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Empoleon FB Mod Nominations: Questionnaire

FB Moderator Election

**This thread is currently closed to all but the four nominees.**

The deadline for submitting answers to the questionnaire is
Sunday 22nd October, 23:59 GMT

For those of you who may have missed it, our dear moderator Marion Ette has announced last August that she will be stepping down from her position by the end of the year. Because of this, a huge void is going to be left in the moderating team that ultimately needs to be filled with some pretty big shoes. We’d preferably have a new moderator on the team before Marion officially steps down from her position so that this person can be properly worked in. We’ve had applications open for two months now and are confident we can move forward with the nominations we have so far.

1) Applicants will each answer the questionnaire on their own before the deadline.
2) Once all the submissions are in, the thread will be open for Q/A with the community.
3) Once the discussion has reached a satisfying point, the current mods will select their choice from the candidates and present this to the community.
4) The community will have a last chance to discuss the selected applicant and vote “Yes”/”No”.
5) Should a "No" occur, we will return to Q/A with the community and continue from there.




1) What do you think you can add to the existing moderating team?
2) As a moderator, how do you intend to address the ideas and concerns of the community?
3) As a moderator, how will you deal with impartiality in discussion with fellow moderators and with the community?
4) What is your future plan for FB with regards to how it is now?
5) What is your strategy for dealing with community conflict and "problem members"?
6) Please let us know of any prior moderator/leadership experience (including things such as being a shop owner, updater, ZA, etc.) or roles that you think will contribute to your ability to be a moderator of FB (does not necessarily need to be UPN/FB related but this helps). (Optional)

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Hi everyone, as most of you know my name is Gary and I would hope that you consider my nomination to become a FB mod! My reason for being here is simple. I love Pokemon, and I love FB. While I am sad to see someone like Marion step down from her position because real life got in the way of her activity, every fiber of my being just wants to step up and do the best I can to do whatever is asked of me to help keep FB running. FB is very near and dear to my heart, so if I have the ability to contribute in some way, I would like to do what I can to help. If you have any further questions to ask of me, feel free to ask!

1) What do you think you can add to the existing moderating team?
I think I can add a number of things, but I would say most importantly my passion, my creativity, and my overall presence. Having joined back in 2004, I have many years of experience in FB under my belt and Iíve seen the highs and the lows. The very reason why I came back when Tess left was because I missed the community and it has always had a special place in my heart. As for creativity, I feel like coming up with fresh, new ideas is exciting to me as I like to keep people constantly involved and interested in the game. And finally, for presence, for those of you on discord I think itís safe to acknowledge that I am online every single day engaging with the community.

2) As a moderator, how do you intend to address the ideas and concerns of the community?
As I just stated, I am very active on discord, so Iím a big fan of maintaining an open line of communication. While I feel like democracy is important, I also think that issues of concern in regards to the future of FB arenít always black or white, and that itís very important that people work towards a compromise. At the end of the day, not everyone may be happy, but if we could at least come to an agreement where both sides make concessions and peopleís voices arenít being left out, I donít mind making being the bridge that joins the differing opinions.

3) As a moderator, how will you deal with impartiality in discussion with fellow moderators and with the community?
Iím going to throw it out there: Iím 27 years old. Iím not as young as I used to be when I first joined FB. What Iím trying to say is that where I may have been rash and opinionated in the past, Iím simply not wired that way anymore. Iím a pretty rational guy who likes to analyze things and take the most logical approach, even if I donít agree with the decision personally. If my personal opinion differs from the vast majority of what people want, obviously what keeps more people happy is whatís most important.

4) What is your future plan for FB with regards to how it is now?
What I feel like FB needs most right now is stability. It might not be the most exciting thing, but we are definitely on the right track. I think building up a proper member base with slow and steady expansion (like our possible plans with BMG) and not overextending our reach too far would be the most beneficial thing to FB. Basically our biggest commodity for the overall health of the RPG is having active updaters, so if we are able to tap into unused communities and reach out and add friendly people who have an interest in creative writing, weíll be able to expand and grow our own roleplaying opportunities with more zones, contests, battle frontier, etc.

5) What is your strategy for dealing with community conflict and "problem members"?
I think one of FBís greatest strengths is the overall level of respect in the community. Not everyone may get along, and we most certainly have our arguments from time to time, but at the end of the day for the most part we all recognize that weíre playing the same game and we all have a common goal to keep the success of that game afloat. I think most can agree that even if you vehemently disagree with someone a lot of the time, both individuals would like to see FB active and prosperous. That being said, if there are times where people are simply caught up in the heat of the moment, I donít mind being the intervening force that tells people to knock it off and remind them of the things we have in common. Obviously if someone becomes a repeat instigator, as a mod I would probably discuss with them personally what is going on from an outside perspective.

6) Please let us know of any prior moderator/leadership experience (including things such as being a shop owner, updater, ZA, etc.) or roles that you think will contribute to your ability to be a moderator of FB (does not necessarily need to be UPN/FB related but this helps). (Optional)
This part of my resume can get a little extensive, so please bear with me as I toot my horn a little. I have extensive experience in many different fields both in FB and in real life, so Iíll just list various things I have been a part of:
ē I have been an updater in FB since around 2006, so I know what it takes to manage writing for multiple people on a regular basis.
ē I have experience as the head of the Cool Contest Hall many years ago and more recently ZA for the Cloud Garden. I have a vision for how I would like to grow and build things under my management over a planned timeline.
ē I have experience and willingness to step in and help out shops whenever it is needed. I have been assisting the Candy Store with Bond confirmations for several weeks now, and I have even assisted in the Move Tutor shop and Daycare when their SOs asked me to.
ē I wonít get too personal with my real life experience, but in my real life job, I have been a manager for the last 2 and a half years, where I have ample experience setting schedules and supervising employees on a regular basis.

The final note that I would like to address is for those of you who wonder if Iím taking on too much of a workload in FB. The Cloud Garden is very important to me. Iíve been an updater there for many many years before I ever became the ZA, so I would have not applied for this position if I did not think I could handle balancing the workload. I would sooner step down from being ZA of the CG than let it fall into ruin, and I honestly couldnít bear to do that. Additionally, the way my hours at my real life job are set up allows me to have extensive free time between shifts, so I have had a lot of practice at managing when Iím able to contribute to FB stuff. (As Iím typing this, Iím coming off a 10 hour shift at work and yet here I am anyway lol) So once again, thank you for considering my nomination and feel free to ask me anything!
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Hello there! The time has finally come to get this show on the road! My name's OkikuMew (you can just call me Okiku, Mew or OM if you want!), and I would like to present to you my candidature for the position of moderator of Fizzy Bubbles!

First off, I would like to thank all of you to give the opportunity for us to step up and be nominated for such an important position. You guys have no idea how much this process (well, the implementation of it) means to me. The openness to let all members thrive at their own pace to balance Fizzy Bubbles and real life, and the ability of the community to choose the moderators we want... I'm very proud for what Fizzy Bubbles has become now

The reason why I want to try my luck and become moderator is I want to give back to the FB community in a way I couldn't give back; to do so, I want to give a caring ear for everyone to speak to, a fair mind to think about everyone's feelings and opinions equally, and to give back with the meaning of what Fizzy Bubbles is. In other words, I feel like Fizzy Bubbles needs a little bit of love and care, after going through such difficulty with both the changes... and what is staying the same. That said, I would be lying to say that I'm not nervous about it all, or that I am the perfect moderator. It is a pretty big endeavor it take on after all. I know I have my weaknesses, including my limited free time, the difficulty of settling on decisions, and being "too nice" and having a hard time to put my foot down at times. All that said though, I feel that my strengths would help out FB on the long run. I may not have a lot of time, but I want to give it to be someone who folks can trust and be honest, while being fair with everyone. I want to help out establish what the core idea of what FB should be, and help shape that along with the whole community. I would give it my all, and I know that the people of Fizzy Bubbles will help along with me.

Now, it is time for me to put my foot down and take chances, make mistakes and get messy! I'll simply dive in and go to answering the questions!

1) What do you think you can add to the existing moderating team?

I would like to give both of my planning/management skills and my listening/emphatic nature to the community of Fizzy Bubbles. For all of the time I have been here, I've learned that it constantly needs a caring ear to everyone and planification/management, which I am more than willing to provide. I'll be doing my bestest to be a glue that will make all us stick together as a team to tackle with whatever adventures (RP or real) will come our way!

2) As a moderator, how do you intend to address the ideas and concerns of the community?

Honesty and open-mindness are the big words on this question. Time and time again it has been proven that hiding every plan and shut down ideas almost immediately isn't the way to go to keep most people happy and make a community thrive. (Who knew?) Any idea or concern should be talked in the open, so not only everyone is in the know of it, but we can work together to make the right and fair decision, whenever through debating or voting. And what would be the "right and fair decision" you ask? Well that we'll discuss on the next question!

Of course, that's just in general; If there's an issue that is more personal for a fellow FBer (say, bullying, real life getting in the way of FB, etc.), then that's best to take care of it privately as much as possible, or at least let others know in an anonymous way. (I guess I'll elaborate more on that on the "problem members" question!)

3) As a moderator, how will you deal with impartiality in discussion with fellow moderators and with the community?

It's hard to explain the way I work, but I guess the simplest I can get is I just listen what everyone has to say, and I try to figure out a solution that could work for everyone, or at least balances out what everyone wants. Admittedly, the downside is that it doesn't make everyone perfectly happy, and those solutions will likely change rapidly as other comments/opinions are brought up. Those "rapid" changes though are in a way welcome, because it is that way we can find the best fit at the end. Of course, depending on the situation, it doesn't work, whenever people seems to be split evenly or the opinions are just all over the place. At that point, pinpointing the main solutions and vote on it is the way to go.

As for my main opinion into the mix? That depends how big the discussion is. If it's only between a few people (say, between mods), I'll share my opinion as quickly as possible, while still keeping an open mind for others. When it's within a bigger group which I look over (ex.: community discussion), I don't state my opinion straight away, but still keep the discussion going by asking for details, point out things, etc. until I feel it comes to the point I should share my personal thoughts and discuss it further. Either way, I acknowledge my judgement isn't the same as everyone else's, and in the end, the majority's word is what's important, whenever it is the same as mine or not.

4) What is your future plan for FB with regards to how it is now?

Well, there's a few things I believe that needs to be worked on, and here's is the general objectives of them:
  • Stabilisation: That's pretty much a given. To be fair, FB is still not quite broke into their "new era shoes", and that's ok! But we do need to start settling down and make sure everything is set up for the long run. expanding to BMGf is a good start, but we do need to make sure everything is set in and good for runnin'! We do need more members, but we also do need to show them that everything is done and under control (a few would definitely feel turned down on that).
  • Happiness Maintenance: I'm sorry that's the best title I could come up with Ok, I know it sounds really clichť and goodie-two-shoes, but it is still something we need to remember. I mean, Fizzy Bubbles is made to have fun and be creative together, and it is what makes people talk about it and join it in the first place, so we have to make sure it is kept in check. (Yes, I know we're already doing that, but we got to make sure that we keep doing it.)
  • FB Core Philosophy: That is something that has been tried to give some attention to and has been replied to by a few, but didn't get that much tract and response. Part of it is probably everyone at that point was a bit overloaded with debating and didn't feel getting into that, but personally and honestly, I haven't joined into the discussion as I was confused at the purpose of that. But I some point, it just clicked: We need to know what Fizzy Bubbles is at its very core to make sure our decisions follow its philosophy. Sure, we know what it is in terms of rules. We know how it works. But we all have different views of what FB is: Creativity vs. faithfulness to the franchise canon. Games vs. spin-offs vs. anime vs. other media. We need to decide together in a way to put together all those views and finally decide what should FB be for us. A "10 commandments" or "amendments" of sorts, you could say. The reason why it needs to be done is instead of being a little all over the place, we'll be more unified and stronger; build a secure, stable foundation under us so we can build our community and RP to new heights. I even dare say that stating exactly what we are and what are our stances will raise awareness of our "little" thing and bring more people, knowing more of what we are! And the timing of this wouldn't be better with the upcoming expansion to BMGf. So all that said, it is something that we'll need to get into it deeper soon.

5) What is your strategy for dealing with community conflict and "problem members"?
Well it all depends on the definition of "conflict", really.

In terms of conflict, if it's a big, heated argument on how things should be done, new rules/implementations, etc., then that's fine! Sure, things gets pretty heated up as some are quite passionate about some subjects, but one thing's for sure: it is, in a way, a good thing since it shows how people loves FB to the point of arguing to know what's good for it, and debating helps knowing the pros and cons of things, and also helps others to decide on what their own thoughts are.

That said, I find it can get a little overboard, whenever either it's going away from the subject or, worse, ends up insulting at least one party. In the former case, some order will be needed, redirecting the argument back to the original subject or, if not possible, ask to take that new, unrelated debate into a proper thread (or into PMs/VMs). If it's the latter problem though...

I personally use a "3 strikes you're out" system, a bit inspired how things work at my job, but tweaked for forum purposes. First off, obvious thing is obvious, is to swiftly step in to say to cut things out as soon as the problem arises/is seen, as we don't want the whole thing to evolve into a worse situation. Next, evaluate what happened to see who was involved and how. Then, contact those involved appropriately, that is check on everyone if everything is ok, give a stern warning on those responsible to the problem (aka Strike #1) and perhaps, if needed, ask for an apology from them to those involved. Afterwards, it all depends if those who received warnings does the same (well, similar) problem again: it'll be a repeat everything above, except that the warning will include some serious talk and work with the person on how to possibly prevent the issue to happen a 3rd time. And if it does happen a 3rd time, somehow... well time to build up a case of sorts against the troublemaker to make sure and prove that it is a repeated offender despite the warnings, and when it's the case, it will be time to take the appropriate disciplinary actions. (Of course, if the problem is way to huge to ignore and go through that little system, steps/"strikes" can be skipped and actions can be taken immediately.)

6) Please let us know of any prior moderator/leadership experience (including things such as being a shop owner, updater, ZA, etc.) or roles that you think will contribute to your ability to be a moderator of FB (does not necessarily need to be UPN/FB related but this helps). (Optional)

FB Experience:
  • Joined: 2012
  • Shop Owner of Boutique
  • Shop Owner of Calendar (and creator of Calendar 2.0)
Other Mod/Leadership Experience:
  • Forum RPer since 2004:
    • Created and managed 2 RPs (RIP Nintendo NSider)
    • Updator in Wild Future (inactive)
  • Moderator for:
    • College project forum (2008 )
    • Nintendo fanbase forum (2006-2009)
  • QA (video game/app testing) team lead since 2011 (QA tester since 2008 )

Other things to say:

You're probably wondering things on a more personal-ish level, as in, how will I handle things time-wise if I would become mod, especially since I have mentioned earlier that one of my weaknesses is not having a lot of time (a full-time job that needs 1-2 hours of travel there per day kinda does that!) and I already am managing the Calendar and the Boutique. Well these two shops (if you call the Calendar a shop) are low maintenance and in all honestly consider them as my "FB babies" (hey, I've worked a lot on those!), so I kinda do want to continue maintaining them... but to give myself more time to concentrate on mod business, if I get elected, I'll be looking for a fellow co-owner for the Boutique. As for the Calendar, well technically any updator or shop owner can update it anyways... but I'll make sure someone does check and confirm birthdays regularly alongside me! Other than that, there's not much I can do realistically, but I'll do everything I can to work things out, including organise things with my fellow mods and actually reserve time for Fizzy Bubbles every day so I can get some things done little by little, and offer as much as I can time to pop up and be present.

Anyhow, if anyone have more questions or wants more details, go ahead and ask; I'm all ears! And again, thank you for taking in consideration my candidature. *bows*
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