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post is a WIP while I figure out what the heck I'm doing

ABL is a shy but friendly, sometimes awkward but almost always well-meaning thirty year old woman. She's likely to crack a joke whenever she spots the opportunity for one (though she can't promise it will be funny) and will quickly get carried away with animated conversation if something catches her interest. Her dark brown hair has a few strands of white amongst it nowadays, and she's most comfortable sweeping it back into a tight ponytail to keep it out of her face. Her grey-green eyes are somewhat unusual, but most who meet her don't get the opportunity to pass comment before her gaze bashfully turns elsewhere. ABL's clothing trends towards comfort and practicality for the task at hand, but she does have a fondness for expressive, colourful items and anything with a feminine flair.
This trainer's gentle nature makes her wary of battles, whether against other trainers or wild Pokémon, so she is unlikely to seek out anyone to compete against. She often takes breaks in her travels to let her Pokémon relax, as she's really not that driven to be "the greatest master". She will almost always approach Pokémon in as friendly a manner as possible, unless she finds them a significant threat to her own Pokémon, of whom she is very protective. ABL loves Water types, but Fire is where her strongest passion lies. She prefers to keep her Pokémon out of their Pokéballs, as she enjoys their company, so generally at least one member of her team will walk alongside her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


In Fire Ball:
Karma, female Arcanine, level 100
Karma is ABL's starter Pokémon and one of ABL's most trusted companions. Karma is fiercely loyal and will do anything necessary to protect her trainer. She will always be at ABL's side, prepared to battle. Karma is also extremely protective of ABL's other Pokémon and makes it her duty to guard them and keep them from danger.
Nature: Brave
Ability: Intimidate
Beauty Points: 4
Level-up Moves: Bite, Roar, Ember, Leer, Odor Sleuth, Helping Hand, Flame Wheel, Reversal, Fire Fang, Take Down, Flamethrower, Agility, Crunch, Heat Wave, Flare Blitz, Extremespeed, Thunder Fang.
Egg Moves: Safeguard, Thrash, Fire Spin, Howl, Morning Sun,
Covet, Iron Tail, Double Kick, Close Combat, Burn Up.
Move Tutor Moves: Body Slam, Double-Edge, Mimic, Substitute, Swift.
TM/HMs: Strength, Reflect,
Rock Smash, Rock Climb.

In Friend Ball:
Scamp, male Chikorita, level 39
Scamp is, to sum it all up, attention-seeking. He can be quite immature and tends to throw tantrums when he feels ABL is not paying enough attention to him. Scamp is prone to jumping onto ABL's shoulder during his demands for his trainer to take notice of him. He is also very stubborn and sulks when he doesn't get his way. However, he is mischievous and ABL adores his playful charm, so Scamp often ends up getting the attention he craves.
Beauty Points: 9
Level-up Moves: Tackle, Growl, Razor Leaf, Poisonpowder, Synthesis, Reflect, Magical Leaf, Natural Gift, Sweet Scent, Light Screen, Body Slam, Safeguard,
(42) Aromatherapy, (45) Solarbeam.
Egg Moves: Vine Whip, Leech Seed, Counter, Ancientpower, Nature Power, Ingrain, Grasswhistle, Heal Pulse, Leaf Storm, Wring Out, Refresh, Grassy Terrain, Flail.
Move Tutor Moves: Double-Edge, Mimic, Swords Dance, Substitute, Grass Pledge.
TM/HM's: Cut, Flash.

In Fire Ball:
Tangerine, female Charmander, level 46
Tangerine, often referred to as "Tangie" by ABL, is much more subdued than Scamp. She is very quiet and shy, but she adores her trainer and particularly loves to be held and cuddled - which ABL is only too happy to do. She looks up to both Karma and Miracle as role models and tries hard to make them proud.
Nature: Bashful
Beauty Points: 0
Level-up Moves: Scratch, Growl, Ember, Smokescreen, Dragon Rage, Scary Face, Fire Fang, Flame Burst, Slash, Flamethrower, Fire Spin, Inferno.
Egg Moves:
Belly Drum, Ancientpower, Bite, Outrage, Beat Up, Dragon Dance, Crunch, Dragon Rush, Metal Claw, Flare Blitz, Counter, Dragon Pulse, Focus Punch, Air Cutter.
Move Tutor Moves: Body Slam, Mega Kick, Rock Slide, Double-Edge, Mega Punch, Mimic, Seismic Toss, Substitute, Fire Pledge.
TM/HM's: Cut, Strength, Rock Smash.

In Love Ball:
Miracle, female Lapras, level 100 (w/ Mystic Water )
Miracle is ABL's pride and joy and that is crystal clear to anyone that meets her. Given to ABL by her beloved Muyo, ABL fawns over the beautiful Water type shamelessly. A sweet, gentle Pokémon, Miracle is very much loved by ABL's other Pokémon - even Scamp, who gets particularly jealous of the way ABL dotes on the pretty Lapras. Miracle is seen as a nursemaid figure by the others and they often seek the warmth and comfort she provides.
Nature: Modest
Beauty Points: 8
Level-up Moves: Sing, Growl, Water Gun, Mist, Confuse Ray, Ice Shard, Water Pulse, Body Slam, Rain Dance, Perish Song, Ice Beam, Brine, Safeguard, Hydro Pump, Sheer Cold.
Egg Moves: Foresight, Substitute, Tickle, Refresh, Dragon Dance, Curse, Sleep Talk, Horn Drill, Ancientpower, Whirlpool, Fissure.
Move Tutor Moves: Double-Edge, Dream Eater, Mimic, Substitute.
TM/HM's: Surf, Strength, Rock Smash, Waterfall, Dive.

In Friend Ball:
Frolic, female Wooper, level 31
Frolic was a hit with ABL the instant she hatched, and the little Wooper has been delighting her trainer ever since. A little ditzy and on the clumsy side, Frolic is actually quite intelligent, despite the first impression she usually makes. She's the best of friends with ABL's Chikorita and the pair often have a good time wreaking havoc together. Playful, energetic and bubbly, this little dear has a heart of gold - people and Pokémon alike can't help but smile when Frolic's around.
Beauty Points: 9
Level-up Moves: Water Gun, Tail Whip, (5) Mud Sport, Mud Shot, Slam, (19) Mud Bomb, Amnesia, Yawn, (33) Earthquake, (37) Rain Dance, (43) Mist, (43) Haze, (47) Muddy Water.
Egg Moves: Ancientpower, Safeguard, Curse, Stockpile, Spit Up, Counter, Encore, Double Kick.
Move Tutor Moves: Body Slam, Double-Edge, Mimic, Substitute.
TM/HMs: Surf, Rock Smash, Waterfall.

In Feather Ball:
Cumulus, female Altaria, level 100
Cumulus is another Pokémon that ABL adores, she often lets the Altaria out to fly along beside her and keep her company. Traded to her by North Paladin, Cumulus is happy, but can seem a little subdued at times, though she loves to play with the other Pokémon. The touch of Cumulus' cottony soft wings makes her trainer smile and ABL loves to pet and tickle her.
Beauty Points: 0
Level-up Moves: Pluck, Peck, Growl, Astonish, Sing, Fury Attack, Safeguard, Mist, Take Down, (32) Natural Gift, Dragonbreath, Dragon Dance, Refresh, Dragon Pulse, Perish Song, Sky Attack.
Egg Moves: Agility, Haze, Pursuit, Rage, Featherdance, Dragon Rush.
Move Tutor Moves: Body Slam, Double-Edge, Dream Eater, Mimic, Substitute.
TM/HMs: Fly, Rock Smash, Tri-Attack.

Sable, male Houndour, level 31 (w/ Blackglasses )
Sable is somewhat more reserved than most of ABL's other Pokémon and also has a rather fierce temper. He has a lot of pride and can become very aggressive if his abilities are underestimated by an opponent, his sleek black form highlighting what a swift, dangerous fighter he can be. However, he respects his trainer and puts a lot of effort into doing well to make her proud.
Beauty Points: 0
Level-up Moves: Leer, Ember, Howl, Smog, Roar, Bite, Odor Sleuth, (27) Beat Up, (30) Fire Fang, (35) Faint Attack, (40) Embargo, (43) Flamethrower, (4 Crunch, (53) Nasty Plot.
Egg Moves: Fire Spin, Rage, Pursuit, Counter, Spite, Reversal, Will-O-Wisp, Thunder Fang, Punishment.
Move Tutor Moves: Body Slam, Double-Edge, Dream Eater, Mimic, Substitute.
TM/HMs: Rock Smash.

Pixie, shiny female Sneasel, level 31 (w/ Blackglasses )
Pixie's most striking feature is clearly her bright pink colour, drawing attention to her from everyone that sees her - much to her mortification (and Scamp's envy). As a young Sneasel, Pixie felt humiliated by her unusual colouring and the nickname ABL had affectionately given her, believing herself far too "cutesy" to have any dignity as a Dark type. Yet eventually, after reassurance from her trainer, Pixie was able to accept it and it's clear that she now very much enjoys acting cute... if only to get on Scamp's nerves.
Beauty Points: 8
Level-up Moves: Scratch, Leer, Taunt, Quick Attack, Screech, Faint Attack, Fury Swipes, (24) Agility, (2 Icy Wind, (35) Slash, (3 Beat Up, (42) Metal Claw, (49) Ice Shard.
Egg Moves: Counter, Spite, Foresight, Reflect, Bite, Crush Claw, Fake Out, Double Hit, Punishment, Pursuit, Ice Punch.
Move Tutor Moves: Counter, Double-Edge, Dream Eater, Mimic, Swords Dance, Substitute.
TM/HMs: Cut, Surf, Strength, Rock Smash.

In Psychic Ball:
Dreamer, female Espeon, level 49 (w/ Twisted Spoon )
Dreamer is the most complex Pokémon ABL has ever known, which may be why she adores the Espeon so much (along with the fact that she was given to ABL by her darling Muyo). Disguised as a perfectly innocent little Psychic type, ABL's "precious little kitten" (as she tends to call her) is really a lavender ball of clever naughtiness. Although ABL is forever admonishing her, one look from Dreamer's ice-blue eyes and the trainer's heart melts.
Nature: Sassy
Beauty Points: 10
Level-up Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Helping Hand, Sand-Attack, Confusion, Baby-Doll Eyes, Quick Attack, Swift, Psybeam, Future Sight, Psych Up, Morning Sun, Psychic, Last Resort, Power Swap.
Egg Moves: Charm, Endure, Curse, Tickle, Wish, Yawn, Fake Tears, Covet,
Detect, Natural Gift, Stored Power, Synchronoise, Captivate, Flail.
Move Tutor Moves: Body Slam, Double-Edge, Dream Eater, Mimic, Substitute.
TM/HMs: Cut, Flash.

In Were Ball:
Kai, male Poochyena, level 27 (w/ Blackglasses )
Kai, unlike most of ABL's other Pokémon, doesn't seem to be much of a team player. He's constantly detached and aloof, but this does help him to keep a very cool mind in battle. Despite Kai's silent indifference, ABL adores him - the Poochyena can do no wrong in her eyes. Although he rarely responds, ABL offers him all the affection in the world, always cuddling her "little cranky puppy".
Nature: Serious
Beauty Points: 0
Level-up Moves: Tackle, Howl, Sand-Attack, Bite, Odor Sleuth, Roar, Swagger, (29) Assurance, (33) Scary Face, (37) Taunt, (41) Embargo, (45) Take Down, (49) Sucker Punch, (53) Crunch.
Egg Moves: Astonish, Poison Fang, Covet, Leer, Yawn, Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Me First.
Move Tutor Moves: Body Slam, Counter, Double-Edge, Mimic, Substitute.
TM/HMs: Rock Smash.

In Thunder Ball:
Daffodil, female Mareep, level 37 (w/ Magnet )
Daffodil is quite shy and meek, but she can also be very playful. She especially loves to play in grassy meadows, so ABL is always happy to let the lamb play when she encounters a pretty field on her travels. Daffodil is also quite drawn to Grass type Pokémon as well, although the duo of Scamp and Frolic can sometimes be a bit too much for her!
Nature: Mild
Beauty Points: 0
Level-up Moves: Tackle, Growl, Thunder Wave, Thundershock, Cotton Spore, Charge, Take Down, Electro Ball, Confuse Ray, Power Gem, Discharge, Cotton Guard,
(39) Signal Beam, (43) Light Screen, (46) Thunder.
Egg Moves: Reflect, Charge, Body Slam, Screech, Odor Sleuth, Flatter, Sand-Attack, Iron Tail, After You, Agility, Eerie Impulse, Electric Terrain.
Move Tutor Moves: Double-Edge, Mimic, Substitute.

Mythos, male Dratini, level 21
Mythos is very special to ABL, as he was given to Muyo and herself after assisting friends in a quest in the majestic Cloud Garden. He is a very noble, well-mannered Pokémon with a gentle and charming nature. The dignified little Dragon longs to reach the skies someday, but he is currently content to wrap himself around his trainer in loving hugs.
Beauty Points: 0
Level-up Moves: Wrap, Leer, Thunder Wave, Twister, (15) Dragon Rage, Slam, (25) Agility, (31) Aqua Tail, (35) Dragon Rush, (41) Safeguard, (45) Dragon Dance, (51) Outrage, (55) Hyper Beam.
Egg Moves: Light Screen, Mist, Haze, Supersonic, Dragonbreath.
Move Tutor Moves: Body Slam, Double-Edge, Mimic, Substitute, Thunder Wave.
TM/HMs: Surf, Waterfall.

In Dive Ball:
Jamie, male Spheal, level 31
Jamie is a puzzle to most, but he seems to have complete understanding and unconditional love from his trainer. He is meticulous, intelligent and ever-practical, with his own subtle charm (although he rarely seems to crack a smile). However, he's very good-natured and patient with the other members of ABL's team. He's never seen without his own curious trademark, a black beret given to him by ABL.
Beauty Points: 4
Level-up Moves: Defense Curl, Powder Snow, Growl, Water Gun, Encore, Ice Ball, Body Slam, (25) Aurora Beam, (31) Hail, (37) Rest, (37) Snore, (43) Blizzard, (49) Sheer Cold.
Egg Moves: Water Sport, Stockpile, Swallow, Spit Up, Yawn, Rock Slide, Curse, Fissure, Signal Beam.
Move Tutor Moves: Double-Edge, Mimic, Substitute.
TM/HMs: Surf, Strength, Rock Smash, Waterfall.

In Lure Ball:
Sebastian, male Mudkip, level 3
Sebastian wants nothing more than to be "liek'd" for who he is, not what he is. While he enjoys his ability to make people happy, he makes every effort to better himself so that they will respect him as well. As a result of his pensive nature, Sebastian is very cultured and loves learning more about the fine arts. He's particularly appreciative of music and likes to paint - with watercolours, naturally. Jamie's intellectual disposition appeals to him, so the two have become good friends.
Beauty Points: 0
Level-up Moves: Tackle, Growl,
(4) Water Gun, (9) Mud-Slap, (12) Foresight, (17) Bide, (20) Mud Sport, (25) Rock Throw, (28) Protect, (33) Whirlpool, (36) Take Down, (41) Hydro Pump, (44) Endeavour.
Egg Moves: Refresh, Uproar, Curse, Stomp, Ice Ball, Mirror Coat, Counter, Ancient Power, Whirlpool, Bite, Double-Edge, Mud Bomb, Yawn, Sludge, Avalanche, Wide Guard, Barrier.
Move Tutor Moves:
TM/HMs: Surf, Waterfall, Strength, Rock Smash.

Peaches, female Pichu, level 3
Peaches is lively, spirited and eternally optimistic. She is the baby of ABL's team and the other Pokémon see her as a beloved little sister, playing with her, tickling her and (in the case of ABL's aquatic Pokémon) blowing bubbles for her. Peaches takes great delight in life's simple pleasures, but she adores sweet foods most of all - she is named for her love of fresh, luscious fruit.
Beauty Points: 0
Level-up Moves: Thundershock, Charm, (5) Tail Whip, (10) Thunder Wave, (13) Sweet Kiss, (1 Nasty Plot.
Egg Moves: Reversal, Bide, Present, Encore, Doubleslap, Wish, Charge, Fake Out, Thunderpunch, Tickle.
Move Tutor Moves: Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Body Slam, Double-Edge, Counter, Seismic Toss, Mimic, Substitute.

Sprite, female Comfey, level 4
Karma came across Sprite when she had yet to hatch. Unbeknownst to ABL, the Springtime Pyukumuku had blessed her with this little nymph, who immediately delighted the trainer upon emerging from her egg.
Beauty Points: 0
Level-up Moves: Helping Hand, Vine Whip, Flower Shield, Leech Seed, (7) Draining Kiss, (10) Magical Leaf, (13) Growth, (16) Wrap, (19) Sweet Kiss, (22) Natural Gift, (25) Petal Blizzard
Egg Moves:
Move Tutor Moves:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


10 Pokéballs, 1 Nest Ball, 1 Fast Ball, 3 Christmas Balls, 1 Chocolate Easter Ball, 1 Were Ball, 1 Ultra Ball, 1 New Year Ball, 1 Heavy Ball, 1 Feather Ball, 1 Psychic Ball, 1 Timer Ball, 1 Pumpkin Ball, 1 Yellow Apricorn
Hold Items:
1 Yellow Scarf, 1 Blue Scarf, 1 Poison Barb, 1 Silver Powder, 1 Icy Rock, 1 pair of Devil Horns, 1 Ruby Pendant, 1 Conker, 1 Cupid's Bow & Arrow, 1 Aegis of Frost, 1 Light Barrier, 1 Bunny Suit (allows a Pokémon to jump 50% higher than usual and increases the effectiveness of its healing moves by 25%)
Healing Items:
1 Sacred Ash, 7 Potions, 5 Revives, 3 Full Heals
Z Crystals:
1 Fairium Z
1 Extremespeed TM, 1 Torment TM, 2 Icy Wind TM's, 1 Iron Tail TM, 1 Hidden Power (Water) TM, 1 Water Pulse TM, 1 Hail TM, 1 Shockwave TM, 1 Sweet Scent TM, 1 Attract TM, 1 Blizzard TM, 1 Thunder TM, 1 Bubblebeam TM, 1 Ice Beam TM, 1 Rain Dance TM, 1 Reflect TM, 1 Ice Punch TM, 1 Snatch TM, 1 Seed Flare TM, 1 Aurora Veil TM, 1 Return TM, Magical Christmas Dragonair Plushie (gives one level and the move Ice Punch), Magical Glass Rose (teaches the move Thorns), 1 Bottle of "Eau de Bellossom" perfume (teaches the move Sweet Scent), 1 Magical Gengar Plushie (teaches the moves Torment and Taunt), 1 Magical Sneasel Wand (gives one level and the move Nightmare), 1 Magical Delibird Plushie (teaches Blizzard), 1 Magical Red Nosed Stantler Plushie (teaches Flash), 1 Magical Haunter Plushie (gives two levels and the move Shadow Ball), 1 Magical Golden Fiddle (teaches the move Unfinished Symphony), 1 slice of Chocolate Heaven Birthday Cake (gives one level and the move Swift), 1 Merciless Pepper of Quetzlzacatenango, 1 Black Persian Plushie (disappears after use)
Coin Items:
1 Blue Shard, 1 Green Shard
Misc. Items:
1 Fishing Rod, 1 Yellow Flute, 1 Black Flute, 1 Red Flute, 4 Heart Scales, 1 Shoal Salt, 1 Shoal Shell, 1 White Apricorn, 2 Base Tokens, 1 Holographic Dark Scizor Trading Card, 1 Submarine Model, party popper, sketchbook, pencils, whistle, Miltank 'loon, Ash plushie, Gyarados plushie (mouth lights up when squeezed), Cyndaquil plushie (uses mini Ember when squeezed), Arcanine plushie (sings Circle of Life when hugged), Charmander plushie (giggles when its tummy is poked), Snorlax plushie (says "Muyo" when squeezed - eee!)
Level Raising Items:
32 Rare Candies (as of 29/5), 1 +3 Chestnut, 1 +2 Cranberry

2x Iapapa Berry
3x Sitrus Berry
2x Figy Berry
1x Spelon Berry
1x Kelpsy Berry
2x Pecha Berry
2x Lansat Berry
1x Pomeg Berry
2x Chesto Berry
3x Oran Berry
1x Nanab Berry
2x Wiki Berry
2x Rabuta Berry
1x Petaya Berry
2x Bluk Berry
1x Lum Berry
1x Enigma Berry
3x Pamtre Berry
1x Wepear Berry
1x Leppa Berry
1x Tamato Berry
1x Greppa Berry
1x Persim Berry
1x Cheri Berry
1x Salac Berry
2x Starf Berry
2x Nomel Berry

  • Pokéblock: Indigo
    Taste: Dry
    Effect: Raises Beauty by 20
    Berries Used: Bluk, Pinap, Sitrus
  • Pokéblock: Purple
    Taste: Spicy
    Effect: Raises Coolness by 20
    Berries Used: Lum, Razz, Wepear
  • Pokéblock: Brown
    Taste: Sweet
    Effect: Raises Cuteness by 20
    Berries Used: Nanab, Persim, Magost
  • Pokéblock: LiteBlue
    Taste: Bitter
    Effect: Raises Smartness by 20
    Berries Used: Aguav, Rabuta
  • Pokéblock: Olive
    Taste: Sour
    Effect: Raises Toughness by 20
    Berries Used: Iapapa, Nomel
  • Pokéblock: Indigo
    Taste: Dry
    Effect: Raises Beauty by 20
  • Pokéblock: Blue
    Effect: Raises Beauty by 20
  • Pokéblock: Olive
    Effect: Raises Toughness by 20
  • Pokéblock: Passion
    Effect: Raises Cuteness and Beauty by 20
  • Pokéblock: Chestnut
    Effect: Raises Toughness by 30
  • Poffin: Blackberry
    Effect: Raises Tough by 30 for Dark types

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