clothes alone might have been fine -- red boots, black tights, pink shorts, and a white shirt with a wide yellow collar and a blue tie -- if not a little mismatched. Oh, and coat tails. The outfit has coat tails. Red and teal coat tails that had no coat attached. That part was a little weird, yeah. The '90s were a weird time. But otherwise, totally normal! Except for the massive Eevee ears Tate wore, their black band obscured by carefully combed hair. And the fat, fluffy, faux-fur Eevee tail pinned to the back of the shorts. That was also a little weird. But it was Halloween right? Yes, it was Halloween, and it was perfectly normal to dress like an Eevee-person on the train.

Tate maintained this the entire ride.

It was dark, and the festival was in full swing, by the time Tate and Kahakai arrived at the station. Stepping out into the busy street, Kahakai walking along at her trainer's heels, Tate suddenly felt a little self conscious. There were so many fantastic costumes on the street, of much more iconic things than two ancilliary characters from a television show 20-years-removed from its last point of relevancy. Would anyone even recognize them? Character costumes were kind of pointless if no one knew the characters! Oh well. Fuck it. They were here now, for better or worse.

"Come on, Kai," Tate urged, ducking into an alley on the south side of the station. "We gotta go house-to-house; that's how trick-or-treating works. We gotta impress the nice people so that they give us candy. You want candy, right?"

Kai stared at her trainer, unmoved by the idea of sweets. If she could have talked, she might have pointed out that she was just along for the ride on this. Instead, she licked one of her forepaws and scrubbed her face with it. Tate sighed, and picked her up under the armpits, her back legs dangling.

"Look cute!" Tate ordered, practicing the biggest grin the depressive could manage. There were no mirrors in the alley way, and Tate had no idea how they looked; probably, it would have been a better idea to do this in a bathroom inside the station, but Tate wasn't brilliant at thinking ahead. Kai rolled her dark, glassy eyes, and threw on the charm. A well-practiced effort, she was absolutely captivating to behold. Not that Tate could see, as Kai was facing away from the neurotic Johto native. Oh well. Kai was damn cute, Tate thought. It'd be fine.

"Okay, right, so, I knock on the door, and you do that, you just keep looking cute, okay? And then I say, 'Welcome to the Dark Tournament!', and you, uh-"

Kai barked.

"...yeah, that. Ready? Welcome to the Dark Tournament!"

Tate held Kai out, grinning brightly. Kai barked again, punctuating her trainer's sentence with a sweet, cooing noise, which synchronized nicely with the rest of the presentation. She threw her forepaws in the air, posing. Knock on the door. Look cute! Welcome to the Dark Tournament! Poree!

They were gonna be awesome.

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The City of Jesters and Thieves was certainly living up to its name tonight, Liawe thought as she arrived at the festivities. Bright lights, dark alleyways and plenty of attention-grabbing stalls. She was just glad she'd left most of her stuff at home. Any place called 'The City of Thieves' was hardly going to be trustworthy in the slightest, and she wasn't going to believe everything she saw, not for a while. It paid to be cautious, she reasoned, as she set off into the unending lights. She'd let her accomplice on this adventure finish up her dinner and catch her up while she scouted out the event and area. Plus there were still 'discussions' amongst her squad as to who should go. Or at least that's what she could gather from the explosions and incoherent screeching behind the door when she checked in on them, and the fact that the room looked like a war zone. I really do have an unruly mob of Pokemon, she reflected. It wasn't far wrong either, between Caeda's aggressively maternal behavior, Kaitlyn's shyness and laundry list of fears (recent additions to which included water and flying), Sheut's manipulative streak, Anna's obsession with snuggling the other team members (especially Kaitlyn), and Hope... Well, there was a lot wrong with Hope. She was a psycho, that one.

As she walked, she became aware that she was being followed. Shadows out of the corner of her eye, flickering away when she looked at them. The feeling she was being watched, but nobody was looking at her. The sound of soft laughter, coming from seemingly nowhere and yet everywhere at the same time. Sudden chills on the back of her neck, and yet the air was warm and festive due in no small part to the number of people. Liawe became increasingly disturbed by this odd behavior, until she whipped around a bit too suddenly and caught Hope in the face with her arm. Her ghostly acquaintance was none too pleased with this turn of events, and showed it by blowing a large raspberry at her trainer. No doubt she'd get a bucket of ice water on her head the next morning. Her little Shuppet was a serial prankster as well as a cold-hearted psychopath, and sometimes Liawe wondered if it was split personalities or whether Hope just enjoyed watching others suffer. Given the incident out on the Minnao Isles, it was more likely the latter. "Guess you won that little debate earlier, eh?" she asked her spectral aide, who grinned in agreement. Unsurprising. That little puppet Pokemon had a surprising arsenal of terror techniques, and she could probably have forced the rest of them into submission fairly quickly. No doubt Kaitlyn'd need yet more therapy.

As they approached the marquee where they could appropriate some costume designs, Liawe was racking her brains as to what to do the dress-up as. Costumes were seemingly a big part of this, as evidenced by the rather wacky attires around her. She was clueless. There was just so much going on it was hard to take it all in. Perhaps do a headless horseman, with Hope playing the head? Maybe a two-headed man? Hope however seemed to have different thoughts, instead deciding to lift her trainer into the air with a spot of Telekinesis. As unwelcome as this was (And it was indeed unwelcome, being hoisted into the air by your right elbow tends to be rather unpleasant), it set the gears whirring in Liawe's little red head. Maybe, just maybe, with Hope's talents... this might just work. Now all she needed was a victim, and Hope's co-operation. The latter would be harder than the former.

Once Hope finally let the girl down, she discussed the details of the plan with her ghostly gal, who seemed interested and oddly excited by the thought of scaring the pants off of someone by feigning invisibility. As they wandered off to find a target, Liawe ran over the plan with her ally one more time. "Right so, you lift me up above the door using Telekinesis, so that they can't see me. It'll have to be upside down so the voice sounds about right, else the whole thing falls flat. Meanwhile, as the door opens, you're to phase through the walls and get behind them, blowing a gentle Ominous Wind down their back for a good old-fashioned spine chilling while I talk for a bit, before Shadow Sneaking out under them and startling them for a nice little scare! After you've spooked them and they've realised what's happening, let me down to let them know exactly what happened. try not to be too quick on the Shadow Sneak though, wait for me to mention your name in the conversation. That's your cue to deliver the showstopper!" It'd be the trick of the night, and hopefully nobody would see it coming.
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It was Halloween, and Melody was feeling a little different than most other people. Lots of people like to think of Halloween as being the perfect opportunity to dress up as veyr scary things. That was just damn stupid. Clearly everyone who thought that were just uggos, because everyone knew that Halloween was the perfect time to dress up like a lady of the night. Obviously Melody’s aesthetic was going to be a little classier than a red light district queen, but it was pretty much in the same vein. Someone had suggested that she dressed up as a Rattata, she responded with a very curt ‘Shut up Karen’. She wasn’t going to go as something silly and childish as a damn Rattata.

Instead she was going to go as something a bit more elegent and beautiful, and much much more importantly, something that matched with Rompette, her Bounsweet. Melody had no idea the little grass type loved Halloween so much. The more you know she guessed, but it was what really lead to them go to the City of Thieves and Jesters. Especially with Rompette just so excited with just the idea of Trick or Treating. After a quick couple of seconds Melody was able to figure out what Rompette wanted to go as, the Bounsweet really damn knew exactly what she wanted to go as. Which was… well a ghost. More specifically, she wanted to go as the very stereotypical white sheet over her body with eye holes cut out ghost. Melody, well she wasn’t quite sold on the idea.

After what turned into an hour long argument, Melody was allowed to change the costume somewhat. Instead of just being a white sheet with holes cut out of it, Melody was able to theme it as more pokemon based, as well as managing to let Rompette agree to a reveal.

“There we go,” said Melody, as she put down the air brush, the final touches to Rompette’s make up.

Melody was actually pretty proud at her make up and construction jobs. Rompette’s sheet was like a Gastly, where the sheet lied against her body being coloured like Gastly’s body, the trailing sheet coloured like a Gastly’s ectoplasm. So when Rompette walked, it looked like a Gastly floating along. Melody was actually really impressed with the reveal. Rompette herself was dressed up like a Haunter, a slightly more rounded Haunter. It just meant that the Haunter went on a little bit of a binge before going out Trick or Treating. She was painted up as a Haunter that was facing forward, with its body horizontal, so the tip of its little tail thing was drawn tapering down Rompette’s side before coming to a point at her back. Melody actually felt quite proud at colouring the negative space black, to hopefully make it look more like a Haunter. The thing she felt the proudest about was the hands. Since Rompette obviously did not have hands, Melody had rigged a pair of purple gloves to her leaves, giving the appearance of the Haunter going… well going ‘OOGA BOOGA!’ with its hands raised as if trying to scare them.

Melody had decided that her costume needed to match Rompette’s, so she was going as a Gengar. But no, not a normal Gengar, a sexy Gengar. She had her best dark purple crop top, her favourite pair of dark purple booty shorts and her best pair of thigh high dark purple boots. All of her visible skin had been painted a slightly lighter shade of purple, so that she didn’t look like a weird blob. Her hair was spiked up, looking like a Gengar’s ears. She had elaborate make up around her eyes, exaggerating the size of them as well as having a more sultry version of a Gengar’s smile painted over her mouth. All in all, she was pretty happy with how everything turned out.

“Alright Rompette, we should get a-practicing our routine,” said Melody, motioning for her partner to join her. “I know we have gone over this several times already, but if my career has taught me anything, its that we can’t ever be under prepared.”

“Okay, so we start with a Sweet Scent, just to set the mood a bit. Then once our audience is nice and satisfied, we get started. I want you to use your Razor Leaf, but make sure to aim it above you. And then one the leaves start settling down, I want you to use Rapid Spin. As you pick up speed spinning, I want you to make sure that you pick up the leaves in your little tornado. As you hit the crescendo of your spin, I want you throw off your sheet, so that when the leaves settled you are striking your best Ooga Booga pose as a Haunter,” said Melody.

Rompette gladly practiced the routine, and after a couple more times, the pair where happy with how everything was going.

“Lets do this!” proudly announced Melody, the pair getting ready to go and trick or treat.
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Isaac was never one to shy away from good music, when there was a new hit out --- he was the first to know and the first to make his opinion known about the song. As he walked through the City of Jesters and Thieves, his headphones blared a strangely familiar tune, getting him into the mood for some fun on this night of horrors. Isaac had always been a fan of Halloween, from when he was a wee child to now. Sure, he was in his early twenties --- but what other day of the year could he truly have this much fun wandering the streets and scaring children. He had come to admire Halloween more as a celebrity, as it gave him time to speak with people normally; of course he was under a mask, but it allowed people to actually treat him like a human rather than just someone they idolized.

This year was different, as he had no intention of wearing a mask... but rather to just change his appearance enough that no one would ever be able to tell who he was. He smirked to himself looking at his Leafeon who was trotting alongside him. The Leafeon's body had been painted white, with non-harmful paint, obviously. She was wearing fake claws, making her appear as though she had tremendous wolf claws, and her mouth was lined with even sharper fake teeth. Isaac himself had taken off his usual beanie, and using a spray dye, he had coloured his hair black and made it look as messy and fluffy as he possibly could. He was wearing fake armor, as well as a large fur cloak made of an old ratty black rug he had picked up from some sort of specialty store. A fake sword hung at his hip, making him and his Leafeon appear as a popular television character and his wolf. The Leafeon herself seemed a little too into her costume, going as far to mess up her usually slick fur in order to make herself look as rugged and menacing as she possibly could. Isaac himself had even darkened his stubble to look a little more authentic. The armor itself appeared very bulky on him, making it look as though he was actually muscular. (Laughable, of course. As anyone who actually knew Isaac knew that the guy had never really exercised a day in his life.)

"Winter is coming." He muttered to Vinny, who gave a small giggle. She gave her best growl, which she had been working tirelessly to perfect. As much as she loved her trainer, she certainly wished he had more of a canine Pokemon that would work better for what he intended to do. But, it was a fun costume for sure... Isaac himself looked great. She was amazed that with his heaps of money that he had gone out of his way to make it all by himself. She smirked to herself, trying to sound menacing for when they actually approached their first door in this City.

"Alright Vin, er. Ghost. Sorry, we should really try and get into the headspace I guess." Isaac stumbled over his 's' in sorry a bit, causing himself to wince as his lisp came through. "The plan is currently that we're going to approach the door, you're going to give your best Growl, make it sound really wolf like. And then we're going to go for the trickier portion of our little trick." Vinny nodded, she was afraid of hurting her trainer with what he had planned... she was sure that the fake sword would hold, or at least she hoped it would. "I want you to slam your body into my sword when I do this motion." Isaac demonstrated, holding his sword downwards as if to mimic a parry. "Once you do that, I want you to Iron Tail into the sword, which I'm going to swing at your tail. If all goes well... it should look like little snow flakes falling down --- which I can most certainly use to say our famous line." He grinned like a child, extremely satisfied with his idea.

After a few practice rounds, they finally found their proper footing. With the trick seemingly ready to go, they fixed themselves up and got ready to go trick or treating.

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