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Kecleon Shades of Green and White ☙ Gerald Chih's Notebook and Lucas Monteblanc's Diary

Jeri carries a small bound book with him in which he has recorded numerous notes, facts, figures, strategies and stories of his trials and journeys. The pages are frayed and stained, of different colors and qualities as he has added more over the years, but he has held onto this record for as long as he can remember, recording anything of interest he might find.

Jeri's Memories
A Dream Begun

Lucas has lived in a world of dreams for as long as he can remember. These dreams fill his sleeping hours and waking days, the aspiration to live a life other than his own filling his mind with images of distant lands and strange creatures he has yet to meet. He records these dreams - and their realizations, when those occur - in his diary, a hardcover tome filled with his scrawling and looping handwriting.

Lucas's Dreams

A Precious Gift

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Jeri stood outside the Nightclub, the throbbing music echoing beyond the walls. His eyes scanned the lights and ads blanketing its façade, which did not reaffirm his decision to make an attempt to get out and meet some people in this new land. He had always been somewhat of a loner, especially during his travels, but now that he had put his Badge Case away and retried from the competitive circuit, he figured it was time to put a little effort into making some friends, especially if he was planning on spending an extended period of time in this region. Nightclubs weren't exactly his thing - he wasn't too fond of loud music or packed stages - but it seemed like the most expediant way of meeting other young trainers. He steeled himself and pushed through the doors.

His first impression was more or less what he expected. He wasn't terribly fond of the loud music, the flashing lights or the relative darkness. But the restaurant off to the side seemed at least somewhat more appealing. And, he figured, he could probably use some courage in liquid form to lubricate any potential social situations. He proceeded to the Wallflower Pub, beelining straight for the bar, where he ordered a shot. He downed it, and ordered a second, downing it too. He instantly felt better, though he wasn't sure if it was from the alcohol or just a placebo effect. Either way, he let out a sigh and took a seat at the bar, this time ordering a beer.

He fiddled with his drink. Now that he was here, he wasn't exactly sure what he wanted to do next. Dancing didn't seem like a great idea (he was never much of a dancer), and the few trainers that were here seemed to be already engaged in conversation. He was never much of a conversationalist as it was, and he wasn't exactly sure how to strike up a chat either. Jeri began to scan the room, partly just to give himself something to do.

He noticed someone enter the pub, out of the corner of his eye. The young man approached the bar, ordering a drink. Jeri tried to stop himself from staring, but couldn't help it. His hair, a bright, almost bleach blond, was perfectly coifed and slicked back. A pair of thick rimmed glasses with woodgrain frames sat perfectly on his slight nose. His outfit was much more stylish than Jeri's (who couldn't do much better than a solid color t-shirt and ratty jeans), with a collared shirt, demin jeans in a color other than blue (they seemed red but Jeri couldn't tell in the subdued lighting), and a V-neck tee with a subtle pattern. Jeri was thankful that the room was relatively dark as it hid the blush he could feel burning in his cheeks.

The man took a seat one over from his. He felt like he should try saying something.

"Hey," he lead, already kicking himself mentally.

"Hello!" the man replied, turning to him.

Jeri fumbled mentally for what to say next.

"I uh, really like your glasses," he spits out.

"Oh, thank you!" the man responds, seeming to genuinely take the compliment. Jeri noticed he had a bit of an accent.

"I'm Jeri by the way," Jeri offered a hand to shake.

"Lucas, nice to meet you," he shook Jeri's hand with a smile.

Jeri was curious about Lucas's accent, but struggled to find a way to ask without seeming rude. He settled on, "So are you from around here?"

"Ah, no, I just arrived in Fizzytopia a few days ago. I'm originally from Kalos actually."

"Wow, Kalos. I've always wanted to go. What part?"

"Kiloude City, sort of off the beaten path."

"Oh yeah, that's where the Battle Maison is, right?"

"Correct. But it's sort of funny - I lived in a city so focused on battles but I've never really had a Pokémon of my own."

Jeri was a little shocked - pretty much everyone he had met in his life had been a Pokémon Trainer and a pretty serious one at that. It was more or less inconceivable to him that someone his age wouldn't be a trainer in some way. "Wow, really?" he managed, failing to hide his surprise.

"Well, my mother passed away when I was young, and I had to care for my father until recently. But I decided to come to Fizzytopia as sort of a fresh start. I haven't exactly figured out how to do that, though, without a Pokémon."

He noticed Lucas's demeanor sink a little as he told his reasons for venturing to Fizzytopia. Jeri couldn't help but feel bad for dragging up what seemed like some unpleasant memories. But it did give him an idea.

"Well, I know this sounds crazy, but... I was given nearly three teams worth of Pokémon by a friend a while back. I've sort of just held on to them for a while because I didn't know what I wanted to do with them, but - er - maybe if you come and meet some of them, they might take a liking to you?"

"That is a... very generous offer," Lucas replied, clearly a little hesitant, "Are you sure you'd be willing to give up your friend's Pokémon to a stranger?"

"Not to a stranger, I guess. But I think we won't be strangers to each other long," Jeri suggested, with a goofy smile.

Lucas laughed, "Well, alright. I suppose we can work on that. Perhaps you tell me a little about yourself?"

☙ ❧

Jeri and Lucas chatted for a number of hours. The crowd swelled and thinned without their notice. Jeri recounted the breif details of his childhood and expounded for what he in retrospect felt was too much about his days as a minor celebrity on the competitive circuit. Lucas interjected occasionally with a few stories of his own, but seemed genuinely engaged in Jeri's description of his tense battles and misadventures throughout his previous life. After a laugh at a particularly humorous story of his Kecleon inadvertadly breaking into the Dewford Gym and earning him a badge without his knowledge, a contented silence fell between them. Lucas noted that the pub had largely cleared out.

"Ah, it seems to be getting late," Lucas points out, "I, unfortunately, need to be going."

"Aww, well, yeah. So should I. My team will probably be waiting for me."

"It really was great to meet you, Jeri."

"Same," Jeri replied, smiling widely before remembering his earlier offer, "Oh, but I'm serious about the offer of the Pokémon. Maybe you can come meet some of them sometime? See if you bond with any of them?"

"If you're offering, I suppose it would be rude to say no," Lucas agreed, matching Jeri's smile.

"I'm going to be out of town the next few days, but how about when I come back, we can meet up and I'll take you to my base to meet them. It's not terribly far from here, but it's a bit tough to get to if you don't have proper transportation."

"Sounds like a plan," Lucas affirmed, "Let's swap numbers and we can talk when you get back."


The two exchanged contact information and got up from the bar.

"I suppose I will speak with you soon, non? Oh, and where are you going, if you don't mind me asking?"

"There's some sort of event happening on the Springtime Isle or something? I don't really know what it is. I just heard of it through the grapevine and thought it might be a cool thing to check out."

"Ah, well, you'll have to let me know how it goes."

"I sure will."

"See you when you're back, then. Have a nice night!" Lucas waved and grinned as he left the pub and exited the club.

Jeri smiled and waved back. With Lucas gone, he lingered for a minute. He wasn't sure what just happened, but whatever it was, he was glad it did. He felt like this was the beginning of something good, though he didn't know what.
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Togepi A Precious Gift

Lucas stood at the Pokémon Center in central Fizzytopia, eyes glancing at his watch, (somewhat) patiently awaiting the arrival of the man he had met a few days earlier in the nightclub around the corner. Jeri had messaged him earlier that day to let Lucas know that he had returned from his trip and that he wanted to meet up as discussed. However, he alluded to having some kind of surprise for Lucas. He wasn't a big fan of surprises - most surprises in his life weren't particularly welcome - but, he came out of a mix of curiosity and interest to see this young man again. He caught himself pacing nervously, his patience wearing a little. Jeri wasn't late, Lucas was just early, but he had been spending the time he waited prior to their agreed upon meeting time getting in his head about this encounter. However, as he made a turn to pace back, he noticed someone enter.

"Lucas!" Jeri called out, waving him down.

"Jeri!" Lucas greeted his new friend with open arms, and Lucas felt a bit of relief as Jeri reciprocated his hug. "How was your trip?"

"Eh, well, it could have been better. Probably should have planned a little better. But it turned out well overall."


"Well, I know you were a little hesitant about taking some of the Pokémon I'm caring for, and you had said you'd like to raise a starter all your own. So, well, when I was on my trip I wandered sort of stupidly into some ice caves and ran across something I thought you might like."

Jeri pulls a Poké Ball off his belt and tosses it to the floor. A brief flash of light reveals a small fox-like creature with pristine white fur falling in tufts like fresh snow. A little purple bow is wrapped around her neck. She coos and she looks at Lucas. The young man's eyes light up as the Alolan Vulpix materializes.

"Oh is that a Goupix d'Alola?" he asked, bending down to offer the vulpine Pokémon a hand to sniff, "I've never seen one in person before..."

"Nor did I, until then. I found an egg that she hatched from and brought her home with me."

"She's beautiful... And her eyes are such a pretty purple."

"Yeah, actually, I think she might be a shiny. She's not too much different now, but once she evolves, her coat will be a beautiful bluish-purple, or so I hear."

"Well, she's quite a find. I'd love a Pokémon like this."

"I want you to have her."

Lucas was stunned, speechless. He gently pet her fur, which was soft and cool to the touch. She cooed in response, rubbing against his warm palm.

"Are-are you sure? She's quite a rarity," Lucas protested gently, gaze still on the Fox Pokémon.

"Yeah. She's special but she's not exactly my style. I just want to make sure she goes to someone who will appreciate her. And anyway, they say your starter Pokémon should be a gift."

Lucas looked up at Jeri, trying to hold back some tears.

"I... thank you. I'll treasure her."

"No, really, it's fine." Jeri chuckled.

In a moment of pure happiness-induced rashness, Lucas got to his feet and gave Jeri a quick kiss on the cheek. Jeri flushed redder than a Seaking. Lucas felt himself blush a bit too, not totally believing he did that. He brought the attention back to the little fox in front of him to defuse the awkwardness.

"So what should your name be, ma cherie? How about Violette?"

"I like it," Jeri affirmed with a smile and nod.

"Violette it is," Lucas agreed, letting little Violette jump into his arms and snuggle with him.

"You know," Jeri started, "She's a little young, so it might be a bit tough to adventure with her alone."

"Hm, you might be right," Lucas said, tussling her tuft of soft hair, "I think I might want to get at least one more Pokémon as backup before I try adventuring out on my own. I would like to catch a Pokémon, but..."

"Well, I heard the Adoption Center was having a blowout again this week. Why don't we check it out?"

Lucas was a bit hesitant. He could not believe Jeri would offer him this Pokémon as a gift, but he really did want to catch a Pokémon on his own... On the other hand, it might not be a bad idea to have some support...

"Well, okay, lead the way, then."

Lucas was a little unsure if he really wanted to build a team this hastily but he felt like he could trust Jeri's judgement. He'd keep an open mind - maybe he'd make another friend today. And if things kept going the way they have, he was sure it would be a good one.
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